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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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spicer addressed the attack just a short while ago. >> we target ed a system of tunnels ask caves that u.s.s i used to move around freely. the united states takes the fight against isis very seriously. >> spicer would not say if the president directly authorized this strike. the military is tes iing the damage. no word on casualties, but careful action was taken to make sure civilians were not targeted. keith jones, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the daughter of the pass jr. who was dragged off the eunited flight. >> we were horrified and shocked ask sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what had happened to him.
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>> dr. david dao's daughter and attorney spoke in chicago saying it is clear from this video that the law was broke. attorneys accused the airline of bullying customers for far too long. >> rosemary connors is joining us now with more on this passenger's side of the story. you're also learning more about the extent of his injuries. >> the daughter who spoke out is one of his five adult churn. dr. dao's attorney said he suffered a a broken nose ask will need reinstructive surgery. the viral vud owe of her dad shows what happened when e he refused to leave this overbooked united flight rlier this week. officers physically removed him from his seat. >> we were horrified and shocked at what had happened to my father when e we learned of the
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incident. >> he said that being dragged down the aisle was more horrifying than what e he experienced in leaving vietnam. . >> dr. dao who fled saigon didn't want to give up his seat when select ed by united personnel because he said he had patients to tend to the next day. united ceo says dr. dao is not at fault and that as a paying customer no one should be treated that way. >> he didn't state it initially. initially, he backed up his people. and that may be the big part of the problem. the culture. >> his attorney called it a culture of disrespect that played out on that flight. >> rudeness, bullying customers has gone the next step now. to physical injury. >> dr. dao's attorney says there
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will probable be a a lawsuit because the airline breached its duty of care. on monday there will be a a hearing related to preserving evidence. i'm rosemary connors, become to you. united airlines posted a staumt on its website followinged to oos news conference apologizing again for the incident. it reads in part, this horrible situation has provide d a harsh learning experience from which we will take immediate, concrete action. we have committed to our customers and our employees that we are dpoing to fix what's broken so this never happens again. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with two high school students found guilty in the beating death of a classmate. tim furlong is joining us live from wilmington. the students were charged as juveniles. . what is the verdict mean for them? >> reporter: it could mean a punishment more focused on rehabilitation. it was just about exactly a year ago when police swormed this
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campus. a judge decided that the cla classmates were responsible for her death. the family court judge says what happened here was one year ago was not a fight. it was a preplanned attack and the girl who carried it out will be punished for the death of her classmate. >> at the end of the day, we cannot brutalize someone in the bathroom and leave for their death. >> reporter: the judge says while amy had had a rare heart condition, he agreed she would still be alive without the attack in the bathroom. the attorney for the girl spoke with us outside court. >> anybody who knows children understands that sometimes teens are pressured into engaging in activity that is contrary to what mother and father teach every day in the home. >> had everyone raised their child the way the francis family
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raised theirs, we would not be here today. >> reporter: the sentence could have been years in prison in adult court. prosecutors hope it sends to message to other kids in delaware. >> in any scenario the consequences of one's actions must be considered and kids, as much as adults, should be thinking about that. sglrz two girls were found guilty today. one of olympianing the iplan in. a third was cleareden op the conspiracy charges. we're going to speak to a law professor to find out what the sentencing could mean on the 23rd. that's at 6:00. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. new video shows the moment a car crashed into a house in east oak lane. you can see the car on the bottom right as it hit the corner of that house. . and here is a look at the aftermath. police say the car slammed into the house after crashing with another car. the building serves as a group
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home for adults with physical and mental disabilities. five people were inside. >> she kept saying my clients are all right. they are all okay. but i could see she's trembling when talking to me and trying to hold her voice together. >> that woman was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. for your first alert forecast. much cool r r outside. there's a bit of a breeze. 30th street station blowing in the wind. there's a chance we could see a few showers tonight. the radar shows some spotty rain that could move in from the west. a lot of people are taking off tonight for the easter weekend. >> i saw a lot of traffic out there already. we have a look at what kind of weather they can expect. going up sbo the 80s. >> i guarantee it's going to be way warmer by easter sunday than
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it is right now. or is going to be tomorrow. or is going to be on saturday. we have cool winds moving in right now from the northwest and north. and it's bringing some cloud cover and even some light showers. you can see they are kind of scattered around. they are not that far away. and so there is the chance that a couple of light showers could hut. especially in areas north ask west of philadelphia. perhaps chester county getting a couple showers. moves through new castle county, part of the philadelphia area, toward the shore as it weakens a couple of hours later. and by 10:00 tonight, it's all gone. it's not exactly much of a rain threat and that may be the only threat coming. up for a couple days. here's the northwest wind at 65 degrees. remember yesterday we were at 7.
