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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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there was vehicle after vehicle after vehicle, sheriffs, police, undercover, ambulance, everything passing me as fast as they could go so i knew it was something major. >> students were taken to a nearby college campus. if we learn anything new about all of this, of course, we're going to pass it along to you immediately. for now we're living in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc10 news. >> and to this 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with the community on edge after at least four kidnapping cases in new castle county. >> tim furg long is live in new castle. >> just how much people in that community are on edge. >> reporter: thankfully the one today turned out to be a false alarm. that's okay. police have said all along, you see something, you say something that's exactly what residents are doing secretary in the neighborhoods of pike creek. >> once i hear bloody murder
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help, what do you do? you pick up the phone. >> reporter: when megan heard a child screaming from a van passing by her house she called police. >> when we came here the place was flooded with police. >> this case turned out to be a false alarm but it shows you how seriously the police are handling in the wake of a 4-year-old abduction. she was found later in this park. police say a man molested the little girl and left her hear partially undressed. the girl is back safe at home. everyone wants the attacker to be caught. parents afraid to let their kids outside with their friends until he's locked up. >> reporter: there's no indication that the adult kidnappings and the kid kpgz are connected. we did see county officers looking at surveillance cameras. looking up to try to find out
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what those cameras might have seen. if you have any information you should call the police because they say it all the time. they're not going to solve these cases without public health. i'm tim furg long nbc10 news. >> turning now to the weather. what a day this turned out to be? these shoppers in egg harbor township tell us they did their best to get in and out of this store. you got to enjoy this weather as much as possible. the phillies they're on a roll and they're back at home tonight against the mets. gorgeous night to sit in the stands and tomorrow, we could approach record temperatures. >> it's beautiful out there. krystal klei is joining us live from orchard joining us live. great day to be out there. >> reporter: seriously. this is a gorgeous day to be outside so we went out here in media and we are looking at such nice conditions and i made a lot of friends and only at the live
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calves exhibits but look at all the friends i made behind me. they were over getting their faces painted so they saw the camera and came over. check out these baby calves that are hanging out for any families on spring break. you can get a nice, close view. they are adorable. i've already posted some pictures on facebook and taken selfies. temperatures are nearing the 80s today. it's absolutely the perfect weather outside right now. we've now just made it to 80 right now. we're at 79 degrees in wilmington and 73 in atlantic city. now earlier atlantic city was actually warmer. the winds have shifted now they got a sea breeze now they're dealing with that lower 70 threshold. reading at 79 degrees. today, very nice conditions as i said. really enjoying being outside in a sleeveless shirt. look at tomorrow, even warmer.
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philly we are forecasting a high of 83 degrees. wilmington as well as trenton, not breaking records but getting very close to the them as you can see. most of the records are in the mid-40s and the record at 84 degrees currently. so we are looking at great conditions for the rest of today. today we'll be a mild overnight. so again, i'm live out here. there's so much to do out here, fishing, there's those live animal exhibits and check out a little farther over to hay rides to bunny land. we'll be checking in about every half hour with you guys. for right now sending it back to you in the studio. >> she got the assignment of the day here she did. >> she did. judge neil gorsuch has taken his place as the newest supreme
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court justice. donald trump is touting gorsuch's ascension to the high court as one of his first major successes since becoming president. >> let's go back to erin coleman. >> neil gorsuch was sworn in today during a pair of ceremonies, the first took place privately in the justice's conference room. a public ceremony followed at the white house. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> gorsuch was sworn in by justice anthony kennedy. gorsuch had his wife and president trump by his side. he said he was humbled by his askren dents to the nation's high court. >> i will never forget that to whom much is given much will be expected. and i promise you that i will do all my powers permit be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> now gorsuch fills the nearly
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14-month-old vacation created by justice scalia. among those in attendance was scalia's widow. it prompted a bitter battle in the senate with the republicans changing the ruse to push him through. democrats are still voicing their displeasure today. >> i think the outcome for all of us is bad, because it's just one step further in a deepening partisan divide. >> neil gorsuch will get to work right away. the supreme court set to hear a case involving separation of church and state very soon. pete williams will weigh in about what lies ahead for justice gorsuch. he'll join us live at 4:30. erin coleman, nbc10 news. >> thank you. in egypt today christians are burying more than 40 people killed in twin suicide bombings at churches. mourners are carrying the victim's caskets through the streets as hundreds look on. the u.s. is condemning what it calls the barbaric attacks.
