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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i stand before you with an aching heart. >> an entire state mourning. a trooper killed. >> my heart is heavy. i'm grieving. >> police gun down the accused killer at this house. now an investigation to find out how this happened. >> on behalf of all our troopers, we ask you keep the ballard family in your thoughts and prayers. >> after a 20-hour standoff with police, this frightening ordeal came to an end when officers shot him. police say sealy came out of the house with a weapon. that's when they opened fire. he's accused of killing steven
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ballard yesterday around noon. >> he had been on the force for more than eight years. he was just 32 years old. we begin tim furlong, who is learning more about this fallen trooper. >> ballard had years on the force. you see his hat is on the hood there. i'm told this trooper when he saw something unusual, he checked it out to make sure things were okay. that was what he was doing yesterday when he was killed. governor carney asking for prayers for another family and law enforcement agency now coping with a tragedy. >> the actions of steven yesterday exemplified the dedication -- that he brought to
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the citizens of delaware. >> we spoke with the commander here. heavy a good cop who specialized in dui entorsment. in the year and a half since he was transferred here, he had a significant can impact and will be missed. his troopers won't let this tragedy from protecting the citizens they serve. >> we may be out of sorts for a little while, but we'll be there for them and that's what's important. >> reporter: ballard was in the civil air patrol. he went to delaware state university and married with a 5-year-old stepdaughter. part of their job is making sure ballard's family gets all the support they need. >> my first thought is with steve and taking care of alab a abigail. that will be our first concern for him. >> reporter: a guy just can did what i was talking about. we have seen a lot of people praying and lots of law enforcement agencies have come here today to offer their
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support. we have not yet received any word as for funeral plans. we'll keep you posted. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. now to the neighborhood where today's deadly standoff ended. the home where the suspect was killed bares the scars of the nearly day-long ordeal. you can see broken windows, siding ripped off the house exposing the insulation. we talked to neighbors who described what it was like for them as they waited for the standoff to end. andrea thomas is live. >> you spoke with some people who knew the suspect. >> that's right. tirs, let me show you what it looks like here. law enforcement is keeping us a back. but state police are here ob the scene. the house is around the corner. neighbors say that suspect lives in the house with his father who was not home during the whole ordeal he was home alone as he
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barricaded himself inside. law enforcement tried to get him to vesurrender but using ab explosive. by 9:30 morning sealy was dead after he came outside with a weapon. >> i heard gunshots up the sheet street. i saw police cars flying. >> this could happen anywhere. it's just risk tick louse. >> it's a tragedy. i can't even imagine. i think he's where he belongs. >> we talked to a neighbor who said she has known the family for 20 years. shock ed is how i can describe how she feels this time. he was raised in a loving, christian home. the investigation continues at the suspect's house.
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people had to e evacuate their homes. they are back home right now. think think it's going to take a minute to really make sense of what happened here. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> be sure to stay with nbc 10 to follow the latest on the investigation online as well as on the nbc 10 app. now to our other big story tonight. the countdown to the nfl draft in philadelphia. we are just under three hours from the start of the show. we have a live look at the scene along the ben franklin parkway. look at those crowds starting to build in anticipation of what's about to unfold on the famous steps of the art museum. jim rosenfield and jacqueline london are heading up our coverage from draft headquarters. >> a big night for the city of philadelphia, guys. >> it sure is. really the third of three big events for the city in the last couple years. we had the hope along the franklin parkway.