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the day before we were in the 80s. even though that's a little above average, it feels on the cool side. and as e we go through the night tonight, we have quite a bit of cloud cover that will help keep the temperature from dropping very much. so it's not going to be an especially chilly night. a little colder than it was last night. we'll talk more about how much it's going to warm up over the weekend and if there will be any showers with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. the kcreme lun say kremlin said the meeting with president trump was no positive relations in shift between the two powers. >> putin spokesman said the tone of the meeting was fairive. both sides agree d they need to keep the lines of communication open. president trump said u.s. and russia ties may be at an all-time low. today the president tweeted, things will work out fine
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between the u.s. and russia. at the right time everyone will come to their seasons and is there will be last iing peace. lauren mayk spoke with the russian community in philadelphia about the relationship between the two countries. she'll have their reaction at 5:00. syria's president insists accusations of a chemical weapons attack were made up only to justify american airstrikes. in his first public comments suns the u.s. fired a cruise missile he insisted his army does not have chemical weapons. but international authorities say autopsies on the victims prove certain gas was used in the attack. assad went as far as to say the u.s. worked with terrorists to carry out the attack. >> they fabricated the whole story in order to have the attack. >> radar images show syrian aircraft dropping bombs, but the pictures have thot been made
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public. the pentagon admitted today u.s.-led coalition strike against isis accidentally killed syrian rebel forces fighting against the assad regime. 18 fighters were killed in the attack. the pentagon offered condo leb lenses to the victims and families. jurors got a groers look at the diary investigators eric frein kept while on the run from police for nearly two months. he wrote about how he allegedly carried out the deadly ambush against two state troopers. randy gyllenhaal was in court for the testimony. >> reporter: yesterday we learn ed about the paper notebook, a journal that eric frein kept with him during the 48-day manhunt and today handwriting experts took look at that eviden evidence. we saw alex douglas arrive here at the courthouse. douglas was injured in the ambush sniper attack. we expect him to testify and
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take the stand next week likely on monday. and for the first time, high ranking state police brass came to the kourlt house including the current and former commissioner. but this morning's testimony focused again on that journal handwriting experts took the stands comparing the handwriting in the notebook to other. papers found in a camp site hide out. journal entries, catalogs, every day of his time at large often detailing his struggle in the woods. they say frein even wrote, i'm surprised i lasted this long. this one passage prosecutors say he wrote, this massive search cannot last forever. frein was captured after 48 days found in that airplane hangar. he's not expected to testify. earlier this week jurors did see videotaped interview with pennsylvania state police. gyll. >> we'll have developmentings
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from the courtroom. a fight in a south jersey high school leaves one student hurt and another in a local detention center this afternoon. the fight brok out between two students on tuesday. an investigation revealed one of the boys hit a boy with a hand wau waugt. that student is charged with aggravated assault. . the other student is okay. we reached out to the school district and we're waiting for a response. . a man is under arrest charged in a string of roof. top burglaries across montgomery county. authorities released vud owe of a burglar repelling to steal money, jewelry and a gun. that man is a 42-year-old. the district attorney says he and a juvenile planned and executed the break ins. he's charged in connection with five burglaries between february and march. they happened at supermarkets and delis across the country. investigators say a domestic assault suspect died after
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police used a stun gun on him. the 25-year-old had been struggled with officers as they tried to put him in handcuffs. johnson was pronounced dead at a hospital. tuition help is coming for chester city employees who want to go become to school. they are offering all city of chester employees a 45% discount on continuing studies tuition and 50% on online graduate programs. eligible students must submit an employment verification form at the beginning of each semester. president trump signed legislation allowing states to withhold federal family planning funds tr planned parenthood and other abortion providers. it erases a rule that president obama finalized. it cleared the senate last month. today is holy thursday, one of the holiest days on the christian calendar commemorating the last supper of jesus christ.
