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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  April 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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cleaning up for a good cause. today, thousands in our region will be grabbing the shovels and paintbrushes as part of a worldwide volunteer event. we're live in philadelphia with how you can pitch in during comcast cares day. a coach in custody. this morning, we're learning that a man accused of getting one of his teen players pregnant is an undocumented immigrant. now philadelphia police say they are looking for other victims. april showers, more of them are on the way. here is a live look from our
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kimmel center campus camera along broad street. a few people out there this morning. you're going to need the umbrella and the rain jacket. we'll let you know how long it will last coming up in this first alert neighborhood forecast. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. a friend of mine is getting married today, but i think rain is good luck, right? it rained on my wedding day. anyway, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 6:00 on this saturday. let's start with our weather. meteorologist tammie souza is tracking a wet weekend for us. tammie? >> yeah, we'll go with the good luck thing. i had thunder and lightning on my wedding day, and it's lasted, too. so there you go. maybe that is good luck. we do have some spotty showers around the area, so this is not a total washout all day, but passing showers and mainly cloudy skies. anybody who gets a peek of sunshine will wind up being north of the metro area. maybe the pennsylvania suburbs, on up into reading, perhaps even up into allentown. let's take a tour and see who's getting what. the showers are moving through rather quickly.
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clayton, you're about to get hit with a few light showers, same for deerfield. salem, you are seeing some showers. morris river, you're getting some showers. korben city, more showers are headed in your direction. and headed to riverview, just south of dover, we have a line of steadier rain showers that will make their way through the area. we had some thunder overnight, some lightning and thunder and some stronger little downpours. all of this is making its way along a frontal boundary that stretches from new england all the way back into parts of arkansas, even down into texas. and we have pieces of energy rotating along this, so that's why we're going to see periodic showers. let's get down to your day in philly. starting at 55, but we go up into the upper 50s. i think that if we get some sunshine, we'll actually see some 60s pop through the area. now, let's check out the pennsylvania suburbs. we're going to be looking the at 54 right now. some rain showers are going to start to move through the area and that's generally going to be the case, maybe a few peeks of sunshine, but the mid-50s, upper
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50s there, and finally we'll make a stop in delaware, where right now, dark skies, a little misty out there. you have rain showers, 56. generally, you're going to be in the 50s, unless you get a peek of sunshine. that's the rule today. peek of sunshine, you pop the 60s. pretty good? >> it does. thanks, tammie. today, thousands of volunteers will be improving communities all over the world for comcast cares day. yesterday in our area some employees got a head start with more than 400 volunteers cleaning up the battleship "new jersey." it's the country's largest single day corporate volunteer event and there are plenty of opportunities happening across our region today. all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and grab a paintbrush. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the nicetown area of philadelphia with tat the shayn victorino boys and girls club. >> reporter: this could be a nice day to get some work down outside, or maybe indoors. some of that good work in the
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community we have right here at the shane victorino nicetown boys and girls club. not a whole lot of people here. it's pretty empty at this hour, but in a couple of hours, a lot of people will be here. about 200 people ready to work. and that's going to get started just after 8:00. it is the 16th year for comcast care days. comcast the parent company of nbc 10. and every year we see people coming out here, doing some good work. and as rosemary mentioned, this is a very big project. and we're talking about 100,000 people in all that will be taking a part throughout the country and the world, to help clean up. they'll be doing these projects, really to help their community. and folks here in nicetown, thanicetown,th they're going to be cleaning, painting, landscaping around the building. there are a about a thousand different projects like this that will be going on throughout the country. all sorts of things, revitalizing parks, painting murals, restoring computer labs and stocking up community food banks. as we take another live look here. again, you can see, this is going to be a very different
