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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  April 22, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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cleaning up for a good cause. today, thousands in our region will be grabbing the shovels and paintbrushes as part of a worldwide volunteer effort. we're live with how you can pitch in during this comcast cares day. coach in custody. this morning, we're learning a man accused of getting one of his teen players pregnant is an undocumented immigrant. now philadelphia police say they're looki ining for other victims. april showers are on the way. here is a live look down broad street in center city. nobody out and about at this hour, but things may pick up a little bit later on. you're going to need the umbrella, though. we'll tell you how long the wet weather will last and when it will clear coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good saturday morning. this is nbc 10 news today.
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i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00. let's begin with our weather. meteorologist tammy souza is tracking some rain. she has the most accurate forecast in town. tammy? >> you know what, we do have showers on the way. they came in overnight. we had a clap of thunder out there. so the beam sweeps the sky with the radar and nothing in philly. it will move in here a little bit later on. but let's take a close-up look going into delaware. we're looking just to the north of quentin and across wilmington, scattered showers, smyr smyrna, scattered showers, middletown, the same for you, and elk, a little bit of activity into south jersey. atlantic city, you're just clearing right now but there is so much more on the way. it looked like we were going to beat it today and come in tomorrow, but the opposite, it sped up. we're getting the rain tomorrdad tomorrow looks a bit drier. all of this will make its way through the area energy and there's more on the way later on. let's take a look at the numbers right now. we have cloudy skies, no rain in philly, but south of the area, we're looking at rain.
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it's 56, rains are out of the northeast to 7 miles per hour. elsewhere around philadelphia, mt. erie at 54. looking at the airport, 56. fox chase at 55 degrees. let's go over to south jersey and check out what's going on there. in medford, 53 degrees. florence, 54 degrees. robbinsville, 52 degrees. out along the shore, temperatures there, the winds are out of the northeast, so they're not really getting the effect of the ocean cooling them down. so in summer's point, 53 degrees. atlantic city, 52. and at the courthouse in cape may, we are looking at the low 50s as well. this is our trend all the way through the noon hour. not climbing too much. upper 50s again. we might see a peak of sunshine in between these passing showers, but i would carry the umbrella all day long. rosemary? >> good advice. thanks, tammy. today, rain or shine, thousands of volunteers will be improving communities all over the world for comcast cares day. yesterday in our area, some employees got a head start with more than 400 volunteers
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cleaning up the "battleship new jersey." it's the country's largest single day corporate volunteer event and there are plenty of activities happening across our region today. t matt delucia is at the boy's and girl's club. tell us what's going on. >> reporter: this is one of the places that will have volunteers. very busy today. there are a lot of events going on. so victorino, boys and girls club, it will be very, very packed later on this morning. about 200 people at this one location ready to work. that work will start just after 8:00. this is the 16th year for comcast cares day. comcast, a parent company of nbc 10. so every year we see people getting out and doing some good work. it is a very big project. more than 100,000 people in all will be taking part to help clean up and we'll be doing these projects to help the community. the folks here in nicetown will be cleaning, painting, doing some landscaping around the building. and the volunteers will be all at this one spot.
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we talked about this being a big effort. there are about a thousand different projects going on throughout the country and some around the world to revitalize parks, paint murals, and stock up community food banks. a lot of good work being done. coming up at 5:30, i'll go into a little bit more about what the folks will be doing here later on today. and part of it is to help out a middle school robotics program. that's pretty interesting. we'll get into that. for now i'm live in nicetown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, matt. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who took off on a bicycle after a shooting. it happened on susquehanna avenue in north philadelphia, just before 12:30 this morning. the victim is in critical condition because the shooting happened near temple's campus, the university sent an alert to students to use caution and to avoid the area. in chester county, a teacher's aide at conestoga high school in berwyn is accused of having sex with a student. arthur phillips is charged with assault and unlawful conduct.
