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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. now to meteorologist bill henley. scattered clouds, we'll get a good deal of sunshine. the sun coming up in just 17 minutes. we will see sunshine, but we'll also gets a better view -- get a better view of the clouds around during the day. they'll be in and out this morning, then taking over this afternoon. definitely chillier this morning. lehigh valley at 47 degrees, along with delaware. 42 in new jersey. the suburbs at 45 degrees. the 46 in philadelphia will warm to 50 at 8:00. with sunshine, clouds, 58 at 11:00 this morning. we'll see more sunshine this morning than we'll get this afternoon. the clouds take over today. that and the wind off the ocean will limit our temperatures to the low 60s this afternoon. you won't see any rain today. that could change tonight. i'll break it down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first to the roads and jessica boyington and the first alert
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update. starting on route 73 in mt. laurel, new jersey. cameras around 295. no big problems or delays reported. you see the roads are dry. traffic is moving nicely on 73. in richlapd and jersey, as well -- richland and jersey, as well, a downed pole between creed after and jefferson avenue -- cedar and jefferson avenue. you can divert around the scene just fine. in delaware, watch for construction in new castle causing southbound delays on 295 between route 9 and 95. so coming off the delaware memorial bridge you might run into that construction. you see the slowdowns on the map system there. we'll end on 95. drive times will be through delaware. 11 minutes now northbound from 295 to 495. speeds in the 60s there, as well. we're following breaking news in pennsauken, camden county, this morning. an apartment building fire that injured a firefighter. authorities say a couple of firefighters had to jump from a window when the top floors collapsed. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with an injured ankle.
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the fire department tweeted this picture of what the building looked like when they got on scene. their efforts to get water on the flames were complicated by trouble with a fire hydrant. here's a live look from the building on zimmerman avenue where crews are still on scene. two families, both with children, were inside when the fire started. they all got out safely. new from overnight, police want to know who shot a victim several times as he tried to get into his home along north 7th street. the gunman then ran off. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he is in stable condition. in philadelphia, we're seeing phase two of road closures for the nfl draft. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway where police are closing the inner lanes from aikens oval to 20th street. closures remain in effect until may 22nd. our live coverage begins wednesday with the nbc10 draft preview on the parkway. 6:03, new from overnight, we
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know that a high-profile congressional race in georgia is heading to a runoff. the votes were still being counted until well into this morning in a special election. since neither candidate got the required more than 50% of the vote, democrat jon ossoff will go up against republican karen handel in the june 20th election. the district is dominated by republicans. this race is seen as an early referendum on donald trump. both parties are looking at the outcome as a sign of what's to come in the midterm elections. the president is looking at the runoff as a win. overnight he tweeted, despite major outside money, fake media support, and 11 republican candidates, big r win with runoff in georgia. glad to be of help." this morning, we now know more about what led to the end of an interstate manhunt for the so-called facebook killer. police in western pennsylvania caught up with him after he stopped for some fast food. workers at a mcdonald's in erie recognized steve stephens. they stalled him saying it would be a few minutes for his fries
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to be ready. meanwhile, the workers called police. stevens sped off prompting the short change captured on surveillance video. authorities say stephens took his own life after he was cornered. he told the world on facebook that his ex-girlfriend prompted him to snap and kill at random. he posted the chilling murders of robert godwin on his facebook page on sunday. godwin's family reacted to the death of stephens. >> i wanted to see him go to trial because of the god awful way he did to my brother. >> now the philadelphia police department is offering its own tribute to mr. godwin. look at the portrait created by the department's forensic graphic artist. it was posted on facebook last night along with a message for the public about how important to say report information about crimes -- how important it is to report information about crimes. closing arguments expected to begin today in the murder trial of eric frein. his defense rested without presenting any evidence or
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calling a single witness. frein is accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another in an ambush shooting in 2014. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. jury selection continues today in the david creato murder trial. he's the camden county father charged with murdering his son, brendan, in 2015, allegedly because the child got in the way of his relationship with his teenage girlfriend. half of the jury's already picked. opening statements could begin tomorrow. the south jersey man charged with murdering etan patz in 1979 will spend the next 75 years behind bars. store clerk pedro hernandez was sentenced yesterday in manhattan. the jury convicted him of kidnapping and murdering the 6-year-old during a walk to his bus stop. his body was never found. after sentencing, etan's father talked about closure. >> i don't think we ever believed that we could come to this point.