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scene, probably, in the next couple of hours. and this boys and girls club will probably look very different at the end of the day. we have the giant pile of dirt that was just dropped off here within the last hour. so folks here will be getting ready to go. and i might even get involved myself. who knows? i'll grab a paintbrush out here and we'll have the nbc 10 here as well, doing some good work. for now, live in nicetown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> something tells me you'll definitely be participating in that. thanks, matt. in other news this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who took off on a bicycle after a shooting. it happened on susquehanna avenue in north philadelphia just before 12:30 this morning. the victim is in critical condition. because the shooting happened near temple's campus, the university sent an alert to students overnight, telling them to use caution and to avoid the area. let's head now to chester county whereby a teacher's aide at conestoga high school in berwyn is accused of having sex with a student. arthur phillips is charged with assault and unlawful conduct. the school district says
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phillips began working at the school in 2006. officials tell us he is now suspended and will be fired. in mercer county, princeton police want you to take a good look at this sketch of a man who they say groped a woman on the street. according to investigators, he ran up to the woman and grabbed her from behind when he was walking on spruce street. the man was caught on some surveillance video. take a look, you can see him running along the sidewalk. the incident happened on the evening of april 12th. if you know anything about it, princeton police would like to hear from you. we have some new details about a philadelphia youthrapin one of his players. immigration officials tell nbc 10 the suspect was in the u.s. illegally. this week, police arrested francisco prado contreras on statutory rape charges. they say the teenager came to him looking for a job, but instead he talked her into sex and gave her money. the girl was 14 years old at the time and became pregnant. prado contreras is a volunteer
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coach. officials in philadelphia tell us all volunteers undergo background checks before they're allowed to use city facilities. it's unclear how contreras made it through the screening process. >> you're a coach, there's some expectation there, you're going to look out for the kids to violate that trust. that's pretty bad. >> police tell us it's unclear and they're unsure exactly how many victims may be linked to the suspect. this arrest comes a as ts the t administration is sending a strong warning to philadelphia and eight other snk wasanctuary cities. if the city does not comply, it could lose federal grant money from local law enforcement. mayor jim kenney says philadelphia will stay a sank wir ci ware city. officers will enforce laws, but not act as immigration agents. meanwhile, a pennsylvania state representative is introducing legislation alled at stripping funding from sanctuary cities. >> it's up to these mayors to
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reverse their sanctuary city policies and comply with the federal law. >> if they get driven undergrown and they're vuictims of a crime or witnesses of a crime and they won't come forward or trust the police, our city will be a lot less safe than it is today. >> the city has to respond to the trump administration by june 30th. in the wake of the warning, president trump is reassuring young people brought into the country illegally that he should rest easy about his immigration policies. those children are often referred to as dreamers. mr. trump says, quote, we are not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals, end quote. the president is making a big promise as he nears the end of his first 100 days in office. the president says he will announce a tax reform package on wednesday that will lead to massive tax cuts for individuals and for businesses. also, a possibility in the coming days out of washington, we may get some movement on health care reform and avoiding a government shutdown. back here in our area, some drivers in cumberland county
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have had an expensive week. police are trying to find the person who's been throwing nails on to the streets of vineland. police are searching for this man. he was caught on a surveillance video, throwing roofing nails at two different locations. people reported about three dozen tires damaged recently. yesterday, we spoke with a man who filed a police report after he says two of his tires were damaged. he told us he's just glad he spotted the damage when he did. >> yeah, if i didn't catch this or hear it flip-flopping while i was driving, you know, i don't know what would have happened, if i'd have kept driving with it. >> if you recognize this man in the surveillance pictures, call vineland police. coming up, new video of the moment gunfire erupted on the streets of paris. also, what we're learning about a note that police say was found near the shooter. still ahead, a new spot to
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take a walk this weekend. a new trail is opening. we'll explain what makes this one so special.
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist tammie souza. i hope you're off to a good start on this saturday, and it's going to include carrying an umbrella, especially if you're south of the philadelphia area. yeah, we thought that he would get away with a nice saturday. it looks like it's going to be a pretty nice sunday as far as rain-free conditions. spotty showers will cross the area today. you can already see them in full effect. overnight, we had a few thunderstorms come through the area. they might have awakened you, shortly before midnight. we are looking in north heidelberg, we're looking at some showers. and tilden, some shower activity, as well. over toward reading, some shower activity. we're starting to see a few showers in the lehigh valley and berks county. not a whole lot, though. it's not really overwhelming. grassboro, you're getting a little bit of shower activity.
