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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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home. shot in the groin, an off duty police officer accused of shooting her husband in their driveway in bucs county. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. a domestic dispute triggered the shooting. there were kids nearby when this all happened. >> police tell us the children were inside the house. the shooting happened here on the driveway in front of the home. we're told that before police arrived, that man was able to get inside the house and that's where paramedics found him. tonight he's being treated at the hospital. >> it's a quiet neighborhood, but things happen. >> they knew a quiet family lived at number 83. >> they have lived there about a year. good neighbors, no noise, no problems. nothing like that. very polite kids. >> they saw the three kids outside playing, but know very little about the parents.
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>> i didn't know. >> the woman has been identified as a philadelphia federal officer. neighbored didn't know that until news broke she was accused of shooting her husband in the couple's driveway. what led to the shooting, police are not saying. but in a statement they have labeled the case a domestic-related shooting. neighbors say the family moved in a year ago and have rented from the current owners who have the house up for sale. >> good neighbors from the standpoint of no issues, no problems. >> all of this happened about 5:30 this morning. the home remains an ty crime scene with police posted outside. clothes and belongings for the couple's children. we reached out to the attorney who declined to comment. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. also developing tonight, the so-called facebook killer is dead after a trip to a
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pennsylvania mcdonald's. steve stephens alluded police for 48 hours after investigators say he murdered a man and posted a video of the crime to facebook. >> the murder happened in cleveland, ohio. they found him about two hours away in erie, pennsylvania. when he pulled up to a mcdonald's drive-thru and organized mcnuggets and fries. employees stalled him by saying his fries weren't ready. he got nervous and drove off but did not get far. >> one of the country's most wanted no longer on the run. the manhunt ended in erie, pennsylvania, after a worker at a mcdonald's drive-thru recognized him and called police. >> he couldn't have gone more than 0 yards on buffalo road before the police were behind had him. >> authorities say stephens shot and killed himself. >> we would liked to have brought him peacefully and talked to him to find out why this happened. >> reporter: stephens recorded himself shooting and killing a
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74-year-old man and posted the video to facebook. godwin, a father and a grandfather, was seemingly pi picked at random. the horrific crime raised questions about the responsibility of social media outlets when it comes to policing criminal content. >> this is shotgun something that should not have been shared. >> facebook said we disabled the suspect's account within 23 minutes of receiving the first report about the murder video, but we know we need to do better. mark zuckerberg commented at the annual f-8 conference. >> we have a lot of work ask we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: a manhunt over, but promises for changes in the future to help others avoid the grief. tz. >> a statement about the pursuit of this suspect saying on behalf
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of all pennsylvanians and americans, i thank these troopers. the entire state police and all law enforcemented for their heroism in protecting their fellow citizens. all new at 5:00, police are searching for a woman accused in a kidnapping case. in january police say she respond ed ed to a an ad of a m seeking companionship. prison guards held hostage in delaware this february filed a federal lawsuit. the survivors of that standoff lasted 18 hours and got there publicly for the first time to announce the lawsuit. they were joined by the family of steven floyd killed in the uprising. to beef up staff at the correctional center after an
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earlier inmate uprising. attorneys claim the governors relied on excessive overtime by corrections officers to cover gaps and state leaders were kept in the dark. >> these policies were hidden from our elected representatives in the general assembly. they never knew what was going on. neither the survivors or the family spoke today, but attorneys say each of them remains shaken by the revolt. so far neither of delaware's governors are commenting on the news against them. >> another spring day with a summer like feel.
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>> you're inside today. we should enjoy the day because a rainy pattern is coming. >> and we are sunny. look the a the live cameras across neighborhoods. we are sunny still. delaware at 60 right now and 70 in the lehigh valley. really holding on to. some of the warmth. there's a look at your radar and satellite. there's no green or gray to indicate the clouds. still clear and i suspect overnight will stay the same. look a little further to the southwest. we see moisture and clouds. that will be heading our direction. so here's what's coming up.