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officials say phillips began working at the school in 2006. officials tell us he is now suspended and will be fired. let's head to mercer county, where princeton police want you to take a good lack at this sketch of a man they say groped a woman on the street. according to investigators, he ran up to the woman and grabbed her from behind while she was working on spruce street. the man was caught on surveillance camera. you can watch from a distance and see him highlighted there running. the incident happened on the evening of april 12th. if you know anything, princeton police would like to hear from you. we have new details this morning about a philadelphia youth soccer coach, accused of raping one of his players. immigration officials tell nbc 10 the suspect was in the u.s. illegally. this week, police arrested francisco contreras on statutory rape charges. they say the teenager came to him looking for a job, but instead he talked her into having sex and gave her money. the girl was 14 years old at the time and became pregnant. prado contreras is a volunteer
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coach. officials in philadelphia tell us all volunteers undergo background checks before they're allowed to use city facilities. it's unclear how contreras made it through the screening process. >> you're a coach, there's some expectation you're going to look after the kids. to violate that trust, that's pretty bad. >> police tell us they're unsure exactly how many victims may be link to the suspect. now, this arrest comes as trump administration is sending a strong warning to philadelphia and eight other sanctuary cities. in a letter, the department of justice is demanding that the city prove it is following federal immigration laws. if the city does not comply, it could lose federal grant money for local law enforcement. mayor jim kenney says philadelphia will stay a sanctuary city. that means officers will enforce laws, but not act as immigration agents. meantime, a pennsylvania state representative is introducing legislation aimed at stripping funding from sanctuary cities. >> it's up these mayors to reverse their sanctuary city
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policies and comply with the federal law. and i think that's all that the letter is asking. >> if they get driven underground and they're victims to a crime or witnesses to a crime and they don't trust the police and won't come forward and give information, our city will be a lot less safe than it is today. >> the city has to respond to the trump administration by june 30th. now, in the wake of the warning, president trump is reassuring young people brought into the country illegally that they should rest easy about his immigration policies. those children are often referred to as dreamers. mr. trump says, quote, he is not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals, end quote. the president is making a big promise as he ends the nenears his first 100 days in office. he'll sign a tax reform bill on wednesday that will lead to massive cuts for individuals and businesses. and also, movement on health care reform and avoiding a government shutdown. some drivers in cumberland county have had a very expensive week. and now police are trying to
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find the person who's throwing nails on to the streets of vineland. police are searching for this man who was caught on surveillance video throwing roofing the nails at two separate locations. people have reported about three dozen tires damaged recently. yesterday, nbc 10 spoke with a man who filed a police report after he says two of his tires were damaged. he told us he's glad he spotted the damage when he did. >> yeah, if i didn't catch this or hear it flip-flopping while i was driving, you know, i don't know what would have happened if i kept driving with it. >> if you recognize the man in this picture, you can call vineland police. [ gunfire ] coming up, new video from the moment gunfire erupted on the streets of paris. also, what we're learning about the shooter who praised isis. that's ahead. also coming up, a new spot to take a walk this weekend. we'll explain what makes this trail so special.
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well, welcome back and happy saturday morning. grab the coffee and maybe the jacket and the umbrella today. our temperature trend today is not going to be a warm one. we're going to be generally in the upper 50s. i think we'll pulse right through the low 60s at one point this afternoon, but this is going to be a below-average day as far as temperatures are concerned out there. not a warm day, not by any stretch of the imagination. in fact, this is what we're going to be looking at. we're going to be looking today at scattered showers on and off throughout the day. maybe a few peeks of sunshine out there, but again, if we make it into those low 60s across the area, i think we'll be fairly fortunate. tomorrow actually improves. we thought tomorrow would be the wetter of the two days, not so much the case. we're basically lacking at temperatures that are going to be generally in those 50s, but even in philly, we're going to be looking at the low 60s. but you notice, we've taken the rain out of the forecast for
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tomorrow. so we're going to be looking at mainly cloudy skies out there and conditions turn southward as we head into our monday and tuesday. that's when we get more rain into the area. but the good news is, we're going to be finishing off the week with lots of sunshine, and that means if you're going to be headed out there to the nfl draft, you're going to have great conditions. in fact, sweaty weather. i call it extra deodorant weather, rosemary, to end next week. >> i like that. that's a good way to put it. i think everybody can relate to that. thanks, tammy. today folks in southwest philadelphia will have a new place to enjoy the outdoors. bartram's mile will officially open this morning. city officials say this extension will connect southwest philadelphia to the city's park system. it's one of many planned projects to help rejuvenate the her. a free philly flash is ride
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is part of the week's activities. you can get a free single bus ride today and tomorrow. just present your admission ticket for the new museum to the phlash driver as you board. 5:13 right now on this saturday. coming up, going sideways. the warning from police in new jersey about why this could easily happen to you.
