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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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d extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. cell phone video captures two teens getting jumped and beaten. tools of the trade stolen. a philadelphia nonprofit is hit by thieves. a face-off with north korea, exclusive detail tonight on how
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the white house could respond to their next nuclear test. nbc10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, president trump flexes his military muscle. this bombing just the latest example. >> the president is grappling with multiple foreign policy crisis. tonight many want to know what will be his next move. >> good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. >> president trump is authorized headline making military offenses in five different countries already, syria, iraq, yemen, somali and today in afghanistan. i talked with a former naval pilot who flew more than 80 combat missions over that country about today's attack, not to mention, new word regarding north korea and a pre-emptive u.s. strike there.
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21,000 pounds, "the mother of all bombs," the biggest we've ever dropped in afghanistan targeting isis fighters and infrastructure, the moab is ten times heavier than any bomb the former pilot ever worked with. >> it's an explosive shock wave that destroys tunnels and blasts above the air or above the ground in the air to have a maximum effect and send a message. >> the philadelphia lawyer served our country for nine years and entered afghan air space a week after september 11th. >> it's brown and it's mountainous terrain and when we got there just after 9/11 there was almost no electricity in the country. >> almost 16 years later, a new threat. tonight north korea warned a, quote, big event is near and according to nbc10 news sources the u.s. is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike should
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officials become convinced another nuclear test is eminent. >> i don't know if it sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea's a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> today's moab strike, the largest nonnuclear weapon the u.s. has ever used could be viewed as a show of force. >> more than 8,000 troops are still in afghanistan. president trump has suggested he did directly authorize this attack, instead his commanders did. keith jones, nbc10 news. >> new at 11:00, philadelphia police are increasing security in an area of north philadelphia after two teenagers were jumped. this cell phone video of the brawl that was posted on instagram police say it happened tuesday outside a carnival near the intersection of erie avenue and whit ker. there are no arrests at this time. >> take a look at this. those are parts and tools that can be used to make a se
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semiautomatic rifle and the gallo way say they were all in the possession of a 16-year-old. they did find bullets for another gun as well as cocaine. >> please also told us the teen was on probation for possession of a handgun on school property. new at 11:00 a philadelphia nonprofit has lost its tools of the trade. the group cleans up the city's blight and puts young people to work but now that work is going to be a whole lot harder. >> brandon hudson is live outside. the recent break has really set therapy back. >> reporter: we're talking $2,000 worth of power tools stolen in a matter of minutes for a start-up nonprofit. this theft hurts the group's ability to hire more people. >> i just noticed there was a bucket with tools in it. >> reporter: this isn't how greg trainer wanted to start his day, a mess all over his work site. trainer walks us through the
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upsetting discovery he made this morning. >> they were just grabbing everything. >> reporter: he believes someone stole all his power tools from the site wednesday. >> the tools and a 7 gallon generator are worth $2,000. >> this really hurts us. this has a big impact on our ability to employ people. >> reporter: they had 12 workers at this site, a combination of high school dropouts and guys form early incarcerated. >> they are excited to work and they found we've been ripped off. >> reporter: after he saw this mess, he walked over to his job box, opened it and noticed all his power tools were gone. now it puts this group in a bind as they're trying to finish this demolition pro correct with the deadline looming in two weeks. only using tools by hand. >> they probably got in and out
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pretty quick. >> reporter: philadelphia police returned to the work site looking over surveillance video. >> it's very violating. we're trying to do a good thing here. >> reporter: we're told a pawn shop donated a power tool. the nonprofit is also asking for other donations. you can find the link on our website, live in north philadelphia, i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. >> new at 11:00 the aftermath of a police chase in chester county. police tell us they were after a man driving a lexus that had been reported stolen. the suspect eventually crashed into this van here and then got out and started running. officers caught up and arrested him. the suspect was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it's a fight that may have changed their lives forever. a judge hands down a mixed verdict in the case of a delaware student's death. three teenagers were on trial for their roles in the fight that left amy joyner francis
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death, but a third student was acquitted. sentencing is set for may. >> in the lehigh valley a teachers off the job for alleged inappropriate sexual relationship with a student, 34-year-old christopher johnson is an english teacher at parkland high school, the school released a brief statement has he has been suspended. >> a unique connecticut board is alleging decades against students. 12 former teachers were accused of the abuses dating back to the 1960s and the school kept the allegations from the public. >> a lawyer for the passenger pulled off that united airlines plane on sunday says his client needs reconstructive surgery. this video of security guards dragging david dao off the plane for refusing to give up his seat sparked nationwide outrage. he is now out of the hospital
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but his daughter said he suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus injuries and lost two teeths in the incident. >> we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what had happened to him. >> united airlines apologized again for the incident. dow's lawyer say they plan to sue both united and the city of chicago, which employs the security guard who removed the passenger. the secret service has fired two officers over a fence jumping incident at the white house, the jumper was able to run around the grounds for more than 15 minutes last month and he made it up to one of the white house doors. president trump was inside at the time. the suspect faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> president trump signed legislation today allowing states to withhold federal funding from planned parenthood and other abortion providers. the action erases the rule finalized shortly before president obama left office in
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january. the measure narrowly cleared the senate last month. >> a $1 billion medical complex is one step closer to being built in burlington county tonight. the new jersey state health board approved virtua's proposal for the new facility. it will be built in west hampton township. the state health commissioner must now give it final approval. >> we are less than three months from one of the biggest summer celebrations in the country and today, wawa announced it's on board for another two years of the wawa welcome america festiviti festivities. today also marks the convenience store chain 53rd year in business. expect some big announcements soon about who the performers will be at the july 4th concert and you can watch the concert and fireworks live on nbc10 starting at 7:00. >> a comment caught on video has a jersey shore political candidate in hot water.