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william tou williamtown, shower activity as well. morris river, a little bit of a break. laural lake, you'll see a little bit of a prabreak. but if you're over towards egg harbor, be prepared to see passing shower, there, as well. and let's widen the view out to see that there is more to come, but a lot of this is going to trend south of the metro area into delaware and south jersey. so everybody is going to get some showers. make no mistake. but between now and tuesday with tomorrow being the day that we get the best chance of a break, look at the rain that racks up here. allentown, maybe .18. you're getting .2. cape may, 2.67 inches. then the lehigh valley, 54 degrees. we'll see those low 50s today, maybe a spotty shower, clouds, maybe even a few peeks of sunshine to boost you into the upper 50s. into new jersey, the low to mid-50s. you'll only get the 60s with a little bit of sunshine there.
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rosemary? >> thanks, tammie? today folks in southwest philly will have a new place to enjoy the outdoors. maybe not the best day weather wise for a trail opening. nonetheless, bartram's mile will open this morning. it's a one-mile extension of the schuylkill river trail that ends at bartram's gash. this extension will connect southwest philly to the city's park system. it's one of many planned projects to help rejuvenate the area. coming up, going sideways. the warning from police in new jersey about how this could easily happen to you.
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if you drive along i-495 in
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delaware, you have probably seen or felt the potholes. don't worry. this weekend, crews will be working to fix them. we checked this morning, those crews have already started to shut down lanes between i-95 and route 13 in newcastle. the closures for this weekend will last through 5:00 monday morning. drivers tell us it's a necessary inconvenience. >> you're kidding me. where? >> 495 between 95 and u.s. 13. >> oh, man, you got to be kidding me -- well, at least it's getting fixed. >> keith jones, the bear of bad news. crews aren't going to finish the project this weekend. the same stretch of 495 will have closures next weekend, as well. we have a follow-up now on a story that we've been covering the past few weeks. pennsylvania's lieutenant governor will no longer get personal protection from state police. yesterday, governor tom wolf stripped the security detail from his second in command, mike stack. wolf also limited cleaning, groun groundskeeping and maintenance by state employees at stack's home. the lieutenant governor and his wife are accused of verbally
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abusing state troopers and staff. stack says he agrees with the governor's decision and he's admitted that his behavior was unacceptable. tomorrow, france will be holding national elections, this as the country is on high alert just two days after another terror attack. and now we're seeing cell phone video of the moment that gunfire erupted thursday night in paris. [ gunfire ] [ screaming ] >> you can hear the gunshots being fired along the champs-elysees as people ducked for cover or ran. authorities say the shooter killed an officer and wounded two others before police gunned him down. french police found a note praising isis that apparently fell from the shooter's pocket near the scene. according to authorities, the gunmen spent 14 years in prison for attacking police officers and for related crimes. yesterday, security forces raided his family's home, trying to determine if anybody there helped him with the attack. crews are investigating what
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caused al power outage that crippled new york city's subway system. imagine waiting for the subway here. no, thanks. several lines were suspended for hours yesterday. crowds of commuters began to pile up. generators were deployed to help restore service, but as you can see, the long delays lasted into the afternoon. service was mostly back to normal by the very end of the day. police say this shows the consequences of distracted driving. you can see the car hits the side of a barrier, just flies down the road sideways. the south brunswick police department in middlesex county  posted this video on twitter as a warning. officers say miraculous, the driver had only minor injuries. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> so you've got to grab the umbrella today. we thought it would the perfect day for gardening. and it may, in some places. especially if you're in the suburbs, maybe out in lehigh valley, but if you're south of the city, i think you're going
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to see a lot more passing showers throughout the day. right now, let's start it off. we have clouds, a little bit of a mist, 55 in philly. it's cloudy and 54 in the pennsylvania suburbs. the jersey shore, you're cloudy. 53, places like atlantic city getting a shower at this hour. we're looking at 54. there were a few peeks of sunshine.kom rays coming up. beautiful, beautiful start today in the lehigh valley. but it's going to cloud over and you may see a few spripgs. 54 there and 55 in delaware as the traffic plows on through the cloud and the passing showers. so what's going to happen for us out there today is we're basically going to deal with showers here and there, but a lot of the activity is going to be south of the philly metro area, across delaware, and into new jersey. we have spotty showers right now, up in the lehigh valley and berks county. they will move through. this is not heavy rain. this is not a washout. the heaviest rain has actually been trending from dover through
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corbin city and off through atlantic city right now. morris river, you're getting some pretty good showers. the big picture shows that we have this frontal boundary that's draped anywhere from arkansas, all the way through the tennessee valley, on up into new england and several pieces of energy, these areas of low pressure traveling along that. they trigger that upward movement in the atmosphere and that leads to these showers. a lot of this activity on the hour by hour, watch, is going to stay mainly south of the metro area. we have northeast winds, so a cooler flow today. we'll be in the mid- to upper 50s. if we get any sunshine, wherever you are, you'll probably pop into the low 60s. we are hopeful for that. but watch what happens. here come the showers. heavier showers again in atlantic city by about mid-morning. some showers make their way into philly and doylestown, not quite to allentown. this will be the trend through about the mid-afternoon. then we get a break and have some spotty showers. but again, a lot of that trending from delaware through new jersey. and then tomorrow, mainly cloudy out there. not half bad.
