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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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at 6:00 a.m. a lot going on, covering three major stories. first the manhunt for a delaware state trooper's killer is breaking overnight, a neighborhood who is on lockdown. eric sfreed headed to death row. we will show you how the convicted killer reacted to the verdict. the philadelphia draft starts today amidst heightened security. we'll explain why production is coming down to the wire. we do have a lot to cover for you this morning. >> good morning, we will bring you weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. first, let's get to that breaking news in delaware. >> here's the latest. right now the man suspected of shooting and killing a delaware state trooper is barricaded in his home. negotiators surrendered peacefully. they say she armed and has been
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firing at them t. neighborhood the on lockdown, people spent the night out of their homes in the area. that barricade is happening in middle town about 15 miles away from the wawa, where it all started around noon yesterday. 32-year-old steven ballard died when the suspect opened fire on him in the parking lot. we have live team coverage, corporeal ballard would have reported to work t. scene begins, just on new information, katie, what did you learn? >> tracy the latest news from delaware state police is that the suspect recently fired shots at police outside his home again. this happened around 4:00 a.m. they followed up with explosive devices, at this time the suspect remained barricaded in his home. can you see this road behind me
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is this police are not allowing traffic to get close to that neighborhood. here is the suspect's home investigators tracked him here after witnesses saw corporeal steve ballard found multiple times in a parking lot. since police have surrounded the suspect's home, no one has been allowed in or out of the neighborhood. those who are afraid of what's happening, he stays inside. >> i would have propagation now and then they didn't get along,
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things like that. >> again, back out here live in middletown, this barricade is, it's about a mile away from where the suspect is. as we bring you around this shopping complex parking lot, there are a handful of neighbors here who live in that neighborhood who are not allowed to go back into the neighborhood until this situation is resolved. most are at local hotels, where police have negotiated some room for them. for those who couldn't get in a hotel, they are staying at a local fire station. coming up, we are a street away from where this is all happening. you will hear in her words how she is dealing with the chaos outside her home. >> let's take a close look at how the situation unfolded. >> corporeal ballard walked up to a suspicious car with two
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people inside. the witness told us there was a struggle and she we heard shots. >> the guy just took two steps forward. pop. pop. two more times. >> they say they performed cpr. corporeal ballard, police arrested one suspect t. another ran off and that's the man barricaded in that home right now in middletown. hundreds of officers paid their respect it was taken to the medical examiner's office in wilmington. >> now a live look corporeal ballard would have reported to work this morning t. governor declared the flags to be flown at half-staff in memory of corporeal ballard, an eight-year veteran of the state police force. we will have more coming up at 6:30. you can count on nbc 10 in the
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ongoing scandal on air and our nbc 10 app. the jury said the shooting and killing of one straight trooper. the bell atop the pike county court haase rang last night. they have been sentenced to die by lethal injection. a jury deliberated with its decision. it was the same that killed corporeal brian dixon. corporeal dixon will always remain in the heart of all members of the pennsylvania state police forever. >> every defendant i ever had, they design the trial has thought he or she had an ability to when.
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>> free had no reaction when the sentence was announced. nbc 10 was the first to bring you breaking news as it happened sign up to have ealerts sent to your phone, the final countdown is on a. live look now along the ben frank len parkway, which will soon be packed. action begins at 8:00 in the draft. the fans at noon. until then, there is work being done at this hour. crews continues to put up hundreds of fencing. >> that comes in an area roughly the size of 25 football fields up to the stage. when the gates open at noon, football fans will feel like
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they are a part of the nfl experien experience. from is a zip line, a hall of fame bus. ryan cunningham, donovan mcnabb, two grates are coming to town, if you plan to go, make sure you pack light. security will be tight along the parkway. a small bag you bring could be searched. all fulfilling the area will have to go through that metal director inside the gate. john just aorski will announce the picks.
