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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  April 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc10 news today," pope francis is celebrating palm sunday mass for the faithful at the vatican as christians all over the world marks holey week. we expect the weather to cooperate with your palm sunday activities. it will be warming up today and getting even warmer tomorrow. arson arrest. police catch up with a man they say started a string of fires in philadelphia.
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good sunday morning and welcome to nbc"nbc10 news today." i am george spencer and it's 6:00, starting off with what should be a good second half of the weekend. let's get to our meteorologist with the most accurate forecast in town. >> yet again, like yesterday, it's a bit of a cool start to your morning. philadelphia is doing better than most. 43 degrees right now is the current reading, and we have the calm conditions. big difference from yesterday. and that makes all the difference was we don't have to worry about the feels like temperatures. a lot of the readings are near freezing, 31. lehigh valley, 30 in the suburbs. as we get into later parts of the day, we are looking at upper 60s and we will see those sunny conditions. we have clear conditions right now, and that will last the rest of today.
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any plans you do have outside, go and do them. enjoy the outdoor conditions. friday we were at 49 degrees in the afternoon. now, the average is 61. that's where we were near yesterday. so we were close to average yesterday, and today we boost above average at 69 degrees, and then look at that continued warmup. 80, then 82, your monday and tuesday. warmest temperatures we have seen so far this year. we will talk about the warmup across all neighborhoods and we will look if there is a crashing down point on the ten day coming up in a few minutes. a driver loses control and crash into a septa train station in fern rock. matt delucia joins us live at the scene. matt, you have been keeping an eye on whether this could impact train service? >> reporter: well, george, you might be able to see behind me
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there's a train here and train service has been running and it's blocking where the car is on the tracks, just on the other side of this train right now. but i will tell you before we go to the video, i will show you the impact that happened here, the car that went down this stairwell and on to the tracks. there was a set of railings right here that were knocked out because of this. take a look at the video where you can see the car on the other side there, and it went on the tracks half an hour ago, and the good news for riders, this is not impacting travel on the regional trail. this track is free and clear. the septa police are investigating and, again, it's very important to note that we are talking about the regional rails, not the broad line street subway, and it's not affecting that at all. septa told us they did have initial delays because of this and they are evaluating the situation regarding anymore delays.
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can see that regional rail getting on, and that is fortunate for them. we have seen some septa workers that have been going over, and you may be able to see them on the other side where the cars are -- this train is starting to pull away and there you can see the car there as it is right now. police and septa workers trying to figure out how to get the car off the tracks. a little inconvenience for them, news, people are still able to get on their trains. nbc10 news. today christians in our region and around the world are marking palm sunday. we will take a live picture of something happening right now at the vatican, pope francis leading the faithful in palm sunday services there, and the
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in the christian tradition, palm sunday commemorates rates tthe of jesus in jerusalem. new this morning, one person is injured and another is taken away in handcuffs after a crash on roosevelt boulevard. nbc10 was at the scene near fifth street just before 3:00 this morning. one person was taken to the hospital and there is no word yet on their condition and it's not clear if any charges have been filed. also new this morning, police are investigating a crash in west philadelphia where a car overturned. it happened around 2:30 this morning at 54th and walnut streets. police closed off that area and traffic is being detoured. we are working to find out any information about possible injuries to the driver of that car. this morning the man allegedly behind a string of arsons in philadelphia has been
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caught. police say surveillance video scene of the fire at the famous fourth street deli back in february, and he is also accused of setting two other fires within a month. berkeley is facing two other charges including arson. and then appear house fire in south jersey, and a viewer sent this of the fire, and it took firefighters two hours to put out the flames. the people who live at the home were inside when that fire started. two people went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and firefighters have not said yet what started the fire. days ahead of his visit to moscow, russia said there is no reason to retaliate on missile strikes.
