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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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from police is they do have two men in custody who are considered persons of interest. not suspects yet. sky force 10 is live over port richmond where officers picked up the two men where they say they saw the men coming and going from a house and the victim's stole b cadillac. as for the victim himself, he thought his life was over this morning. >> they were going to try to kill me. >> reporter: it was a frightening morning for pete, a veteran of the korean war, when armed robbers stormed his house and stole his 1985 baby blue cadillac along with money ask jewelry inside a safe. >> they had guns and handcuffed me. i couldn't get up. >> according to investigators, it all started with a knock on the door around 3:30 and a familiar face on the other side.
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>> he knew a female that was at the door and he was kind of surprised by her visit that early in the morning. he gets pushed into his door by two men. >> nbc 10 was there when he returned to his home late today after police took him to emerald street. that's where they found his cadillac and arrested two men who are considered persons of interest. >> did you have to identify any suspects? >> i was not quite sure. >> it happened so fast. with his age and they kind of overtook him so fast. >> he's an older man. they took advantage of that. >> neighbors have come to know the 88-year-old as a washful eye in the community. always quick to share a story. >> he served for our country. i thank him for that. he always tells me the war stories and about how he grew up here. >> just within the past 30
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minutes, detectives came here to the home. they escorted him to their cars and took him to northeast detectives because they want to talk to him more about who the woman is and what the relationship was. . . we're going to follow this and have more in the 5:00 hour. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. this just in. the lieutenant governor is apologizing for his conduct that led to an investigation into him. tom wolf asked the state inspector to look into accusations he verbally abused his staff. he spoke out in a a news conference in harrisburg. keith jones is live in the breaking news center with what he had to say. >> lieutenant governor stack is accused of mistreating employees at a state-owned home. he launched this investigation, which will be handled by the state inspector general. they are looking into claims that he and his wife verbally abused household staff and members of the police detail assigned to them. the lieutenant governor offered
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an apology a few minutes ago. >> i can do better. and i will do better. i promise the brave men and women who protect us every day that i'll do better. >> prior to him being elected, he served the state senate representing the fifth district, which includes northeast philadelphia. nbc 10 is in harrisburg. we'll have more on this investigation and reaction to the comments coming up at 5:00 when i see you next. not quite record warmth, but we can't complain with temperatures in the 70s. a live look in will ming top where people were out to watch baseball earlier today. . a great day to exercise outside. center city this afternoon where this group including my mom
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enjoyed a free silver sneakers workout class on her birthday. so glad she could come into town. are you up for a workout on your birthday? it's right there at city hall. excellent that she got out there. >> that's fantastic. . happy birthday. we know she's watching. she watches you all the time. let's go to meteorologist glenn schwartz joining us with your weather forecast. a nice day out there. >> what a day to be exercising outdoors. it was just spectacular. it still is. got a lot of sunshine out there. . we have had a few high clouds from time to time and you can see where the showers went just barely grazed parts of bucs county but got new england and now back to the west things are pretty quiet. so we have dry conditions expected for the rest of the night and into tomorrow. 76 degrees right now. way above average. but still not quite as warm as
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yesterday was. it is warmer at the shore. 78 degrees at atlantic city. it's all about the wind direction. northwest wind keeping things warm. we're in the 70s everywhere except for mount pocono, which is 65 degrees. allentown is 9 degrees cooler. but atlantic city is warmer. because of that wind direction change. and as we fwo through the rest of the night, it's going to be a beautiful night. it's not going to be especially cool in the morning. it will be clear all night. not much wind. and you can see even cooler spots in lehigh valley down to 44 degrees by 6:00 in the morning. that is not very cool even for this time of the year. and we're dropping into the low 60s by 10:00 in new jersey. start iing off the day tomorrow
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with lots of sunshine. we'll see how much cooler it's going to get and then another huge warm up for the weekend, that's coming up in a few minutes. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of comedian charlie u murphy. he died of leukemia. he was the older brother of eddie murphy and best known for his work on the sha pel show. he was 57 years old. now to more fallout from the viral video of the united airlines passenger being dragged off a plane. today in washington a maryland senator introduced new legislation to stop airlines from forcibly removing passen r passengers from planes as united did this week. it's called the customers not cargo act. it would direct the department of transportation to update rules about overbooked floigts. and united announced it plans to reimburse every passenger on that plane when dr. dao was removed. happening now, president
