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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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rush into the salon to take cover. >> i lock the doors and make sure nobody can get in, just in case. >> again, this is a very fluid situation. we'll continue to bring you live updates. meanwhile, law enforcement is advising people to stay away from this area. again, we're at route 30 1k3 salem creek road. rights now, let's go live to brandon. >> you're being kept away from the scene for safety reasons, obviously,er but what can you
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tell us about what is going on with this search? >> brandon, if you can hear us, pull that microphone up to you because we can't hear you through your phone. >> okay. i was told we were on the phone. okay. well, here we go. so, anyway, media staging room for area. we have state police, we have the hospital over there and we're a little more than a hundred yards down from brick mills farm elementary school. they just went through their lockdown. there's a neighborhood on the other side of that where police were. we had some video that we got from a witness over in that neighborhood. we can show you some of that. it's very quick. it shows s.w.a.t. running into a home, but we just talked to police. they told us that police have tracked down the suspect who is believed to be a part of that shooting. he was shooting at officers,
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several rounds, during a back and forth. but he will not leave the house. he's barricaded in that house. police are trying to figure out what the next step is we have. talking to nrl neighbors and parents who have kids at the school, we're going to work on that and bring that to you in another half an hour. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> now live to nbc 10's mitch blocker in newark where that.trooper was taken. >> what are you hearing about the trooper's condition right now? >> at this point, we are standing by for the delaware state police to have a news conference to update the media about that trooper's condition. wanted to show you some of the video from sky 4's 10 in the last hour or so to give you an idea of the scene, the police presence, the delaware state police vehicle surrounding the hospital and other vehicles that we saw in and out of the property from multiple police agencies throughout this state.
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the governor's office, they confirmed that he is at the hospital to send thoughts and prayers to the trooper's family. now, we still do not have information about the trooper's condition. again, we are awaiting a press conference which we will, of course, carry live right here on nbc 10 at 4:30. that is when the delaware state police plan to release new information about this shooting. >> mitch, we'll wait for that news korns and stay with nbc 10 for live updates on this.developing story. to get breaking news alerts on your smartphone at any time, town loan the nbc 10 app. and 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the nfl draft. fans are teaming up with homeland security for this big event. it will all happen on the ben franklin parkway in front of the philadelphia museum of art. take a live look where crews are working around the clock to put
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the finishing touches on the group stage. >> we have a party on the parkway that begins tomorrow. we're all over it. from the player's prospects to the family fun experience for people of all ajsz. nbc 10's keith jones and aaron kulman are joining us live from our nbc 10 draft headquarters now along the ben franklin parkway. >> jim, jackie, this is the place to be right here. the nfl draft is right behind us. we're on the rooftop of the tgi frid fridays right down the road from city hall. >> we're a little more than 24 hours away from that first pick, watching that first pick walk out on to the rocky steps. taking a live look right now at the philadelphia museum of art. the center of all of this week's action, a lot going here. but the draft isn't just about teams, players and die hard fans. >> no, not at all. it's also about a family friendly experience and there's no better person to toss it to right now than nbc 10's tim furlong, live for us along the parkway. tim, what kind of fun are you
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getting yourself into? >> so far, the nfl fan experience on the parkway, well, it's more of a construction sight. >> this is normal. we got setback a little bit yesterday because of the weather, but we have a huge, huge team inside. so we'll be ready to go by tomorrow at 12:00. >> i can't say the fan experience looks like it will be awesome. by tomorrow, the zip line will be a huge hit, the vip tent will look swanky. you can see how cool the monstrosity of a stage is. a couple of the events were ready for me to try, including the obstacle course. the vertical leap tester was ready for us high jumpers to try. we saw several cool areas like the mobile hall of fame, the nfl shop where you can drop a few bucks on sweet philly draft gear and there will be a display of super bowl rings, a reminder that our eagles don't have one. but as we always say, maybe next season. >> we have a vince lombardi trophy.