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we had the democratic national convention and now the big draft that's going to take place on the famous steps behind tonight. >> for those in the immediate vicinity and around the parkway, it could lead to frustration with road closures. but when you think about the economic impact, it is significant. >> just see a stream of people walking along the parkway. this event is about more than just the draft. there's fun for people of all ages. >> crowds are get iting a close look inside the nfl draft experience. it covers 25 football fields making it the largest festival ever put on by the nfl. deanna durante has been checking it out. >> no shortage of things to do. take your pick. >> that's right. it all depends on what you want to do. you can fly high on a zip line or head down to a pint-sized football field. we showed you people sailing
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through the lines where just outside one of the gated entrances, you can see people e getting out of work, coming here, if you're going to go through security, it's going to be a lot easier if you forget the bags and bring in as little as possible. >> fan videos playing the role of a sports casters and snapping a picture with the trophy. . it's all free. if you didn't pack a water bottle, no free fill up for you. >> one beer, two waters. how much did that set you back? >> reporter: $22. >> the bottle can be refilled. >> that's going to cost you for each beer. the price may not be perfect. >> we tried to load up. >> she tried to bring in as much. >> we weren't allowed to bring anything in. >> lucky for them soup is giving out some freebies. >> christy brought nothing. just their phones and taking
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advantage of the free app that gets yous. >> you get nfl extra passes. >> that app will get you pictures and videos from some of the attractions e-mailed to you. quicker checkout at the fan shop. the app won't help you pick out where to eat, but it's all located the north side of the parkway. while the lines to get in when the gates opened were long, less than an hour later people strolled around with ease zipping towards the art museum. >> out street towards where we're standing here. that's the longest we have seen since the gates opened today. a couple things is strollers are okay. but small bags, they will be searched. reusable bottle water, fine. but any other beverage items not allowed inside. for a list of what you can and can't bring in, go to reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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>> got to follow the rules, but have a lot of fun if you do. how about the weather? it doesn't feel like football weather. it's summer temperatures. >> i'm certain fine. that will come in due time. tammie souza is joining us with a look at what we can expect for the draft night. >> really nice weather out there. so different from yesterday when we see keith and erin out there. we have sunshine out there. we do have a little breeze that's out of the south. it's taking us to 78. we were at 9 last hour across much of the area. we're looking at 80s. nothing in the sky. as the beam sweeps the sky, not picking up any precipitation. let's talk draft forecast. as we head through the evening, we're going to see a few high, thin clouds. we'll drop from the 70s down to at draft time when the first pick happens. 71 degrees and we'll see the winds out of the southeast. overnight we'll see an isolated
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shower or thunderstorm pushing through the area. tomorrow at noon when it opens again, 77 degrees. we'll see a few clouds out there with plenty of sunshine. we're going to see the low 80s tomorrow. another warm and unseasonal day. your full forecast in just a little bit. back to you. >> we'll work on that. we're loving the temperatures. and eagles giving back. quinton michael helped spread the skpietment to patients at children's hospital. he and the eagles cheerleaders showed off their artistic skills here coloring and painting with the kids. they also played some games with the young patients and their families. and so nice of them to give back today. >> it is so important they are using this time and very important time to give back when they can. riegts now let's go back to the studios with keith jones and
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erin coleman. >> thank you. nbc 10 will bring you behind the scenes for all the action from the nfl draft tonight. catch our live draft day special at 7:00. then we'll wrap up all the highlights for you on sunday night with eagles blueprint. >> this former national security adviser michael flynn is being investigated by the defense department. at issue whether flynn took payments from foreign governments. new documents show that flynn was warned about accepting gifts from foreign governments when he retired in 2014. but flynn accepted nearly $34,000 to speak in russia the following year and another $500,000 from the turkish government. his lawyer claimed his briefed the defense department before and after the trip to moscow. >> i don't care what his lawyer says. there's no such document saying
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he requested permission to get money or received it. >> he was forced to e resign in february after it was revealed he misled mike pence about conversations with the russian ambassador. switching gears now, sentenced to die. eric frein has learned his punishment. today he made one of his last stops before heading to death row. that story is straight ahead. persuading passengers. united airlines $10,000 offer sparked by a passenger who was dragged from his feet. and responds record, how the team helped get more than $100,000 back. those story asks more ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street,
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and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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from one of america's most wanted criminals to condemned killer, eric frein was back in court hours after being sentenced to death. a judge sentenced frein. the hearing was one of his last stops before he heads to death row. >> he wounded another during an ambush in pike county. randy gyllenhaal spoke with the surviving trooper. >> a packed courtroom a watched this judge sentence eric frein to death in a closing statement the judge said the story of eric
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frein ends today. in pike county, this verdict was a long time coming. >> this guy is a cold-blooded killer. >> reporter: word spread late last night, the bells toll iing atop the courthouse spreading the word that eric frein would be sentenced to die and widespread agreement today in town. >> he killed a cop. he planned on doing it. he should die. >> reporter: this afternoon the formal sentencing. eric frein arrived in shackles as the family of corporal brian dixon including his wife and two boys sat in court. e with saw some members of the jury who declined comment after a five-hour deliberation. prosecutors called the jury's decision full justice. >> this delivery of full justice for them will give them some peace in their heart. >> the district attorney alongside tiffany dixon and
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injured trooper alex douglas sending a mess alk to those who would target the police. >> kou wards out there can't get away with murdering or causing severe injury to any law enforcement officer. this goes to show they are not going to away with it. >> reporter: frein's attorneys say there will be an automatic appeal to the supreme court and for frein to actually die the governor would have to siep off on the death warrant. so far he's issued a moratorium on capital punishment. nbc 10 news. united airlines has reached a settlement with the doctor who was dragged off the flight earlier this month. the amount of that settlement is being kept confidential. it comes the same day as the airline announces new changes. the company will now offer up to $10,000 to passengers who give up their seats voluntarily ob an overbooked flights. employees are getting training on how to deal with passengers in difficult situations. if the airline misplaces your
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luggage, it will pay you $1500 no questions asked. the ceo is blaming a system failure for this incident. he sat down with lester holt in an exclusive interview to explain. >> it was a system failure across the board. i own the policies and procedures and the comments and the empowerment of those people to do the right things. a circumstance like we have all witnessed should have never happened. >> you can watch more of lester holt's exclusive on "nbc nightly news." weather now. feeling a lot like summer outside. >> this is just the start of it. >> i think we need a three-day weekend. don't call me about it though. outside let's go it lehigh valley. we have a few clouds that are moving in.
