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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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15-year-old girl and he is the father. they got an unanimous complaint that began this whole investigation. let's go to the mug shot of the suspect right now. the suspect's name is francisco prado-contreras. he lives in the 700 block of south street. he's in jail under a $750,000 bond. police say that he is accused or he is facing charges of statutory sexual assault, corruption of a minor among other sex crime charges. investigators spoke to his family. they found out that the two people that were involved, the suspect and the victim, had a relationship late in 2015. we can show you the video of the soccer field where this 15-year-old girl played when she was being coached by the father of her child. police say that this all began about a year ago when they firs met each other and it kind of has led to where we are now.
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we can bring you some sound that we heard from police about any other victims out there. >> we are interested if there's any other victims out there if anybody has information to contact us. we look at that as a pocket and he did have access to other children. so we are looking at that. >> reporter: and so this coach had been a coach for that soccer team for about ten years. police are still looking for any other victims who may have been associated with this coach. we're going to go to the neighborhood and check in with this program he coached and find out more about the suspect and his background. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. reporting live, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. breaking overseas, in the past 15 minutes we learned isis is taking credit for an attack
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in paris killing one officer and wounding two officers at the famous landmark. the shooting targeted officers at the busy champs-elysees. the suspect drove up to a police car, walked up to it and opened fire. in the last hour, we learned that the gunman was previously flagged as an extremist. authorities say counterterrorism investigators are involved in the probe. president trump spoke a few hours ago and said the shooting in paris looks like another terrorist attack. the president offered france his condolences and said there have been too many similar tragedies. >> what can you say? it just never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant and i've been saying it for a long time. >> police in paris say it's too early to say whether the attacker had any accomplices. they are looking into motive. >> stay with nbc 10. the latest on the paris attack will be on "nightly news."
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david creato charged with killing his son. >> he felt his son was getting in the way of his relationship with a teenage girl. the mother testified against the former boyfriend recounting a conversation after this son's body was found. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors is joining us live outside the camden county courthouse. what else did the mom say during the testimony? >> reporter: she described that conversation as being odd and illogical. she couldn't make any sense of it. the jury today heard circumstantial evidence and testimony on both sides that the toddler knew how to unlock doors but never wandered away from his house in the past and never left home alone day or night.
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david "d.j." creato sat quiet in court. the toddler was just beginning preschool at the time of his death. prosecutors told the jury that money was tight and that creato couldn't afford to give the boy's mother the tuition he owed for brendan's child care. >> all i can do is give her a hundred because he needed to save 200 for rent. >> police and investigators who took the stand today testified that officers discovered 3-year-old brendan dead in the creek of cooper river park the same morning creato reported his son missing. creato insists he woke up to find his apartment door unlocked and his son gone. parents and family members came to court to support him. his ex-girlfriend testified for the prosecution and was asked about creato's relationship with
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their son by the defense on cross. >> in the eight years or so you knew d.j. until this time, would you agree he's a gentle person? >> yes. >> i don't dispute that for a moment. some people have more moments than others, do you agree? he has fewer moments than others, right? >> yes. >> he's a gentleman? >> yes. >> because of regular scheduling here in camden county, the trial will resume on tuesday of next week. that's when the prosecution will finish presenting its case. we expect the prosecution to call medical examiners and experts to the stand. the prosecutors say they will testify that this is a homicide and that brendan may have either been drown or choked. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. tonight we learn new details about the man police shot and killed after a chase in wilmington. new castle county police say
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that man was 21-year-old keith price. he was wanted in connection with a shooting earlier this month. price led them on a chase after he tried to arrest them. he hid in the bushes and came out with a gun and that's when officers say they had to shoot and kill him. >> ten more feet he would have been in our yard. i don't what happened, but it was just terrifying. >> price's past convictions include conspiracy and carrying a concealed deadly weapon. >> the penalty phase in the trial of eric frein is under way. the jury must decide whether to sentence him to death. jurors heard testimony from tiffany dixon, the widow of pennsylvania corporal brian dixon. the prosecution is seeking the death penalty but frein's defense team asked the jury to spare his life. they insist frein had a difficult upbringing and had issues with his father.
