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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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after president trump orders a missile attack on syria. we have new information on the dea deaths, the damage, and reaction. a 4-year-old taken. a little girl snatched off a delaware street. she is safe this morning. the search is underway for her kiss kidnapper. and baseball is back. the phillies make their grand return to citizens bank park this afternoon. we're live on the field ahead of the home opener this afternoon. anything better than home opener? >> nope. nope. a busy day. a lot to get to. 6:00 a.m., "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get right to meteorologist erika martin and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. hi. hi, conditions will be windy. be sure you have the jackets handy. only topping out at 49 in philadelphia, below the average of 60. you see the winds blowing already with the flag there. so keep in mind a windy day. gusty day in store. be sure you look at the bottom of the screen for your local
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most accurate seven-day forecast. current winds are now 16 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds for wilmington, 12 for dover. 14 for philadelphia. calmer for toms river and wildwood, 7 and 8 degrees respectively. philadelphia, lots of 40s for you. 46 and summer ton, 44. andora, 44. rittenhouse, 46. and pence port currently at 47 degrees. what about new jersey, also seeing lots of 40s. we have 47 for florence. lumberton, 45. mt. laurel, 44 for you. pemberton, 45. robinsville, 44. and the jersey shore seeing the western influence. temperatures pretty much in the mid to upper 40s and low 50s for cape may courthouse at 50. summer's point, 47. atlantic city, 49. and upper township, one degree cooler. what about the phillies home opener game? i'll go with clouds sticking
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around and the wind gusts being an issue. however, the good news is i really don't see that threat of rain. perhaps one or two passing sprinkles. i'll have more information coming up in just a bit. meantime, here's jessica. thanks. we're starting off in south philadelphia, 95 around packer avenue. this off-ramp. just a second ago, we had a disabled vehicle or something like that. there was police activity there. cleared out of the way already. nothing to worry about there. we did earlier have residual delay. everybody getting on and off the ramp. other than that, we're good. in radner, watch for a downed tree on bryn mawr avenue between castle fin lane and county line road. that portion of the road is closed. and in gloucester township, jersey, a crash on the 42 freeway. just out of the view of the cameras. again, on the southbound side. it's going away from philadelphia where we see less traffic especially in the morningtime. this is around blackwood. clementon road. the schuylkill expressway and drive times, everything in the green still you see on the maps system, eastbound into center city. just 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street
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expressway. >> thanks. breaking developments as the united states takes military action in syria. this is video showing a barrage of tomahawk missiles being launched at a syrian airfield last night. officials say at least seven people were killed. nine were hurt. russia is condemning the attacks while japan, turkey, and australia are voicing their support this morning. and president trump ordered the strikes in retaliation for this week's chemical weapons attack on civilians. >> the u.s. missiles targeted the same base where the chemicals were stored. nbc10's katy zachry is following all the new developments in our digital operations center. tell us more. >> reporter: syria has decried the attacks, calling it an aggression that's led to losses. take a look. here are the details -- those nearly 60 missiles were launched from two navy ships in the mediterranean headed for the air force base southeast of holmes. the airfield is small. two runways where the planes that conducted this week's
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chemical attacks in syria, where they are based. nearly 60 millers were launched last night after president trump conferred with his military and national security teams. we've learned the president alerted russia about the strike to minimize casualties. he also called members of congress to inform them. now this u.s. offensive comes after images like these circulated from tuesday's chemical attack. >> years of previous attempts at changing assad's behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. as a result, the refugee crisis continues to deepen, and the region continues to destabilize, threatening the united states and its allies. >> reporter: look at the brand-new video just in to the newsroom. it's the first video we're seeing of that syrian airfield that was the target of those 59
