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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> the comments come in the midst of passover, an important jewish holiday. >> just since 4:00, there are new developments on this incl e including from house democratic leader nancy pelosi. she claims that sean spicer is, quote, down playing the horror of the holocaust. she says he should lose his job and the president should disavow his comments. made in an official briefing today. >> the comments from the press secretary came as he addressed the situation in syria and thn took a a tush. >> we didn't use chemical weapons in it world war ii. you had someone like hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. >> reporter: this reference to a man known using chemical gas on millions of jews is drawing criticism including here outside the museum of american jewish history in philadelphia's old
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city. >> i think it's just a very stupid comment. the comment was insebstive. >> i am jewish. it's offensive to the jewish people. it's offensive to me and my family. >> reporter: brenda is also j jewish and said the remarks were shocking and not surprising to her. >> he's stupid. e he doesn't know what he's talking about. that's my first reaction is his stupidity. >> steven is with the jewish federation of greater philadelphia. his reaction when he saw what happened. >> i said, oh, my god. unfortunate. there are insensitive, hopefully unplanned comments, but really unfortunate. words matter. >> he took issue to comparison to bashar al assad. >> to say hitler didn't use gas is is not even correct.
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suggest that he's worse than hitler there's nobody worse. >> sean spicer has tried to clarify his comments. let me read you what he's saying. in no way was i trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the holocaust, however, i was try ing to draw a contrast of using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers. now that attempt to clarify is not stopping some from calling for action over those comments. live in old city, nbc 10 news. a scream that sparked a viral video, now people set to fly from philadelphia are fearing the worst. boycotts and calls to quit united airlines in light of a passenger pulled off a plane as the company navigates a pr
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nightmare. >> chris christie called for the rule to allow fed's to overbook flig flights. >> this is a direct response to what happened on that flight. the ceo of united says they are investigating what exact cannily happened. today he issued a statement saying he will fix this. new video taken sunday shows a 69-year-old man getting ripped from an overbooked flight after refusing to up his seat. in an internal letter, they called that passenger disruptive. the officer who removed the man is on administrative leave. the department of aviation says the actions were not condoned. cydney long is join iing us liv from the international airport. you showed that video to people who hadn't seen it. moments before they went to their gate. how did they react? >> reporter: i can tell you their mouths dropped. theyen couldn't believe their eyes and sol say they may fold
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up their wallet or zip up their pocketbook on united as a ca carrier this as a show of support. >> i'm so ashamed of how we treat people. >> reporter: sharon cannot imagine paying a passenger was treated in her words so inhum e inhumane. >> it's disgusting. it's horrible. it's awful. i hope those people get their butts sued off. >> ahead of his travel to denver, he did not change his united reservation. >> i don't think united called the police and said beat up our passengers. >> reporter: this as some say will no way will they book right now. >> i might not fly that airline, but i'm afraid this the way we treat people is more yuniversal than one airline. >> why would they think it's okay to drag him down the aisle?
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how humiliating is is that? >> sl the airline broke their own rules. >> reporter: aviation attorney and former navy pilot says united is in a tail spin of trouble for two reasons. uts oeb contract says passengers should not be removed once they board and are seated. >> police who took that man off the plane had a bloody face on the video that's a real big problem for them. >> reporter: he won't hold a grudge but considers it a pr nightmare that could cost more than a travel voucher. >> it will be curious to hear the rest of the story. on the surface, it looks awful. >> in the past hour, senators booker and menendez of new jersey and a number of lawmakers are demanding answers and demanding change. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a lawyer for that passenger featured in the video just released this statement. the family of dr. dao wants the
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world to know they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received. currently, they are focused only on dr. dao's medical care and treatment. he is still in the hospital. near record. temperatures today. some places even breaking records. it's a flip-flop ask shorts kind of night on main street. >> now we're taking a live look at the river walk. a beautiful time to be outside and soak up the sunshine before the sun goes down kind of like that. you want to enjoy the weather before the sun goes down. >> you're saying don't put away the jackets just yet. >> we're not going to be 80 tomorrow, but in the evening, we'll get chilly. you'll need the jackets.