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priests joined archbishop as he sl brated a mass at the cathedral of saint peter and paul. the archbishop blessed holy oils that will be used during the coming year in the sl brags of the sacrament. he said people should enjoy the little things as e he provided over the vatican today. washing the feet of a dozen inmates at a maximum security prison. thousands of jewish worshippers gathered to receive a blessing at the western wall during the jewish holiday of passov passover. the prayer is ree re cited in hebr hebrew. these young lives look like they are ready for easter. . the mayor help d give out easter
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baskets to the children. this is possible to customer donations at local stores. lots of people already hitting the roads tonight for the easter holiday weekend. a live look at i-95. this is tr our camera at the wells fargo center. traffic is not too bad right now, but we do expect that's going to change as the afternoon wears on and into tomorrow and first alert chief meteorologist glenn schwartz is here now. people really don't have to go too far to enjoy some nice weather. >> definitely we're seeing temperatures get into the 80s by easter sunday. now it's not going to be real warm until then, but these temperatures are still a little bit above average. even though they are cooler than they have been in the last few days. 65 degrees in philadelphia now with the winds not all that strong. certainly out of the northwest. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area. which is what we have seen during the day today. at times it's been cloudy, at
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times sunny. today the winds coming in off the ocean. so yesterday we were in the 70s at the beaches. today in the 50s. . so that's a 20-degree drop there. 55 in wholegate. 66 inwo woodbien. 11 degrees colder in philadelphia. 13 degrees colder in allentown. we have some clouds coming our way. a few showers up by pottsville. these are very light. some of this not even reaching the ground. but it is a small disturbance that's moving our way just in time for this evening. . it looks like everything is going to weaken further as we go through the evening. so many of us will not see any rain out of this during the night tonight. and temperatures a little above
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average. low temperatures generally in the low 40s. so we're not expect iing a real cold night either. we're not expecting a lot of wind. so it is definitely going to be a pretty nice day. . hour by hour as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow and into friday night, we're seeing some clouds start to increase friday night and into saturday. but this is just one computer model ask wanted to give you an idea of the inkrecreasing cloudn saturday. that's going to. happen. you don't see any rain there. this computer model is not giving us any rain during the day on saturday and just some showers, a few showers coming into parts of the area for saturday evening. what about easter sunday?
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tammie souza has that. >> we have been going back and forth. will there be a shower on easter. some of the els say nothing. some say thunderstorms. this is one of those models. you can see there's a lot of activity around us. it looks worse than it is. the lighter shades of green would be sprinkles if anything at all. the deep shades of yellow is where you'd see a heavier downpour or thunderstorm. let's walk it through your easter sunday. we'll have some clouds in place. you'll wake up to temperatures in the upper 50s. maybe even a few low 60s because it's going to be mild. it locks like the easter egg hunts will be fine. but at noon here comes just a little bit of moisture into the area. these are the light shades of green. we reach the 80s. very warm out there. deeper shids of green you have to watch. that's where i think we could see the isolated showers. perhaps even some thunderstorms through the area. that's going to be late on ea easter. this is your forecast. we'll start the day mild in the 50s. low 60s. we'll be 81 in philly. the suburbs will make it to 79.
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in the lehigh valley. we'll be looking at 80 in it delaware for a high. wohl see 9 in new jersey. even alock long the shore because the winds are coming off of land, not off the ocean. we're going to be looking at mild temperatures right around 78 degrees. so you're going to have to keep the umbrella handy for the evening, but not for the egg hunt. firefighters and emergency personnel from across the country did some practicing of repelling tr the upper decks of the battleship new jersey today. this is part of a training course. so if you want to be a firefighter, you've got to do it. good work out there. not bad weather too. any fans of "titanic" out there? >> it's on. >> just for a moment, we have a real story to tell you about. . still ahead, what it has to do
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with this gold locket and the passenger who survived the sinking ship disaster. also rolling out the welcome mat for a local war veteran. the surprise waiting for him inside this jersey shore home. and recruitment controversy at a delaware college. the ad that appears to be poking fun at certain students and what the school has to say about it. that's next at 4:00. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. sto stocks finished the day down across the board.
