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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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watch closely to the right of your skin. shattered glass falls to the ground as the burglar crashes through the window. trash bag head to toe covering his body as he jumped the counter. he takes the register and knocking down swedish fish and finally leaves the store the same way he got in. >> at nighttime i'm working here i am scared. >> reporter: he had just closed up that night around 9:00. the robbery happened at midnight. it has security cameras. from start to finish the trash bag bandit pulled off this crime in 37 seconds. >> it's a very bad thing but usually this area is very nice people and area is very safe. >> reporter: the shop here in turnersville is san wichd
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between two busy strip malls. he took off into those woods after the crime happened it was back on april 11th so it's been just over a week and a half. police are hoping someone saw something and customers are on edge. we'll hear what they have to say coming up in our 5:00 hour. we're live in turnersville in washington township. i'm cydney long. nbc10 news. >> first alert forecast tracking the chance for rain for parts of our area tonight. we are starting the week with some chilly and wet weather. a big difference from what we'll see by the end of the week. a live look in cape may from our cameras at the hotel. not beach weather down the shore just yet. the winds will really pick up tomorrow. >> meantime cleaning up in camden count where crews had the leaf blowers out. this week's going to be a shock to the system for many of us. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the big changes.
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>> if anything tomorrow's going to be colder, windier and wetter than what we've seen today. we got cloudy skies across the area right now and we do have some showers moving up from the south. they're generally on the lighter side, kind of scattered. as we look farther to the south, that's a lot of rain and is headed rain our direction. so it's just going to get wetter and wetter. it's 59 degrees now. we got an east winds. the average high is 67. so we're already way below average and it's going to be even cooler tomorrow. as we go hour by hour we'll see some of the rain coming through during the night tonight. not all night. not necessarily all that heavy until we get into tomorrow when the rain does get heavier and studier. look at the temperatures. it doesn't really drop very much through the night. low temperature near 50. tomorrow morning but it's not going to warm up very much.
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you can see periods of rain and even the windy conditions. that's a windy symbol at the jersey shore. really nasty there. unseasonably warmth will be coming by the end of the week for the nfl draft. >> in 20 minutes of nonstop news continues to the countdown with the nfl draft. >> we're just three days away from the main event and hours away from another major round of road closures out there. all lanes of the ben franklin parkway will be closed from the art museum. lauren mayk is joining us live where the excitement is building for fans but drivers may be dreading this. >> reporter: yeah. in just a few hours the nfl draft will truly take over the parkway. a big chunk of it is going to be closed. let's zoom out here so you can see what it really looks like out here. right now you can drive down these outer lanes of the parkway but at 7:00, that is going to
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change. there are new closures going into place and this is one of the big ones, the parkway will be closed from 20th all the way down to the art museum which is really the heart of where this draft is happening. you also may have to make some adjustments getting in and out of center city. starting at 7:00 as well, kelly drive closed at fairmount avenue. by the time you head into work in the morning, there are also going to be restrictions on streets across the parkway as well. it is all something folks who live in this area have been gearing up for. >> it's actually not as bad as i thought but i'm sure i'm expecting it to be a lot worse later and the rest of the week i'm nervous with how it's going to go. >> reporter: it may be a little bit easier to walk in this area than drive just a few hours from now and for the next couple of days. now we've got you covered. we put all the information about the road closures on our website. that's and coming up
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at 5:00 i'm going to introduce you to someone for whom this nfl draft is very special, a very unique experience. he is a temple football player who is entering the draft. i talked to his son redick and his mom. that's coming up at 5:00. for now live on the parkway i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> he is so impressive. and heads up. some septa bus detours go into effect today because of the draft, routes 7, 3232, 38, 43 and 48 will be effected. if you have the nbc10 mobile app you can find a list of the closures. >> thursdays first round is also a chance for one lucky fan to go behind the scenes. v.i.p. experience. the prize includes a luncheon with nfl legends and back day action. the excitement gets underway on
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wednesday. keith jones and erin coleman will be live with our preview then this thursday is eagles draft day. >> the draft isn't the only big sporting event happening in philly. the penn relay kick off this thursday. a lot going on. this blockbuster sports weekend coming up with mayor kenny. he also invited fans in town for the draft to take public transit and check out the historic running event. here's a live look at penn relays where the competition will be held. they start thursday the 27th. the world famous track and field competition has been held at u of penn since 1885.
