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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 23, 2017 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00 nfl draft traffic trouble, more lane closures as we get closer to one of the biggest days in football. a dangerous drive through philadelphia. take a look at this video of at least 100 kids riding their bikes through the expressway. and another fatalt. tonight a man is dead while he was hit while trying to cross the street. and that breaking news out of south jersey. a woman is now under arrest after a crash. police say she and another person were overdosing with a child in the back seat of the
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car. drew. >> reporter: here's what we know so far. a man and a woman are here at cooper university hospital. if there's any fortunate news of this incident is that the child who was in that car was not hurt. the woman we're told is under arrest, but we're waiting to learn the specific charges from police. this happened in glausner city. that was on the ramp of 2-95 north. it's been under construction for years. police accuse these two adults of overdosing with the child in the back seat. now, the first reports indicated when the first responders came on scene, they two were unresponsive. there have been many deaths and now the governor of new jersey is involved in a nation wide-plan to deal with this.
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we'll continue with the updates. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. thank you, draw. and get ready for more nfl draft traffic trouble. tomorrow night crews will be shutting down more lanes and roads as they get closer to the draft. take a look. what's highlighted in red will be closed. the inner and outer lanes of the parkway down to 20th street. now the draft which begins this thursday has been impacting traffic for several weeks now. and traffic troubles won't end until may 7th. to tell us more about the phase three, andraya. >> reporter: you're going to see a lot more of these signs along the parkway. the countdown has begun to philadelphia's moment in the national spotlight.
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for two weeks now road closures have hampered traffic on the ben franklin parkway in preparation for the nfl draft. >> walking will be a little bit annoying. >> reporter: phase three of the road closures begins on monday at 7:00 p.m. by tuesday morning most of the parkway will be blocked off. the closure will extend to parts of mlk drive. i doctor just want to drive and be good with it. i can't stand the traffic anyways. >> reporter: even on the weekend crews have been hard at work. a theater is being constructed at the steps of the museum. and it's being transformed in what promises to be the largest and most interactive experience for fans. >> a lot of positive attention to the city. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people are expected to participate from thursday to
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saturday. drives, though, are advised to stay away and expect delays. some residents say the headache is worth it. >> kwaer going to try to watch the first round from the rooftop. it's going to be a pretty good view. >> reporter: to put this all into perspective, it's one of the biggest roads in the city. back in 2010 stustatistics show more than 200,000 cars use this every single day. >> thanks, andraya. and nbc 10 is the official eagle station. and we've got you covered all week long. a deadly crash claims the life of a 69-year-old man. it happened in the southbound
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lanes of the roosevelt boulevard at the intersection of smily road. the investigation shutdown the southbound lanes for two hours this morning. and police tell us the victim was not in a crosswalk. neighbors say it's a dangerous intersection. >> it's dangerous now because ever since the buses stop running there and since they took the walkway down. >> the driver remained on-the-scene and is cooperating with police. dozens of bicycles took to the expressway today. this is cellphone vid kbloech you can see that post of the bike riders appear to pea teenagers. police tell us this may be the first time since a group this large has been on the roadway since 676. an ether quake shook the lancaster millersville area at
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5:00. it confirmstist a 2.3 magitude earthquake. and to put that into perspective they say it's what you might feel from a passing truck. >> it's really porn to note when we studimeteriology we also have to take a few classes of seismology. as you mentioned the depth of this was about three miles. and the time stamp was about 4:49 p.m. in millersville, south of lancaster. so something to be mindful of. we do have active faults in this area. we see not much going on right now, but we do have some rain obon the way. pick up some rain on the southwest towards the northeast. everything high and dry for
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today. mostly sunny skies and temperatures topped out at 66 degrees in philadelphia. right now you can see how quickly those clouds are developing and those showers moving across our area. but they're not going to get here until tomorrow. so hour by hour forecast. you can see there they're going to starlts to flirt with our area by about 7:00, 7:30 a.m. very organized tomorrow morning. but as the day progresses we're going to see more showers develop. and i do think those rain showers will hold through tuesday and possibly wednesday morning. the next day temperatures are going to be below average, unseasonably chilly but then we warmup by wednesday. 770s and 80s by thursday. back to you. >> it had been closed for hours after someone was hit and killed
