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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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anticipating today -- i can tell you how to get around it. 21st street will be closed from winter street to spring garden street. local traffic zones will be provided. and you can access pennsylvania avenue. 22nd street, 23rd street, 24th street, we're going to be seeing local access to park town place as well for 24th street road closures. information will be provided on our social media count. that leaves us with what is still open for local access only. west of 22nd street, you have wallace, mt. vernon, green, justin, and brandywine street. we'll be looking for these road closures all morning long, and definitely check the nbc10 philadelphia app for more information on the closures. let's look at the schuylkill expressway. our camera at spring garden street, light traffic. again, it's early. when i come back, we'll look at the majors and what's in story this morning. as francesca mentioned, the countdown to the nfl draft is reaching the final days.
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the city getting ready for the estimated 200,000 people expected for the event. >> matt delucia is live in center city. tell us what's happening now. >> reporter: well, the last phase of closures was delayed until 6:00 this morning to coincide with a new traffic police shift. right now we're along kelly drive where it is shut down. you see that some cars are making their way around the art museum. right over there by akens oval, that is shut down. the ben franklin parkway shut down. we will see some closures expanding to the side streets from 21st to 24th street. parts of spring garden, and a few spots will be local access only. francesca's been talking about what and will talk about it more throughout the morning. bear in mind the ben franklin parkway already closed now from 20th through the art museum. all of this as we prepare for, by one estimate, around 200,000 people. businesses around here are certainly hoping for a piece of that action. so the setup and all the
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preparation thus far has drawn a bit of curiosity from some and confusion for others. even taxi drivers, they have been wondering what will come of all of this. it's not just the nfl draft we have coming up but also the penn relays. septa is expecting heavy ridership because of both events. they are urging riders to make their plans now. a lot of people have asked why -- why the spot for the draft, why not the sports complex. more coming up when i see you at 5:30. again, you see all of the police down there and all the traffic barrels set up around the area at this point. again, this is not going to be a good area to be around if you have to drive to get to work. at least for the next few days. closures going into full effect starting at 6:00 a.m. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. the 121st penn relays will share the spotlight with the nfl draft in philadelphia. yesterday mayor kenney showed off the relay's wheel call the
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city the blockbuster, and it is. the relays and draft run thursday through saturday. happening today, a school in society hill will host the draft community kickoff. eagles greats will join city leaders at mccall elementary school and middle school for a flag football clinic. the nfl foundation helps pay for flag football and after-school programs. the phillies also welcoming the draft to philadelphia by giving fans a special deal. here's citizens bank park. fans wearing eagles gear to the ballpark tonight through thursday can buy select seats for $14. the price represents the 14th pick in the draft which goes to the eagles. count on nbc10 for complete coverage of the draft. tomorrow night we'll have a draft review on the parkway that airs at 7:00. on thursday, our draft day special, also airs at 7:00. on sunday night, we'll recap the event with our eagles blueprint special. new from overnight, a close call for a driver in this car in north philadelphia. you see it was still smoldering
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from the fire when our cameras arrived at 9th and venango this morning. the driver got out safely. also new from overnight, an 87-year-old man is in critical condition after crews rescued him from a house fire in wilmington. sky force 10 was over the scene on belmont drive. investigators don't know yet what caused the fire. also new, philadelphia police investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. sky force 10 over the scene. this is westminster avenue where officers say a 25-year-old man was shot underneath his right arm. he was rushed to the hospital and died a short time later. there are no suspects. 4:34. philadelphia police are looking for a robber who followed an elderly man home and attacked him and his wife while holding a razor blade. police released video of the suspect stalking the victim at a store last week. you see the suspect in the lime green shirt. police say he later punched the husband and grabbed his wife's neck inside their house.
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stole about $60 worth of lottery tickets and took off. we have new details on a story from camden county we brought you at this time yesterday. >> police say a teenage driver who overdosed is charged with dui after a car crash where a child was sitting in the back seat. the car crashed into a barrier in gloucester city sunday. the 17-year-old driver and a young man were unconscious in the car. they used narcan, used to reverse the effects of opioids. a 5-year-old child in the car was not hurt. the man phases drug possession charges. the driver could face additional charges. we're following two court cases. >> first the penalty phase of eric frein's case. the convicted cop killer arrived in court in a wheelchair yesterday. his parents took the stand to try to convince the jury to give their son life in prison instead of the death penalty. frein's father said that he failed him. his mother said their son is not
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a monster. frein shot two state troopers in 2014, killing one of them. and today in camden, prosecutors will resume laying out their murder case against david creato. he's charged with killing his 3-year-old son brendan in 2015. last week the boy's mother said creato's theory of a spirit drawing brendan into the woods where he says found dead was odd and unexplainable. three people shot at a cumberland county nightclub, and we have video of the aftermath. [ screams ] >> we'll explain why police and the owners of the club are not in agreement about what happened. also, concealing a crime. we'll show you the disguise a gloucester county burglar used to keep from being recognized. end of an era. a small town saying good-bye to a tree that lived for more than 600 years. 4:36. 53 degrees. rain and fog at the shore. you see in the live view from cape may at the marquis de
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lafayette hotel. you'll need the rain gear today. the heavier rain moving in this afternoon. we'll look at it hour by hour with your neighborhood forecast ahead.
