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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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closures continue. prepare for another change in the roads ahead of the nfl draft. we'll tell you why eric frein's family ties will be examined. and dozens of bicyclists are spotted riding on the vine street expressway. that's the craziest video. 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. cold start to the week, but's going to warm up later. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. good morning. we're starting with clouds moving in. the temperatures have moved down. the areas seeing less cloud cover are seeing cooler temperatures. the 40s, the lehigh valley, 43. the clouds have moved in to new jersey and philadelphia at 50 degrees. a chance of showers as we go through the day. the showers are going to be light during the day.
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steady rainfall this afternoon we have warm into the 60s for the lehigh valley. seeing more sunshine for the rest of the area. late day showers are likely in delaware, already seeing sprinkles this morning. i'll break it down to show when showers are likely in the neighborhood. first, jessica boyington with first alert traffic. thanks. starting off with the admiral wilson boulevard. this is moving through camden approaching the ben franklin bridge. there is the toll plaza. no problems so far if you're headed into philadelphia. the burlington bristol, a scheduled opening for ten minutes ago at 5:20. that will be open for for now. clear over the tacony palmyra, betsy ross, clear. the crash in coatesville, route 30 on the eastbound side at 82, all clear. we had an earlier accident scene and investigation closing down the eastbound side. that's back open. on the west trenton train, 5322,
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running ten minutes late used to equipment problems. new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco on time. >> thank you. today more traffic news -- a new rounds of nfl draft -- new round of nfl draft road closures is hours away. it will impact a lot of drivers. this is the map from the ben franklin parkway to mlk and kelly drives. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live with more on the exact closures and the time expected to have impact. tell us more. >> reporter: and it's one thing to see it on a map. it's another to have to deal with it every day. later on tonight, we'll experience more in terms of those traffic detours and closures. right here you see the draft stage getting ready there. starting at 7:00 p.m., traffic on the parkway from 20th to the art museum will be shut down. kelly drive will be closed at fairmount avenue. there will be detours. tonight after midnight, we'll see the full extent of the
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closures through the end of the draft. that includes some side streets, as well. also keep in mind that we will see the last phase of closures that will be side streets, some of them accessible only by local traffic. we've been talking with residents here. some excited, some not so excited. they're tired of all the traffic detours. they've been going on for about two weeks now. >> we could walk to work. for us it's great. like my mom lives in montgomery county and works down in old city. i could imagine for people like her, it's going to be a tough commute. she'll probably have to make the decision as to whether or not to decide to do like the regional rail instead of driving into work. >> reporter: we are expecting people here later this week. we need to auction about detours, as well, that go into effect. route 732, 38, 43, and 48 will be affected. other routes have also had to make changes. of course, we've got a full list for you on and the
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nbc10 app. and as we take a live look, keep in mind that closures will stay in effect through the first week of may. all this has to come down. the final two phases of closures begin later on tonight. the advice -- it might seem obvious but plan extra time. we're talking about septa, traffic, parking, all of it will be affected because of the nfl draft. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. today, camden native haason reddick, a hot nfl prospect, will be given the key to the city aboard the battleship "new jersey." here's the live look at the ship. the site of the nfl draft warm warmup event. the mayor will do the honors in paying tribute to reddick. thanks to a standout year at linebacker for the temple isles, he's lighting up draft boards across the nfl h. a great workout at the combine. some analysts project him to be a mid first-round draft pick. reddick went from a warm-on in
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at temple at 2012 to an all-star. nbc10 the officials eagles station. we've got you covered all week long. live specials begin wednesday night, the day before all the action starts. wraps up with a recap of the excitement next supposed -- next sunday night. a woman is facing charges after a crash in camden county. police accuse her and someone else of overdosing with a child in the back seat of the car. the crash happened last night at eastbound 76th and gloucester city near the ramp to 295 north. police reported the two adults were unconscious when their car crashed. medics took them to the hospital. we're working to find out about their conditions. lawyers may examine eric frein's family ties when the penalty phase of his murder trial resumes in northeastern pennsylvania. the jury that convicted frein last week of killing a state trooper and wounding another in 2014 will decide if he should