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a local college feeling the heat over an ad sent out to recruit high schoolers. >> it seems some found their approach insulting. they sent out this mailer promoting its newly formed pep band. the headline, heading off to
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college to major in music. good luck with that. it goes on to tell students to bring their instruments along and earn a practical degree. the school's facebook page was flooded with posts suggest iing their attempt to advertise to musicians actually alienated them. the college posted an apology saying the message lack ed good taste. striving to produce well-rounded graduates. we regret the events this caused. >> today is the day that caffeine lovers have been cra craving. >> it's more than just free coffee. we're excited to share a few big announcements including a preview of what you can expect at this year's wawa welcome festival. the craving got the best of him. the lure forced an 8-year-old to
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go on a joyride. cooler temperatures to end the week. but we're warming back up just in time for the holiday weekend. i'm tracking 80s for easter sunday. plus our next chance for rain in your most accurate weather forecast. coming up at 5:00, an nbc 10 exclusive. an attack at a south jersey park leaves a teen without an eye. the prized possession that prompted the crime. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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the road to recovery starts now. dry conditions for now. but plenty of traffic. look at this as people start to take off for the holiday weekend. this is a live look at a jam packed expressway. this is near city avenue.
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>> it's at a standstill. >> we could see a a few sprinkles tonight. the radar shows a chance for some showers moving in from western p.a. and nbc 10 meteorologist glenn schwartz is here now with your most accurate weather forecast. >> i don't think we're going to be seeing a lot of rain, if any over the next few day. so some high clouds with some sun peeking through from time to time. we can see the clouds increasing over the last couple hours. and a couple radar blips up north and west of reading. so there's increasing moisture coming in. there's a weak system and as it moves our way.
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it's light and patchy and then it moves on out of here. you may not even need an umbrella, even if it starts raining. a and then we clear out overnight and get set up for a nice day tomorrow. 65 degrees in philadelphia. it's in the 50s at the beaches with the wind coming in off the ocean. a the lot of clouds during the night tonight. at least the early part of the night. and later tonight we're clearing. that allows a temperature to go back down near the 40 fwre mark in some spots. other places getting into the mid-40s. but wait until you see how warm at least part of the easter weekend is coming up in a a few minutes. we're a few months away from one of the biggest sum isser celebrations in the kocountry.
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>> we're learning more about its future. this is where preparations will be underway for the welcome america celebration and once again wawa will be a part of it. >> wawa adding two more stores in center city. when it comes to the huge celebration, wawa is going to be front and center. it's the celebration that brings hundreds of thousands to the parkway. wawa welcome america. the convenience store chain announced it's on board for another two years. >> this is our hometown. the ceo, we talked about america's upcoming birthday on wawa's birthday. today marks 53 years. it start ed back in 1964 right here in pennsylvania. born out of a dairy business. what we try to do is have that sing is l customer, single store
4:32 pm
feel. it's not about being a a big company. >> it is about giving back. donations to local charities ask also on this wawa day. 2 million cups of coffee free for every single customer. >> wawa is doing a great job. they are going to be around and that's why they are growing. >> the chain just opened two stores today it announced two more are coming. one at 13th and chestnut. the other at 22nd and0i south. >> as a 53-year-old customer, we're still really young and a lot more to grow in front of us. >> nbc 10 is also a proud sponsor. you can expect big announce mmes very soon about who the performers will be at the concert on the parkway. and watch the concert live here on nbc 10 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on july 4th. >> can't wait. here's a look at the other
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stories we're following county by county. in cape may, one of the most long awaited attractions could open next month. plans to unleash its gail force roller coaster. the ride can hit 64 miles an hour. construction issues delay the coaster's opening by a year. in us is section county, tom visited the college of earth, ocean and environment. and to highlight the sea grant program, it's set to lose most of its funding under the proposed budget plan. it does research on climate change and coastal issues. in camden county, council chamber hs a new lock. dozens of people turned out for a blood drive. the event hosted by the sheriff. >> in delaware county, men in heels. students at leidner university took part the walk a mile in her shoes event. it's to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. the money raised today will go
4:34 pm
to the domestic abuse project. there's no such thing as prelunch except for today. firefighters and emts got to enjoy some free steaks for national make lunch count day. nbc 10 was at the fire house as the owner personally delivered cheese steaks to first responders. he says the small gesture is the least he could do to support these local heroes. >> they have a hard job. they are always on call. i'm on 24/7. just to give a a little back, they really appreciate it. they work hard for the city and it's an amazing to see a smile on someone's face. back in 2014 they added a memorial to fallen officers and firefighters in front of the famous shop in south philly. here's a question for us. milk or formula. >> it's a big decision every new mother faces long before delivery day. still ahead, why some pediatricians are now
4:35 pm
questioning breast milk's benefits in your babies. >> this is really nice. >> a e free house for an american hero. >> finally catch that break i need. >> i'm ted greenberg. how a wounded iraq war veteran now has a place to call his own at the jersey shore. coming up at 5:00, the bravery celebrate d at one jersy shore school. the act of courage that has this child being praised tonight.