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u.s. missiles. into the newsroom, this is the first glance at daybreak that we're seeing the damage done to the small airfield there. the kremlin says that russian president vladimir putin believes it is an aggressive state in violation of international law. back to you guys. >> thank you. a member of a syrian family living in the lehigh valley has some tough words for president trump. refbts of sarmad asalli were deported this year before they were allowed to return and stay. >> last night asalli said she's angry about the president's retaliatory attack on a syrian air base. >> now he's on tv talking, oh, these poor syrian children. two months ago he wasn't going to let any refugees into the u.s. of a., and he wanted to turn their backs on the
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refugees. my family were the immigrants returned because of the order. >> she said the u.s. should have done more investigation on the chemical attack before acting to retaliate. local lawmakers are voicing their concerns over the president's order to strike. coming up at 6:30, congressman and house foreign affairs committee member brendan boyle will join us live with his reaction and a message for the president. you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage on the air strikes. we'll bring you the latest on the air and on the nbc10 app. this just in -- kennett high school in kennett square chester county is closed today after legionella bacteria was found in the water system. school officials notified parents and staff. officials are working with the county health department and an environmental firm to clean out the bacteria. officials say there are no confirmed cases of legionnaire's disease. and new from overnight, firefighters are putting out hot spots from a warehouse fire in poulsbo, gloucester county. nbc10 on the scene on bar ebare
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boulevard. the warehouse stores items for auction. no one was hurt. also new, philadelphia police are looking for two robbers who shot a victim in the back at 4th and wyoming in feltonville. the robbers held up two men shortly after they got off a septa bus and went to an atm. investigators said one victim gave the robbers $250. the other victim was shot when he turned to run. he was listed in stable condition. now to a developing story. a child kidnapped in new castle county is safe this morning. >> police continue to search for her abductor. witnesses saw the 4-year-old being kidnapped on sugar plum court in the pike creek neighborhood around 7:00 last night. she was found two hours later in wilmington's banning park. witnesses told police a man in a car scooped her up off the street and drove away. investigators said a passerby discovered her in the park. the driver was driving a
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dark-colored sedan with tinted windows. police say it's unclear if this is related to other attempted kidnapping cases in wilmington over the past weeks. 6:08. let's take you down the shore for a shot of cape may, beach avenue from the marquee de la fayette hotel. >> pretty. >> the sun just coming up. gorgeous out there. will it be gorgeous in other parts the delaware valley? first alert meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. i'm confident in saying at least it's not as bad as models showed yesterday and the day before that. we're going to see clouds sticking around, increase in wind speeds and wind gusts. at least it's going to be mainly dry. neighborhoods right now, it looks like the lehigh valley seeing lots of 40s for you. 41 for leonardsville, weste wernersville, 43. wunt port keeping it in the low 40s -- walnut port keeping it in the low 40s. whitehall seeing 43. on to the p.a. suburbs, looking at the temperatures. neighborhoods where you live.
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42 for westchester. 42 for malvern. north wales at 43. bed minister currently at 42 degrees. and now to delaware. also seeing lots of 40s. upper 40s for reedy point. at 47, you are 46 degrees. 45 here. 46, talliville currently at had 4. a little farther south, warmer -- mil -- milton 47. phillies' home opener, i cannot show this enough for today. simply because the past couple of days we've been talking about the threat of some showers moving through. i'm still going to leave the chance of maybe a sprinkle moving in. but really the big story for me would be increasing wind speeds and wind gusts coming out of the west/northwest. of course that does mean colder air. this is why the feels-like temperatures are going to be colder than these mid to upper 40s. it's going to feel like it's in
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the upper 30s to low 40s. bundle up. the good news is right now models are showing all the rain skirting the philly metro area and nothing here. but the clouds will stick around. ten day on 10 brings us an incredible warmup by the next workweek. we're seeing 60s by sunday. lots of sunshine for saturday and sunday. and then 80s on monday and tuesday. so a very nice warmup. it's going to be much warmer than average for this time of year, and then 60s from there on out. so not a bad tradeoff. >> not a bad tradeoff at all. thank you. looks beautiful. 6:10 on this friday morning. let's take a look at the roads and route 1. >> jessica boyington's got you covered. what are you seeing? yeah, the boulevard around cameras at 17th street. looking like a really good drive for the morning. at least better than yesterday. here, the southbound side. traffic that's moving toward the schuylkill expressway, a little bit slower than the northbound side heading into northeast philadelphia. out in gloucester township, watch for a crash on the 42 freeway headed southbound. you see where we're seeing some