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as we go into your wednesday, it will be more cloudy as the moisture starts to edge in and seasonal temperatures. the weekend is a mixed bag of the sun and the clouds. we'll talk more about that coming up in it a few minutes. >> jury selection began in the murder trial of a south enginje man accused of killing his 3-year-old son. he's accused of killing his 3-year-old son in hazarden township in 2015 prosecutors say he did it because the child got in the way of his relationship for the teenage girlfriend. he says he's innocent. a warning today from police in wildwood about a a man targeting children. or at least appearing to do so. police say an elderly man recently approached children twice in two days. first he stopped to talk to two middle school girls. the next day he asked a boy playing in front of his house if his father was home. police want parents to call them
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if their children has had a similar incident. >> did not know the person and tr them to engage in conversation without adults around raises the level of awareness for us. >> parents should practice what if e scenarios with their children and always alert of a stranger approaches them. take a look at this scare on the road for delaware attorney general today. these photos were taken after a tree fell on his car. it happened along brackenville. he and his son were inside at the time. he and his dad are expected to be okay. kids got their first look inside the new elementary school. the school can hold more than 700 students. up next at 5:00, sanction ware city funding fight. philadelphia's police chief tells us what it would mean if the white house takes money tr
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his officers. plus a gun crisis on the streets of camden. teens are marching to make a life-saving difference. all new at 5:00. and shaming at the nfl draft. a philadelphia teacher's plan to call out to people when a football world's eyes around the parkway. but first how montgomery county yours are feeling about president trump's spending plan.
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today families are fed up with gun violence plaguing the 21 neighborhoods. people with loved ones killed in shootings marched for piece today. that included a family of the 8-year-old who was shot and killed while riding her bike last summer. >> cydney long joins us live in camden tonight. they are rallying just before summer when the violence tends to spike. >> you and i both know as soon as the temperatures start to rise, so too does the homicide rate. students who were all from school on spring break marched in honor of a victim they know they also marched to protect the past time of playing at the
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park. zero tolerance for guns and violence look like this today in camden. city residents students on spring break laced up to make a difference. this as warmer weather is here. a time when crime spikes in camden. >> i need them to be able to play outside and not worry about gunshots. >> they marched five blocks along with 200 marchers. >> max will always speak up even if one person listens it may be one life saved. it's not just about holding lawmakers accountable.
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the goal to stop gun violence in crime before it happened. >> we took our story beyond the march earlier today right into the camden police evidence room. we'll show you how they are taking guns off the streets right here in camden when we see you coming up at 6:00. for now live in camden, zillion, nbc 10 news. breaking news we're following sky force 10 over this scene. a person hit by a car in kenzing on to. you can see an officer there and the police tape up. the driver of the car did stop.
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we will koblt to monitor the scene. >> philadelphia police commissioner says the department would be dez mated if the city loses federal funding because of the status. >> he presented the budget. earlier this year ross and other police chief met with the attorney general. this there were measures put in place by the government, they were decimated in terms of what we're able to do.
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it's the area's largest meals on wheels distributor. meals on wheels could be in jeopardy under the trump administration's proposed budget, which includes a 35% cut in funding. >> president trump is signing off on another executive order that would keep jobs here in the u.s. the president announced his buy american, hire american order during a speech at a factory in wisconsin. president trump said this election, the american people voted to end the theft of american prosperity. he also said the bill will send a powerful signal to the world and finally put america first. turning tnow to the weather. a a perfect day to ditch the car.
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>> really a nice day. >> temperatures a little cooler. but really we all look a little like this. blue skies a lot of sunshine, looking pretty good. this is a shot in center city through philadelphia. same deal. beautiful blue skies, nice look at the shore. the ocean is kind of inviting. what we're looking at is our philadelphia neighborhood most of us in the 60s around 70 degrees. 68 for the airport location. 69 in summerton. so it's a clear one.
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there's no rain to track. there's no clouds to track today. we have been tracking the sunshine. and as we get into the next few days, it's not something i'll be to say. more clouds moving in and the wet period begin ining as well. here's the forecast for our temperatures. about the 60s as well. notice the icon difference. cloudy conditions. as we go throughout the evening into tomorrow morning, just a few spot clouds. so pretty clear. temperatures will sink down into the 40s. a nice start to your wednesday. we continue throw your
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wednesday. clouds spill in from the west. we have this cloudy, gray forecast through the afternoon. not a lot of moisture quite yet making it to the ground. a few spots of green. a little isolated shower by wednesday evening. mostly in the northern zones. it's overnight and into your thursday morning. you see the showers roll on by. and we're still not talking a ton of rain. but spotty showers and thunderstorms are possible as we continue into the afternoon this is at 8:00 p.m. the model is missing out just a tad. it's not giving us any showers around our region. a thunderstorm is possible in the later day because we see the warmth in our afternoon with those 70s returning to your thursday. then we continue overnight into your friday. you see more rain passing through. the greens moving by indicating a heavier rain possible. and again some isolated thunderstorms possible for your friday. we're talking some of us making it to the 80s. here's a a look at the ten-day. 63 for wednesday.
