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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> an intense multi-state man hunt is on for the man who shot and killed a man in a video posted on facebook. policy change, the move united airlines is making after video of a passenger being dragged off a plane went viral. parents, listen up. we have simple advice to help get your toddler and you more sleep. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, showers are moving through parts of our area. this is a live look at radar showing where that rain is falling right now. >> the mild weather is sticking around and you should expect to see the sun this afternoon as we take a live look right now at center city, philadelphia, broad street before city hall. >> good morning. i'm katy zachary. and i'm erin coleman.
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still well above average throughout our area. >> nbc first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with a bit of a mixed bag. >> that was a summer preview. you can look forward to that in june, july and august and today we do have a mixed bag. we saw sunshine this morning and the clouds racing and now it is a steady, light rain for philadelphia. you can see the raindrops on the lens and the view from the aquarium. look at the rain from the suburbs to new jersey and delaware and even through trenton and this is farther north than what was first expected and it will not be all day. the showers will dry out this afternoon and we will see sunshine again. the lehigh valley has dry out and the rain has ended there. 70 degrees at 2:00 and holding into the low 70s this afternoon and the wind shifting and that's going to give us a warm-up, allow for a warm-up and not for the 80s, not for today. late-day sunshine in philadelphia, and up to 72
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degrees for the suburbs and the jersey shore getting showers moving toward the shore right now. late-day sunshine and 70s today and lehigh valley, you will see late-day sunshine and you can see that with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, but these temperatures will come down even more. a look ahead with the ten day on ten when we come back. a violent weekend in philadelphia. police are looking into a lot of new cases. >> 20 people were shot since saturday and three are dead. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in center city and has been following the story all morning long. >> reporter: that spike in violence from the weekend continued into this morning. by the time the sun came up today two more were shot and killed and another two more people were recovering after being shot, as well. on the other side of the crime scene tape on east clemmons street in kensington, the cries of a woman who had just learned a loved one was killed.
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the 34-year-old victim just the latest person who died after being shot this morning. hours earlier on woodland avenue an officer on patrol heard a gun shot when the officer arrived to the 6200 block there was a crowd outside of a bar and a 27-year-old man lying dead in the street. on whitaker avenue, three people were shot outside of a sandwich shop. police believe that shooting could be related to an argument that was happening between two men at the time the victims arrived to the store. in all three incidents no arrests or motives leaving a tough job ahead for philly police who are now investigating a total of 20 shootings over a period of a few days. and a total of 17 people are recovering from those gunshot wounds. when i come back at 11:30, hear why police say weather could have played a factor in this deadly holiday weekend. for now, anyone with information should give philadelphia police a call. reporting live at police
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headquarters, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. new details about a 13-year-old who was shot on friday in burks county. police in florida arresteded a 19-year-old they think is the shooter. police say matthew hale shot the 13-year-old around 7:30 friday night in washington township. he was arrested an hour and a half from orlando and hale is from burks county and right now he's only facing drug charges. a multi-state man hunt is on for a killer who shot a man in cleveland and posted video of the shooting on facebook. >> the fbi has now joined in the search for the suspect who may have fled ohio and could be headed to pennsylvania. nbc's ron mott has more. >> reporter: a very disturbing homicide in cleveland on easter suspected. a 74-year-old grandfather gunned down in broad daylight and we should warn you some of the video you're about to see is graphic and upsetting. this morning the city of
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cleveland is on high alert. police and the fbi scrambling to find this man suspected of posting video on facebook that shows an execution in broad daylight and claiming to be responsible for multiple other murders. >> i have to find somebody to kill. i'll kill this guy right here. the horrifying video appears to show the suspect as steve stephens getting out of his car and telling the victim he's going to die because of a woman. >> yeah. this is the reason why this is about to happen to you. >> even raises the handgun. shortly before the murder stephens describes the motivation on his facebook page which is no longer active. >> she started to drive me crazy, i started to gamble, i lost everything. i lost everything i had, man. >> claiming the woman he was dating is responsible for making him snap blaming her for his crimes. >> the people i'm about to kill on easter sunday is not my first. he's made claims he's killed others though his claims haven't
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been verified. >> what happened today is senseless. if steve has an issue he needs to talk to some folks to get that resolved. >> law enforcement officials say they have not located any additional shooting scenes or bodies and are asking stephens to reach out to family and local clergy for help. >> we're sasking him to turn himself in and we're asking everyone from the state and local partners. if that doesn't happen we'll look until we find him. >> the vehicle police are searching for is a newer model white four-door ford fusion with temporary ohio tags and the search has spread beyond ohio to neighboring states especially indiana and pennsylvania. police say do not approach this man if you see him. he is considered to be armed and dangerous. that's the latest in cleveland. let's send it back to you. >> in philadelphia, fire damages a home in the bella vista neighborhood. sky force 10 was over christian street at 10:00 this morning and as you can see smoke was billowing out of the third-floor
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window and no reports of injuries there. >> a fire destroyed part of a church. sky force 10 just after 5:00 this morning. smoke was pouring out of the memorial presbyterian church. no report of injuries. >> a man is facing a slew of charges after police say he hit a woman and his her 6-year-old niece with a dirt bike. after the crash officers say douglas carjacked a man. he then dumped that car and was later found injured in the woods. both the woman and the girl he hit remain in the hospital. the mother of a missing uber driver from montgomery county is pleading for help to find her daughter. 45-year-old kristen laib was last seen in northeast philadelphia. she was driving a subaru legacy with hja 8582.