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inconvenience, but necessary. >> you got to be kidding me. where? >> 495 between 95 and u.s. 13. >> oh, man, you got to be kidding me -- well, at least it's getting fixed. >> crews will not finish the project this weekend. the same stretch of 495 will have closures next weekend, as well. now to a follow-up on a story that we've been covering the past few weeks. pennsylvania's lieutenant governor will no longer get personal protection from state police. yesterday, governor tom wolf stripped the security detail from his second in command, mike stack. wolf also limited cleaning, grounds kooep i groundskeeping, and maintenance at stack's home. the lieutenant governor and his wife are accused of verbally abusing state troopers and staff. stack says he agrees with the governor's decision and has admitted that his behavior was unacceptable. tomorrow, france will hold national election, this as the country is on high alert just two days after another terror attack. we have some new cell phone video of the moment that gunfire
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erupted thursday night in paris. [ gunfire ] you can hear the gunshots being fired along the champs-elysees as people ducked for cover or ran. authorities say the shooter killed an officer and wounded two others before police gunned him down. french police found a note praising isis that apparently fell from the shooter's pocket near the scene. according to authorities, the gunman spent 14 years in prison for attacking police officers and related crimes. yesterday, security forces raided his family's home, trying to determine if anybody helped him with the attack. back here in the u.s., crews are investigating what caused a power outage that crippled new york city's subway system. several lines were suspended for hours yesterday and crowds of commuters began to pile up. take a look. generators were deployed to help restore service, but there were still very long delays into the afternoon. packed subway cars. service was mostly back to normal by the end of the day. take a look at this new
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video. police say it shows the consequences of distracted driving. yeah, you see that car hit the side of a barrier, flies down the road subways. the south brunswick police department posted this on twitter as a warning to other drivers. they say this driver, official, only suffered minor injuries. now to some haircuts for a good cause. yesterday, more than 130 people in bucks county donated their locks to make sure kids who don't have hair do have a reason to feel special. it's all part of kathy's cuts, a program started by kathy romano from the radio show. >> i find it amazing that these people come out year after year, our donors, they sign up. their hair grows so fast. we have people come back a couple of years in a row. their hair is so long, they're able to come back. >> all of the donated hair goes to the organization, wigs for kids.
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you know, it's supposed to be rainy on monday, not our saturday. well, the rain showers have pushed ahead very quickly. they're in today, not so much tomorrow. so tomorrow will be the drier of the two days. we have spotty showers around the area, especially south of philly, when you get into new jersey and delaware. so, gloucester, you're looking at some showers right now. clayton, the same for you. all of these are pressing off to the north and the east. let's go over to delaware. middletown, you're looking at some showers, and dover, you're looking at showers. there is more to come. the radar shows a whole lot of activity. it's lined up along a frontal boundary and we have several areas of low pressure. there's one you don't even see that's further off to the south and the west. they all kind of have to trek in our direction. and we're going to pick up some of the shower activity as they pass by, periodically, today. a little bit of a break tomorrow, and tomorrow night, monday, and tuesday, we will see more rain before we really start to kind of dry out. so our winds today, you can see that they're out of the north and the east. it's a little bit cooler regime, but not as cool as it is when we
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get the east winds. temperatures starting off in the low to mid-50s. let's watch our hour-by-hour. here comes some of those showers roaring through. heaviest rain over the next three to four days is actually going to be in south jersey and delaware, just to the south of philly. we'll all get some rain, but that's where the heaviest will be. by this afternoon, it looks like we'll be into the upper 50s, lower 60s. and a lot of the rain will have come to an end. perhaps a spotty shower through the evening. again, most of it south of philly, across jersey and delaware. we get into tomorrow morning, we have the northeast winds, we'll start off in the 40s, make it up into the low 60s. again, more rain for all of you in delaware and south jersey. if you're in the lehigh valley, you probably think i'm crazy. you may even get some sunshine out there, but very little rain for you. and then it looks like this takes a little bit of a break through monday again, south of the area. but it really starts to build and lift through on tuesday. i think that's sort of the final passage of the heaviest of the rain. how much rain are we looking at?