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maybe you'll have it in minneapolis, super bowl lii. >> here is the thing. i plan to go across the ben franklin parkway, and i planned to fly across your tv screen. but it's not going happen because the whole area is still a construction sight. but they are promising by tomorrow, if you bring your family down to this site, it's going be awesome. i saw a whole bunch of stuff that made me think i should let me kids come out of school tomorrow because it is going to be football-rc. and yes, i just made up that work. >> when we think about all the event that's we cover there, there have been mega concerts, political conventiones and not to mention the pope even visited here. so, of course, philadelphia police, they're quite used to this and they're all over the place. >> our team coverage continues now with nbc 10's lauren make who has been talk, philadelphia police about the security. i was out there a little bit earlier today and you see them on horseback. you see them on -- i mean, they're everywhere, really.
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>> yeah, aaron and keith, as you know, you're going to see the security before you even get inside. take a look. these concrete barriers are now along the perimeter. that is in addition to the fencing. and if you take a look under that entrance sign, those are metal detectors. this sa free event. you don't need a ticket to get inside, but you will need to go through security. in philadelphia, as city hall looms above, police on the ground preparing for an event that will bring thousands here. expecting a crowd is something the people who live and work in the block surrounding the parkway have become familiar with. >> we've seen it all, from all the big events. >> the salon is just down the street. >> when the pope came, we had to shut down just because this whole block was kind of on a lockdown. >> this time, they're saying open, knowing some clients will be late as they navigate closed streets, but glad for the fans
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in the city. >> i'm a big football fan, so i have tomorrow off. i'm going to go down to the draft. >> this section of the street is blocked off and a mailbox is locked for security. as you approach the event, you'll see more police and go through metal detectors to get inside the gates. >> the best way to describe this is it's like going to an eagles game. >> philadelphia police chief inspector frank tells us it's not just police on-site, also event security and homeland security. >> there's a joint command. obviously, we're respond for public safety in the city on so our office of emergency management is on-site. >> just like residents and businesses, local law enforcement are used to big events here. but there are some differences this time. weekday hours that mean people will need to get in and out of the area to get to work and football fans who can be passionate. we just hope that people use common sense. >> if bad behavior can get you kicked out of here, so be aware of that.
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also, there are some restricted items, things you're not allowed to bring in, for example, no weapons, no lighters, no hoverboards. now, coming up at 5:00, i'm going take you inside selection square. that is where all of the teams will be officially making their draft picks and we'll show you how the eagles and the other teams got their seats in there. live on the parkway, i'm lauren make, nbc 10 news. >> so much going on, lauren. thank you. for the next 2 1/2 hours, we have you covered, every angle of the nfl draft. >> coming at 4:30, csn's john clark will join us live from the eagles draft headquarters. that's at the novacare complex in south philadelphia. yes, more on how the draft prospects spent the day making spirits bright for young hospital patients. then on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we'll take you inside selection square where the teams officially make their suggestions, you heard lauren just talking about that. also at 5:00, we'll hear from temple alum .camden native
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hassan riddick's mother. >> and our coverage does not stop there. tonight at 7:00, keith and i will be here live for our draft preview of the parkway. tomorrow night, jim and jacqueline will take over for our draft day special. sunday night, we're going to recap everything with our eagles blueprint special. for now, we're going as i understand it back to you in the studio. >> a lot going on and we hope it warms up, too, because we see you guys in your jackets today. looking forward to warmer temperatures starting tomorrow, unfortunately, for you two. >> i know. i see the flag going wind them, so a little windy, too. all right. we'll see you guys soon. >> yeah. the weather yesterday as we heard slowed things down for the setup for all this, too. >> and the forecast is improving, that's good news. >> jacqueline, this big storm that's been circulating and moving so slowly, it's been plaguing us for a few days. it's finally start to go move out and we've got dry air from
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harrisburg westward and that is going to move in during the day tomorrow. so let's start at noon and we have spread nice looking sky. 69 degrees. not a whole lot of wind. as we go through the afternoon, with a lot of sunshine. 77 degrees by 4:00, mostly sunny skies. still not all that windy. as we go into the evening hours, it doesn't cool off that much. remember, the sunsets later these days. 74 degrees at 7:00. and even later in the evening at 11:00, still, 66 degrees. of course, it's going to be even warmer friday and saturday. you'll get into those numbers and see what other changes are coming over the weekend in just a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, we'll see you soon. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the philadelphia police officer charchblged in a deadly crash.
