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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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from his flight all because the airline overbooked. >> prevailing for passover. the local jewish community standing up to fear after dozens are killed in church attacks overseas. >> plus a knockout caught in this new video. why police say this guy punched a maintenance man at a south jersey apartment complex. >> no, this is wrong. oh, my god! look at what you're doing to him. >> right now at 5:00 an overbooked flight leaves to a passenger being dragged off a united airlines plane. say they're horrified by this video tonight. good evening i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. that man refused to give up his seat after the man bumped him from the overbooked flight from chicago to louisville last night. >> that's when security got involved and chaos ensued. how did this happen? >> reporter: you can see those
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frantic moments. united asked four passengers to volunteer to get off the plane, first offering up $400 then upping it to 800 u. but when no one volunteered the airline chose four people at random and this man was one of them. >> no! this is wrong! oh, my god! look at what you're doing to him. oh, my god. >> reporter: you can see and hear the surprise and frankly disgust from other passengers as aviation police forcibly removed this man from the plane dragging him right down the aisle and this was just the beginning of the chaos. he managed to get back on that plane after he had been taken off. >> i have to go home. i have to go home. i have to go home. i have to go home. >> so he seemed disoriented. after this fee asco everyone on the plane was then asked to get off. witnesses say the man said he was a doctor and needed to see patients at a hospital in the
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morning. one passenger described how things then got bloody. >> the passenger hit his head on the arm that's next to him, knocked him out and he got all bloody on his face and they pulled him off the plane. >> and this morning, the ceo of united released this statement, quote, this is an upsetting event to all of us here. i apologize for having to reaccommodate these customers. our team is moving with a sense of urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened. we are also reaching out to this passenger to talk directly with him to address and resolve this situation. and tonight there's no update on the man who was removed from that plane, but the chicago department of aviation has placed at least one of those officers on leave pending a review. live in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc10
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news. >> passengers are talking about this viral video, they said they've been in similar situations but hadn't seen anything like this. >> i think it's ridiculous. they let him on the plane. they should've stopped him at the gate. that's what they normally do. they don't let you on the plane unless you have a seat. >> that just blows my mind. we're all human beings working together. so i disagree with that. >> both of those passengers agree the man should have been stopped at the gate and not taken from his seat. >> raises the question, what are your rights if you are ever in this situation? >> harry hairston joins us now what you can do if this happens to you and it's happened to so many of us getting bumped from a plane. >> we've been looking in to this, the reality is hundreds of thousands of passengers get bumped from flights every year. some voluntarily some not. here's what you need to know if your flight gets oversold.
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first, know it's legal. the department of transportation allows airlines to overflow fill flights for no-show passengers. if you're involuntarily flight for a bump demand in writing why the airline chose to bump you. the airline is required to tell you how it decides who gets bumped on oversold flight. if you're bumped to a flight that lands more than an hour after your original flight would have you, you are entitled to a cash refund, folks that could be double the amount you paid for a one way fare. we posted those amounts on our nbc10 response page on just how do airlines decide on who to bump? industry experts say airlines usually consider how much you paid for a ticket, how many people are in your party, and how long it will take to get you on another flight to your destination before bumping you. >> thanks for that and you can see all of harry estips right
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now on the nbc10 app. you can check out more on this video and reaction that has been pouring in all day. >> in delaware tonight police in new castle county are trying to track down a tried sex predator. a 4-year-old girl was abducted. police say a man in a dark see dan, took the girl, sexually assaulted her and left her in banning park. neighbors in another pike creek neighborhood called police when they heard a child screaming for help. it turned out to be a false alarm but that just shows how nervous many families are until this kidnapper is caught. >> people don't want to be without their kids right next to her. we used to let her out front now we can't even do that. >> no new information about today's investigation. >> new at 5:00. police are looking for the man in this video who punched a maintenance man, knocking him to the ground. this happened friday outside the westwood court apartments in