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testimony continues in northeastern pennsylvania in the trial of accused cop killer eric frein. >> he shot two straight troopers in 2013, killing one of them. the surviving trooper and a doctor who treated him are expected to take the stand this week. last week, jurors got a look at the diary investigators say frein kept while on the run from police for nearly two months. new video shows a pair of robbers in action. they jumped the counter in a popeye's restaurant in philadelphia's cedar brook neighborhood. this was last thursday just after 9:00 p.m. they had guns and started grabbing cash out of the registers. police say they made off with more than $1300. time for a check on the road with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. you were watching that over the last hour. any changes? >> yeah. we are seeing big delays here and that's because there is a construction project on the southbound side, moving through conshohocken, you will see some
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slowdown there especially headed southbound with those lane restrictions. the schuylkill looks better than it did earlier and we had an easy morning commute. right now, just basic slowdowns and 16 minutes or 18 minutes on the westbound side from the vine to the blue route. speeds are slow with the roads being wet, as well. also watching for a crash in upper marion on henderson road right around shoemaker road and watch for this vehicle that spun out right in bell mar, 295 headed southbound just around 76 and just approaching this area here and you can see that delay in slowdown. just before you take that split toward a different part of south jersey like the 42 freeway and getting up to 676 toward philadelphia. watch for slowdowns there, as well and other than that, you'll be fine headed out the door with slippery spots. erin, back to you. police and other emergency responders are testing their skills at an active shooter drill. the drill being held this morning inside a middle school in lower makeville township.
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dozens of students, parents and staff members are working with 50 law enforcement personnel. they are re-enacting what would happen if a gunman entered the school. after the drill they would go over what could be improved in their response. tonight the eight candidates running for philadelphia d.a. will debate. the forum set for drexel university crime school of law. seven democrats and one republican are looking to succeed district attorney seth williams who is not running for reelection. williams is facing federal corruption charges. all right. to this now, time for a change. united airlines makes a move in the aftermath of this video that's been seen around the world. how the new policy will affect future passengers. and ready, set, roll. it's a big day for thousands of kids in the nation's capital as president trump hosts the white house tradition for the first time. we've got clouds rolling through with rain this morning, but it will be moving out.
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we'll get some sunshine and we're heading back towards normal spring temperatures, too. a look ahead with the ten day on 10 when we come back.