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yellow moving through gloucester township. around blackwood, clementon road. all lanes aren't blocked. traffic still is getting by. if you're heading toward sticklerville, you can still get there just fine. northbound doing a bit better. here's 295. of course moving our cameras right on cue, around route 667 which is exit 18. that's where we earlier had the on and off ramps blocked. maybe they were trying to find those blocked offramps. looks like they might be back open. still reports -- there we go. we still have police activity there blocking some of the on and off ramps. that was because of an earlier warehouse fire that happened this morning. and 295 is still open. that's a good thing. to avoid police activity here, you see some of them leaving the scene, as well. it might be in the process of clearing this out of the way. either way, 295 is still open. take 17 or take exit 19 to get around. or the new jersey turnpike if you're heading to delaware or further up to north jersey. those points will be the best now. as soon as it opens again, i'll have you updated. and i'll be back with the next update in ten minutes. >> thank you. more traffic news -- local police are launching a new
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campaign to keep drivers safe. >> ahead, the highway where extra eyes will be watching starting this weekend. plus, a high-tech hunt. why the montgomery county bomb squad is bringing up special easter eggs for local kids. >> reporter: and good morning, i'm matt delucia live at citizens bank park. we're a few hours away from the home opener, the phillies are back in action here at citizens bank park. who says you have to have all the fun on the field? what you can do between innings, we'll see if i can get that -- oh! that counts. that counts. we'll have more of the fun and games coming up after the break. i can't get a break.
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quarter past 6:00. welcome home, phillies. baseball is back in philadelphia. the phills will take the field here at citizens bank park this afternoon for their home opener against the nats.
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and nbc 10 tenbcten s the place -- nbc10's the place to watch it. >> such a quiet picture. it will be rocking this afternoon. matt delucia with more on the fun and games ahead for fans today. matt? >> reporter: we're looking forward to it. and of course, we've got a breeze in the air. still feels a little like winter. they have the knit caps you get when you walk in. that will be in good use later. when the phillies come through here, the all-star walk first, it will be a nice home opener. we have a lot of the things you can do outside of the game. i have jason guy here. citizens bank. what kind of things can you do for fun? >> we'll start with the beanbag dott. the first time -- beanbag toss. the first time. and we'll give away prizes, we'll have people showing where the restrooms are, atms, creating a good experience if you're here to watch the game.
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>> reporter: i tried the beanbag toss earlier and failed. and the director of fun and games is here -- >> someone's got to be it. >> reporter: someone's got to be it. what can you really do and enjoy this even if you're not into baseball? >> i tell you what, i'll go through the festivities today. 8:00, go to the majestic clubhouse door. there's great merchandise there. come down 12:00, you don't need a ticket for the budweiser opening day block party at seaview way. we'll have go-go gadget ferris wheel. 12:30, gates open, you get that great hat. if you're not at the game, 2:15, you can live stream the player walk you talked about, the leadoff walk on facebook. and it's going to be fun going on. >> reporter: thank you very much. yes. coming out here to citizens bank park, the opening day here. great day for baseball. play ball, everyone. live, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> you can live stream it or join us on nbc10. catch the home opener action right here on nbc10. our live pregame show begins at 2:00, and then watch the phills take on the nationals, that's at 3:00.
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we're psyched for this today. >> i'm going to tell you -- half of the crowd today will be kids. this is typical philadelphia parenting. they'll pull their kids out of school. it's not a holiday. in philadelphia, opening day is a holiday. >> it is a holiday. >> i know. >> that's all right. >> it's good for the kids. so hopefully the weather will be good and cooperate. >> yes. i'm excited because the weather's going to be great. temperatures -- below normal, but at least the rain is going to steer clear of our area. maybe one scattered shower. i think it -- >> just wear a coat. >> and you get the cool hat. >> that's all you need. overall, i think this is a much more favorable forecast. again, i mentioned this earlier, just 48 hours ago, 28 hours ago, models showing more rain in the forecast for today. scattered showers moving through. right now i'm going to leave maybe one light shower literally moving through the area. the big story is the wind gusts increasing by this afternoon.
