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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  April 15, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a random attack at a carnival caught on camera sends two teens to the hospital. this morning, we're hearing from the victims and why they're worried it could happen again. tension building. north korea rolls out missiles and military hardware at a massive parade, this as the u.s. and the world watch for another possible nuclear test. and here is a live look outside at the battleship "new jersey" along the camden waterfront. the holiday weekend is shaping up to be a very nice one today. should live up to a typical spring day, but get ready for a big warm-up for easter sunday. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning.
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this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking that beautiful easter weekend. krystal, tell us about it. >> and it is. it's a good weekend forecast that we're looking at. temperatures this morning, a little cool in some spots. 38 degrees in millville and mt. holly, but 48 degrees in philadelphia and 47, wilmington. not a bad start to the morning. 41 for pottstown and allentown, you're at 42 degrees. maybe a slightly cooler start, but it will be a rather nice afternoon as we start to see temperatures tracking into those 60s. and if you're more an 80s kind of person, we've got those for your easter sunday. here's a look at radar and satellite. right now, we're actually still pretty clear out there, but the clouds are trying to start closing in on us. you can see the cloudiness surrounding our area. and today that's going to extend into our neck of the woods. which means we'll see increasing clouds to mostly cloudy conditions by this afternoon. here's a look at the forecast as we progress through the day. temperatures starting right now at 48, but we go to around 52 by
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8:00 a.m. and upper 50s by 11:00 a.m. as i mentioned, it's 60s for the afternoon, and these winds will start increasing as well, giving us some breeziness and increasing clouds, but overall dry to start your easter weekend. a closer look neighborhood by neighborhood at not only temperatures today, but also for your easter coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. new this morning, police are investigating what led up to this crash in philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood. a car slammed into a tractor-trailer at the intersection of north third and spring garden streets around 2:30 this morning. nobody was hurt, but the crash ruptured the truck's fuel tank, so a special crew had to be called in to clean up tspill. also new this morning, officers are investigating a double shooting on hammond avenue. detectives found shell casings at the scene, but nobody injured. later, they tracked down two
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victims, both 17 years old. the two are in stable condition with leg wounds. this morning, police in montgomery are looking for this missing uber driver. kristin leahy was last seen in philadelphia early tuesday morning. investigators tell us she was driving a 2003 olive green subaru legacy with the pennsylvania attack, hja8582. if you have any information as to her whereabouts, call abingdon township police. take a look at this new video of a random attack that sent two philadelphia teenagers to the hospital. this morning, we're hearing from the victims as police continue to search for their attackers. nbc 10's matt delucia is live with the details about what happened. matt? >> reporter: right, rosemary. police have not made any arrests at this point and one of the victims says she can't sleep at night. take a look at jayla santana and miguel fernandez.
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jayla is still in a neck brace after what happened earlier this week. both of them were on their first date at a carnival by whitaker and erie avenues. they were leaving when they say a group of teens attacked them for no reason. and much of that attack was captured on cell phone video. a terrible reminder of what happened. >> i blacked out at one point. >> as soon as she got in, she had to go straight into trauma. she was still screaming the whole time, walking and limping there. >> reporter: again, philadelphia police are still investigating. no arrest and no update on the case when we asked last night. jayla, though, says one of the attackers did reach out on social media and apologized. for now, i'm live outside east detectives, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> let's head out now to montgomery county where investigators are looking for the cause of a house fire that left a woman in critical condition. sky force 10 was over the scene of at the lane last night. our nbc 10 cameras also caught the aftermath at ground level. flames trapped the woman inside
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until crews could rescue her. in berks county, a teenager shot in washington township is in the hospital with serious injuries. it happened here on stoper road last night. police are now looking for the gunman. we're working to find out more about the victim in this case and more details about the shooting. now to developing news overseas about north korea. the country is celebrating its most important patriotic holiday with a massive military display under the control of leader kim jong-un. this as global tensions are growing over the north's possible test of a nuclear warhead and the potential response by the u.s. and its allies. yesterday, north korea accused president donald trump of pushing the world toward war by tweeting that the north is, quote/unquote, looking for trouble. in the middle of this cross talk stands japan and south korea. and tens of thousands of u.s. troops in the area. yesterday, president trump had this response when asked if dropping the mother of all bombs in afghanistan this week was
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meant to send a message to kim jong-un. >> i don't know if it sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: two u.s. destroyers equipped with anti-missile systems are now within 300 miles of japan and south korea. today, back here in the u.s., it is april 15th. traditional tax day, so activists are holding marches in washington, philadelphia, and across the country to put pressure on president trump to release his tax returns. philadelphia's tax march will begin at 10:00 this morning at thomas paine plaza in center city. another tax day demonstration is set for may's landing atlantic county. activists plan to march for economic justice, demanding transparency from both president and corporate america. 5:06 right now on this saturday, coming up, a judge stops a series of rapidfire executions planned in arkansas. we'll explain why a drug led a judge to put the deaths on hold.
