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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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not much on the satellite and radar and not that much back to our west, other than clouds. so i think tomorrow is going to be more in the way of cloud coverage. 67 in philadelphia now. 67 in allentown. a light wind off the ocean, and it's going to be, yeah, kind of a similar temperature tomorrow, and then we really start to get up there. 67 for the high saturday with mostly cloudy skies. i don't have rain drops in there. a slight chance of a shower saturday night in spots. then sunday, more sunshine, way warmer. best chance of any kind of shower is in the lee high valley and that would be very late in the day or at night. still just a slight chance at -- sunday night of a shuer in pl e place -- shower in places. getting a bit of a sea breeze at
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the jersey shore. for this evening, of course, nowhere near that warm but as we go through the night tonight, we start to see the clouds increase that will prevent the temperature from dropping into the 30s. getting more into the weekend and see if that continues into next weekend in a few minutes, see you soon. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with philadelphia's deadliest road claiming two more lives. two women killed when their suv slammed into the side of a semitruck this morning. nbc 10 along the boulevard. >> reporter: andre, what do police tell you about the victim? >> reporter: the victims of 25 and 40 years old and live in philadelphia. as for the driver of that suv, he was taken to the hospital and at last check in stable condition. close-up you see just how how risk the impact was. first responders cut open the suv to remove the three inside.
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two women were dead. the driver was taken to the hospital. >> i had like head and -- manuel didn't hear tires screeching as it crashed into the tractor trailer. the force didn't move the 18,000 to 20,000 pound truck only bending the back guardrail. >> the driver of the tractor trailer parked wasn't in it and didn't know about the accident until he walked back to it. >> reporter: the tractor trailer was parked legally along the oirt lane of the boulevard. >> i'm always concerned about the trucks parking there and cars parking in the outside lane in the boulevard. it's crazy. so many cars speeding. >> reporter: police won't confirm speed was a factor in this case. it's a common concern with many residents who gathered. they say think crash is yet another repeatminder of the dan that need addressed. >> more enforcement as far as speed and more police action out here. you know.
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>> reporter: police are looking for eyewitnesses and surveillance video to figure out how the crash happened. reporting live in sheltonville, nbc 10 news. and our nbc 10 investigators have been looking to the deadliest road for months and whether pendot has an plans to make changes. all that at 5:00. meantime to breaking news. former nfl star aaron hernandez found not guilty in the 2012 murders of two men in boston. prosecutors say hernandez opened fire on the men's car because he felt disrespected when one bumped into him and spilled his drink. the former new england patriot is already serving life in prison for the death of a man dating his fiance's sister. today is good friday, the commemoration of the crucifixion
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of jesus christ. worshippers gathered at the episcopal cathedral for a music-filled service this afternoon. good friday is a universal day of fast and about sstinence, pr and reflection. >> usual easter spots like this market. the owner said they already sold about 10,000 pounds of kielbasa. it's less about what they put on the table and more about the memories they make. >> we have the blessing of the table. it's a polish tradition, and keeping up my parents' tradition. besides the ham, of course, the kielba kielbasa. the pierogis we made from scratch. the paska. >> sounds good. also we saw people getting their easter flowers and treats. nbc 10 rosemary connors at the market with a live report coming up in about ten minutes. today we got our first look at the powerful blast what's
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called the mother of all bombs, and now one day after this bomb dropped on isis in afghanistan, tensions are growing with another country. north korea. >> nbc 10 aaron coleman following the latest developments in our breaking news center. the u.s. is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike against north korea if country moves forward with a nuclear test? >> reporter: yes, and north korean leaders responded saying they "will go to war if provoked by the u.s." tensions deepening between the u.s. and north korea. speaking through an interpreter, the vice foreign minister in north korea said, as long as the u.s. threat continues, we will move forward with building up our military and nuclear capabilities both in quantity and quality. also saying today the country will conduct its next nuclear test whenever it sees fit. >> there is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: that was president trump thursday just hours after u.s. forces dropped the
