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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  April 23, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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right now on "nbc10 news today," carjacking and a crash. swim club trashed. police in montgomery county are looking for vandals that caused tens of thousands of damage to the upper moreland swim club. draft detours. work continues along the ben franklin parkway. beginning tomorrow more roads will be closed to traffic. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." let's get a check on your sunday weather with meteorologist, tammie souza. >> it's good. take a look.
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we will go out to the coast, out to the jersey shore. there's one lone person looking out to say, join me at the beach, and you will need a jacket, a little cooler in the 50s along the shoreline. but clouds cleared and plenty of sunshine out there if you want to head out to the beaches. we are going to be looking at temperatures across the region. no big warmup now, but by the end of the week we are going to be looking at 80s again, perhaps two or three days of 80s. it's 54 right now in philly. 54 in trenton, and 53 in vineland. here's where we are headed today. up to the mid-60s and cascading down to 49 by 4:00 tomorrow morning. around the area today, 63 in philly. we are going to be looking at 62 in the pennsylvania suburbs. it will be 60 in south jersey, and only 57 along the jersey shore because of the easterly winds coming off of the
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atlantic, and 65 for awful you in delaware. >> thank you for the update. philadelphia police are searching for a carjacker that crashed a car blocks from where he first stole it. a man forced a driver gunpoint to get out of the car. this happened in southwest philadelphia earlier this morning. the driver was not hurt. the car was found two blocks away at 69th and dick's avenue where it crashed into a parked car. a man in the hospital after he fell while working on the nfl draft stage at the art museum. the worker fell 30 feet from the roof yesterday afternoon and is listed in stable condition at the hospital. and here's a live look now at the art museum center city where work continues ahead of this week's nfl draft. the event will bring big crowds to center city. matt delucia is live. >> reporter: we are expecting
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detours and also those big crowds to come in the next few days. right here we are along acheins oval, and traffic is still getting by. 's one lane making its way through. you see all the orange barrels, more will be coming. the city is very excited and they are hoping this will be the biggest and best draft yet. this will be haourpbuge for the because the windy city had 200,000 fans, and that generated $80 million plus 200 temporary construction and labor jobs. even though it may be harder to get to and from as far as parking is concerned, there will be beer specials and tvs tuned into the action, and big names
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will be staying at the big hotels. >> we are preparing to have one of the biggest weekends we ever had. >> i am excited to meet all the different kinds of people from all different places. >> reporter: now we already started some of the closures about two weeks ago, and we had some lane closures and tomorrow we are going to start full road closures. tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., the ben franklin parkway will be closed from 20th street to the art museum, and kelly drive will be closed fairmount avenue. and on tuesday, 12:01, we will see the full extend of the closures the draft and that is side streets and septa different routes will go into affect, and we have the list of these closures and schedules on
10:05 am, and on our app. it's nearing completion and what we will expect to see in the for now, i'm live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. happening now overseas, security is tight as voters cast their ballots in france's first round of the presidential election. 11 candidates are running to succeed hollande who is not on the ballot. the top two finishers face each other in a runoff election next month and the election comes three days after a terror attack in paris killed a police officer. trump the attack would boost the chances of a far-right candidate in the. congress will return from easter break to tackle a government funding line and plus agenda items from the white
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house. the house and senate have until midnight on friday to cut a spending deal to prevent a partial government shutdown, and then they are also looking to fu funding of the border wall. >> he's not the first president to over promise, and not the first person to complain about the symbolic nature of the report card. you can tell there's a little bit of a miniic th panic in thee house. maybe they release a big tax plan on wednesday even though it will be a long time before it could be implemented show that out there in the first 100 days, and maybe another vote on health care or a down payment on their border but all of it seems to be like a rush to meet a deadline they know is arbitrary.
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>> chuck will talk with house minority leader, nancy pelosi, and white house chief of staff, reince priebus, and marco rubio about the president's first 100 days. "meet the press" comes your way at 10:30 here on nbc10. happening today, the holocaust memorial ceremony will be moved indoors. the 1:00 p.m. ceremony originally set for the holocaust memorial now will be held inside on north broad street. there will be musical performances and a memorial candlelighting. holocaust remembrance day begins this evening at sundown. it was an earth day rally with a targeted message. 10,000 people walked from philadelphia city hall to penn's landing yesterday in a march for science. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal tell us what activist wanted washington to hear. >> in the pouring rain, they
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came out to urge the government to face the facts. it was cold, wet and dreary, still thousands marched in philly to support science. >> i think it's important that the vice of science is not straoeu stifled. >> i hope people remember to help funding basic science. >> and cuts to the environmental protection agency. >> build labs, not walls. >> we support science, especially in these times, especially with climate change. >> the march not officially partisan but the signs were clear, similar marches happening away as far as australia, the white house responding rigorous science is critical to my administrati administration's effort to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection.