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this is going to run through tuesday morning. we'll have more tuesday afternoon. but allentown, you're looking at a tenth, 2/10 of an inch, versus 2.7 inches in cape may. a lot of these storms are projected to track further south of the area. in your neighborhood today, you're looking at 64 in reading. a few peeks of sunshine, 53 in bethlehem, 51 in westchester. we'll see clouds, perhaps an isolated shower. then we're going to head into haddenfield, you'll see 56. i think you'll see those scattered showers. you get out towards the shore, we'll see some scattered showers, as well, but plenty of cloud cover, 52 in atlantic city. and over into delaware, make it into the lower 60s. at times, we will be in the 50s, though, for much of the day. here is your ten-day on 10. it does improve, i promise you. so we're going to be looking at 61 today, 63 tomorrow. a bit more sunshine tomorrow. 62 on monday, with rain showers. rain showers on tuesday. they weren't in there a few days ago, but this is a pretty active
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pattern. we hit 74 on wednesday. all of you at home, pay attention! because maybe a thunderstorm rolls through mid-day on thursday, but we're at 82. 85 on friday. 85 on saturday, 83 on sunday. so we finish really big, even though we're starting chilly. rosemary? >> we like it! thanks for that, tammy. okay, what's old is new again this weekend. that old vinyl making a comeback as more artists release new albums the old-fashion wade. we'll tell you about the way to get more people shopping in record stores.
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today is april 22nd, earth day. and activists across the country will be holding marches for science. the largest of those rallies will be held on the national mall in washington. similar marches are held loyally for penn's landing, doylestown, and atlantic city. the rallies will focus on environmental causes and changes in government policy lunged to scientific research. today is also record store day. events are planned in our area to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store. they include in-store performances and the release of exclusive and limited release albums. this, by the way, is the tenth year for the event. new figures show that vinyl
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sales soar as much as 300% at businesses participating in the yearly event. a colorado company has taken marijuana sales to a whole new level. the first drive-through marijuana dispensary in the country is now open in colorado. it's in a town called parachute, about three hours outside of denver, right off of i-70. it's in an old car wash building. you pull in and without getting out of your car, you can buy your choice of marijuana. >> there's a stand-alone building that you drive your cars into, the doors close behind you so you're technically inside of the building. >> while recreational smoking is legal in ohio, it is illegal to get high while driving. no one under 21 is allowed on the property, not even in a customer's car. pennsylvania wants to track its medical marijuana sales from seed to sales. a denver company will create a
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registry for patients and distributors and keep tabs on the sales. medical marijuana became legal in pennsylvania a year ago. zpe dispensaries and growing operations are expected to be up and running by next year. 5:27 right now on this saturday. coming up, slammed to the ground. >> whoa! >> a septa passenger says police went too far and that this was not the first time. now he's taking his complaints to court. and we're going green today. not quite in the earth day way that you might want to. we have rain out there. we'll see passing showers throughout the day. a little bit cooler than normal, but i have some good news in the forecast, as we look across a cloudy, misty city at the comcast tower downtown.
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suing septa. a philadelphia man says he hopes this video will change the way
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the transit agency does business. sprucing up around our region. tens of thousands of comcast nbc universal employees will volunteer today for the annual comcast cares day. we're live at one of the big events. it may be a little bit wet out there, but that's not going to stop our plans. get the umbrellas ready, because some spring showers could pop up across the region today. it's a pattern that may last into the workweek. we've got the most accurate forecast in the region in just moments. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. plenty to get to. let's begin with that weekend weather. first alert meteorologist tammy souza is in for us this morning and she is tracking those showers. tammy? >> gosh, you know what? we were hoping that today would be the dry day. i think we're going to get that tomorrow, so you may have to flip-flop your plans a bit. both days cooler than average in


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