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bombers held on palm sunday. at least 17 people were killed at one church, another 27 died in a second church. isis is claiming responsibility. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is in italy for a meeting that has been given added urgency by the developments in syria. tillerson is attending the meeting of g 4. the meeting is being overshadowed by last week's chemical attack and the response by the u.s. military. the group hopes to end a unified mention that russian must end support for syria. >> today we learn more about the future of the philadelphia airport and what it means for passengers like us. lauren mayk found out about some of those big changes we can expect over the next few years. >> reporter: the airport is bringing in food from local chefs and new technology to terminals but they have also noticed a trend that is causing
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them to shift focus a bit. you may remember there was a lot of talk about the need for a new runway out here. well, they are no longer looking to do that right now. if you think back to your last flight, you may understand why. at philadelphia international airport about 30 million airports fly in and out each year but how airlines are getting them there has changed bringing more people less often. >> they're using bigger planes and they're actually putting more people in the plane. >> so whens the last time you had a middle seat open when you flew. been a long time for me. >> she tells us it's because of that change the airport is now shifting focus. the new runway that's been part of an expansion plan is no longer a big priority right now. >> we're pivoting. we're trying to figure out what comes next that's going to make the biggest difference. >> reporter: the focus instead terminals. passenger numbers are holding
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steady. >> flights are very full all the time. >> reporter: we asked passengers what they would like to see. >> just better areas to rest. sitting down, little bit more media. >> more seating would be nice. maybe more walkway out here. >> more kiosks or ways to check in, if i haven't checked in online, just a way to get in and boarded or get my ticket faster. >> the airport ceo says they don't have a firm plan yet but are working with the airline and hope to have something to announce soon. >> reporter: now the runway plan is not completely off the table forever. it's just not the top priority right now and there is another possible change for this airport and airports all around the country. it is something that we noticed in president trump's propose budget. coming up at 5:00 we'll delve into what that could mean for you. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> the state trooper who found
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eric freen is on the stand as his murder trial resumes in northeast pennsylvania. the trooper testified about the discovery of freen in an abandoned resort at the poconos after seven weeks of a manhunt. he's accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another in an ambush outside their barracks three years ago. >> an 11-year-old boy is recovering after being shot while walking home from the grocery store with his father in allentown. police were called to fountain and liberty streets around 7:30 last night. the boy was shot in the wrist. a man in his 20s was hit in the leg. investigators aren't sure if he was the intended target. they are still looking for that shooter. >> take a good look at this guy wanting for robbing a delaware bank. in wayne last tuesday. they say the robber had a speech impediment and spoke out of the side of his mouth. he took off in a stolen toyota camry you see right there.
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it had a pennsylvania plate. call police if you know anything about the crime. >> new jersey supreme court is hearing arguments in two lawsuits involving booze prices in burlington county. the one case involves a grill in maple shade. a customer says he was charged two different prices for a beer. the other from a tgi fridays. they didn't print drink prices on the menu. whether failing to list the drink prices violates state law. >> convicted dylan roof pleaded guilty to murder charges today. he shot and killed nine pa rischers at a black church in charleston two years ago. he pleaded guilty in exchange for a life sentence. a jury already sentenced roof to death on federal charges earlier this year. >> police in bucks county need your help finding whoever's spreading messages of hate.
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cars and mailboxes were vandalized saturday in war minister. three other cars and two mailboxes were also damaged. the second week of testimonies underway in the trial of three teens accused in the death of a delaware high school student. amy joy ner frances died on the bathroom floor last april shortly after she was attacked by three female students. francis later died of cardiac arrest. attorneys are expected to finish presenting evidence today or tomorrow. >> a former prison on the ground of ft. dix is opening as an addiction treatment center. governor chris christie was at the facility today to meet with counsellors. he announced plans to turn it into a treatment center in his state of the state address last year. >> new york is becoming the first state to make college tuition free for middle class students. it's all part of the budget approved sunday.