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sustained wind speeds at 15, 20 miles per hour. and temperatures in the 40s because of the stronger wind speeds out of this direction, it will feel colder than the actual temperatures. fee feels-like temperatures, something to not look forward to. bundle up. satellite and radar image, clouds and light rain, to the northwest and west. reading, not getting anything to the ground. this is getting -- we're seeing this light report here, nothing making it to the ground now. the hour-by-hour forecast, we're starting to see clouds develop across the delaware valley at 6:00. pause this at 11:00 a.m. we're seeing rain through parts of the lehigh valley, a wintry mix for parts of mt. pocono. the big story is that we're seeing some rain just to the northeast, just to the northwest. and for the most part, everything steers clear of the philly metro area. so the clouds sometimes can squeeze out a quick shower, but for the most part, this is going
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to be dry. gusty to say the least. current winds, 16 miles per hour. 14 for wilmington. philadelphia, 14 for you, allentown, 14. dover, 12 miles per hour for you. they're going to shift and get colder and a little bit stronger. the ten-day on 10 does show also an increase in temperatures into monday and tuesday. saturday looks nice, 58, lots of sunshine. sunday, lots of sunshine. 66 there. a pair of 80s for both monday and tuesday. and on wednesday, i did take out the showers. mostly cloudy for now. 69 degrees. 66 for thursday. and keep it into the 60s, at least until the following sunday when we see 70s. follow us on social media for more updates. back to you. we'll update you on the ride to work. much drier than yesterday -- >> way less going an -- going on than yesterday. slippery spots. this is 422.
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around trooper road, eastbound moving toward the schuylkill expressway, we have the right drive time here from 29 toward the schuylkill. nine minutes, i'm going to say that's going to reset itself. and we'll see increase in drive times. in radner, watch for a downed tree between castle fin lane and county line road. that portion of the road is closed. we're still watching this. i haven't seen this closure, actually this closure alert be lifted yet. i want to double check with that. mlk drive because of some of the rain and flooding yesterday, between sweet briar drive, somewhere in between strawberry mansion and east falls, between sweetbriar drive and falls bridge, watching a closure on mlk drive. watch for that. here's 295. we'll end around route 667 in poulsbo. still watching, partially blocking ramps around exit 18 because of a warehouse fire off of the exit ramp. now you see 295 still open. it actually looks like we are starting to let cars through the area. either way for now, you should be good getting on to 95. back to you.
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6:25. take a look what a strong storm did this to building in montgomery county yesterday. the building had the roof-- had roof ripped off. no one was injured. and the eastern penitentiary can get an in-depth look into the history. the display will be in the popup museum space.
6:26 am
it will feature mug shots, historic press photos, and news articles about escapes and riots. the popup museum will be opened for ten days. philadelphia's police touch museum was named one of the top ten museums for families in the country by "usa today." please touch ranked sixth by a popular vote. there were 20 nominees, the franklin institute came in at number nine. ahead, following breaking developments overnight following u.s. air strikes in syria. local lawmakers voicing their concerns over the president's order. up next, congressman brendan boyle joins us live with what he wants to see happen next. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance.
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syrian strikes. breaking overnight, we're learning the toll these missiles took after president trump issued an assault order.