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>> we will bring you behind the scenes for all the action. they are live tonight at 7:00. we wrap up all the highlights for you on sunday night. >> its officially begins at 10:00 a.m. t. reaction will soon start. bill henley has the accurate forecast. it looks like a good day. >> for all the events, the penn relay, the draft. it's quiet. you will see sunshine. low clouds and light fog. >> that will not last a warm morning. >> with a southeast wind, we'
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the clouds break up. this afternoon, stronger in wilmington, just enough to provide a nice warm-up. here's your hour by hour forecast of this morning lunchtime 72 degrees. a few scattered clouds in the city, the draft forecast continues to be nice this afternoon. 77 degrees the wind at 11 miles per hour. you head into the evening, you will see clouds at 9:00. stays dry as those hours. the next chance of showers won't come in until late tonight and early tomorrow morning. a nice warm-up t. disturbs, into the 60s and 70s this afternoon. clouds linger. for delaware, 60s this morning, low 70s this afternoon, partly sunny skies, new jersey into the 70s today, a little cooler, winds come off the ocean at the shore you see sunshine there,
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too. we will get sunshine, too. the weekend forecast when i come back in 10. >> ten minutes past 6:00. that area, 295. 42, northbound, they come to philadelphia. it's congested. >> wait until today. jessica boyington shows you what's happening. >> this will act a lot of people in an area where it sort of will affect people headed towards philadelphia. towards trenton or philly from really all angles. you will see this start to jam up. right here we are watching overtop of belmar, right here is the 42 freeway, headed northbound towards philadelphia. right before we get to that 76 and 676 split. now, all of this traffic typically splits in half. it goes this way, rate right now, not allowing it to happen.
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we see a massive delay on the 42 freeway. now all of the traffic, be every that split is being pretty much forced off towards the philadelphia area. so a lot of these people will have to get off as well. once they get up past that point, they will have to experience huge delays off the off-ramp there as well. the 42 freeway is really backed up. additionally, 295, they're allowing one car still at a time on that off-ramp. we are not seeing the massive delay as well on the 42 freeway. getting you around that will be the issue here. just avoid residual delays. right now, that traffic in this direction. >> that will take you a long time. you want to bypass.
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getting to the walt pitt whitman will be difficult. >> still ahead, how the state is taking a tougher stance. plus, united airlines using sweeping policy changes overnight in response to the incident where that happened where a guy was dragged off a plan plane. >> the suspect barricaded the state troopner his home. we are bringing you continuing coverage straight ahead.
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it's a quarter past 6:00 on this thursday morning. we continue to follow breaking news, with a man shot and killed
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a state trooper is in a standoff with police. this has been the last few hours the man shot at police. he threw an explosive device in middletown, right now they are still trying to persuade him to surrender no negotiating nearby homes have been evacuated overnight. those people are still being kept away. police believe they shot at corporeal steven ballard outside a wawa in bear. new overnight, united airlines plans to offer to pea out for customers that give up their seats. >> the new limit payouts will be $10,000. the airline is making changes, including working to cut down on overbooking seats on its flight. united employees are getting
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additional charges, following the removal of a passenger earlier this month. yesterday, united airlines announced it was using law enforcement officers on planes and would work on creative ways of dealing with passengers who are denied boarding. lester hold talked with united airlines ceo for an exclusive interview. you can see that later this morning. >> let's check back in. >> on 295. we are watching that. fortunately, we have this viewpoint. either way, i can show you what's going on, just fine. the northbound ramp is actually moving from it. we can see that a little better.