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by a train in prospect park. a body was found floating in the cooper river. this was the scene earlier today on the overpass. officials say they were alert today the body by someone who called 911. we'll continue to follow the story ask bring you updates. go to the nbc 10 app. nearly two dozen people were arrested after police busted a marijuana event at a philadelphia warehouse. it was organized on social media in frankfurt last night. more than 200 people showed a. police say the party was a fire and social hazard. police confis skated about 50 pounds of marijuana, $50,000 worth of marijuana and guns. new york police were tipped off thursday night when they responded to sick person foaming
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at the mouth. they had 12 similar calls that night. others have been hospitalized because of the drug which can cause seizures, hallucinations, vomiting, and psychosis. two men were arrested friday night for possession of pot but it's not sure their drugs caused people to become sick. please say a man forced a driver at gunpoint to get out of a car. it happened in southwest philadelphia early this morning. the driver was not hurt. the car was found about two blocks away where the suspect had crashed into a parked car. a warning tonight for business owners. someone is passing out counterfeit bills. now, police say some businesses along the cor dor have already been hit. surveillance video shows two women and a man asking for change for fake $50 bills.
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in south jersey tonight a hall cost survivor recounted her horrific story for hall cost remembrance day. she was given a standing ovation after recounting what she went through. hundreds of people were there tonight to remember those killed in the hall cost and to celebrate survivors like her. next on nbc 10 a little girl rescued from the middle of the street, and it was all caught on camera. see the video that shows how the little girl got there in the first place. also a killer's confession. the man accused of murdering four men because of their race calls a television station from jail to say why he did it. and denise i'm tracking some rain getting here. also much chillier temperatures. but by the middle to end of this workweek we're going to see 80s.
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nearly two thirds of americans are giving the president low marks for his first 100 days. that's according to nbc 10 wall street journal post out this morning. only about 17% say he had a great start with nearly half of people saying he hasn't done well. facing a challenge ahead. a budget needed by saturday or the government could step down. also this week congress will try again to replace obamacare. his administration saying that if it does not happen this week, it is not the end of the world. >> it's a mur thon, not a sprint. so we're hopeful for this week. but again, it's not something that has to happen in order to define our success. >> priebus added that he's opt mitsic that a government shutdown will be avoided. and make sure you stay with nbc
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10 all week long as we get ready for the president's trip to pennsylvania next weekend to mark his 100th day in office. well, a face-off in france. now, for the first time in the country's history no mainstream candidate is on the ticket. le pen is far right. they'll face-off on may 7th. shortly after the two candidates were announced demonstrators burned cars in protest. in paris at least two people were detained and two people were hurt. some businesses were vandalized. an ark kn saw toddler.
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you can see the little girl fall out of the back door and appears lifeless in the middle of the road. firefighters says the girl was unconscious at first but started to wake up as he approached her. the girl's parents say she has a broken jaw and will need surgery but will make a full recovery. in chicago a church is in mourning tonight after the tragic and bizarre death of a student. students at the college gathered to remember 19-year-old easten. he died while volunteering at a track meet. he was standing in the middle of the field when he was hit in the head during a hammer throw. >> a man accused of killing four men because of their race makes a jail housephone call to a tv station to explain his motive. he was arrested on april 18th,
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not long police say he shot and killed three white men in various locations. he isologist suspected of a deadly shooting three weeks allure. he called the nbc station yesterday and admit today the murders. >> i el actually was going to turn mefrl in, and i started thinking about michigan, the crack cocaine epidemic. i started thinking about all the injustice that my people go through. and that's why i snapped. >> the judge ordered mohamed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's due back in court may 12th. >> i'm first alert erika martin with your accurate forecast. philadelphia right now seeing lots of 60s. temperatures today for philadelphia topped out at 66
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degrees. west mont area, 52 degrees. all day long we've been seeing unseasonably cold temperatures. parkway current temperature for you 52 degrees. and also for the lee high valley also seeing chillier numbers right now. allan town, 51. white hall 54. walnut court cooler at 54 degrees. satellite image picking up plenty of clouds. from the southwest towards the northeast, you can see that rain heading here. now, it's not going to be initially organized. on our hour by hour forecast you'll see how the rain starts to gep. we'll start this at 11:00 p.m. when we get this nou motion there. you start to see the clouds moving in and thickening.