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only nbc 10 was there as the officer surrendered. we have branch new information on this. deanna. >> yeah. philadelphia police just announcing those charges within the hour against a philadelphia police officers who turned himself in to investigators today. they also announced the firing of another officer. adam carries what appears to be his protective vest and other equipment as he walks into internal affairs. the young officer is now out of a job. >> it was a january avenue in philadelphia's northeast. so the to wasn't the only one speeding. another officer in another car was going way too fast according to police. but it was soto who slammed into 50-year-old danny dimitry. >> they were in separate cars.
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at this point, i can't speak to whether or not the investigation specifically would determine it was drag racing, but certainly at reckless speeds and, of course, the striking of soto's vehicle is directly respond to the death of mr. dimitry. >> without commenting on the specifics of the facts or the charges involved here, i can you it is a very sad and tragic set of circumstances involved. >> he left internal affairs in handcuffs. now, danny dimitry's family held a news conference here in center city earlier today. they say while the charges against one officer are fine, they want to see more charges. you'll hear from them coming up tonight at 6:00. for now, live in center city, nbc 10 news. the trump administration unveiled a dramatic new tax reform plan they call one of the biggest tax cuts in history. >> treasury secretary steve
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mnuchin says the business would create more jobs while putting more pockets into the money of middle class. they want to can cut the number of income tax brackets to three while lowering rates, but the one-page plan is a little short on details, including the specifics of elimination of personal deductions. the trump plan is plan is not argued not towards helping high earners despite the lower top tax rate and would not grow the national debt. happening now a chester county jury is decidinging whether to spare a convicted cop killer's life or sentence him to death. eric is at the pike county courthouse wait to go learn his fate. randy is there. >> the life or death of eric michael freen today in the hands of the jury after four weeks at trial 2 1/2 years since the ambush. >> there's going to be a chose your to it and i think it's about time. >> pocono residents have been packing the courtroom every day. >> i would probably go for the death penalty. >> like many here, they don't buy the defense strategy that
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freen's father created a hostile and dark upbringing. >> a lot of childhoods are crazying, they don't go out and a assassinate a police officer. >> the prosecution will say freen was a cold and calculated terrorist targeting police, leaving a family shattered. the defense trying to save freen's life will ask for compassion. >> the jury is going to have probably one of the hardest tasks we have as citizens. >> they only need one hold out juror to create a dead lock which could force the judge to hand down a life sentence, not death. >> we want the jury to know that life that eric freen led, he's a family. you become who you are as a result of your environment. >> a new report suggests new jersey teenagers start school later. the state education department
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revealed that 86% of middle and high school start before 8:30. however, the american academy of pe pediatrics say later start time are more in line with teenager sleeping patterns. school officials say later start times create conflicts with after school activities. national walk at lunch day was celebrated by encouraging workers to get out from wind their desk and get a little exercise there. associates took a part in a prewalk warm-up and they headed out to several popular walking spots. but as you see there, they drov those jackets on today. we're waiting for that big warm-up, as we said. >> the good news right there, they weren't getting rained on. >> that's right. that was yesterday's story. >> maybe tomorrow, the story will be heat. >> the temperature is really going to be going up. it's 63 degrees in philadelphia now. that is still several degrees warmer than it was yesterday,
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despite cloudy skies all day. remember, we've been telling you it was going to stay cloudy all day, even after the rain ended. it's up to 67 degrees. look at all the clouds in the lehigh valley. that's one of the warmer spots. but that is a sign of things to come. and you're 66 at jersey shore. newark, 63. claymont, 63. just about the entire state is in the 60s. georgetown at 64. it's even near 60 degrees in lewis, delaware. now, the draft weather, pretty fortunate here with the timing. it will be warm and basically rain free. as we go into the weekend, it's just going to get warmer and warmer. 78 thursday. by saturday, i'm predicting up to 87 in philadelphia. and the rest of the weekend. after the hot weather on saturday, it does turn cooler on sunday, at least for a day. these are the clouds, stubborn
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clouds that upper air system offshore. these things don't move very fast. .so there is the spin and as long as you keep under that spin, you can't get rid of the clouds. but that spin is moving out. and the dryer air moves in. as we go through the night tonight, we see temperatures don't really go down very much, so it's not going to be cool in the morning at all. it's going to be cloudy and a little foggy to start. but look at this. temperatures getting up into the 70s before noon. and in the afternoon, getting closer to 80 degrees, but not at the shore. don't expect those temperatures to be climbing too much. thushs night, it's warm. we also may see some showers. late thursday night. by friday during the day, we are nice .sunny and temperatures are going way into the 70s again. i mean, this is really looking pretty nice.