6:30 am
and the backlash against his actions. little girl kidnapped. a 4-year-old girl snatched off a delaware street and later found safe. now concern is growing as police search for her abductor. drive to save lives. a campaign starts to keep drivers in our area safe. we'll tell you what interstate that's going to be on police radar. 6 thie:30 on this friday, g morning, "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll get to erika martin and the most accurate first alert forecast. >> chilly, temperatures not seasonally. below average. at least where it looks like it will be a mainly dry day, i would like to emphasize sunrise officially five minutes away. temperatures in the 40s. we were seeing west/southwesterlies, now straight westerlies. these will shift more with a northerly influence. that means we'll have the colder
6:31 am
air and colder feels-like temperatures as winds pick up. mt. holly, 45. trenton currently at 44 degrees. let's focus on the weekend. today we'll top out in the 40s, below average for this time of the year. by tomorrow, lots of sunshine in the forecast. 58 for philadelphia. 57 for south jersey and the jersey shore seeing also upper 50s. sunday as we climb into the 60s and 80s by monday. a quick look at our phillies home opener forecast. i went ahead and i decided to take the liberty of pulling out those sprinkles we had there. i'm going to go with clouds and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour for some. 15 to 25 miles sustained wind speeds. feels like temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but around mid game, it looks like it's going to be in the upper 40s. be sure you bundle up. i'll see you in just a bit with your ten day on 10. jessica? >> thanks. this is route 1. we're starting here on the southbound side. just around our cameras at street road. there's a crash here. and this is the southbound side of route 1 heading to the
6:32 am
westbound street road off ramp. we have tow trucks on the scene. a few police officers, as well. and you can see these tracks right here. that's how the vehicle got stuck in this accident scene. went into the grass, and it's facing the other way. cleanup to tow this guy out of the way. route 1 southbound to westbound is blocked with the ramp. also, mass transit check-in. everything for amtrak and new jersey transit was supposed to be open. transit hasn't released all tracks yet. expect delays. transit trying to get back to norm normal. septa running on time. same for patco. 6:32. we're watching breaki ining developments in syria. tomahawk missiles were launched last night. syrian officials say seven people were killed. niner hurt. the russian military says six syrian jets were destroyed. this morning health care reform the kremlin con -- this morning,
6:33 am
the kremlin confirmed it received advanced warning about the strike. russia and syria condemned the attack. japan, turkey, and australia voicing support this morning. president trump ordered the strike on airfields after the chemical attack that killed almost 70 this week. >> it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> one after the other. local lawmakers are responding to the president's surprise order. >> most agree something needs to be done. not everyone agrees on the method. republican senator toomey says, "the civilized world has to respond if the united nations does not take appropriate action, then the united states must." democratic senator chris koonz says that he's encouraged president trump has taken on sawyer but says, "i'm gravely --
6:34 am
taken on syria but says, "i'm gravely concerned that the united states is enganging further militarily with syria without a well-thought-out comprehensive plan. frankly, the president's actions generate for questions than answers." brendan boyle was asking to recall congress into an emergency session to talk about policy. >> congressman boyle, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> representative barbara lee is calling this an act of war. do you agree with that characterization? >> well, there are previous examples of limited strikes not leading necessarily to full-fledged war. whether it is the way president clinton acted in 1993 in response to saddam hussein's attempt on the life of former president bush or president reagan attacking gadhafi in the late 1980s. that said, it is clear that we need to return to an emergency session of congress. we shouldn't be out two weeks
6:35 am
that right now speaker ryan has us out of session. frankly, four years ago congress abrogated its duty and did not do what it should have done at that time. that was come up with an actual syria policy. we've essentially been sleepwalking there ever since. now we're in this situation where just one week ago the president of the united states and secretary of state said that it wasn't u.s. policy to remove assad, and now here we are a week later, and we're launching a limited strike. the bottom line, congress needs to return toception and finally have a -- to session and finally have a concrete syria policy. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard about the air strikes, and what happens next? >> well, i'm a member of the foreign affairs committee. i knew yesterday in washington from various reports, both repeated and also things that we were made aware of that this was strongly under consideration and would have a more immediate
6:36 am
timetable than was originally expected. in terms of what happens next, we have to avoid the mistakes of 100 years ago. it's ironic that we are commemorating the u.s. entry into world war i this week. something that the united states select walked its way into. the same with the world. 20 million people ended up dying. here we are, the situation in syria where russian planes and troops are on the ground. so as we want to protect the civilian population -- keep in mind, 12 million people have already been displaced by the syrian civil war. our humanitarian interests are to act. we want to do so in a strategic way, that we don't end up leading to a larger conflict especially with russia. >> congressman, thanks for sharing your thoughts today. >> thank you. >> and you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage on syrian air strikes. we'll bring you the latest on the air and on the nbc10 app.