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>> why his party is pulling their support and why the candidate thinks he was set up. >> plus, hit in the head, a south jersey teenager shows us how he was the victim of a drive-by shooting. >> could rain effect your easter weekend plus the 80s return, your neighborhood forecast is next. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark
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is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now! book your african adventure now! this is what a south jersey teenager's head looks like after he was shot with a bb gun p. it happened last night in gibbstown, gloucester county. another teenager took off with his bike and when he chased after him someone in a car fired the bb gun at his head. the boy's father says it could have been worse. >> i'm not angry, i'm more happy that he was hit in the head and didn't lose an eye, bikes are replaceable. eyes aren't. >> the victim's father is sharing leads with police and
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investigators are canvassing areas of town for surveillance videos. >> also tonight mystery solved. montgomery county police they've captured the thieves whose been breaking into businesses by repelling from the roof. he stole money, jewelry and a gun from five different businesses. crimes happened at super markets and delis akrs the county. >> also tonight a candidate for the new jersey general assembly has been kicked off his party's ticket. that's after he was caught on video using crude language to proposition a woman. >> drew smith spoke with the candidate tonight and he insists he's not dropping out. >> reporter: in a county known for its beaches and boardwalk, this is a red county that voted for donald trump in 2016 and for the republicans to toss one of its candidates off the party line is a big deal in a competitive district. it's a short video obtained and
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posted by politico which shows brian mcdowd in a bar speaking to a woman who he says was a long time friend. >> it was a jestful conversation. it definitely seemed like a set up of some sort. >> brine, you're fired. >> reporter: as a 2005 contestant on nbc's apprentice. they spent. >> how many millions of dollars smearing donald trump on national tv and they realize that he makes mistakes too. >> reporter: tonight he spoke with us about losing party support in a race for a state assembly seat. the local gop chairman wrote, this information places the candidate in a light that is inconsistent with several of the core principals of the cape may county regular republican organization. >> to look at the video it looks very degrading to women and that's not the way it was. it was toerlt not. >> we're making the decision, hon. i'm sorry. >> reporter: he thinks he tells
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it like it is and he thinks that will appeal to voters, he may have done things differently. >> i had a couple drinks. it was probably after midnight and my brother said, brian, nothing good normally happens after midnight when it involves alcohol. i probably would have drank less. >> reporter: county gop leadership has set up a meeting to discuss the future of this race. >> catholics gathered at the st. peter and paul to celebrate holy thursday today. the mass commemorates the last supper. pope francis washed and kissed the feet of prison inmates. before his crucification. >> target is recalling more than half a million easter toys. the recall includes 560,000 hatch and grow easter eggs as well as easter grow and hatch your own dyno toys.
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they were sold between february and march for about a dollar each. the company says they could be swallowed and block a child's stomach. you can take the toys to any target store for a full refund. >> j.c. penny fans will get to shop a little longer. they're postponing the closure of 138 stores around the country. since they announced the closing sales have improved. the closing will now take place at the end of july. four stores in our region are closing, king of prussia mall, philadelphia mills mall, reowe cape may . >> the state's economic development authority approved the application for this 350 foot high vertical polar coaster. it will be on the former sands casino site. construction is expected to begin next month. it'll be finished by the summer of 2019. >> let's hope it goes better than this incident right here. this one got stuck high in the
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air. you can see firefighters right there carefully climbing across the tracks to get to the passengers inside their cars. they were told everything got down safely. not yet clear why that coaster got stuck. >> such a nightmare. >> yeah. >> it was a night of fashion and heart health in old city. the american heart association held its rock and red fashion show. design students from philadelphia university created dozen of gowns in honor of go red for women. heart health with the crowd. bill henley right there was the host for tonight's event. >> to our first alert weather, lots of people out there enjoying the nice night in center city. we're looking forward to even warmer weather as we head into this holiday weekend. we could see a few showers i'm told on easter. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the timing in your first alert forecast. >> i would think the likely time would be very late in the day and even at night and even then it's not a sure thing.