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and that is kicking some clouds in our direction. let's look at the numbers. they are really amazing. we have 77 in west bradford. let's go towaring on to at 75. how about the pennsylvania suburbs. port richmond at 79. let's scoot off to south jersey. we get up to robinsville at 76 degrees. finally the shore are we expecting warmth, not going to get it. unless you're off the shoreline. cape may at 62. that's all because of the coming in off the atlantic keeping it just a little cooler there. now doppler radar not picking up anything right now. not in the philadelphia area. everything is good and quiet. you can see the clouds moving through where i just showed you in the lehigh valley. and here is that line of showers and storms that was much more
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well organized. it's starting to break apart. we're going to get a little piece of that overnight tonight. a few showers here and there. so watch the time line. we're going to scoot through and e we get into tomorrow morning. whipped through here. maybe an isolated shower or storm. we clear out the sunshine for tomorrow. it will be a warm and sweaty day. tomorrow night into saturday, here comes another chance of a shower or storm. that's kind of nice for us. we go into saturday evening. it's quiet. and then we get into sunday morning. we could see another early morning shower. it's kind of hit and miss. much of the activity is staying overnight. today at 5:00 p.m. until tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. low 80s around philadelphia. that's fantastic. the winds are out is of the southwest. let's go into saturday. look at the west and southwest winds pushing us into the upper 80s near the record high of 90. we could see some records falling on saturday. then get ready for the big drop. because 5:00 p.m. ob sunday the
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winds turn easterly and we'll be lucky to be in the low 60s across philadelphia. not going to be a warm one. so here are your temperatures as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. we're looking at 80s tomorrow. unless you're on the jersey shore. because it's a little cooler. but plenty of sunshine tomorrow. we get into saturday. could see a shower or storm moving through. near record highs all in the 80s. even out along the jersey shore. if you're not on the water, then we get into sunday. do the math. 89 on saturday. 70s sunday. that's a 20 degree drop. you're goirng to need flip-flops on saturday. and maybe your jacket ob sunday. >> extra e deodorant. nbc 10 is getting you prepared for severe weather. >> our weather team brings you ahead of the storm. a first alert special from your home to the car. we'll help you get you and your family ready for the upcoming storm season. you can catch the special next
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tuesday at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. coming up, a record haul for the nbc 10 responds team. how they managed to get more than $100,000 back for someone. plus draft day visitors. a scene that played out when a certain someone showed up on the parkway.
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looking for a new home. >> seth williams home is for sale. he's facing federal bribery charges lifted his home for sale a week ago. the home can be yours for $450,000. it mentions a new roof. he's accused of accepting that as a gift. he failed to report on his financial disclosure forms. the fate of this iconic sign in burlington county will be decided next month. leaders say they will check on the condition to see if it can be moved meaning it's not clear if savings the sign will cost taxpayers. young people around the office today, there's good
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reason. it was take your child to workday. kids got to see sky force 10 and showed off. >> very cool. we are counting down to the nfl draft tonight. and heading up our coverage. >> an historic night for philadelphia's on top. the excitement is building out hire. >> the crowds are packing the parkway. one guy showed and created a clam mor on the parkway.
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a 20-hour standoff with a killer of a state trooper comes to a deadly end. investigator says sealy fired shots at officers and police shot and killed him when he walked out of the house with a gun at 9:20 this morning. the standoff unfolded after corporal ballard was shot outside a wawa. it happened as he went to investigate two men in a suspicious car. he got out of the car, then fired at him. police say he got in his own car and drove off. the other man in the car has not been charged. nbc 10's drew smith is live where he's been talking to investigators. >> those investigators released a lot of new information today.