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>> a strong warning today to north korea from vice president mike pence. he's in south korea this morning. >> the vice president served notice to the north korean leader that u.s. patience with their nuclear program is running out. maggie frayer reports from seoul. >> reporter: on his second day in south korea, vice president mike pence warning north korea
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that the era of strategic patience is over. >> all options are on the table. just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve. >> reporter: during a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone dividing the two ckoreas the vie president could look directly at north korea and north korean soldiers staring back. while the trip to south korea was planned long ago it took on added significance, following a missile test by the rogue nation. >> we want to see north korean abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons and also its continual use and testing of ballistic missiles is unacceptable. >> reporter: with tensions escalating, the american position hardening and a naval
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strike group headed toward the peninsula, pressure is mounting. >> reporter: the vice president has given u.s. security assurances to south korea saying the commitment is iron clad. he wants to push ahead with an anti-missile defense system known as s.a.d. now back to you. a white house tradition for 139 years keeps on rolling this year just in a smaller version of the annual easter egg roll on the south lawn. you would never know from looking at it, but there are a lot fewer kids this year than in the past. last year, 35,000 people attended. this time about 21,000 kids and adults are rolling their eggs down the lawn. the trumps have been slow to fill white house staff jobs and so far it looks like the annual easter tradition is a success. happening now, the boston marathon is under way. crews spent the past week preparing the course for the world famous race. the 121st running of the boston
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marathon started just about an hour ago. most runners will finish this afternoon. many of the best marathon runners in the world compete in the elite event. this year is the fourth anniversary of the tragic bombing that took place near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 260 others. caught on camera, a tornado touchdown in rural nebraska. this is video taken saturday in dunbar, an hour south of omaha. there are no reports of damage. the tornado was part of severe weather that moved through that area. wow. now your nbc ten first alert weather. >> 16 minutes after 11:00. we started the day with sunshine and clear skies, but look at rehoboth beach and rain will be moving into rehoboth and it's still dry at the jersey shore for cape may, but the rain is on the way to cape may. the rain is moving through wilmington and that's keeping temperatures cooler for wilmington and here at the nbc
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10 studios, as well. we did see sunshine first thing this morning and we will see sunshine breaking through this afternoon as the clouds thin out, but rain is holding the temperatures back to the lehigh valleys and suburbs in delaware with the clouds and showers with 62 degrees in philadelphia and 65 in south jersey and those are areas that have yet to see the rain. it's still warm. 72 degrees right now in the jersey shore and these are rain-cooled temperatures for greenville and marshallton and harmony hills and still dry, it's at 73 degrees and rehoboth beach at 74 degrees, but those numbers will come down and you'll see that at the shore, as well, once the rain moves in. this rain moving through philadelphia and it's starting to dry out for some of the suburbs and the lehigh valley looking likely to stay dry for the rest of the day in allentown and the showers starting to taper off in chester county. steadier rainfall will continue into the afternoon for wilmington and south jersey, but
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there's nothing here, but light rainfall and nothing heavy about this, just enough to give us a dreary start on this monday. once the clouds start to thin out this afternoon that's when the temperatures will bump out and the clouds will be moving out fairly quickly and watch the rain moving offshore and out of here by 6:30 this evening. the clouds will still be along the coastline and keep cape may cool and the delaware beaches cool and to the north you can see how nicely it clears out and you'll end the day with sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and it will be a nice turnaround for the weather. showers to start with and eventually up to 74 degrees for center city and low 70s for lansdale and you'll see more sunshine in the lehigh valley than of the rest of the area as the clearing has started. trenton, 73 degrees and cape may and ocean city into the low 70s. with late-day sunshine it will bounce into the 70s for
11:19 am
wilmington. the trend lower. yesterday, 80s, today 70s and tomorrow and wednesday back to close to normal. this line, 65 degrees and that's the normal temperature. we'll get a normal day on thursday, but that comes with the possibility that you'll need your umbrella again. more showers on the way. so the showers out of here this afternoon and it will be dry this evening and cooler tomorrow morning and back to the 40s to start with and up to 66 in the afternoon and chillier on wednesday as clouds start to move in. there is a slight chance of of a late-day shower on wednesday and more likely we'll see wet weather on thursday and friday, showers and thunderstorms are possible, but brace for the weekend. at least the first half. saturday, 65 degrees with lots of sunshine and the chance of showers returns not just for sunday, but it's going to be here for sunday, monday and tuesday with lingering clouds next wednesday. >> thank you. mission accomplished. >> that's right. operation breathing room brought dozens of animals rescued from
11:20 am
puerto rico to our area. coming up next, you'll meet two adorable dogs still looking for good homes.
