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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 12, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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get you update on traffic with jessica boyington. jes jes jessi jessie? watching the beginnings of the plat bridge there behind the graphic. we have no problems or delays either direction right now. moving over that bridge. we're watching construction over the burlington bristol. single-lane traffic alternating in both directions this morning. they will open that before the morning commute gets intense. there. clear. we'll end with the center city sinkhole. 17th street closed for a portion between walnut and locust. getting around that should be easy right now. center city, no problems. still into the green. >> thank you. breaking overnight, a man in his 80s is held at gunpoint and robbed inside his own home. this happened in the bustleton section of philadelphia. that's where nbc 10's pamly
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osborne joins us live. the attackers got away with the man's car. tell us how and when this happened. >> reporter: well, we're still working to get all of that figured out right now. we know that the victim wasn't able to call police except for two hours after this may have happened. take a look. i'm going to step out of the way. this is the home where the victim lived. we are on -- as you said, he's in his 80s. he was robbed at gunpoint at his home on chapel croft street. he managed to get the call out to police. police say a gun and a car was taken from the victim. we are working to get some more information. we're getting ready to talk to police now. let me get that, and i'll update you as soon as i have some more information. back to you. >> thank you. more breaking news involving a home invasion in north philadelphia. that's where temple university students were robbed at gunpoint. police say three men got into the victim's house on bouvier street around 1:00 in the morning. the students were forced to the
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ground and robbed. the gunmen got away with cell phones, debit cards, and crash. white house press secretary sean spicer is facing calls to resign for a comment he made comparing syrian president bashar al assad to adolph hitler. here's what he said -- >> someone as despicable as hitler who didn't sink to the -- to using chemical weapons. >> in fact, hitler did use chemical weapons in the form of nazi gas chambers that killed millions of jews during the holocaust. >> they both died horrendous, heinous things to innocent people. to make any kind of comparison is really regrettable and a mistake. >> the jewish federation of greater philadelphia called spicer's comment insensitive. >> there were as many as 6,000 people a day in auschwitz being killed by this gas. to say that even hitler didn't use gas is not even correct. to suggest that assad is worse than hitler -- in the jews'
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eyes, there's nobody worse than hilt. >> the ann frank center called on the president to fire his press secretary. so far no comment from president trump. new details on a monitor communication of carter page by the fbi. adviser to then-candidate donald trump. the "washington post" cites unnamed law enforcement and officials. the source reports the government had reason to believe carter page was acting as a russian agent. page says he's happy the court order has been revealed. new from overnight, china's president has told president trump that beijing is willing to work with washington for a peaceful end to north korea's nuclear weapons program. the two leaders spoke by phone last night. the conversation followed president trump's tweet yesterday that china should do more to stop north korea or the u.s. would do it alone. the u.s. moved an aircraft carrier strike group to waters off the korean peninsula after
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north korea carried out long-range missile tests. today jurors in the eric frein murder trial will continue learning about the man accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another. yesterday prosecutors played a taped interview that frein gave to police the night he was captured. and on it he tells police, "i did this. no one else did. all i can say is i'm sorry." in delaware county, a pre-k teacher faces an arraignment for allegedly pushing a 4-year-old girl down some stairs. the incident was caught on video at the future daycare center in primos. the school fired the teacher, sarah gable. the student hurt her knee but was otherwise okay. philadelphia police are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman. the 22-year-old woman says she was attacked around 2:00 yesterday morning by the man in this surveillance video. it happened on ridge avenue. she says the man forced her into an alley, put a gun to her forehead, and then walked her to her home where he tried to assault her. delaware's bankruptcy court could soon have a staffing issue. there are five temporary judges
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who are set to leave at the end of may. congress needs to enact a measure that would make them permanent. if congress doesn't act, though, one judge will handle all the court's cases, and that could create a massive backlog. delaware's two senators are rallying to stop proposed budget cuts that they say will hurt the first state. senators tom carper and chris koonz visited the university of delaware yesterday and said president trump's new budget cuts two programs that boost economic development in the state. those programs include the competitive tiger grants that help pay for transportation projects. cuts to federal grants which fund two-thirds of the research budget are also possible. philadelphia is looking for more pre-k providers. the city announced applications for early childhood education providers want to partner with philadelphia's city-funded pr prekindergarten program. the city's also looking to add pre-k centers and expand its program which is funded by the city's soda tax. the beverage industry is in
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court fighting that tax. philadelphia wants to stop the flow of heroin addicts into the city. state representative angel cruz says the addicts are being lured from puerto rico with a promise of recovery. cruz wants to create a program that would help monitor the well being of puerto ricans who sign up for the drug treatment. 5:06. 61 degrees. new overseas, german police are not saying if terrorism is involved in an attack on a bus carrying a german soccer team. the bus was hit by three explosions from devices planted in bushes near the road close to the team's hotel. one player suffered an injury to his hand. investigators are trying to figure out if a letter found near the blast is authentic. 5:06. a nice view of boat house row. a live view from center city. very little wind. the wind has died down. skies are clear. temperatures have been cooling down. we're still unusually warm for this time of year.