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it's been four weeks now since republicans pulled the health care bill to replace obamacare. president trump said he would move onto tax reform you recall. today a new push could get a health care deal done and soon. lauren? >> president trump said today there was "never a give up" on health care but it hasn't been in the spotlight. that could be changing though. members of congress are heading back to washington next week and there is new talk about how to get a deal done. >> i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? >> president donald trump talking about a bill needed next week to keep the government running and a deal on health care. one month after a vote didn't happen in congress, capitol hill again buzzing about bringing it up a again. >> this is a great bill. great plan. and this will be great health care. >> potential amendment by new jersey congressman tom mccar
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thur ccarthur is getting attention. today president trump at a news conference with the italian prime minister not addressing specifics but saying the plan is evolving. >> the plan gets better and better and better and it's gotten really, really good and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week, but i believe we will get it and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter. >> there's no vote scheduled on this right now. some of the details we're hearing are same ones that were circulated before when they didn't come to an agreement. we'll see if there's something different this time. >> a woman accused of orchestrating an attempted kidnap ping has been arrested. she was taken into custody during a traffic stop in delaware county.
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the victim spoke to nbc 10. he said that an armed man tried to force him into a car. the man accused of being the straw hat bandit is in jail tonight. richard boil yle is charged wit robbing 11 banks over the last five years. the man stole nearly 500,000 dollars hiding it in his aerial photography business. a victory today for people fighting to pay lower taxes in lower marion. in august, a judge ruled the school had to cut the school tax. the school district appealed. today that appeal was denied. this case all started when a local lawyer filed suit that the district was asking for more money than it needed from taxpayers. it sat on a multimillion dollar surplus. the school district says the latest ruling does not prove any wrongdoing and will consider a
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challenge. >> the governor of pennsylvania plans to veto a bill that would allow public school officials to carry guns on campus. it would establish guidelines for school districts to let certain personnel have access to firearms. it is now moving to the full senate. the bill sponsor says the measure would make schools safer. >> reviving atlantic city all new how one project will bring more than 1,000 jobs to the city. high tech training. a lehigh valley police department reacting to life and death situations with virtual reality. >> we are tracking storms to the west of us. i'll let you know when they could arrive in the philadelphia area this evening. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them.
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macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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>> more than 1,000 jobs are coming to atlantic city. >> today the first major noncasino development in 15 years broke ground. it's a $220 million investment that means more than 900 construction jobs and another additional 300 permanent jobs. ted greenberg breaks down what this means for the future of the city. >> along a quiet section of
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atlantic city's boardwalk, the sounds of a changing landscape building hope for sandy davidson. >> going to be great because we're so close to them. >> she works at trenton avenue pharmacy across the street from where the atlantic city gateway project is going up in the resort's chelsey neighborhood. >> excellent and long overdue. >> today a ceremonial ground breaking when finish in the fall of next year, the project will give galloway township stockton university a long awaited atlantic city campus complete with beachfront housing for more than 500 students. >> it's a game changer because it brings diversity to the area. that's the game changer. >> this i believe is going to make it much better because the fact they're going to be living right here. >> the gateway includes a new headquarters for south jersey gas. important growth for atlantic
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city hit hard with five casino closings just weeks after hard rock international's purchase of the former trump taj mahal. >> they believe that we turned the corner. >> stockton has nothing like this. the project is the first major noncasino development in the resort in 15 years. >> we have had an active engaged campus that will evolve over time like the main campus. >> a new center for higher learning seen as a cornerstone of atlantic city's transformation. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> jobs are up for grabs in wildwood. job fair happening right now at the greater wildwoods chamber of commerce conference center. you have less than an hour to get there. it ends at 7:00. new at 6:00, the allentown police department is buying a high tech tool to teach officers
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about whether to use deadly force. this is theater 180. it's a simulator. officer uses a laser gun to interact with thousands of situation that police face to practice how to react. changes are coming to lehigh valley international airport. the airport authority is hosting a public workshop today to unveil a master plan update. it updates the 25-year development plan and project detail. they are also asking for the public to leave comments. tonight's workshop runs until 7:00. sunny and warm afternoon. a look at 22nd and market street. people enjoying outdoors. walking in light jackets or no jackets at all. look at lincoln financial field right now ahead of the nfl schedule being released. we'll see showers overnight. that will lead to another nice day and a great way to kick off the weekend. >> rained early but for most of the day it wasn't bad today. tammie souza is here with what we can expect in your
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neighborhood. >> it warmed up nicely. a repeat that we liked it so much. 75 in philly. mostly clear skies with clouds moving through the area. 72 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 69 in south jersey. a mix of sun and clouds. let's look along the shore. we have high thin overcast with temperatures around 60 degrees. let's see what's going on in hee l -- lehigh valley. delaware at 69 degrees right now with sunshine. all and all not too shabby. you know what, i'm looking over here with something making its way through harrisburg. it's going to head our way. it's diminished greatly. it's fallen apart. severe storm warnings associated with it earlier. watching this as a hail maker. you can see hail tracks. a lot of this is not going to
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reach our area. i don't anticipate any hail here. in fact, this is what we're looking at if it stays together, the rain you see is about 120 miles away. it will make it into philly around 8:30 to 9:00 tonight. not a big deal. this is sort of falling apart. part of a larger system that you can see here being driven by an area of low pressure. cold front pushing lines of storms ahead of it. so what we're going to watch is what's moving through the ohio valley to make it into our area overnight tonight. and into wee hours of tomorrow morning. break it down hour by hour. this will go on. we'll drop through 60s. we'll see perhaps at 8:30 that line of showers making it through the area. at 4:00 in the morning, perhaps a thunderstorm north of mt. pocono or showers toward doylestown. into 7:30, could see scattered showers across the area. then we quiet down. maybe spotty showers in the afternoon. more importantly, we kiss 80 degrees when we get sunshine out there. and then we quiet down overnight.