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last week we told you about a very special arrival. 56 animals were rescueded from shelters in puerto rico as part of a mission called operation breathing room. this morning we have two of those cuties here who are still looking for loving homeses. meet rubio who is -- hi, rubio, a terrier mix, very much a mix, we were saying and tina the dachshund, the 3-year-old dachshund. they are here along with linda terrelly and brandy hines from the spca. thank you, ladies, for being here and bringing these adorable dogs. >> our pleasure. >> so first, let's talk with the best homes they're suited. rubio? >> he's a lap doing and gets
11:24 am
along well with other dogs and he'll do well in just about any home and does well with other dogs. >> so docile. what a cutie. tell us about tina. >> tina is about 3 years old. that's an estimate. she, i think, is a little bit more active than rubio, but is dog friendly, and we believe kid friendly and so she would fit into most homes, but i would think you would need at least one active person to work with her. >> okay. all right. good to know. so tell us about this unique push to bring these animals, nearly 60 of them from puerto rico here to pennsylvania. >> it was a really exciting mission to be a part of. over 200 animals came in total. we were one participating organization. the situation in puerto rico is at a crisis level. only 8% of the stray animals leave shelters alive and there's an initiative to help the community and shelters make long-term change. we took the animals to give the shelters breathing room to make
11:25 am
the arrangements for the animals. >> are people more inclined to adopt dogs because they're from puerto rico than any other state or country. >> based on some connection to the culture. our first home adopted went home to a spanish teacher. >> people are interested in the fact that they've come from a different part of our area. all right. so tell us a little bit about the animals that have been adopted. how many so far? >> of the 56 animal, about three-quarters have gone home. we welcome both cats and dogs and we have a lot of terrific animals still available at the westchester location. >> tina and rubio, and they're perfect to have a lively person to play with her. >> linda and kathy, thank you so much and we'll talk about one of the events and one of our colleagues is emceeing it. it's the walk for paws 5k run, walk and family fun.
11:26 am
and nbc 10's tim furlong is the emcee for that event. for more information head to our website, nbc and check out the nbc 10 app. erin? thank you. it was a violent holiday weekend throughout the city of philadelphia. next, what police are saying about a string of shootings and the possible motive for the violence.
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we continue to track showers moving through parts of our area this morning. here is a live look right now on the radar showing where the rain is falling at the moment. meteorologist bill henley is here with a look at the forecast. >> here's where it was fall, but now it is not. it's drying out in easton. we're waiting for the clouds to break and that will happen this afternoon and that's when we will see the temperatures warm up. you can see easton is dry and allentown tracking showers to the west. you might see a sprinkle, but
11:30 am
the steadier rain, that's to the south moving through chester county and delaware and philadelphia. it will not last much longer in philadelphia, either. there's the tail end of it. it's delaware and south jersey that will see the rainfall into the afternoon, but it is just light rain and it's going to keep temperatures in the 60s into the afternoon for delaware and philadelphia. south jersey is at 69 degrees and starting to thin out and warm up a bit in the lehigh valley in burks county and fleetwood is 63 right now and nazareth, 65, into the 70s this afternoon. the wind has shifted since the weekend. this is dry air coming in. so as damp as it may be in your neighborhood right now it's going to dry out in a hurry and with dryer air moving in, that will make for a chillier night tonight. a look at that when i come back in a few minutes. >> bill, we'll see you then. 20 people shot and counting. a violent weekend continued into this morning in philadelphia. three people are now dead from
11:31 am
gun fire. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live with the latest on the search for the suspects, pam? >> reporter: these investigations are really just getting started. likely several suspects out there. at this hour what police have are a lot of victims and so many that they held off on giving us an official count and we did our own and counted nearly two dozen gunshot victims over a three-day period. >> right now, philadelphia police are investigating after 20 people were shot on what turned out to be a deadly holiday weekend. the violent carried through to this morning. on the other side of the crime scene tape on east clemmons street in kensington were cries of a woman who had just learneded a loved one was killed. the 34-year-old victim just the latest person who died after being shot this morning. hours earlier on woodland avenue an officer on patrol heard a gun shot. when the officer arrived to the
11:32 am
6200 block there was a crowd outside of a bar and a 27-year-old man lying dead in the street and on whitaker avenue, three people were shot outside of a sandwich shop. police believe that shooting could be related to an argument that was happening between two men at the time the victims arrived to the store. in all three incidents no arrests or motive and the same is to be said for the weekend's first homicide. a woman who was shot on f street at 119 easter morning. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> we get shootings at beacon valley and we have enough police out here to respond to any of these assignments. >> reporter: if you have any information about any of those shootings, give police a call. reporting live outside of police headquarters i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. checking out our nbc 10
11:33 am
headlines now. this murder suspect who cleveland police said killed an elderly man and posted it to facebook could be hiding in pennsylvania. authorities say steve stephens randomly shot ask killnd killed. he was angry at a woman. the man hunt includes pennsylvania along with new york, indiana and michigan. >> philadelphia fire investigators are looking for the cause of this fire in the bella vista neighborhood. sky force 10 was over the house fire on christian street around 10:00 this morning. smoke you see in the video was pouring out of the third-floor windows. everyone did make it out safely. >> a church fire is being investigated and smoke was pouring out. there are no reports of injuries. president trump is back from his easter weekend in mar-a-lago. >> this morning he's hosting the annual easter egg roll on the lawn of the white house.