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make entitit into the low 60s. here come some showers for monday morning. a more vigorous system that's going to come through and kind of push northward. but on monday, a lot of the area stays dry, maybe even mostly sunny in the lehigh valley in berks county. tuesday, here comes another system that will push northward and we'll get a break after this, a beautiful break. take a look at what's going to go on on your ten-day on 10. 61 out there today. if we get the sunshine, 63 for tomorrow. it will be a little bit drier day for all of us. 62 on monday. 60 on tuesday. blustery, cool, rainy days. but after that, 70s and 80s. especially if you're going to be heading out to the nfl draft. looks like spectacular weather. could see a thunderstorm on thursday, but, come on, the 80s? we're not going to placomplain, right, rosemary? >> not at all. and i'm sure organizers of the draft and city officials are thanking the weather god's. thanks for that, tammie. this weekend, what's old is new again. that old vinyl making a comeback as more artists release their new albums the old-fashioned
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way. we'll tell you about an event today to get people shopping in record stores. that's next. #
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. now to nbc 10 responds. one viewer was scammed out of more than $1,000 after she says
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she deposited a fake check. reporter annette voray shows us how to avoid falling for the same thing. >> reporter: nancy sells makeup for a living. she recently received a check from what she thought was a new customer, but the amount was about $1,000 more than the cost of the makeup. >> you think it was strange? >> yes. >> still, she wanted the sale. the customer asked if that extra money could be mailed back as a walmart money order to pay for a family emergency. the next day, she did just that, but it wasn't until two days later when her bank told her the check was fake. >> i was really upset. >> reporter: and tollentino was on the hook for the money. how long does it take you to work in order to pay back all of this money? >> maybe one month. because now my bills are behind. >> reporter: annette aspray, nbc
6:27 am
10 responds. >> here's the takeaway. just because you can access money right after you deposit a check doesn't mean the check has cleared. it can take weeks for fake checks to be discovered. so you are responsible for any funds you take out of your account until the bank confirms it has truly cleared. if you have a problem, let us know. the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen. we will respond to you. just a few minutes before 6:30 on this saturday. coming up, slammed to the ground. >> a septa passenger says this video proves police went too far and that this wasn't the first time and now he's taking his complaints to court. and if you're kind of bummed about the weather today, maybe it's a good thick. take a look at the pollen report. there's no grass pollen to report, but the weeds are low. the trees, that's what's getting everybody out there. the sniffling, neesneezing and h
6:28 am
itchy eyes. that's high, but the mold count is low. looking across the city at the new comcast tower.
