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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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followed and attacked. new video shows a thief stalking his 86-year-old victim all the way to his home. back on the air, bill o'reilly tells viewers they'll be surprised when they learn the truth about his firing. april showers and lots of
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them but they turn into summer sun very soon. >> nbc 10 breaking news. first up this breaking news out of new castle county. sky force 10 over the scene of a house fire in wilmington. no word yet on their condition. >> right now, more medics are being called to the scene for a possible second victim. you see all of that activity from sky force 10. we will keep you updated on this breaking news. an overdose behind the wheel with a 5-year-old in the backseat. >> the driver was a teenager who passed out and crashed on a south jersey highway. denise nakano shows us how it is spotlighting another risk of the country's opioid crisis. >> reporter: a 17-year-old driver overdosed with her 19-year-old passenger and
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crashed into the median of i-76. they had to be revived with narcan with a 5-year-old in the backseat. >> they put their lives and the life of their 5-year-old backseat passenger at risk. the driver crashed into a concrete barrier just before the ramp to 295 north. both teens overdosed. emergency crews found them unconscious and had to revive them with narcan. >> i heard sirens. >> reporter: the 5-year-old was not hurt and both teens were checked out at the hospital. police are trying to figure out what drug caused them to overdose. but narcan is used to reverse the effect of opioids. >> it's such an epidemic not just here in new jersey it's everywhere. >> a photo in ohio last year showed a 4-year-old boy in the
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backseat while his grandmother and her friend sat passed out from an overdose and emergency crews responded to a 9-year-old's 911 call for help when her parents overdosed in miami. >> it's very upsetting. >> reporter: new jersey has committed $127 million in state and federal funding toward substance abuse treatment. charges against the driver could come as soon as wednesday. the passenger is charged with possession of drugs without a prescription. pennsylvania leaders took new steps to combat the opioid crisis. announcing a $26 million grant to increase access to treatment. a couple in their 80s attacked and robbed. the thief followed the husband home and threatened his wife with a razor blade. police released this video of
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the suspect talking the victim from a store last week. you can see the man in the lime green shirt. police say he punched the 86-year-old husband several times and stole about $60 worth of lottery tickets. now to your first alert weather, a mix of t-shirts and jackets in old city. people aren't ready to give up on spring yet. >> there is more rain on the way too. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your forecast. >> wetter and windier tomorrow than it was today. it adds up to a nasty day. more showers moving up from the southeast, more coming in off the ocean. that is just the beginning of the next round that's going to be moving in. not so much in the next couple of hours or the beginning of the morning rush. but look at this coming up from the south as we go toward the
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7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m. hour it just becomes a steady rain, heavy at times and it just gets heavier as we go through the morning to the midday hours. the wind is coming in off the ocean. that will continue. that will prevent the temperatures from going anywhere during the day tomorrow. so we start off at 53. by 9:00 a.m. it's 53 in the afternoon it may not be much more than 53. and as you can see the rain if anything just increases. barely above 50 in the lehigh valley and gets windy and windier at the shore. but huge changes toward the end of the week. get into that coming up. right now the countdown to the nfl draft is in its final days. if you thought the ben frankly parkway was busy before you haven't seen anything yet. >> hundreds of thousands are expected to flood this area on thursday but neighbors have to deal with more road closures.