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the air strikes did not target russia, although the country is a syrian ally. president trump ordered that strike because of a deadly sarin attack on its citizens. and the response to the missile strikes in syria continues not just with words but with actions, and russian and syrian military jets took off from the air force base attacked by u.s. crews missiles, and that end seems to end the hope of a friendly ier relationship between the u.s. and russia. a new exhibit just opened up in philadelphia. coming up in 15 minutes, we will take you on a tour on the cultures in cross fire exhibit in penn museum. the u.s. is sending a force
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by sending a navy strike group just off the korean peninsula. this move comes days after north korea test fired missiles. and then in stockholm, a stolen truck barreled into a crowd last week, and police arrested a man and they are looking for others that may be connected to that attack. sweden's prime minister is calling it terrorism. and norway is dealing with a scare of its own. police say they neutralized an explosive device found in downtown oslo, the capital there. police arrested one person. norway went on high alert after a deadly truck attack in
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neighboring sweden back on friday. back here at home, philadelphia will host the nfl drafts starting on april 27th, and already there are signs of the event, especially for drivers, in center city. road closures will begin tomorrow, and they are taking effect on springs garden. a the preparations are proving a challenge for both visitors and locals. >> i came all the way out here to film on the infamous rocky steps, and i am doing a music video and it's heartbreaking, it's not happening now. >> oh, my gosh, yes, i need to figure out what i am going to do. i think taking the train might be a better idea. >> those detours and closures could last into the first week of may. still ahead, the very moment
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a tornado strikes, you will see more of this video recorded on a home surveillance camera. missing us on facebook? >> like our page and click "see first." >> read it, watch it, share it. >> nbc10 news, count on it.
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day today. in delaware, 33, where we are starting right now. it will be 55 degrees by 10:00 a.m. and we will have climbing to do. while the winds are light, the flow will shift to coming from the southwest. when you have a southwest flow you are pumping in a lot of warm air. those winds stay light, only about 5 to 15 miles per hour. an easy climb as we go through the day. 65 by 4:00 p.m. i think some of our philadelphia neighborhoods will make their way all the way up to the upper 60s by later in the day. along the jersey shore, the winds are coming in from the
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southwest so it will keep the wind cooler but a nice day, sunny and light winds and 57 by noon. as we get into the afternoon mid to upper 50s for forecast highs. that's today. we'll talk workweek and beyond coming up. >> thanks, crystal. his confirmation complete. neil gorsuch is able to take his seat this week on the u.s. supreme court. coming up, a preview of his swearing in. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions;
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now to video you have to see of the very moment a tornado ripped off the roof of an illinois house. home surveillance video shows what appears to be a funnel cloud tearing through the yard there last week and you can see a part of the roof get peeled back along with patio furniture
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getting picked up and tossed and nobody was injured there. it was a false alarm in dallas as a hacker gained access to storm sirens. those sirens sounded repeatedly just after midnight yesterday despite there being a severe weather emergency. that system is expected to be down until monday. in washington tomorrow neil gorsuch will be sworn in as the newest justice of the supreme court. he will take the judicial oath at the white house. republicans changed the rules to be allowed gorsuch to be approved by a simple majority vote. well, earning seasons begin and new cars on display in new
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york. that is ahead in business this week. cnbc's dominic chew gives us a look. >> delta airlines will be the appetizer of banks. financial markets will be closed next friday in honor of good friday but that's not stopping the release of a pile of key economic data that morning. consumer inflation and sentiment and retail sales and business inventory out on friday. wholesale inflation figures are out to thursday, and finally the new york auto show fires up. your heads will want to see the new dodge challenger that could have more than 700 horsepower. and then a new practical ride is a mini suv.
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in philadelphia the hunting park recreation center is all spruced up thanks to spring-cleaning. volunteers started cleaning up that center yesterday. this was just one part of the 10th annual philly spring cleanup. the spring-cleaning mentality carried over to another part of philadelphia, and this girl scout troop helping to clean broad street ahead of next month's broad street run. there are 29 days until the broad street run. only nbc10 and telemundo will broadcast that race on sunday may 7th. money may not grow on trees but some of the folks that handle your money are giving away trees today.