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that's the dip. we pick back up. 80 by friday. another drop as we go into sunday. this is a mix i was talking about. but cloudy and rain with that 58 sunday. chance of rain continues into monday. look at the drought forecast. next thursday, friday, very nice temperatur temperatures. >>ed sin is king ship at the jersey shore. how a boat made famous in the perfect storm will soon become a permanent part of the coastline. better health care for military members and their families. we'll explain the new hero care program in south jersey tonight.
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working at the u.s. capitol has died after being hit by a large tree. it happened at the corner of independence avenue and first street. the man was an employee with the architect of the u.s. capital. he was working on an irrigation system at the time. it's unclear what caused that tree to come down. tonight there's a new medical initiative in south jersey to help military members and families at joint base. the hero care connect program is a joint effort from cooper
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university. it will give active duty family, retirees and veterans access to more than 75 medical services that aren't available on the base. officials touted the new program's ease for its users. >> it it takes just one call to our specially trained team to e get the patients connected to the care that they need. >> the plan will significantly cut down wait times and offer services closer to veterans h e homes. to a big honor today for the department of human services in philadelphia. today at city hall, several people were presented with crusader awards. they were pick ed tr helping change the lives of children who have been abused or cut off in the criminal justice system. tonight we're hours away from the grand opening of the museum of the american revolution in old city. thousands of artifacts will be on display the at the museum starting tomorrow morning telling the story of the american revolution.
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many of them locked up for decades. the museum opens tomorrow with the celebration across all of old city. 242 years after the shot heard round the world. and tonight nbc 10 is giving you a special look inside the museum before it opens to the public with our road to the revolution special. that's tonight at 7:00 p.m. only on nbc 10. very good. >> you contributed to that. jim rosenfield will host it. a lot of reasons to watch. on the verge of a verdict in the eric frein trial. >> how prosecutors wrapped up their case against the man b charged in a deadly ambush on pennsylvania state police. and later preventing another deadly tragedy. the work philadelphia's fire commissioner says still needs to be done now two years after a female firefighter was killed in the line of duty. and helping a family bounce back. new at 6:00, the community is is stepping up to raise money for a little boy who saved loves ones
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from a fire.
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the jury will soon decide the fate of eric frein, who is accused of the deadly ambush on pennsylvania state barracks. >> the prosecution and defense rested their cases. closing arguments set for tomorrow. >> randy gyllenhaal was inside the courtroom with some insight into what the jury will now consider. >> reporter: today was the final day of testimony. tomorrow closing arguments approaching the end of a two and
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a half year ordeal. on the verge of a verdict in the poconos, locals in milford reing back on the sniper attack and the massive manhunt. >> eric frein was on the loose. >> we didn't know where he was. >> eating lunch by the courthouse today glad the trial is almost over. but at odds over the death penalty. >> i think that's what it's all about. whether he's going to get the death penalty or not. if ever anybody in this earth deed it, it's him. >> in court today, the prosecution rested its case after showing the jury autopsy photos of corporal brian dixon killed by two sniper bullets. yesterday alex douglas took the stand and throughout the week the jury saw dna and ballistic evidence from state police and the fbi. >> many of those agencies contributed to the findings of eric frein and bringing him to
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the steps of justice. >> reporter: frein could be executed if convicted. closing arguments begin tomorrow. his defense team never called a single witness during the trial, but they say they are ready for the penalty phase. >> we hope the jury will understand that eric frein is a human being and displays the qualities of humanity and a core of goodness that we all have. >> reporter: the defense says if he's convicted, frein's family could testify all in effort to get the death penalty off the table. nbc 10 news. an off duty police officer is being questioned e eed early morning. the officer shot her husband in the groin. the so-called facebook killer who uploaded a murder to the social networking site is dead. the 37-year-old took his own life after police approached him at a mcdonald's drive-thru. and prison workers held hostage
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last february blame two former delaware governors for the uprising. a federal lawsuit filed today alleges that they ignored concerns about staffing at the von correctional center for years. and this was the scene in camden this morning as neighbors came together to march against gun violence. they marched five blocks from the school to withman park and cydney long will take you inside the camden evidence room and show you how well police are getting guns off the streets. police made an arrest in groping at the university of delaware. he's now charged with unlawful sexual contact and harassment. police say surveillance video linking him to the incident helped them crack this case. police got report walked by him.
