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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> they had a high-speed chase going on. and then the suspect got out and and the officer went to the hospital and the guy is still laying on the ground somewhere over that way. >> we just asked police how many officers were involved and how many are are at the hospital and what their conditions are. they didn't have any immediate information then but did say they would be coming back to talk to us. there are a lot of investigators out here on the scene including the fbi and department of justice as well as new castle county police and delaware state police. there's a delaware state police barracks across from where this all unfolded so you can imagine it was a fairly quick response tr the reenforcements in addition to this ongoing police investigation. we'll bring you updates throughout the afternoon. we're live in wilmingtowilmingt
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smith. >> they are detouring you out to washington street if you're coming down here. >> drew smith reporting there on the ground. we have sky force 10 overhead. this kind of involves a couple areas. a shooting at that church but there was a foot chase, there was an attempt to get this guy to get out of his car and that's when he took off on the ground. >> we know that officers were sent to the hospital for an evaluation. a shooting happened at a church and washington streets in philadelphia pike is where those cars collided between the suspect and the police vehicles. there was a foot chase and that suspect was shot. he remains at that scene. >> let's go to nbc 10 who just arriving at the scene. what are witnesses there telling you? >> i talked to three witnesses. a couple of them said a noise sounded like pot asks pans.
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somebody who works at this restaurant to my left said he heard three gunshots. we are at 23rd and market. this is away from the location. and this is the place that just after 2:00 they tried to stop the suspect and shots were fi fired. at least three shots were heard out here at 24th and market. but right now the area has been closed off. people who have been trying to get through are around because there's a lot of people in the area have been told this is going to be closed off for hours at this point. but again witnesses hearing some sound. some thinking it was just some sounds of pots and pans. at this point, we are still talking to witnesses trying to find out what happened here.
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but new castle county police at the scene at this intersection with the help of wilmington police as backup here. this is an ongoing investigation. streets on market street between 23rd and 26th have been closed off. and will remain that way for hours. live in wilmington, nbc 10 news. a fluid situation and this is the first new information we're getting from her vantage point there this was some eight miles away where this confrontation got under way. those reports from witnesses of shots they heard fired and then to this location where it all ended and where we heard from drew that police are saying that that suspect was shot and killed and then a number of officers taken to the hospital we assume as a precaution. a police spokesperson said they were just being evaluated but one man is dead this afternoon. we'll continue to get more information and gather more about what may have begun this confrontation and what that suspect was wanted for and we'll bring you updates as we get more
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information. in the meantime, now to more breaking news. long time host roobill o'reilly out at fox news amid-a a number of sexual harassment claims. >> erin coleman is live in the breaking news center. >> this news comes after another woman came forward with claims of sexual and racial harassment. "the new york times" reported bill o'reilly and fox settled five cases totaling about $13 million. a number of major brands pulled their ads from his show earlier this month. his lawyer says he's being targeted by liberal groups in a smear campaign. bill o'reilly says he's done nothing wrong. he has been a fixture on the network for more than two decades. a statement was released saying after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. you may remember last summer roger ails resigned from his leadership position at the
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company in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. we're live in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc 10 news. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with an nbc 10 exclusive. >> a man was looking for more friends online when a trio of thieves tried to kidnap him. >>. >> the man says the suspects including a woman pulled a knife and gun on him. the woman also spoke ek collusively saying she did nothing wrong. deanna durante has the exclusive story. >> you wouldn't expect to get held up. >> the woman is police think she was the ring lead er er in a vit assault that placed this man who doesn't want his identity revealed in danger. >> i guess that's what happens. you have evil people out there. the man placed an ad locking for someone to hang out with on craigslist. he says she agreed to meet him
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and go to a casino. in the moments the two met. >> unless you know she got a gun pulled from the back of my head. >> they say it was her friend who also carried a a knife. police say in addition, they are after a man and a woman, police say they have talked to her on the found phone. so have we. she spoke to me on the phone today. she knows she's wanted by police but didn't do anything wrong and only an idiot would turn herself in. every day he lives in fear and has no plans to return to the site where he met her. >> she's last known to live in destruction el hill and frequent delaware county, but they want to know more about the two people she was with. especially they say since a gun and a knife were used in this crime. if it you know anything about the case, you're asked to call