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sure thing about easter is it's going to be really warm. it's not especially warm right now but we're already starting to dry out and clear out after the clouds that came through later this afternoon. it's 56 in philadelphia but it's down to 46 degrees in allentown, 47 in millville. it's a seasonably chilly night. after that 77 wednesday we dropped to 66 today. tomorrow and saturday fairly similar, fairly line of scrimmage to average and then a 20 degree jump for sunday, for easter sunday. those clouds and a couple of sprinkles they move past and now we have even dryer air coming down at us from the northwest so that is assures us of nice, sunny weather during the day tomorrow. not a whole lot of wind either only 5 miles an hour, 65 in fairmount, reading at 66, easton and allentown 65 degrees for the
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high. these a little bit above average. voorhees 63, avalon 69 long port with the wind coming in off the ocean they may stay in the 50s. it will be cooler at the beaches. not only tomorrow but into the weekend as well. we have some clouds coming in for the morning but they're not going to last very well. we have a lot of sunshine coming in tomorrow and tomorrow night, we start to see a few clouds, saturday is definitely cloudier day than tomorrow is but i don't see much of a threat of showers until saturday night. that's just a few little showers around and then sunday, we start off generally on the dry side, fair amount of sunshine into the 80s. that's a pretty nice easter sunday. so there's friday with lots of sunshine. saturday chance of a couple of showers late in the day in the p.a. suburbs and lehigh valley. better chance of showers late in the day on easter sunday ut but
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everybody's warm except right at the beaches. here's easter sunday itself, a chance of a shower generally from 3:00 on the morning and mid-day hours look dry and of course it's getting increasingly warm, a lot of places getting up to 80 degrees or better on easter sunday. >> very good. a delaware woman proves age is just a number. how she's rowing strong at the age of 90? ♪
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complex but the final location has not been chosen. >> a wilmington woman is celebrating a big milestone. she will turn 90 years old tomorrow. she is still an a individual rower with the wilmington rowing center and the club through her a surprise birthday party. she shared some of her secrets to longevity. >> i go exercising three times to the senior center and other things. when i can, i swim. i like to be active and i think -- and i don't smoke and i don't drink. >> liddia was the founding member of the wilmington rowing center 30 years ago. john clark we should follow her advice. >> that should inspire all of us. i'm getting up early tomorrow working out. what has flyers gm so upset. with a kind of goalie is hex toll looking for. what position does he want to
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play and will play in the nba. that is next.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. >> i'm john clark. the sixers and flyers seasons are over, no playoffs so we're doing the autopsies today. the sixers hoped to have ben simmons on the court with embiid for the first time next season. ben spoke to the media today after getting cleared. the fans in philly are unreal for how they support the sixers. he's ready to play point guard in the nba. probably won't play in the summer league but he has watched and learned about how to be a leader this season. >> i think just learning. i think, you know, stage -- i just got better at and even with rehab i was just trying to do everything i could and, you know, i finally got some good
11:29 pm
news the other day with my scans so just keep moving forward. i think we can do big things. i think we can do some damage. >> do some damage, like to hear that. joel embiid spoke to espn, he said his knee was not as bad as they thought initially. he feels lucky. he also thinks he should be rookie of the year. the sixers won 28 games this season matching their total from the last two years combined with ep bid simmons, one or two lottery picks this year t.j. mcconnell says it's healthy. the sixers will be a playoff team. >> it was nice season. nice season for all of us. i was very excited before i come here and now i know why i was excited. >> joel came out and had an amazing debut. all the fans were excited because they knew great things were coming. >> the flyers, they have fired their power play coach. he's looking at a short-term
11:30 pm
veteran goalie. steve mason was basically the starting goalie. head coach believes giroux will bounce back. the prospects will grow in time with the veterans in their prime and hakstol said it's all about the young players coming he's trying to be patient. >> i'm disappointed. you sit down and start watching playoff games and get missed off. it's bothers me more than i can tell you. we made the playoffs last year and we took a step back this year. now in saying that we're staying on path. our kids, it's time to give them a shot and we're going to do that. >> let's see the kids. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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a lot of people with a day off tomorrow, good weather. >> really nice day for good friday, very light wind, lot of sunshine, no rain. then it gets warm on sunday and then we cool off again next week. >> so warm for easter. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul, keri russell, musical guest 2 chainz


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