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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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available now at boscov's. lights and sirens, police cars fill the streets of wilmington after officers open fire on a suspect. o'reilly out, how sexual ha rasment claims took him off the air. where local firefighters
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made this unusual find. nbc 10 news starts now. >> first at 11:00, blind sided, a father is walking home from a job interview when three men jump him on the sidewalk. this video captured the entire attack. >> police hope that video helps them find the attackers and so does the victim who spoke exclusively to nbc 10. >> keith jones -- >> i want to show you something on the screen. these three men beat this guy until he was unconscious. he is fearing these guys will come after him again. it's difficult to watch this video. people are still talking about saturday's violent beating. >> they just attacked him. it was -- it was vicious. >> reporter: latoya works next store to the restaurant on b.
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street. the attack happened outside her store. >> the guy stomped on his head a few times really hard. that will cause a lot of trauma. >> i couldn't watch the video. >> reporter: we showed the father the video saying he never saw his attackers coming. >> anybody who would walk away. i don't want that to happen to nobody. >> reporter: police are look for these three men. you can see them looking through the windows. >> you can tell that the guys news who they were looking for. >> reporter: the victim swears he doesn't know his attackers. >> broad daylight and down the street from the police department? yeah, it's -- philly has to get it together. >> reporter: the men stole the victim's wallet and cell phone. a daycare is next door and a police district headquarters. if you know these guys, police want you to call them. a fire forced two people and
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a pet alligator from their home tonight. nbc 10 was there as animal control officers removed the 12-inch gator from the apartment above a barbershop. the alligator wasn't hurt. a follow up to a chase. confrontation and deadly shooting on the streets of wilmington. we are asking police what led them to open fire on a suspect. drew smith has been following the investigation since it unfolded this afternoon, causing questions and chaos, drew. >> this all started two miles in that direction but ended here with a crash right outside the delaware state police barracks. we're told that man got out of his car, ran over here to the church and you can see where the police are out here tonight, that is where his life ended. drivers in wilmington began to notice a commotion about 2:00.
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>> i knew it was close by. i heard them clear. >> reporter: officers were following a man in a separate investigation. >> the officers attempted to stop him and the suspect would not stop. >> reporter: at least two police cruisers were damaged in the first crash. then on philadelphia pike the man driving this green honda with temporary tags crashed again into a white suv. >> they drove up here and got into an accident. >> i saw some guy run. >> reporter: police followed the man to the church where a confrontation happened. >> they had a tumble. the guy had gotten shot. >> reporter: the brandywine center for autism went into lockdown and crime scene investigators and men in department of justice vests were on the scene. >> it's next to a police station. i'm like who is stupid enough to do it. maybe down there if i was the criminal but i'm not.
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>> reporter: we asked for clarification on the confrontation with the police. but the investigators were not ready to go into that level of detail. >> reporter: this neighborhood watched as a black tarp went up in front of a body in front of the church they go to on sundays. >> that's pretty scary. >> reporter: we asked about the officers involved and how they are doing tonight? they are at the hospital being checked out. the police did not release the name of the man who was killed here. live in wilmington, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. bill o'lislyreilly's run hae to an end. 21st century fox is dropping o'reilly amid allegations of sexual harassment. five women have been paid $13 million to keep quiet about unpleasant encounters with
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o'reilly. we spoke about his ouster tonight. and she says it is a positive step in the right direction. >> we applaud the women for speaking out and celebrate this as a victory for women's voices to be heard and for fighting against sexual harassment. >> o'reilly released a statement that says in part it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to unfounded claims. o'reilly was one of the most successful personalities in tv news. according to one expert who covered fox news for years, that made the decision more complicated. >> the audience is loyal. during the scandal his ratings have in fact gone up. >> tucker carlson will take over the 8:00 p.m. slot. now to your first alert weather. rain getting closer to the area.