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police. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 nouz. >> investigators found aaron hernandez dead in his jail cell. >> police say it was suicide, but hernandez' lawyer wants to know what really happened. >> his lawyer says he's shocked and intends to conduct his own investigation. prison officials say hernandez used a bed sheet to hang himself early this morning at a correctional sirnt in massachusetts. he took steps to avoid being rescued by blocking his cell door with various items. he was 27 years old. there was no reason to believe hernandez was planning to take his own life and his client was looking forward to an opportunity to a second chance to prove his innocence. last friday he was moved to tears after being acquitted of killing two men in boston in 2012. but hernandez was still serving a life sentence for murdering a
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mandating his fiance's sister. his daelt death comes on the patriots visited the white house to mark their super bowl win. tom brady did not attend because of what he called personal family matters. several other players skipped the ceremony for political reasons. patriots leader said they were aware of the death of aaron hernandez, but the team is not commenting at this time. the team signed him to a $40 million contract extension. the patriots released himd following his arrest for the murder a year after that. now one more note. the death of aaron hernandez means his murder conviction is likely to disappear. hernandez was appealing that conviction and under massachusetts law defense tee attorneys can move to have them vacated when a defendant dies before an appeal is heard. we're live in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc 10 nouz. happening roigt now, a jury
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is deliberating in the murder trial of eric frein. he's accused of killing one state trooper and injuring another in an ambush at the bar racks in 2014. nbc 10 is live outside the courthouse where we are waiting on a verdict. >> still waiting any news of a verdict. they are deliberate iing right . they started just before 1:00 p.m. this jury is from chester county. they have been staying up here in the poconos for the length of the trial. and today in court, the prosecution laid out its closing argument going over all that evidence and pointing to the motive one more time. prosecutors say eric frein wanted to spark a revolution when he shot two troopers. >> his defense team spoke for ten minutes, but the prosecution went for almost two hours. the district attorney called had him a terrorist with murder in his heart and a rifle in his
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hand. the jury saw surveillance video of the sniper attack showing the ambush at the barracks and the body of brian dixon. by early afternoon, the jury finally had the case after 11 days. >> you can't predict how long they will take. >> they asked the jury to fairly evaluate the evidence, but they never called a single witness. instead they will try to persuade the jury to save frein's life if he's convicted. >> reporter: the jury inside the courthouse. they continued to deliberate. they will be considering the murder one charge as well as secondary charges including terrorism and weapons of mass destruction for having two bombs in unwp of the camp sites. several families are out of their homes after the flames raced through an apartment building in camden county. four apartments were destroyed.
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everyone who lives here made it out okay. but a firefighter hurt his ankle jumping from a window when a floor collapsed. investigators are trying to figure out how that fire started. the owner of a mcdonald's in pennsylvania is giving more praise to his staff for catching the facebook killer. a a worker spotted steve stephen when is he pulled up to the drive-thru tuesday. she called 911 and workers stalled him by saying his fries weren't ready. police showed up ask stephens killed himself after a short chase. >> i couldn't be prouder of my employees, the restaurant and the pennsylvania state police. we did what we had to do. >> the search for steve stephens lasted two days. stretched into philadelphia. reported sightings in fairmont park put dozens of schools on lockdown and they don't believe it was in philadelphia.
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vice president mike pence is again warning north korea over the latest failed missile launch. >> penn spoke in japan today. he told sailors the u.s. would bring ab overwhelming and effective response to nuclear weapons by north korea. meetings in tokyo with japan's prime minister. president trump today signed a bill extend iing a health car program for veterans. the program allows vets to more easily go outside the va health system for care. it would have expired in august. pictures and videos of penn state students in dorm showers, campus police are incidenting two incidents there. it happened sunday night between 9:30 and 1:00 a.m. police haven't identified the victims or said whether they were men or wimp. police are asking students for tips about who might have been responsible. we have new video this afternoon of stranded travelers in orlando. passengers had to walk or hop a
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bus to get to the main terminals to 60 gates. shuft service was stopped because of technical problems and construction work. some flights were allowed to allow more time to get to their departure gate. the sights and sounds of the colonial era ro alive and well this afternoon. it's opening day for philadelphia's newest landmark. the museum of the american revolution. festivities got started this morning followed by a march. the home of the museum. the museum has been a project 16 years in the making. it gives visitors a chance to see and relive revolutionary times through an array of interactive displays. >> it's a reminder of courage
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and how much we have to live up to. >> no coincidence the doors would open today. it's the 242nd an virs of the shot heard round the world. more on the museum of the american revolution. let's take a look at the cost. big time $120 million to build it. it's the first museum to open in philadelphia since the barns opened in 2012. and the museum houses more than 3,000 artifacts including george washington's headquarters tent. our coverage of today's opening continues on nbc 10 news at 4:00. we give you a tour of the museum and a look at the celebrations leading up to today's opening. that's at 4:30. registration opened for philadelphia's rock 'n' roll half marathon. a live look where runners will start and finish. this year they are going to have a new option. a new 10k tries go with the 5k and half marathon.