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new york families with incomes less than $125,000 can get free tuition at state schools starting this fall. tuition at the state's colleges and universities is just under $6,500 a semester. the governor proposed the plan in january. he hopes it will serve as a national model to improve college foorptability. >> students at the university of pennsylvania will soon have a new shopping option. the school today announced it signed a deal to build a new acme super market. skyforce10 was over the area today. the buildings currently occupied by fresh grosser. their lease expired last month. the university city acme will have indoor and outdoor seating, also feature a sushi and noodle bar, a beer and wine shop. >> jus around the world marked the beginning of passover at sundown. >> for some the hollywood is met with anxiety and uncertainty. at the catholic jewish center
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there is an emphasis on safety and security. the holiday comes in the wake of bombings in egypt. bomb squares in jccs nationwide and the people they spoke to they are not letting fear interfere with their daily life. >> our hearts go out to those who were viektized overseas but these incidences are occurring on a regular basis. we're doing what we do every day and keeping our community safe. >> passover celebrates freedom of faith and israelites who fled slavery from egypt. cydney long will have more on this story at 5:00. >> the nfl draft is still more than two weeks away but boy those traffic trouble are already here in philadelphia. >> the first major phase of road closure went into effect late last night. take a live look at the ben franklin parkway where all that
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prep work is being done to set the stage for fans at the philadelphia museum of art. you can see it right there at the foot of those steps. the closures are around the art museum including sections of spring garden street to the ben franklin parkway. kelly drive. >> pamela osbourne breaks down what drivers need to know. >> reporter: we're still more than a couple weeks away from those draft festivities but take a look. they're setting up a stage right now. the main stage also right here outside of the art museum on the steps is being set. so what does that mean for you? some lane restrictions around the oval for the next month. the westbound center roadway of the parkway will be closed from east a kenz oval to spring carden street. that continues to kelly drive southbound where it will open up to three lanes of travel and the right two lanes of a kens oval in front of the art museum steps will be closed as they build the main stage. you can also expect to see traffic down to one lane southbound on kelly drive between 25th and the parkway.
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the closures are in place so crews can assemble the 2017 nfl draft experience. the fun kicks off at noon on thursday, april 27th. fans of all ages will get to participate in interactive exhibits, games and virtual reality experiences. and you may run into your favorite player at a special player autograph session. admission is free. keep in mind those closures that i mentioned are just the first phase for more information on those and some of those free activities that are planned for fans during that three day draft party experience, visit our website i'm pamela osbourne, nbc10 news. >> beautiful weather out there for pamela and what a better way to soak in today's weather than right there at the day of the park. this is a scene there today in radnor. taking a live look from our kimmel center campus camera. just a gorgeous day. if you're headed out for dinner tonight it's going to be
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beautiful in the evening as well. >> let's bring in tammie souzza. tomorrow is going to be even warmer. >> we're going in the right direction, aren't we? it's a beautiful out there, guys. you saw the shadows there on the roads downtown and that's a sign of lots of sunshine. hello, to everybody in doilstown. we have high thin clouds that have moved in. we're still quite mild out there. temperatures very warm overnight. they'll be close to where our day time highs are. we're looking at at the upper 70s to 80 degrees. let's go ahead and check out what's going on in philly. rittenhouse, 80 degrees, 79 at port richmond. bustleton 80 degrees, the airport at 80 degrees, graduate hospital at 82. we get up to chestnut hill 80 degrees. let's make one more stop, how about the suburbs.