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the cool spot now at the shore, 51 degrees. it's close to 60 in the lehigh valley. some of the suburbs in the 50s. delaware is 54 degrees. philadelphia's 61. and in south jersey, mainly in the 50s right now. upper 50s at that for voorheis, mt. laurel, audubon, pittman, 58. cooler for pemberton and lumberton. that's starting point today. won't be as clear as yesterday. we don't have any clouds now. and it is dry. i am tracking light showers. they'll be moving into parts of the area this morning. then this afternoon, we'll be drying out. we'll see sunshine take over once again. the forecast, calling for clourds aclouds and sunshine. into the 70s this afternoon. the suburbs will see clouds increasing, even a late morning shower is possible. it's going to be light. 66 degrees. and then sunshine this afternoon and 71 degrees in the suburbs. a chance of some showers this morning in the lehigh valley. in fact, this is the area where showers are most likely in our entire region.
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the showers coming through the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. drying out completely. and there's just a little bit of rain. it will likely completely miss delaware and new jersey. 72 degrees with clouds and sunshine at 11:00. in both states. then into the low to mid 70s in the afternoon. the shore will reach the 70s, too. what you won't see are showers. clouds moving through in the afternoon after a good deal of sunshine this morning and during the midday hours, too. but there are some more showers ahead. and they appear to be timed for the weekend. we'll look at that -- >> no. >> yes, weekend. big weekend, too. >> yeah. >> with the ten day on 10 in ten minutes. >> easter sunday services, egg hunts. >> thank you, bill. 5:08. as a fellow new jersian, jessica knows a strip of 76 in -- we new jerseyians don't call it the schuylkill, we call it 76. >> jess, what are you seeing? right, 76, gloucester city, not the expressway. in new jersey around the cameras at market street. here is the traffic that's
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moving toward the philadelphia area. right now we have no problems. again, this is after the 42 freeways turns into this point before the walt whitman bridge or head to 676 through camden. watching that, not seeing big problems reported. and we're also watching 95. this is moving three delaware. checking out the drive times here. ten minutes in both directions north and south from 295 to 495. speeds into the 60s. we'll end here on route 202. looks good here, as well. around our cameras at 29, moving from 29 at this point, moving toward the schuylkill expressway. just an eight-minute trip on the northbound side. speeds are still up there, as well. back to you. >> 5:09. a new view of what led up to the man being dragged off the united airlines flight. >> i'm not going. i am not going. >> the change lawmakers are calling for in the wake of the now-infamous confrontation. and history left in the heat. what was stolen that's leaving new jersey artifacts in danger. remembering a music icon.
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we look back at the life of the founder of the j. geils band.