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that we would ever actually find out what happened to our child. >> he also said neither he nor god will ever forgive hernandez. defense lawyers plan to appeal the sentence. police say a domestic dispute led an off-duty philadelphia police officer to shoot her husband in the couple's driveway in bucks county. investigators tell us the shooting happened while their three children were in the home. the husband is recovering. north hampton police say the officer did not use her service gun in the shooting. no charges have been filed. this chester fire is under control. cell phone video that you have to see. take a look. this cell phone video was posted on instagram. the firefighter that you see in the circle appears to have flames on him after burning debris fell on top of him. sky force 10 showing the fire that burned for several hours. the one-story building along
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west 3rd in chester was filled with mattresses. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to determine the cause. former president george h.w. bush is back in the hospital. a family spokesperson says he was admitted on friday with a recurring case of pneumonia that he had earlier this year. the spokesperson said the 92-year-old is okay. his family's by his side. president bush was hospitalized for 16 days in january for pneumonia. 6:07. a live look of the ben franklin bridge, people coming into philadelphia for work or school. let's find out what's happening with the weather today with ben henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? maybe they're riding in on the winds blowing in from new jersey. sea breezes are reaching well inland. the view from penns landing, clouds around, but breaks. getting closer to sunrise, ten minutes before the sunrise. the easterly wind is part of why
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it's cooler. the chill is in the air in south jersey especially. 42 degrees. everyone is in the 40s now. right now 40 each in lumberton, clayton at 42 degrees. 45 for audubon. florence is 46 degrees. 40s to start with. a slow warmup. we have clouds that are moving in. you see them on the satellite imagery. what we don't have in the area is any rain. the showers are to the west. you see showers in central pennsylvania, into maryland. these showers are going to fall apart as they move into the area. the clouds, they'll still hang in there. a bit more clouds than we saw yesterday. here it is hour by hour. 1:30 this afternoon, mostly cloudy in delaware and into south jersey and philadelphia. breaks in the clouds during the evening. this is 8:00 thief -- by this evening. thunderstorms, burks into the lehigh valley. showers will swing through philadelphia early tomorrow
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morning. they'll keep on going. we've got a sunny day tomorrow. at least some breaks of sunshine and a warmer day tomorrow. today, you'll need the jacket this morning. and you might still be able to use it this afternoon with clouds increasing. 60 degrees. we'll feel cool in philadelphia. the suburbs, 47 degrees at 8:00. by noontime, 56. upper 50s and mostly cloudy late this afternoon. rain on hold for the lehigh valley. sunshine at noontime. 56 degrees. not a lot warmer this afternoon as those clouds roll in. delaware in the 50s through most of the day. could peak in the low 60s in between noon and 4:00. the clouds in complete control by late this afternoon. a dry day for new jersey and the shore. chillier, low 50s, while inland it's going to be in the upper 50s to closer to 60 degrees today. showers on hold for today. we've got the showers tonight. and there are more chances for rain including this weekend. a look at the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you.
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6:10. a few minutes ago we showed the ben franklin bridge. it follows that we should show the vine street expressway. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with that. watching the vine, cameras around 20th street. heading to the ben franklin bring on that eastbound side, you will have no problems right now. and also watching that westbound side, too, moving toward the schuylkill expressway. the stretch of the vine now looks like a good drive. watching the schuylkill expressway, not really seeing any big increase yet in any of the drive times. still at 13 minutes moving in from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds starting to drop a little bit. we're still in the high 50s. more volume heading out the door there. also in new castle, delaware, watch for construction on 295 on the southbound side between route 9 and 95. some delays seem to have lifted just a little bit. earlier we were seeing delays coming off the bridge. right now we look good. and also watching in new jersey, richland, a downed pole closing a portion of route 40 between
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cedar avenue and jefferson avenue. with that portion closed, you should be able to navigate around the scene. for now, everything else is in the green. follow the police activities and the detours posted on the scene. you'll be fine. >> thank you. a drink that changes colors and flavors as you sip. >> i know. sound intriguing? coming up, the newest coffee craze. pilot picked up. the local comedians that just learned comedy central is giving their locally filmed tv show a shot at stardom. and on the anniversary of the shot heard around the world, a fresh look at the revolutionary war with a new museum. we'll take you inside coming up at 6:15.