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>> president trump is approaching the first 100 days of his presidency as tensions between the u.s. and north korea escalate. >> north korea threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier and has contained another american citizen. the latest was a professor over the weekend when he tried to leave the country. north korea was the topic of discussion at a big meeting at the white house today. all 15 members of the united nation security council met with president trump. congress is returning to capitol hill determined to prevent a government shutdown. that you have got five days to get this done. the government shuts down at midnight friday if congress doesn't approve of a spending plan. they're currently at odds over the money that trump wants for the wall. >> we have to keep government money. it's the fundamental job that we ha have. we're dealing with a very different environment than we ever had before. if it comes down to spend
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$21 billion on a wall, it's going to be a tough few days. >> and on twitter this morning, the president wrote the wall is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisening our youth and many others. if the wall is not built, which it will be, the drug situation will never be fixed the way it should be. end quote. that's not the only big news out of washington. white house officials say they hope to get a deal on health care done this week. and an announcement on tax reform is expected on wednesday. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with chaos caught on camera outside this cumberland county nightclub. three people were shot as others ran for their lives to try to escape the gunfire. ted greenberg is live in vineland this afternoon. you also spoke with the guy who recorded that video. >> reporter: that's right. and part of that chaotic scene
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was streamed live on facebook. first the stops rang out inside the club, then the shooting continued out back even after the police arrived. people running in panic to escape bullets flying behind a nightclub in the heart of downtown vineland. >> i'm about to turn back around. >> reporter: sam fowler started streaming the chaos on facebook live around 1:30 saturday morning. he owns this restaurant on landis avenue two doors away from the grant plaza club which was filled with hundreds of people that night. >> people started running out and saying there's shooting inside. bullet holes still visible in the club today. three men were shot inside. then as people left the venue, more shots fired in the parking lot. even with police at the scene. >> i couldn't believe it. the cops is here and y'all still shooting. >> reporter: they don't know what prompted the gunfire and have no suspects.
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on its facebook page grant plaza disputes that people were shot inside. called management also says it's security group with metal detecters made sure measures were being enforced and blames gang members for the violence. >> it's crazy. put them down. >> reporter: the club has surveillance cameras inside but police say club staffers told them the equipment hasn't worked for months. management declined my request for an interview but in a message said, their focusing on restructuring the grant plaza to continue to provide a fun and safe environment for all patrons. police tell me two of the victims are still in the hospital. they also say no one is coming forward with any information on whose responsible. live in vineland, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> a woman claims that an american airline flight attendant ripped a stroller and nearly hit her baby has hired a
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lawyer. >> i don't care -- you almost hurt a baby. >> quite a scene was created with the crying mother on the scene saturday causing friction between other passengers and the flight attendants. she has now hired the same lawyer who is representing the man, remember him, who was dragged off united flight earlier this month. dr. david dao is suing united after what happened to him. earlier this morning their attorney was on the "today" show. >> the american airlines incident an example of why we need fairness, dignity and being treated right. >> so coming up at 5:00. nbc aviation expert tom costello is joining me live and how it could impact pilots. >> right now new details about a teenager shot in the eye this morning in southwest philadelphia. skyforce10 was over this home on
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lynnburg boulevard. that's where police say the victim's friend tried to wake him up for school with a gun. he was startled and grabbed the gun and it went off. charges are pending against the suspect. >> it's time to get rid of all those prescription medications you no longer need in your medicine cabinet. delaware's two us senators stopped by a wall greens store in wilmington to get rid of all pills today. they'll be drug take back boxes up and down the states, 16 of them are in wall greens stores. >> putting aside overdoses of prescription opioids, there's every reason to believe that access to unauthorized prescription opioids directly contributes to heroin and fent null abuse. >> 20 state residents overdosed
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over the weekend, two of them died. >> autopsy on happy da"happy da the actress likely died of late stage cancer. she was found daed in southern indiana on friday after authorities responded to a 911 call. she began acting before she was ten years old and gained fame at joanie cunningham. she was 56. >> today president trump made a very long distance call to honor an american astronaut. >> on be half of our nation and on behalf of the world i'd like to congratulate you. >> the president made a video conference call to the international space station to congratulations peggy witson. she's been on the iss for 530 days and counting. that's a new record. he also talked about stepping up the timetable to send astronauts