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trump meeting with the secretary general of nato. this is a live look at the white house. president trump is speaking. both talking about the conflict in syria. we have a team of producers this the newsroom listening to this news conference and will bring you anything you need to know about what said right as soon as we have it for you. jurors in the case of a 3-year-old boy found murdered will get to go to the wooded area where the boy's body was found. a judge made the ruling today at a pretrial hearing for him. jury selection for the trial will begin tuesday. prosecutors allege he killed his 3-year-old son back in october of 2015. then reported him missing. police found the boy's body hours later not far from the father's home. a fierce feud over syria. >> russian president vladimir putin met the top american diplomat in moscow to see if
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they could rescue relations between the mightiest military powers. rex tillerson met with vladimir putin in the kremlin for almost two hours. tillerson also met with russia's foreign minister. he said the current state of u.s./russia relations is at a low point. >> there's a a low level of trust between our two countries. the world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship. >> they accused the u.s. of uncarrying out an unlawful attack against assad's forces. and president trump is increasing rsh on putin to boon syria's president. he called him an animal and said putin is is backing an evil person in syria. the support for assad is bad for russia and for mankind. sean spicer was on the hot seat this morning. he answered questions after
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yesterday's misfire at a white house briefing when he said nazi leader adolph hitler did not use chemical weapons. >> i made a mistake. there's no other way to say it. i got into a topic i shouldn't have and i screwed up. i hope people understand that we all make mistakes. >> spicer spoke today at a museum forum on the president and the press. today jurors in the eric frein trial saw photos of the resort hanger where prosecutors say he was staying when c captured. the hangar contained a mattress, heater and loaded pistol. frein is charge canned with opening fire outside the blooming grove barracks in 2014 killing one state trooper and seriously wounding another. police captured frein seven weeks later. new details about the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando. the wife of the gunman pleaded not guilty. she is charged with aiding and
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abetting her husband. prosecutors said she knew about the plan to attack the club that killed 49 people but did not act to stop him. a university student was the target of a home invasion overnight. the student arived at his home around 2:00 this morning. 30 minutes later someone kicked open his bedroom door. he was forced to the ground at gun point by three men. the suspects got away with debit cards and cash. traffic is moving again on 17th street at sky force ten over the road. a chunk of asphalt caved in. they fixed a leaking service line. the road had to be shundown while crews made the repairs. this is what the road looked like 24 hours ago. identifying the signs of sexual abuse in children and trying to prevent it, that's the
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mission of the beau biden foundation. the foundation gathered employees from a number of nonprofits and state agencies. they. watched videos and had discussions centered on keeping more children safe and making sure kids in bad situations get the help they need. statistics show 1 in 10 american children will be molested by the time they are 18. >> we had conversations to know people are educated. and do it not just to teachers and police officers, but to the masses. how do you get people involved. >> beau biden was the son of joe biden. he died of brain cancer in 2015. he spent much of his time fighting tr more protections for children whether they are bullying or sexual abuse. the foundation is carrying on his mission with events like this one and for students and parents a at area schools. energy electricity is giving
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customers the opportunity to support local nonprofits by signing up for service and when customers enroll in a a choose to give electricity plan nrg will make a $50 contribution to one of the available organizations chose b by the customer. a clothesline on the temple university campus is aimed a at raising awareness for the victims of sexual violence. the t-shirts hanging on the line represents victims stories about the violence they have lived through. it it's. 20 minutes of nonstop news with a a shift in traffic that's putting a a a dent in the pocketbook of a philadelphia business. >> customers and drivers are facing a road block. this is really affecting the business's bottom line during a busy tie time of the year for them. >> that's right. owners here say they were never notified that barriers would block their business due to i95
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construction. take a look at tractor-trailer jackknifed to turn right so they have to go five blocks down, turn around to get in. beverages are in stock. several concrete barriers put them on an island. >> the tractor-trailer drivers had a tough time getting on the lot. >> barriers blocked what was 300 feet of frontage for customers and deliveries. >> there's no communication between the state and us. which means tractor-trailer delivery drivers have to go five blocks down and turn around to gain industry. >> it's a big holiday weekend.