6:37 am
6:36. 46 degrees. three other stories making headlines -- first, a developing story in delaware. a child kidnapped in new castle county is safe. witnesses saw the 4-year-old girl being kidnapped on sugar plum court in the pike creek neighborhood around 7:00 last night. she was found unharmed two hours later in wilmington's banning park. police continue to search for her abductor. more state troopers are expected to take the stand as the trial continues for accused cop killer eric frein. he had to be treated at the hospital after hitting his head brushing his teeth in his jail cell. he's charged with killing corpor corporal brian dixon and injuring trooper alex douglas at their barracks. the senate is expected to vote to confirm judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. yesterday republicans changed the senate's voting rules to enable confirmation of gorsuch by a simple majority vote. the gop went so far in calling
6:38 am
for the nuclear option to thwart a democratic filibuster to block the gorsuch nomination. 6:38. another week ago, there was concern the game might be in jeopardy because of the rain. as we got closer, i'm glad it looks like the game is going to be played -- you just need the coat. >> a couple of layers, right, erika? >> that's right. and even yesterday's model runs were showing that there could be scattered showers moving through. and this is what happens -- yeah, pretty dry. i want to show satellite and radar image. here's a depiction of the rain. we're also seeing clouds. notice here we're seeing white clouds. those are mid and upper level clouds. there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we could see one or two showers squeezed out. really, that's a little too science-y. i'm not going there. we could see showers for the lehigh valley. not very organized. i'm not too concerned with that.
6:39 am
here's a great image of the mid to upper level clouds. gorgeous, sunshine at 6:35 a.m. look at the bottom of the screen for the most accurate seven-day forecast. we'll look at the neighborhoods in the p.a. suburbs. malvern, 42 degrees. west bradford township, 42. i never give you a shout out. chester heights, for you, 43 degrees. warrenton, 43. new hope along with newtown, 44. perkasy, 42. delaware seeing lots of 40s and 50s, as well. marshallton, 46. talliville, 44. reedy point at 46. georgetown currently at 50 degrees. your neighborhood for tomorrow -- a nice climb. temperatures are not going to be seasonal but close to that for many. here, easton, let me get out of your way. lots of sunshine for tomorrow. something to look forward to. 57 is the expected high temperature. it looks like the p.a. suburbs also seeing lots of 50s.
6:40 am
a mix of sun and clouds. so keep in mind that some may see more clouds and some of you may see more sunshine. an area of high pressure will develop and pretty much stay in charge at least for the next several days. i'm not going to get to my ten day on 10 right now, but i'll give you the details. it's going to be 80 on monday. maybe 80, 82 on tuesday. more details coming up in a bit. back to you. >> whoa. >> thank you. 6:40. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. we have a disabled vehicle on route 1. >> let's find out exactly where. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. just in ben salem. that area. route 1 southbound. coming from the area around street road. heading to westbound street road, we have a vehicle off of the ramp here. now, they did have the ramp completely blocked off a few minutes ago. i don't really know why nay did this. there were police officers here on the scene and tow trucks, as well. they all left. now the car is still here. that's why nay got there originally -- why they got there originally. you see the car drove off the road. you see the tracks on the side grassy area. now the ramp is back open, but the vehicle is still there.
6:41 am
i'm assuming they have to come back and move it. i'll keep an eye on that for you. updates on 295. we had an earlier fire, building fire around 2:00 or so which was causing problems on 295. all the lanes on 295 have remained open near exit 18. this is near route 667. but the on and off ramps were closed in both directions. now it looks like they're back open. you see there are vehicles moving through the area. we still have police activity there on either side. watch for that. other than that, i don't think you're going to need alternates anymore. if you want to be safe, take the new jersey turnpike. you've heard about instagram. what about skin-stagram? >> a new phenomena among teens that keeps social media posts secret. that can't be good. next, we'll explain the secret site and advice for parents. and wired for fun. a local bomb squad putting a
6:42 am
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6:45. we'll go state by state and county by county. >> investigators called to a home in poulsbo yesterday morning where they found the body of 55-year-old alicia burns. she had been stabbed several times. authorities say there was an adult and three children at the home, but none were hurt. in cape may county, nine parks and wildwood are getting facelifts. crews will install sprinkler systems, planting trees, and adding decorative fountains. work to restore areas around the fishermen's memorial, the school bell, and the maypole is finished. berks county is about to become home to the second indoor
6:46 am
ve veladrome in the county. this is a rendering of what the building will look like. the only other one in the u.s. is in california. former vice president joe biden will be in newark today for a rally to celebrate the opening of the biden institute at the university of delaware. the institute will focus on developing public policy solutions on economics, the environment, civil rights, women's rights, and criminal justice. let's look at the weekend. >> tomorrow and sunday, state police in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware will crack down on drivers along interstate 95. a campaign called i-95 drive to save lives will target a stretch of driving, impaired driving, and speeding. the goal is to reduce deadly crashes. and this will be the last weekend for the cherry blossom festival of greater philadelphia. tomorrow's events include the cherry blossom 10-k and a tea