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it's diverted away. so all of the traffic trying to get to 295 northbound can't get to afternoon area. everybody that's originally trying to get to friday and trenton is all going in the same direction. we are seeing huge delays. just in itself, you will hit some of this traffic. all this 295 traffic. moving in that direction you can find the direction. >> jessica, thanks for that. take a live look outside. >> everyone is gearing up for the nfl draft. list find out how warm it will
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get. >> it's the end of april. clouds are still over and around this morning you see the skies clear. sunshine, it's looking really nice. 75 degrees, into the upper 70s improving conditions, most areas reporting five miles visibility in between, millvale has light fog. the temperatures will be climbing. any fog will disappear. vits and low 60s right now n. delaware, newark, 57, along with harmony hills. closer to 60 degrees and into
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the 50s, starting in the 50s, but you can count on a pretty good warm-up t. trends for philadelphia has us into the upper 70s by 3:00 this afternoon the temperatures accelerate, dropping down into the low 70s by 7:00. it will be dry all day. we have clouds around this morning. so sign of wet weather for today. tonightsh though, late tonight, early tomorrow morning we could see late night thunderstorm. during the day by noon we will be in the 70s and a warm start a chance of showers, otherwise, clouds and sunshine for philadelphia. into the '80s on saturday turning cooler on sunday. tracy.
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>> see you then, thank you. 20 minutes past 6:00. septa is changing how passengers create rides. the time line for selling medical marijuana in pennsylvania. when the drugs could be available.
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>> officials in pennsylvania say the medical marijuana program is on track to be up and running by may of next year. the state health secretary says her agency received more than 500 applications for people to grow, dispense drugs, next for 39 available permits. she says they hope to issue permits by the end of june. and today we learn plans about repairs. >> that follows the derailment in problems over the next month after the electrical problem,
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amtrak said the work would cause near delays and cancellations. starting first, septa will end sales of weekly and monthly transpasses and one day convenience passes. you can reload online or at their ki of course. now they will continued to sell tokens. >> good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with breaking news, overtop of the scene of 295 out in belmar. he had a truck spill a load of orange juice on the northbound side. we are seeing big delays that. ramp is closed. i'll have details for you on everything and how to get around it when i come bats at 6:30. >> we continue to follow breaking news in delaware, where a suspect wanted for killing a state trooper is barricaded
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inside his home. also a daunting task, a father accused of killing his son, up next. the field trip.
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>> breaking news, a standoff in delaware. nbc 10 have a man suspected of killing a state trooper surrounded. steven ballard died in the parking lot yesterday. good morning, this is nbc news today. >> i'm tracy davidson. with eget your first alert forecast in a few minutes.
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the man has fired shots at police from his home in middletown this morning. police have a second suspect in custody, they arrested at the shooting scene. we have live team coverage. the barricade situation is still happening right now katy, bring us up to speed there. >> you can sigh behind me, there is a road block here. the road, we are a mile away from the suspect's home. police have blocked the road. we know from delaware state police about two hours ago, police say the suspect fired shots from inside his home and police also used force, they say, by exploding some windows. at this hour, though the suspect remains barricaded inside his
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home. investigators say they are trying to get him to surrender. take a look at video we got from a neighbor close to a scene. this is from the brick mills farm neighborhood. this is the suspect's home. a neighbor took this video of police rushing towards it yesterday afternoon, investigators tracked him here after witnesses saw corporeal steven ballard stopped multiple times in a wawa parking lot. no one has been allowed in or out of the neighborhood. those who remain in their home tell me they are afraid. one woman minutes ago described for me over the phone how violent it has been. >> can you san, are you seeing gunfire? >> yes, there was definitely shots fired. it seemed i could hear them. i couldn't make out what they
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were saying. i we heard the bullhorn and then it was two three minutes after that is when we we heard the explosion. right after that gun fire. >> well, people who are not able to be in their homes, some are here in this shopping small to show you this group gathered here. some are talking to police that stopped by. the people are trying to get as many updates as they can. some are staying at a local hotel. a local fire department opened up its space. some people have to remain outside the naked. katy zachary, nbc 10 news.