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and frankfurt will distribute free trees to help make philly a greener place during april, which is earth month. >> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> let's start with a look at south philly. what a gorgeous shot to start the day here, and the sun coming up as we speak, and like yesterday, those clear sunny skies. this is a great end of the weekend forecast. temperatures this morning are admittedly a little chilly, and we were expecting this, but what is going to happen is a big and quick warmup for your afternoon. these are your delaware neighborhood temperatures we are tracking right now. 33 in allendale. and it's all about the wind directions. what is going to happen today is the winds are going to shift coming in from the southwest,
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and when that happens you are bumping in warmer air, and you can allow the temperatures to soar up as we go into the afternoon. currently the satellite is clear and that's what i expect as we go through the rest of the day. partly cloudy on tuesday. now that we know we have no rain in the forecast, let's talk temperatures. 69 today, the expected official high in philadelphia. 82 degrees by tuesday. dry and 80s. this is feeling a lot more like spring getting ready for summer. here are the suburbs, 67 on sunday and upper 70s to 80 by tuesday, and then that's the same the lehigh valley. and then the overnight lows, increasingly better, 40s and low 50s for temperatures. in new jersey, 67 today. the shore, a tad cooler at 63. we get to 80 tomorrow in
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delaware and stay through tuesday. we're at 80 degrees in new jersey. and again, because of the southwest winds, shore points are getting more of an ocean air push, and that means it feels cooler there, but nonetheless very nice conditions. and then the cherry blossoms, if you are going to fairmount park, mid-60s through 5:00 with a light wind coming in from the southwest. great day to get out and enjoy that last day of the festivals. 69 today to the low 80s on monday, tuesday, and then a little drop off, and really not bad. the morning showers on wednesday, and dry on thursday and friday, and we have pulled out those chances, just looking too dry and another round of rain by sunday. >> thanks, crystal. and it's your last chance to get a look at the cherry blossom festival of greater philadelphia. starting at 10:00 this morning,
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the live music and martial arts performances at the kul duh culture center. and then it all wraps up at about 5:00 tonight. drivers will once again see detours on kelly drive as the ricotta continues. the road will be blocked off from strawberry mansion bridge to fountain green drive until 6:00 tonight. culture in cross fire. local syrian immigrants are the guest of honor at a special dedication in philadelphia. that's next.
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escalati escalating, a new exhibit at penn museum is getting a deeper look at syrian culture. >> during a week where u.s. air missiles fell on an air base. >> i was sad because my -- >> syrian refugees gathered at the penn museum for a new exhibit showcasing the beauty of their culture amid the ongoing backdrop of violence and war. the 13-year-old fled his hometown and countless other kids like him still face slaughter, and 20 children died in the sarin gas attack. >> sitting at the camp, and they
6:26 am
don't have food and anything. >> much of syria turned to rubble during the civil war, and the penn museum trying to save what they can, saving artifacts that date back centuries. >> this is not just a place of conflict but a place of incredibly rich history. >> now with new air strikes concerned the conflict could escalate, even as the white house tries to ban them from the country. >> to see children suffocating, beautiful babies suffocating, and i believe that another answer to help those kids is to open, you know, resettlement for syrians after it was banned just recently. >> nbc10 news. last night the 14th annual coaches versus cancer basketball
6:27 am
gala was at center city. villanova's jay wright was among them. >> everybody's goal is the same, to give a cancer patient and their family one more quality of life day. >> the american cancer society sponsors coach's versus cancer, and philadelphia has made it highly successful, raising $14 million for research and treatment since 1996. the time is 6:27, and we are tracking a warming trend that will extend time into your workweek. crystal? >> it's all about those winds coming in from the southwest and that lasts for the next several days, and that means temperatures can keep on climbing. we will talk temperatures today and through your workweek coming up.