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it will be september 16th and 17th. this is the 40th year for the race. it raises money for cancer research. a live look down broad street from our campus camera. the place is going to be packed in just over two weeks. it's almost time for the blue cross broad street run. nbc 10 is your home for it. you can watch the run from start to finish sunday may 7th right here on nbc 10. now we can tell you the bids are all done, but you can still get your hands on one. all you have to do is go to the nbc 10 app for your chance to win a last-minute industry. back to our breaking news we're following in delaware. sky force 10 has been over philadelphia pike and washington street. police have shot and killed a suspect. officers say they tried to stop him as he was driving, but he sped off and crashed here at this location. at that point he took off running and officers chased him down. there was a confrontation that ended with officers shooting and killing the suspect. several have been taken to the
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hospital to be checked out and north market street is closed to traffic from 23rd to 25th as a result of the investigation. we're going to continue to monitor this breaking news. we'll bring you new information as soon as it comes into the nbc 10 news room. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the countdown to next week's nfl draft. we are eight day was from the big event of the museum of art. lauren mayk is live along the ben franklin parkway. >> not an area where drivers want to be along the afternoon. more roads are close wrd you are right now. >> this is one of the drivers have already lost some e roadway to construction. take a look. you can still get down the parkway. you can cross 22nd street but take a look at the inner lanes of the park wway. they are all blocked off at this point as the nfl builds a new home for the draft.
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>> i have seen it being built. a little treacherous on the way home. >> reporter: dave is okay with it, though. he and his friends came to check out the progress on the big blue box at the base of the museum that will be the center of the sports world next week. >> growing up here my entire life, it was always philadelphia was the second class to new york. but this is a big time event and a big time place. >> it's a big deal and even bigger if you're a football mom. >> he's been working towards this his whole career. he's been playing football since pea wee. >> karen's son is from the university of massachusetts. >> if e he winds up getting an invite, it's a blessing. >> reporter: the family is from downing town making this it draft local. >> he'll be blessed. >> reporter: players, family and fans will see a transformed art museum and parkway. some coming for a peek now.
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>> it's way bigger than i thought. >> reporter: and coming back for the big event. >> i have u no excuse. i'm going to be here. >> reporter: now i spent some time with an nfl official today and i got some new information about what all of this is going to look like, including how the rocky steps are going to be used and what this thing is. that's coming up at 5:00. live in the parkway, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we have the draft covered beginning one week from today. we're live from the tgifriday. ask we'll be there for eagles draft day. we wrap things up sunday. it's going to be an exciting time. so much is going to be outside on that parkway from the l rocky steps to the draft experience. we want good weather. >> it was looking good when wlat
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we spoke with tammie souza, but things can change. >> one of the days, not a as good as the other. two out of three is not too bad this time of year. i think we'll take it. let's look at what's going on right now. we don't want to take it as far as rain, but the beam is sweeping the sky and we have a few sprinkles. we could see some of this activity out in the lehigh valley and the pennsylvania suburbs. so lehigh, even just to the north of easton, we're looking at very light showers and sprinkles. you're also seeing a little activity. this will continue through the evening hours. it's associated with the storm system that's lifted to the north of us. so much heavier rain moving through new england. you can see we're just sort of parked in the cloud cover across the area. and we will get a little bit of sunshine back tomorrow. but right now in easton, you're socked in. overcast skies across much of the area. let's look at the numbers in your neighborhood. sinking spring, 57.
