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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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stack. he ask his wife were verbally abusive towards staff and state lisp. there are report he is ordered details to clear traffic during trips, a violation of state policy. today he spoke out about the investigation for the very first time. >> both of us are deeply sorry for offending anybody. >> we have lauren mayk to ask about the investigation. she joins us live. you just heard from the governor's office within the past hour. what did he say? >> the governor's office has not wanted to talk about this. usually the investigation are are kept underwraps, but the governor's office now acknowledging it and saying that it they have not yet received the report on it. all of this putting the state's top two executives in an awkward position as the reelection campaign looms.
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mike stack with a message. >> i'm not a perfect human being. >> the second in command is apologizing for things he and his wife have said. >> i'm sure we said things in anger. but or frustration or that we shouldn't have said ask both are sorry for offending anybody. and we are going to make it up to everybody because we feel we can do better. >> it comes amid-an investigation of the office of the inspector general. nbc 10 was requested gi governor tom wolf. >> i'm not going to comment. >> the lieutenant governor said the investigation involves interaction with state employees and state police. which are responsible for his security detail. he stressed how much he respects police. i pressed him about what he said to them that's causing concern.
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>> it just goes back to i have u such e enormous respect for them. >> have you done things to them you feel are inappropriate or offensive? >> i have such high regard that i know that i'm still said things i wish i hadn't said. >> the detail accompanies him on the road and he explained he's with them for long stretches. >> anybody who knows me, who has spent time with me for a long period of knows that here and there i'll have a stack moment. >> the lieutenant governor not wanting to get into a lot of details today. however, he talked a bit in hype thets saying that if there was a situation that maybe he was in a rush and if he had told a state trooper how to drive, he was wrong. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news.
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new at 6:00, a neighborhood on edge. right now new castle police are host iing a a community meetingo hear from parents who are pleading for answers about a recent kid. napping. a 4-year-old girl was kidnap pe and drew smith is joining us live from the meeting. without an arrest here, i can imagine parents are really worried this could happen again. >> that's right. they want to know what police are doing to try to catch this guy. this auditorium at this high school issing to fill up right now. we're expecting this meeting to begin in just minutes. police are here. there are a a lot of state and local lawmakers from that neighborhood. in fact, they chose this area here because they wanted to make sure they could fit a large crowd. police have kept a large presence in the neighborhood. and in the park area that's the
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girl was found. . they describe the suspect as a monster, but neve not been able to arrest him so far. they haven't released details of what they are doing to reach any significant leads. that has created some concern in the neighborhood. now we just spoke with some local leaders about this. listen to what they had to say. >> at this point, i think the police have been very good in the research and what they are trying to do. they have to be selective in what they let people know because whoever did this doesn't know what we know. . >> besides just updating people the progress of the investigation, this meeting is serving as an informational source for people. they have been handing out pamphlets about child safety and how to discuss with your kids and personal safety as well. there were other kidnappingings in this in the past month. so people are concerned about all of these. and especially the victim being so young. four years old and a disturbing
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crime. we'll update you on what happens. just in the last few hours, the president of the united states spoke about the meeting between two rival superpowers. rex tillerson met with russian president vladimir putin. tillerson said the two discussed common dpoels like fighting terror and disarming north korea, wu remain at odds over airstrikes on syria following the chemical weapons attack. and russia's involvement in election hacking. now president trump is being forced to reevaluate the stance on the loader he once praised. >> the fantastic thing we got along with putin and russia and that could happen. and it may not happen. >> tillerson will fly back to the u.s. tomorrow. he says they are committed to talking about their significant differences. this just in, the chicago aviation department says two
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more officers who pulled a man off a plane have been put on leave. another officer was sidelined immediately after this happened. by now you have seen this video showing the passenger being dragged off the flight to make room for united employees. also we have learned the lawyer for the man removed from the plane will hold a news conference tomorrow. the united ceo has apologized and says police will never be called again to remove a passenger from an overbooked flight. the city of wilmington has a new police chief tonight. the mayor introduced new commissioner robert tracy this afternoon. tracy is a veteran of the new york city police force and more recently the chief of crime control strategies in the chicago police department. tracy says he looks forward to gettingen o the job friday ask to getting out in the neighborhoods. he will try to protect. >> job number one is to get to know the community, get to know
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my police officers and look at the department and the strategies we have in place and make sure the methodologies are in place and the department structure so we can carry out those things. >> the mayor says he interviewed 35 internal and external candidates for the toch job. he wants a big city candidate because he says despite the suz it has big city problems in terms of violence, guns and drugs. jurors in the murder trial will go to the area where a 3-year-old boy's body was found. today a judge made the tentive ruling at a pretrial hearing. he's accused of killing the 3-year-old son in 2015. and then reporting him missing. not far from the home. . jury selection begins tomorrow. prosecutors say hurting another kept a journal on the