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behind these doors lies a new look at american history
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like you've never seen before. today the museum of the american revolution opens its doors in old city. >> pamela osborne is live outside the museum where a day-long celebration is planned. pam, tell us more. >> reporter: we're less than two hours away from the kickoff of that event. let me show you around a little bit here. take a look. there are people out here working to put the finishing touches on today's event ahead of those festivities. if we can now, i want to give you an overhead look. it doesn't look like it now, but this is actually 3rd and chestnut streets. this is the new home of the museum. some of what's planned for today is happening outside of the museum. of course, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect to find inside, as well. and here's their history lesson for the morning. today is the anniversary of the shot heard around the world. it ignited the revolutionary war in 1775. now we have the museum which houses more than 3,000 pieces of our history. there are films that bring
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history to life, interactive displays, even the tents that george washington used during the war has been carefully reconstructed. last night there was an opening gala. today this opens to the public. things get started at 8:00 at the tomb fof the unknown followd by a march to washington square. of course, there are the many things to do and see at the museum. we had the opportunity to talk to the president of the museum, michael quinn, about the artifacts that really speak to him. >> i love the objects we have. i'm particularly drawn to the objects carried and used by the privates. the foot soldiers in the field. it just speaks so powerfully to their commitment, to their courage, and. to their determination -- and to their determination and perseverance. tells you that the yesterdays of the american revolution, of liberty, of equality, have inspired people here from the very beginning. >> reporter: a lot of speakers and special guests are going to
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be at today's event including former vice president joe biden. i should mention that all of this starts at 8:00 this morning. we won't be on tv, but we'll be streaming this live on >> which will be great. vai will be there emceeing it. >> pam, we haven't seen the tent -- that's the crown jewel of the movement you haven't had a chance to see it by chance, have you? >> reporter: i haven't seen it in person. i've just seen the video that we showed to you guys. it certainly looks like a really cool thing to see. i'm going to be looking forward to getting inside and getting a look at that. by the way, we'll be here throughout the morning with an updated report and more stuff at 11:00, as well. >> look forward to it. >> thank you very much. we're excited to see that tent. can't wait to see it. nbc10 brought you an exclusive look inside during our preview special last night. if you missed, it we posted it on it is "road to the revolution." let's see how your road to work looks at 6:17. >> a segue.
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let's find out what's happening with jessica boyington looking at route 1, the boulevard. >> around the cameras at 9th, looks like a good drive so far. kind of empty. that's how the roads have been this week. i think a lot of people are having their spring break or vacation this week. both directions look okay for the most part. we're not really seeing any big delays or backups especially on the southbound side where we watch during the commute headed toward the schuylkill expressway. not yet. northbound on the 42 freeway looks good. that's still a five-minute trip if you're moving from 55 toward philadelphia. and the walt whitman bridge. speeds there still into the high 50s. we're not seeing massive backups. in richland, a downed pole. route 40 closed at cedar and jefferson avenue. follow the detours on the scene. you'll be fine. ending on 295 in bell mawr, just around the cameras at route 168, the black horse pike. 12 minutes now if you're headed from 38 to this point at the black horse pike. speeds still up there and through the work zone, a good drive.
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back to you. >> all right. thanks for that. 6:18. let's talk about the weather to come. 46 degrees outside in philadelphia. look at what it looks like on the beach in cape may. i'm sure it's a bit chilly there. i'm sure that's a beautiful view if you're on the beach, bill. >> yeah, in the 40s, a gorgeous morning. a nice morning for a walk, nice and dry. you'll get sunshine to start with. sunshine breaking through the clouds. the clouds have been increasing overnight. what we won't see today -- i think we'll stay dry. most of the clouds, mostly cloudsy in spring city, pennsylvania. the temperatures in the 40s in wilmington with mostly cloudy skies. we're starting off cloudy here. i think we'll get breaks of sunshine. that will allow temperatures to warm into the low 60s for philadelphia and the suburbs. the lehigh valley turning mostly cloudy later today. 62 degrees in allentown. and new jersey, you'll see that easterly wind and clouds increasing. the combination, low 60s this afternoon. a little bit chillier at the shore. that sea breeze will be blowing all day. it will be 50s this afternoon. while wilmington gets some
6:20 am
breaks of sunshine. later this morning, clouds return this afternoon. 62. 50s for smyrna this afternoon. no rain to show you here. trenton, philadelphia, wilmington dry. you see the scattered clouds that are moving through the area right now. there is rain moving into western pennsylvania. these first showers are going to fizzle. it's coming ahead of a system that will bring us wet weather late tonight. i think during the day we'll be dry. hour by hour, forecast shows those clouds streaming our way. this is the line of showers i'm watching for late this evening. at 6:30, dry, mostly cloudy in reading, philadelphia, and cape may. these showers are on the move. and looks like they'll hold together. we'll see them swing through overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning, this time, we're dry once again. pretty good timing on the showers. 63 degrees this afternoon. sunshine and clouds. the clouds will take over later today. we'll get those late evening showers and thunderstorms. and early tomorrow. most of tomorrow will be dry. we'll get some breaks of sunshine to warm up to 76.