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target is recalling more than half a million easter toys over concerns they could be swallowed and block a child's stomach. the recall includes 560,000 hatch ask grow easter eggs. they were sold between february and march for about a dollar each. you can take the toys to any
4:39 pm
target store for a full refund. it's a decision every mother has to make for herself. whether or not to breast feed. but a new by the journal of pediatrics say there's no cognitive benefit to it. the study examine cans 7,000 babies as they got older and at 5 years old there was no cognitive difference between the breast-fed and non-breast fed children. but this is just one study. >> if if they wish to do this, please don't stop. look at other research. >> others highlights the benefits for mothers and positive effects on the vital signs and blood sugar. new research shows a sharp rise in both types of diabetes among children and teens in the united states. new cases of type one diabetes rose by 2% each year from 2002 to 2012 and cases of type 2 diabetes grew even more quickly.
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some are calling it the real heart of the ocean. an 18 karat gold locket has a history that rivals the blockbuster movie "titanic." . the love story behind this locket right here. and a passenger who survived the sinking ship disaster. can can you believe it. 80s for easter sunday. e we could see some rain in parts of the area too. i'm tracking the conditions. . you can expect those for your holiday weekend on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge,
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fellow planner and fellow citizen. break news. emergency crews responding to this accident. as you see here, the scene is still there on the street. some heavily damaged cars. . one of them involving a wilmington police vehicle. . this is at fourth and union
4:44 pm
stree streets. medics are responding. we are told there are two people who are hurt. no word if it is the officer that's injured. but a wilmington police vehicle involved in this accident. two other vehicles involved as well. we'll continue to work this information for you as we try to find out whether that officer is injured in this crash. las vegas is turning to vending machines to curb its problem with drug use. expensive candies and snacks dispense clean needles and other i.v. drug equipment. the idea is to reduce the spread of blood born ibfections among drug users. they will have to register with the program once they do they will get a card and a code to access the vending machines. a craving for a cheeseburger sparked a boy's joyride. police say mom and dad were sleeping. so an 8-year-old boy drove his dad's van to mcdonald's on sund
4:45 pm
sunday. and that's not all. he took his 4-year-old sister with him. witne witnesses saw the kids, they called 911. everyone is okay. the boy told police he learned how to drive on youtube. >> that is scary. >> don't try that at home. >> i guess he learned how to drive pretty well. >> i get it. >> this now it's not the necklace that rose through overboard in "titanic." >> but a locket salvaged has a history that rivals the film. take a look. this 18 karat gold locket is among several new items on display to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the titanic sinking. it belonged to virginia clark. when the ship hit the iceberg. he helped his wife on to a lifeboat and stayed behind. she survived, he did not.
4:46 pm
the locket now isn't as glamorous as the heart of the ocean. the movie tells the love story of two people. she's on her way to philadelphia to marry her rich fiance but falls in love with jack. the two end up in the ocean, but only rose survives. there are a lot of people that say jack could have fit on that raft and he didn't have to die. >> that would be a different ending. >> we can't have that. >> let's talk about traffic and weather. taking a live look at i-95 near the expressway from wub of our cameras on top of the the comcast tower.
4:47 pm
>> they gave away the ending the the movie. i was look iing forward to. we have a fairly light wind and just about the same temperature. most of the area a fair amount of clouds. we have more clouds now than we did even a couple of hours ago. and let's see the effect on the temperatures. we were in the mid-to to uppers yesterday. it's certainly colder today. greenville in delaware, 66 degrees. middleto middletown, 65. 65 in clin lincoln. 68 in georgetown. that's one of the warm spots. but as we look right at the coastline, it's only 53 in dewy beach in delaware. it's 58 degrees. that wind off the ocean. that cools us down. now we did see a 70. this was in the last half hour.