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5:13. stolen air conditioning units are putting some of new jersey's most precious artifacts in danger. >> two units were stolen from the museum on monday. the rising temperatures could put unwanted stress on anything that is organic inside the building. >> it's vital to our existence. we cannot have this building subject to the highs and lows in temperatures. >> vineland police are trying to figure out if there's a link to a rash of units being stolen from area businesses in the past couple of months. a search on the genealogy website did more than uncover family history. police in montgomery county say it helped crack a case of identity theft. a man was arrested for impersonating a dead man from lansdale for more than 20 years. officers were alerted when a relative searching the website
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spotted something strange. 5:14. new, fox newschannel's bill o'reilly is taking a break. the embattled host told viewers he was taking a few days off for a preplanned spring vacation. o'reilly and fox continue feeling pressure as dozens of advertisers drop commercials from his show over sexual harassment allegations. o'reilly is expected back april 24th. ♪ new from overnight, the founder of the j. geils band has died. police went to the connecticut home of john warren geils jr. for a wellness check and found him unresponsive. it appears he died of natural causes. the bands hit it big in the '80s with this number one, "centerfold." ♪ we see it every day on the road. drivers on their phones calling or texting while they're driving. >> yeah.
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a new survey shows a disturbing number of drivers are taking part in dangerous behavior behind the wheel. the state farm insurance conducted the eighth annual state driving survey. it shows 50% of drivers talk on their phones while driving. 35% said they text while they drive. 29% are using browsers to access the internet. and 26% are reading emails with 21% taking time to respond. >> what? reading emails? okay. 5:15. let's get you safely to work this wednesday. >> yeah. let's check in with jessica boyington looking at 295 in south jersey. watching through west stepford. 295 around route 130. so far both directions, no problems. 23 minutes headed southbound from the 42 freeway moving toward the delaware american legion bridge. having to head to delaware, you'll be fine. once you get there, watch for construction heading over the delaware memorial bridge. from jersey on this side see something delays. it's once you get off the
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bridge, there's more construction around the area. you should be good once you get there. moving past the new jersey turnpike or 295 isn't going to be the problem. 422, looks okay. drive times here are great. eight minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. not seeing an increase there yet. we'll end here with mass transit where we're not seeing any delays so far. amtrak, new jersey transit, septa, and the patco line all on time with no major problems or delays. of course i'll be back with more updates for you. the next one in about ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:16 on this wednesday. 61 degrees. a pretty warm start to begin the day. >> really warm. let's find out what's to come. we're watching for rain for some people, right, bill? yeah, not everybody will see it. you're right about the temperature. 61 degrees, close to what we should see for a high. not in the morning. the morning temperatures in the low 40s. running about 20 degrees above normal to start. a gentle breeze blowing. not the big winds we had yesterday. the wind has shifted so we're not going to make it into the 80s today.
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it's still going bigfoto be war. 61 in philadelphia. south jersey is at 55 degrees. there are cooler neighborhoods. also some warmer ones, too. look at west callen township, in the 60s now. malvern is just show of 60 -- shy of 60 degree. bed minister, 60. 60 in newtown. we're getting a warm start. a mild morning at the bus stop. there will be clouds moving in to reading, exton, quakertown, allentown. philadelphia, wimbledon, will see -- wilmington, will see clouds. trenton, clouds increasing this morning. you see clouds starting to move in to the lehigh valley and berks county. with the clouds, we'll get a chance of showers. not much to it. the showers coming with a cold front, though. that's going to make a big difference for tomorrow. on the other side of that front is the cooler air that will start working in to our area for tomorrow. today, we'll see a warmup in spite of the clouds that will be moving in this morning. 11:00, there, a little bit of shower activity in berks county and into the lehigh valley.
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the clouds will make it to philadelphia and wilmington, that's at noontime. doylestown, mostly cloudy. look at the temperatures, into the 70s with mostly cloudy skies. that's at lunchtime. the clouds swing through. we'll get some sunshine, the winds shift, become more westerly. that will limit the temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. we will be clearing out nicely later today. 77 for philadelphia. warm one, just not as warm as yesterday. clouds thinning in the afternoon leading to sunshine for thursday and friday. then there's a cold front so it drops the temperatures. 60s for highs. you'll feel the difference tomorrow. at 47 degrees. 44 on friday morning. and the 40s again on saturday morning. here comes another warmup. time to peak on easter sunday. there's a chance we'll see showers. some scattered showers. an outside chance of a thunderstorm. most of the day i'm expecting it to be dry. monday, sunshine is back. 72 degrees. we're looking at 60s for wednesday, thursday, and friday with a chance of more showers.