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even though i say southern delaware will see some showers early in the morning, again not very organized by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening we see some pockets of heavy downpour. and notice how massive this system is. we're going to get a little bit of a break, in other words, some scattered showers. but more for tuesday especially for that tuesday afternoon and evening commute. we may see some really heavy pockets of downpour especially along the jersey shore. so keep those umbrellas handy. you will need them at least for the next three days. upper 60s through low 50s across the entire delaware valley. then we start to climb into the 70s by wednesday. right now i do have a mostly cloudy icon, but i do think we will see an early shower an monday. overnight lows aren't going to
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be issue. the this will they will be seasonable, but it's going to be those daily highs that are going to be chillier. that's the same deal for the jersey shore. you're climbing steadily but a little bit chillier on wednesday. delaware seeing 62 on monday. and tuesday, maybe 61 tuesday. and then wednesday you're going to see a high of 71 degrees with those showers clearing from the southwest to the northeast. so we do have a lot of rain in the forecast but everything starts to cool out. so of course it's all about the nfl draft. denise, once we get through this chilly trend through tuesday, we start to see that nice climb. and worry about a frontal boundary moving through, possibly triggering some showers. not going to be the case for thursday. 82 is the expected high
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temperature. i do think the dale to watch is friday. we could see some action there. in other words, some showers, maybe some rain, possibly a thunderstorm late. and onsied we're going to see temperatures in the 80s with some mix of showers and clouds. the good news is i was concerned about that first day, not the case now. so all we're waufrping now is what to watch for friday. >> first day and second day, a little iffy. >> that's right. we'll be tracking. danny pommel reports. the phillies embraced in the fifth inning today, but things changed after that. coming up next.
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hey, hey live and in your living room i'm danny pommels. with the braves looking for their first season sweep of the season. the phils took it back. didn't put a foot wrong until the 7th when he throws up a round tripper to matt pence, solo shot. the fireworks came late in this one. tied in the 7th inning. and in the eighth, hernandez untied 3467 it was the blast to right. hernandez puts the phils up 3-1. launches one. this one to deep center, gone back-to-back deck to the phils. wouldn't matter at all. up comes herrera and check out the back hit.
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that means one single for him. it could be a foul ball, but back-to-back since 2008 that happened. first time since 2004 they've done that at home. now 500 with the season 5-2 with the finals. >> what can you say about the back-to-back to back home runs. i told sazer when he went up to the plate, just make sure you hit the ball up middle with a man on second and to it right side. try to get a base hit, and he did. he moved a runner. the nba playoffs lebron james hoping to wrap off the game with the pacers. pacers have never been swept in the opening round series. pacers force a turnover, but lebron is lurking. hits that shot out of here. pacers puts the lead with a
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minute and change left. comes up with three. cotton swab. crazy finish here. j.r. smith goes behind his back, charles beck does with a triple team and a clean shot at the room but hits the backboard. and the pacers advance to the second round of the season. westbrooks, a man pusessed. flies down the court in addition to steven adams. westbrook had a triple-double in the first half. later down four, back to westbrook by about 30 feet. bucket. that's a one point game under 20 seconds. we follow along with the play and watch how the rockets break defense. they should be following here, but they aren't for some reason. they finally decide to foul.