4:48 pm
but that's down to 68 degrees. 65 in chestnut hill and also town. similar temperatures. the clouds are increasing from the west. we see a couple of showers here in west of pennsylvania. it's not very well organized. it is light and will continue to weaken. so how about that for a combination by 7:00 we're starting to get some of those light showers moving through the area. and by 10:00 it's all gone. tomorrow, no showers anywhere in the area. as you can see here on the neighborhood forecast reading at 67. easton at 65 degrees for high temperatures. mostly sunny skies throughout the area. phoenixville, lots of sunshine. 65. and then glast bo ro at 6. a as we head toward the shore,
4:49 pm
59 degrees. so once again, we have a winding in off the ocean tomorrow. 61 degrees for the high temperature. now as we go through the night tonight, things are just cloudy with a a couple showers that you saw just isolated really. then during the day tomorrow, we are dry. lots of sunshine. but the clouds start to come back on saturday. a first chance of showers come. >> it's not just here in philly. i'm going to get you ready to travel. on friday it looks like a chance of a shower. 74 but it looks like mainly cloudy skies on saturday. degrees out there. let's go ahead and check out what's going to happen in d.c. it will be 75 with clouds on friday. we'll see 85 with clouds on
4:50 pm
saturday. if we are going to travel up to mount pocono, it's kind of a mix of sun and clouds. it will be warmer, but we could see some scattered showers. head off to new york city but if you're leaving friday you're going to be fine. finally boston looks like you're not going to the rain, but you'll sue the mix of sun and clouds. up to 82 degrees on saturday. so let's go ahead and check out what's going on with our ten-day forecast. here to get you ready for the weekend. 65 on friday. 64 on saturday. we'll see more clouds there. maybe that isolated shower in the evening that glen was mentioning. it will be 84 and flip-flop weather and then could see a shower or storm in the evening. that's still to be determined. but it looks isolated.
4:51 pm
>> one warm day and that's it. a free house for an american hero. the surprise waiting inside for the home for a a local war vet. and coming up at 5:00, nbc 10 exclusive. a south jersey family outraged when their son is attacked in this park. his prized possession, the attackers got away with. . yo, check it.
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congrbut when right-wingomised topoliticians triedth care. to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. right now at 4:00, he went to war in iraq. >> an army sergeant returned home badly wounded. the buy iing a house was
4:55 pm
impossible. >> ted greenberg shows us how this happened. >> i stepped on a bomb and it blew me 30 feet in the air. >> the iraq war left him with severe battle scars unable to work again. >> i can only get worse. >> new doors are opening for army veteran. . >> this is really nois. >> the purple heart recipient getting his first look thursday this newly renovated house in egg harbor township. >> i appreciate it so much. >> reporter: a home that's now his completely mortgage free. >> i'm really surprised. finally catch a break in my life. >> through the military warrior support foundation. >> we do the renovations, we do
4:56 pm
the vetting, we make sure that we match the family as best we can to the property. >> he grew in in it woodbridge to the location will keep him close to loved ones here in new jersey. >> for me and for him and his fami family. >> a special who put down roots. >> one day hopefully i can pay it forward. >> and changing his life on the home front. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next all the 5:00, the mother of all bombs dropped on afghanistan. we're learning more about how the u.s. likely made history today in the fight against isis. plus new at 5:00. an nbc 10 exclusive. a teen attacked at a south jersey park. his parents say he could have lost his eye. what was in this shooting. at 5:00, honoring a
4:57 pm
lifesaver. how a jersey shore school is celebrating a boy who saved his entire family what from what could have been a deadly fire. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
4:58 pm
by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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the mother of all bombs. the u.s. strikes isis with an unprecedented bombing attack. shot in the head. an nbc 10 collusive. a south jersey teen gets a bike jacked and hurt in a drive by shooting. deadly bathroom beat eing.
5:00 pm
developing right now, the u.s. dropped one of the biggest weapons in its arsenal against isis in afghanistan today. military officials think it's the first time this weapon has ever been used on the battlefield. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. the white house called this bomb large, powerful and accurate to take out tunnels and caves used by isis. let's get right to jacqueline london live in the breaking news center. what do we know about this. >> the president spoke this afternoon and would not say whether he organized the attack. out of site ask allied forces near the border. while we don't know why this bomb was used this this instance.


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