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medford. police say the man who threw the punch was scene throwing sticks at one of the apartments. he started arguing and threw a punch when the maintenance man asked him to leave the property. >> in egypt, christians are burying more than 40 people as hundreds look on. the u.s. is condemning what it calls the barbaric attacks. bombers struck at palm sunday services were held in two separate cities. at least 17 people were killed at one of those churches, another 27 died at the second church. isis is claiming responsibility. >> this terror and violence comes as the jewish community observers passover. south jersey reporter cydney long to find out how local jewish people are staying secure. she's live right now in cherry hill. >> reporter: i can tell you being secure in your faith is all part of this so am jews are telling us that joy and
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celebration, in fact, will prevail this passover season, not fear. still the jcc synagogs, other houses of worship are in constant contacts but the fbi should anything seem out of the order. they're a phone call away. >> it's definitely a different atmosphere this year than it has been in the past. >> reporter: outside the jcc in cherry hill, mom waits. she waits for her son to finish working out and she waits and prays for a more peaceful time for local jews. >> even he wants to know when he sees you guys, what happens because of what's been going on. >> reporter: she's horrified of christians killed inside egyptian churches and the safety of israel where it borders egypt as well as here at home. jcc bomb squares and the december creation of jewish graves. >> he goes to a jewish school and we have to be very vigilant. >> reporter: in addition to numerous security cameras, and a
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daily rapport with local police safety is of upmost concern. it's coordinated and an everyday conversation. >> we've already communicated this morning, not just because of what happened in egypt, we let them know when the jewish holidays or taking place. >> i can tell you there's absolutely a concern but i know that everywhere i take him there's good security. >> reporter: and it's a conversation she will continue with her son and loved one this holiday. >> we have a lot about safety. >> we certainly do pray collectively for the safety, security of people around the world throughout the year not just during the jewish holiday period. >> reporter: and of course passover remains a celebration of freedoms and of the jewish faith to feel safe where you express your beliefs in who you are. it is also a time many jews pray for the recent attacks not just on property but the sanctity of
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their religion. >> thank you. turning now to our first alert forecast we found some people enjoying short sleeves today. nbc10 and university city at 49th and walnut streets there were a few people even wearing shorts. it's that kind of weather. >> oh, yeah. >> perfect for a baseball game, too. here's a live look where it's dollar dog night for phillies fans. going to be a beautiful one out there against the mets. >> let's go live to meteorologist krystal klei. she's live in lynn village orchard. it's perfect spring break weather out there right now. >> reporter: yeah. you're right. perfect spring break weather and there are a lot of families enjoying it. i run into a lot of families, the easter bunny who has been over in bunnyland doing hay rides. the kids are really enjoying the warm weather. some of us seeing 80s. you're thinking it's a little -- it's a little warm for someone
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with all the fur but he's enjoying himself any way. if you want to take your kids out, still going to be here all the way through saturday. take a look at the record potential tomorrow. we actually get warmer tomorrow if you can believe it, 83 is the forecast high in philly, 84 is the record so we'll be just one degree high and a few other areas will be close to that record as well, areas like wilmington and even allentown. talking 80s tomorrow afternoon then things will start to drop off. we're back here inside the easter bunny, we were visiting the chicks quickly. i had to show off this little baby -- how cute is this? i hope you guys are enjoying yourself in studio. we have one more surprise for you coming up in another half hour. >> we will see you then. thank you. we'll check back in. >> yeah. >> the nfl draft still two weeks away but the traffic troubles are already here in
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philadelphia. this is the live look over the ben franklin parkway where the first major phase of road closures for the nfl draft went into effect late last night. you can see that nfl draft theater being constructed on the art museum steps. the westbound center roadway at the parkway's close from aikens oval. and the right two lanes in front of the art museum steps will be closed as they build that main stage. you can see traffic down to one lane between 25th and the parkway. the closures are in place so they can assemble the nfl draft experience. the kickoff starts april 27th. you can find the full list of road closures and parking restrictions on the nbc10 app. you want to check back often as this list will keep on changing. >> it may be president trump's biggest win since election day.