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we've watched basically every episode, you know, growing up, over and over again. >> plus, a local doctor and "star trek" fan using inspiration from the sci-fi series to come up with a prize-winning high-tech way to diagnose patients.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look outside cape may, new jersey. still dark out there this morning, but you might be able to tell the roads are dry, there's no concern over rain for us today. in fact, i think mother nature really helped us out with this weekend forecast. we are looking at great conditions, both saturday and sunday. now, the winds will be picking up just a tad. nothing terribly strong today. winds mostly coming out of the south and southwest, and you see the wind speeds right around 15 miles per hour for philadelphia, wilmington, dover to millville. gusts up to 25 miles per hour. that's enough that you'll notice it, breezy conditions as we track lothroughout the afternoo.
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take a look at your forecast for both saturday and sunday. today a forecast high of 67 degrees. we'll see increasing clouds by this afternoon, which will give us a mostly cloudy forecast, but still some peaks of sun. 68 in delaware. then take a look as we get into your sunday forecast. mid-80s for some of us. philadelphia at 85 degrees. 84 for delaware and cooler, low 70s for the shore. but overall, really nice conditions as we go through your easter sunday. now, on top of that, we'll also be mostly sunny, so kind of the perfect forecast for the egg hunts or a morning nap. late in the day, we may see morning showers passing through. the rest of the region could see an isolated shower pass by. still, staying dry during the daytime hours for any plans you may have this weekend. we'll have more about the hourly forecast for easter and beyond coming up in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks, krystal. today in gloucester county,
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loved ones and friends of a teenager killed by a distracted driver will hold a walk in her memory. the 1k walk for nicky cleanny is set for today in washington park. she died in a car crash five years ago today. one year later in 2013, new jersey legislators passed nikki's law, a program notifying drivers that using a handheld device while driving is illegal. today churches and organizations nor the philadelphia area will help to make sure that families in need have a meal this easter. the program called easter outreach will distribute chicken, hams, and other groceries from a center in south philadelphia. organizers hope to hand out 6,000 meals this weekend. 11 minutes past 5:00 right now on this saturday. coming up, from sci-fi to reality. we'll show you how "star trek" inspired a local doctor to invent something new to save lives.
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executions in arkansas are on hold for now following a judge's decision. the state had originally planned to execute eight men by the end of the month. nbc's chris pallone explains this latest ruling. >> reporter: a circuit court judge in arkansas has politicked executions by lethal injection from taking place there. he ordered a temporary restrainer of the order after they found the drug wasn't supposed to be used in execution. arkansas's governor had originally scheduled eight executions over 11 days because another drug used in the execution process will expire at the end of april. a federal judge already blocked one execution earlier this month and by friday night, that number had fallen to six after the arkansas supreme court stepped
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in, granting bruce earl ward a temporary stay of his planned execution. the flurry of court action came after protests at the state capitol in arkansas friday. an attorney for three of the inmates had called it assembly line killing. >> it is unprecedented that the state is trying to execute this many people in this short a period of time. >> reporter: drug manufacturers have been reluctant to provide states more drugs used in legal injections since a botched execution happened in oklahoma three years ago. >> it's been a 25-year nightmare for the victims that have had to deal with this. and now it's time for that justice to be carried out. >> reporter: the arkansas attorney general's office says it will try to get the latest court decision halting the executions overturned by the state supreme court. chris pallone, nbc news. not guilty is the verdict for former nfl star, aaron hernandez, in the murders of two men in 2012.