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live or die, even though there's a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. frein's defense suggests there is question how much influence his father, a retired army major, had on the gunman. new details on a killing in burlington county. a woman faces a murder indictment. she's accused ofing her elderly husband in -- of killing her elderly husband in january by beating him with a fire extinguisher. she said she acted in self-defense after her husband hit her and smothered her with a pillow. two men on arkansas's death row are scheduled to be put to death. lawyers for both want the execution stayed and filed appeals in court. the lawyers cite concerns over both men's poor health and how they could react to the drugs used for lethal injections. the state calls the legal moves delay tactics. the former tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a
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15-year-old student will make his first court appearance. tad cummins allegedly took the teen to a northern california cabin. the disappearance sparked a nationwide search that ended in cummins' arrest last week. neighbors calling for quick action by the city after another deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. a 69-year-old man was killed crossing at the intersection of smiley road. the victim was not in a crosswalk. there have been two other deadly accident in the same area. the city launched a program called root for change last year. it's designed to figure out how to fix the safety issues there. 5:37. to north jersey, 40 people are sick possibly because of synthetic marijuana. newark police say they were tipped off last week when they responded to a person foaming at the mouth. they got a dozen similar calls, with some people going to the hospital. officers arrested two men on possession charges. authorities are looking for the
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source of the drugs. the chemical can cause seizures, hallucinations, and vomiting. we're learning more about the weekend marijuana event. nearly two dozen people were arrested. the philly smoke session was organized on social media. police first busted the event at a frankfurt warehouse because more than 200 people showed up creating a fire and safety hazard. once inside, officers confiscated about 50 pounds of marijuana, $50,000, and four guns. tonight in bucks counties people living in the council rock school district can hear more about plans to close several elementary schools. wrightstown elementary school and rolling hills elementary could close as the district works to consolidate students and redistrict. the meeting is set for 7:00 tonight. today is holocaust remembrance day. a survivor in burlington county is recounting her story of survival against all odds. [ applause ]
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that's terri herskovitz after she recalled the horror she went through. in mt. laurel last night, hundreds gathered to remember those who died in the holocaust and celebrate survivors like herskvovitz. 4:39. 50 degrees. we're watching cape may. a few showers. the live view of the marquis de lafayette hotel. the hain just passed by cape may, drying temporarily -- the rain just passed by cape may, drying temporarily. we'll see the showers move in to parts of the area. most of the activity this morning and early this afternoon is going to be in delaware and south jersey. you see sprinkles working toward reading this morning. steadier rain happens into the evening hours. 50 in philadelphia. 50s for most of the day. topping out near 60 degrees. skies were mainly clear. clouds moving into the suburbs.
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a chance of showers, 55 at lunchtime. for the lehigh valley, there you see the clouds starting to increase. you'll see sunshine to start with. mostly cloudy, low 60s this afternoon. showers will be around this morning and into the afternoon in new jersey with mostly cloudy skies. 47 now. 50s this afternoon. steadier rain moves in for the evening hours. for the shore, temperatures cooled out of the northeast, at 2:00, stronger at 4:00. that will come with showers for the shore. for delaware, cloudy skies and 50 degrees right now. looking at clouds with a chance of some showers during the day. and the steadier rain coming in for tonight. a summer-like look at the workweek when i come back. let's find out what's happening on the schuylkill. >> jessica boyington has you covered. what are you seeing? yeah, our cameras around
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girard avenue. actually no problems reported so far. our drive times are still easy, 12 minutes on the eastbound side. if you're moving from the blue route toward center city, you'll be fine for now. average speeds still into the mid 60s. the same for the 42 freeway in new jersey. five minutes on the northbound side. traffic moving toward philadelphia not seeing jams or delays yet. that typically doesn't happen until the 6:30 mark, closer to 7:00. from 5 to the walt whitman bridge, 60s. the drive time still five minutes. we're also watching the garden state parkway in new jersey, northbound and southbound moving through the toll plaza, no problems. a couple of cars on the roads. we'll end with the bridges. in an earliered scheduled -- an earlier scheduled opening at 5:20. by the time you get out there, if you're watching this, you should be fine. the tacony palmyra bridge and the betsy ross are clear. back to you. a pennsylvania earthquake. we'll tell you the area that felt the ground tremble.