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so overall, the draft at 77 degrees on thursday with mostly sunny skies. friday, sunny, 81 degrees. and saturday, 87 degrees with a chance of showers. that's late in the day or at night. not much wind tomorrow, north at 5 to 10. taconi at 78. swankssville, 76. allentown, 77. these are nicer temperatures than what we've seen and this is close to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. notice it is cooler at the jersey shore with temperatures in the 60s. and as we go into the rest of the weekend, we're going to be seeing these drops. you see the temperature going up saturday and then way down sundays from 87 to 72 in philadelphia, from 81 to 71 in allentown. at the shore, 81 in wildwood to 62 on sunday. but then it will warm up starting on monday again.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news out of delaware. >> a state police trooper was shot this afternoon. police are searching for the suspect at a neighborhood in middletown. our live team coverage of this major story continues. plus, a retail giant hiring hundreds of people at the jersey shore. why some say this new store can't open soon enough. plus, this -- >> are you ready, mr. vice president? >> let's rock .roll. >> a very funny video about a very serious topic, next at 4:00, the important message from joe biden as they go under cover at a fraternity party. first, here is a look at the closing bell on wall street where the majors closed in the red across the board today.
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to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street,
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and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney. announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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today, former vice president joe biden delivers a keynote address. george mason university focused on the importance of reporting any kind of assault or harassment. biden launched the it's on us campaign. he asked americans to stop a personal commitment to stop campus sex assaults. >> your story straight. >> so i'm back at the white house and i'm talk barack obama. i mean i'm at the frat house watching a program about lamas. >> mr. abide.using humor dotcom to speak out about sex assault. he talked about what humans office face after they've been assaulted. >> why were you in a bar? what were you wearing? what did you say?
4:25 pm
it doesn't matter! it does not matter! >> according to the department of justice, one in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted during college. now to an officer who was called to investigate a noisy party. >> but what happened next turned that patrolman into an internet sensation. take a look. this san antonio police officer decided he was more than a law enforcer. he's a dancer, too. after calming the crowd, the officer joined in the fun. he even requested salsa music so he could show off those moves. the excitement is building ahead of tomorrow's nfl draft right here in philadelphia. >> take a live look at the main stage right there. crews putting the finishing touches on the set there. the theater in our live team coverage from nbc 10 draft
4:26 pm
headquarters continues ahead. as this weather moves offshore, the weather is going to be moving ahead of the draft. ahead, instant summer we'll feel by the end of the week. and breaking news out of delaware where a state trooper was shot this afternoon. we are expecting a live news conference from state police next at 4:00.
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an update now on that delaware state trooper shot in bear. the trooper was shot in a wawa parking lot. this happened around noon today on route 40. a suspect is barricaded inside a home in middletown and bullets are being fired there, as well. nbc 10's andrea is live at the wawa where it all started.