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good morning, everyone. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. we're watching 95 at the philadelphia national airport, approaching the philadelphia national airport. this is northbound lanes. we have a couple cars out there now. a few early birds. southbound looks pretty good so far. again, it's still pretty early. the 42 freeway looking really good right now at the new jersey turnpike. light traffic northbound for the philadelphia area. again, we're doing pretty good so far on some of the majors. not that bad. 95, wood haven to the vine southbound, not running into any problems or delays as well as northbound. it's going to take you 13 minutes all around. look at the travel speeds -- in the 60s. coming up, the vine street expressway as well as the
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schuylkill. 20 minutes before 5:00. we're at 53 degrees with clouds overhead and rain just starting to move into the city. a view from the adventure aquarium. you see the rain that's moving through wilmington into chester county this morning. those downpours in chester county are heading toward lancaster county this hour. moderate shower moving through wilmington. and that rain sends into salem, gloucester, camden, and burlington counties moving toward mt. laurel. you'll need the rain gear today. won't be an all-day rain, but we're set for heavier downpours this afternoon. 53 now in philadelphia. look at the 50s all day long. the wind kicks in out of the northeast. 20 miles per hour at 10:00. and at noon and 2:00, even a little bit stronger at 4:00 this afternoon. the steadier, heavier showers from noon until 4:00 this afternoon. still some wet weather into the evening hours. 50 now in the suburbs. not much of a warmup here either. the same northeasterly winds, 16
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miles per hour with showers this morning. then downpours this afternoon for the suburbs. the lehigh valley, 54 degrees. it will stay in the 50s throughout the day. the same northeasterly winds will be blowing. occasion am showers. dry now, but -- occasional showers. dry now, but the rain is moving into the lehigh valley. likely dry by 8:00. by 10:00, more showers. this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00, possibly into the early hours we'll see the downpours for the lehigh valley. new jersey's 52 degrees now. drops down to 50 degrees at 8:00. then into the middle 50s during the day. will get warmer during the evening hours once the rain lets up. like the rest of the area, new jersey will see downpours during the afternoon hours. at the shore, look at the winds. 27 mile-per-hour winds out of northeast. possibly 30 miles per hour later this afternoon. rain not happening now at the shore, but it will be
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redeveloping, and downpours set for this afternoon. and delaware, 52 degrees now. not much of a warmup here either. a little warmer than the rest of the area. at noontime, 57. the winds to 25 miles per hour. a windy and wet day ahead today. there are some sunny and warm days to come. look at the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. >> see you then. tomorrow, we are taking the morning show on the road and helping you jump-start your day. >> we're psyched for this. every wednesday for the next five weeks we'll be broadcasting live from a different wawa. tomorrow, chadds ford, delaware county. we'll be at the wawa in naaman's creek road from 5:00 to 9:00. bill. join us in future weeks. we'll be making hoagies, pouring coffee, handing out freebies. the best part is that we get to meet you. stop by and say hi. mayor kenney is reacting to the recent raid of a marijuana party in the city. hear why he says pennsylvania should be following in
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colorado's footsteps. state house renovation. we'll tell you about a vote in trenton that could lead to a $300 million makeover today. and special delivery. we'll introduce you to a bucks county baby who just couldn't wait to be born. we'll hear from two police officers who helped deliver him.
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4:45. in cumberland county, police are searching for whoever shot three people at a nightclub. some the chaos was -- some of the chaos was streamed live on facebook. >> oh, my god! >> people ran in panic to escape more bullets flying behind the grant plaza cub in vineland saturday night. minutes earlier, three men were shot inside. the club disputes that. the victims are recovering. police don't know what prompted the gunfire and have no suspects. club management blames gang violence. look at this video.