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his pick for supreme court sworn in today. up next a look at some of the biggest cases facing the nation's highest court and how new justice neil gorsuch could impact them. >> all new at 5:00. bill cosby backlash. the push to get the comedian out of a place you probably take your children to. but first deadly school shooting, two people killed, some parents, some students, were hurt inside an elementary school. the motive coming up next on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> we have breaking eagles news just in to nbc10. >> it has been announced within the last ten minutes, the preseason schedule. the birds open at green bay to take on the packers, then they welcome the buffalo bills, the miami dolphins come calling for week three and things finish against new york as the eagles travel to play the jets. all of the games on nbc10 exact times and dates will be announced at a later date. >> new at 5:00 a local environmental group is pushing back against the proposed gas pipeline in new jersey. the new jersey pinelands commission recently approved a natural gas pipeline through the federally protected reserve in cumberland and cape may counties. the sierra club is appealing
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that ruling. the commissioners approval breaks a guideline for any project through the pinelands. the rule states that the project must benefit people living in there. the pipeline will serve a power plant that is switching from coal to gas. that plant is located outside the pinelands preserve. >> two people are dead and two students are hurt after a shooting in an elementary school in san bernardino, california. >> police believe it's a case of murder/suicide that result of a domestic dispute. one of the people killed was the teacher at the school. the shooter is also dead. the two students shot are in critical condition. they all unfolded in a classroom at the north park school in san bernardino. frantic parents arrived at the school after hearing the news. >> wait here. there was vehicle after vehicle after vehicle, sheriffs, police, undercover, ambulance, everything passing me as fast as they could go so i knew it was
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something major. >> students were taking to a nearby college campus. >> back here in philadelphia. take a look at this surveillance video. it's of two different men. police want to talk to them in connection with a murder in west philadelphia. it's hard to see their faces but police hope someone recognizes what they're wearing or even how they walk. on february 3rd a police kr called to the home of 65-year-old winford harris on north holly street. they found her in a second floor bedroom she'd been shot several times. a $20,000 reward is on the table for help and arrest in kiks in the case. >> a suspect is under arrest in a hit and run that left two people hurt. after the incident police say the driver took off, a witness followed him and called police when he parked outside of a home. >> the chief justice of the supreme court swore in the nation's newest justice today. neil gorsuch took the official
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oath today. he will break the idealogical tie that exists on the court now that left some cases deadlocked. history at the white house rose garden. neil gorsuch taking his place as the newest justice on the u.s. supreme court. >> i will never forget that to whom much is given much will be expected. and i promise you, that i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> gorsuch took the oath from justice anthony kennedy a justice he clerked for. his fellow justices looking on as well as the widow of justice scalia. >> to the scalia family i won't ever forget that the seat i inherit today is of a very, very great man. >> he took his constitutional oath from chief justice john roberts. 49 years old, justice is destined to become one of donald trump's legacy for generations.
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>> our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial and fair. >> the supreme court has some big cases looming from religious freedom to gay rights and gun control. more immediately, the challenge to the president's travel ban on people from six predominantly muslim countries regardless of the law, democrats say the confirmation process was too political. >> i believe it will make the supreme court a more partisan place. >> senate republicans changed the rules to confirm dpor such making only a simple majority of 51 votes needed instead of the traditional 60. >> talk about a field trip. a student a group of students from a west philadelphia school are in atlanta today. 6th graders boarded buses this morning to travel to the birth place of martin luther king junior. they're learning about the civil rights movement. after atlanta they'll head to birmingham and memphis. >> to actually go to those places and physically be in the
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spot in the park where the children's march took place, it's a power moment for those children that they'll hold on to for the rest of their lives. >> the trip will last four days. >> it was a great day to get outside with the kids. nbc10 in radnor where the swings and slides stayed busy all day. if you liked how it felt outside today, guess what? you are going to like tomorrow too. >> i love seeing the shadows of the buildings, the sunlight drenching the city. let's go now to meteorologist tammie souzza with your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> it's almost to the point where you want to run through a sprinkler? not quite. it really is a delightful weather pattern we're in for today and tomorrow and then we get some changes on the way. let's head out to easton. look at this. it's been blue skies all day long but high thin clouds have moved in. we'll continue to see really fair weather as we head through the remainder of the evening.