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so-called mother of all bombs in afghanistan. the pentagon says that massive bomb never before used in battle demolished a series of tunnels and caves used by the islamic state. a significant military move, but the president says it was not intended as a warning shot to north korea. in the meantime, the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrier to waters off the korean peninsula. conducting its biggest-ever joint military exercise with south korea. there has been speculation for weeks that north korea is planning that nuclear test. it would be the country's sixth. aaron coleman, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with big mama on the run, corralling that horse with the big name after she got loose from her stable and blocked rush hour traffic. >> big mama, pletcher street. >> yeah. from the pletcher street urban
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riding club in strawberry mansion. she made it to the sugar house casino before caught. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal has more on this tale of a tail. >> reporter: after her misadventure this morning you might call big mama fi'ama phil most famous faily. >> i opened the door. >> reporter: ronny sullivan set to feed her breakfast which she bolted. >> never seen a horse do that. looked down. she missed me. i fell down. i said, wow! >> reporter: police tracked big mama through strawberry mansion to west philly and all the way to fish town before capturing her alive. >> she took us by surprise. went for a little run. >> reporter: saying he rescued her from a racetrack and brought her here to live with other urban horses. >> she suffered injuries to her
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rare legs and we rescued her and gave her a better life. they were going to send her to the killers. >> reporter: urban horses aren't that flare philly. a lot of them, including big mama are stabled here at the riding club that's been around for more than 100 years. the club's goal, teach inner city kids -- about responsibility and life on the farm. >> might be just kids from the neighborhood. teaching them how to ride. >> basically something to keep them out of trouble. >> reporter: that is a lesson big mama might have learned today. never run and play in traffic. in strawmatic mansion, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new details this afternoon about a man found dead inside a lee high valley hotel room overnight. the man is identified at 27-year-old emanuel ramirez of california. the coroner is working to determine just how he died. a powdery substance found in his room at the suites, and another man found sick in the hallway.
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>> it's unknown if he was affected by the same chemical, the same substance. there seemed to be a level of intoxication. but he's currently, he had to be decontaminated. >> reporter: hotel guest was evacuated a time while the hazmat team checked out that powdery substance. pilots working for united airlines are infuriated about a passenger ripped out of his seat in chicago sunday night. [ screaming ] >> no! oh, my god. >> oh -- my -- god. >> no! >> hey, hey, hey. >> oh, my god. >> my god! what are you doing? >> according to business insiders pilots released a statement saying the safety and well-being of passengers is their highest priority. nothing like this will be happening in new york or new jersey. this morning the port authority says police will not physically remove people from overcrowded planes. a live look at philadelphia international on this busy
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travel weekend. we have reached out to philadelphia police about their policy. we haven't yet heard back. and we don't think any violent removals will happen on delta planes. new at 4:00, delta, offering nearly $10,000 to people who volunteer to get off an overcrowded plane. before sunday's incident on that united flight, passengers were offered $800 to get off. all passengers refused. pennsylvania's governor calls for philadelphia's district attorney dt to resign. beyond time for williams to step down. he made the statement by the state supreme court to suspend the d.a.'s law license. he's facing federal bribery and ex-torngs charges. his trial set to start next month. he said the people of philadelphia need a district attorney fully focused on and legally capable of executing the important duties of the top law enforcement official in pennsylvania's largest city. a lot of people have today