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much cooler across the area. we're looking at the upper 50s and 60s. but let's look across the plains. the ohio and tennessee valley, look at the gorgeous 80s. we have winds out of the east today. keeping us cooler off the atlantic. but you notice not far away there are southwest winds. we're going to see those kick in by tomorrow. we'll be back into the 0s tomorrow and close to 80 across the area for friday. right now we're look iing at 60n philly. 55 in vineland. tonight you're dropping down into the 50s across the area. just a wee bit cooler. 44 for mount pocono. so this is your hour by hour forecast. let's check out what's going to happen. a little bit of clearing with the clouds. we'll see a sprinkle tomorrow morning. a brief shower and an isolated thunderstorm. a lot of the activity now is shifting to the overnight hours tomorrow night. so the evening and overnight hours, look at this. we go through late tomorrow night. maybe a shower or storm across the area into very early friday
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morning. a lot of the activity is out of here by friday afternoon. we start to warm up with west winds. thing its aren't looking too shabby. 75 with a chance of shower. maybe an isolated thunderstorm and 65 on saturday with the sunshine returning. let's check out the suburbs. pretty much the same. we're going to see a little cooler day on saturday. tomorrow lehigh valley at 74. we're looking at 74 in jersey with 64 by saturday. and we'll see 80 in delaware on friday. so a big warm-up on the way for friday. but i didn't add sunday. it's very ugly on sunday. come on back. we'll show you that a little later on. >> i'm afraid to look. it's not too early to start thinking about summer. let's talk about that and boating season. >> i'm thinking about that in december. but now it's closer. later we're going to show you what's being pulled out of the cape to keep you safe when you hit the water. also serena's big surprise.
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a snapchat post that has everyone talking. plus daycare danger, how this man broke into a baby room pull of cribs and just made himself at home. the video you have to see, next on nbc 10 at 4:00. first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street where the dow posted a drop of more than 200 points. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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incredible video. this guy is making his way into a daycare center. he uses that window rather than the door. once he got inside he made himself at home and took a nap and gathered up food and headed out the same window. police are still looking for him this afternoon. the new england patriots in washington today to accept congratulations for their super bowl win. >> that visit included a lighter
4:26 pm
moment in the briefing room. >> we'll see what pans out in negotiations. >> i think i got this. >> that's star rob gron cow ski paying a visit to sean spicer. he's a patriots fan b and seemed to appreciate the interruption. got a smile out of him. he called it pretty cool. >> he almost looked like he was lost opening the door and realized where he was. >> and then the laughter in the room so spicer turned around. >> opening day for the brand new museum. >> we are live in old city with more on the festivities. >> we're going to show you the museum of eyes of people seeing it for the first time and te telling you some of the stories you may not have learned in your history book. nbc 10 continues to follow his breaking news out of
4:27 pm
wilmington. officers shot and killed the suspect after a police chase. live coverage continues next on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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we're following breaking news in wilmington. sky force 10 is live over philadelphia pike where police have shot and killed a suspect there. it's all started around 2:00 this afternoon. officers say they tried to stop the man driving along market street, but he sped off and crashed at the scene you're looking at now. at that point, he took off running. officers chase d him down. there was a confrontation that ended with officers killing that suspect. several officers have been taken to the hospital to be evaluated. we can tell you that north market street is closed to traffic from 23rd to 25th as a
4:31 pm
result of this investigation. drew smith is on the scene gathering new information about just what happened. history coming to life in had old sdi. the museum of the american revolution commemorates and celebrates one of the most important times in u.s. history. today it's open to the public for the first time. nbc 10 and telemundo are proud sponsors of the museum. >> andrea is joining us where the museum just opened up to the public an hour ago. >> we all had learned about the american revolution, but many people say the story has not been told this way. inside the museum, they aim to have a more inclusive story. especially as it pertains to americans and women contributed to the revolution.
4:32 pm
>> visitors to the museum of the american revolution. >> all kinds of new things that i've never heard of before like the liberty tree and liberty cap. >> down the street from independence hall and historic old city the museum sits at the corner of third and chestnut street. >> philadelphia there's so much history here that this is probably the best place to put it that i can see. >> brian connors is from the moe hawk nation. that greatly contributed to the revolution and the exhibit in the museum. >> i wanted to come for a number of these, but primarily because i'm african-american.
4:33 pm
>> hopefully i'd be involved there will be more inclusivity now. >> it's the history of the country at the place where it all began. educating visitors about the sacrifices made for freedom. >> lots of things that i didn't know i didn't know. and that's a lot of good education here. >> former vice president eer v biden was here to celebrate the opening of the museum. we'll bring you the pomp is and circumstance at 6:00. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> hope she got to see george washington's tent too. we brought you an exclusive look inside during our preview special. you can watch it any time on nbc 10 app.