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suing septa. a philadelphia man says he hopes this video will change the way the transit agency does business. sprucing up all around our region, tens of thousands of comcast nbc universal employees will volunteer for the annual comcast cares day. this morning, we're live at one of the big events. it may be a little bit wet out there this morning, but that's all right. have the umbrellas handy, get the rain jackets on. that's all you need. some spring showers will be popping up across the region today. we'll let you know how long it's going to last with the most accurate forecast, next. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 6:30 on this saturday. a little bit cloudy out there this morning. meteorologist tammie souza is tracking a wet weekend for us. tammie? >> yeah, you know, today is going to be the wet day. we really thought it would be tomorrow, but this little storm system wanted to speed up and get in here for saturday. tomorrow, i think, we'll be primarily dry, but cloudy across the area with a few peek of sunshine. today, we're going to see a lot of cloud cover. we'll see passing showers. a lot of the activity will be confined to new jersey and delaware. we will get showers across the entire area this morning, but later on, i think we're going to see a lot of this going further south. so basically what we're looking at is several pieces of energy. they're going to take four days to get past us. tomorrow, we get a little break and heavier rain showers periodically monday and tuesday, especially south of philly, once again. but there is much more that's got to make its way into the area, so carry the umbrella with you, wherever you go. outside, gray skies as we look at penn's landing and the ben franklin bridge. temperatures elsewhere, 55 in coatesville. 54 in vineland.
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mt. pocono at 45. a little cooler there. atlantic city, 53. and trenton coming in at 53. mid-50s across the board. if you get any sunshine at all, you're going to pop into the 60s, which is why i have them up here, because i'm hopeful we'll get a few breaks this afternoon. but notice this does come with some rain showers here and there throughout the day. for tomorrow, we're basically going to be looking at the same time. we're going to be just probably a tad cooler for tomorrow unless we get that sunshine, and then we will pop once again into the 60s. just carry the umbrella. put on those cute little rain boots that you have. i know you have a pair of those. >> good advice. thanks, tammy. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that happened not far from the campus of temple university. according to authorities, the gunman shot a man on susquehanna avenue in north philly early this morning. the shooter then took off on a bicycle. the victim is in stable condition. temple sent an alert to students, telling them to use caution and to avoid the area.
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slammed to the ground. a passenger says septa police went too far and he claims this was not the first time. now he is taking his complaints to court. nbc 10's brandon hudson shows us why. >> reporter: this cell phone video is now listed in anthony barlow's lawsuit against septa police. the video, which went viral last june, shows an officer body slamming barlow to the ground outside the frankfort transportation center. >> do you have any lingering injuries from that? >> my wrist, when i shake your hand a little bit, it bothers me. >> reporter: barlow says the encounter captured on cell phone video is one of several run-ins he had with septa police over the course of weeks here at the frankfort transportation center. his lawsuit claims he was targeted after filing complaints of his own against septa police. >> i think it should be known what's going on with septa and how they're treating people. that's pretty much, that's all i'm trying to get out of an, an apology. >> reporter: septa wouldn't comment on this story because of litigation.
6:34 am
but last year, an internal affairs investigation revealed officer mathews sinkowitz restrained barlow, saying he was trespassing and being defiant. sinkowitz ea sinkowi sinkowitz's actions were ultimately found to be inappropriate and received disciplinary action. this video was captured on the officer's body camera. barlow was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but a judge found him not guilty. >> i then became known by septa police. i feel like now when they see me, it's like, oh, barlow's in the area. let's stick something to him. >> reporter: barlow hopes this civil suit will clear his name and hold septa officers accountable. >> just because you got a badge or a higher paying job than somebody doesn't mean you're better than them. >> in frankfort, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. now to an update to a story you saw first on nbc 10. the trichester school district says a breakdown in
6:35 am
communication is the reason why this 5-year-old girl was dropped off at the wrong bus stop in treanor, delaware county this week. this surveillance video shows her walking along a busy road. that's a stranger who pulled up and helped the girl get across the street. the school district tells us the bus driver was a new employee and should not have let the child off without family waiting there. the district plans to work with drivers to reinforce the policies. contamination concerns at an ice rink in bucks county are not stopping the facility from staying open. in fact, revolution ice reopened last night after warwick township temporarily shut it down earlier this week. officials with the water and sewer authority say the rink was supposed to be using township water for drinking and washing and food preparation. it turns out the facility's water supply was hooked into a well that officials fear could be contaminated. the rink insists its private testing shows the water is safe. shovels and paintbrushes will get plenty of use today as
6:36 am
