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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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winner of this series will get the nashville predators. >> brian: joel edmundson has to come to the bench for a new stick. that buys time for the blues' defenders to get some rest. >> john: off the draw. paray parayko. spins it out. david perron moves it in. dubnyk leafs it there for dumba. matt dumba, a quick up. jason pominville broken up. joel edmundson cross ice. perron at the line. hounded by scandella. david perron. cluster of three on him. minnesota in possession. away for alex steen. marco scandella. through center, pominville. he'll play it back. the hero so far, drops it off to
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pominville. jason zucker back of the goal. good read by parayko. parayko comes up with it. out of the reach of jason zucker who gets to it. he'll grind it belong long. berglund. he sets up edmundson and out they come. patrik berglund has it for st. louis. they scale it in. dubnyk will leave it there. just about eight minutes gone in overtime. through center. mikael granlund a chip. bortuzzo for st. louis. fore-check by zucker. left there. gunnarsson hard-pressed. puck is available. underneath the attacking forward. moving in on the play. they tie it up for a faceoff with 11:59 left in overtime. mikael granlund had the puck underneath him. that's why we'll get the face-off. >> brian: if you think about both clubs and how they deploy their defense in this game, the blues, big minutes for their top four. they've played the heck out of those guys -- bouwmeester,
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pietrangelo, edmundson, parayko. under ten minutes for both gunnarsson -- i should say bortuzzo just over ten minutes coming into the overtime so obviously when you've got your big guys playing a lot of minutes and hesser pair getting out there, it's a situation where you want to take advantage of that. right now it's bouwmeester and pietrangelo out there. >> john: puck was frozen by granlund. that's why we have the neutral zone face-off. it comes back. pietrangelo, pack to the outside. koivu onside. niederreiter, here he comes. knocked down by pietrangelo. koivu in deep. out of the corner. mikael granlund. out in front. never got there. broken up by bouwmeester. getting to it is koivu. granlund battle along the boards. niederreiter in control. nino niederreiter. taken down. gets back up. bouwmeester. they rally for it. spurgeon at the point forcing it
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deep. niederreiter holding onto it. muscled again by bouwmeester. getting to it is pietrangelo. up the gut. all the way back down. icing will be the result with 11:12 left in overtime. >> brian: i know bouwmeester took a couple late penalties in that third period but the instances there where niederreiter were not penalties. niederreiter simply lost his footing. with that icing both bouwmeester and pietrangelo have to remain on the ice. st. louis use thard time-out at the end of the third period. >> john: face-off won by hanzal. ryan suter blocked. coyle. parise in back of the goal. good stick by pietrangelo. zach parise gets to it. sends it back for ryan suter. in deep for coyle. now hanzal grind it away from pietrangelo. hanzal locates it again. parise off the end wall. coyle. power move. off the side of the goal.
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schwartz, right place right time for st. louis. tarasenko back out. ryan suter, martin hanzal now. turnings it over. st. louis will start ahead. bouwmeester "d" to "d." pietrangelo sends it back. about halfway through overtime. goes by paajarvi. dubnyk. sobotka. for st. louis. hanzal stays with it. sobotka, out in front. the pass. paajarvi, scores! magnus paajarvi! the st. louis blues win in overtime! they win the series in five. the st. louis blues will march on and see the nashville predators in round number two. magnus paajarvi, left all alone out in front, wins it here with 10:18 left in overtime.
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>> brian: the minnesota wild gave all they had in coming back in this hockey game with the blues, sticking with it, a turnover by devan dubnyk along the wall. and look at the play by vladimir sobotka. protect the puck. get that puck to an area where you can find paajarvi. this is all sobotka right here. he's able to find his seam, drive it. finds paajarvi in front. some loose coverage by the minnesota wild. and paajarvi's able to put this home past devan dubnyk. but credit goes to vladimir sobotka as we see this celebration on the bench of st. louis, a fantastic series win for the st. louis blues. >> john: what a moment for magnus paajarvi. gets the goal at 9:42 of overtime. and the st. louis blues oust the minnesota wild, the second seed in the west, four games to one.
