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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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d with this great offer. call, click, or visit an xfinity store today. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen. . attacked at the pub. a customer claims one bartender left him physically scarred for life. >> desperate for answers. the community wants to know who kidnapped a 4-year-old girl. we asked police if they have any leads. >> ride for justice. a group of bikers show support
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for a veteran attacked in his own home. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> it was so hard that it shattered across my face. >> shattered, blood yid and scarred. philadelphia customer says this was the damage done after a bartender threw a glass right at his face but he says that bartender isn't the only one who should be held responsible. good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. he claims the restaurant where this all happened is at fault as well. keith jones is outside the restaurant and those pictures get your attention so what's the story behind them? >> reporter: i got that one tonight. according to this lawsuit right here, the guy was sitting down at the bar, pad did i whack, he claimed the guy behind it was ignoring him when he finally got served that the guy through a glass at his face. >> it hits my topped teeth and
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nose and it shattered across my face and i had one of my cuts was right here that i had to get stitched up. >> reporter: bruised and bloodied this is what he looked like after the september incident. >> i have to look in the mirror and i see all these scars and i'm just like it brings me back to that moment. >> reporter: doctors worked on him at the hospital. he was studying to be a physici physician's assistant. he needed 20 surgeries. the video system wasn't working the night the glass was thrown and seeks more than $50,000 in damages. i want the other side of the story so we paid a trip to the bar in question on south street. the manager wasn't in but i left my information and was provided a number. i dialed the extension to the office but it kept ringing and ringing and ring.
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>> i just hope that in the end paddy whack can take responsible for their accidents and i hope this doesn't happen to other patrons that come in. >> reporter: he's going to need plastic surgery now. as for the guy that threw this glass, he was a guest bartender and they didn't know his name. so he goes by john doe in this paper work. reporting live on south street, keith jones, nbc10 news. a follow-up now to the kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl. tonight police try to assure the community they are doing everything possible to find the culprit. drew smith is live in new castle county. i know you asked police and they said neighbors are helping with their investigation. >> reporter: that's right. these detectives have a lot of ground to cover where this girl was abducted, to where she was abandoned are miles apart on different sides of this county but tonight thanks to some neighbors and their home security systems, this department may abe little closer
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to some answers. >> this is a part of delaware that is not used to the major police presence which has lasted here since thursday night when a man kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl. >> it's made our community very frantic. it's very concerning when you're talking about children. >> reporter: days had gone by since any update about who may have done this and where he is now so people came out to a community meeting tonight. >> reporter: is it safe to say that police have no leads in this case. >> detectives are following up on any and all leads so that includes evidentiary lead. >> reporter: several homeowners have come forward to provide surveillance video which police now count as evidence. >> whatever it takes, we're going to solve this case. >> reporter: but investigators would not elaborate on a description of the car besides what we learned last week that it's a dark sedan with tinted windows that's led to a flood of tip calls. >> i called the nonemergency number and i said here's where the car is parked, you might be
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a clue. >> reporter: tonight the message is keep helping. police are working this around the clock and tips are part of the reason they're making some progress. >> i do feel more confident that they are going to find this person, it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: another big part of this meeting was about child safety. a lot of parents say they're going to take the department up on their offer to come out and teach stranger danger lessons to kids as young as four years old. >> a dramatic turn about today by president trump declaring the u.s. is quote, not getting along with russia at all. the friction stems from what russia may or may not have known about the deadly chemical weapons attack on civilians in syria. russia say close ally of syria but the trump administration is pushing to hold syria's president account theable. >> we may be at an all time low
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in terms of relationship with russia. it would be a fantastic thing if we got along with putin and russia and that could happen and it may not happen. it may be just the opposite. >> the president's comments came just hours after secretary of state rex tillerson had a high stakes meeting with vladimir putin. after the meeting tillerson shared a similar assessment saying relations between moscow and washington are at a low point. >> two more airport police officers have been placed on leave tonight after the up roar over this passenger being dragged right off his flight. also tonight attorneys for that passenger, dr. david dowell filed court papers asking the airline and the city to preserve evidence in the case. and united airlines announced all passengers on that flight will get their money back. >> pennsylvania's second in command is apologizing after an investigation into mistreatment of his own staff. lieutenant governor mike stack held a news conference today to address allegations that he was verbally abusive, including to
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members of his state police detail. stack blamed the verbal abuse complaints on stress and he vowed to make changes. >> deeply sorry for offending anybody and we are going to make it up to everybody, because we feel we can do better. >> the investigation was headed by the office of the inspector general at the request of governor tom wolf. >> jurors in south jersey will see the spot where a 3-year-old boy was found murdered. a camden county judge made that ruling today for d.j. preat tow. he's accused of killing his son brandon back in 2015. his body was found in a wooded area near the cooper river. jury selection is set to begin next tuesday. >> wilmington has a new chief of police tonight. today mayor mike introduced robert tracy. he's replacing the retiring chief. tracy spent the last five years
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as the chief of crime control strategies for the chicago p.d. he tells nbc10 news he's chomping at the bit to get to work. >> job number one is to get to know the community and my police officers, look at the department and the strategies we have in place. make sure the method ogz or in place and the department's structured so we can carry out those things. >> the mayor says tracy beat out 34 other candidates. his first official day is friday. >> now to staffing concerns in the school district of philadelphia. the city controllers audit found that 17 schools lacked the appropriate staffing levels to keep them compliant for state funds. the school district tells nbc10 news they are in the middle of recruiting hundreds of new teachers thanks to promotional videos like this one. they are hoping to hire a thousand for the next school year. >> atlantic city casinos are cashing in thanks to internet gambling. the division of gaming enforcement says march was their best month ever online reporting
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a 40% jump from a year ago. casinos won more than $221 million last month, that's a 9% increase overall. >> new at 11:00, the british maeflt foundry where the liberty bell is cast is officially closed. the making bells back in the 1570s. the foundry made the liberty bell in 1752. of course it cracked the first time it was run. >> also tonight an 88-year-old veteran robbed in his own home. >> why police think he was set up by someone he knew. >> plus a local group rides in to the neighborhood to show their support for the victim. >> also, slow and steady but still a mess. a mudslide takes out an entire street. >> plus making room for chi wawa why a local shelter has dozen of new dogs in its care. >> we are having quite a night
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out there. take a look. beautiful skies out there, plenty of sunshine. we made it well into the 70s today and we're hanging on to 68 right now. how long will we go and will we see 0i68 again.