6:47 am
ceremony. sunday the horticulture center posts an all-day celebration. and visually impaired children will be able to participate in an easter egg hunt in montgomery county this weekend. bomb unit members with the county sheriff's office have built 50 eggs that beep so the kids find them. how cool is that? the hunt is tomorrow afternoon at st. miriam parish in flowertown. and parents, if you have a teen on social media, chances are they have an account that you don't even know about. >> now all my friends have one. >> teens say instagram has a secret account that doesn't have the user's real name or picture in the profile. teens may use them to share inappropriate content like pictures of drinking and partying. experts say you should ask your children if they have one of these accounts and remind them that no account is truly private. >> i can't keep up with the
6:48 am
number of social media accounts to come up. they're popping up every day. >> and kids find creative ways to stay under the radar from their parents who stalk them on social media. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show coming up at 7:00 -- >> savannah guthrie and matt lauer are standing by in new york. good morning. good morning. coming up on a friday, complete coverage of u.s. air strikes in syria, how they are playing out in washington and around the world. do they signal a major policy shift for the trump administration? senators john mccain and marco rubio will join us live. and remembering the life and legacy of comedy icon don rickles. and one of hollywood's biggest stars, dwayne johnson, will be here. we've got those stories and the breaking news as we sends it back to you in philly -- we send it back to you in philly. >> big day. see you in about 12 minutes. >> all right. now a live look outside, 6:48. how pretty is that? that's just beautiful. we love in the few minutes before the sun rise, don't we,
6:49 am
especially at the beach? i love it when it's perfect to walk in the sand -- you can't dip your feet in the water. you can, but it's going to be cold. mariner manchesterika martin ma most accurate forecast. >> not recommended now. chilly, only topping out at 49 degrees. look at the live shot. it is spectacular. there is the sun peeking on through. we have mid and upper level clouds. mostly cloudy today. the good news, we're seeing light showers skirting the philly metro area. coming up in a couple of seconds, i have your phillys' home opener forecast. look at the bottom of the screen for your local most accurate seven-day forecast. current winds now, seeing a bit of a shift here. westerlies now, wellington, 16 miles per hour. allentown and philadelphia, 14 mile-per-hour wind speeds for you. and satellite and radar image picking up on the clouds that we just saw in that live shot. really important. those two pair up. notice we're seeing those whites
6:50 am
moving from the northwest toward the southeast. thin, high clouds. returns not making it here now. i think the lehigh valley will see scattered showers. but i don't think that we're going to see anything here. so the phillies home opener forecast, we're going to pretty much be windy and gusty this afternoon. windy, sustained wind speeds, 15 to 25 miles per hour. mid game first pitch, seeing westerlies, 15 to 25 miles per hour. wind gusts topping out at 40 miles per hour at times. keep that in mind. the ninth inning, 46 degrees. the winds have a little about of a northerly influence. the feels-like temperatures will be cold er than the actual temperature. bundle up. at 12:30, a mix to the northwest of us. and then we start to see some showers kind of just skirting by us. and it looks like we're not going to get anything here. however, i do know mother nature
6:51 am
very well. sometimes these higher clouds can squeeze out a few sprinkles which is why i'm not going to see we won't see a sprinkle. but we're definitely going to see some clouds. and if we see anything, at most, we'll see a sprinkle. the ten day on 10 shows a great increase in temperatures monday and tuesday. 60s on sunday. lots of sunshine in the forecast. monday, makes of sun and clouds. i went from sunny to mostly sunny skies. 80 monday, 80 on tuesday. 60s from there on out. temperatures above average for next week. i'd say, my pick of the week for next week, monday and tuesday, i had those days off. i'm excited about that. lucky me. back to you. >> all right. thanks. nine minutes before 7:00. i'm so excited for phillies fans. no washouts, dress a little bit
6:52 am
warm. jessica, it looks dangerous with cars zipping by on the off ramp. >> i want to focus on this, ben salem. route 1 southbound approaching street road westbound. there were police officers here. tow truck here earlier, as well. they left. i don't know why. there is a dangerous spot. this car is over at -- partially touching some of the off ramps, as well. and i watched the truck get off the off ramp a minute ago. if someone comes off the off ramp too fast, it can cause problems. something to watch for. route 1 heading southbound approaching street road westbound. partially watching that ramp. new hanover, watch for a crash new into the system, as well. the flooding we reported earlier on mlk at street briar, between strawberry mansion and east falls, we were watch something flooding. that has cleared. mlk drive is back open. either way, watch for some slippery spots or parts with some ponding still in the area.