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that's with jirmy grant with the foul. rockets get the victory 113-109 with the 3-1 series lead. the game featured earlier on nbc 10, centers ties the game at 2 early in the third. we go to extra hockey. centers with the power play. likes the land. the game winner and the series winner otowa moves on. capitals with a victory tonight. and the team got an overnight with a point shot by marcus johansson. capitals win and move onto their second round. that's it for now. i'll be back with a look at a temple player that could make
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some serious noise on the draft. we'll be right back.
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children battling serious illnesses, disabilities, and injuries enjoyed a cruise tloong delaware river this morning. it was all part of the annual dylan memorial fun crew. 425 philadelphia area kids and their families were treated to lunch and live entertainment right on the water. >> we're excited to dance and see the clowns and eat. >> it's so nice they do this cruise for everybody. and our kids really love it. and it's just such a great thing they do to give back to the families. >> it provides financial assistance to families caring for sick children. well, hundreds of people took it one step at a time today for the 8th annual walk for
11:33 pm
hope. nbc 10 at the navvy yard as people participated in the 5k run and fun walk. it was for a cure inpedetric disease. it is the fastest growingpedetric auto immune disorder. next on nbc 10 news at 11 temple round reddic is getting special honors. camden is celebrating their native sun tomorrow. all busines. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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tonight shorts on the parkway. nbc 10 here on the ben franklin parkway on a mild night. but right now we are tracking rain coming into the start of your workweek. good evening and welcome back to nbc 10 news. thanks for staying up with us. it is time for a pursealized weather where you live. >> not that warm, not yet. but the good news is by wednesday and thursday, we're going to see 70s and 80s. today unseasonably chilly. we only topped out at 56 degrees in philadelphia. philadelphia 52. atlantic city currently at 48. allan town at 45. and this is what denise was talking about. we are expecting some rain
11:38 pm
heading in our direction from the southwest towards the northeast. right now we're seeing those clouds develop very quickly. so nafgt overnight lows are going to stay pretty much in the 40s. we're just seeing plenty of clouds by early tomorrow morning. this rain is not expected to get here until later tomorrow. it's really not until late monday that we start to see kind of just stronger steadier rain. and then a break, and by tuesday we see some more rain. lee high valley you're seeing plenty of clouds by 6:00 a.m., same deal at 10:00 a.m., overcast skies for the most part at least to start your day. jersey shore already seeing some scattered showers by 10:00 a.m. neighborhood high for tomorrow only seeing upper 50s to low 60s. by the middle to end of the week
11:39 pm
we definitely will need shorts. before you head out to work tomorrow check your schedule. the trains are running on new times that were put into the place just today. >> reporter: we're talking changes to weekends and weekday schedules. in some cases it's just a minute or two, in other cases it's 20 minutes. so planning ahead is key. the rails today running on a weekend schedule that's new, signs with the times and train numbers posted today with their weekend rush. >> we didn't want people venturing out monday and not knowing what's going on. >> reporter: in chusnut hills ruron cuarrived for her train on time. >> i noticed there would be some change. >> reporter: but the changes causing confulgz and delays for
11:40 pm
some. >> 45 minutes to an hour later. >> reporter: she looked up her trip on google and thault it was coming but the realtime was 10:05. we tried another third party app, and also didn't get the updated time. updates are set on their app today and keep checking back. >> look on our website today because we're going to be making changes. >> reporter: they're rolling those these new schedules as it enters its positive train control. it's a safety mechanism designed to control train speed and prevent dangerous crashes. it's entering that phase as it rolls out these new train schedules. and here are some of the stories we're working on.
11:41 pm
for tomorrow the penalty phase for the eric free trial is tomorrow. they must decide whether he should live for the ambush of a police trooper back in 2014. pennsylvania currently has a moratorium on capital punishment. two public hearings will be held tomorrow on proposals to increase its fairs. the spring increases will increase all platforms. hearings are set at headquarters in center city. and tomorrow we'll learn more about delaware drug take back day. it's an opportunity for residents to safely expire any expired or unused prescriptions. it reduces the risk those meldsications will fall into the wrong hands of people who may abuse them. well, some elementary
11:42 pm
schools could be on the chopping block. there will be a meeting held to talk about some potential school closures. the meeting set for 7:00 at the chancellor center. in camden it is the site of tomorrow's nfl draft warmup event where kansas native and shooting. redik is projected by some to be a mid first-round pick. mayor of camden will present him with a key to the city. we'll tell you where this wildfire is burning and how mother nature is helping fire
11:43 pm
crews contain it.