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>> he's the pastor of a faith tabernacle congregation that rejects modern medicine. the 2-year-old almost certainly would have survived had she bye-bye given antibiotics. her parents are charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> the nurses at memorial have reached a tentive agreement on the first contract. nurses and technical staff staged a two-day strike calling for more staffing to improve patient care. . members will vote on the deal tomorrow. in north hampton county, emeril louisiana ga see will be back for the food and wine fest. the festival is expected to be the largest one yet featuring more than 40 restaurants, vineyards and distilleriedistil. it provides scholarships to area students. >> delaware county is getting national exposure. >> it's thank s s to a new show
4:35 pm
that's going to air on comedy central. >> comedy central ordered nine episodes. it will start shooting here next month. it started online with four successful shorts. it's about co-workers at a lumberyard. it's written by two local guys. six kansas high school journalists will be special guests at this month's white house's cordon spens dinner. the students and teacher are receiving an all expenses paid trip to the dinner courtesy of the "huffington post." the superintendent is excited the students will get a once in a lifetime experience. hundreds of pounds of food are now on the way to help local families in need. comcast employees delivered the food to fill abundance relief center in south philadelphia. the delivery comes ahead of saturday's comcast cares day,
4:36 pm
which is the nation's largest day volunteer event. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. the covers ep keep coming. jouulia roberts is setting a record on magazine newsstands. >> the honor the actress just received for the fifth time. plus pain relief for your headaches. the device tested on patients here in philadelphia that will soon hit store shelves. and coming up all new at 5:00, a vibe makeover at the jersey shore. the new push to make a party town more friend ly for your family this summer. glaz congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy.
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tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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. new help for people who suffer from cluster headaches. they approved a nerve stimlater to treat the headaches that disrupts signals that extends from the brain all the way to the colon. it was tested on patients at
4:40 pm
philadelphia's jefferson university hospital. it should go on sale in the u.s. later this year. a new study is providing hope for dementia patients. scientists from stanford injected ageing mice with human umbilical cord blood and the mice made significant improvement cans in memory tests. mice show a slide in cognitive abilities as they get older. the findings might lead to new treatments for memory problems in humans. tennis pro serena williams is about to get a new doubles partner. >> we're not talking about her sister venus. next the snapchat surprise from the all-star that has everyone talking. and we're talking about south winds, warmer temperatures, and rain. all of that is in the forecast, right after the break.
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superstars and real life couple tim mcgraw and faith hill are coming to philadelphia this summer. they are bringing their soul to soul world tour to the wells fargo center. it celebrates their last tour together and the first time she's toured in a decade. a live look at the wells fargo center where tim and faith will hit the stage. tickets go on sale one week from friday. ♪ maybe this will girl. backstage at one of her concerts. the caption was so sweet to meet and saying a fellow mississippi girl. is there a baby on board for serena williams.
4:45 pm
it certainly looks that way. by the looks of this picture. she posted it with a caption of 20 weeks and kplikly deleted it. julia roberts more than just a pretty woman. >> "people" named her the world's most beautiful woman for the fifth time. the 49-year-old oscar winner says she's flattered by the experience. her cover story looks at her 14-year marriage and life as a mom of three. roberts first claimed the top spot in 1991 after a year starring in "pretty woman." she graced the cover in 2000, 2005 and 2010. she doesn't change. >> she looks the same. and that smile just lights up
4:46 pm
the room. >> we have a few sprinkles here and there. then we're going to talk about the 80s. let's look at a beautiful flag flapping in the wind. everything is cloudy. we have a few sprinkles taking place out there. and that's basically what we're going to deal with through this evening. it's just some spotty sprinkles. just to the south of hatfield we're looking at a sprinkle. much of it in buck county has cleared out. so these are just going to be hit and miss. drizzle, sprinkles, things like that. the cloud cover is going to pretty much be with us for much of the evening. you can see it along the jersey shore. you can see thicker cloud cover out of harrisburg as well. so the overcast skies of the live camera out there. a little breezy. we're seeing the winds kick
4:47 pm
canning in from the south and the east keeping it cooler along the shore. let's go to delaware where you're looking at the mid-50s. so let's go hour by hour with what you're going to see then between now and friday. because that's when you kind of have to be aware of the warmth that's coming here. they are undercutting the storms out there. it makes for a calmer atmosphere with the cooler air. and by late tomorrow to the south. we're looking at the showers to the north move iing across partf burkes county.