11:34 am
>> first lady melania trump is speaking. let's take a listen. >> -- all around the world who are keeping us safe. as we renew these traditions, thank you for joining us. on behalf of the president and barron we wish you great fun and beautiful days coming ahead of us and happy easter. thank you. goode bless you. >> and the president is keeping a close eye on north korea. he is also on the defense today after protesters hit the streets demanding to see his tax returns. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: president trump staying largely out of sight this weekend. his motorcade captured rolling into his palm beach episcopal church for easter services, but in an easter morning tweet storm he issued everythi -- he once v
11:35 am
label the country a currency manipulator. >> they're grand masters of currency manipulation. >> reporter: the president now reversing that opinion tweeting sunday why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korean problems. we will see what happens. it wasn't just foreign policy. mr. trump responding to the thousands who protested all across the country over the weekend demanding the president release his tax returns. emotions boiling over leading to arrests in california. for the most part, demonstrators were peaceful, but determined to get their message out, including some who live near his west palm beach resort. >> every other president has shown their tax return, and i think there's something in there that he wants to hide. >> the president who has said he won't release his returns because he's under audit is lashing out. i did almost an impossible thing to do for a republican, easily
11:36 am
won the electoral college and now tax returns are coming up again, someone should look into who paid for the organized rallies yesterday. the election is over. there's no sign the protesters are planning to let up. kristen welker, nbc 10 news. >> today new supreme court justice neil gorsuch will get to work on his first case. the court will start hearing the final cases of the term. the court leans conservative with the addition of gorsuch and that may make a difference in one of the most important cases of the term involving religion and government. the outcome could make it easier to use state money for schooling in many states. >> arkansas is fighting to execute two death row inmates. bruce earl ward and don davis junior are both scheduled to die tonight, but a state court judge blocked the state from using one of the three lethal injection drugs. a judge issued stays of execution and lawyers for the state are now appealing. this would be the start of a series of double executions
11:37 am
scheduled in that state before a key sedative used in lethal injections expires at the end of the month. after this incident on a united plane, more than a week ago, united airlines is changing its policy for displacing passengers. united will no longer allow crew members to displace customers already onboard an aircraft. the change outlined in an internal e-mail requires crew members that they must make ride bookings at least an hour prior to departure and crews previously could be booked prior to the time of the departure. >> we are learning about the singer prince. search warrants for his home were unsealed today. investigators have been trying to find who gave the singer the drug that killed him. a court document revealed a doctor prescribed a pain killer under the name of a friend to protect prince's privacy.
11:38 am
prince was struggling with opioid addiction when he died if april. a rough landing for an easter bunny in south texas. he came down fast and crashed into a man who was waiting for him in a corpus christi church. all appeared to be fun after they untangled themselves. from bunnies to bulls. check out this bull on the loose in las vegas. police spent more than an hour chasing this guy and police eventual eventually trapped him in an apartment complex. prince harry revealed he was seeking counseling in his late 20s to help deal with the grief of losing his mother. harry, whose mother diana died in a car crash in paris when he was just 12 years old said he had come very close it a complete breakdown. he added that his older brother prince william had encouraged him to seek help and had seen a shrink several times. >> in pittsburgh, a public
11:39 am
viewing will be held in heinz field for dan rooney. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. rooney died thursday and he was 84 years old and son of the steelers founder art rooney and served as u.s. ambassador to ireland under former president barack obama. happening now, jersey shore star michael "the situation" sorrentino and his brother are appearing in court. the two are being arraigned on,a dishl tax fraud charges. the brothers pled not guilty to charges they filed bogus tax returns and claimed millions in business expenses. just a reminder that your 2017 tax deadline. >> procrastinators, you got an extra three days because the 15th is a weekend. the irs has processed more than 100 million individual tax returns. it has also issued about $230 billion in refunds. the average refund is just over $2800. the irs says about 40 million
11:40 am
taxpayers still have to file their returns. if you can't make tomorrow's deadline, you can ask for a six-month extension, but you need to file the paperwork to do so. you may be doing some spring cleaning. this weekend was a good time, right? it turns out many are outsourcing that work. even the simplest of household chores is a turnoff for many americans. angie's list found nearly half farming out yard work and a third are outsourcing house cleaning this year. a new app is helping match handymen with homeowners. >> assemble ikea furniture, mow lawns and do all kinds of jobs that allow me to use my hands. >> reporter: takl currently provides service in ten states and more than 128 cities and more than 58,000 people have signed up to be providers. >> here is a story with a happy
11:41 am
ending. members of a salt lake city fire department saveded some ducklings that were trappeded in a storm drain yesterday. they then took the ducks to a nearby lake and reunited them with their mother. there was a lot of happy quacking. >> i think erin and i both know this from experience. those little ones, they love their devices, but parents love their sleep and they want their little one to get their rest, as well. now a new study shows the one thing parents can do to help their kids get more zs. that's next. this is weather a duck would love. some rain moving through. temperatures that are in the 60s right now, but there's sunshine ahead. look at your ten-day on 10 just ahead.