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>> the parkway is closed from the museum to 20th street and several side streets will close as well. >> brandon hudson is live where all the action will be taking place. it looks quiet tonight. >> reporter: it definitely is. you can't hear a lot of people going on. but i want to tell you access to and from kelly drive is closed bn behind me. this part of the parkway is a ghost town. you can see the stage but you will not see any cars or trucks in here. in this area, the economic impact can be felt by neighborhood bars and restaurants blocks away. right on schedule, philadelphia police shut down the streets surrounding the art museum creating a mix of confusion and impatience for drivers. >> creating a huge problem for the city. >> reporter: but taxi drivers
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have a different perspective. >> are you excited? >> i am. but i'm trying to make some money. >> reporter: he is not the only one looking forward to adding cash. bishop's collar will be fully staffed all weekend. >> i think it will be on par with fourth of july or any of the big concerts. >> reporter: michael says he has already noticed an up tick in business thanks to the construction workers in the area. >> at least triple. >> reporter: across the street at pete's famous pizza the influx of workers is right on time. >> brought in a lot of business. where we were slower in the winter time. >> reporter: more than 200,000 people could flood on to the parkway and local businesses hope to give more options to people visiting the area. >> a buzz in the neighborhood. >> reporter: here's another sign of the change. they have septa asking bus
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passagers to use the stop behind the art museum because of this draft. while we were working on the story we met a guy on vacation. he had to use airbnb to find a place to stay. and another big sporting event on thursday in philadelphia, the penn relays. officials held a news conference to talk about this weekend. the relays start thursday and wrap up on saturday. the track and field competition has been held since 1895. count on nbc 10 to take you behind the scenes as the draft takes over philadelphia. we have coverage starting on wednesday. bill o'lisreilly returns toe air waves. he was back with his no spin podcast tonight. he said i am not on television any more but i can't say much
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right now. but i'm confident the truth will come out and when it does he says i don't know if you are going to be surprised but i think you are going to be shaken, as i am. o'reilly was fired after multiple claims of sexual harassment. police are trying to track down whoever shot three people at a nightclub and some of it was streamed live on facebook. this video caught people running in a panic to escape bullets flying in vineland saturday night. minutes earlier, police believe three people were shot in that venue but the club disputes that. the police have no suspects. management blames gang members for violence. i want my son to be saved. that's the appeal from the mother of eric frein. both frein's parents took the stand today.
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his father saying i failed eric as a father by not pushing him harder and he said if he had a plan to shoot or kill anybody i would have stopped him. frein arrived in a wheelchair and on suicide watch. his attorneys saying he is not speaking to them. but frein wiped away tears as his mother spoke on the stand. tonight, the white house and president trump say funding for the proposed border wall will not be an issue as they head to a budget standoff. the president says he is considering getting funding for the wall this fall rather than this week as part of the spending bill. fund for the wall was one of the major points that could prevent passing the bill. it has to be passed by friday or a partial shutdown goes into effect on the 100th day of the trump presidency.
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>> ratings week, right? let's throw everything at them and give them the razzle-dazzle and move the poll numbers. i'm not sure it's going to work. >> there is a second push to repeal obamacare. also trump is set to unveil his tax plan which is designed to keep a campaign promise to slash the corporate tax rate. former president obama spoke publicly for the first time since leaving office today at the university of chicago. he was careful to avoid any mention of his successor saying he would not lead the resistance against drump druonald trump sa wants to work with young people. >> the most important thing i can do is help in any way i can to prepare the next-generation of leadership. >> reporter: president obama says he is confident the
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next-generation will be able to mend the divisions in our country. marijuana message after a big bust the mayor of philadelphia says he supports legalizing the drug. surprise delivery. we'll meet the baby who couldn't wait to be born and the team who delivered him. and how do you put handcuffs on an alligator? very carefully. you'll see the brave officer who pulled it off, next.
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look at this right here. that's a burglar dressed in trash bags. this is video from the break in in yogi's quick shop. the thief struggled to make his way off with the register. police say he got away with $200. new details about a pot party bust over the weekend. officials handed out nearly a dozen violations.
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the philly smoke session organized the event. the fines stemmed from fire and safety hazards in the building. the mayor responded to the raid by saying he thinks that the state should legalize marijuana. saying that the solution is to legalize it in the state of pennsylvania as they did in colorado. we won't have to use police resources in these kinds of activities. colorado is one of eight states that has legalized marijuana. delaware could be next. a special delivery in bucks county. he is four days old. mom and dad were on the way to the hospital when he decided to enter the world. they pulled into a parking lot and called 911. the ambulance wasn't fast enough but two police officers were.
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>> were you nervous? >> terrified. terrified. >> it was pretty scary but we were happy that he was born and has no complications. >> he joins big brother bentley who is happy his brother is here. now to an unexpected house guest in louisiana. >> an alligator that went out for a stroll ended up in handcuffs. this feisty guy turned up in a garage outside new orleans. animal control got him outside but the work was far from over. the officers were able to secure the gator and transport him back to the wild. >> ie would be terrified to do that right there. >> me too. we have a wild week of weather. let's get the breakdown for your neighborhood. >> how about 80s?