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a push to protect students in pennsylvania today. governor tom wolf announced new laws to combat sexual assault. the six proposals include requiring an annual report card on sexual violence and harassment in public schools. the bill called for a plan to respond to sexual allegations of sexual violence. a student stand against sexual violence at the community college of philadelphia. they planned to wear denim in solidarity with the woman whose rape case was overturned because she was wearing tight jeans. they call it a nonviolent way to talk about miscob sepgss of sexual assault. denim day is april 26th. sky force 10 over this home where police are investigate ina home invasion. police say a woman was inside the home on violent drive when two men wearing ski masks broke in. electronics were stolen. the victim was not injured. now here's a look at the stories making headlines county by county across the region
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today. the kick off of a drug epidemic blitz. an all out effort to fight heroin and opioid abuse including training and town forums across the county focused on reducing deadly overdoses. it will run through april 27th. a landfill man will spend the next 10 to 20 years in it prison for killing a man in church. mark storm was sentenced today for killing rob braxton at keystone fellowship church. he was angry about a seating situation and the two got into an argument. we're talking abouten montgomery county. the commissioners will meet to discuss a proed sewer pipeline project. the public meeting is scheduled for 7:00 in the township administration building. in salem county, several social justice groups have planned a
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rally to protest the pens grove police department. this comes in the wick of officer anthony minute gus incident happened inside an apple bees bathroom. charges were dropped last week. he's accused of exposing himself to minors. he was just going to the bathroom. mike pence was in tokyo today. he stopped to assure japan the country has america's 100% commitment in dealing with the threat of north korea. >> together with japan and our allies in the region, we will protect the peace and security of this part of the world and achieve our shared goal of a nuclear free korean peninsula. >> vice president said that the era of strategic patience is over with north korea and that all options are on the table. yesterday he suggested north korea may get the same treatment as syria and afghanistan if it doesn't back down from the nuclear ambitions.
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>> a late tax day. a monday holiday, tax day slid all the way to the 18th. if it you weren't going on to ready by tonight, you can get an extension, but if it you owe or have to pay, you have to do so right now or you'll face fines. dupont is accused of not making good on its promise to test for thousands of diseases linked to one of its chemicals once found in teflon. a new boys and girls club opened in wilmington. the club used a $95,000 grant to replace and upgrade the pool and install air-conditioning. getting fired in the
5:36 pm
passengers scandal. we're hearing from the ceo tonight. plus the perfect storm all new at 5:00. why a shift made famous in the book and movie has soon become a a permanent part of the jersey shore. stealthy cigarettes. how this pack of smokes turned a traffic stop into danger for police. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted.
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it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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no one will be fired says united airlines after a man was forcibly dragged off the plane. >> united apologize d for the incident and said it's too soon to know if ticket sales were affected by the viral video. the ceo called it a system failure across various areas. after the man was dragged out by police when the plane became overbooked. united announced rule changes last week saying it won't call police to remove passengers from overbooked planes. a new report says the number of flight cancellations is slightly down from last year. the department of transportation says the cancellation rate is 1.5%. that's compared to 1.6% last year. the on time arrival is now at 82.6% compared to just 76% reported in january.