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>> it knocked out phone lines and their credit card system to the point they will lose money. >> we called penndot and they told me he was given notice months ago of the change cans. but because of the headaches, crews will remove the barriers to allow better e e degrees. along with new curves ask sidewalks and utilities and this project that was supposed to take until memorial day said now be complete in four weeks. we're live tonight, cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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fire crews putting water on this. what we know is the important factor here is that right now there are no injuries. but again, putting water on this to make sure that fire is out at a recycling plant. christians around the world and here in our area are commemorating holy week. today is holy wednesday. the fourth day of the holy week leading up to easter sunday. nbc 10 here today's noon service at the cathedral in university city. benefits for big business, not only tax incentives but city council might name a street after you. . that's what happened in the philadelphia 76ers this week. two roads behind the practice
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facility were renamed. bringing learning outdoors. faculty and parents and students started digging, planting and paving to transform a plot of land in east oak lane into an outdoor campus. the kids are already learning important lessons. >> do something. >> the plot will soon be bordered by a nature trail complete with benches and a chalk boaboard. the administration hopes to share this it space with other partnered schools and organizations. taking a a live look down broad street from our campus camera. a beautiful day out there. the 80s are gone, but it's in the 70s. the sun is shining.
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>> we are seeing 80s again in the ten-day forecast. not in the next few days. this is close enough. i thought yesterday was a little too warm. if you did, today was just about perfect. 76 degrees. close to 15 degrees above average with a lot of sunshine. that's a pretty nice day for those of you who like that kind of stuff. we do have some of the con trails in the sky today. the whis pi clouds from the jet aircraft condensation. you can see we were 60 degrees and then going up. now the wind yesterday was on shore wind. it was only in the 50s at the
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beaches. today, close to 80. 81 at summers point. not too far off the beaches. 70 at cape may point. 77 in ocean city. but with the wind come iing in, have a little bit of a sea breeze at 61 degrees. so some strange goingings on there. and the temperatures at 49 degrees. we have cooler weather, but still above normal temperatures. as we go through the rest of the week. we don't have the 80s. but we're dry until sunday. which part of the day sunday is still a little bit in question. and easter, very warm with some possible afternoon storms as you'll see. and doppler radar is pretty quiet around here. we have some showers going up to boston. the next area of rain in the middle of the country. it's a long way away. we're not going to get any rain tomorrow. not a lot of wind either. northwest at 10 miles per hour. fairmont at 67.
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elwood at 65. could see all the sunshine here. we're not expecting 70s, but this is closer to average for this time of year. and just a little bit above average. long port at 63. the futurecast showing just a few clouds coming in during the day tomorrow. so it's not going to be totally sunny. friday, not totally sunny. but some pretty pleasant days. it's going to be dry both days. then we start looking to the west to see the next weather system coming in just in time for the weekend. meteorologist tammie souza has the details on that. >> thank you so much. i did not think it was too warm yesterday. there we differ. i loved the 82 we saw yesterday.
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you won't be sweating until sunday. we already talked about that. let's take a look at what's going to go on. saturday morning, we'll have clouds pretty much in place across the area. winds coming in out of the southeast. once again it will be cooler along the jersey shore. watch what happens. the storm system is going to approach. but the forecast models right now will change a bit by the time we get to saturday. they want to dance around the philadelphia area. . so we could see some spotty showers. it looks like saturday night and into very early sunday morning, but gone for the egg hunts you want to do out there. the winds are shufti inshifting southwest. that's important because that's going to boost us all the way up into the low 80s on sunday. do everything you have to do because there's a potential for a shower or thunderstorm as this front approaches in the afternoon and through the evening and all the way into monday. then it's gone for your monday
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morning commute. we still have winds out of the west. we're still going to be mild on monday, but not 80. so here is your forecast. as we head into friday, we're looking at mostly sunny skies with the 60s with the exception of the jersey shore. on saturday, we're into the 70s or close to it. the exception in the jersey shore because of the winds coming on shore. and here it is. easter sunday, 80s across the board. but we could see an isolated shower or storm, especially away from the atlantic ocean. guys, back to you. to this now, real bullfight on wall street involving a sculptor. still ahead, why the creator of the statue is charging after this fearless girl and the city of nu. plus the sea lion interference that put the game on hold. that story, next at 4:00. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street.