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you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. happening now. the first family is meeting people gathered fortunate annual easter egg roll at the south lawn of the white house. here is a live look right now. president trump and first lady melania trump and their son barron is there. president trump is seated at the picnic table speaking with young kids. we've seen president trump's trump son donald and tiffany trump. it's estimated 25,000 people are attending this morning's event which is down from about 34 -- 32,000 from last year. an electric shock hazard has prompted the recalls of about 50,000 adjustable beds. the recall involves the bases of the customatic adjustable beds. the ac outlets could be
11:45 am
incorrectly wired posing a shock hazard. they were sold at mattress stores nationwide from june 2012 to this year for $1500. customers should stop using the ac plug on the side of the bed and contact customatic bed sdmroos you want your toddlers it sleep better? keep them away from the smartphones. 75% of parents said they used an ipad or smartphone to 45 minutes a day. every hour of daily screen use equaled 30 minutes less sleep. electronic media may be replacing sleep time or the stimulating content may make it harder for kids to fall asleep. cycling enthusiasts say they never need a reason to ride, but this morning we're going to give everyone one very important reason to get moving, cycling, to get help childhood cancer this saturday. you are invited to participate in ride for a reason and here to tell us a little bit more about this cycling fund-raiser is leah
11:46 am
cordraro fitness manager from mount laurel and michael from which were children's research hospital. thank you both for being here. what can people expect on side. >> saturday begins at the mount laurel location right across ben franklin bridge we have four amazing hours of cycle classes going on. we have over 200 riders both in members that are a part of lifetime and non-members. we're going to promote and announce our signature formats as part of the ride and it all is for the donations going towards st. jude's children's research as well as the lifetime foundation. >> just a worthy cause. do you have to be an experienced cyclist or cycler to be a part of this? >> no, no, no, no. not at all. not at all. michael is from st. jude's and
11:47 am
he'll be there. we're going to put him on a bike, i think. >> i will absolutely be on a bike. >> this is for all levels of cycle enthusiasts and actually you have a choice of riding as a team for an hour or you can stay for the whole four hours. we actually do have some riders from last year that did stay for the entire four hours. it's a super day of just fun, obviously community building for a beautiful cause for st. jude's children's research. everybody loves st. jude's. so talk about where the money goes? how is this money going to be used? well, these two specific, what's happening that day is lifetime foundation and st. jude's children's research hospital and all of that money goes to those two organizations and st. jude is exactly what it is. we're finding cures in saving children. we are leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases and the lifetime
11:48 am
foundation is there to improve the wellness of children as well through nutrition and education through what they're eating and everything else. so money that is raised that day goes directly to those two causes. >> and every dollar makes a difference. >> every dollar. >> every dollar. >> danny thomas had a great saying where he would rather a dollar from a million people than a million dollars from one person because the power of a dollar goes a long way. >> leah and michael, thank you very much for being here. good luck on saturday. we want a lot of people to show up, april 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to noon from mount laurel. for more information be sure to go to our website, nbc or check out the nbc 10 at:00 a.m. >> we'll kick off the ride with our chairperson. be there by 7:00 a.m. >> 7:00 a.m. to noon. all right. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a cloudy one this morning and still raining in del
11:49 am
rey, new jersey. look at the gray skies there. the clouds are starting to increase in margate and still waiting for rain and much of the shore. the shore communities are looking at temperatures in the 70s and 72 degrees in the jersey shore. that's where the temperatures are stuck in the 60s. south jersey, 65 degrees and piles grove while it's 63 at clayton and robbinsville, 62 and hopewell township and also into the low 60s headed for the 70s, just into the 70s this afternoon. the trend is for warmer weather as we dry out this afternoon. for philadelphia, the peak is at 4:00 today right around 73 degrees and a quick cooldown this evening and the winds are blowing in dryer air and it will get chillier overnight than what we saw this morning in fact, the morning temperatures were in the 60s and we'll be heading into the 60s by 2:00, and by then all