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to mars. >> whose ready to go to mars up there? >> we are absolutely ready to go to mars. it's going to be a fantastic journey getting there and very exciting times. >> witson is 57 years old. she started her journey in november and will remain in space at least another five months. >> former president barack obama reveals the kind of work he wants to do. he made his first public appearance since leaving office here at the university of chicago today. the presidential library is planned at the edge of campus. he wants to work with young people to engage them and prepare them for public service. >> are there ways in which that we can knockdown some certificate barriers that are discouraging young people about a life of service and if there are, i want to work with them to knockdown those barriers. >> he went on to say he believes the next generation will be able
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to mend the division in our country. >> right now we are learning more about the earthquake that shook parts of the lancaster county. the 2.3 magnitude quake was centered around lancaster. they got hundreds of calls about a half an hour after it happened. most of those calls came from lancaster township and mirlzville. some neighbors thought it was much worse than earthquake. >> you had people crying on the telephone. some people had asked if north korea had attacked the united states or if we were under attack and it wasn't a joking type question. >> the earthquake did not cause any damage. officials tell us it was the equivalent of a passing truck. >> overseas is considered france's most important election in decades. voters have shutout the political mainstream from the presidency for the first time in history. in a runoff election, supporters
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are hoping macron a 39-year-old banker can bring new life and energy to france. le pen who has taken a page out of president trump's strategy book is antiimmigration. wants out. eu and wants to drop the euro. >> the united states holocaust museum opened a new conservation center. >> it will house the museum's entire collection including 10 million documents, 110,000 photographs and 20,000 artifacts. cure raters expect this collection to double in size over the next decade. only researchers and scholars will have access to the building. the location will be kept private for security concerns. among the items being preserved at the facility is this corduroy squaket. it was donated about you a family from our area and belonged to otto furer. he survived and settled in queens, new york somehow hanging on to the jacket that kept him warm throughout the war.
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one of his sons taught at penn and drexel. the other is a busiman in montgomery county. >> today the father of convicted cop killer testified that he failed his son as a father. father's emotional testimony comes at frein mental competency came into question. >> for weeks eric frein came to court well-dressed quiet but usually attentive. today was much different. he looked unwell and had to be assisted into the courtroom then his defense team called for a mental competency hearing. >> he's scared. >> reporter: a surprise move after eric frein showed up disshelfed unable to walk on his own. frein hasn't spoken a single words to his lawyers only scribbling the word bible on a piece of paper a local deacon was brought in to speak with the
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convicted cop killer. eric frein is putting on an act. >> i think the key word that you just mentioned was acting. >> reporter: the district attorney says frein is mental fit and the judge denied the competency hearing. >> we are of the opinion of frein trying to delay the proceedings. >> reporter: to prove that the prosecution played a jail cell phone call, he criticizes his own defense team saying mike not is the best lawyer. they didn't do enough during the criminal trial. all kinds of questions could have been asked adding my lawyer completely surrendered. >> i think he said all about me because he's disappointed with the way his case is going. >> reporter: for now he's not being cooperative. >> is he speaking with you guys now? >> now he's not talking. >> he's not talking? >> nope. >> despite all that drama this morning, the judge brought the jury back into the court this afternoon. they'll have to decide between the death penalty and life in
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prison. in pike county, nbc10 news. >> and nbc10 will be in the pike county courtroom every step of the sentencing phase until eric frein learns his face. for breaking news alerts on this case download the nbc10 app. >> taking live look down broad street, you may want to have a light jacket out there, even your umbrella if you have any outdoor plans tonight. >> and then we wait for the big change to happen later in the week, right? >> hard to believe ear going to be talking about mid-'80s toward the end of the week. >> we're going to be getting there but we got to go through another day even chillier and nastier than today. you're going to need more than a light jacket tomorrow. the wind, 13-mile-per-hour now, maybe twice that tomorrow. 59 degrees, cloudy skies. that's as hue as it's gotten today. you've got some rain in parts of the area. lehigh valley actually some spots up to 60 degrees. totally different story at the jersey shore.