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♪ the smooth sounds of jazz filled the air in south philadelphia last night. nbc10 at the thomas donaducci library where the band performed. part of the philly celebrates jazz series hosted by the free library. you can catch more free jazz next monday at the library at the philadelphia city institute. a popular attraction will be flying high again over the jersey shore. the u.s. air force thunderbirds are returning for a second year in a row to the atlantic city air show this summer. the air show takes off on august 23rd at atlantic city airport. parking problems. a popular meter app has been pulled. why drivers will have to go back to the old way of paying. and spreading a message. the youngest person ever to win a nobel prize comes to pennsylvania to share her ideas with the community. fighting the fearless girl.
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a sculptor plans to take new steps to remove a now-famous statue on wall street.
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today the sculptor of the famous charging bull statue will speak out about his effort to get the fearless girl statue removed. the girl statue has become a popular tourist attraction since it was installed in march. the sculptor of of the bull statue is violating new york city of violating his rights to allow the statue to face his work without his permission. the city issued a permit with the statue. the word is until next february. the sculptor's attorney says the city did not follow proper procedures. walmart is beginning a new effort to compete against amazon, plus samsung is launching a new phone. cnbc business news now with landon dowdy. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good wednesday
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morning. walmart is adding another incentive to get people to buy on line as it looks to compete with amazon. starting next week the retailer will offer discounts on thousands of products on other if you pick them -- if you pick them up in stores. they can deliver items to stores because it saves on the cost of shipping them to your door. meanwhile, we're days away from the launch of samsung's newest smartphone, the galaxy s8. the company says we're going to have to wait for a key feature. the digital voice assistants bixby won't be ready until spring. samsung isn't giving a reason for the delay, but the company is behind the curve with competition from google, amazon, and apple. and wall street may start the day in the green. futures are higher. the markets closed slightly negative yesterday well off the lows of the day. geopolitical concerns including rising tensions with north korea hung over the markets, and tech stocks fell. look for data this morning on import prices. the dow slipping six to 20,651.
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the nasdaq down 14 to 5,866. back to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. 5:25. 61 degrees. a warm start this morning. clear skies overnight, but then it's going to be changing. looking for clouds moving over boathouse low morning. a pretty view now. a live view from center city. the live forecast ahead. first, jessica boyington is watching traffic in the first alert traffic center. how's it looking out there, jessie? looks good so far. route 309, good morning ft. washington, around the area. approaching the 5:30 mark. we're not seeing any major so far. both directions northbound and southbound on 309 are okay. updates coming up. and feeding the meter. we'll tell you why a philadelphia parking app is no more and how it will impact you. plus, forced off a flight. new video is shedding light on the moments before that man was dragged off the united airlines plane. plus, how the ceo of the
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airline is now responding.
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parking app pulled. this morning, drivers have to go back to paying the meters the old way in philadelphia. the district attorney could get his day in court sooner than expected. and new video of the passenger being forced off the united airlines flight. the reaction this morning. a busy morning. just about 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today" on this wednesday, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. also a warm morning. let's get to meteorologist bill henley in the most accurate nbc10 first alert weather forecast. bill? dry for now. i'm tracking showers already in the pocono mountains. the showers not looking that impressive, falling apart by the lehigh valley.
5:30 am
by the time they get to philadelphia, it may be completely dry. philadelphia is starting off dry. good chance it will be dry all day. warm, 61 in philadelphia. 50s for the lehigh valley, new jersey, and the suburbs. 54 in delaware. with sunshine breaking through this afternoon, we'll see temperatures in the 70s. a few showers in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. then dry. those will be light showers. i think it stays dry in delaware and south jersey. 77 in philadelphia. look ahead, and we'll go through this hour by hour. i'll take you through the hour-by-hour futurecast to show which neighborhoods are most likely to see the showers and when when i come back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington watching traffic. jessie? thanks. starting off in hadden heights, new jersey. route 30, white horse pike, around the cameras at 295. we're not seeing any problems now. both directions look okay on both roads. we're not seeing any major


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