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stocks closed lower today. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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here's a look at some of the best videos to come into the newsroom today. >> this involves a deadly accident in boca raton, florida. it left a semitruck dangling over an overpass. the semiwas exiting the interstate and a tow truck worker fell from the overpass and later died. the driver of the semiwas not hurt. a visitor at the miami marlins home opener. a cat found its way into marlins park and delayed the start of the sixth inning. one of the players tried to assist is the cat, but it ran up the outfield wall. once the cat was out of the way, then the game continued.
4:26 pm
>> how do i get out of here. a rough ride for dr. ben carson. >> e had found himself stuck in an unusual spot today. the elevator jam that trapped carson and why the incident prompted an apology from an nba player. thot exactly record warmth today, but can't complain about the spring temperatures. i'm looking ahead to the easter weekend and what you can expect in your neighborhood next at 4:00. a family at the jersey shore loses everything in a d devastating fire. but escapes unhurt thanks to an 8-year-old hero. i'm ted greenberg with how his quick thinking saved lives.
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sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
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right now, president trump wrapping up a news conference with the secretary general of nato. >> keith jones is tracking the developments in the breaking news center. >> the president talked about several items. the big point that came out of the news conference is trump having a bit of a change of heart on nato itself. you'll remember as a candidate he said the organization is obsolete. but now he says nato and the u.s. can work together to find terrorism. this the fight against terrorism. i complained about that a long time ago and they made a change. now they do fight terrorism. i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> the president also said nato countries will be more secure and the partnership will be strengthened if other nations pay their fair share and stop relying on the united states. the president is speaking now. we'll continue to monitor his
4:31 pm
news conference and bring you more throughout the evening. >> right fl in university city and a live look at citizens bank pa park. phillies have one more chance tonight to get a win against the mets in this series. >> i love the weather. sglds glenn schwartz joins us if the weather is going to last. >> it's great baseball weather. not a whole lot of wind. there's no chance of rain. we have just a few high clouds up in the sky. and otherwise it is looking nice. we have a couple showers just nearly grazing the area this morning. but that is all the way up near maine by now. raced out of the area.
4:32 pm
the temperatures in the 70s. 76 in philadelphia. even 78 in atlantic city. 72 in wildwood with a land breeze today. 65 in mount pocono is the cool spot, which isn't very cool. there's that northwest wind. 15 in wilmington. 10 miles per hour in toms river. . through the night tonight, we're expecting mostly clear skies. it's not going to be especially chilly. so that sets us up for another day of above normal temperatures. although we're not going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s by tomorrow afternoon. at least it will be in the 60s. a pretty nice, pleasant start to a really pleasant day. but there will be some changes eventually some rain and possibly for at least a part of the weekend. we also have the return of 80 degree temperatures too. we'll be talking more about that
4:33 pm
in just a few minutes. >> here's a a look at a the other stories we're following county by county. police are asking residents to come to a meeting tonight about a recent unsolved kidnapping case. last thursday a 4-year-old girl was taken in front of her own home. she was sexually assaulted and left in banning park. drew smith will have a live report on nbc news at 6:00. protest by college professors, teachers and staff at several protested because they have been work twog years without a contract. it involves union members. >> officials in kent county are bracing for a busy weekend on the roads. more than 80 field hockey teams are in a tournament. they are going to shut down crossovers in an effort to cut down on accidents and
4:34 pm
congestion. the staff at cooper university health care planted dozens of pin wheels at the hospital. it's the symbol for preventing child abuse. it's part of a pin wheel for prevention campaign designed to highlight efforts in the community. hundreds of children have a rb to smile. they had their teeth cleaned for free. it was part of the give kids a smile campaign. 20 dental practices took part in today's event. . no bull about it. >> the creator of wall street's iconic bull statue is facing off against a girl and the city of new york. why the creator says his legal rights were violated. what the fight has to do with the delaware sculptor. plus menu makeover, why a ban on transfats in some restaurants may be working. we'll explain, next at 4:00.