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run. a trooper testified a about the journal that eric frein's trial today. in it frein asked for mercy and described bringing into a home and stealing food. frein is accused of kill iing a state trooper and wounding another. then leading police on a manhunt for more than six weeks. frein could face the death penalty. a man is facing charges forening to bomb a courthouse. the district attorney says joseph sent a letter to the court hours saying a truck carrying explosives would go off april 17th. he admitted to seasoneding a letter from the jail where he's an inmate. he's also been charged in a previous bomb threat in 2015. police say this guy broke into a home and waited inside a closet before attacking two people. police say jason beck hid from his estranged wife ask her boyfriend when the couple went to bed he attacked. he sprayed mace at them, beat one with a bat and stacked the other. police say a delaware county
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woman bought guns for her nephew because he was a convicted criminal who couldn't buy guns himself. her nephew would tell her what firearm she wanted ask turn around and buy them. concrete barriers will be moved to accommodate a local business dealing with construction on i-95. this is state road and princeton avenue. it's a story we told you about at 4:00. this morning several concrete barriers locked the entrance. they rally around our parking lot. >> penndot tells nbc 10 supervisored alerted all businesses of the changes. the project is expected to last four weeks. a new report shows nearly
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two dozen philadelphia schools are under staffed. the city controllers office found more than a dozen schools didn't have the appropriate staffing levels needed for the school to receive state funds. they are among the schools that are said to be understaffed. the philadelphia school district responded to the report today. a statement said the school district in philadelphia is committed to making every effort to fill vacant positions, especially when the positions are essential toing the needs of our students. a bridge connecting two towns could open earlier than expected. work is underway on the inland bridge. it was deemed unsafe and closed indefinitely earlier this month. now the engineer tells nbc 10 he believes the bridge will open by the busy memorial day weekend. long-term repairs won't wrap until next winter. up next, family rescued an 8-year-old boy wakes up to flames at his fast reaction
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saved lives. home runs ahead, the best place to sit at citizens bank park to leave with a souvenir. cooler day tomorrow, but then a weekend warm-up. cool er temperatures will go right back up. the latest on your first alert forecast.
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one family says they are alive thanks to the quick thinking of an 8-year-old boy. >> this is a look at what's lefts of their home. that boy woke up to smoke and flames in his bedroom. >> ted greenberg went to that home today and spoke with the first grader and his family. >> none of us would be alive without him. >> reporter: flames startled him out of his sleep. so he ran to wake up the rest of his family. his step dad got the boy, his mom and sister and the family dog out of the house unhurt. >> my brother saved everyone. >> he told me, he's like, i don't know what happened but i woke up and told myself i had to
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be brave and jumped off the bed and my body knew exactly what to do. >> reporter: officials say the fire has been ruled an accident. the family believes a space heater in his bedroom started the blaze. . >> he's a hero. >> this gofundme page is set up to replace the belongings they lost in the fire. kain who has autism is a fist grader. a ceremony will be held there tomorrow to honor him for his heroism. >> i'm just so proud of him. what he did was so brave. >> i find it heroic and special and i'm very blessed to have him. >> the word of the month at kain schools is courage. a strength e he had put into action. >> to the jersey shore with a gamble on internet betting is
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paying off. >> they raked in $20 million. that's a boost of 9% over last year. internet betting got the okay in 2013 to help the struggling casinos. all but one casino took in more than last year. >> in harrisburg. tom wolf recognized officials for their dedication to making their communities better. they all received honors. if you ever wanted to catch a ball at a phillies game, now there's an app for that. fans would know where to sit to catch a coveted home run billion. to make the app, they analyzed every home run at the park last year and where the balls landed. they also looked at ticket prices and the app offers a heat map of the best sections to grab a homer without also breaking the bank. speaking of the phillies, here's a live look at citizens
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bank park where it's a perfect night to take in a ball game. first pitch at 7:05. 75 degrees just after 6:00. >> really good. glenn schwartz, i know he has season tickets to phillies ga games. he may want the app and switch seats to get that homer. >> i'll tell you what. i have been going to phillies games and never got b a ball. my entire life. never touched one. came close though. 75 degrees in philadelphia with lots of sunshine. look how blue the sky is in the lehigh valley. 73 degrees. beautiful conditions across the area. and at least ten degrees above normal if not more. the average is 63. we got up to 77 today. after 82 on tuesday. 80 ob monday. we're going down tomorrow, but we're going back up toward the weekend. so this cooldown is not very
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extreme or long lasting. we have temperatures in the 70s. even in some of the northern suburbs. a normal cold spot at 70, which is not very cold. north wales, also 73. new hope at 76. newtown at 74. . so it is warm everywhere. even got warm at the shore today because of the northwest wind. you see how dry it is from philadelphia all the way back west of chicago. and that's the next area of showers. west of chicago that's going to take its good old time to get here. tomorrow is to be another beautiful day. but not nearly as warm as today. 77 today. more like 67 tomorrow. that's still above average, but it's not 7 7.