thousands of volunteers are showing how comcast cares. this is the 16th year for the worldwide event. nbc 10's matt delucia is live this morning in the nicetown section of philadelphia at the shane victorino boys and girls club. there are going to be a lot of people out there today, matt, including some of our coworkers. >> reporter: absolutely, rosemary. it will be nice to see them getting out and helping the community. and we're just a little under two hours away from the start of that first event here at the shane victorino nicetown boys and girls club here in the nicetown section of the city. a big event here and we'll start about 8:15 this morning. it's going to be a very busy day, as rosemary mentioned, the 16th year for comcast cares day. comcast, of course, farnt company of nbc 10. so every year we do see people getting out and doing some of these good projects and helping out the community. altogether, more than 100,000 people will be taking part in these events and the volunteers won't all be in this one spot. there'll be a thousand different projects going on throughout the
6:37 am
country and some around the world to do things like revitalizing parks and paint murals and installing computer labs and stock out community food banks. we'll tell you what's happening here today. about 200 volunteers will be cleaning up in and around this building, picking up trash, and renovating a multi-purpose room to create space for the club's middle school robotics program. so that's pretty cool, along with an arts and craft area. and as rosemary mentioned, the nbc 10 taeam will be here to hep out, as well. so we'll be here all morning getting ready to roll up our sleeves and help out. and hopefully a lot of these events will be going on inside as the rain does fall. but either way, people will get out and get those ponchos. thal be ready to go, no matter what. nor now, live in nicetown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> and save them the task of watering any plants they put in the ground. thank you, matt. today volunteers will celebrate earth day by helping to clean up parts of gloucester county. they'll be at 19 different
6:38 am
locations. volunteers will also help to protect wildlife by cleaning up more than 70 beaches down the shore. clean ocean action will hold its 32nd annual beach sweeps this morning. volunteers of all ages will be cleaning up trash that can pose a danger to birds and other marine animals. 6:38 right now on this saturday. coming up, emotional testimony in the eric frein sentencing hearing from the mother of one of the victims. what she has to say and why the convicted cop killer may soon take the stand himself.
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the "today" show comes up in just a few minutes at 7:00. we check in now with sheinelle jones and craig melvin for a preview. good morning, guys. >> hey, rosemary. >> good morning to you, rosemary. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," tensions rising with north korea as they threaten a new nuclear test. plus, president trump
6:41 am
promises a huge tax cut with a week to go until he marks 100 days in office. can he deliver? plus, we'll get up close and personal with a baby orca this morning. seaworld's last killer whale born in captivity. this morning, what both seaworld and animal activists have to say about that baby's future. and we're celebrating earth day with bill nye the science guy. he'll stop by studio 1a to chat with us about climate change before leading one of the mini marches for science happening all over the country today. >> those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today," rosemary. >> all right. we'll see you guys at 7:00. thank you! >> you bet. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and perhaps it's in honor of earth day, but we do have green on the radar map, and that is rain showers across the area. not a total washout, but a passing shower out there for today. all of this activity is going to continue through the afternoon and evening. but you see the heaviest part of it is trending southward.
6:42 am
so i do think that in jersey and in delaware, you will see the higher rainfall totals. let's look at something pretty, though. beautiful sunrise out there. the clouds have moved in there now, but a beautiful sunrise out there in'st easton. so it's been pretty nice as far as the day starting. but now, a little bit of rain shower activity will move through. 54 there right now. and you notice, it's going to be in the low to mid-50s throughout the day. winds will swing around to the northwest, though. we will see plenty of cloud cover and maybe a passing shower out there for you. in philadelphia, 55. we are beginning to be looking at temperatures in the mid- and upper 50s. winds out of the north, but any sunshine at all is going to push us into the low 60s. so we may get a few breaks out there. and that would be pretty nice. let's head off to the jersey shore, where you generally are going to see spot write showety much of the day. a little bit of a break this afternoon. and temperatures will be in the mid- and upper 50s throughout the day. now, when i come back, we're going to talk about your ten-day on 10 and i'm going to talk 80s
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and we're not talking about rock 'n' roll or a decade, we're talking about temperatures, rosemary. >> well, speaking of rock 'n' roll, nice transition there, tammie. today is record store day. and we've got events planned in our area to celebrate the culture of the independently-owned record store. they include in-store performances and the release of exclusive and limited release albums. this is the tenth year for the event. new figures show that vinyl sales soar as much as 300% at businesses that participate today. the nfl draft less that be a week away. we're going to hear from the eagleses about who they may have on their list. plus, man, a wild catch from one of the phillies. we'll show you exactly how it went down and reaction from the players. that's coming up.