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scare on the road. a toddler falls out of the back of a bus. and quick thinking may have saved her life. [ honking ] get out of here! >> yeah, that's pretty incredible. riding on the highways, teens take to the vine street expressway on their bikes. changing the rules. we'll tell you how millennials are switching the wedding gifted tradition. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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a quarter to 6:00, 50 degrees. did you feel the earth move this weekend? people living in lancaster may have. an earthquake shook the area around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the u.s. geological survey says it was a minor 2.3-magnitude
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earthquake, which is similar to a rumble that you would feel from a passing truck. [ honking ] get out of here! >> yeah. you're seeing exactly what's happening there. dozens of bike riders pedaling along philadelphia's vine street expressway. this happened yesterday. someone shot the video from the opposite lanes in their car on the highway. most of the cyclists appeared to be teenagers. and in case you're wondering, we looked it up. bikes are not permitted on freeways in pennsylvania without penndot's permission. >> obvious reasons. not a good idea. this story may be tough to watch. >> an arkansas toddler is lucky to be alive after falling from a moving bus. we have the video. you may find it disturbing. you can see the girl fall out of the back door and then appear lifeless in the road. a volunteer firefighter driving behind the bus jumped into action. he says the girl was unconscious but started to wake up as he approached. the girl's parents say she has a
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broken jaw but will make a full recovery. >> amazing that the emt was the guy that picked her up. >> right? cruising. this is what hundreds of kids battling serious illnesses, disabilities, and injuries got to do along the delaware river yesterday. this is the 15th annual kelly ann doland cruise. families were treated to return and got live entertainment on the water. a great time. wedding season is about to start. >> i just bought a wedding present yesterday. the rules are apparently changing when it comes to gift giving. analysts say that millennials are asking for cash instead of gifts. i've always thought it's a good idea. and bank rates' recent survey found the most generous givers live in the northeast. spending at least $200. honeymoon registries are also increasingly popular for millennials. >> honeymoon registries are registries that the couple sets
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up, and guests are able to gift experiences that the couple can do on their honeymoon. >> bank rate survey found more than 20% said they have declined a wedding invitation because they felt they couldn't afford to go. right, when people are going to a lot of weddings over the course of maybe a summer, it adds up. >> i'm at that time of might have life where everyone's getting married. i've been to two weddings this year -- i love them. they're fun. but a gift -- >> would you be offended if you got cash? >> no. >> i've never been offended when people give me cash. >> you can give me cash right now, and i will be so happy. >> i guess people think it's a gift that you don't think through is. >> how would you give for a nice, sunny day? >> ooh. >> when can you deliver one? >> not today. give me all you want. sunshine in the lehigh
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valley. the clouds haven't completely taken over. the live view from easton. a mostly cloudy day ahead. we've been tracking showers in south philly and delaware. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 49 in andora and chestnut hill. 50 at the airport. 51 in society hill. and around the 50-degree mark in northeast philadelphia. tarsdale at 50. at the bus stop, you'll be looking at mostly cloudy skies. don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle in the area. not so likely in trenton or reading. wilmington, to the south, could see some light showers. even at the shore, atlantic city might see a sprinkle at 8:00 this morning. the rain doesn't look very impressive just yet. there are some scattered, light showers, southern chester county, in delaware and south jersey. this is part of a system that will be with us for at least two days and possibly into wednesday morning. the steadier rain is not going to be here this morning or even early this afternoon. later this afternoon, as this system moves up from the south, that's when we'll see steadier rainfall. it continues for tomorrow. it will keep temperatures
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cooler. we'll be near 60 this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. 6:30 this evening, we'll see rain move up through delaware. a chance of showers overnight and into tomorrow morning. this is 5:45 tomorrow morning. not a lot of rain at that time, but we'll be watching to the south as that system continues to move our way. early in the afternoon, you see that steadier rainfall tomorrow, moving through delaware and south jersey. grab the umbrella. you're not going to need it all day. there's a chance you'll see showers this morning and early this afternoon. the steadier rainfall, might see it on the ride home. 60 today. wind will be blowing, cooler, we'll see rain on tuesday. 58 after the low of 49. still some showers continuing into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, the skies will break. we'll get sunshine. and look at the warmup from the 50s tuesday, 70s on wednesday. and a warming trend that's going to continue for thursday, friday, and saturday.
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timed perfectly for the nfl draf draft. you'll see sunshine and temperatures near 80. there's a chance of a shower thursday into early friday. most of the daytime hours will be dry. then the next round of rain coming in sunday, monday, and into tuesday before we dry out next wednesday. >> all right. looks good. thank you. nine minutes before 6:00. let's see if your ride to work looks good. >> 95, how's it looking? >> 95 at girard, no problems yet. building volume on the southbound side. everything's moving, at least. southbound moving toward center city, 14 minutes from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. average speeds into the high 50s. 95 looks good. watch for a disabled vehicle on ead concretarville -- on east cedarville road. route 38 in morristown, new jersey, around the cameras at nixon drive. both directions are okay. roads are dry, as well. we're not seeing any problems there.