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off, but the first day on the job for wilmington's new police chief who spent years with the nypd and workinging a a strategist in chicago. plagueed by gun-related violence. 55 shootings already this year in wilmington. today the district attorney of pennsylvania led a conference to explain the lasting impact of urban violence. pennsylvania attorney general kicked off the symposium bringing together researchers and clinicians providing information. it's not just the victim's who's harmed. >> the psychological trauma ripples outward from victims to witnesses, family and friends and ultimately impacts an entire community. >> other topics, human trafficking, trauma care and
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violence prevention. ahead, if you haven't filed taxes yet, this year taxes are april 18th, not the tribble april tribble -- traditional 15th. what if the few extra days still aren't enough time. advice for procrastinators. >> don't panic. get your documents organized. if you're running out of time and don't think you can put together a proper return, go ahead and file an extension. know that filing an extension, though, only extends the filing due date. not the payment due date. >> if you're not sure your tax return is in order, contact a professional. looking for something to do this weekend? visit a national park in honor of national park week. it starts tomorrow. parks in our area like the independence national historical park are always free, but in honor of the week-long celebration you can visit any of the nation's national parks free of charge this weekend and next. one group is using the event to call on congress for funding to pay for much-needed repairs at
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parks across the country. >> a lot of our national parks are old. 50, 60, 70 years old. and they're facing significant repairs, and the park service simply doesn't have enough funding to address those repairs. >> in total, there be ar $12 billion worth of repairs on national parks deferred for years. as we mentioned earlier today is good friday. >> churches throughout the area marking the holy day with the stations of the cross. this ministry at norris square holding its tenth annual stations of the cross now. artists create different represent angss creating the stations refer to events of the day when christians believe jesus was crucified. right now pope francis is preepsiding overed traditional way of the cross procession in rome. this is a live coliseum. the coach is scheduled to give a homily tonight to the faithful gathered there. and rosemary connors joins
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us from st. peter and paul in center city. >> rosemary, today is about irving traditions for many families. >> reporter: right, jacqueline and jim. just inside the basilica, packed since 3:00 observing christ in preparation for easter sunday. ♪ the way of the cross took to the streets of philadelphia this afternoon, a symbolic re-enactment of the suffering jesus endured on good friday. ♪ inside the cathedral basilica celebrating the fashion of christ, as he laid down his life for us we're called to do the same for others and that's the greatest model for us. >> reporter: on this good friday others like john lynch, who owns a secret garden nursery in roxborough are helping others get ready for easter sunday. >> a gift, hyacinths, tulips,
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lilies. got mulch in yesterday, potting soil, lawn fertilizer ready to go. >> easter bread, hard boiled egg inside. hot cross buns. >> reporter: bakeries like this one busy as well whipping up traditional treats all week. >> honestly, i feel like the rush started wednesday. sort of feels like we've been working 24 hour as day around the clock. >> reporter: back at the basilica, holiest weekend of the year is just beginning. >> sunday is like a re-birth, renewal of the lenten season and the sacrifices we all make with christ at the forefront. >> reporter: this evening at 7:00, there will be another service here in spanish and then tomorrow beginning at 11:00, the basilica will be open for confessions. reporting live in center city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. it's not too late to buy the easter flowers. nbc 10 here on a sunny day outside weaver's, a co-op of
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chestnut hills neighborhood. erika martin is live in britain house square. >> plenty of people got an early start today and beautiful weather. sun shining on your face. beautiful. >> reporter: it's gorgeous out here. jim and jackie, i just got to tell you. i found a great dog. in fact, here's edi with me. even the dogs are having a great day because it's not too hot. temperatures, sure above average but seasonable. upper 60s in philadelphia. upper 50s in atlantic city. in and around the entire delaware valley it is a great treat. coming up, glen has more information on what to expect this upcome weekend. of course, what to expect for easter sunday. back to you in the studio. >> looking good, i think, for easter sunday. a lot warmer. we know that much, right? >> warm. make it a point to get out there. beautiful for sunrise service, possibly, glen? >> yeah. and the temperature is going to be warm, of course, all day on sunday, and i think we're going to see a lot of sunshine.