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an outstanding, grinding, defensive series with outstanding goaltending at both ends. now we see the great moment that concludes every playoff series, the handshakes between the two teams and the ultimate signs of respect. jake allen, who started this series with a 51-save performance. a goaltender who had lost his way halfway through the year re-established his game, led his team down the stretch, was at the forefront of everything good that happens to the st. louis blues. the minnesota wild fought through all kinds of adversity. devan dubnyk did what he had to do in this series but especially in this game, fall beg hind 3-1, losing eric staal, a top center, leading goal scorer in the series. fighting all the way back. mikko koivu, jason zucker with a goal, forcing overtime. it's magnus paajarvi who gets it. and vladimir tarasenko had 39 goals in the regular season, started the scoring in this one,
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and young paajarvi, a young player coming out of the edmonton oilers organization, 26-year-old finn, his greatest moment as an nhl'er comes here in game five and seals it for the st. louis blues. there will be a salute here from minnesota from their crowd after the handshake, which continue clutds now. st. louis doing an outstanding job to restructure their season. coaching change, mike yeo taking over for ken hitchcock. outstanding final count in overtime, st. louis 4, minnesota 3. up next, except on the west coast, it's your local news. tonight at 8:00 eastern on nbc, the stanley cup playoffs continue as henrik lundqvist and the rangers look to clinch the series as they take on the montreal canadiens. for brian buscher and our entire crew here in st. paul, this is john forslund thanking you for
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watching the excitement of the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico.
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i'm denise nakano. today a worker fell from the nfl draft stage at the art museum. this is a live look at the art museum and the stage right in front of it. the man fell about 30 feet just after 2:30 this afternoon. nbc 10 is working to find out his condition. the draft begins on thursday.
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right now at 6:00, another black eye for an airline. this time it's american. tonight american airlines is investigating an employee after a woman says he hit her and almost hit her baby on a plane in san francisco last night. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas is live at the airport with more on the altercation that has an employee grounded. andrea? >> reporter: denise, it goes a step further. that employee got into a shouting match with the passenger. both of them threatening to beat each other up. and it was all caught on cell phone video. cell phone video shows a woman with a baby, sobbing, at the entrance of american airlines flight 591. passengers say a member of the flight crew violently snatched a stroller away from the mother before she boarded the plane. in the process, the stroller allegedly hit her and nearly missed her small child. >> that's terrible.
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i can't believe that people like that are allowed to work. >> reporter: another passenger, a man demands the name of the employee. when the employee who took the stroller that entered the plane, the passenger gets up and confronts him. an ar ggument ensued. the exchange lasts less than a minute. >> other passengers are helping out. >> reporter: the incident comes less than two weeks after law enforcement dragged a passenger off an overbooked united airlines flight in chicago. >> i don't feel like the airlines are doing all they can lately. >> reporter: but unlike united, american issued a quicker response apologizing for the incident. the statement said in part, in short, we're disappointed by these actions. the american team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident. now, american airlines statement said the woman and baby opted to take another flight where they
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were upgraded to first class for the rest of their international trip. reporting outside philadelphia's international airport, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. a rainy first alert forecast. raindrops have been collecting on our camera all day long. this is a look from atop the melon center on market street. from the eagles nest camera inside the linc, clouds covering the tops of the buildings there. not a great day to be outside. but this is what we call a 50/50 weekend. let's go to erika martin. >> i do like that 50/50 weekend. because we do have the showers to deal with, but by tomorrow we have mostly sunny skies for your sunday. certainly something to look forward to. satellite radar image picking up on plenty of clouds. soupy environment. you can see the showers continue to move from the southwest to the northeast. shall plenty of clouds through