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>> tammy souza is tracking this for us and has the latest. what is the timing? >> overnight tonight between 2:00 a.m. and during the early part of the morning commute. right now things are quiet. we're not seeing anything out there other than cloud cover. but the rain is making its way through the western part of the state and we're going to get clipped by this. and it is going to diminish as it approaches the area. some may see an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the second part of the weather story, the temperature trend. today only 63 degrees and felt cooler with the breeze. but starting at 5:00 a.m., 55 degrees and climbing up to 75 degrees tomorrow. even warmer on friday and that's what we're going to discuss plus the weekend forecast when i come back. to this now, guilty on all charges. that is the verdict for eric
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frein. he faced 12 charges including first degree murder and terrorism for an ambush on a police barracks. he killed one trooper and wounded another for a 38-day manhunt. the defense will work to convince the jury not to sentence him to death. bryan dixon was killed in the attack. alex douglass was badly injured. the injury will begin the penalty phase of the trial tomorrow. aaron hernandez is dead after an apparent suicide in his jail cell. the massachusetts department of corrections says hernandez hanged himself with a bed sheet in his cell. his death comes less than a week after he was acquitted in a separate murder trial. his attorney vowed to invest his death. now to the rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. president trump is considering breaking the nuclear deal struck
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during the last administration. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trump administration is conducting a review of the u.s. policy on iran. the review spans across the entire federal government. tillerson said iran's nuclear ambitions are, quote, a grave risk to international peace and security. critics warn that the hard line stance could lead to a more radical regime in tehran. ♪ history came to life today in old city, philadelphia's new museum of the american revolution opened to the public. the event marks the 242nd anniversary of the shot heard throughout the world. former vice president joe biden was among the dignitaries who played a key role in the festivities. septa is considering raising rates. tonight they held the first of
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several public hearings on the matter. additional hearings are held until the 25th. it will affect all of the platforms. the increases are modest in nature. single rates jump from $2.25 to $2.50. and monthly passes from $91 to $96. bamboo is on the banned list. homeowners are prevented from planting bamboo on or near their properties. it only applies to running bamboo because it can damage properties. residents who have it are required to build a barrier to help prevent the spread. trouble on the trail. a woman reports a disturbing incident. we ask about safety at this popular spot. plus, what would snooki say? how a popular jersey shore destination is trying to change
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its party image. and who is listening? a new lawsuit claims bose is tracking you through your headphones. tonight at 11:00.
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we continue with trouble on the trail. a woman says she was groped and harassed by a group of teenagers. >> with warmer weather on the way, people who use the trail along the river want to make sure it's safe. >> police say a woman was roller blading and was surrounded by a group of seven teenaged boys riding their bicycles. one of them groped her before he road rode away. we broke the news to people on the trail today. >> that's terrible and i can imagine what that must have felt like. there are moments when you see
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packs of kids together. >> reporter: the victim said she was on the trail 5:30 saturday even and a group of teen boys surround her and one groped her. >> thank god it wasn't me. >> you would have had something for those kids? >> yes. >> reporter: a similar incident happened in november of 2015. a young boy inappropriately grabbed a 29-year-old woman while she was with her boyfriend. this type of harassment led the city and the run group run 215 to create a federal watch group to improve security and added emergency markers on light poles. >> that is pretty secure to me. i normally see security running back and forth through here. >> i would come out here by myself at night. i have come out here by myself at night and i never have had any issues.
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>> reporter: the organizer of run 215 says that participation is low in the trail watch group but the number of crimes is lower among the trail and is one of the safest places in philadelphia. the case of electronic spying of sorts is causing problems for one manufacturer tonight. bose is being accused of sharing data about customers without telling them. a class action lawsuit says that bose broke several laws. according to the complaint, the app that pairs wireless headphones connects their listening history with third party companies. a little more love for serena williams. she pregnant. she is expecting a baby in the fall. she posted a picture on snap chat with the caption, 20 weeks. she announced she is engaged to the co-founder of
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you may notice a family friendly matt friendly atmosphere in seaside heights. there is a 9:00 p.m. beach curfew and restrictions for bringing coolers on the beach. seaside heights was featured on "jersey shore." honoring a war hero today. 99-year-old sam wiseman was presented with the camden county service medal. he served in the air force during the second world war and says he is humbled by the recognition for his service. >> for me this is a big occasion and i hope that somebody else can choose the same. >> wiseman just completed a 15-week course and says he is