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prosecutors say hernandez fired on the men's car in boston because he thought that they were being disrespectful to him when one of the men bumped him and spilled his drinking. the jury deliberated six days before acquitting the former patriots' tight end. >> he was innocent of these crimes and the jury spoke with one voice and we are delighted. >> the jury did find hernandez guilty of a weapons charge. he is already serving life in prison for a different murder in 2013. delta airlines is now allowing its supervurz visor tor passengers up to $10,000 to give up seats on overbooked flights. delta hopes to avoid a public relations nightmare like the one united airlines is currently facing. security officers were caught on video dragging a passenger off his flight earlier this week. he is now threatening to sue. united is reviewing its
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policies, including incentives for customers, and will announce any action by the end of the month. let's head now to washington, where the trump administration says it will not release logs of visitors to the white house, a policy followed by former president barack obama. the administration pointed to grave national security risks. watchdogs believe the logs are an important way to monitor which groups and individuals may be trying to influence pouu.s. policy. back hear in our area, down at the shore, a story we've been following for several years now. yesterday, homeowners in margate dropped their lawsuit against the state's dune rebuilding plan. the homeowners say they realize there was nothing they can do to prevent the start of the project. hurricane sandy badly damaged the beachfront in 2012. all right. it's that time for your saturday checklist. a few things you should grab as
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you head out the door, the umbrella not one of those things. the sunglasses you can grab. you get that glow sometimes in the afternoon when you have a cloudy day. so you might want to sunglasses on hand. light jacket, i would say you need it this morning, but not as we get into the afternoon once those temperatures make their way into the mid- and upper 60s. and rain boots certainly not something you will need as we track through this forecast. hair spray, though, some extra hair spray, maybe, for the ladies. that's a forecast i think you're going to need because we've got breezy to windy conditions today into tomorrow. here's a look at our radar and satellite view. starting wide, because we've got the clouds that are mostly vo d surrounding our area, but not yet to our area. as we track through today, we'll see more clouds move in. they're not really going to bring more rain. we're looking at a little additional moisture moving in, which will give us a very isolated chance of showers overnight. take a look at the forecast for today. upper 60s for us in our philadelphia neighborhood.
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center city, up to 67. the icons are pretty consistent here in showing us the cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions by later today. in the suburbs, mid-60s. that's about the same for the lehigh valley. mid-60s for our forecast highs. and into new jersey, same deal. mid- mid- to some upper 60s. a little cooler, that moderating effect along the shoreline. 58 for cape mau ay and atlantic city. in delaware, spot low 50s, but 66 for rehoboth beach. that's today let's go through today into tomorrow in your hour-by-hour forecast. starting wide here, and what we see is that if we zoom in and go through our neighborhoods, 2:30 in the afternoon, now we've got more clouds starting to hang overhead, but no rain producing with these clouds. overnight, 10:00 p.m., maybe an isolated shower near the poconos, lehigh valley. really just a spotlight shower is possible across the board, but that's it. isolated chances, at best.