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right now on nbc10 news today, a community on edge and looking for answers as police continue to look for a predator who they say kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old. road trouble. you will still find lane restrictions in camden today after a fire under a bridge yesterday. christians here in philadelphia and around the world are celebrating palm sunday. today's observance starts off holey week leading off to easter next week. good sunday morning, and welcome back to nbc10 news. i am george spencer. it's 6:30 on what promises to be a nice finish to our weekend. let's get right over to nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather
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meteorologist, crystal khraoeu. >> take a look. right now i know you are looking at the numbers and saying it's kind of chilly, but it's going to quickly start to bump up here now that the sun is rising and we are going to have a southwest flow today. that pulls in warmer air from the southwest. temperatures right now at 36 in trenton and 40 in philadelphia. below freezing in allentown. millville down to 27, and that's actually the cold spot on the board, not mt. pocono, but millville. but things will warm up nicely in the afternoon. no rain and no clouds or snow in this forecast, instead here's what we are looking at. sunny and warming for today.
6:32 am
as we go in through tonight, clear and calm. if you have plans today or this evening, either way you are fine. and if you are lucky to have tomorrow off, good day, too. a bit breezy for your monday. we will have more detail on today neighborhood by neighborhood and into your workweek, tapping into the 80s coming up. breaking overnight, a driver lost control and ended up plowing into a septa train station in fern rock. nbc10 was there earlier when the car was resting on the tracks. and the good news is there have been no injuries reported and trains are now operating as normal. it's not clear just yet if that driver will face any charges. also breaking overnight, a man is shot in the face in north philadelphia. you can see police searching for
6:33 am
evidence on north second street this morning, and the victim, a man in his 20s was rushed to the hospital, and no word on his condition or even a possible suspect. we are also following more breaking news from overseas in egypt. at least 25 people are dead and dozens of others hurt from a bomb explosion at a church near cairo. that word comes to us from the country's health minister. that blast happened during palm sunday services. the christian minority in egypt is a repeated target of islamic extremist. this morning a delaware neighborhood phaeupbz on edge as the search continues for a kidnapper, and now lawmakers are working to set up community meetings. police say a man abducted the 4-year-old girl from her pie creek neighborhood on thursday and sexually assaulted her. that child was then found miles
6:34 am
away at a park and officers are patrolling the neighborhood around the clock. >> you see it, and you are down the street it's even scarier. >> local lawmakers are planning to hold a public meeting for questions and discussion with police sometime next week, and detectives are asking anybody with tips to give them a call. and then a story we first brought you on friday night at 11:00, police say in delaware county say this jewish cemetery was not vandalized. a viewer contacted us after noticing 30 head stones there cracked or on the ground, and the police said the grave stones are on the ground because of possible environmental factors and not vandalism. and then remaining close after a fire under a bridge
6:35 am
yesterday morning. nbc10 was on that scene earlier this morning when traffic, as you can see, was getting by using those reduced lanes. firefighters put out flames beneath the flanders avenue bridge. crews inspected that span to make sure it was structurally safe. and it appears that fire was accidental, and medics took one person with burns to the hospital. and then the frein trial set to continue tomorrow morning. investigators told jurors about items that were found in the search of frein's bedroom. among those items, several runs and a gun rack. pope francis wrapped up a palm sunday celebration at the vatican. this is video from a short time ago following the procession.
6:36 am
the pontiff celebrated massachusetts in the vatican square. of course, here at home churches will also offer palm sunday services today. in philadelphia, archbishop will celebrate the mass at the bough sill of peter and paul. also happening today, a retirement community in delaware county will get a jump on passover. the jewish community will hold sayinger this evening. the holiday meal will come 24 hours before the official start of passover that comes tomorrow evening at sundown. 12 runs, 9 hits, and a standing ovation for a heck of a first inning for the phill's.