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and lastly, checking with the bridges, back in business over the burlington bristol, the tacony palmyra is clear. same for the betsy ross. >> thanks for that. "nbc10 news today" is taking the show on the road. we would be coming to your neighborhood. >> we're very much looking forward to this. every wednesday for the next five weeks, we'll help you jump-start your day by broadcasting live from a different wawa in our area. we're starting in chadds ford, delaware county, this wednesday. we'll be at the wawa on naaman's creek road from 5:00 to 9:00. bill will join us in future weeks. we'll be making hoagies, pouring coffee, handing out freebies, and meeting you. >> we may not want to tell people we're making hoagies. i don't know if that entices people to come. we want people to come. we'll make hoagies. next, the new look for mcdonald's workers that's turning heads. the helping hand on the basketball court that's getting attention this morning. coming up at 6:00, the battle against obesity may begin
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at bedtime when kids should go to sleep to maintain a healthy weight.
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let's take you state by state and county is by county. >> first, a warning for business owners in hoe oak oth beach -- rehoboth beach. someone is passing along fake bills. businesses along the corridor have been hit. surveillance video shows two women and a man asking for change for fake $50 bills. if you know who they are, call police. to delaware county. service is back to normal on septa's wilmington-newark regional rail line. tracks were closed for hours after a train hit and killed a person in prospect park yesterday. today in wilmington, delaware's two senators and attorney general will preview drug take-back day saturday. you can safely dispose of expired or unused medications at more than two dozen locations across the state. one goal is to cut the risk of addiction to prescription or over-the-counter drugs. today in the lehigh valley, allentown will get a new police chief. the mayor will swear in glen
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dorney as interim chief during a ceremony in the city council chambers. he's a 20-year veteran of the allentown force taking over for the police chief at penn state university. and today a busy sports week happens in philadelphia. of course, the nfl draft. the 123rd running of the penn relays kicks off starting thursday. mayor kenney will talk about both events and the impact and the crowds that it will bring to the city at an event later this afternoon. for most people, running a marathon would be an accomplishment. >> for both of us. we talked about this. how about running two marathons in two continents in less than a week? that's precisely what ivan hinnet and ivan casto did. last week they were tethered together by a shoestring, they crossed the finish line at the boston marathon. this weekend they completed the london marathon. they got the idea from none other than britain's prince
5:58 am
harry. >> i think this crazy idea was made up by prince harry. >> body's recovered really good. >> castro met prince harry four years ago when harry traveled to the south pole with a group of injured vets. casto and hinnet are running for charities started by the british royals. the playoffs are underway, and that means pressure for everyone playing. >> i like this story. there's place for good sportsmanship. this is robin lopez of the chicago bulls kneeling on the daughter help crowder tie his shoe -- on the court to help crowder tie his shoe. good sportsmanship. check out this play by one determined baseball player. he knocked over his daughters and faceplants -- ooh, trying to catch a foul ball ball. you may notice he nearly knocked over has wife who was seat thursday nursing their newborn
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baby. >> nice. >> all for a foul ball. dude, it's just a ball. not worth running over your wife and daughter and newborn. >> yeah. >> holy smokes. they say clothes makes the man or woman. >> take a look at what servers at your local mcdonald's will now be wearing. we want to know what you think about the uniforms. look at pictures. this is the new uniform. former mcdonald's crew member-turned-designer came up with it. three shades of gray with a new-age cap with highlights. what's the response? mcdonald's said 70% of the employees are lovin' the uniforms. getting mostly fire emortgajis. what do customers think? tweet us and let us know what you think. >> the fire emojis, like the hot thing. >> i like the old-fashioned uniforms. they were happy. >> with the paper hat. whole thing. very nice. now to more of the stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. --
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>> a challenging checklist. president trump faces a row of hurdles this week as he caps off his first 100 days in office. a fiery protest. election results in france fuel outrage in the streets and set up an historic presidential showdown. the defense strategy. eric frein's lawyers prepare to lay the blame for his deadly ambush that will put his father's influence in question. 6:00 a.m. good monday morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. you see the sun starting to come up. starting to see daylight. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhoods. >> giving us a better view of the clouds moving in. it's dry in philadelphia. a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. clouds will be taking over in the area today. we've seen very scattered, light showers in delaware, south jersey, southernst


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