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it's going to look a lot like today did. except 20 degrees warmer, just about. we have a lot of sun out there at the moment. erika showed you the temperatures, in the 60s. right at the beaches, the ocean temperature is 51. we've got wind coming in off the ocean. so whole gate, 55, ventnor 56. upper -- cape may, 54. issue with sea breeze, even sunday. this is a philadelphia predicted temperature. not the predicted temperature at the beach. that would be closer to 70. okay? just want to let you know than. so far today, 67 for the high. the average high is 63. tomorrow right around 67, and then we jump nearly 20 degrees. between saturday and sunday. we have hardly any kind of cloud cover around now. back to the west, well, we see a
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lot of clouds, but you don't see any rain until you get near the chicago area, and just a few showers over in that region. now, tomorrow the wind's going to come out of the south. that still mean as sea breeze at the beaches, and i do expect a lot more cloud cover. so it will maybe look threatening. it's not going to get into the 70s or 80s. it will be in the 60s. it's still relatively comfortable. chessland hill at 61 degrees. langhorn 62. easton, 62. cloudy symbols here. not necessarily 100% cloud cover but a lot more cloudiness than sunshine tomorrow. robinsville at 65. looking at long port. 58. avalon, 58. of course, get to the beaches, the cooler it's going to be. 67 degrees in newark, delaware. hour-by-hour going through the night tonight and into tomorrow, you start to see some of those clouds coming in from the west,
4:19 pm
and you can see how cloudty tys in the afternoon. virtually no rain until saturday night. a couple showers race through, you saw there. late in the evening. sunday morning, we're back with sunshine. and we're going to keep that sunshine most of the day. even into the afternoon. now, into the evening, sunday evening, it's a different story. then you can get some showers. maybe even a thunderstorm, and that moves through fast. so any rain this weekend is going to be very brief, and most of you are not going to see it. saturday is the cooler day. the cloudier day of the weekend. sunday is the sunnier day, and much, much warmer there. 71 that you can see at the shore on sunday. now, hour by hour as you go through sunday you can see these temperatures going up. at 6:00 a.m., 61 degrees in
4:20 pm
philadelphia. 59 at p.a. suburbs and lee high valley, sunrise service won't need a heavy coat for that and then temperatures in the 80s by the afternoon. see how long that lasts into next week coming up. >> glen, see you soon. the force be with you. again -- strz z"star wars: the awaken awakens" -- "star wars" fans don't have to wait to see the next movie. still ahead at 4:00, a peek for the long-awaited trailer for the "last jedi." and a warning about vacation clubs allowing travelers to buy into a program to take trip, but one nbc 10 viewer explains why she wished she would have never signed up. [ beeping ] a different kind of mission. the bomb squad called into action for several suspicious-looking devices. how these experts are using their handiwork to create a
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special easter holiday for some children. next at 4:00.
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take a look at this. a trio of cross-dressing bandits caught on cal ra holding up a florida jewelry store. the three men are dressed like women and walk into the store. one jumps across the counter pulling a gun on a worker while another grabs the second clerk and holds her at gunpoint. the three then filled duffel bags with jewelry before they take off. and a group of bomb squad members are using their skills for an unusual cause. >> helping visually impaired kids take part in an easter tradition. [ beeping ] these bomb squad technicians took a break from running down bad guys to help feel beeping easter baskets for an easter egg hunt. the beeps will help blind
4:25 pm
children during the hunt. >> a lot of my guys came in on their own. everybody wants to come in and volunteer and help out with this. it really gives back to the kids and the community. >> so great. the beeping egg tradition began more than a decade ago when a special agent found out his baby was blind. on this good friday, elephants at busch gardens and tampa enjoyed their own easter celebration. an elephant easter egg hunt. brightly colored eggs filled with fruit sparked their curiosity. yum. lesson learned from one man when he tried to vandalize a bucks county business. >> some of the best video you'll see all day when this man couldn't quite pull off the crime. plus -- rising tensions and the escalating threat against north korea and what's next after dropping the mother of all bombs in afghanistan. we're talking about it with nbc news political director chuck todd. next. and going for the 60s to the
4:26 pm
80s. are we going to see rain easter sunday? the conditions you can expect for your holiday weekend next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and coming up, new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, sex trafficking on a delaware air force base? two airmen accused of abusing for months inside a base dorm. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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first alert weather, looking forward to the holiday weekend warm-up. how it looks in university city. today see long sleeves and hoodies, probably won't need them this weekend. not for part of it. a live look at st. peter and paul in center city from high above. many people observing good
4:30 pm
friday service there's today. if you're taking part in services outside, the weather not getting in the way. >> no. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane shswartz here with your weather forecast. just the start of a good holiday forecast? >> i say so. this time of year you can end up with strong to severe thunderstorms. end up with heavy rain or an onshore wind and nasty cold drizzle, and none of that. nothing close to that. i have sunshine out there. a few high, thin clouds. the sun to be shining through. you don't see much on the satellite and radar there close by, and the closest significant cloud cover is back in ohio, and even that is not too impressive. you've got to go back west to chicago to see anything impressive. that would take a while to get here. right now the temperature is 67 in philadelphia. 68 in northeast philly. so nobody's hit the 70-degree mark today, and we are pretty much staying in the 50s right at the beaches, because of the wind
4:31 pm
coming in off the ocean. as we go through the weekend, it's definitely going to be warmer on sunday. there's just no doubt about it. i also think it's going to be sunnier on sunday than on saturday. saturday we should feature a lot of cloud cover. temperatures, again, in the 50s at the jersey shore, because of that wind off the ocean, and the wind off the ocean on sunday is going to keep the jersey shore down closer to the 70-degree mark. inland, the farther inland you go, the warmer it gets. maybe a couple showers by sunday night. that's the best chance of the whole weekend. see how long this lasts into next week coming up. >> all right, glenn. this afternoon, tensions escalating between the united states and north korea as the world waits to see what will happen if north korea launches another nuclear test. also, what's next in afghanistan after it's u.s. drop add massive bomb that killed dozens of islamic militants.