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this is where the worse weather is going to be. you got that nasty northeast wind with the 53 degrees ocean means it's 53, ocean city, 54 at cape may point and inland it's not much warmer and it's going to be pretty much in that category for tomorrow. now we got the 58 saturday, 66 sunday, today so far 59. tomorrow i'm going for 57 for the high and then 67 wednesday. and then it really goes up from there. so we're chilly during the day tomorrow and then we really start getting warm on thursday. the rainy weather tonight and tomorrow and the nfl draft each day is going to be unseasonably warm and humid. you can see that at the bottom of your screen with your own seven-day forecast here. there are the showers moving up from south to north. so far on the lighter side and it's not steady but that is a
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large area of rain, some of it on the heavy side down in north carolina. it's moving right up in this direction. as you can see on the hour by hour futurecast temperatures holding in the 50s tonight with some showers at tiechlz and then by tomorrow morning's rush, it's near 50. it's raining and if anything the rain gets heavier as the morning goes on and the temperature isn't really going anywhere. and the wind is increasing. so it is a really nasty, ugly day tomorrow unless you need some rain for your lawn or something, because things are really going to change here later in the week. there it is. raining all day tomorrow. it's going to be much different than today and then wednesday we could start off with a few showers. so everybody's got rain tomorrow. 15 to 25-mile-per-hour winds and you can see -- we're not getting out of the mid-50s anywhere.
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long port 57, newark at 57 degrees. so look what happens here, though. wednesday and thursday as the nfl draft starts temperatures get way up into the 70s and then 80s come after that. more on that coming later. >> all right. now a surprise delivery in bucks county. >> and the only one who may not remember it is the sweet baby boy at the center of all the attention. nbc10 is there as baby jade meets the team who brought him safely in the world when he couldn't wait any longer. >> plus frightening fall. we're going to hear from the first responder who helped save this little girl right here after she fell out of that church van. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. all three major stock indexes are in the green today. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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i want to go to some breaking news. that right there was a tree trimmer truck and as you can see it caught fire. that fire's now out. no one was hurt here but the intersection in delran at creek road and melrose avenue that's shut down right now while crews still work to cleanup this scene. we understand there are some crews also fixing some wires that were involved as this tree trimming truck caught fire. that intersection still closed down as skyforce10 pulls out wider to see more emergency crews on the scene and no traffic getting by there for now. >> there are a few moments in life can suddenly turn into a movie musical. there's some people who know how to seize that people like three of hollywoods biggest actresses. >> still ahead at 4:00, the recreation of a hit romantic
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comedy that will have us all singing along, even you glenn. >> possibly. we got wet and chilly weather to start the week but 80s as we go to the nfl draft day. i'm tracking the dramatic changes in your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. >> plus a little girl's frightening fall out of a moving church van. the terrifying moment caught on camera. we'll hear from the good samaritan right there that served her next at 4:00. >> then on nbc10 at 5:00. it's the ends of the line for one new jersey community, the beloved tree taking a final bow.