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look at these numbers. lehigh valley, 80, south jersey 76. parts of the shore only in the 50s. delaware at 78 and the suburbs 77. let's go ahead and take a look at what's going out there in the lehigh valley and berks county. as we take a look, kutztown you're at 76, allentown 78, reading 77, mointon you're in the mid-70s as well. whitehall as 81. go ahead and take a look at all of you in delaware, tad warmer there. marshalton you're at 80 degrees, claymont at 76, reedy point at 80. we head further to the south and felton in 77. you notice rehoboth beach 61 that's because we have these winds coming in off the atlantic so all along the jersey shore and beaches of delaware you're a
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good ten to 20 degrees cooler. it's 80 right now with winds out of the southwest to 13 miles an hour but we do have that sea breeze that's going along the coastline so the winds are different direction there. overnight tonight the we're going to drop into the mid-and upper 50s. so it's going to be a terrific and toasty tuesday. flip flop, sunglasses and ladies it is a good hair day, that's all i can say. let's take a look at the last time we reached 80 because this is the first time we've done it since october 21st. normally we don't see our first 80 until june 1st. nonetheless, it's pretty nice to feel the 80s. the beam of the radar sweeping the sky. we have a big storm system across the midwest. the models have changed a little bit of their thinking as to what's going to happen. we are going to get the chance of some rain coming in late tuesday night and wednesday and
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when i come back in a little bit we will break down the timing of that and of course we'll have a peek at next weekend. it's never too early, right guys? >> never too early to talk about the weekend. behind every plane's takeoff and landing is air traffic control. all new at 5:30. we'll tell you how it can make flying more expensive for your family but getting bill cosby out of the library. why he's children's books are now under attack?
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>> the series of children's books by bill cosby are now on a list that the comedian probably isn't proud of. >> top ten challenged books by the american library association. it's not the books people have a problem with but rather the sex assault charges cosby is now facing. cosby's accused of drugging and molesting a woman in his home in 2004. he faces ten years in prison if convicted. the trial expected to begin in june. >> arts and crafts retail chain a.c. moore is expanding to center city philadelphia. we got a sneak peek inside the new 20,000 square foot facility. the store is making history,
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it's the company's first location in a major metropolitan city anywhere in the country. and it's got big discounts planned for opening day. >> coming up all new at 5:30, possible airport changes at the hands of president trump. >> upnext we'll go live to philadelphia international where the president's proposal could cost you more for your future flights. >> and community baby shower, all new at 6:00, neighbors give back to moms to be in cape may county.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> right now all new at 5:30. president trump's budget proposal could make your future vacations more expensive. >> part of the president's plan calls for changes to air traffic control at the country's airports and that means the price of flights could go up. >> nbc10's lauren mayk joins us live to explain how this could work. what is the president's plan here? >> reporter: keith and erin, the president plan doesn't have a lot of details but it does talk about taking air traffic control out of the government's hands and into the private hands. either way, under this scenario, someone new could be making decisions about who flies where when. it's behind every takeoff and every landing.
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air traffic control, right now the federal government responsibility to get the planes where they're going safely and efficiently. that would change under president trump's budget. >> the f.a.a. operates the budget control system so privatization would bring a lot of changes. >> reporter: so far there are no details for how it would work or who would run it and the philadelphia international airport ceo tells me, she has questions. >> one of our concerns and things that we're looking at as it pertains to that proposal is what kind of seats at the table would airports and local communities have under that new structure. >> reporter: privatizing is an idea that's been talked about for years. now an official proposal from the president. >> it's done that way in europe and canada. >> reporter: arthur walk is an aviation attorney and pilot. he thinks the private system would make ticket prices go up. >> the government is going to reduce the cost dramatically for the user it's going to increase
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the cost dramatically, so now the only question left is, what will the service be like. >> reporter: at philly international business owner and passenger doug dollton likes the concept. >> i believe that privatizing anything in business would be more efficient and effective than having the government run it. >> reporter: but john poll being doesn't think the transition is a good idea. >> just not a lot of confidence in terms of the way it'll be executed and in terms of the way that folks will get the service they need. >> reporter: now i mentioned that this idea has come up in the past. in fact, just last year, new jersey congressman frank lobiondo introduced legislation that would have spun off air traffic control into a nonprofit. i checked with them. they are still reviewing things to see what will happen in this year's session. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren mayk. >> turning now to first alert forecast and it is a beautiful beach day at the jersey shore.