4:30 pm
>> andrea, volatile situation. what's the latest tr your vantage point? >> well, i want you to take a look. investigators remain here on scene. we've watched as they've taken pictures and measurements. between those suvs is where witnesses say the trooper was shot. witnesses also tell us there was a scuffle between the officer and the man. then they say they heard five or six shots. kevin learner was sitting outside eating lunch and watched this unfold. >> i don't know if he's asking for his identification or something, but that's when it seemed like the scuffle or whatever or the pushing happened because the guy was trying to get to the passenger side. i don't know what was in the passenger side, but he was trying to make a maneuver over to that side. >> and to remind you, this all happened around noon outside of this wawa, a commonplace for people to go during lunchtime. that's why so many people we
4:31 pm
talked to today were just stunned that this happened. it's important to note that this investigation has caused backups, not just where we are at route 40 in salem church road, but we've learned it caused a back upon i-95 south, exit 1a. drivers are advised to find an alternative route. >> let's go live to nbc 10's brandon hudson. he's in middletown close to that spot where the barricaded suspect is. >> brandson, you're about 15 miles south of that wawa. you're being kept away for safekeeping. what can you tell us about what's going on in that neighborhood behind you? >> we just saw two new castle county suvs and a fire engine drive all the way down here. now you can see probably a new castle county suv coming back, a couple of them at that. but what you see out in the distance, that's brick mills farm elementary school. that has been lifted off lockdown in the last couple of hours or so. but on the other side of that is
4:32 pm
the brick mills farm development where the s.w.a.t. situation is going on. police believe the suspect is in his house barricaded in that neighborhood. sky 4's 10 gives you a look over the neighborhood. police told us in the last half hour or so that shots were fired between the suspect and the officers. however, they are trying to keep the neighbors safe at the moment and they're going to come and give us an update in the next hour or so. but for now, let's go to some sound that we have from a woman who is a chaperone at the school and state police. >> i was terrified. i still have my daughter at the middle school so i'm trying to get to her myself. so it was very terrifying. i didn't know all the details until i started reading it online. >> the suspect has been firing shots at the police officers from the residence that he lives in and is currently holed up in the house. now, we have members from allied
4:33 pm
agencies throughout the state of delaware that are on scene. we've established a perimeter on the house. he is contained to the one house. but continues not to surrender as we wish. we will be on scene until we get a peaceful resolution. >> so as you hear, police are in it for the long haul. we've spoke ton neighbors out here. they tell us they've been waiting for close to two hours. you will hear from some of those neighbors coming up at 5:00. >> a key piece of information, how is that officer doing? this is the hospital where he's being treated. sky 4's 10 overhead right now. we are awaiting a news conference from officials. we'll bring you that information just as soon as we get it. stay with nbc 10 as this active investigation continues to unfold and to get breaking news alerts on your smartphone anytime, all you have to do is download the nbc 10 app. >> turning now to other news
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that is big in our area, the stage is set and now it's time to step up security in and around the scene of tomorrow's nfl draft. philadelphia police are on the ground preparing for the event that will bring tens of thousands of people -- rather hundreds of thousands, 200,000 people expected to attend. homeland security and event security teams are also in town. if you are heading down to the ben franklin parkway for the three-day event, you will see more police and have to go through metal detectors to get inside those gates. giving you a a live look from the philadelphia museum of art along the ben franklin parkway, nbc 10 has complete coverage for you. keith jones and aaron coleman are live from our draft view on the parkway. tomorrow, jim and i will take over for our draft day special at 7:00. sunday night, we will recap the event with our eagles blueprint special. >> so much going on and when it comes to football, of course, the weather is important, when we have to play those games. same with the nfl draft. >> so much is said outside
4:35 pm
there. and that's why we're glad the nbc 10 first alert glenn "hurricane" schwartz is our weather quarterback, if you will. glenn, don't throw any interceptions, please. >> yeah. i don't think we've got a problem in this case. and we've been telling you this for over a week with our ten-day forecast that the weather was likely to dry out and warm up by the time we had the draft and that is going to happen. this big upper air storm that's background plaguing us for the last few days is finally starting to move out. the dryer air from the west moving in. it's taking its good old time, but by the time we get into tomorrow, we're okay. noon time, 69 degrees. we have some clouds, especially to start the day, but they're breaking up by late morning and into the afternoon. by 2:00, 74 degrees. getting even sunnier. 4:00, 77 degrees, going for a high of 78 for tomorrow. 76 even by 6:00.
4:36 pm
still sunny skies and it doesn't really cool off that much very quickly in the evening. 8:00, 72 degrees. and by 11:00, it is still in the mid 60s. then it gets even warmer for friday and saturday, plus the rest of the area's numbers, coming up. here is a look at some of the other news we are following county by county. in burks county, more than 110 business necessary reddinging and allentown will close may 1st. the reason, to show support for immigrant workers and business owners. may 1st is being called a day without immigrants to demonstrate for immigration reform. >> in delaware county, nbc 10 news on the road every wednesday for the next month. our morning news show will broadcast from a different area, wawa today. they had a lot of fun in chads ford serving coffee, greeting customers there, even cleaning
4:37 pm
drivers' windows, we're told. having a lot of fun. next wednesday, join the nbc 10 team live at the wawa at white horse park in the barrington, camden can county. many of us turn to energy drinks to get through the day. >> but a new study may have you thinking twice about taking a sip. the new warning about the buzz you're getting from the caffeine content. a retail giant hiring hundreds of people at the jersey shore. i'm ted greenburg. why some say this new store can't open soon enough. he's hiding a card!