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kara >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. right now at 4:00. a 4-year-old is recovering after she fell out of a moving church
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van in arkansas. >> this video is so scary. the moments were all caught on camera and for some people the video may just be too difficult to watch but we do want you to know the girl is expected to be okay. take a look here. you can see that child just tumble right out of the back of that van on to the road. the volunteer firefighter who took this video raced right into action and erin coleman is joining us now. that church van kept on going. >> apparently the driver had no idea that the little girl fell out of the back of that van while another driver who rushed to help her, being called a hero. >> reporter: it's almost unimaginable. an emt dash cam rolling as the doors of a church van swing open, a 4-year-old seen falling out of the back and on to a highway. >> it was unbelievable. >> reporter: the driver and another driver rushed to help the little girl. you can see her just barely moving on the pavement. >> once i picked her up and put her in my arms, it was heart
4:32 pm
breaking. she just had this horrified look on her face. he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. he's a licensed emt and volunteer firefighter. the 31-year-old said he would normally not move a trauma patient but in this case he made a quick decision for her safety. >> i couldn't risk further damage to her or by a vehicle hitting one of us or any of the other by-stand rds on the scene. i had to take action. >> the young girl was rushed to the hospital and treated for a broken jaw. she is expected to make a full recovery. he says he's trained to handle these situations, still watching it happen right there in front of him. was hard to take. >> nothing hurts worse or makes you sad than dealing with a child especially holding her in your arms. you're never going to forget that image out of your head. >> the driver apparently unaware of what had happened. return to the scene about 15 minutes later. the emt said he's been in contact with the girl's family
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and they thanked him. i've watched that video over and over. it does not get he'sier to watch. >> it doesn't. how for nat she was that that emt was the car behind her. >> she has been released from the hospital. she's going to be okay. >> amazing that she's going to be all right. let's turn to weather right now. first alert forecast tracking the chance for a few showers tonight. it shows you where the rain is right now. let's take a live look at citizens bank park. you can see a few rain drops right there on the camera lens. so have your umbrella handy. if you are headed out there tonight. >> all right. glenn "hurricane" schwartz she's tracking the wet and chilly weather that we're starting our week on. >> tomorrow's going to be even nastier and that is raising issue for the phillies playing tomorrow night because there is a possibility of enough rain to postpone that game, at the very least the weather's going to be
4:34 pm
awful. much better wednesday and thursday. you can see the rain coming up from the south. much more down in north carolina that is going to be moving up the coast with a weak nor'easter. you don't often get those this time of the year, but that's what's happening. you got that east wind and that's why everybody's in the 50s and it's cooler right at the shore than it is elsewhere. the warmest we see is in allentown. as you go through the evening, you're going to have waves of rain coming through, most of it on the lighter side and only from time to time but as we go into tomorrow it becomes steadier, it becomes heavier and we have a really ugly day here. for tomorrow, it's not all that chilly to start off the day but that's the wind symbol, we got wind and rain during the day and look at these temperatures in the 50s. the average high this time of the year is 67 degrees so we're a long way from that tomorrow
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and with the wind it's going to make it feel much, much colder, pretty much of a washout during the day tomorrow but tremendous changes as we head toward the end of the week. we'll get into that into a few minutes. >> we'll see you soon. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in montgomery county, the officials voted unanimously to increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour for all township employees and the resolution notes the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour hasn't budge since 2009. >> dor any park and wild water kingdom opened this saturday and there was some new attractions this season. the kaleidoscope, a circumstala ride that spins counter clockwise. new shows and catering pavilion. >> this week in delaware county
4:36 pm
nbc10 is helping you jump start your day in a new way. >> we're taking the morning show on the road visiting local wawas. >> jessica boyington, tracey davidson and vai sikahema will be in chads forward. they're going to be making hoagies, bill henley will be joining them in the coming weeks. be sure to stop by and join them. that's this wednesday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. i want to see them making those hoagies and hopefully they'll have one to bring back for us. >> that would be good and coffee. >> ice for you. >> definitely. >> to a star studded celebration for a hospital patient in need of some birthday magic. >> her one wish to meet lady gaga but her nurses didn't want her to wait. ♪ >> still ahead at 4:00. how this trio went gaga for their patient gee ana on her
4:37 pm
birthday. >> and all new on nbc10 news at 5:00. what's coming to the track at dover that will have plenty of people looking to the skies. quite the mystery jim. >> it's very dark out there, we'll be right back.