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look at the sun going down and the waves coming in. temperatures in the 60 today in cape may and it's even warmer in philadelphia. >> some people even broke out the shorts on main street. people were taking advantage of the warm day with rolled up sleeves and sunglasses. sun glare can be such a bother out there. >> meteorologist krystal klei is out live at lynn villa orchard. it's warm today and feels almost like summer, tomorrow. look at that beautiful face. >> enthusiasm thank you. i saw the kids out here enjoying themselves. i thought i would get here with madelyn with stacy's face painting. as she's putting some final touches on my face. let's talk about everything that's going on if you want to get out. it really was the perfect weather today. we had a lot of 70s, even some
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80s in the -- there are plenty of live animal exhibits. have you tried the pie here and face painting of course. what i'm doing right now. there's also hay ride out to bunnyland. everyone that i spoke to this is the weather that they have been waiting for. >> we were supposed to go to the philadelphia zoo but somebody wanted to come here, so. >> we just came to see the baby chicks and the calves and maybe take a hay ride to bunnyland. >> reporter: how are you liking the weather out here? >> we're loving it and we're on spring break. >> reporter: so let's talk about not only was it beautiful today but check out tomorrow's temperature nearly record breaking. philly forecast is 83 degrees. wilmington the same set up, 83, the record at 84. one degree shy. and three degrees short in
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trenton. so we are talking some seriously nice and much warmer than average weather. we should be in the low 60s this time of year. here's the big reveal, are you ready for my artwork? >> beautiful. >> you like it? i made friends. you guys have some artwork as well. they all really were excited to be out here with nbc10. i'm now going to bring back to the station so you can check out, take selfies with me, whatever you want to do. i'm going to send it back to you guys in the studio. for now we are live here in lynn vil orchards, krystal klei. >> don't forget the pie. >> there will be selfies galore. >> here's a look at some of the stories that are making headlines. county by county across our region today, first in cumberland county, vindication for a police officer accused of exposing himself to children inside an appleby's bathroom.
5:36 pm
he was in the bathroom using a stall when a 13 and 9-year-old opened the stall door. the kids told police the officer who was exposed himself. >> an 11-year-old was shot while walking home from the grocery store. the boy shot in his wrist. a man in his 20s was hit in the leg. investigators aren't sure if he was the intended target. they're still looking for that shooter. >> meanwhile, these two men are wanted for trying to rob a haitian market in west philadelphia. surveillance video shows them running into the storm on north 64th street. one of them put a gun to the back of a 77-year-old store employee and started choking him. both of the suspects speak haitian creole. >> a new bridge will be up just in time for the new music fest.
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money to replace the bridge comes from grant funding. city officials say work on the new bridge should be completed just in time june. music fest runs august 3rd to the 14th. >> a public meeting over the weekend address short-term rentals like airbnb and asbury park. residents attended saturday's meeting to list their complaints and their concerns about homeowners renting their properties for less than 30 days. there's no limit as to how often a property can be rented. >> up next at 5:00. empowering young women in delaware. we're going to take you to a school that is doing just that. >> plus the phillies find themselves in first place tonight. we are tracking their momentum. that's next.
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>> empowering women here and around the world. that's what u.s. senator chris coons spoke about this morning. at the all girls academy high school in wilmington. it was part of a forum to talk about equal wage, civil engagement and other women's issues. the group also talked about the need for more investment in women run start-ups like in places like africa. wednesday senator coons leaves on a trip to south sudan and
5:41 pm
gaughan da and india. >> change some of the rules in the safe drinking water act. the proposal includes establishing requirements when it comes to monitoring drinking water. assessing water systems and collecting samples. the department also wants to make changes to labs that provide information about water test results. >> new jersey supreme court is hearing arguments in two lawsuits involving booze prices in burlington county. one case involves this t.g.i. fridays in mt. laurel. a customer says friday's didn't print drink prices on the menu and the court is weighing whether failure to list drink prices violates state law. the others comes from the a ca rabba's in maple shade. >> excitement at citizens bank park as the phillies are holding on tightly to a piece of first place tonight. right john? >> it's early but the phillies did something this weekend they haven't done something 2008. the year they won the world
5:42 pm
series. we're going to explain coming up. >> and we're hanging on to a piece of something nice, too. take a look at the numbers. 80s across the area, unless you're out along the shore. you have a bit of a sea breeze. take a look at your neighborhood and where you're going to be going, i will explaining when we warm up more and why we cool down coming up after the break. >> plus airline controversy. it's the viral video sending out shock waves. all new at 6:00. travellers tell nbc10 news how they would react if they watched a man get dragged from an overbooked flight.