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others staying out of the political fray urging more girls to get involved with stem education. >> it says forget a princess, i want to be a scientist. >> we caught up with america's first scientist, ben franklin with this advice. >> just to ask the question why, and i am finding in modern society that that question is not being asked as much. >> reporter: at penn's landing, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. we will tell you about a freak accident that led to the deaths of several deer. and then vandals strike at a swim club. also, helping each other and mother nature. ahead we will take you to earth day events across our area, including one where 150 people spruced up pottstown. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them.
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macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. police in montgomery county want to find the vandals that
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wrecked the swim club. the culprits hit the club early wednesday morning, spraying graffiti and destroying equipment. the vandals costs an estimated $20,000 in damage but the club tells us they will still be able to open as scheduled for the memorial day weekend. state game officials are look into the deaths of four deer that jumped off a bridge in western pennsylvania. it happened last week in meyersdale, somerset county, and the animals jumped off a bridge being built to carry a new four-lane highway. penndot officials thought a car or suv might have spooked one to jump and when that one did the others followed. still ahead, erin moran has died. here from her castmates about the actress that played joanie on the series. and the phillies made it three in a, but it was not easy. we will show you how the phils
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came back.
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the big alert today is the sunshine. a sunshine alert is back and in full force. beautiful day out there. it will be seasonal. we are starting in the 50s at this hour and climb into the 60s this afternoon everywhere expect the jersey shore. take a look at the radar sweeping the sky. do you notice anything? no, you don't, because there's nothing out there. everything is quiet. the rain exited the area and the clouds cleared out and we are between two storm systems. the one to the south is the one we will watch. it will lift in our direction, and bringing us a chance of rain as early as tomorrow night for the city but other places south of the city could see sprinkles or light showers perhaps in the morning and afternoon. at least we are not getting the snow headed through minnesota, parts of the up and parts of north dakota right now, and that would be depressing, wouldn't it? to get snow like that.
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and temperatures from the 50s into the 60s and it's out there, and we will see cloud cover building back in for tonight, and then the sea shore will see the 50s. no 60s there. again, clipping parts of delaware and south jury, not into the philly area until late tomorrow afternoon or evening at the earliest, and then spotty showers continue on and off again through tuesday, and then tuesday night into wednesday, we see the tail end swirling out to sea and then we could see heavier pockets of rain and then thunderstorms on wednesday before we clear out, and then 80s on wednesday and thursday. and then we are going to deal with mainly clear skies over philly, and temperatures again in the 60s. 63 for philly. 66 in lehigh valley. only 57 for the jersey shore. tonight we will see clouds out
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there build in and temperatures are generally in the 40s. 47 in philly, and 44 in the lehigh valley, and delaware you will be at 47 degrees out there for tonight. tomorrow we will see the spotty showers moving through the area. for the most part, tomorrow is going to just kind of be an overcast day here in philly. we are going to be looking for 63 degrees, and looking for 58 tomorrow. 62 on tuesday. 80 on wednesday, once we see the last of the showers in the morning and clearing out, and then 80s all the way through the draft and we could see a thunderstorm perhaps thursday night and into friday, and next weekend doesn't look too shabby. we get rain the following week but next weekend at this point looks dry. katy. thanks, tammy. from center city to jersey shore and beyond, thousands came together for comcast cares week.