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preschoolers who have a regular bedtime may be less likely to become obese. researchers studied the household routines of more than 3,003-year-olds. those kids with regular bed times had better control of their emotions and by the time they turned 11 they had a lower risk of obesity. those with the least consistency had the highest risk. >> there's a new type of vest that can help people with autism. researchers came up with the device that gives off a calming squeeze. jillian nelson is on the autism spectrum. she makes them like every single nerve in her body is on fire.
4:41 pm
she will snuggle under a weighted blanet. for others weighted clothing can be disruptive. >> one of the big problems is that people become acclimated to the pressure and so that means that if they're wearing a weighted vest or a tight fitting knit garment they have to take that off at a certain point. >> the compression vest is controlled by an app so users can send pressure to that vest only when they need it. >> that was a chilly and damp way to start our week but we're in some weather whiplash. i'm tracking 80s by the ends of the week in your most accurate weather forecast. >> and all new at 5:00. now on display the artifact that just arrived in our area and it's religious significance.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news.
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tonight the voice contestant from the poconos will try again to win america's hearts. we've been telling you about this since he started his journey on the nbc singing competition ♪ >> he's just 19 years old and he was saved last week by his coach adam levine. he'll compete as one of the final 12. >> reporter: you can check out the voice tonight. starts at 8:00 p.m. on nbc10. >> a few nurses at penn medicine are going gaga to help out one of their patients. >> gaga for gee ana. >> gee ana is battling leukemia and she wants to meet pop star lady gaga but it's not just because she's a big fan. gee ana wants to raise awareness for bone marrow donations so the nurses decided to have a little fun and dress up in lady gaga outfit for her 24th birthday
4:46 pm
party. >> the video posted on facebook has already been shared hundreds of times. >> they got the moves too. >> i know! well this next story might just be the epitome of life imitating art. >> there's some people that know how to seize the moment. the three super stars who already represent makeup company lines were at an event when cruz started belting out the classic, i say a little prayer. take a listen. ♪ >> and then cruz walks around the room, she finds winslet and eventually julia roberts. the song gained traction again with roberts' movie, my best friend' wedding. >> now the song may be making a resurgence, more down loads of
4:47 pm
it now. >> good to see. >> a live look at franklin field. competition for the penn relays kicks off thursday. the athletes want to keep the water handy. i know you're tracking 80s by the end of the week. >> it may actually be uncomfortably room and humid by the end of the week and this weekend. hard to believe considering what we have now, 59 and cloudy and little business breezy. it's going to be rainier, chillier and windier tomorrow. we're up to 60 in lehigh valley but we're getting some showers there as well. so the weather is not exactly great any part of our area. it's 60 in harmony hills in delaware and in glasgow one of the few places actually 60, middletown is 59. farther to the south with that wind coming in off the cool delaware bay. look at that. 52 degrees in rehoboth beach. that's the temperature that a lot of us are going to see
4:48 pm
tomorrow afternoon as this storm comes up from the south. you can see everything is moving south to north including the rain that is increasing the farther south you are and that is a ton of moisture down here and there is a low-pressure center. it's going to ride up the coast. it's going to be a mini nor'easter that is doing to bring the wind and the rain and keep it chilly. as we go through the night tonight, we find periods of rain that get steadier and heavier just as we get toward the morning rush and it's going to be pretty ugly. it's going to be wet all day, pretty much a washout. rain heavy at times. look at that. later on in the afternoon that is some pretty heavy rain, maybe even a thunderstorm on this particular model and it keeps the rain in through tomorrow night. that of course will threaten the phillies game and by wednesday morning some leftover showers, cloudy skies and as we go through the rest of the day wednesday, i think it's mostly
4:49 pm
just clouds and those clouds will prevent the temperature from jumping up but as soon as the sun comes up on thursday, the temperature sky rockets. it's not sky rocket tomorrow. easton 53 degrees with some wind and rain during the day tomorrow. west chester only 53. newtown 53 with the wind and rain. the closer you are to the ocean, the more wind there's going to be. 57 in fairmount, 52 in mt. airy. glassboro at 56, trenton only at 52 degrees and avalon at 59, atlantic city, 57 and delaware in the upper 50s as well. by the time we get to thursday, 78 degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia. you think that's warm. how about friday? 84 degrees, chance of a shower in the afternoon and on
4:50 pm
saturday, 88 degrees. this is not too far from record warmth and we're talking about high humidity as well. >> that's amazing. >> climbing. >> what a way to come into the world. >> bucks county baby just could not wait for mom and dad to make it to the hospital. next at 4:00. the story of how baby jas made his arrival and the delivery team who helped make it happen. >> all new at 5:00. a show of emotion. what caused convicted cop killer to wipe away tears in the courtroom today.