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in washington township, gloucester county, a burglar dressed in garbage bags during a late-night break-in. the crime happened at yogi's quick shop this month. the thief struggles trying to make off with the register. but police say he got away with $200. delaware governor john carney attended a holocaust remembrance event last night in new castle county. he addressed members of the jewish federation of delaware at wilmington's jewish community center. in delaware county, religious history is now on display. a copy of the shroud of turin authorized by the vatican will now be at the holy bearers eastern catholic church in swath more. the display opened yesterday. you can see it through may 5th. this four-day-old bundle of joy in bucks county couldn't wait to get to the hospital to be born. jace diaz's mom and dad were rushing there when he decided to come. they pulled over and called 911. the ambulance wasn't fast enough. but two officers from bedminster and dublin police got there in
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time to help. >> were you nervous? >> terrified. terrified. >> it was pretty scary, but we were happy that he was born and he has no complications. >> his big brother bentley says he's happy his little brother is here. >> a big boy. near allentown, the park will open this saturday. there are new attractions at dorny park including the kaleidoscope. the cirqcular ride spins counterclockwise to give a feeling of weightlessness. and there are new areas for school and church groups. talk about an end of an era -- a small new jersey town is saying good-bye to a landmark tree that stood for at least 600 years. >> incredible. this remarkable white oak tree has stood beside the backing ridge presbyterian church in bernard for centuries. predates the church by 300 years. it was considered one of the nation's oldest trees but was declared dead last summer.
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experts saying extreme age likely killed it. people gathering to take a last look. >> this has been a living icon for everyone that has grown up in this town. a symbol of home. and so you can see with the crowd that's been amassed that many people want to wish it farewell. >> historians say george washington once held a picnic beneath the branches. it will take about three days to remove. 4. 48. we have a water main break in southwest philadelphia that francesca's going to telling us about. >> let's find out exactly where it is. >> yes. a water main break. the live view, the majors look good. we'll hit two birds with one stone. we'll zoom in at the water main break where it's located in southwest philadelphia at south 58th and chester avenue. we have 58th and chester, it will be closed until we receive further notice for the water main break. 95 still looks pretty good right now. travel speeds are still in the
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60s for the very few cars out there. it's still early. 42 freeway again looks good. when we come back, want to look at the schuylkill expressway as well as the vine and possibly the blue route. back to you. >> thank you. as we look at route 42 in south jersey -- looking at that video that francesca showed of route 42 in south jersey, it looks misty and some rain there. >> i think we'll have a little bit of rain and then a lot of rain. let's find out about the timing with bill henley. bill? >> yeah. the first round is moving through philadelphia international now. a live view from the airport. the camera is shaking, too. temperatures are cold. we'll see the temperatures climb into the 50s. upper 50s this afternoon. the rain is blowing. looks like it is a gusty, windy morning to start with. 54 in the lehigh valley. the suburbs, 52. 52 in delaware. in philadelphia, 53 degrees now.
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we'll warm not a lot this afternoon. not with the rain that's coming through the area. you see the rain that's pushing through. this is the line of showers. we saw it at the airport. this line of showers, that's the first round. what will be much more impressive is what's to come. you see it lining up to the south. look at that rain and heavy downpours. there's a possibility we'll see thunder and lightning. parts of delaware and south jersey, a little bit more loyiky than pennsylvania. a large system, hasn't made a lot of progress. yesterday it was reaching into georgia. slowly moving to the north. slowly moving into the area. some of these showers even lingering into wednesday. for today, 50s. this afternoon will be in the middle 50s. this evening will get a little bit warmer as the rain lets up. the heavy downpours during the afternoon hours. still a few showers into tomorrow. high of 67. we could see breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll definitely see some sunshine for thursday. the warmup, near 80 thursday afternoon. good timing for the draft coming
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in. sunday, warm, temperatures flirting with lord levels. saturday, 88, close to 90 on sunday. showers and thunderstorms, warm on monday. 84. a cold front will touch off storms, bringing temperatures back to normal. tuesday, a chance of rain showers, and then clearing out for wednesday and thursday. highs in the low 70s. >> all right. thank you. you probably vote early and often on "the voice" because you love it so much. >> i do like it. >> if you haven't voted, you have until noon. listen to the poconos' mark isiah from last night's show. ♪ [ applause ] >> mark's rendition of "one
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dance." he and contestants face elimination. watch "the voice results show" at 8:00 on nbc10. >> team adam. next, a rumbling problem has one area calling for change. >> why they say truckers have ruined their quality of life and what they want done. plus this -- >> three, two, one. >> hope nobody was on the receiving end of that. hometown honors. we'll show how a local community paid tribute to a local nfl prospect ahead in the draft. and we want to tell you about an upcoming severe weather special called "ahead of the storm." our weather team is helping you get ready for storm season and keeping you safe when severe weather strikes. that special airs tuesday, may 2nd, at 7:00 p.m.