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. tens of thousands of booties are being recalled because of a choking hazard. zutano is recalling 38,000 fleece gripper booties because the grips on the bottom can can detach.
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if you have them, you should stop using them and contact the company for a refund. a warning about those popular energy drinks. researchers say people with high blood pressure or heart conditions should not drink them. researchers monitored young adults after they drank 32 ounces. another group had a drink with caffeine in it. the energy drink caused more changes and effects lasted longer compared to the caffeinated drinks. break news out of delaware. >> sky 4's 10 is over the hospital where that.trooper is being treated. we're waiting on a news conference. you see all those officers standing there waiting for information. we'll bring you information live as soon as it happens. good news. once this moves out, the sun is going to come out tomorrow. and then the temperatures are going to start to climb. i'm tracking the big warm-up for
4:42 pm
the end of the week next. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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nbc 10 is counteding down to the start of the nfl draft. take a live look at the philadelph philadelphia museum. we are live at tgi fridays at the ben franklin parkway. >> today the players put smiles on kids faces at shriners hospital. >> csn's john clark is live at the eagles draft headquarters at the novacare complex with that story. john. >> yeah. last year's number two overall pick, carson wentz, was just leaving the eagles novacare complex. he's get intoog those workouts in the off-season complex. the eagles decisionmakers are
4:46 pm
all here. they've got seven or eight guys that they really, really like with that 14th pick and a number of them are in town. let's take a look. 21 of the draft hopefuls were at shriners hospital for children on north broad street today putting smiles on the kids' faces and for these future nfl players, their life completely changes tomorrow as they get drafted into the nfl. today was all about being a kid again, getting out there in the community and enjoying the city. >> i want to be able to give back to the community, help change kids' lives, make an impact to where i can make them smile, understand they're amazing, beautiful people as well. just something like that.. >> it's very exciting. you get to meet all kinds of athletes before they become famous superstars. >> i find it amazing that these took time out of their draft week to come out and hang out with me .my friends.
4:47 pm
and one of the draft hopefuls that was there, camden's own went to temple, hassan reddick. and we've got a pretty cool story with him about his rise from adden height's high school to temple to the nfl. we're going to hear from his mom and just how emotional she's going to be seeing her son drafted live in person. for now, i'm john clark live at the eagles novacare complex. we'll see you in about an hour. >> csn's john clark, thanks for that. nbc 10 has you covered for every angle of this event. >> tonight, erin and i will be live. tomorrow night, jim and jacqueline will take over. and on sunday night, 11:35, don't miss nbc 10's eagles recap with our blueprint special. but right now, stay right where you are. we have a lot to preview about
4:48 pm
tomorrow's big event, but in the meantime, we'll send it back to you. >> in the meantime, let's check in on the forecast for the days to come in the draft. glenn. >> aaron was wearing a winter coat, wasn't she? you're not going to need that tomorrow for the rest of the weekend. it was cloudy all day today. first peaks of sunshine in the lehigh valley, but not much. the farther west you are, the thinner those clouds are. and we actually have a couple of places near 70 degrees in the lehigh valley and in burks county. 70 in blandon, 70 in leonardsville. .pretty close to 70, sinking spring and leesport. all these numbers are warmer than philadelphia or points to the south where the clouds have been thicker for a longer period
4:49 pm
of time. we're ending the month of april and it's certainly going be one of the warmest ever projected. right now it's projected to be the second warmest based on the forecast for the last of the month. allentown is projecting a new all-time record. atlantic city, a new rawle-time record for the warmest april ever recorded. and these weekend pics are certainly going to help. >> but back to the west, it's sunshine as this upper air storm moves out and it does not move very fast when it's caught up like this. and when you get those kind of big swirls, they always move slowly. and very often more slowly than the computer model suggests. >> there we are during the night tonight. temperature is not dropping very much. .some of the clouds leaving. some areas of fog perhaps by morning. but we quickly warm into the 70s tomorrow with at least a little sunshine, even by noon time.