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a perfect night to catch a baseball game. you're looking live at citizens bank park where the phillies face off with the mets in less than two hours and the phillies
5:45 pm
are hoping to keep momentum on their side after a thrilling weekend. >> i couldn't believe what i was watching. they turned out 17 runs on saturday night, 12 in the first inning alone, then on sunday they won in a walkoff. >> john clark joins us live now. the phillies are sitting in first place tonight. >> they're looking good but there's 156 games to go. i just want to remind you over there. yes, they're tied for first place with three other teams, they're all 3-3, it's early but the phillies put together a nice weekend against the nats. saturday night, you talked about it, a team record 12 runs in the first inning. they wound up wing 17-3. hopefully that's a eagles/redskins score this fall. >> they blew it in the 9th. but no problem they won it in the walkoff, so they scored 27 runs in a three game series for the first time since 2008.
5:46 pm
yeah. they're world series year. >> you know what? we forget about that first game where we were down 7-0 and we came back and we had the winning run at home plate with the wind blowing out 30 miles an hour. if we could've pulled that one out, this series would have been one heck of a series. we beat them bad saturday and sunday. we held on. we scored juster just enough to wind. we got good pitching performances and we came through in the clutch. it was a great series. >> it was. hopefully they can do the same thing against the mets. coming up at 6:20. piece rose, he's getting the call to the wall. we're going to hear from his former teammate. i'm john clark, back to you. >> i'll be heading out to the ballpark to gain some fan reaction to that. major trouble at the nation's airports for delta flyers still feeling the ripple
5:47 pm
effects from a major storm five days ago. thousands of flights were cancelled over the weekend leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded and needless to say angry. since wednesday the airline has cancelled more than 3,500 flights, more than 3,700 were delayed. it all started when a severe storm forced a three hour ground stop at atlanta's airport. delta flights at philadelphia international today are back to normal. everything is on time. >> believe it or not airlines are getting better at sticking to schedules and losing fewer bags. that's the finding of an annual report on airline quality released today. it ranked arlds of the 12 largest u.s. carriers alaska airline fared the best, followed by delta, virgin america and jet blue. southwest, sky west, united american and frontier were at the bot op. >> a local fan facing weapons charges rejected a plea deal in court today. john cramcy on the left-hand side of your screen there turned
5:48 pm
down a five year prison sentence offered by prosecutors in new jersey. they were stopped last year at the holland tunnel. police found a cache of weapons and tactical gear. cramcy's lawyer say they will appeal to a higher court. >> a woman who used to live in south jersey was killed inside a miami gym this weekend. janine ackerman, police say she was the manager of the gym and was killed by a disgruntled employee. another gym employee was also shot and killed. >> a battle is brewing over who would be responsible for determining legislative districts in delaware. the state senate voted in favor of handing the job to an independent commission. supporters of the bill say the change would prevent politicians for manipulating the redistricting process. >> the jewish holiday of passover begins at sundown. hundreds of residents at the
5:49 pm
madelyn and leonard abbramson center in gor sham township. they're getting ready. they'll enjoy traditional food. celebration runs for eight days. >> turning to our first alert weather, conditions are warm, winds are calm in south philadelphia. look at these images. these are live. just beautiful outside. >> gracefully turning there, warm tonight, even warmer tomorrow. tammie, we're loving it. >> you know what we need a retractible roof? i would love it, we could actually do the weather in the weather. that would be the best. let's take a look at where you live. right now at 77 in delaware. lehigh valley 80 degrees out there, 78 in new jersey. a little cooler if you're on the shore. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. 77 in the suburbs and it's 80 in philly. we have not been 80 in philly
5:50 pm
since late last october. take a look at this. this is where we've gone and you notice it's all in the right direction. 51 on friday. that was shortly after midnight. most of the day was in the 40s. that was of course that philly home opener, rainy, damp. we'll look at the 60 we hit on saturday and the 69 on sunday. the 80 today and we're forecasting 83 for tomorrow. we're actually going to be headed upward before we head back down. not all the way down to the 40s again. doppler radar sweeping the sky. everything is clear. huge storm system in the midwest that's brought severe weather across the midwest. the forecast models have had a change of hearts. we have high pressure off the east coast. it'll be there for tomorrow. watch what happened. our temperatures will fall slowly into the 70s, the 60s and mid-and upper 50s overnight. you see that rain? it looked like it was going to
5:51 pm
come through here and give us a good pounding on wednesday, we make it into the 80s tomorrow unless of course you're out here along the shore because you're going to get a breeze started and it's going to keep you in the 50s tomorrow. watch the rain. perhaps mt. poke noe, perhaps parts of lehigh valley, allentown maybe a sprinkle as we head into wednesday morning. it's trying to track this thing away from us off to the north. we like that, don't we? we hope. we hope. right now the models are a little bit in disagreement about it but we'll keep you updated. for tonight. it does include temperatures in the 50s. we're going to see clear skies with some high thin clouds at times out there but it'll be a very mild night. tomorrow it is going to be a beautiful day. the rain is far, far in the distance. we're going to be looking at 80s everywhere except the jersey shore. that's where it is. your ten day trend. take a look at this. tomorrow we hit the 80s.