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a rare find in britain that could have ties to philadelphia. two researchers found a partial cop aof the declaration of independence. they say it dates back to the 1780s. it was sitting in a record office. researchers believe it was made in philadelphia or new york. it could have been made in lennox, the sir duke of richmond. in florida firefighters are getting help from mother flafrp. some much needed rain is keeping fires from raging further. with today's rain evacuation orders are being lifted for about 2,000 homes. >> we've absolutely been blessed with the rain we've got
11:46 pm
yesterday and so far today, it looks like now we'll continue to get some rain. >> the governor warns against starting fires anywhere in the state, even tossing cigarette butts. that's how one wildfire is believed to have been started. well, north korea has detained yet another u.s. citizen. an american who was caught in pyongyang. he was in north korea on an aide mission and was detained at the airport while trying to leave the country. at least two other americans are detained in north korea. well, the numbers are in and majority of americans disprove of the job president trump are doing, this with the budget deadline moving to prevent a government shut done. >> reporter: nearing his 100th day in office, a new nbc news
11:47 pm
wall street journal poll shows a majority of americans are not happy with the job president trump is doing. 40% approve, 54% disprove. 35% say the president off to a great start. 64% call it poor decor. >> he hasn't been able to gelt legislation passed. >> reporter: president trump faces a challenging week or the government could shutdown. but the spending plan also included a wall to pay for a wall between mexico. >> when the president promised a wall i don't think he was going to add billions of dollars of cost of the wall to the taxpayers. >> reporter: eventually at a later date mexico will be paying in some form of the badly needed
11:48 pm
border wall. >> it's a marathon, not a sprint. so we're hopeful for this week. but again, it's not something that has to happen in order to define our success. >> as for a possible government shutdown, priebus says he believes that won't happen. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> and make sure you stay with nbc 10 all week long as we get ready for the president's trip to pennsylvania next weekend to mark his 100th day in office. for most people running one marathon is an accomplishment. what about two marathons less than one week apart. and that's what louis blind american veteran has done. tethered together a shoestring at the boston marathon. and then six days and one airplane flight later,
11:49 pm
completing the london marathon today. they say the idea came from prince harry. >> i think this idea was made up by prince harry. >> prince harry and viven caster have known each other since 2013 when he trekked to the south pole with injured vets. the men are running for by the young royals. heads together helps others surrounding stigma with mental health. perfect day for a little sunday softball. opening day for the city of brotherly love softball league. on top of celebrating the league, the mayor took the opportunity to deliver a message about the tone in the country right now. >> this country obviously is going through a major crisis coming from, also a governmental
11:50 pm
crisis. cities are going tee be placed where we maintain our senseabout, we maintain our sanity. >> he presented an award to the aclu of pennsylvania. i'm first alert meteorologist mer ku martin. we do have a dry night in the forecast. however notice we see plenty of clouds out there. bright white there, and some green just to the southwest of our viewing area. a live look outside in philadelphia it's dry, quiet now and the winds are calm. and we can see the clouds developing into the overnight hours to tomorrow morning. another chilly day in the forecast. below average for this time of year. neighbors right now for delaware seeing plenty of 50s and some
11:51 pm
upper 40s. lincoln 50 degrees, redden 49, and ridge burow currently 59 degrees for you. seeing chillier temp rrz tonight. atlantic city 50, and woodvine currently at 48 degrees. hour by hour forecast starting at midnight. you see how the showers are very unorganized at first and then we continue to move towards the northeast. a few pockets of downpour tomorrow. but i do expects heavier rain especially on tuesday. it looks like we're going to see plenty of 50s and low 60s. langhorn seeing 59 for you. also seeing plenty of clouds,
11:52 pm
breezy conditions. delaware seeing lots of upper 50s and low 60s. you will be seeing the showers of course southwest and northeast. and then those showers will be sticking around, eventually clearing by early wednesday. we have the expected high temperature 54 degrees. and it looks like dover your expected temperature seeing also 50s for you. unseasonably chilly at least for monday and for tuesday. so we're seeing lots of 60s there on the screen, and then we climb into the 70s on wednesday with a chance of showers early in the day. the first day of nfl draft we're seeing 82 degrees, first day of sunshine. you could see isolated thunderstorms, and then 80s on saturday. so that's the trend, 80s. so it's going to be pretty nice by middle to end of week but tracking those showers and
11:53 pm
thunderstorms. >> and now the sports. hey, danny. hey, denise. the temple owls haven't had a player in the nfl drive since willkerson back in 2011. a lively first round in thursday night. that story is next.