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>> here is something you do not see every day. a mudslide in slow motion. this video was taken on highway 95 in idaho. the debris slid down with such force that it pushed two layers of concrete barriers right off the road. officials estimate 800 cubic yards of mud, rock and trees came down on that highway. >> now new details tonight about the robbery of an 88-year-old veteran. >> police are telling us more about what was taken from that victim's home and how someone he knew may have set him up. >> but tonight one group rode into that neighborhood to show their support for the victim. nbc10 news brandon hudson has the story. >> there's a few veterans out here that want to say hello to you. >> reporter: the kindness of
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strangers on display. >> how about that hero. >> the veterans group warriors watch riders organizes large show of support. about 18 hours earlier police say armed robbers broke into his home, tied him up and stole a safe with $30,000 cash and 5 karat ring. bob crawford helped plan the surprise visit, a korean war veteran. >> he was overwhelmed. >> reporter: also tonight philadelphia police searched a home on emerald street in kensington where officers picked up two person of interest. they spotted the stolen 1985 cadillac outside the place during the day. investigators believe two men and a woman in her 30s may be behind the home invasion. as word of the crime spread this group of veterans mobilized. then they drove a mile to his home to show that just like
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their motto, they have the back of their fellow veteran. >> as a vet myself, any time i hear a vet in trouble, i'm there to try to help him. my goal when i got out of the army just last september was that i'm going to be dedicated to helping vets. >> reporter: police believe the woman they're investigating was an acquaintance of the victim and she set him up to be robbed. the victim said she knocked on the door and two men rushed in. we'll continue to follow the latest on this case as soon as we get it from police. live in northeast i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. >> south jersey community is saluting veterans for their service to the country. nbc10 news was at the he school in skul. the office of veterans affair organized the event. they presented 30 veterans with medals. three world war ii vets were among those honored. >> the creator of wall street statue is facing off against the
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"fearless girl." the "fearless girl" statue went up right in front of the italian bull sculpture. the bull's -- charging pull no longer carries a positive, optimistic message. rather it has been transformed into a negative force and a threat. >> as we said "fearless girl" was created by a delaware artist. >> the man of the center of the pentagon papers spoke at the hafrdford school tonight. daniel elsburg was indicted on 12 felony charges. that's after he leaked a top secret pentagon study of the u.s. government's decision making into the vietnam war. he was acquitted on all charges. elsberg sees a lot of similarities about what is happening now to the vietnam war. >> unless we reach some agreement, some arrangement with the russia who are backing
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assad, there's a danger in this case of a much greater war than was true even in vietnam. >> elsburg went on to call the current situation between the u.s., russia and syria as quote ominous. >> the entertainment world is mourning the loss of comedian and actor charlie murphy. >> my forehead is bumping, man. >> that was a clip from one of murphy's most well-known stints on chappelle's show. the older brother to eddie murphy. he lost his battle to leukemia. he was just 57 years old. >> here at 11:00 the cumberland county spca is now caring for more than 2 dozen chihuahuas. but soon they'll need to find a permanent place to stay. they weren't being properly cared for.
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the workers are cleaning them up and checking them out before putting them up for adoption. >> talking about the weather now in the summer-like feel it's continuing tonight. this was the scene along south 40th street in university city. a lot of people enjoyed these warmer temperatures out there. >> and those warm temperatures they're sticking around for the easter weekend. tammie souzza is here with our neighborhood forecast. >> you bet they're sticking around. it's going to be spectacular as far as temperatures go. little dicey when it comes to the rain. look at tonight. what a night. 68 right now in philly, it's 61 in coatesville, mt. pocono chilly at 47. we go to atlantic city, 59, dover 58, wilmington 58. a very pleasant night out there. this is where we're going to be headed throughout the overnight hours. we'll drop from 68 to 65. it looks like 61 by 5:00 in the morning and the winds, they're generally going to be out of the north some where between 5 and 10 miles an hour.