6:37 am
>> the bats were absolutely on fire. the phillies came out swinging last night with an absolutely huge first inning against the nationals. you saw that game here on nbc10. the phills put up a dozen runs to start the game off, on their way to the second win of this season. it was the single most productive first inning in all of phillies' history, and three batters got to the plate twice in the opening frame. we will have more impressive highlights coming up for you in sports. we generally try to use any kind of robotic operations to avoid putting officers in harm's way. >> and new drones that are to be used for rescues, crowd control and more. >> in trump's america, men work in two places, coal mines and
6:38 am
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at longhorn, tonight's special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. let's talk temperatures for today. gorgeous sunday on tap. a little chilly this morning. you definitely need the coat if you are headed out early but you will take nothing off. 44 degrees at 8:00 a.m. in philadelphia, and 60 degrees by noon, and a big jump here and then mid to upper 60s by later in the day. i think officially in philly we will get up to 69 degrees. in the suburbs, plenty of sunshine. 59 degrees at noon. by 4:00 p.m., 64 degrees. for delaware, 42.
6:41 am
sunny, 8:00 a.m., low 60s by your lunchtime. for new jersey, you are at 38 this morning. i know that's a little chilly, but look how nice. about 56 for the temperature this afternoon along the jersey shore. the temperatures today are warming. this is not as warm as it goes though. look how high numbers go on the extended forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. happening today in the beautiful weather, thousands will be taking part in the run for clean air. this is a live look and a great start to the philadelphia museum of art where the run is set to begin at 7, and then it's part of an early earth day celebration. also today, if you are looking to get outside, main
6:42 am
treat in man tea aubg. serving up barbecue to desserts. that festival runs from 11:00 this morning to 5:00 this afternoon marks the beginning of restaurant week which offers wide-ranging discounts. the flyers faced the blue jackets as they look to finish off the season with a couple wins. plus, on the huge phillies win, and we will hear team reaction to the record-setting first inning against the nats coming up in sports.
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6:44 am
wilmington police will begin to use drones to save people from drowning as part of a new program. you are looking at video of a mock rescue.
6:45 am
according to the new plan when police get a call about somebody stuck in the water, they will put a flotation device on a drone and launch the drone over the person in distress and dropping the device to keep them safe. >> we generally try to use any type of robotic operation to avoid putting officers in harm's way and to get an advanced position on whatever the situation dictates. >> right now the department has five different drones, and police tell us they will use drones for crowd control, traffic management and lost children. the legendary journalist spoke at drexel university, and he talked about his 50-year career including his 22 at the
6:46 am
anchor desk of nbc news. we asked him about the challenge of reporting news in today's world. >> i this what the president has to do is not be so sensitive, and we have to do our job and make sure that what we do every day is factual and contextual, and that's tougher these days because everybody wants to be a commentator. i wish we could dial down the commentary and dial-up the factual reporting. last night here on nbc10, a new "saturday night live" featured the return of alec baldwin playing president trump. take a look. >> i just had an amazing week, folks. met with leaders with china, egypt and jordan, and gorsuch is confirmed and the media is
6:47 am
saying nice things and nobody is talking about russia. wow, what a difference 59 tomahawk missiles can make. >> the president was addressing supporters during a cross-country stop in kentucky. a beautiful day yesterday, just a little chilly. it's starting off a little chilly this morning but it's going to turn into a really nice feeling-like spring day. krystal klei joins us for the weather. >> a few of the cameras located all across the region, starting in easton, pennsylvania. a butte shot of the sunrise. doesn't matter where you are, ocean city new jersey, same deal. beautiful shot of the sunrise. just a side of things to come. a beautiful day. it's a little chilly out there, and temperatures are wide
6:48 am
ranging. right now reporting at 45 degrees westchester at 32 degrees. and we see kind of a similar pattern here. upper 20s in north washington, and we have got range in our temperatures this morning but across the board from 30 to 40 degrees is about where we sit. that's a chilly and clear start. that's why it's so chilly this morning. when you have the clear over nights, it allows the heat from the previous day to escape out into the atmosphere overnight, meaning we are left with a cooler start to the day, and when you have sunshine and a southwest flow, which is what we have today, temperatures can seriously pick up. yesterday we made it to around 60 degrees in philly, and today we will make it almost up to 70 in some spots. allentown, up to 66 degrees.