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the lawyer for convicted cop killer, eric frein, says his client may take stand next week when the penalty phase of his trial resumes. in court yesterday, corporal brian dixon's mother took the stand. prosecutors want the jury to give frein a death sentence. frein's defense team argues that life in prison is a harsh enough penalty. the corporal's mother told jurors that she forgives frein for killing her son. she went on to say, quote, i do not hate eric frein, but that does not mean we don't hold him accountable, end quote. nbc 10 will be in court for every step of the penalty phase until eric frein learns his fate. you can download the nbc 10 app to get breaking news alerts on this case as soon as they happen. let's head now to philadelphia's kensington neighborhood where a storefront featured in several "rocky" movies has been demolished. the building on north front street has been vacant for years, but in the silver stallone films, it served as a
6:47 am
fictional pet store where a adrianne worked. the store appeared in four "rocky" films. meteorologist tammie souza is tracking a cloudy and wet saturday for us, but we'll get a little break tomorrow, it sounds like, tammie. >> and a surprise. take a look at this. we were just talking about chalfont in bucks county. ray captured this stunning sunrise. he has a little drone and sends it up in the air and gets the best pictures for us. the sunrise, storm clouds, a brief shower is going to move through there. there was a very nice start to the morning in some places. the rest of us, we have some rain showers moving through. philadelphia, not hit yet, but there are rain showers just off to the west. that's going to move through. allentown, rain showers right now. in fact, let's move up there to the lehigh valley in berks county. allentown, you're getting showers. reading, maybe a sprinkle. especially south of town, new
6:48 am
morgan, some showers. charles town, you're seeing some shower activity. the other place that's seen steady shower activity has been delaware and into south jersey and the jersey shore. atlantic city, you've seen steady showers on and off all morning long. all of this is because we have this giant frontal boundary that's draped across a big portion of the country. and several pieces of energy. these years of low pressure are kind of traveling along that. and as they do, they trigger a lift in the atmosphere and that creates all of these showers. you know a lot of this is trending south. we'll get a break tomorrow and the next piece of energy comes through for monday, especially in the afternoon and tuesday. and a lot of that stays south of the city. so let's take a look at everything hour by hour. you can see, here is the trend for all the showers south of philly, but here comes the showers activity moving into philly. could see some steadier showers, mid- to late morning. temperatures in the 50s , unles you get a peek of sunshine, like pottstown or allentown this
6:49 am
afternoon. then you'll pop into the 60s. we could see a spotty shower this afternoon. get a little bit of a break, and this evening, maub an isolated shower. tomorrow, mainly clouds, into the 50s, perhaps even a few 60s. but you'll see souer activihowe returning from delaware into south jersey. and this continues as we see a system lift through the entire area. how much rain? all right, this really depicts the entire situation. so if you're going to be up in allentown, you'll pick up maybe a couple of tenths of an inch of rain. cape may, atlantic city, maybe an inch, two on three of rain. let's take a look. 63 in reading today, with the hope of some sunshine. 53 in bethlehem, we're looking at 61 in westchester, if you get the sunshine. otherwise, mid-50s. let's go to fairmont, 63, that's with the sunshine. 56 in hattenfield and were going to be looking out at the shore, the low to mid-50s with mainly
6:50 am
clouds and a few peeks of sunshine. delaware, i'm hopeful you'll pop up with a few peeks of sun but if not, you'll probably be settled in those low 50s. rosemary? >> this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> and i'm john clark from csn. jeremy hellickson went seven innings again last night. good job against the braves. the phillies are 5-0 when hellickson starts. just 3-9 when he doesn't pitch. trying to be nice, but finds out there's a net there. in the third, tommy joseph, four hits his last few games. in the eighth, pinch hitter jace peterson deep to center. herrera giving chase -- he always makes it interesting, doesn't he. circus catch there. take a look one more time, crashing into the wall. he could be going to hollywood some day.