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today is spectacular. . reading is 85 degrees and breaking records. it's 84 degrees, we made it to 81. we'll check the bihourly temperatures to see if we eat that 82. that's as good as we have done. beautiful as we look at the art museum and they are setting up for the nfl draft. lots of sunshine. the flags are flapping in the wind. 80 right now. 67 at 10. 62 degrees, that's our daytime high typically. so a very mild night ahead. we'll talk about the remainder of the week and we'll have your easter weekend forecast. we now know jury selection in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will begin next month in
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allegheny county. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a former employee in 2004. a judge said jury selection will begin in pittsburgh on may 22nd. the trial is set to start in june and last at least two weeks. the search is on for a sexual assault suspect. a 22-year-old woman says she was attacked around 2:00 this morning by the man in this surveillance video. it happened on ridge avenue. this man torsed her into an alley and walked her to her home where he tried to assault her. new at 6:00, a a disbarred lawyer is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from special needs trust funds. the d.a. says patrick bradley took $116,000 from those trusts. he also allegedly charged people tens of thousands of dollars to help find guardians for special needs family members, but didn't provide any legal services. investigators are lock for more victims tonight. jurors in the eric frein
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murder trial watched a videotape interview that police gave the night he was captured. police asked frein to give closure to the family of brian dixon. frein says, i did this, no one else did. he's accuse d of killing dixon and wounding a second trooper in an ambush outside their barracks three years ago. authorities captured frein seven weeks later. the a new city budget prom was unveiled. it's the first since the state took over in november. the spending plan includes a 5% reduction in property taxes. and lower health care costs for city workers. 43 people are facing charges in burlington county tonight for not paying their child support. together the people rounded up more than $857,000 in child support. the raid is part of a statewide sweep to get parents to take care of their. court concerns in delaware. the bankruptcy court one of the busiest in the country is facing
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staffing issues tonight. congress needs to enact a measure to make the court's judges perm nnt. they are set to leave the at a the end of may. this is how it could impact you if b congress doesn't act one judge will handle all the case asks that could create a massive backl backlog. rex tillerson is in russia right now to talk about the syrian civil war. ae arrived today with a message. side with the u.s. or embrace syria's leader. he meets tomorrow with the foreign money stinister. an update on the street closed to traffic. philadelphia's water department told nbc 10 it would not be able to finish repairs to 17th street until tomorrow. that street closed after a chunk of asphalt caved in. the water department have worked to make repairs. up next, thieves target history. what burglars stole from a museum in new jersey that's leaving the sbar collection
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exposed. debit in danger. two men are arrested for an atm scheme. customers in new jersey are concern ed. and over, what a climb we have done. on friday we were 51 degrees. we are 30 degrees warmer today. all uphill. now we take a turn downhill. we'll talk about how far down and the chance of rain is coming up right after the break.
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air-condition rs ripped from the oldest historical society in new jersey. putting artifacts in danger. it shares its collection with the public. on this unseasonably warm day, no air-condition canning means no protection for this artifact. >> ted greenberg reveals how this may be part of a string of recent crimes targeting local businesses. >> here's what we found. >> air-conditioning units stole b outside the his ttorical society. inside rising fears about damage to these precious pieces of the past. vulnerable this museum's new lack of climate control. >> anything organic in this
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building is subject to stress because of the rising temperature. >> somebody stole two ac units and tried to swipe third outside the society's museum in downtown around 11:00 monday morning. . the building was closed at the time of the theft. police are trying to figure out if this crime is connected to a rash of ac units being stolen from area businesses in the last couple months. so far there's been no arrests. . >> whatever the amount it's expect expected to put a strain on the society's limited funds. >> we have to raise money every ye year.
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a criminal's work now making the mission of protecting local history even harder. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. check your debit card. police say two men installed a skimmer on an atm at a beneficial bank. it's allowing thieves to steal your information. anyone who used the machine should review their account for suspicious activity. a teen was able to chase home with a story about a lost dog. police say he went knocking on doors asking if people had seen the dog. she w he was trying to see if anyone was home. they found him in their home and he told us e he saw his dog run inside. he's now facing charges. dollar express is is going out of business.
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some will reopen as dollar general within six weeks. new right now, kicked off on a community center in doils town. the ground breaking held today this is a look at rend ergs at the new hub of pine run community. it adds a fitness center, classrooms and a stage. back to our first alert weather. perfect day to spend out there. people out in full force. a warm day to stroll around campus. tammie souza has your first alert forecast. >> are these temperatures going to stick around. >>en an abbreviated version. that's a nicer way of saying a little cooler. >> outside a place that's not really warm. we were in the 80s everywhere.