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coming up, celebrate iing a century. this 100-year-old native let's us in it on his sweet secrets to living a long life.
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y26vfy y5yy
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researchers are give iing u better idea of how people get hooked on prescription painkillers. they continue to use them long after their ration. researchers tolled thousands of patients. 6% were taking opioids three months after the procedure. people who struggled were most at risk for long-term opioid use. new york city's ban on transfats may be working. there's been a a large drop in
4:39 pm
the number of hospitalizations for heart attacks and strokes. that drop was in areas restrict the use of transfats. instagram, snapchat, monitoring your choild's use of social media. >> it can be tough to keep up. next at 4:00, the new and is free tool that helps parents track their child's screen time. temperatures take iing a lie bit of a dip this evening. but still nothing compared to what we have seen. we're still loving this weather. i'm tracking the conditions you can expect tr your easter weekend. see it this continues for our next chance of rain. coming up at 5:00, you know him by his voice, but john legend is lending his brain power. that's coming up at 5:00.
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secretary of housing ben carson found himself in an unusual spot today. >> stuck in an elevator. he got stuck briefly after a trip to the rooftop of a housing complex. the complex was co-developed by alonso mourning. the elevator came down safely, but the doors were jammed. fire crews had to pry them open. heed a as he emerged tr the elevator and mourning apologized profusely. >> amazon is introducing a new tool to help parents see what their kids are doing on the fire tablet. it's a free service called free time. parents can see how much time they are spending on videos, apps and what may shock you. they can see 90 days worth of details on what books and videos their kids are looking at. how about a love for
4:44 pm
reading. today philadelphia mayor jim kenny helped young children get started down that path. he read a book during story time. his audience doing their best to sit still, but when you're near a playground, e we understand it can be hard. a little distracting. taking a live look over center city. >> the other thing that's blooming is the pollpollen. people are going to be suffering. that is proof that you are affected by pollen. because it really is going up fast. 76 degrees in philadelphia now. and pretty close to that across the rest of the area.
4:45 pm
we have high clouds. it looks like it's going to be clear by 10:00. 57 degrees, that's not very chilly. the afternoon high jumped up to 80 on monday. 82 yesterday. pretty close to the record. and 76 so far today. the average high is 63. we're still way above that even though we're not nearly as warm as we were yesterday. it's 75 in clay mont and harmony hills. 77 in glast co. and farther to the south, we have a northwest wind. it's 71 degrees. close to 70 at the beach. and as the wind direction changes, big changes at the beaches. the radar is not showing anything close by. the next area is to the west.
4:46 pm
as we go through the night, temperatures nice in the 60s, early in the evening. and the sun is going to be out making it feel a little warmer. by 11:00 a.m. we're become to the 50s. and well into the 60s by thursday afternoon. we're 76 degrees now. so that is definitely a difference between today and tomorrow. even though those temperatures are closer to average for this time of the year. now as we go through the night tonight and. into tomorrow, we're going to see these beautiful temperatures. after a low of 43. newtown at 45.