5:52 pm
then we dive back to the 70s, perhaps with a shower on wednesday. 64 thursday, 65 friday. decent days there. the weekend cloudy on saturday with 77. 78 maybe a thunderstorm for easter. i think late in the day and then we clear out for early next week. it's not too shabby. we're heading in the right direction, guys? >> yes, we are. thank you. philadelphia's own bradley cooper might not be getting much sleep tonight. >> we're going to explain that, plus they are the cutest things you're going to see all day. the new names for these cubs at the he will amwood park zoo. >> parents plead for answers. coming up at 6:00 a child screams, scare a delaware community as police search for a kidnapper. >> coming up tomorrow on nbc10 news "today." some kids are sprending their spring break just hanging out. i'll show you tomorrow.
5:53 pm
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the viral video of a man breaking up a fight between two atlantic city teens is getting even more national attention. >> today all three of them were on the steve harvey showed which aired right here on nbc10. ali miller was a complete stranger when he stopped this fight. eventually convincing them to shake hands.
5:56 pm
miller told harvey it was his duty to do something. >> i stopped those kids mainly because when i seen those kids i seen myself. >> if it wasn't for mr. ali, if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be where i'm at now. >> both teens say that encounter changed their lives. harvey gave them each $5,000 for college and an invitation to his mentoring camp this summer. >> philadelphia's own bradley cooper say father. people magazine is reporting that the actor and his russian/model girlfriend delivered the couple's first child two weeks ago. there's been no mention of the birth by the couple and no word if they had a boy or girl. so needless to say he's not getting much sleep. >> no. >> meet deegg goe and luna. those were the names for two
5:57 pm
jaguars cubs. luna beat out mya, czarra and freed da. the zoo hopes to debut the cubs in may. that will be -- heavily attended i'm sure. >> nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> a viral video is sending shock waves across the country. nbc10 showed this cell phone footage to philadelphia travellers. what would you do if a fellow passenger was ripped from an overbooked plane? >> also, passover security, a time of celebration overshadowed by fear. how a tragedy overseas has people in south jersey keeping safety top of mind.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> no this is wrong. oh, my god, look at what you're doing to him! >> forced from a flight. philadelphia travellers react to this video that shows united airlines making room on an overbooked plane. >> passover security, terror overseas during a time of celebration had safety under the microscope in south jersey. a monster in hiding, a delaware community is on edge as the search for whoever snatched a child off the street continues. >> nbc10 news starts now. new cell phone video is causing a stir across the country today.
6:00 pm
it shows a passenger being forcibly removed from united airlines flight. good evening i'm jacqueline london. the airline says the man was ripped off the plane because it was overbooked. united says it needed four seats on that plane to get a crew to another flight. lauren mayk went to philadelphia international airport to find out your rights as a passenger. >> reporter: the video appears to show the narrow walkway of a plane. passengers on either side, then one forcibly dragged out. >> no, this is wrong. oh, my god! >> a witness tells nbc10 news it all happened on an overbooked united flight. leaving the choosing passengers at random and escalating to this. >> that blows my mind. >> reporter: we showed the video to passengers at philly international. i. >> i think it's ridiculous. they let him on the e.


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