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west bradford township, 74 degrees, we go to chester height, 78, north wales at 80. new hope at 81 and ft. washington at 80 degrees with glad wynn coming in at 78. temperatures are very comfortable across the entire area. this is where we're going to be headed tonight. we're going to be dropping from 80 down to 65 by 10:00 tonight. 62 is our normal day time high so we're still going to be above that at 10:00 tonight. we'll see a few high thin clouds and the winds out of the south. little less breezy than they have been today. doppler radar sweeping the sky. nothing going on. huge storm systems are off to the west of us moving through the midwest. area of low pressure that's going to be driving a front in our direction. the high pressure that has kept us high and drive will be here for tomorrow but tomorrow night it breaks down. so this is where we're going to be headed. we're going to be dropping down into the 70s and 60s overnight. you'll wake up in the mid-to
4:19 pm
upper 50s across the area. sunshine tomorrow but off to the north and the west of us that front starts to approach. we aren't going to be looking at any rain tomorrow. we'll make it into the low 80s tomorrow so near record high in some places. overnight we're going to be warm tomorrow night. upper 50s low 60s but that rain starts to come in here leaving us in the 60s and that will be exiting by the afternoon in wednesday but it won't be nearly at warm out there. here's your neighborhood forecast for tonight and tomorrow. let's check it out. we're basically going to see some high thin clouds drifting through. this is our forecast model that shows you the realistic conditions. we're going to be looking at temperatures that are very warm. going to be in the 50s overnight tonight. some places may hang on to 60 until just before dawn. now for tomorrow we're going to be looking at the 80s except along the jersey shore. you're going to get that sea perez kicking in so when you make it up to the 60s i think it's not going to get much above that. here's our ten day. this one is actually pretty nice
4:20 pm
once we get past some of the rain and stuff coming in here on wednesday. tomorrow, near record highs, 83. we do 72 on wednesday but temperatures are falling. we could see those showers maybe a storm on wednesday and then we skirt ahead to the holiday weekend. looks pretty decent on easter, 78 but that could come with a thunderstorm early in the morning and again in the evening. we'll break down more neighborhood for you coming up in just a little bit and krystal will be back at what the records could be tomorrow, guys. >> more breaking news. look at this car fire. this is the schuylkill expressway. it's a firefighters there on scene. it snarled the traffic though. on the conshohocken curve. mitch blacher live in skyforce10. >> this is a car fire on the westbound lanes of i-76. it's completely closed, the westbound lanes of i-76 at the conshohocken curve. if we pan out, you can see how devastating this accident has
4:21 pm
been for traffic. if you can at all vooid the westbound lanes of i-76 little bit of rubber necking going on the eastbound lanes but there is at least one lane of traffic getting through there. that's the latest from skyforce10. >> a good deed gone viral. >> shows you the jersey shore man who put a stop to a group of teenagers fighting. shake his hand, bro. how this hand shake outside of atlantic city high school got the attention of talk show host steve harvey and the surprise harvey has for the boys this summer. >> plus rescue along the schuylkill river. the good samaritans that called for help after a boat had people hanging on for dear life. >> wedding bells are about to ringing again for the royals. this time the youngest prince and princess are heading to the alter. we'll explain next at 4:00. >> here's a look at the closing bell on wall street.
4:22 pm
the s&p 500, dow jones and nasdaq all finishing up. we'll be right back. >> announcer: sponsored locally by -- vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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now a look at some of the best video coming into the nbc10 news today. >> we look at what it's like to drive through a dust storm. it's the work of 70 mile per hour winds. look at that. the gust kicked up enough dirt to make it impossible to see for quite some time. really to slow down or just stop. >> now the wind causing chaos at a church festival in south carolina. those are a pair of inflatable bounce houses. wind lifted them 30 feet into the air, carrying one of them into power lines. unfortunately five kids were hurt, both bounce houses were anchored down by stakes and
4:26 pm
straps but the gusts were too powerful. >> the youngest royal soon to be centered stage for next month's wedding for their aunt pippa. prince george and princess charlotte will be page boy and bridesmaids at the may 20th nuptial. no role what their parents will have at the wedding. prince george is three, his sister charlotte is one. >> and both adoredable. >> they are. >> wrangling a refund. >> a woman turnds to "nbc10 responds." harry hairston steps in to help and offers a piece of advice for any one fighting a similar battle. >> but the supreme court finally fills the vaks vacancy on the bench. that's next at 4:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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. we are following a pair of breaking traffic stories. the first, this car fire here causing major problems in the westbound lanes of the conshohocken curve. look at the backup from skyforce10. a short time ago, bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see because both lanes of traffic were closed. >> and more problems if you're traveling on the blue route. a van got wedged. two people were injured here. right now one lane is getting by heading southbound. traffic is backed up as well. you can see some of it. the northbound lanes have reopened. >> right now at 4:00 the newest justice takes the oath. the supreme court finally filled the vay cansy more than a year.