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a ship could soon be sunk off the coast of new jersey. it was used as a rescue boat in the film. it could be sunk in waters between lewis, delaware, and cape may some time this week. the manmade reef will attract fish to the area. take a look at a pack of cigarettes that is not exact ly what it appears to be. police department in georgia released the video of a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes. you can see the white light. they discovered the disguised stun gun during a a traffic stop. the driver asked to grab his pack of cigarettes, but the officer wouldn't let him. we're not in kansas anymore. talk about an unwelcome visitor. a homeowner in texas discovered this large alligator outside his home. game wardens had trouble relocating the animal and trying to catch it just kept flipping over. in the end, thankfully the
5:41 pm
warden won without injury. >> it was not happy. >> good thing they are not up here. brace yourself for more problems on the parkway. the closures overnight thanks to the nfl draft. speaking of the draft, his coach calls him the best high school football player to come out of delaware. we'll hear from chris godwin on his dream coming true next week. and it's been a nice day today. but we have rain ahead in the forecast. we're not just talking one or two days. we'll get to the details coming up. we're going inside the evidence room. all new at 6:00, how nbc 10 is seeing the guns that camden police are taking off the streets. we'll tell you how many are coming from out of state. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®
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it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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a live look right now at the ben franklin parkway. the site of the nfl draft next week. 253 young men will hear their names called and will realize their dream of reaching the nfl. more road closures around the parkway at midnight. crews will shut down the inner lanes of the parkway. this is the second of three phases around the parkway and lanes won't reep open until may 2nd. one of the players who is going to hear his name called is chris godwin. >> he's a philadelphia native who made his name in delaware. john clark joins with us more on the talented wide receiver. >> he was named the football player of the year, won two state championships and his old coach there calls him the best player the state of delaware has ever produced. so all that success led him to
5:45 pm
penn state and in just three second base, he became one of the most accomplished receivers ever. breakout game came in the rose bowl and caught nine passes for 18 7 yards and two touchdowns. what will a team get if they draft you. >> it's part of my work ethic. >> when you match those two together, you get guys that great things happen. >> the eagles could be looking for a receiver. godwin did meet with the birds at the combine. he's playing it straight. e he grew up in our area, but he says he's a fan of all nfl teams. that's pretty smart. we'll have more on the birds actually coming up at 6:20. back to you.
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>> we are going to kick things off next wednesday. that's our nfl nbc 10 draft headquarters. you can come out and join us on thursday. we'll have another special. eagles draft day. s that's also at 7:00. and we're going to bring you the blueprint on sunday at 11:35. recapping the entire eagles draft with hall of famer. >> a lot going on. >> a philadelphia teacher wants to fly a banner over the skies of philadelphia during the nfl draft. he's openihoping it will encour contract negotiations for city teachers. now launched an online fundraiser to pay for the plane. donors can choose their favorite messages including philly teachers could always be the number wub pick. >> the phillys are getting into the waste business. the team is working with saul high school as part of the
5:47 pm
composting program. crews load up discarded food from the clubhouses and bring it to the school's farm on henry avenue. the phillys will recognize the students on the field before the phillies and braves game for all their efforts to go green. a live look now at citizens bank park where the phillys are hosting local college title game games. >> it is a great night for baseball. >> blue skies, you see it behind us here overlooking the river. let's bring in crystal. >> i'm ready to get outside. it's so nice outside. sunset not until 7:43. you can sneak this for another couple hours before the sun drops. we're looking at pretty good conditions. we're at 68 degrees right now in
5:48 pm
philadelphia. the high that we hit today was 69 officially. close to it at 67 in pottstown. allentown up to 70 degrees. just a little cooler with the on shore breeze. 57 for atlantic city and wildwood. the current temperatures that we're seeing across the board. mount pocono you see 60 right now. radar and satellite view, it's clear out there. there's no rain or clouds to speak of. i will be speaking of thal, but it's in the next few days. today we stay clear. look at the wind pattern we are tracking. through tomorrow afternoon, the wind will still be coming in from the east, which pulls in the cooler ocean air. watch as we keep going through to your thursday forecast. now the winds have shifted in and coming more from the south and southwest. that's a warmer air pool we're dragging in. so temperatures really start to boost as we get sbo your thursday. the problem is with it comes clouds and moisture and that means chances of rain. for tomorrow we're looking at an
5:49 pm
increase in cloud coverage. 63 degrees in philadelphia. 62 for the lehigh valley. 62 in delaware. these temperatures are considerably cooler than what we have been seeing today. there will be that cloud as we go through the especially. look at the hour by hour. this shows you it a little better. mostly clear, spotty clouds for your wednesday morning. then we continue on and through the afternoon, the clouds just move right across the the region. spot chances of rain along the northern edge by late day tomorrow. the better chance of rain. that starts to move in before thursday. 4:00 a.m. through 8:00 a.m., the line by the morning commute not much left over. i wouldn't be surprised by a few showers lingering. or even thunderstorms as warmer air starts to force in on our thursday. notice the breaks in clouds that continue on.