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and a world series champion also lent a hand in the country's largest single day volunteer event. >> 2,500 people volunteered at 50 projects in philadelphia alone. >> that's what comcast is about. teamwork. teamwork all the time. >> reporter: the major volunteer event falls on earth day this year, and comcast nbc universal set a new goal to commit to environmentally friendly projects. >> it's just one of the projects we have going on at the boys and girls club today. >> inside the shane victorino boys & girls club, comcast also donated a big check to the clubs which provide after school programs for young people. >> it means everything. our folks, i am proud of the company i work for and the people i work with. >> nbc10 look the lead at the
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share food program, and supporting the effort to feed the hungry. >> we have a small staff of about ten folks, so volunteers for us actually make it happen. they make the world go around. >> there's so many hungry people in philadelphia, and specifically children, that i think is a worthy cause. >> i always like to include my family when i come to give back. >> many volunteers said they would be back to keep this momentum going throughout the year, and in northwest philadelphia, drew smith, nbc10 news. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc10. and then holding its annual pock for paws event this weekend. the walk for dogs and their owners raised money to provide service across delaware. a turning now to montgomery county a community there is
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clearer this morning. people in glenn side celebrated the day yesterday by sprucing things up. 150 people took pride in pottstown this weekend to mark earth day. were out on beach, cherry and nut streets yesterday as part of the rock the block project. they repaired homes and cleaned up parks and streets with the help of habitat for humanity. right now the april fools' half marathon is wrapping up in atlantic city, and the race finishes on the boardwalk, and awards are then handed out to the top finishers and the runners with the best cause tombs. and then holding their birthday bash for the phanatic. the festivities get under way in a few hours, at 1:00. here is some video of former past parties. he's looking like he's having fun there. today's party will feature
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entertainment and surprises and a group of other mascots will be at the park to honor the phanatic, a fan favorite. happy sunday to you. i am danny pommells from csn. and the braves having won four out of their last six, and then turning to eickhoff to keep a good thing going against atlanta going. what a swing that was, and cranked it to left field just in front of the wall. and he scored. fast-forward to the tenth. phillies down 3-2, and the afore shunned blanco franked one the other way, and the phillies earn their fifth win out of the last seven beating the braves.
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you don't need to adjust your tv set, and he is making his debut with the braves. he was pretty comfortable and went 2 for 2 with two singles, and his first action in aaa. closer to home on the pitch, the union hosted the montreal impact, and jim curtain's team without a win this morning and trying to start their climb in the standings in front of the home fans. and then get you some, and moves it to his right foot and slots one. his first of the season puts the union on top. one of two goals of the for him. later in the half, more from union, and tj bumps it in with his head. and then they take a 3-1 lead at half-time, and then the impact
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comes back like bad tuna. and anthony jackson, he puts home his second of the game and montreal scores three unanswered goals and they remain winless. and then phantoms and the bears. and the bears scored three straight goals including this one with 33 seconds remaining to seal the victory. they win 5-4 and lead the sear two games to none. and then saturday the cherry and white game. a chance to see who had coach collins in action. and vying for the quarterback spot, two red shirts. and cherry squad takes it down, 17-14. deep, picked off on the play.
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his backup, tommy stevens looked terrific, and tossing three tds. team blue runs away with this one running 26-zip. that is your look at sports. i am danny pommells, csn.
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let's march. >> democrats hoped a surgeon of anti-trump protest would sweep their candidates into office. that hasn't happened. later today we will discuss why they are falling short in recent special elections. what those races tell us and who has the going into 2018. >> the so-called resistance movement didn't do the democratic party much good. >> donald trump used his term make america great again. i have heard a lot of people say, i haven't seen any greatness. >> coming up this morning at
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11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc10. new septa regional rail schedules begin today in an effort to make your ride safer. crews will be installing positive train control to amtrak rails and it's designed to automatically stop a train before it can crash. ptc was not on the tracks in 2015 when an amtrak train crashed in port richmond killing eight people. go to and the nbc10 app to see how the changes may affect your beginning today. meteorologist, tammie souza, joins us this morning. it has been great having you this morning. >> it has been so fun. this is what you do early in the morning. >> this is what we do early in the morning. you have a great forecast to talk about. >> my pleasure to be here as we look at penn's landing and the ben franklin bridge. plenty of sunshine except along the jersey shore. 58 tomorrow, yeah, not the best of days. we will see a lot of clouds.
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the showers stay south of the city until sometime in the evening but there's a chance of showers and the same on tuesday, moving through the area, we will see showers lingering into wednesday morning, and then if we clear quickly we will see the 80s and that will linger through the end of next week but good through the draft. >> tammie, thank you. "meet the press" is next. for tammie and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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. this sunday president trump and the first 100 days. he is rejecting the deadline calling it ridiculous and at the same time rushing to meet it. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> no vick toik like tory like obama care. >> but he got his man on the supreme court. >> the most important thing is appointing people to the united states supreme course. >> plus, our brand new nbc news wall street journal poll. what the voters


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