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the entire atmosphere. this is why we are seeing unsettled weather. here is your cold front sweeping through. and a lot of energy actually riding along that cold front. though we're not done yet. we still have some more showers moving through our area, our viewing area. i do think everything will start to clear right after midnight. so that's some good news there. locally, again, we're just tracking a couple of showers moving through. not a washout. we're not done yet, but after midnight we're going to see some clearing and a mostly sunny sunday. denise, back to you. center city, traffic was put on pause this morning as some 10,000 scientists, engineers and others walked from city hall to penn's landing, an earth day demonstration marching for science. randy gyllenhaal has the latest and the message they're sending to washington. >> reporter: in the pouring rain here in philadelphia, and cities across the country, doctors, engineers, scientists and more
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came out to urge the government to focus on the facts. >> the power is in the hands of the scientists. >> reporter: on the day meant to celebrate the beauty of this planet, it was cold, wet and dreary, still thousands marched in philly to support science. >> i think it's very important that the voice of science is not stifled. >> reporter: like medical researchers worried about proposed cuts to the national institutes of health. >> i hope people remember to keep funding basic science. >> reporter: and cuts to the epa. >> labs, not walls. >> reporter: urging action on climate change which president trump has called a hoax. >> we support science, especially in these times, specially with climate change. >> reporter: the march not officially partisan, but the signs were clear, similar marches happening as far away as australia. the white house responding rigorous science is critical to my administration's efforts to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection.
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others staying out of the political fray, urging more girls to get involved in stem education. >> forget a princess, i want to be a scientist. >> just to ask the question why, and i'm finding in modern society that that question is not being asked as much. >> reporter: at penn's landing, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a major announcement from president trump today. he is coming to pennsylvania next weekend. the president will be in harrisburg next saturday. that's the day he'll be marking his 100th day in office. a big rally as the president called it is scheduled to be at the pennsylvania farm show complex and expo center. president trump awarded a purple heart today to an army sergeant wounded in afghanistan. army first class sergeant arathero bariantoss was injured in march. his leg was amputated below the
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knee. it was the president's first visit to the walter reed medical center since becoming commander in chief. an amber alert was issued this morning for 5-year-old dionne dixon, and 3-year-old jihad bailey. state police say they disappeared wednesday, but police were not called until friday. the boys were found safe this afternoon a few hours after the amber alert was issued. state police have not said if the babysitter, michelle rogers, was taken into custody. showing we care, how nbc 10 joins other employees to give back to the community today. and panic in paris. we'll tell you what's happened inside a train station today, just one day before the french presidential election. hey, phil!
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you wanna come chillax in my man cave and get your fios on? it's a very niiice. you got fios? it's tv ahead of its time. oookay! hey neighbor. you up for a little sunday scrolling? actually, we have xfinity x1 now,
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so we can download and watch our shows on the go. that's a niceeee! i mean that sounds nice. fios has fallen behind, don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. police arrested a man with a knife at a paris train station. it sparked a brief panic a day before the french presidential
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election. passengers alerted police after spotting the man with the knife entering the station. he was quickly taken into police custody. police officers gathered last night in paris to remember their colleague who was killed in a shooting attack thursday. the paris prosecutor said the gunman was carrying a note praising isis. he was killed by other officers. back in philadelphia today.