5:50 pm
we could see a few more models pop up. i think it's off a bit. for us, we could see some of those showers passing through on your thursday. now let's talk weekend. it's a bit of a mixed bag. some lingering morning rain and possibly isolated thunderstorms friday as well. although sun later in the day, look at that up to 80 in philly. 76 the lehigh valley. then we get to your saturday. a pretty good day to be outside. mid-to 60s. a mix of clouds and sun. the winds will pick up, but saturday is good. then you get to sunday. longer lasting rain and temperatures that are cooling down with the highs only in thes. we have some breaking news just into nbc 10. george h.w. bush is back in the hospital. a family spokesperson says he's been admitted as precaution. a spokesperson said the 92-year-old former president is okay and is going to be great.
5:51 pm
we'll keep you posted on any new details as soon as they come in. back here at home, confusion and danger led to a female firefighter's death in philadelphia two years ago. according to a new report, the commissioner tells us what still needs to be done to keep everyone safe if a fire breaks out. and history comes to life. new at 6:00, why a a new philadelphia museum will give you america's story like you have never seen before.
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welcome back. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up, a dramatic ending tr a a killer. and why his post has facebook facing criticism. also how a special election for one congressional seat is a critical cause for both parties. we'll tell you about the push to change the rules that prevent many kids from getting sun block protection b at school. we'll explain what that's about on "nbc nightly news." >> back here at home, a lot of work. that's what philadelphia's fire commissioner says the department has ahead of it to prevent.
5:55 pm
>> a house fire. the federal government is weighing in on what needs to change. lauren mayk is live in city hall. how is the fire commissioner reacting to all this? >> i asked whether he disagreed with any of the recommendations. he said no. but he also said it's not as easy as just expecting them. it takes time. and resources. which is why he was here at city hall asking for more money for more firefighters. in philadelphia, it's a busy fire department now looking to make more time for something critical. >> we're averaging around eight working structure fires a day. >> a new report and one from the city say firefighters here should get more training on how to handle things like the may on middleton street. the federal report is stressing the of firefighters keeping
5:56 pm
tabs. something thor says is good but difficult. >> you can't see anything in a fire. this is not a television show. the visibility in a typical fire is zero. >> reporter: the department now planning tr the future. questioned by city council members. >> how do we make sure that that never happens again. >> the commissioner says it will take awhile. years. but some changes have been made already. upgrating breathing equipment from the hose he used, sending more resources to a scene earlier. now the fire department asking for more firefighters for help on fires and covering shifts during training. >> this is going to be a long-term project. training is a hallmark of that. >> we have a long list of recommendations to deal with between the city and federal government. 26 in all. the fire commissioner says he's going to be having internal town hall meetings over the next couple of weeks. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
next at 6:00, the beginning of the end started in a mcdonald's drive-thru. >> the facebook murder is found in pennsylvania. how quick thinking employees kept steempbs from driving off buying state troopers more time. a look at evidence. only nbc 10 gets an up close look at the firearms pulled off the streets in camden as neighbors march against gun violence. what a spectacular day it's been with temperatures in the 0 60s and plenty of sunshine. things are going to be a changing. it's going to be bad hair, ugly shoe, umbrella alert. maybe some extra e deodorant. i'll explain.
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5:59 pm
murder manhunt ends. how a drive-thru brought an end to the hunt for the facebook killer. security concerns. the hostages say the state did not keep them safe. >> history comes alive all new at 6:00 how the new museum of the american revolution will tell america's story in a brand new way. tr the first time tonight, we aring the four officers who survived an inmate uprising at the corrections center in delaware. they filed a lawsuit against the state. the day long standoff unfolded.
6:00 pm
steven floyd was killed. his widow is also part of the lawsuit. the state failed to protect the guards. didn't provide staffing or a safe work environment. george spencer says the state ignored security concerns tr years. >> reporter: the legal complaint is 52 pages focused on troubling allegations about security in the prison itself and focused on the state leaders who attorneys say could have prevented the death of lieutenant floyd. her husband last year's correctional officer of the year was killed in february's 18-hour uprising at von correctional center. these officers also held host alk tried to save him but could not. >> they are not recovering well.


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