6:21 am
there's another chance of showers and thunderstorms come tomorrow and early friday. then we dry out once again. late-day sunshine, 80 degrees on friday. the numbers come right back down this weekend. clouds, sunshine, 67. a steadier rain for sunday. this is our best chance for rain over the coming ten days. we'll be drawing out for monday, tuesday, and look at wednesday and thursday. a nice warmup into the upper 60s. even warmer next friday. 75 degrees. >> thanks. 6:21. adidas is apologizing to boston marathon runners this morning. still ahead, the e-mail the company probably wishes it could unsend. wait until you hear the story. plus, taking their message to the skies. philadelphia teachers have a new plan to push city leaders to give them a raise. it goes even higher than the billboards they had up. and on the attack. a police officer's run-in with a villain unlike any other he's ever faced. hey allergy muddlers
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a new lawsuit after an 18-hour standoff at vaughn correctional center. the lawsuit claims former governors jack marquel and ruthann minner ignored regulations to beef up staff after an unmate uprising -- inmate uprising in 2005. >> and a teacher is drawing attention to the draft after this billboard on i-95 in march. he's raising enough to fly a banner plane over the parkway during the draft. teachers have gone without a raise for five years now. the school spokesman said in the past that the district will try to work out a contract that puts
6:26 am
students first. and dorance hamilton, a campbell's soup representative, died. she gave millions to museums, schools, and the philadelphia zoo. she was 88 years old. ahead, state of the air. a new report grades the quality of the air we breathe. we'll show the county-by-county results coming up. >> reporter: good morning, i'm matt delucia live in pun salken. there was a large -- pennsauken. there was a large fire overnight. we'll show what it looked like a few hours ago. intense flames. coming up. ssa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie.
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call 844 reach nj or visit
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breaking overnight. fires forces families out of a camden apartment building in the middle of the night. we're live with a problem that made firefighters jump out a window. hate crime. new details about a man who targeted random victims based on
6:30 am
their race. what the gunman shouted during his rampage. moving forward. philadelphia's new plan to rehabilitate a neighborhood demolished by a police bombing more than three decades ago. good morning, wednesday, april 19th. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate first alert forecast. bill? sun is up, but temperatures are down. clouds are moving in. it's not going to be as sunny as yesterday. you see the clouds in the lehigh valley. this is one of the warmer neighborhoods. 47 degrees right now. look, not much of a warmup at 9:00. some breaks of sunshine. 57 degrees and mostly cloudy at noontime. 46 in philadelphia. in the suburbs, 43 degrees. look at the clouds over king of prussia. we will see some sunshine, but it's going to be limited sunshine this morning and into the noontime hour. 58 degrees at noon. not much warmer this afternoon. it will be low 60s today. lots of clouds, but showers,
6:31 am
those are on hold until late tonight. i'll break it down hour by hour, show you how quickly temperatures warm up today, when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching the schuylkill expressway this morning. here's our cameras around the roosevelt boulevard. starting to see some of these slowdowns. as we typically do. this is the westbound side here. that's moving toward the boulevard or toward the king of prussia area. conshohocken here, eastbound toward center city. that's the drive time here. 18 minutes from the blue route to the vine. speeds dropping into the 40s for the average. new castle, delaware, watch for construction on 295 in the southbound side between route 9 and 95. not causing any massive delays now. there are lanes blocked there. it may impact you later on as the morning commute gets a little bit tougher. in richland, watch for a downed pole on route 40, closing that between cedar and jefferson avenue. we'll end on route 73 in berlin, taunton avenue, moving past the berlin circle. and headed on the northbound
6:32 am
side toward the tacony palmyra bridge, for example. tacony palmyra bridge checks out okay. i'll have more updates in about ten. >> 6:32. to breaking news. we've just learned that former new england patriots football player aaron hernandez is dead. he was found in his jail cell early this morning by corrections officers. he had apparently hung himself with a bed sheet. just last week he was acquitted in a double murder case. he had already been serving a life sentence for a separate murder. here at home, following breaking news in camden county. just look at these flames. this fire forced families out of their apartments this morning in pennsauken and sent a firefighter to the hospital, as well. nbc10's matt delucia is live with breaking details. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: that was about three, four hours ago. much different scene this hour. this is the home on zimmerman avenue. and because of that daylight, we see more of the back of this house. firefighters are still here putting water on this home.