6:53 am
we had the downed tree in radner. bryn mawr avenue around moore avenue. watch for the closure there. and lastly, we'll check in with mass transit. amtrak hasn't released all tracks yet even though they were supposed to get everything back to normaled to. watch for delays -- normal today. watch for delays. the amb express service will operate for septa. heads up there. passco running -- patco running on time. this is one of the best stories. a wish that came true for a girl who has been in and out of the hospital. >> she went from egg harbor city to see the hottest show "hamilton." maddie has been in and out of the hospital with cystic fibrosis. she had to miss a class trip to see "hamilton." she was surprised by getting tickets to the hit musical. >> i think it's amazing. it will help my spirits and keep moving forwards with it. >> last week she went to the doctor. she could have been admitted. he was like, i'm not going to
6:54 am
admit her because she's got to go to new york. do your best to get better. enjoy it. >> maddie saw the show last flight. we can't wait to see what she thought. she's up to date with her class. we wishl her well. coming up, top stories that we're following. >> including the united states air strikes against syria. this is new video from the airfield that was under assault. the latest next. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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6:57 am
the dinosaurs' extinction... got you outnumbered. don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. here are the stories we're following today -- >> the u.s. strikes syria following a chemical attack on the syrian people earlier this week. this is new video showing the
6:58 am
syrian airfield hit by tomahawk missiles. seven were killed, nine hurt in the attack. the kremlin confirms it did get advance warning from the u.s. about the strike. this morning, secretary of state rex tillerson said russia failed to deliver on a 2013 commitment to secure syria's chemical weapons. a child kidnapped in new castle county is safe this morning. police continue to search for her abductor. witnesses saw the 4-year-old girl being kidnapped on sugar plum court in the pike creek neighborhood around 7:00 last night. she was found unharmed two hours later in wilmington's banning park. police continue to search for her abductor. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington watching the roads. route 1 southbound headed toward street road westbound. we still have this car over here off of the side median here. it's earlier blocked part of the ramp. now partially blocking it. dangerous when cars move through that exit ramp. and also an accident on upper marion at clark avenue.
6:59 am
watch for that. okay, it's all about the phillies home opener game today. temperatures topping out in the upper 40s, below average for this time of the year. first pitch, 37 degrees. westerlies, 15 to 25 miles per hour. a shift in the winds mid game. west/northwesterlies, also 15 to 25 miles per hour. my biggest concern would be the wind speeds and gusts that could top out at 40. 45 miles per hour. i'm confident we'll see clouds, but the good news is we're not going to see any showers, perhaps a sprinkle or two overwhelm e. overall. a good day. >> speaking of the phillies, take a look at this. >> whoa! >> yeah! >> someone's excited it's game day. the fanatics on the field. thanks go getting up. first pitch between the phillies and nationals -- >> stay off the tarp. >> eating a hot dog all the way here. >> angry -- >> yeah. >> catch all the home opener action here on nbc10. our live pregame show begins at 2:00. very psyched for that. >> we'll have all they local
7:00 am
updates you need -- all the local updates e updates you need, realtime weather, news, and traffic on the "nbc10 news today" app. good morning. tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria. and also to end terrorism of all kinds and l types. >> president trump's first major military maneuver, 59 american tomahawk missiles launched on the syrian base after a chemical weapons attack. how will syria, russia and the world react? >> today the supreme court will add neil gorsuch to the bench as the senate uses the so-called nuclear option. >> and the passing of a comedy legend, mr. warmth himself don rickles.


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