4:48 pm
tomorrow they are coming out of the southwest. i showed you the 80s across parts of the te value e lee. and that's going to be headed our way for friday. we get sbo thursday afternoon. we get a break and a few sprinkles here and there. we see some showers that are going to make their way through the area and thursday night and early friday morning. it's not a washout. could hear a clap of thunder. by friday the winds shift to the east. we clear out by friday evening. that's the day we could touch 80 degrees. so be aware of that. it could be very warm. and kind of a sultry day too. so for tomorrow, we're going to be looking at 75 degrees. 80 on friday. both could see an isolated shower and isolated thunderstorm. not a washout. then we're going to see temperatures dip on saturday. i think we'll see sunshine. it's going to be a pleasant day.
4:49 pm
59 degrees. if we're lucky it will be breezy and damp throughout the day. we'll start to clear out. maybe early morning shower. especially in places like south jersey and the jersey shore and then we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, lots of sunshine. you notice thissen continues for the draft. at least the first two days. rain, a week from saturday. but thursday and friday, looks great. >> we have breaking news. there's a verdict in the eric frein murder trial. we have been awaiting this moment. he's accused of killing a a trooper in an ambush in it pike county in 2014. it's not clear right now when this verdict will be read in the courtroom. we only know a verdict has been reached by this jury. if frein is found guilty, he could get the death penalty. nbc 10 will bring you the verdict as soon as we have it. to this now, it's been a danger in the water for two years. >> next at 4:00, ted greenberg
4:50 pm
shows us what it is and how crews are finally getting rid of it. and coming up at 5:00, the nfl draft coming to philadelphia next week. it's the first time the city of brotherly love has played host. we'll take you back eight decades to a wawa where this all began.
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boating season shifts into high gear, efforts are ramping up to remove a pair of maritime eyesores. >> one has been a danger to other boaters for two years. ted greenberg has the story from cape may.
4:54 pm
>> a marine towing crew trying to pull the shannon marie back into the water. >> they are really working on it. i'm excited to see this happen. >> reporter: the head of the popular nature center of cape may ecstatic that sea tow is working to remove the boat from where it's been beached along cape may harbor since a january storm. the shannon marie one of a pair of abandoned boats here. the nor'easter 2 sitting submerged is yards away. we first told you about that boat in 2015 after it sank twice that summer become iing a hazaro other boaters. >> it's the number one question that people come into the nature skpernt ask about the abandoned boats. it's been something we have been advocating for a a long time for somebody to do something about it. >> city officials say they are using grant money tr the 6500 cost to remove the shannon marie, but pulling out the nor'easter 2 could come with a bill of close to $30,000.
4:55 pm
>> the cost of that has become pretty high. we're looking how to afford to get the boat out. >> they hope that will happen in the next several months. today's effort to move the shannon marie didn't have quite enough muscle. still seeing progress is a positive. >> i'm really happy that we see something happening here. >> reporter: they plan to give it another go in the next day or so, but i'm told they will be coming back with more horse power. in cape may, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here are keith jones and erin coleman. >> we continue to follow breaking news. a man shot dead by police in delaware. >> nbc 10 is talking to witnesses who saw the police chase happen with live team coverage, next. and are you ready for some 80s? if you are, it may come with a little bit of rain and thunderstorm activity. we'll talk about that right after the break. plus the nfl is revealing brand new insight into what to.
4:56 pm
expect for the draft and the rocky steps next week. this isn't the first time philly hosted the event. we'll explain the story in a wawa at 5:00.
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i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. a man shot dead by police after officers chased him in wilmington. sky force 10 is flying live over the scene where the chase ended.
4:59 pm
the suspect tried to run away before officers caught him and shot pimp ihim. >> the police tried to pull the suspect over. officers chased him to philadelphia pike and washington street. that's about two miles away. drew smith was the first reporter at the scene where this crash ended. we saw you live on nbc 10 news at 4:00. it was just about 50 feet from where e he crashed his car that he ended up in a confrontation with them just outside the sidesteps to this church. that's when police say they fired and killed that man right here on the scene. it was around 2:00 police say they were conducting a separate investigation at a different
5:00 pm
location. when they tried to pull this guy over. e he refused to stop and chased had him down here to washington street in philadelphia pike. he crashed into another car here and got out and kept running away from the officers. the officers say that is when they got in a confrontation with him. there was some sort of scuffle and then there were the shots fired. the officers were take on to the hospital for treatment. i just checked and they say that was a precautionary move. they have not given any further update on their condition. neighbors say there was a scary situation to come home to. >> i know a lot of stuff happens in the city, but i wouldn't expect it to happen right at home. >> this is not a big area for all this. we're just kind of surprised. >> so right now they just got that suspect's car out of here. the other car that was crashed into by that guy has left. so it may be just a matter of time before they try to open


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