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the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. i finally switched to geico. oh yeah? ended up saving a ton of money on car insurance. i hear they have a really great mobile app. the interface is remarkably intuitive. that's so important. ♪
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. welcome back. a special delivery in bucks county and the only one who may
4:54 pm
not remember it is the little jace diaz who came in the world early and quickly thursday night. >> deanna durante introduces you to the family showing their gratitude to the police officers who brought the baby boy safely into the world. >> we knew it was time to go. >> i have never heard my wife scream like this before in her life. >> it was just minutes after the couple left their quakertown house it became clear. >> his head is almost all the way out. >> reporter: with a panicked mom and quick moving labor, matthew pulled into this parking lot and they were just about alone. >> i had no idea what i was doing. >> reporter: on the phone with 911. >> he was my only hope. >> of course, i was terrified. >> reporter: officer robert compton and chief of police of dublin brian lehman showed up just as jace was. >> he came in like he had done this many times. >> reporter: but he hadn't. were you nervous? >> terrified.
4:55 pm
>> it was pretty scary but we were happy that he was born and he has no complications. >> reporter: for the officers joining the family today it's an experience they don't often get. >> we're very happy for them and everything worked out. we were glad to be there to be help. >> she's grateful for them all and now she says. >> reporter: deanna durante nbc10 news. >> interesting they were all terrified it seemed. >> i know and jace is just perfectly content and calm and happy. >> and beautiful. we're working on several stories for nbc10 at 5:00. >> here comes more road closures. the nfl draft is fast approaching. the streets that are closing about two hours from now plus a local star whose hoping to become a household name. >> now here comes the heat. by week's end it's going to start feeling like summer around here. what to know for your
4:56 pm
neighborhood in my most accurate first alert forecast. >> then all new at 5:00. saying good-bye, the significance of this tree coming down in one new jersey community today.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
his own key to the city. the local product who plans to have his name heard thursday and for years to come. >> from rain to warmth. see those showers on the radar and soon, soon enough things will be feeling like summer.
4:59 pm
>> down she goes. a beloved tree takes a final bow. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> begins with dramatic video taken on the streets of cumberland county during what was described as a night of terror and chaos. people scrambling after bullets fly in a nearby nightclub. i'm jim rosenfield. >> three people were hurt in the weekend's gunfire there and as ted greenberg reports the club is blaming gangs for the gunfire. >> reporter: police tell me two of the wounded victims are still in the hospital. the gunfire rang out in two different locations here, terrorizing people both inside and outside this nightclub. >> people started running out and saying they're shooting inside. >> reporter: first bullets fly inside grant plaza in downtown
5:00 pm
vineland. then -- people running to escape more gunfire behind the nightclub even after police arrive. >> that don't make sense, the cops here you still shooting. >> reporter: sam fowler owns this restaurant a couple doors away and started streaming the chaos on facebook live around 1:30 saturday morning. investigators believe three men were shot inside grant plaza club management disputes that on its facebook page, the club also says, its security group with metal detecters made sure measures were being enforced and blamed gang members for the violence. >> it's happening all the time. put the guns down. >> reporter: police say they don't know what prompted the gunfire and have no suspects, although hundreds of people were inside the club at the time and investigators say no one is coming forward with information on whose responsible. >> we all do a


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