4:31 pm
>> from religious freedom and gay rites. pete williams is joining us live from washington. >> justice gorsuch will immediately have an impact on the supreme court. i understand he can't vote on any cases that were done before he was sworn in. >> reporter: he will have a couple of cases that he'll here 13 or less in this supreme court term. he'll be on the bench for oral argue mchblt, a big case of religious freedom. it tests state laws that are in about half the states that ban giving any money at all directly or indirectly to churches, if you have a program like the one at issue here that resurfaces playgrounds, why shouldn't those run by churches get the money just like other nonprofits. the states say they're not interfering with the church's religious practices, they're just not subsidizing them. he'll vote on that case and get down to business thursday when
4:32 pm
the justice meet in their private conference when they go over which case to hear next term. the question of whether there's a second amendment right to have a gun outside the home and secondly whether businesses can refuse on religious grounds not to provide services to same sex weddings. he'll vote on whether to hear those cases. he'll vote on how to decide the religious case. >> we mentioned religious freedom. you also mentioned the gun rites. even though justice gorsuch cannot vote on cases particular decided, he still could play a role. how so? >> reporter: he'll help decide which cases to hear. it is possible that before he got here, the justices are deadlocked 4-4 on some of the cases they've already heard since last october and if they are tied, they could order those cases to be reargued now that they have all nine justices. the likelihood they'd be reargued next term. it's still possible they could be argued before this term ends
4:33 pm
in late june. that's not likely but he still could play a role if the court is deadlocked 4-4. we'll find out about that once he takes the bench and they start issuing those decisions and those orders on whether cases will be reargued. it's not theoretical something like this has happened in the past when you've had a long period with only eight justices and a ninth one comes in. >> and chief justice pete williams. enthusiasm for your time. >> "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will have much more on the newest supreme court justice at 6:30 right after nbc10 news at 6:00. >> summer preview across the region today. nbc10 along the parkway where jackets were optional. just a gorgeous day to be on a boat in the schuylkill river or even take a jog along the trail back there or kelly drive, whatever you like. >> another great place to be,
4:34 pm
krystal klei looking at a lot of kids out there, meeting the easter bunny, going on hay rides, a lot of fun in this perfect weather. >> reporter: yeah. this is seriously perfect weather for this. we've now tapped into the low 80s, a lot of kids out here enjoying themselves. tommy we were just chatting, how you liking the weather? >> it's nice, it's warm, it's sunny and if all kids and parents can go outside and enjoy the weather it would be great. >> reporter: tommy told me he likes to forecast weather down the by shore. >> maybe like a bunny for like easter because it's coming up sunday. >> reporter: perfect. thank you so much, tommy. tom ys's enjoying the weather. really what this light breeze it's perfect to be outside. i'm also enjoying myself. temperatures have been right around the low 80s for areas
4:35 pm
like philly and northeast philly and allentown. most of us are in the 70s. you see the shore just slightly cooler and we're talking tomorrow even warmer temperatures. in fact, a few of us will be flirting with record level temperatures. phillys our 83 forecast. 84's the record. 83 the forecast, 84 is the record that's currently set and you can see most of the records right around the middle 80s. it's going to be a beautiful day again with some increasing clouds as we move forward. we're going to talk more about your full forecast. i'm going to continue enjoying myself out here. so that's where i'm going next to see the baby chicks. >> we got to see that next time for sure. sun's out, got to go sleeveless. thank you. >> thanks guys. >> here's a look at some of the other stories we're following for you county by county at 4:00. still looking for the masked men
4:36 pm
who opened fire during a home invasion in washington township. he shot a man after bursting into his house on hamilton court friday night. police say he was able to give them a description of the gunman. new picture of a rescue that saw three men plucked from a rain swollen schuylkill river. the three ended up hanging on to branches after their canoe cap sized. hikers called 911 after seeing them in the water. >> montgomery county drivers on the northeast extension of the turnpike could face added delays tomorrow. the northbound express eep plains have been line of scrimmaged from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the lansdale interchange and from noon to 3:00 p.m., the southbound express easy pass lanes westbound closed. you might have seen that fight between two jersey shore teens that went viral for all the
4:37 pm
right reasons. >> i'm not a tv guy. this is not for me. >> still ahead at 4:00. the good deed that put this good samaritan in spotlight and the surprise steve harvey had for those two teenagers. >> coming up on. a passenger dragged off a flight and he hadn't done anything wrong. the airline error that caused all this chaos that's coming up at 5:00. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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>> a new study is hoping to provide some clarity for women when it comes to the question about when to get a mammogram. internal medicine doctors and gynecologist about breast cancer screenings. 81% recommended mammograms for women in their early '40s and screening said screenings should begin by the age of 50.