6:49 am
lower 60s along the jersey shore. we are tracking sunny, sunny conditions throughout delaware with 66. the forecast temperature in summer tphau later today. and then chestnut hill, low 50s to start out around 10:00 a.m., and this goes through 5:00 p.m. if you look, the temperature trend suggesting you should get out in the afternoon. and so very nice conditions if you are heading out to chestnut hill. and then are you ready for 80s? 80 on monday and 80 on tuesday. breezy tomorrow and then wednesday morning we may see light showers, and then partly cloudy at 72 degrees. and then another chance of rain by your sunday.
6:50 am
>> announcer: this is sports desk. >> i am danny pommells from csn. the phillies' offense erupted last night, facing 38-year-old jeremy guthrie who had not pitched in the majors since 2015. and joseph a. base hit back up the middle. first hit and rbi for joseph. finally coming to life in the middle of the order. and then clears the path with a triple to the gap in right center. the blowout is on. 8-0, phillies. and the second hit and rbi of the inning. 12 first-inning runs, and they get the victory, 17-3. >> it just kept going and going and escalated and was really fun to be part of. everybody -- i mean, even noah
6:51 am
was part of it, too, which was awesome. fun to see what we were able to do. >> it's one of those games you love to be our side, and we will have somewhere we will be on the other side and that's no fun but i am enjoying it tonight. >> sixers dropped five straight, and milwaukee lost three in a row trying to compete for a playoff spot. and it was his 23-year-old birthday and he breaks in the no-look bounce pass to holmes. dario, 14 points and 8 assists. yawnice, he gets the steal. they beat the sixers. >> just got to keep moving the ball and can't hold on to it,
6:52 am
and we just have to shoot it better, all of us. we can't make excuses it's game 81, or game 80, and we have to keep shooting and they will fall. >> and steve mason may have played his final game in a flyer flyer's uniform. the offense helping out. and 1-0, flyers. look at this. former vice president, joe biden, looking on from above. and voracek wide open like a kid's mouth at the dentist. flyers double up the blue jackets, 4-2. and mason wins his 200th game. >> to have 200 wins is a team stat, and the goaltending position is the one with that on
6:53 am
record, but this potentially being the last game of the season for myself, and to beat a former team and to have win number 200 is pretty special. >> wayne simmonds won team mvp for the first time, and the most outstanding defensemen trophy went to ivan provorov. and then hosting the portland timbers, sizing it up and use your head, you know man, and union with the 1-0 leadoff the head goal. and then into the center of the box, and roy miller, not such an ordinary game, and union winless in their first five matches. are allergies holding you back?
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break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. a new museum in old city is getting ready to open it's doors, and last night the first look inside. hundreds were on hand for the gala. people got to explore all the
6:57 am
museum has to offer, including hundreds of artifacts. >> love the objects we have, and i am particularly drawn by the objects carried by the praoeiva, objects they carried on the field. >> that will be the 242nd anniversary of the first shot of the war. peeps are a popular easter treat but probably never eaten them like this, and this is the second world world peeps eating championship. 13 different competitive eaters crammed as many of the marshmallow treats as possible to vie for the title. it's now 6:57. temperatures will climb into what should be pleasant territory on this palm sunday.
6:58 am
we have even warmer days ahead. >> that warming trend continues today, tomorrow, tuesday. we will track the temperatures out neighborhood by neighborhood coming up.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on nbc10 news at 7:00 a.m., an unusual accident. a car ends up on the train tracks at the fern rock station. what caused the trash that brought police and passengers running. palm sunday. the pope welcomes many to the vatican that is an important day for christians. a warmup. how hot will it get in the first alert forecast. good sunday morning and welcome to nbc10 news today. i am george spencer. it's now 7:00 a.m. a little cool out there but today will turn out beautiful. we will get you started with first alert meteorologist, krystal klei and your neighborhood forecast. >> we are looking at temperatures that are still chilly, kind of yesterday morning. here's the big difference from yesterday morning.


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