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looking forward to taking more classes. >> good for him. now to your weather. we have rain getting closer to the area. >> get the latest from tammy souza. >> tonight you may hear a clap of thunder a pitter patter on the roof. but right now beautiful. the ben franklin sparkling away. the pleasant temperatures. it feels better tonight than it did today. the winds have died down to 6 miles an hour and right now it's 54 degrees. we're going to hang around that temperature all night long. around the area, 55 in allentown, 47 in pocono. 54 in wilmington. and the same for vineland. the overnight lows are going to be in those low 50s. not budging too much from where they are right now. and it's because of the cloud cover that's going to keep the warmth in. so for tomorrow, you're basically going to see a nice
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warmup. we're looking at the '70s. 76 in redding. a shower in the morning. 75 in westchester. and let's go here to philly. 75. and in new jersey, haddon field, 74. a brief shower in the morning. avalon you'll be at 74 out on the shore. not looking at a breeze coming off the water. a southwest wind brings in that warmth. 77 in wilmington, delaware. right now, the doppler radar, scanning the sky and nothing going on. but this line coming through pittsburgh will diminish as it makes its way toward philly but we'll see showers tonight after midnight. here's the timing hour by hour. about 2:30 in the morning, allentown, redding you could see
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a shower or thunderstorm. making its way to mount holly and scooting out of the area by 6:00. a light shower for the morning commute and temperatures in the 50s. look what happens in the afternoon. we may get some sunshine and hit the mid-70s in the area. but there is more rain on the way. take a look. here it comes, tomorrow night and friday morning that is the best chance of seeing a thunderstorm. and this moves through very early on friday morning. a lot of it staying north. so jersey may not get much of anything and the same for delaware once we head into friday morning. spotty showers on the backside and we clear out. these temperatures don't reflect it. but with that sunshine we're kissing 80 on friday. here's your ten-day on 10. 75 tomorrow. a warm 80 on friday. isolated thunderstorm or brief shower widely scattered on both days. saturday the sunshine comes back
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a few clouds. sunday with blustery conditions, clouds and periods of rain and only 59 but look at the week ahead after that. wait to do your gardening. look at all the sunshine and the nice dry conditions. >> looks good, tammy. it's a school dedicated to providing high quality education to low income households. all the funds raised will benefit students at the north philadelphia school. andrea kline thomas hosted the event. he is only 7 years old but a south jersey boy knew what to do when his mom was in trouble. >> and the whole country is going to celebrate this young hero. plus taking one for the team. how a mascot made the save when a baseball was headed for a child in the stands. next.
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remember this brave young man? it's 7-year-old rocco. he made headlines when he saved his mother's life. she collapsed from a severe illness and rocco called 911 for help. tomorrow he will be featured on the steve harvey show as a harvey's hero. we have a sneak peek. >> who is your hero? >> spider-man. >> i bet he is spider-man's hero too. >> you can see the interview including the surprise for the young hero tomorrow at 2:00 right here on nbc 10. a close call for a florida gator's baseball fan. the boy was nearly hit by a foul ball yesterday. but the team's mascot came to the rescue. he shielded the boy at the last second right there. the ball did nail albert between
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the eyes and the young boy performed cpr to bring him back around. they are both doing just fine tonight. >> he does look like he knows what he is doing. >> the fanatic is a hero too. like the gator. he will protect the fans. tonight we are asking why there are more answers than questions for the defense. and the phillies tonight drop the ball in the big apple. but they tie it up. can they win? highlights are next.
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i'm john clark from csn. the phillies trying to win their first series against the mets in a year. in citi field.
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a cold night. in the fifth, velazquez at the plate with an ribeiro single. the phillies are up 2-0. then jay bruce happened. three-run shot gives the mets the lead. vinny's glove is hearing all the bleeps. vinny hasn't won in 12 starts going back to july of last year. eighth inning. tied at 3. in the bottom half of the inning, bruce shows he's is boss again. two-run homer. be ernst the phillies he is hitting .400 with four homers and 11 rbis this season. the eagles defense hoping to be better in the second year under jim schwartz. they finished 12 last year in point allowed. that was an improvement. jordan hicks says all he had in the first year was questions. now he has answers.
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>> you get a feel for the way he handles a game, the way he handles practice, his expectations going into certain situations and that communication, the ability to read each other's mind and understand where we want to be and where we want the defense to be, we can only go up. the patriots visited the white house today. dozens of players decided not to go to the white house this time. but rob gronkowski was there. he crashed sean spicer's press briefing. >> we will see what pans out in the negotiations can i -- >> need some help in. >> i think i got this, but thank you. maybe. >> i like you. >> thanks, man, i'll see you in a minute. >> expect to see more on "saturday night live" this coming week. i'm john clark. we're right back. whoa!
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any suede boots under this desk will not be making an appearance tomorrow. >> don't wear those suede boots tomorrow. >> i can't. >> we'll have morning showers and afternoon sun. >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sienna miller, anthony bourdain, musical guest chris cornell,


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