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it's comcast cares day, the single day volunteer event. it brings people together from across the world. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10, and nbc 10's tracy davidson along with telemundo 62
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did their part for comcast cares day. as drew smith shows us, a world series champion was also there lending a helping hand. >> reporter: comcast cares day is in its 16th year, and 2,500 people volunteered in philadelphia alone. >> it's about teamwork. >> reporter: the major volunteer event falls on earth day this year, and comcast nbc universal set a new goal to commit to environmental-friendly projects. >> environmentally-friendly project we have going on today. >> reporter: inside the boys and girls club, a phillies great himself showed up. the club provides after-school programs for young people. >> it means everything. our folks, i'm really proud of the company i work for and the people i work with. >> reporter: nbc 10 took the
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lead at the share food program, packing up boxes, painting the loading docks and supporting the effort to feed the hungry. >> we have a very small staff of about ten folks, so volunteers for us actually make it happen. they make the world go around. >> there's so many hungry people in philadelphia. specifically children. that i think it's a worthy cause for today. >> reporter: making change happen doesn't end today. >> i always like to include my family when i come to give back. >> reporter: many volunteers said they would be back to keep this momentum going throughout the year. in northwest philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. turning now to your first alert forecast. look at that stage going up. the draft starts on thursday, and we're all watching the weather at the end of next week. who is watching it particularly well? >> i am. it took me about an hour and a
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half to get the ten-day forecast for you. i'll get to that in just one moment. currently 54 degrees in philadelphia. calm winds, light winds coming out of the northwest 7 miles per hour. temperatures around the entire viewing area below average for this time of the year. sunset today at 7:47 p.m. so at least enjoy a little bit of sunshine, if any, that you're getting. i promise by tomorrow, conditions will be much better. showers moving through. there is your frontal boundary. conditions were bound to be chillier, below average this time of the year. a series of lows. those showers will not give up at least for the next couple of hours. but the great news is, they will start to clear by later tonight. certainly by midnight the latest. locally, we can see greens on the screen. everything is moving rather quickly. that's also a great sign there everything is going to clear by later tonight. especially by midnight. another perspective here. the clouds are thick and soupy. we have areas of patchy fog that have been reported.
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6:30 p.m., i'll time this out for you. here you start to see the showers clearing across the region. there it is, by 11:30 p.m., already seeing a break in those showers. we're seeing mostly sunny skies for the second half of the weekend. enjoy that. it does look like we get rain returning by monday. the ten-day, lots to go over here. 06s at least through wednesday. we start to climb into the 70s. 74 is the expected high on wednesday. we will get showers monday, tuesday, a.m. wednesday. this is the most important forecast right here, on thursday we're seeing 82 friday, showers late thursday into friday. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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erika is back with a final check of the forecast. >> i could go on and on about the ten-day, especially because of the nfl draft. right now we're tracking that cold front, and a series of lows, really, energy moving through. overnight lows in the 40s.
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we're going to stay below average, sunday, monday and tuesday. it looks like monday will be the chilliest day of the week, then we climb into the 70s on wednesday. but the big story is the nfl draft. pay attention if you have a gossipy girlfriend, tell her and she'll tell everybody in the city. it looks like we could get some showers moving in late thursday, possibly an isolated thunderstorm. very important. we may see a cold front and that would trigger the isolated thomgs for the nfl draft. i'll keep clouds in there for now with a chance of showers possibly late isolated thunderstorm. i'm going to go with partly cloudy skies on saturday. we could see showers lingering from friday into saturday. the expected high on thursday, 82, 38 friday, 85 on saturday. >> i know you'll be watching. >> definitely. that's nbc 10 news for now. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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♪ julia roberts, "people" magazine's world's most beautiful. welcome to "access hollywood." i'm liz hernandez. julia reflects on her past and looks forward to her future, but is this new honor embarrassing or flattering. >> you've already probably talked to it. but congratulations, julia, most beautiful woman in the world.
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are you guys proud of your friend? >> very proud. >> to stand up here with the three of you and have you say that is so ridiculous. >> oh, come on. >> and flattering and makes me a little sweaty and my cheeks all pinks. >> you've done this five times. five times most beautiful woman no the world from "people." what do you think when you see that shot from '91? >> those were the days of no stylist and, you know, a troupe of people that put you together like they do now, but sweet, yeah. so sweet. >> adorable. >> so gorgeous. >> humble as ever, that 1991 cover was when julia was just 23 years old. now 26 years later, she holds the record for world's most beautiful five times. it puts her well ahead of a certain good friend, and she got a laugh about that. >> george


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