11:50 am
of this rain is out of here. already drying out for the lehigh valley and many of the suburbs are already seeing the dry conditions and you're still looking at hours more of light rainfall for delaware and into south jersey, but it's not going to be all day. we'll get this out of here and we'll get a nice, sunny day tomorrow and there will be wet weather and it will be teaming out of this mostur and why not drag some of this moisture our way. it will be nice and sunny tomorrow, but by wednesday morning clouds will start racing in here and this is wednesday morning at 8:30 and there's the next chance ever wet weather and the slight chance of a shower wednesday to wednesday afternoon at 4:00. mainly just cloud owe wednesday. the better chance comes into thursday and friday, thursday morning, 7:30, could see some rain coming into the area. we do need rain, spring time and
11:51 am
we'll get more later in the week. the rain this morning and that will be out of here this afternoon and we will see some late-day sunshine and it's going to be a quick warm-up into the 7 s this afternoon with that late sunshine. tomorrow, sunshine all day, but a chilly morning, 49 degrees to start with, 66 in the afternoon and even colder come wednesday. that's a little bit below normal for a high temperature, but right on normal for the morning low. 46 in the morning. the clouds increasing first thing on wednesday and they'll get sunshine in the morning and then those clouds coming in and as we saw in the future cast, a slight chance of of a shower and a springel on bdz awednesday an better chance of rain on thursday. thursday ahead of the cold front then once the cold front passes we'll see the temperatures dip once again and it could pass with showers and thunderstorms on friday. drying out on saturday and saturday looks like the day this weekend and there's as than that we'll see showers coming in on sunday with temperatures in the 60 60es ons.
11:52 am
>> sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday we'll be back to normal spring weather which means more spring showers for monday and tuesday and then we'll be drying out next wednesday. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> it may feel like baseball season, but you'll be thinking about baseball this afternoon.
11:55 am
>> carson wentz will be talking about his upcoming season with the eagles. he'll be speaking to the media since last season came to a close. we'll bring you what he says on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00. if you remember how brian dawkins hit for the eagles he may appreciate this blindsided play. teddy roosevelt was leading the president's race when -- wait for it. out of nowhere, the easter bunny takes him down. here's a look at the replay. it is quite a takedown. the bunny gleefully gets up and walks away. he makes his way up and off the field at national park. the phillys went on to lose to the nationals 6-4. it was in all fun. >> coming up this afternoon at 3:00, olympic gymnast simone biles will pay a visit to the ellen show and john mayer will perform. this afternoon preserve history or build a brand-new facility. the debate over dwremeevelopmen
11:56 am
of a new boys and girls club that has a philadelphia neighborhood divided. that's today at 4:00. and our forecast, not bad. we've got some rain. >> need the rain. we're getting it on a monday, not bad. by afternoon, you'll see some sunshine breaking through. the temperatures not bad at all. we're normally in the middle 60s this time of year. we'll be up to 74 degrees with the sunshine and then it's 60s for the next couple of days and we'll be dry until thursday and showers and thunderstorms on friday and we'll dry out into the weekend, but not all weekend. more rain heading in next week. >> let me tell you, my lawn is smiling. >> exactly. >> i'm a happy gardener. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm katy zachry and for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day and we'll see you here at 4:00. you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets.
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>> brady: you know what? this is kind of fun. [laughs] it really is. i mean, here we are looking for our new home to relocate to. take a look at this. bariloche, argentina. my god, nicole, this has-- it has mountain skiing. it has this giant lake. it's beautiful. take a look at this. look at this. >> nicole: no, no, no, it's okay. anywhere you pick is fine. >> brady: [sighs] okay, um... hey, we need a new name for you. we need to think about our new aliases, so... what do you want to do? how about laura? no, no, lisa. li--lois would be fun-- >> nicole: no, no, not lois. it's too close to lolita. >> brady: you know, nic, um, i know you're upset about this scooter guy and his fascination with "locker room lolita." i get it. i think it's disin


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