4:41 pm
>> a woman waits month for an insurance refund that never shows. >> nbc10's harry hairston joins us for more. >> we're going to show you how "nbc10 responds" junk jumped in to help this woman get response. ways to make sure you get your refund if this happened to you. >> parents versus bill cosby. the new push to take away something of the famous comedians from a place you probably visit with your kids all the time.
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in today's "nbc10 responds" getting a simple refund after cancelling a trip proves comely indicated for one consumer. >> when months go by and she couldn't get her money, she calls "nbc10 responds." >> you would think it would be
4:45 pm
nice and simple. let me tell you this is as straightforward as it gets. the viewer just needed to get the right person on the case. >> these are pictures of my husband and i. >> these are snapshots of margaret clark's last trip to visit her son in hawaii. back in january she booked another flight to visit him along with trip insurance from alliance. >> because the last time we went, the plane was delayed and we had to stop over at a hotel. >> but just hours later she cancelled before trip insurance would kick in. getting her money back from the airline was no problem. but getting her money back for the trip insurance, that was another story. clark says alliance kept changing the number of days it would take to get her refund. >> first, three to five, then five to seven, and then five to ten and then i got a phone call and she said eight weeks you
4:46 pm
will get your money back. >> after eight weeks and still no refund, she called "nbc10 responds." >> i want my money back. i need my money back. and i don't want -- it's mine. >> we reached out to alliance. the company told us the refund, quote, fell through the cracks. appliance apologize and after we got involved it credited $131.16 back into her account. >> thank you. you got my money back. >> and you're welcome. if a company owes you a refund and you haven't received it for several weeks or even months, try sending an e-mail. the better trade commission has a sample letter we posted on our link and you can find that link at >> and if all else fails call harry hairston of "nbc10 responds." >> you guys get it done. >> we've been getting it done for a lot of people so far. after this one we are now up to
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$421,224. money back for you in our viewing area that deserves it. >> there you go. if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc10 responds," head to and fill out our form or give us a call. we'll respond to you. >> this just in, pete rose is headed to the phillies wall of fame. rose, of course is banned from the baseball hall of fame for betting on the game while he was a manager but the phils got permission to honor the hit leader. the team just announced rose will become the 39th induckee to the phillies wall of fame on august 12th. >> not exactly baseball weather for you guys for the home opener friday. wouldn't you have loved it if the weather would be like today. >> it would be great. 80s, comfortable, relax in the stand. here's first meteorologist tammie souzza. >> if you had tickets to the game today or tomorrow you were
4:48 pm
probably the smartest people in philly. let's take a look out at the beaches. cape may here's a quick snapshot. very pretty day out there. little cooler than the rest of the area. now let's go ahead and tour the area. let's head out there and look at those numbers. we're looking at 81 in mays landing. 56 in atlantic city, we only have 69 at the came may courthouse and 59 in cape may and that's because of those winds coming in off the atlantic. how about if we just go inland a little bit and take a look at what's going on in south jersey. cinnamonson at 82 degrees, atco at 79, pitman at 79, piney hobble at 79. rob bibsville we're at 80s and lumberton at 81. the doppler radar is scanning the sky. nothing showing up because we have fair weather here. high pressure just off the
4:49 pm
eastern seaboard and it's keeping us nice and dry. this is what's going on. hour-by-hour forecast. we have those south east winds and they'll keep it cooler right along the shoreline. inland we'll still make it into the 80s for tomorrow. so tomorrow it may even get a little warmer along the shoreline so you're probably going to be confined to the 60s and low 70s. tuesday in the afternoon you can see much of the area under the influence of a southwest flow but we have clouds in the offing. here comes the cold front that has brought severe weather across the midwest today and clouds will increase. and as that front moves in we could see rain wednesday morning out in the lehigh valley and berks county. that's going to move into the suburbs and into philly by about noon time and into south jersey in the afternoon. it'll be gone for the evening rush and we'll start to clear out but it is going to be just enough to make the roadways