4:47 pm
fairmont at 47. low 67. and as we head closer to the coast, 64 in trenton. 66 in haggersfield. but not that much of a sea breeze tomorrow. it will be 61 degrees. a little bit of a sea breeze this the afternoon. we have some much warmer weather through the holiday weekend. tammie souza has that. >> it will be warmer, but you may need the rain bonnet. let's take weekend. we have clouds in place. they will continue in place for much of saturday. but very mild. . temperatures should be in the low 50s in the morning. we may get a a fews of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll make it into the low 70s across much of the area. . you can see the model struggles with putting us there. no problem doik that. but the models want to dance the
4:48 pm
storm system around us. it will be fine. i don't think we see the rain sunday morning. it's sunday afternoon. we see showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. it clears out very early on monday. but 0s for much of the area. except the jersey shore on easter with that shower or isolated thunderstorm. let's look at your ten-day forecast. we'll see 67 for tomorrow. 65 on friday. wohl see sun with a few clouds both days. clouds increase on our saturday. and we will see 71. 83 with a chance of a thunderstorm on your easter sunday. and then a beautiful day on monday to get out and pick up what usually at my house is just a bunch of broken eggs all over the yard at that point. >> at least the easter hunts won't be ruined with the rain. >> right now the timing looks like it will be in the afternoon. if we get anything on saturday,
4:49 pm
it would be in the evening and very minor. >> the grass won't be wet in the morning. . >> that's the important part. >> and the eggs are supposed to be hard boiled so they don't break. >> that's what i've been doing wrong all this time. >> there you go. >> we're glad it's going to be pretty dry at least for most of the easter sunday. >> don't forget the shoes and the bonnet. next at 4:00, charge iing ar a fearless girl. the fight on wall street and how it involves the sculptor. . coming up at 5:00, a first grader saves his family from what would have been a deadly fire. he talks to us about waking up in a burning bed and then becoming a hero. that's new all the 5:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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it's a battle of the statues on wall street. >> the sculptor of the charging bull that's been there three decades says his rights have been violated by the newly installed fearless girl. ek zek here now. . lawyers say it has to do with where the girl is placed. >> the statue went up right in front of the charging bull statue. now the bull's sculptor says it's changed the whole meaning of his artwork, which is against the law. >> it's been a a tourist magnet and social media hit for weeks. the statue of a young girl staring down the 11-foot bull near wall street. but now the bull's sculptor says fearless girl violates his rights. the italian artist says placing
4:54 pm
the girl directly in front of his bull changes the dynamic of his work. artwork that's been a fixture here for 27 years. >> the charging bull no longer carries a positive, optimistic message. . rather it has been transformed into a negative and a threat. >> fearless girl went up march 7th to make a point that more women need to be on the board of large corporations. it was such a hit they agreed to let the sculptor stay until next year. but they call it an advertising trick created for commercial purposes by an investment and advertising firm. >> very simply, we request that the fearless girl statue be removed. we're not asking it to be banned. gender equality is a very serious and substantial issue. >> for him, it's about doing
4:55 pm
what's right. >> u spent my own money and sold everything i have to finish the bull. >> attorney says they sent letters to both companies and to new york's mayor in an attempt to resolve the issue. they have not filed a lawsuit and would not say if or when that would happen. up next, all new at 5:00. how this 8-year-old boy kept his family alive when their home went up in flames. boy, oh, boy. beautiful day out there. look at the radar. nothing showing up. but we are going to see some rain in the next seven days and the 80s return. i'll outline all of that with the full forecast.
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first grade lifesaver. an 8-year-old wakes up in a burning bed and then saves his entire family from a fire. saying sorry with the second in kmapd is apologizing tonight. and veterans targeted an 88-year-old man tied up and robbed inside his home. who police say set is up the whole thing. a first grade r saves his
4:59 pm
family from a fire that ripped through their home. you can see this house is a total loss tonight. they are alive thanks to this boy's quick thinking. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. ted greenberg talked with that boy and his parents today and is live. this is an incredible story. >> reporter: it is. a burned out shell is all that's left of the mobile home. the family that lived here managed to get out unharmed. thanks, they say, to the young h hero. >> the aftermath is devastating, but the 8-year-old's loved one says they are safe because of his quick thinking. >> i don't think none of us would be alive. >> he was startled out of sleep by flames and smoke in his bedro bedroom. he woke up his step dad who got
5:00 pm
kain, hi mom, 4-year-old sister and the family dog out of the burn egg harbor township home. >> he told me, he's like, mom, u don't know what happened but i woke up and told myself i had to be brave and i jumped off the bed ask my body knew what i had to do. >> the fire has been ruled an accident. the family believes it started the blaze. he's a first grader at the primary school where a ceremony will be held tomorrow to honor him for his heroism. >> a lot of kids tend to hide when something like that happens. he used the skills he knew. >> he has autism. his family now forever greatly for his courage. >> being he's dimpbt than others, i find it heroic and special and blessed to have him. >> a gofundme page have been set up. i'm


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