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>> that barricade in middle town is about 15 minutes away from wawa and bear. it started about noon. corporeal ballard walked up to a suspicious car a. witness told us there was a struggle. and she we heard shock. >> that witnesses and three others performed cpr on the trooper. now the trooper's death. >> it's been a bad day for us. we actually see the trooper's family. >> hundreds of officers paid their respect to corporeal ballard last season. they acompanied his body as it was taken from the way yesterday. the flag draped casket is carried into wilmington. flags are pouring at
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half-staff across delaware. that's where nbc 10 pamela osbourne is with more on the fallen trooper. >> reporter: tracy, this is where corporeal stephen ballard would be reporting for work. you see a visual marker of the sites throughout delaware. corporeal ballard, a husband and father, he was gunned down. state police say he had approached a suspicious vehicle with two suspects inside, that's when one suspect pulled out a gunfireing several times at corporeal ball art. witnesses say it happened quick. so quick, when they rushed to the fallen trooper's gun, they saw it still in his holster. >> that man tried to protect
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people. that's somebody else trying to shoot you for no reason. >> he shot him right in the head. i mean, it's sad. you find out they didn't make it. >> hour thoughts and prayers going out to corporeal ballard's family as well as his state troopers not out of palm's way. >> and count on nbc 10 for all the latest developments in the still ongoing stauffer. >> and now we have been staying on top of eric free has been sentenced to death for killing a state trooper. a bell rang last night. it signaled the death sentence. a jury deliberated for almost five hours before coming back with this decision. today jurors in camden country
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toy will visit the spot where investigators found a three-year-old boy's body. he was found dead in 2015 at cooper river park. d. zwrch d.j was charged with killing his young son. they found the boy's body discovered. it was taken 36 hours before the child disappeared. if glocester county, a gymnastics coach remains behind bars for allegedly assaulting two young girls he assaulted one in october of 2016. it happened as the coach where he worked. they have charged a philadelphia police officer with nap slaughter. nbc 10 has this exclusive video surrendering yesterday. le slammed into dimitri in
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january. dimitri died at the 16. he was my brother r. >> authorities sigh a second officer was in a second car involved in the incident. he has been fired but not charged. just hours after he was saying that he would draft an executive order to withdraw from nafta, president trump has changed his mind. the president told leaders of mexico and canada, he would not pull out of the trade agreement. he was ready to start renegotiateing nafta. the white house is pushing a sweeping thanks plan yesterday. it cut income tax brackets to three. it covered a standard deduction. it cut the corporate tax rate to 15%. critics say the plan will raise the deficit. the white house says economic growth will cover the costs.
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6:38. 51 degrees outside. let's take a live look at the parkway, everyone is getting excited. fans can enjoy the nfl experience around noon today t. draft begins at 8:00. it's a big deal. i think the weather is cooperating. we will find out more from bill henley. >> it's starting off warm. you can see the clouds from the nbc 10 studios. the wind will be shifting. 61 degrees right now. not much wind. just five miles an hour. southeasterly winds develop. that's a shift from yesterday when we had the northerly winds 70s by noontime. friday starts with the suburbs. look at sunshine breaking through this morning but by 10:00. 55 degrees. look at the 70s this afternoon. 76 at 2:00.
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clouds will be lingering. cloudy skies atle:00. some breaks of sunshine this morning. there will be clouds into the afternoon. enough sunshine, upper 70s for the lehigh valley this afternoon. 60s this morning, into the 70s, warmer at 2:00 and 4:00 the winds is coming up, you will start to get that ocean influence. >> that will drop the temperature late in the afternoon. at the store, it will cope temperatures cooler in the 60s. nice sunshine, 55 degrees, 56 degrees at 8:00. lots of sunshine this afternoon in delaware, yes, it's cloudy right now. that's a live view, 59 degrees, warm in delaware. look at that warm-up. through the 60s, sunshine, noontime, into the middle 70s
6:40 am
this afternoon, there is warmer weather for the rest of the workweek into the weekend. we are back in ten minutes. >> hmm, warmer weather. all right. >> usually it's in this case, orange juice. >> is creating the headaches. >> we are seeing big delays out in belmar a. truck, what they mean by that, we have to tell you what that means. a truck actually spilled an entire load of orange juice all over the road. this is sky force 10. what you are looking at right here is a ramp from 295 northbound, that's actually blocked off right now. all traffic that is moving in that direction is being forlgsd off onto the 42 freeway. that's off towards philadelphia. so anybody heading northbound towards the trenton area is now being combined with the traffic that's already moving towards philly. we are seeing big delays right there. so you have to get to 295
6:41 am
northbound for now. it would be better to take the new jersey turn bike to get by. you are also headed towards philadelphia. you have to merge with that traffic. because you are seeing some big delays there because of that. you can take 676 at the wall. back to you, guys. >> jessica, thanks. new rules for sending your child to school in pennsylvania. >> up next, a changes of action policy that goes into effect this fall. also a woman's plans for a monthly box of streets turns sour. up next, nbc 10 responds. offers advice for prescription services. (vo) love.