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not a lot of wind either. easton at 65 degrees. avalon at 62. that northwest keeping the beaches just about as warm as the inland areas. and as we go through the next several days, we get. some clouds from time to time. there's just one computer model and it's showing it's dry all the way through friday night and saturday it's starting to bring some rain closer, but it doesn't quite get here. so we do have some showers in the forecast for sunday. but it's not a sure thing. what is sure about sunday is how warm it's going to be. 83 degrees in philadelphia. the only place in the 70s is jersey shore because of the sea breeze. we have some beautiful weather on friday. it starts warming up on saturday. i'm john clark. coming up, clay buchholz gets results back from mri.
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ben simmons has been cleared. we'll hear from it him, coming up.
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i'm john clark. e great news for the sixers draft pick ben simmons. he's been cleared. the broken bone is fully healed. ben will not play in the summer league either. he will hopefully make his debut opening night next season. >> it gave me a learning opportunity that most guys don't
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get. it's like a red shirt season. i accepted the fact i was going to play and try to get an advantage by learning the game. and how the league works. >> the nba has fined henderson $25,000 for incidents in monday's game. henderson was fined for this flag rant foul for elbowing. george was fined for krit sazing the refs. it got a little r rated. phillies hoping velazquez can salvage a game with the mets. and more bad news. . clay buchholz could be out a long time. he has a partial tear of his flexor in his right arm. he left last night's game in the third inning. he gave up 6 earned runs. the mets had seven homers. the third time thif had seven or more homers in a game at citizens bank park. . first time in baseball history to do that in a visit iing park.
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pete mccann nontoday trying to put last night behind him. >> i let it go until he brought it up. you have to. you're forced to. you can't dwell on games like yesterday. >> fliers goalie makes it clear he will only come back to the team if he's the starting goalie. a platoon does not work. . simmons led the fliers for a fourth straight season. wayne has become more of the leader for the flyers to help out claude. i'm probably more all over guys for some things. >> good cop, bad cop, which one are you. >> we're both good cops. >> angels, can't you see the
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halos? >> i see them right there. >> a look the a what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> a man says a trip to the bar left him bloodied and scarred. how he claims the business is trying to cover up for one of their bartenders. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict,
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selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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a cooler day, this is a look out? center city. temperatures were lower, but they are feeling more and more like spring. >> a live look at cape may. that's enough to enjoy a walk on the beach. we have a weekend warm-up ahead of us as well. a nice stretch of days. >> even the cool days are not going to be that cool. we have temperatures into the 60s the next couple days. that's still above average. we warm up on saturday. and it won't be as warm at the beaches. and sunday, 83 degrees. there's a chance of thunderstorms late in the day.
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so most of easter sunday looks good. >> thanks for watching. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, face-off with putin, a chilly showdown over assad's chemical attack, u.s. strikes in syria and russia's interference in our election. secretary tillerson's blunt message in moscow as president trump makes surprising reversa reversals. beating on tape, a police officer seen pummelling a man he stopped for jaywalking. pa passers by confronting the cop. cutting fat, dramatic results ha revealed after a basic city revealed facts and another big change coaling to food nation wood and oprah's passion project. a woman that has saved countless lives without knowing it.


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