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saturday, a mix of sun and clouds. forecast models will bring showers through in the evening. i'm not sure that i buy it. here's what we're looking at for tomorrow. we'll be close to 80 degrees with isolated shower or storm. maybe sunshine. we'll see the 60s on our saturday. my goodness, sunday we drop into the 50s and we see a little bit of rain, cloud cover. a more blustery day. 66 on saturday. could see a shower in the evening. 59 on sunday. that's the least desirable day of the weekend. 64 on monday. look at this. we go from monday through next weekend. it's gorgeous. perfect for gardening. guys? >> i'm john clark. coming up, we'll hear from eagles decision makers and what they learned from drafts of the past and how many players they like for their first-round pick. that is next.
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. i'm john clark. one week from tonight the nfl draft comes to philly and eagles decision makers spoke today about it. the vp would not say whether the controversial running back is still on the eagles draft board but the birds have eight picks next week. >> there are seven or eight different scenarios. >> this is the first time joe douglas will run a draft. going past a player's skill set, what does he look for? >> you really try to gauge how much does this guy love football? we're trying to find the things you can't really measure. mind, spirit, soul.
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their win to win. >> it should be on a t-shirt. >> othe owner said they had to bring in a guy to run personnel and howie learned from the past always take the best player available. >> part of bringing him in here is trying to change what we've done and trying to get better. we have to trust joe and his ability to put that together, and so i think it's been a really fun process. it rejuvenated a lot of guys including myself who have been here a while to learn something new and be part of that. >> the birds have a lot of players they like with the 14th pick. it's a deep draft at running back and cornerback and those are two positions they need to fill but they will not try to fill a need. >> you just go back and look at our successful drafts it's pretty clear. some of those we went into the draft with a particular position of need that we were going to look at. others the draft just didn't fall exactly the way we wanted.
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and we got stuck. >> zach ertz one of the best tight ends and wants to do it for an entire season. carson wentz and zach connecting. zach going into his fifth season. first four years a different starting quarterback starting the season every year. this will be the first time really growing with a qb. >> i think if you look at the great tight end/quarterback relationships in this league whether it be tom and gronk, jimmy and drew brees when they were together in new orleans, they were with each other for a long time. it's just that constant comradery where we're able to know what the other person is thinking without speaking for it. >> phillies going for the win tonight. and good news for villanova. they are once again projected to be a top five team going into next year. good news for them.
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>> i hear cheers from the newsroom from keith jones. >> keith went there? >> never heard that. >> for a look at what's coming up at 11:00 -- >> a 5 year old missing for hours and now the family is blaming the school bus driver. we go to the school district for answers. that's tonight at 11:00.
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taking a live look at cape may. a warm afternoon. might be showers tonight leading into a warm tomorrow. not a clear shot out there though. >> looks like a painting out there. >> it's a little bit overcast. looks like we'll be up near 80 acro across much of the area. it won't be as warm along the jersey shore. tomorrow 81. isolated showers and storms mainly in the morning. maybe hit and miss in the afternoon. sun will come out. 66 on saturday. could see showers in the evening lingering into sunday and then next week it is stunning. a great week ahead.
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>> perfect. >> looking forward to that. thanks for watching at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. . breaking news tonight, a deadly shootout in paris. officers hit returning fire, killing an assaila assailant, a major operation in the heart of city on lockdown as isis claims responsibility. nuclear fears, nbc news learning u.s. intelligence and growing concern what is going on in north korea. found on the run, a teacher and his student caught after a month on the lamb. tonight the tip that put authorities hot on their trail. o'reilly fired fallout. new details on a massive payout for the former fax star. millions to walk away. high times, how today's date 4/20 became synonymous with smoking pot and how businesses are cashing in. and living legacy, out of a senseless trag


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