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mostly, we stay dry overnight into your sunday morning. so now we're at 7:30 a.m. going to a sunrise service, going to be very nice conditions as we look across the board. and as we continue along through the day, actually, mostly sunny. this is a perfect easter forecast when it comes to the sunshine mixing in with a few scattered showers. temperatures that will be boosting into the 80s. and there you see the isolated shower starting to pop up around 4:30 sunday. as we go overnight, we could see some scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm as well, but it all clears out by the time we get to your monday morning. meaning overall, it's a dry sunday forecast, also. and here's a look at your easter sunday forecast in philadelphia, more by the hourly. 62 to start, very mild beginning at 6:00 a.m. 66 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and there are those 80s. we should track to the mid-80s for a high in philly. areas like the suburbs, pretty similar, 59 at 6:00 a.m. 81 at 3:00 p.m. and about the same in the lehigh valley, up to 80 by 3:00. as we go through new jersey,
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delaware, the shore, same deal. low 80s as we get into the afternoon with a mix of clouds and sun. on the tv show, "star trek," space was the final frontier, but for one local doctor, it's medicine. the sci-fi classic inspired his invention and it could revolutionize the way we monitor our health. nbc 10's keith jones shows us how. >> i would like to take you to sick bay. >> reporter: from the small screen, right into your kids' hands. the "star trek" tricorder. the medical device diagnosing patients so popular, we didn't care it was fake. >> that's cool. >> reporter: but now it's as real as ever, thoonanks to dr. basel harris. e.r. doctor by day, trekkie by night. >> we've watched nearly every episode p episode. >> space, the final frontier. >> reporter: to boldly go where
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no man has gone before. they entered the tricorder contest using their own money to replicate the mobile tricorder. >> how can i do that? that seems perfect. >> reporter: they came up with this. >> this is to measure your lung function. >> reporter: it's called dex terrify. it diagnoses and interprets 13 health conditions like pneumonia or diabetes, while monitoring five health vitals. >> let's try to make it into the top ten group. that would be incredible! >> reporter: especially with more than 300 different contestants from 12 countries, many with government or corporate backing. but in the end -- >> give you this check for $2.5 million. >> reporter: harris' group won! and in turn, so might billions of patients who live in medically underserved communities around the world. >> this is the beginning. this was a five-year journey, just like the "star trek" mission to get here, but it's really only the first step. >> that was nbc 10's keith jones reporting. right now there is a clinical
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trial at lankna research for medical institute. they'll help the brothers market the devices and they'll seek fda approval. this year's, you may want to think about a new pet, like this dog named bunny. she gets her name, of course, from her bunny-like ears. bunny is the longer shelter resident at providence county and this weekend she is free. no adoption fee. she's not the only one looking for a forever home. many dogs are looking for a forever female this holiday weekend and nbc 10 is committed to clearing the shelters in our area. you can help out by adopting from the providence animal center or act philly. in fact, act philly will be here during our 8:30 newscast with an adoptable pet that is looking for a home. that will be just ahead. ahead in our next half our, panic at penn station. we'll explain what has people
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>> there was a time when our kingdom was perfect. >> in "spark: a space tale," can a monkey and his friends save their planet from evil? this morning, runners will start their easter weekend by helping to raise money to fight
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parkinson's disease. the annual philly rabbit run begins at 8:00 this morning at philadelphia zoo. obviously, this is video from previous years and it was a little bit cooler. today should be warmer. there will be a special appearance by the easter bunny and participants will receive a set of bunny ears to wear during the run. this afternoon, an historic house in philadelphia's fern rock neighborhood will be hosting an easter egg hunt. visitors can fill their baskets on the stenton's ground starting at 1:00 this afternoon. the event is free, but reservations are required, because space is limited. 5:27 right now on this saturday, and the hunt continues for the attackers that beat up two teenagers at a philadelphia carnival. those teens tell us they are worried it could happen again. nbc 10's matt delucia is following the investigation. >> reporter: much of that attack was caught on cell phone video. we'll give you a look after the break. and we're looking at pretty good easter weekend forecast. we're going to go through the details of both your saturday and your sunday, coming up.
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panic at penn station. this morning, more than a dozen people are recovering from injuries following a stampede at the train station in new york. we'll explain what triggered the chaos. this morning, loved ones are grieving the loss of two women killed in this crash on the roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia. some family members are now raising new questions about safety tonight busy road. here is a live look over the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia. today is holy saturday, a day of reflection for christians here and around the world, this as many prepare to celebrate easter sunday, tomorrow. >> we're going to have a beautiful weekend on this easter weekend. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking some pleasant weather ahead for us.


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