4:32 pm
we're joined live by chuck todd, moderator of nbc 's "meet the press." thanks for being here. north korea. the president threatening a pre-emptive strike in north korea does another nuclear test when experts seem to think they're preparing for. to say tensions seem high is not overstating it. right? where's all this going? >> well, part of it, where it's going is, if you look at the two previous administrations, bush and obama, both essentially tried the same tactics with north korea, tried to figure out, get him to the negotiating table and see if we can denuclearize and hope that if you get enough nations across the table with him, say, look, give up the nuclear weapons and you'll get this aid and this economic package. that hasn't worked. i think there's some, in the trump administration, like, let's change the conversation for a while. and pull that away and let's see how north korea reacts. see how they react to the fact there's an american president not afraid of using the military
4:33 pm
option in various responses. see syria, the dropping of the mother of all bombs on afghanistan. i think this is all a little bit about the trump administration trying to change the negotiating dynamics with north korea and seeing if they can make progress that way. >> yesterday, we all know, the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on isis. fulfilling another of the president's campaign promises that he would bombizi izsis. does congress need to weigh in on this stepping up of the administration? >> congress gave that authority already. afghanistan is part of the current war authorization that allowed for actions, essentially without any additional consultation beyond oversight. i think if they escalate in north korea or syria, that's a whole different story and does not fit. as particularly north korea, but even syria to a point. this does not quite -- you can defend it under the war powers
4:34 pm
act. if you did anymore you would have trouble defending it. i think when congress gets back from their, this april holiday recess, easter passover, then i think you'll see some that say, congress does need to have some step up and use its authority here. part of the problem, the leadership in congress doesn't want this vote. they don't want the responsibility. they are rank and file members don't mind complaining tab but don't want the responsibility. we'll see if that changes. >> a lot to watch this weekend as well. chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." thanks for being here on nbc 10. appreciate it. and you can watch chuck every sunday on nbc's "meet the press" at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following. county-by-county, this afternoons in burks county, 15 people hospitalized after getting sick from the smell of natural gas. inside a wells fargo bank in muhlenberg, township, the building evacuated. when utility workers and fire crews got there, they couldn't find any evidence of a leak.
4:35 pm
they checked all heating and cooling equipment but found nothing. as of right now, no word on exactly what happened. in atlanta county, union workers left without jobs in the trump taj mahal casino closed last year and could return as the hard rock casino and hotel. members of local 54 have spoken with some new owners and hope to have the casino open for business by the summer of 2018. in bucks county, watch how this guy's attempt to vandalism backfires. picks up the bench, tosses it -- keep watching. yep. came right back to hit him. several businesses were vandalized along sycamore street last night. now they're looking noor guy in the video. the boston marathon is in a few days. boston officials spoke in a news conference about new security measures they will implement. next week's race is the fourth boston marathon since the 2013
4:36 pm
bombings. the mayor says there is no threat to this year's event, but the city will continue to take certain precautions. and this is video of last year's marathon. the added security comes after two bombs went off near the finish line at the 2013 race, of course. three people were killed, more than 260 others injured. 23-year-old tsarnieeve found guilty. and making their way for the blue cross broad street run. watch the entire race start to finish sunday may 7th. another reason to lace up your sneakers. a new study, doctors say, will have you running for your life. plus, looking for pain relief for your teething baby?