4:50 pm
we're in the 70s by noon time and in the afternoon with more sun, upper 70s. some spots could touch 80 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night, we have a weak system moving through. but by friday morning, that's moving out. we'll get into the 70s by noon again and probably get into the 80s by the end of the day. the neighborhood highs tomorrow, 81 degrees at redding. 77 in bethlehem. and you can see clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon, a really nice day paired to what we've seen. new town, 77 fwres for the high. mt. airy, 77. watch what happens as we get closer to the shore. 77 degrees in haddenfield. and now 68 degrees in atlantic city. so it will be cooler at the shore, even warmer across the entire area friday and saturday. >> all right, glenn, we continue
4:51 pm
to follow breaking news out of delaware where that state police trooper was shot this afternoon. >> we are waiting for a news conference from police where that trooper is being treated. we will bring that to you live just as soon as it happens. we'll be right back. to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools.
4:52 pm
larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
4:53 pm
let's listen in to this news conference about the delaware state trooper shot in the parking lot of a wawa today. >> provide information as to the current investigative status of this event that is still unfolding. we unfortunately will not be taking any questions at this time. we will update you later this evening as details become available. >> it is with great sadness b and a heavy heart that we announce the death of a delaware state trooper. the name of the trooper is being withheld at this time pending notification of next of kin. today at approximately 12:10 p.m. this afternoon, a trooper observed a suspicious vehicle occupied by two suspects in the parking lot of the wawa convenience store located at 1605 flaskey highway in newark. the.trooper made contact with
4:54 pm
the occupant and shortly thereafter a conflict ensued. one of the suspect left the vehicle and proceeded to strike several rounds. responding troopers arrived at the scene and took one of the suspects into custody without incident. a second suspect fled on foot prior to their arrival. the trooper was treated at the scene by paramedices and transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. investigative measures led us to the residence and the brick mill farms development located in middletown. at this time, the male suspect has refused to surrender and continues to fire around. this is a sad day for our state and for the delaware state police team. the members of the delaware
4:55 pm
state police family need your thoughts and prayers. for this tragic event. to the media, if if you will be observing the deg phied escort of the trooper to the division of forensic science in wilmington, out of respect for the privacy of the patients and troopers, please stage across the churchman's road at the home depot. thank you. >> you were just listening in to this news conference. as you heard, the delaware state trooper who was shot in the parking lot of a wawa today around noon in bear, delaware, has died. we do not have his name. that name is being withheld until family is notified.
4:56 pm
that suspect is barricaded in a home and continues to fire shots. again, that delaware state trooper has died from his injuries. >> that suspect barricaded in that home. we don't know what transpired in that parking lot other than there was some sort of confrontation that ensued. authorities are now announcing he has died and there will be an escort of his body from the hospital there that's coming up in the next few minutes. an emotional day in delaware for the entire state as the officials are saying. >> and we know we'll get more information as to what exactly led up to that scuffle and what ensued between the two. >> we'll be right back.
4:57 pm
to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month online, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their download speeds. plus get hbo for a year
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nbc 10 news at 5:00 begins with this breaking news in bear, tlar. a state trooper has been shot and killed outside this wawa. right now, the search is on for one of the killers. sky 4's 10 has been over a neighborhood in new castle county where that search is centered. you're still looking at the wawa scene right there. here is that video of the neighborhood. along a line of trees, there is a heavy police presence in the area where we understand from authorities that suspect is barricaded inside his home. the trooper was on duty when he was shot in the wawa parking lot shortly after noon today. we have team coverage from the scene of the shooting to the search for that suspect.
5:00 pm
>> andrea is live at that wawa. >> yeah. you know, state police confirmed what witnesses have been telling us all afternoon. just take a look at the scene here. witnesses told us there was some sort of confrontation with the treerp and the suspect. around that red dodge charger that you see right there. state police say that the trooper found that the people in the car looked suspicious. he went to check it out .that's when the confrontation ensued. witnesses said the suspect walked away and then turned around and began firing those fatal shots. now, this all happened around lunchtime when many chose to stop by for coffee or a kwit quick bite to eat at wawa. so you can imagine the shock from area residents. >> you see all the shell casings out there. you're looking at it, are we in beirut? you know? i mean, you wonder. it's sad. >> it's important to acknowledge


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