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still very pleasant. and the doppler radar sweeping the sky nothing is out there. it's all quiet here. it'll remain quiet for about another 48 hours. we have a storm system that passed by to the north threatening to bring us some showers today but for the most part a lot of that got shutdown. we have several more systems out to the west and one of them is going to tag us for saturday evening and again possibly sunday evening. so let's take a look at our hour by hour. let's run this up through saturday. you can see that the temperatures as we go through the overnight hours are going to fall off. it looks like by tomorrow we're going to see 64 for a high. so we'll be in the mid and upper 60s. by the time we get to friday and the afternoon we're going to be looking at the 60s. we get into saturday and look what happens through the overnight hours. the first of the showers come through. i think for the most part saturday is safe. we see clouds increase and then we get showers, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm pushing through the area. let's make it pigger and wider
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now are and progress right on through easter sunday. so this is a different forecast model. it goes out a little further in time and it shows there's that moisture that comes in here saturday at 10:00. watch the timeline. it's out of here by sunday morning. at this point it looks like egg hunts are probably going to be safe. let's go ahead and move this forward a little bit more. not so much if you have an egg hunt in the afternoon. could see an isolated showers, a better chance of showers and even a thunderstorm roaring through here in the late afternoon and evening hours and then everything clears out for your monday morning commute. so here's your neighborhood for tomorrow. look at this, really nice. we're above average. we should be at 63. 64 out there for all of you in reading. we're going to see sun with a few clouds, phoenixville you're looking at 66 out there in the bushes. fairmont you'll be at 67 degrees. let's go ahead and take you to haddonfield, 66 degrees.
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in fact, everybody looks very mild even along the jersey shore, 65 for galloway. 66 in for dover. it looks like perhaps the best chance of any showers is going to pop up at times this weekend. we'll have that ten day own outline it out for you at the end of the show. >> look forward to that, tammie. a family's home goes up in flames, how an 8-year-old saved the day and got everyone out safely. next at 11:00
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. >> a sad end to a sweet love story in south jersey. 27-year-old kevin died less than two months after tying the night with his longtime love ashley wood. he was battling stage 4 stomach and cancer when he and ashley won their deem wedding in a
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concert. the couple had been together for 12 years. >> an atlantic county home reduced through rubble. >> but the much could have been much, much worse if not for a quick thinking first grader who turned out to be a real life safer. flames and smoke in his own bedroom. he ran to wake up the rest of his family inside their burning egg harbor township home. cain stepdad, then got the boy, his mom and 4-year-old sister and the family dog safely outside. >> he told me, he's like mom, i don't know what happened and i woke up and i told myself i had to be brave and i jumped off the bed and my body knew exactly what to do. >> and tomorrow cain's school will hold a special ceremony to honor his heroism. >> quick thinking young man. >> the sixers win by losing tonight. we're going to explain how they have improved their chances in the draft. ben simmons is clear and one
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sixer predicts playoffs for next year and that's next.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. >> i'm john clark. the sixers win by losing tonight in new york. they finish with the fourth worst record in the nba so they improve their chances in the nba lottery. they have a 42 to 45% to get a top pick. the sixers can switch picks with the kings. the sixers get their pick and there's a better than 50% chance of that happening. take a look at madison square garden. ben simmons is cleared. even with the young knicks fans here. you have to see that next year. nathan plumlee ties the game up
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at 106. sixers down two. no under 20 seconds left. mother reese puts the knicks back in front, sixers lose 114-113. t.j. mcconnell listen to this prediction for next season. >> with everyone, healthy, i think we're a playoff team and i'm not saying that it's going to happen but i think if you look at our team and how hard we're going to work and the players we have, i don't see any reason why we shouldn't make the playoffs. >> got to like hearing that. phillies swept by the mets tonight so they've won just two of the 23 series against the mets. things not going the phils way in this series. he settles for a double and two rbis tonight. so the mets are up 5-0 in the 6th. bases loaded, first pitch, grand
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slam. second home run of the season for him. phillies right back in it down one but they lose to the mets 5-4. the mets with ten home runs in this series. and pitcher clay buckles could miss a lot of time. he has a partial tear in a collection of muscles in the forearm called the flexor pronator mass. he's going to get a second opinion and that usually is not a good sign. >> i am john clark we're right back after this. he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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>> good hair day, no ugly shoe day tomorrow. >> pretty shoe day, good hair day, no umbrella day. let's take a look at what's going on. i have to get you to your easter sunday because we talked about that. tomorrow 67. 65 on friday. another winner. 71 saturday. yes indeed there could be a shower that comes in at night. the clouds will move in. 83 on sunday. very warm. egg hunt safe in the morning, then guess what? could see say shower or storm later in the day and at night. >> and warm? >> very warm. flip flop weather that day before the rain. >> love that. >> good night. tudio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- anthony anderson, youtube stars rhett and link, musical guest migos,


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