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11:55 pm
hey, danny pommels with you once again. this thursday night temple edge haason reddic will likely see his name again. with more here's john clark. >> from the year i've come out with the draft work, i would definitely say that the man up stairs, he's working for me and he has something special in store. >> reporter: haason reddick, he
11:56 pm
is reaching heights a lot of people didn't think he could, a first-round pick in the nfl draft. >> i thought that people thought i couldn't play division one ball, so i always carried that chip on my shoulder. >> haason had serious injuries in hooik. he only played four games his junior and senior year. he thought it was over for him. would you have been able to pak it to this point without the support of your parents? >> no. the support of my parents has helped me morph throughout this process than anything. basically it was times i wanted to give up, it was times i want today quit. and i could rely on my father, i
11:57 pm
could rely on my mother. >> it is extremely, extremely amazing to be there first-hand and witness those things. and you can kind of see it never knocked him off his stance, but you could kind of see it shook him up a little bit. but i think that's where the fight came in to go harder. this stumbling block was just the push he needed to keep fighting. >> only two schools showed interest of haason out of high school. he had to walk onto be an owl. it made him stronger. >> the model is temple tough, and it's nothing short of that. temple had made be one of the biggest and greatest competitors that there is. >> reporter: he went from defensive back to defense end. now a linebacker in the nfl. his versatility makes him more attractive. he has become one of the rising
11:58 pm
stars in the draft. >> what i did, it opened up more eyes. pave the way. his mom took out loans to support him and to pay for his lunches at temple. haason wants to pay it all back. >> i'm forever in her debt, and all this hard work is going to finally pay off and when it does, i'm going to make sure i give them anything they deserve and everything they want. >> reporter: anything specific? >> for my mother, first thing i want to give her is a house. being from camden, new jersey, it's a dangerous neighborhood. and i want to make sure she gets out of there. >> pretty much like a return on investment. it definitely helps. just to get him where he needed to be to show his talent, whatever needed to be done, we did. >> awesome. it's also a little overwhelming
11:59 pm
i guess to say. >> reporter: john clark, csn. check this outmism from one great story to another. haason was on yesterday with jeff collins who owned a full scholarship. don't miss nbc 10 pbs fr's coverage that kicks off on wednesday. and that's all for me now.
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a final check of thefore kars. and it looks like we've got rain in your future. >> yes, rain in the future for tomorrow and tuesday. and it's all about the draft. 50/50, yes. thursday looks dry. we have some rain chances and possible thunderstorms as well. but them dhrz will be warm by thursday, friday, and saturday. >> okay, we'll have the rain jackets and umbrellas handy, too. >> and the shorts. it's going to be warm outside. you've got to have them handy, of course. have lots of hair spray and have a good time. >> okay, and i know you'll be watching that forecast. thursday and friday of course the draft. and that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise, have a great monday.
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your constant optimism, where do you think that comes from? >> being a short, bald, neutered male figure skater of an unknown ethnic origin. if all this stuff can happen, anything can happen. scott hamilton, one of figure skating's most iconic athletes, following years of a life threatening and mysterious childhood


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