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good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here.
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looking at the boulevard. we just had a clearing of some roadwork on the southbound side near oxford valley road. so far, so good. conditions and travel speeds are up to date on the boulevard near oxford valley road. when i come back in the next several minutes, we'll look at the rest of the makers. back to you at the desk. >> thanks. 4:55. in trenton, a commission will vote on governor christie's plan to renovate the jersey state house. the price tag for the four-year project, $300 million. christie called the building a fire trap that hadn't been upgraded in 60 years. the state house is the second oldest in continuous operation in the country. pennsylvania is taking new steps to combat the state's opioid crisis. yesterday, governor wolf announced a $26 billion grant. the money will be used to energies access to treatment. and delaware's urging you to dispose of prescription medications in your medicine cabinet that you no longer need. yesterday, both of the states' u.s. senators stopped by a walgreens in north wilmington to get rid of old pills they had in
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their cabinet. this saturday is drug takeback day in delaware. disposable boxes will be set up across the state. to find out the drop-off location that's closest to you, tap the nbc10 app. new details about a marijuana party bust over the weekend. marijuana rights activists organized the party. nearly two dozen people were arrested, and there were fines for safety hazards. the marijuana bust prompted comments from the mayor. >> the mayor said he wasn't aware that the raid was going to happen. kenney said this about marijuana, "the real solution is to legalize it in the state of pennsylvania as they did in colorado. we won't have to use police resources in these kinds of activities." for the record, colorado's one of eight states that legalized marijuana. it's also lawful in washington, d.c. the state of delaware could be next. last month, marijuana supporters
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introduced a legalization bill in the general assembly. the results are in. philadelphia reports it collected $7 million from its controversial soda tax last month. it marks the third month the tax has been in place. the city says most businesses are comply, though there is still resistance. money collected is earmarked to fund universal pre-k programs. three, two, one. >> fire in the hole. hopefully that wasn't aimed at center city. nfl draft week beginning with a bang. that's temple university's haason reddick helping fire off a shot aboard the battleship new jersey. and as you saw, the temple owls player is getting lots of attention. you like this guy. >> yeah. big fan. he spent part of the day yesterday in his hometown of camden. leaders gave him a key to the city, in fact. before joining temple he played at hadden heights high school. as he prepares for his next step, he knows he can inspire local kids.
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>> i've always said if i ever get to this platform, i will help rebuild. i want to show the city that there's other ways to be successful, and that there's more to life than running around and living life in the streets. >> football experts think he could be a first-round pick later this week. he says he always root for the eagles because of -- rooted for the eagles because of his father's influence. now he likes all 32 teams. happy to go anywhere. dreams will be made at this week's draft. not just for future nfl players. >> yeah. lifelong eagles fan will live out the ultimate draft experience. gail marie waymeir has gone to birds games since the 1960 0s, 1961, in fact. the sth -- what is it? stands for something. trying to figure out what it was. she works at thunder bird lane and coached junior bowling league on saturday mornings for the last 27 years. now she's getting the vip football treatment. >> my daughter who was the one
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that nominated me got the call first. they wanted to know if i was able to stand and walk for any length of time. she told them if it had to do with the eagles it wouldn't be a problem. >> she watched chuck bed -- amazing she's been going to games this year. the custom jersey, a walk on the red carpet, vip access, and appearance with nfl commissioner roger goodell. apparently she's going to be handing out the jerseys to the players as they come on. >> good for her. she deserves that. that's a faithful fan right there. >> season ticket holder, bill henley. sth, season ticket holder, on the back of her jersey. bill helped figure it out. >> thanks. now to the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. -- >> fighting for their son. the parents of convicted cop killer eric frein testify as the jury debates the death penalty. caught in the middle. a soccer coach accused of getting one of his players
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pregnant is at the center of an immigration debate. shutdown showdown. president trump now saying a fight over the border wall won't delay a budget deal. 5:00 a.m. on the nose. welcome to tuesday and to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill henley is our go-to guy. we need to find out what's on the back of a jersey and find out about weather, here's our go-to guy. >> i've got your back. >> that's what i'm talking about. today, grab the umbrella. you've known it in easton, showers are fixly moving toward -- quickly moving toward the lehigh valley. clouds are in place, and it's a chilly breeze blowing this morning. the rain is exiting wilmington heading into philadelphia, westchester, starting to get a few rain drops. look at the downpours moving through camden and into burlington county.


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