6:33 am
there was a collapse there. the upper floors collapsed on the first floor that you see there. so quite a bit of damage. take a look again. when we arrived on the scene, heavy flames in the back of this house. firefighters did have some trouble early on. some trouble with a fire hydrant, getting water to this scene. so that complicated things a little bit early on. the good news is that everyone who was inside the house made it out safely. there were two families with children in there. they did get out. i'm told that there were four units in this one home. there are apartments here, three stories high. again, those top two floors did collapse as a result of the intense flames. a couple of firefighters had to jump from a window at one point just to escape this. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. had an injured ankle. is expected to be okay. some of the neighbors say they were hoping this wouldn't spread to their home. we also talked with folks who had family inside this house. take a listen. >> me and my brother and mom -- >> reporter: how are they doing?
6:34 am
>> i don't know where they are. i'm looking for them. >> the mom said that they didn't start putting the fire out until it was halfway burned down. they're on the top floor. anything they have is gone. >> reporter: the good news, everyone did make it out safely. and to show the intensity of the fire, some viewer video from i-95 in philadelphia across the river. you can see the flames shooting into the air. and here we are, close to the delaware river by the betsy ross bridge. a home next door was damaged, as well. some of the embers at one point blew into a wooded area by the river line. it was fairly involved in terms of the fire-fighting overnight. you see all the trucks here along zimmerman avenue. the neighboring area. there were evacuations that happened early on. so the firefighters and chief told me that they plan to be out here for quite a while this morning. and they're still trying to figure out what the cause was. for now, live in pennsauken, nbc10 news.
6:35 am
a tire truck collided with -- fire truck collided with an suv last night at 22nd and york streets. a person in the suv was treated for minor injuries. a woman is in critical condition after police say a patrol car hit her in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police are working on a separate investigation at the park yesterday afternoon when the accident happened. an officer was backing up. officers rushed her to the scene -- rushed her to the hospital. >> the aftermath of it is like, wow. like it was shocking. all the blood on the scene. >> the accident remains under investigation. we have new details this morning about the man who police say shot and killed three people in less than a minute yesterday in fresno, california. the suspect, corey ali muhammad, is in custody. police say he could face hate crime charges since all of his victims yesterday were white. he allegedly told police he wanted to kill as many people as possible. police were already searching for him for killing a motel 6
6:36 am
security guard last week. adidas is apologizing for what is calls an insensitive e-mail. it congratulated runners who survived this year's boston marathon. customers quickly criticized the message. this year's race came four years after bombings killed three and injured more than 260 others. united airlines says no one will be fired after that man was forcibly dragged off a plane. the ceo apologized again and said it's too soon to know if ticket sales were affected by the viral video. the ceo also called it a system failure across various areas after the man was dragged out by airport security when the plane was overbooked. we want to know what you think. should somebody be fired in this? let us know by tweeting us. our address is -- they're easy to figure out. now to our county-by-county coverage beginning in montgomery county. a lansdale man the spend the next 10 to 20 years in prison
6:37 am
for killing a man in church. >> a judge sentenced mark storms yesterday for killing rob braxton at a sunday service last april. storms was angry about a seating situation, and the two argued inside the church. police at the shore -- jersey shore are looking for a man who was driving up to children and talking to them. wildwood crest police say the man is in his 50s and drove up to two girls as they walked home from school. they said he did the same thing the next day to a boy playing in the front of his home. the man was last seen in a light gold suv. the delaware attorney general and his son are recovering after this freak accident. their car was crushed by a falling tree as they drove along a road yesterday. matt den was treated at the scene. his son had to be taken to the hospital but is okay. in chester county, a new partnership will enable residents to receive a free gym membership. health partners plans is joining the ymca to offer medicaid