4:50 pm
damp. we have a west wind so we're not going to be too shabby. we're just going to cool down by about 10 degrees. tomorrow look at this. reading 83 degrees, bethlehem, 80 degrees, easton 81, phoenixville, 82, newtown you're going to be at 84. fairmont at 83 and mt. airy at 83 as we head into new jersey. 83 in trenton, haddonfield you'll be at 83. at the shore we'll see the cooler 60s because of the influence of that breeze and delaware you're going to pretty much see the 80s across the board unless you're right on the water. so tomorrow is going to be spectacular. guys? >> that is good news. music to my ears right there. you might've caught this. he is now known as one of steve harvey's heros. >> a jersey shore man gets honored right here on daytime tv for what he did that went viral. >> i didn't want to be emotional. >> but you can't help it when you care.
4:51 pm
>> next at 4:00 why the good samaritan talked exclusively with steve harvey and the surprise the talk show host had waiting for the two teenagers. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
4:52 pm
by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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>> you'll remember this video here of an atlantic city man breaking up a fight between two teens. it went viral for all the right reasons. now he's in the national spotlight speaking exclusively to the steve harvey show today on nbc10 and erin coleman is joining us. that man says he was just doing what he was supposed to do. >> he broke up that fight in the heart of atlantic city just a few weeks ago but it was how he did it and what he said that got the nation's and steve harvey's
4:55 pm
attention. >> the video has more than 35 million views, two atlantic city teens throw punches in the middle of the street when a complete stranger stepped in. >> everybody, all you y'all, record that too. you think it's a game out here? it ain't no game out here. it's real out here, little bro. >> this is today's harvey's hero. ali miller. >> i don't deserve any praise. this is what we're supposed to be doing. >> and he told steve harvey because when he stopped that fight he saw himself. i lost my dad, i was one year old my dad was killed in the street. the teens were on the show as well. detailing how that one moment quite literally changed their lives. >> it was bold words, it really meant something to you because coming from a man is different than coming from a woman and i
4:56 pm
never really had that. my dad wasn't around. >> he still wanted to help me. >> yeah. >> so that's -- that's why i want to go to college but mr. ali showed me that it's like a cycle. my brother looks up to me because what i was going to do. >> miller was advisably moved to tears. and he left them with one final thought. >> love yourself. really, really have a deep, deep sincere love for yourself. if you don't love yourself, you can't love nobody else. >> it's hard. it's hard. >> wow, harvey gave miller $5,000. he also gave both young men, $5,000 toward their college fund and a spot in his summer mentoring program. amazing. coming up all new at 5:00. chaos on board a united airline flight when a passenger gets dragged off the plane. >> no, this is wrong. oh, my god.
4:57 pm
look at what you're doing to him. >> the airline issue that caused this dramatic scene, plus president trump is proposing an airport change that could make your flight tickets cost more. we're going to explain the move that's coming up all new at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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dragged off an airplane. a passenger is forcibly pulled
5:00 pm
from his flight all because the airline overbooked. >> prevailing for passover. the local jewish community standing up to fear after dozens are killed in church attacks overseas. >> plus a knockout caught in this new video. why police say this guy punched a maintenance man at a south jersey apartment complex. >> no, this is wrong. oh, my god! look at what you're doing to him. >> right now at 5:00 an overbooked flight leaves to a passenger being dragged off a united airlines plane. say they're horrified by this video tonight. good evening i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. that man refused to give up his seat after the man bumped him from the overbooked flight from chicago to louisville last night. >> that's when security got involved and chaos ensued. how did this happen? >> reporter: you can


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