6:51 am
man of theatrics. the rain comes in the ninth. 4-2 phillies, hector neris take deep by garcia, one-run game, and a rain delay. 25 minutes later, neris, back-to-back saves. guess he's a closer now. phillies beat the braves, 4-3. nfl draft is five days away now. the eagles usually have 150 players on their draft board. i'm told they have 180 this year. it's a really deep draft. the birds have a need at cornerback and it's a very deep draft at that position. that's good news. here is eagles' safety rodney mcleod. he thinkses they're going to get cornerbacks. he joins csn's quick slams. >> i think we're going to get better, particularly maybe in the cornerback position, running back, the draft class is pretty big this year and a lot of talent out there. so i'm looking forward to it. and, you know, i think we're going to make a big improvement. >> and we've all heard about
6:52 am
temple's haason reddick, could be a first-round pick in the draft. how about the owl's teammate, dion dawkins, an offensive lineman. he joined philly's sports talk on friday. hey, dion, what are you hearing? where do you think you could be picked? >> i have the opportunity from anywhere from the middle of the first to early second, so -- so who knows? like, nobody like really knows. it's just a lot of talking. so no idea. >> boy, if temple could have two first rounders, that would be amazing. nhl playoffs, capitals took a three games to two lead over the maple leafs. but watch what happened. capitals star alex ovechkin gets clipped here. left the ice for a little while, but he is back in. can in overtime, who scores? of course, former flyer, justin williams, just in the right spot at all times. he has scored a game winner in the playoffs for four different teams, including the flyers. and of course the caps. caps win 2-1. i'm john clark for csn.
6:53 am
i'm lauren mayk for "nbc10 @ issue." democrats hoped a surge of anti-trump protests would sweep their candidates into office. that hasn't happened. sunday, we'll discuss why they're falling short in recent special elections, what those races tell us, and who has the edge going into 2018. >> the so-called resistance movement didn't do the democratic party much good. >> donald trump used his term "make america great again." and i've heard a lot of people say, i haven't seen any greatness. >> coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
6:54 am
6:55 am
but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy.
6:56 am
tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. a student will be able to focus more on her studies thanks to a new scholarship that was awarded in wilmington yesterday. she received the first law scholarship at an naacp banquet last night. it was started by a legal analyst for us here at nbc 10. hodges will get $100 a week while she is in college. now to another award ceremony. this time in center city, philadelphia. chuck pennoni received the william penn award last night. he's the founder of a consulting engineering firm.
6:57 am
rick harris was on hand as the chamber of commerce for greater philadelphia honored pennoni for bringing business to the area and generating jobs. >> one last check of our weather. looking behind us, looking a little gray. >> april showers bring may flowers. and we're dwogoing to clean thi up and get the pollen out of the air. we have a wind coming out and gray skies. here's what we're looking at 61 today. if and only if we get some peeks of sunshine. other, cloudy skies and mid- to upper 50s with a passing shower. a lot of that shower activity will be south of the city in new jersey and delaware. 63 tomorrow. we'll see a mix of clouds and sun, heavy on the clouds. we'll see 62 monday and 60 on tuesday with rain and then we hit the 70s and 80s and clear out for a spectacular week. >> and just in time for the nfl draft. >> exactly. >> we'll take it. that's going to do it for us for now. we'll have updates throughout the "today" show and we're back at 9:00. see you then.
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7:00 am
tough talk. >> all options are on the table. >> with north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test as early as this weekend. vice president mike pence warns the u.s. is willing to take military action if necessary, as tensions rise in south korea with the latest. tax cutter in chief. president trump in a surprise move promise as tax cut that he says could be the biggest one ever. the white house and congress hoping to make a big move on health care as well with just a week to go until the president hits 100 days in office. and the potential government shutdown looming. can all sides deliver? airline fiasco.


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