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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it's a quarter to 7:00 this thursday morning, we continues to follow the death of a state trooper. the s.w.a.t. team has them surrounded. the suspect fired shots at police in just the last few hours, police have sent explosive devices through the home's windows. officers continue to negotiate with the man. authorities believe he is the man that shot and killed steven ballard in bear yesterday afternoon. ball order was an eight-year veteran in the delaware state police. more violence in d.. we learned a 12-year-old girl was shot at a home on kirkwood street. police are not releasing her name yet. they tell us that i don't have any information on the suspect. you can count on nbc 10 to
6:46 am
follow this story for you today. and now let's take it state by state and county by county for a look at stores across our area. >> starting in august, in pennsylvania, children will have to have vaccines within five days. parents will have up to eight months to get them vaccinated. happening today if south jersey, more than 100 companies will be looking for workers at the camden county spring job fair. they will be there until 2:00 this afternoon a. project now includes plans for the officer tower in the lehigh valley. the center of campus will be on hamilton street and includes this, the innovation tower. the project will wrap up in 2020. ♪ just like fire >> there you go, there will get your day started. grammy award winner will take
6:47 am
the stage for the beachfest concert series july 12ing. tickets go on sale next friday. take a look at this video. a visit from a giant potato. the 6 ton attraction was built by the idaho potato commission. you can show support for the award winnings farm and schoolal culture program. >> the spooet sweet surprise turns sower. she orders a treat for her fiancee, it never comes. >> roh. >> reporter: she wanted to get her fiancee a special birthday gift. she found a special service online. >> every month a different box
6:48 am
comes with gottis and snacks. >> she paid in february weeks after the delivery date. no box. jennifer started following up. >> i called them, emaimed. no response. >> after several weeks pending cancellation and no answers, she called us to response. >> we reached out to tracy following that experience to live up to its standards, after we got involved, good news for the couple. >> i got a full refund. thank you so much. >> now, if you are thinking of signing up for a monthly
6:49 am
service, consumer experts say check to see if you have more protections that way. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let under the circumstances know about it t. best way to each us is on the screen. we will respond to you. >> it's 6:49. already warm 61 degrees outside. cloudy, oh, yes, seeing low clouds right there. let's find out what's to come. bill len henley has your most accurate forecast. bill. >> just a few hours, sunshine returning in cape may, a live view. it's mostly cloudy. mild this morning. normally, temperatures in the 40s, nowhere near it and this afternoon, it will feel more like the beginning of june with afternoon temperatures into the 70s. we will see sunshine the clouds come right back in here tonight.