6:38 am
recipients free memberships at any of the county's seven locations. chip members under 18 can also take advantage. to bucks county. an eighth grader is giving back. maddie hoffman and her classmates from penn ridge middle school boxed up 10,000 meals for people in need. they had raised $2,000 to buy all the ingredients for those box. good job. hoouj a huge asteroid will fly by earth today. >> the asteroid is roughly the size of six football fields. it will be about 1.1 million miles away from earth as it zooms past us. that's close enough apparently that it will be so bright that you may be able to spot it in the night sky tonight if you use a small telescope. have to run out and find a small telescope. >> i wonder if the skies will be clear enough. let's talk about the skies today and tonight with meteorologist bill henley. bill? no. >> okay. enough said. moving on. >> we're already seeing the clouds moving in. vai, are you having trouble
6:39 am
imagining what six football fields look like? yeah. >> i never ran that far. >> you ran far enough, my friend. clouds overhead. they're moving in this morning. what you don't see is any rain. that includes delaware and new jersey. a mostly cloudy start this morning. all of the rain is to the west. and those showers, i don't think we'll get nepthem today. they'll fall apart before they move into the area. we'll see more cloudiness than yesterday, keeping things cool. chilly this morning, 46 now. ten degrees colder than yesterday. it's 49 at 8:00. upper 50s by noontime. some limited sunshine breaking through the clouds this morning. then turning mostly cloudy, 60 degrees this afternoon at 2:00 in philadelphia. suburbs, clouds increasing. there will be some breaks in the cloud cover. the clouds return this afternoon with temperatures into the upper 50s. the lehigh valley, low 60s later today. breaks of sunshine are possible. it's a mostly cloudy morning. and you'll see more clouds than sunshine during the day today.
6:40 am
new jersey, sea breeze influence, even interior new jersey. it will keep temperatures into the upper 50s this afternoon. right now, 42 degrees. that is an improvement. limited sunshine breaking through the clouds today. rain, not during the day today, but it's possible tonight. for the jersey shore, clouds will be increasing. you'll see more sunshine at the shore than the rest of the area. 50 now. low 50s at lunchtime. the sea breeze will keep temperatures cool at the shore. delaware, cloudy skies right now. look at delaware from frawley stadium. 47 degrees. some sunshine, limited sunshine at 10:00 and at noon. the clouds come right back in here this afternoon. we will be dry this afternoon. i am expecting to see rain come in tonight. i'll break that down hour by hour and show you when you can see the rain and when you might hear some lightning, as well. rumbles of thunder possible later this afternoon and into this evening. i'll look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. about 20 minutes before 7:00. looks like we're starting to get more volume out there on the roads.
6:41 am
>> let's find out what you can expect as you head out the door. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. jess? right. we are watching 422, a little volume eastbound. here's the cameras at trooper road. this is trooper road, the eastbound side of 422. from 29 moving toward the schuylkill expressway, about double what it normally is. about a seven-minute trip with no traffic. 15 minutes now. and average speeds are dropping into the 30s because of the slowdowns approaching the schuylkill in that direction. the blue route looks okay for the most part. actually starting to see some southbound delays from the schuylkill to 95. 1 5 minutes. average speeds in the 40s. i'll see if there's anything going on the southbound side. we'll end here, doing well for mass transit. so far, septa, new jersey transit, patco running fine with no major delays. back to you. >> thanks. 6:41. a fairytale fantasy in coffee form. the drink that changes colors and flavors. plus, air quality report card shows just how clean the air is that we breathe.