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>> how about it? >> we should hit 80s by the end of the week and over the weekend closer to 90. right now it's wet. it's going to get windier and stay chilly. you can see we have some showers in the area. right now mostly on the lighter side. but after a good bit of rain and you have to expect it to be a wet day tomorrow and look at this tremendous area of rain down in north carolina right now. it's not moving in this direction but how about this area? that's coming straight up at us as the main storm down south comes up this way. the winds coming out of the east and northeast that's going to keep it moist and chilly. and we have a developing storm, a mini nor'easter along the carolina coast and that means more hours of those east winds and this is what it does. the ocean temperature is 52. it keeps the chilly air right in there.
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holegate, all 51. cape may, and north cape may at 52. tomorrow an east wind at 15 to 25 miles an hour. these are the wind symbols. it's already gusting to 25 right now. we will be over 30 tomorrow. those are the high temperatures for the day. so it's not going to warm up much from the morning lows. robbinsville, 55. long port gusts over 40 at the shore and minor coastal flooding tomorrow night. here's the futurecast hour by hour. we've got a lot of clouds and a lot of rain as we two later in the morning and into the afternoon, that's some really heavy rain coming down here and that means even the afternoon rush is going to be wet. the morning rush is wet, the afternoon rush is wet. windy all day, rain threats for the phillies game and better
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wednesday and thursday. wednesday we start off with a few showers and cloudy skies during the day. that will prevent it from getting to the 70s on wednesday. once the clouds get out of here, that temperature's going up. there's the clearing starting to come in wednesday evening. that sets us up for the nfl draft. so dry weather pushing the temperature up to 78 on thursday. and 84 on friday. chance of a shower during the afternoon. and if that's not enough, how about 88 degrees on saturday? we expect dry weather then and if the 88 on saturday isn't enough? i'm going for 89 on sunday. and high humidity too. it is really going to feel like summer. just get some sea breezes at the beach. >> there we go. >> where does it stop? >> we'll have to wait and see. she's been going to eagles games for 55 years. >> she is getting the ultimate
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football experience at the draft in philadelphia. that's next.
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sky force 10 in montgomery county. >> no word yet on any injuries but there are possible chemicals inside this building. hazmat crews are being called to the scene. stay updated with the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 in center city for the international awards. they celebrate those who make philadelphia a global city. so the nfl draft just three days away and a life-long eagles fan will live out the ultimate draft experience. >> a dream come true for her. she has been going to games since the '60s and now is
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getting the v.i.p. treatment. she works at thunder bird lanes and has been a season ticketholder since 1961 and coached a junior bowling league on saturday mornings for 27 years. and part of her experience includes custom jerseys and a walk down the red carpet to hand out the draft caps. >> who is going to be wearing an eagles jersey? >> she might know before we do. one eagle wants the birds to draft a certain position in the first round. the mayor says the one request the nfl had to have the draft here. >> and hasan reddick, a special gift today from his hometown, that is next.
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i'm john clark, the nfl draft is three days away and one eagle has a preference for the birds' pick. malcolm jenkins wants a cornerback. and malcolm being an ohio state guy he has his eye or buckeye on two. he says they need a number one corner and thinks the birds are close to contending. >> we're very competitive in the east. and so now it's just about how do you stack up wins and continue to stay consistent toward the end of the year? and i think that just comes with experience. it comes with maturity. so i feel like we're a couple pieces away from winning the east and making the playoffs. >> temple's hasan reddick may be
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a top 15 pick and will be picked in his hometown area. he received the key to the city today. he played at haddon heights high school and walked on at temple and made himself into an nfl player. he is an inspiration to kids coming from tough beginnings. i've always said that if i ever get to this platform i will help rebuild, you know, and help the youth of my city. i want to show them there is more to life than running around and living life in the street. so like i said, i've been given this responsibility and i can't wait to give back to my city. >> three, two, one -- >> and he fired off the first salvo on the battleship "new jersey." the nfl had one request.
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it's all about location, location, location. jim kenny explains today. >> there was a few cities they were interested in. in chicago two years ago and they wanted the rocky steps, the art museum. we tried to talk about other locations an they wanted those steps as the backdrop. the phillies played aaron nola on the disabled list with a lower back strain. nick pa vet that could take his respondent support on wednesday. larry bird, larry legend, he knows how to close a deal. he showed up in an indycar in new york city. that is a way to deliver a bid. i'm really thinking only the rockets could top that if you know what i mean. i'm john clark. we're right back. hey, phil!
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