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over 200 products no antibiotics ever. certain brand of tablets helping babies while teething is pulled off the shelves. the fda is recalling highlands baby teething tablets and nighttime teething tablets. officials say the label doesn't have the correct ingredients. the tablets have been made or shipped since october 2016 but the recall making sure any tablets lefted on the shelves get pulled. and news most kids love. the country's leading sleep expert say the morning bells should ring later for middle and high school students. the american academy of sleep medicine says the school day should not begin before 4:30 a.m. students get enough sleep are more alert and less likely to skip school and they're linked to better grades.
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another reason to lace up sneakers. running could help you live longer according to a new study finding one hour of running adds seven hours to a person's life. more than any other form of exercise. researchers over a course of a lifetime regular running can give you about three extra years. i better get on it. >> you need new knees, maybe. >> i know. a price to pay always. jimmy fallon is returning to his roots on "saturday night live" tomorrow. >> his third host comes on a historic night for the show. we'll explain. a big warm-up by the end of the holiday weekend. 80s for easter sunday. how long that will last plus our next chance for rain in the most ak chris weather forecast. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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fans waiting for today. getting our first look at newest installment in the movie franchise "star wars" "the last jedi." take a look. >> i don't need -- ♪ it's time for the jedi. it's time for the jedi to end. >> the trailer unveiled to fans today part of a four-day "star wars" convention in orlando. showcases luke skywalker who might be flirting with the dark side. the last jedi hits theaters this december. watch the entire trailer now, though, on the nbc 10 app or looks good. >> yeah. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon returns to comedy roots, hosting "sn ining "satur live." >> also something is taking
4:46 pm
place. >> call your buddies, hey, you watching this? twitter can't spoil it. >> first time ever the show airs live across all time zones. "the tonight show" host and former "saturday night live" cast member kicks off the first of four ep sides broadcast simultaneously coast-to-toast. fallon says he cannot contain his enthusiasm. >> big deal for me. i'm excited, the whole cast. it's history. >> "snl" is currently enjoying its most watched season in 24 years. watch "snl" at 11:30 tomorrow night right after nbc 10 news at 11:00. nothing better than seeing those comedians laughing and breaking up and cracking up, not able to hold it together for "snl," and jimmy fallon is known for that. >> no matter how much rehearsing, right? jimmy put on instagram, holding a stack of scripts saying i forgot how hard to work all week towards the show. looking forward to it. how about the weather? looking forward to 80s coming up this weekend. no complaints about conditions
4:47 pm
for drivers hitting the roads for the holiday weekend. a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia from our wells fargo center camera. looks like a lot of people maybe got out of town a little early. for easter weekend. glenn, that beach looks mighty nice behind you, too. >> it does. not going to be as warm as we -- >> that's okay. >> just warning you. headed down here, tomorrow or sunday, take a jacket. a sweater, sweatshirt. something. because that wind coming in off the ocean is a colder wind. the ocean temperature's 51 degrees right now. in the 60s across all the inland areas now. look how blue that sky is, and in lee high valley, a real nice-looking day and in the suburbs as well. so the temperatures are a little above average for this time of the year. we're up top 71 in marshallton, though.
4:48 pm
claymont, 67. grass c glassco, millsboro, 67 degrees. but look at the coast again. wind coming in off the ocean. rehoboth, 54. dewey beach 53. bethany beach 55. i was doing taping at the shore, just last week. beautiful day. it was cold. wind off the ocean, that can be a cold wind, even on a warm day inland. we have a lot of sunshine out there now. more clouds in michigan and indiana and ohio, but no significant showers until you get west of chicago. so there's really nothing threatening us anytime soon. so tomorrow we do have a lot of clouds. i want to emphasize the cloud cover, but the chances of any kind of rain are pretty low. not zero, but pretty low. reading at 64.