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. it's right along the jersey shore. the temperature is 50 degrees. that's because of the winds out of the south and that little bit of a sea breeze is making it much cooler there. atlantic city, the sensor is inland a mile or so pap that's why it's showing 75. you see the shades of green. that's where it's much cooler. trenton is at 81. it just goes on and on. a a beautiful day. wonderful temperatures. where are we going tonight? how about if we're in the 50s. even a 60s will pop up overnight. it's going to be a mild thiegt. the rain stays in the distance. we could see an isolated shower by tomorrow morning. tomorrow the temperature trend will be 10 degrees cooler. 70 in reading. ask we get out to stone harbor
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and you may see the low 70 tlz. the beam is sweeping the sky. no rain in our area. this is the system we talked about for several days. it's splitting pennsylvania in half. and as that approaches, it's going to fizzle out. the winds continue out of the south. hour by hour, look at this. the showers fizzle out as well. . it's turning our winds out of the west. that's a mild air mass for tomorrow. that continues tomorrow night. and then we have a weak front that's going to come through on thursday. that kind of splits the wunds. it brings the wunds in along the beaches. friday the same thing happens. . the winds turn out of the northeast ask it's going to be cooler. your neighborhood tomorrow. take a look. we're looking at 72 in reading. 71 in easton. let's go to phoenixville.
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72 for you. an isolated shower turning to sun in the afternoon. philly in the mid-70s. we're looking a at trenton at 74. a little cooler at the beaches. you'll be at 2 as well. back to the phillies manager has a team meeting and fined his player players for some things. we'll show you ryan howard wearing braves colors. that's nx.
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i'm john clark from csn. had a team meeting to talk about what happened last thiegt. pete does not like pitchers throwing guys. he does not like that list and fined each player $17 for various things. last september cabrera hit a walkoff home run. big bat flip and pitchers don't like to see that. so the first pitch last night ramos threw behind him. he says he does not approve of that and listen up. pete is not a big fan of bat flips. >> personally, i u don't like it. it stirs up robs. . that's the only thing i understand there's a con tib gent of people that like to e see that because they want the players to have fun but i think all it does is upset people and once again, i can't tell you or anybody else how to e react to
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the situation and why stir something else. be professional. >> be professional. ryan howard reported to the braves. first time seeing him in another team's colors. that is weird to see. on to the fliers, steve mason says a goalie rotation doesn't work. e he believes he was going to be the starter at the beginning of the past season. claude had a down year. . will be to this. >> it's about making it happen. i'm frustrated at myself and how i play ed. but i'm not going to back down and pout about it. . i'm going to go back to work and be the player i can be. let's hope so. good news today. he tweeted out. he was going to have another bone scan today. hopfully this means the broken bone in it his foot is healed.
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we decipher at the tweets. give me smiley face. that would have made it real easy. >> or you hit the check by accident. now i don't know. looks good though. >> we're going to work on it. >> speak of what's coming up, what else? >> we have more parking problems in center city. >> why drivers will have fewer options to pay the meter. that's tonight at 11:00. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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by the time the drugs rannd wout, i was addicted.. it happened so fast.
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i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit a live look at cape may. still kind of warm out there after an ub seasonably warm day. are the temperature sticking around? the answer not so much. >> it's chilly there. let me show you the ten-day forecast and you'll get the answer to your question. 76 tomorrow. we could see an isolated shower out there. we'll turn to sunshine this the afternoon. it's mainly clouds. 67 on thursday. bright sunshine. maybe a late day thunderstorm.
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81. >> still search for the eggs. >> have a great night. we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight compared to hitler as the trump administration juggles mixed messages on syria and assad, press secretary sean spicer with a major backlash, what he said about holocau holocaust. in russia, a showdown as secretary of state takes a hard line and the u.s. accuses putin's government of a cover-up. growing night mare for united. what the airline ceo is saying now that outrage grows, united stock takes a hit and nbc news obtains new video of the moments before a doctor was dragged off a plane. prostrate cancer, a new screening. live to tell. a medical


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