6:50 am
you may see late night showers and thunderstorms that will be moving out for tomorrow during the day. heading out the door right now, 50s and 60s. south jersey, delaware 59, along with the suburbs, lehigh valley is at 61 degrees, in philadelphia, 16 along with no chilly temperatures at all, chestnut hill 59 degrees. so a pretty nice start. a pretty cloudy one, too, at the bus stop, mostly cloudy skies, wilmington, atlantic city, philadelphia, some breaks of sunshine, triumphs in the 50s and 60s, for the ride home, it will be closer to 80 degrees. all day, it's going to be dry. you can see nothing is showing up on the radar screen. no rather than today. but tonight, this is going to be clinging to our area later
6:51 am
tonight, overnight tonight. lehigh valley, a chance of thunderstorms we will no doubt be tracking these showers, a potential into the early morning hours. this is 3:30 this evening so some showers in the area. tomorrow clear out nicely. it will be even warmer tomorrow afternoon. stand by, get summer-like temperatures on the way, noon temperatures, this afternoon, partly sunny skies. we get the showers overnight. clearing for tomorrow. 82, then on saturday, clouds will be building most of the day dry. there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms. 87 the high. a cold front comes through, touching off those showers, brings us a cooler day on sun, just one day, back into the '80s, back for another chance of showers and thunderstorms on monday, then beautiful weather for tuesday and wednesday,
6:52 am
middle 70s, sunshine, see rain returns on thursday, friday, into next saturday, keeping temperatures into the 60s at the end of next week. >> got it. thanks, for that. 8 minutes before 7:00. we have been following this problem on a major thorough fare. >> let's get the details on that. >> hey, guys, we have an accident scene, serious delays behind it. out in belmar, we had blocked because of a truck that spilled its load of orange juice on 295 northbound ramp headed from that area. you can see that's where that backup starts. track isn't allowed in that direction. we are seeing big delays. all the traffic that heads to 295 northbound is being forced in this direction. moving towards the philadelphia area. even if you were headed northbound to trenton, you are now in this direction. so you want to get by this scene
6:53 am
without delays. the new jersey turnpike can get you by there. also coming from the 42 freeway, you will get involved with the 295 traffic headed in that direction, too. you typically head over and you can take 676 to the bend. probably not a good idea. up to 676 and move through camden in that direction. >> that will work for you as well. or can you obviously head on 295 to get to the trenton area a little later on, on 2 five past that scene here's 95, both directions okay southbound is a little slow. >> wow, what a mess. thanks. next, an update on breaking news we are following out of delaware, that is changing by the minute. >> the man said to kill a state trooper. authorities have that on lockdown. the latest on the negotiations up next. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it
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with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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>> and here are the stories we will be following for you today. >> includes a state trooper is in a standoff right now with police, this is ongoing. this morning he fired shots at police. they set explosive devices in the home's windows. they haven't gone inside yet. he is accused of shooting corporeal steve ball aertd yesterday around noon. police arrested a second suspect just after that shooting at the shooting scene, corporeal ballard was 32 yea-years-old. meantime, eric free is sent to
6:58 am
death row after a jury attended his death yesterday. >> it was so long ago, last year, they announced drafting day is finally here. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway, which will be the center of the pro-football world starting today. work is still going on, on the parkway. we have the final pieces in place. it opposite up today to fans at noon. should feel especially at home. check out jim furlong. >> it will be a hall of fame bus. it feels great. there is dozens of food and drink choices. >> reporter: good morning, watching the roads, we are
6:59 am
watching them from the sky. we have sky force 10 live over top of belmar, new jersey. over on 295 northbound that ramp right around the 42 freeway area is closed off. so all traffic right now is americaning toke, getting to philadelphia and in this direction. >> looking for a warm-up. starting off, 59 degrees in the suburbs. 61 in philadelphia. look at the clouds are with us this morning. well, that changes during the day. we will see the clouds thin out. partly cloudy skies, look at these temperatures, into the mid and upper 70s, no sign of showers until late tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> the temperatures look good. >> happy draft day, everybody, headed down there. we will have local updates and realtime news, weather and
7:00 am
traffic on the npc10 ap ap. >> thank you for watching. "the today" show starts right now. a trade deal ever? and how will the white house pay for the biggest tax cut in u.s. history? the treasury secretary will join us live. what went wrong? united's internal report on that passenger dragging incident just out this morning. the airline admitting a string of mistakes and vowing to change. >> putting the customer first, isn't that a given? >> this morning lester holt's exclusive interview with united's ceo. plea for help. the 911 call from that fatal de


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