6:42 am
the county-by-county results up next. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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today's your chaps to register for -- your chance to re register for the rock and roll marathon. it returns the weekend of september 16th. it will include a new 10k in fair mount park. the race raises money for cancer research. new this morning, the american lung association says 125 million people live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. >> by far the most polluted air in the united states is on the west coast. experts say the spike in pollution is from a combination of factories, vehicles, and smoke from wildfires. conditions are better on the east coast. but here are the grades for our area -- the counties in red got an f, which you can see is the
6:46 am
majority. orange counties got d. yellow counties, c. green counties got a b. white means there was no data collecte collected. new details to reconstruct the area that was bombed. 36 damaged or detoreriorating properties will be completed in three years. in may of 1985, the city dropped a bomb where move activists lived. the group was in an armed stand-off with police and had terrorized the neighborhood. the bombings and subsequent fire killed 11 including children. it destroyed more than 60 homes in the cobbs creek section of the city. penn state university says it wants to help abused and neglected kids, also screen children for head injuries. yesterday the university announced plans to create an on-campus research center. 1,200 kids and their families will be studied on campus and re-evaluated every two years. the center is in addition to
6:47 am
university outreach efforts following about the sandusky sex assault case. princeton university will name two buildings in honor of african-american laureates who taught at the school. west college, one of the oldest buildings on campus, will be named after writer toni morrison. she was a member of the university's creative writing program. an auditorium will be named for economist sir arthur lewis. turkey hill wants to sell beer at one of its stores in north hampton county. the board of supervisors approved a liquor license for a mini market in williams township. now the company will need to get approval from the state liquor control board. more convenient stores are starting to sell beer locally. in february the wawa on naman's creek road added beers to its store. it's the first in the region to offer beer. it won't cost you as much to grill up burgers this summer. beef prices are dropping. in march the price for a pound of beef, 30 cents lower than the same time last year.
6:48 am
and 60 cents lower than two years ago. a lot of people think starbucks is magical. >> you're one of those people? >> caffeine. you know, i'm a -- i am a big wawa fan. >> now the coffee company is going mythical. take a look. starbucks is debuting a new unicorn frappuccino today. it starts off purple in color. but when you stir it, guess what -- >> tell me. >> it turns pink. >> come on. >> and the flavor changes from sweet to fruity to tart. the unicorn will only be available until sunday. if you try it out, we want you to tweet us a photo of it and then let us know what you think. >> and when you go to the corner, ask why. i want to know why. >> sweet and tart. >> where did this come from? check out this video here of a goose getting the better of a police officer. this is in southern indiana. the detective stepping out to the sidewalk outside the police department.
6:49 am
i guess he was headed home. he's trying to get to his car. he tries to walk by the canada goose. look. very territorial. the canada goose. >> are you on my sidewalk, dude! >> get off! >> off. >> check him out. running through the bushes, got his bag. he's -- look at the goose. >> you better take a different way home next time. that's all i got to say. this is my place. >> look at him. yeah. canada goose, not canadian goose. make sure i get that right. canada goose. let's talk to bill henley about getting the forecast right. he's territorial -- >> you can't make stuff up like that. great video. did you notice how nice and sunny it was? it was a pleasant day. i don't know what that goose was up to. hey, it's going to be fine goose weather for flying. no showers but lots of clouds keeping things cooler this morning. you see the clouds in margate, new jersey, too. in rehoboth beach, sunshine. clouds just starting to move in there. pleasant start this morning.
6:50 am
typically cool. and cooler this morning because we've got wind coming off the ocean. that's going to stay with us during the day. southeasterly winds at 11 miles per hour this afternoon. and that's going to help keep things cool. of course it's cool to start and cloudy, too, at the bus stop this morning. 40s for allentown. quakertown, exton, mostly cloudy, reading, 46 degrees. you might see limited sunshine in atlantic city. there are breaks in the clouds in philadelphia, too. the clouds to start with in wilmington will break for a little bit of sunshine later on. clouds, they're moving through right now. there are some showers to the west. those showers are going to fall apart as they try to move into the area. late tonight, we could get some of that. showers and possibly even some thunderstorms. but the clouds, they're starting to move in already ahead of it. 1:00 this afternoon, 60 degrees in philadelphia. by that time, mostly cloudy. still seeing sunshine at the shore. clouds will be rolling in there, as well. by late this afternoon, some thin spots. you could see late breaks in the clouds. no rain. not during the early evening
6:51 am