4:49 pm
bethlehem 62. phoenixville, 63. westchester, 61. newtown 62 degrees. mount airy, 61. bibury, 64 degrees, and you can see the temperatures are fairly uniform. 64 in trenton. haddonfield also. but as you head to the beaches, you start seeing 50s. 58 degrees in atlantic city. and then every block that you're inland it is a little bit milder, and in delaware, we're generally in the 60s. a south to southwest wind, land breeze for these beaches that will be warmer tomorrow. the hour-by-hour showing clouds by tomorrow morning, thickening up during the day. kind of threatening looking. going into sunday, more sunshine, even into the afternoon, and then a couple of showers into the evening hours. and then we clear out again. so that's about it for rain
4:50 pm
threats. mostly sunday night. so saturday, a lot of clouds. seasonable temperatures. sunday, a lot of sun. and feeling like summer. loving that. and responding to a story about love, trust and a broken promise. >> sounds like a complicated situation. >> yes it did turn out to be pretty complicated. we're introduce you to a couple who says they had the perfect timer until they got home. telling their story because they don't want you to go through the same heart a ache. heartache. new at 5:00, sex trafficking, two airmen at delaware allegedly bought a teenage girl from a pim pichlt and hid her on their base for months. closed captions on nbc 10 is brought to you by --
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sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
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vacation clubs which let travelers buy into a program to take trips. >> harry harrison spoke to one woman who wishes she never had signed up. >> reporter: it was a trip to remember for trisha callanow can ski and her husband. a honeymoon in the bahamas. >> on the beach relaxing. >> approached by someone listen to a conference. >> offered five weeks of, you can use any week at any time. >> the up front cost, $2,860. after that, she would only be responsible for taxes and fees for the trips. >> interesting. >> but when she got back to jenkintown and tried to get on the company's website, she couldn't log in. her access was denied.
4:55 pm
>> i'm thinking, this is not what we paid for. what did i pay for? >> she says she called to cancel, and was told someone would get back to her. >> never got a call back, never follow-ups. >> reporter: so she called nbc 10 responds. after we reached out to the company, it refunded the full $2,860. now, if you're considering signing up for a travel club, the better business bureau says do your homework. research the company before you give them your money. get everything in writing and know how you can cancel and how long you're locked in. when you do pay, use a credit card to dispute charges if you ever need to. so that's very important. all right? >> they have them on the beach, in the sun, feeling great, thought, why not? >> yeah. come on. >> those travel cubs, so appealing. doesn't take much to lure you in. >> and lured in, locked in, you're done. folks, we got their money back. to our recovery counter, where
4:56 pm
we stand, $425,464 back to our consumers. glad to do. >> if you have a problem, let us know. the best way to reach us, right on your screen and we'll respond to you. working on several new stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> up next all new at 5:00, two delaware airmen charged with sex trafficking. >> where they're accused of buying the victim and how they allegedly kept her on base for months. plus, new life on easter morning. a chester county church shattered by a storm celebrating this weekend. yeah. got pretty close to ideal conditions for your easter weekend. the forecast you need to know before you finalize your plans. plus, just horsing around. this filly gets loose acrokrocr several fill fifphilly neighbo.
4:57 pm
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military sex trafficking. two airmen accused of paying for sex with a 15-year-old girl they brought to dover air force base. and threat of war. north korea warns the u.s. as president trump toughens talk about a possible nuclear test. and how this filly got loose and trekked across several philadelphia neighborhoods. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now.
5:00 pm
right now, all new at 5:00, sex trafficking on a delaware air force base. tonight, two airmen accused of paying for sex with a 15-year-old girl and abusing her for several months in a dorm room on base. good evening. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm keith james. that happened at dover air force base. joining us live, tim, i understand these airmen facing charges are from philadelphia? >> yeah. one is from philadelphia. the other florida. both stationed here together at the dover air force base. they're not here anymore. both locked up and facing serious charges. >> sounds disgusting. shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: the general reaction around the dover air force base. the u.s. attorney's office in wilmington says 25-year-old airmen from philadelphia met an acquaintance and bought a troubled 15-year-old


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