hours. watch later this evening, could see lightning and hear some rumbles of thunder at 10:00. showers and thunderstorms possible in the lehigh valley, that will swing into philadelphia early tomorrow morning. that's just after midnight for philadelphia. 53 degrees. then the showers keep on going. this time tomorrow, we'll be starting off dry. a big warmup by noontime tomorrow. we'll be in the low 70s for philadelphia, wilmington, and millville. close to it for pottstown and even warmer in the afternoon. today, cool, 63. by tomorrow, drying out. we'll see lots of sunshine. there's another chance of some showers and thunderstorms coming thursday evening into early friday. then we quickly dry out on friday. most of the day for thursday and friday will be dry. warmer friday afternoon. clouds, they return saturday along with the cooler weather, 67. here's the best chance for rain over the next ten days. that's sunday. we could see steady rainfall to
6:52 am
keep the temperatures in the cities. sunshine returns for monday. look at the warming trend next week. near 70 on thursday. into the 70s next friday. >> thank you. about eight minutes before 7:00. i don't think jessica's traffic cam is at 95 -- it's frozen? >> sometimes we see that. no, that's stopped, right? >> no. right now we're crawling on 95. cameras -- gottman avenue, nothing causing this. normal morning volume. 31 minutes southbound from the woodhain road to the vine -- woodhaven road to the vine street expressways. and remember the nfl draft restriction says around today. the second phase of closures in effect today. the ben franklin parkway, spring garden street, kelly drive, pennsylvania avenue, aikens oval. the entire area will be a tie-up for you especially until may 1st. the third and final phase will go into next week, as well. there's a crash in lower providence on ridge pike around
6:53 am
sunnyside avenue. i'll have a last update on the drive when i come back in about five minutes or so. ♪ i never like to admit that i was wrong ♪ >> we have been following him. pennsylvania teen mark isaih moving on as the top 12 contestants saved by his coach, adam levine. 19, from mt. pocono. thanked his fans and adam for giving him the chance to keep singing for america's votes. we've got to keep voting for him. keep him on the show. new this morning, delaware county is getting national exposure. >> all thanks to a new show that will air on comedy central. >> understand that word, what's a blog? >> an internet website for fat ladies. >> it will start shooting locally next month. the series started on line with four successful shorts. it's about workers at a delaware county lumberyard. it is written by and features
6:54 am
two local guys. delco and delco guys. coming up, the top stories we're following including the new round of road closures ahead of the nfl draft. filphiladelphia's newest tourist attractions opens its doors today. we'll take you inside. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
6:55 am
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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two breaking stories that top the headlines. >> we learned that former patriots star aaron hernandez is dead. prison guards found him dead in his massachusetts jail cell early this morning. he apparently blocked his cell door and hanged himself with a bed sheet. just last week he was acquitted in a double murder case. he had been serving a life sentence for a separate murder.
6:58 am
breaking at home, firefighters spent hours putting out a fire at an apartment building in pennsauken. two families got out safely. one firefighter hurt his ankle when he had to jump out a window to escape the flames. investigators are looking for the cause. we're just a few hours from the grand opening of philadelphia's museum of the american revolution. >> former vice president joe biden and other officials will be in old city along with vai sikahema for the dedication and ribbon-cutting. the museum opens on the 242nd anniversary of the shot heard around the world that started the revolutionary war in 1775. if you'd like to see what the museum has to offer, go to you can watch our preview special, "road to the revolution." good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you watching the roads. one last time, watching the vine street expressway now. our cameras around 24th street. the westbound side here. a little bit of volume and delay moving toward the schuylkill expressway. for the most part, typical
6:59 am
delays in volume there. also watching in richland in new jersey, a downed pole closing a portion of routes 40 between cedar and jefferson avenue. you can follow the detours around the scene. we'll end with a crash in lower providence on ridge pike around sunnyside avenue. i'm tracking showers to our west. i don't think we'll get the showers, but we are getting the clouds and some cooler temperatures this morning. ly 40s now in the suburbs and new jersey. it's holding at 47 degrees where it's been all morning since we went on the air at 4:30 in the lehigh valley. delaware is 47. 47 in philadelphia. we'll see limited sunshine breaking through the clouds this morning. and early this afternoon. 63 degrees today. 61 in the suburbs. 62 in new jersey. just into the 60s for the lehigh valley and delaware. we'll stay dry today, but we could see showers and thunderstorms late tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> we'll be ready. >> thank you. we will have local updates throughout the morning. of course, you can always get
7:00 am
realtime news, weather and traffic, and traffic on the nbc10 app. good morning. breaking news, former nfl star aaron hernandez found dead in his prison cell overnight. officials say the former new england patriot serving life for murder, killed himself. we'll have the latest. near miss? the democratic candidate almost wins in a special congressional race in a seat republicans have held since the 1970s. >> we have shattered expectations. >> democrat jon ossoff nearly pulling off the upset. the race now goes to a runoff. why is the president calling it a big win for republicans this morning? heading for the door? reports that fox news is preparing to cut ties with bill o'reil


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