5:30 pm
>> they told us this investigation is far from over. the driver was arrested but released without charges. so police here want to figure out what those two were doing in the car when the trooper approached. and maybe that could shed some light on why this trooper had to lose his life. police say customers at a wawa noticed this it red dodge was parked in the lot for a long time. trooper steven ballard checked it out. >> he had reason to stop that vehicle. for what he determined to be something suspicious. >> reporter: the trooper asked the passenger to step out. witnesses noticed something was wrong. >> the cop was just wrus l ling with him. >> he pulled a gun and began shooting. >> he immediately went to the ground. the suspect fired multiple rounds. >> reporter: state police were overcome with emotion as they recounted the dramatic events that followed tracking sealy to his home, setting up a perimeter and trying to communicate with
5:31 pm
him all night. >> in hopes we would have a peaceful surrender. >> reporter: it would not end that way. tactical teams used explosives to blow up doors and windows. they say sealy fired shots from inside and at 9:00 this morning he came out armed and police shot him dead. sealy's family is cooperating with the investigation. they were the ones who called 911 and said that sealy had called them and confessed to shooting a trooper. we're live, nbc 10 news. >> stay with the latest developments on this investigation online as well as the nbc 10 app. taking a right-hand turn to our coverage of the nfl draft. sky force 10 live over the parkway where the countdown is on. it looks fun out there. philadelphia will find itself in the spotlight. jim rosenfield and jacqueline
5:32 pm
london are live at the nbc 10 headquarters on the ben franklin parkway. >> they are anxious to see who is going to become the newest member. >> eagles have the 14th pick tonight. >> and fans are seeing memorable draft moments from another collection nearly 20 years ago. >> that was a year ago. selecting carson wentz with the second pick in the draft. today wentz drew quite the crowd as he made an appearance on the parkway. he's no doubt very anxious to find out who the birds will
5:33 pm
choose with their first selection tonight. john clark is joining us live. >> i know you spoke to the eagles coach about all that led up to this very night. tell us about that. >> we have some interesting news about that. the ohio state cornerback who was accuse d of rape but not charged our reporters are reporting that nfl teams and the eagles have concluded through their investigations that he is innocent. so apparently it will not affect his draft policy. if it you have guys like conley and joe nixon, who had the videotape where he was caught punching a woman, that's definitely one situation it seems teams are going to back off. doug peterson said it's a case by case basis. he said last week there are doug peterson says seven or eight now. >> we spend so much time leading up to the draft weeks before the draft just really going over all
5:34 pm
those scenarios and making sure our plan is in place for the entire weekend. not just the first round. just the entire. and he's exactly right. we exhaust about those different scenarios. it's like a game plan. you have to go in and have every stone overturned and you have to have everything covered. you never know what's going to happen. and there's usually surprises in the draft. you have to be prepared for ?ádr everything. >> doug would not give us a hint whether they were lean iing towards offense or defense. he repeated the mantra of the eagles and their decision ma makers. they are going to take the best player available. i know you could say it altogether. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> best player available, we got it, thanks so much.
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they got to be happy about the weather too. looks like it's going to be great for tonight's start of the draft. >> let's go to first alert meteorologist tammie souza about what we can expect. we know you like to describe the weather sometimes in terms of attire. particularly the feet. that's definitely a flip-flop kind of night out here. >> it's a flip-flop shoe. wear whatever is comfortable. you and i think the same. taking a look at the link, light winds. you can see the turbines going out there. we do some overcast skies that have moved into the area. the temperature right now, 78 degrees with winds out of the south. they are going to boost us even higher. and on saturday. so take a look at where we're going to be going. 82 tomorrow. we will see sunshine. we could see a shower or thunderstorm tonight. we'll see southwest winds to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow night and saturday, we could see a shower or thunderstorm as well. we're going to be near record territory. it will be very warm and humid on saturday. 9 degrees. the old record is 90.
5:36 pm
get ready to sweat. when i come back in a little with the full forecast, i'm going to show you a huge drop because sunday looks nothing like saturday. back to you. >> we'll make sure to soak up and enjoy the next few days. while they wait to hear their names called, potential draft picks get busy this morning. they led a group of 100 local kids in a football clinic along the parkway they helped with passing, receiving and tackling. the nfl commissioner was also there checking out the talent. maybe one of these kids will hear their name called at a future nfl draft. >> could be. you never know. a lot going on. things just getting underway. back to you. >> nbc 10 will bring you behind the scenes for all the action for the nfl draft. catch our live draft day special at 7:00. then we'll wrap up the highlights for you on sunday night with eagles blueprint. getting up for school can
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sometimes be a little difficult, but local students will soon be sleeping in a little later. that story straight ahead. plus an unexpected discovery. the unusual place where this creature was found in our area. yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs?
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a new initiative to help gun owners keep their firearms safe.
5:40 pm
a campaign will give all county gun owners a free gun lock. it's called ben's campaign, lock it up. it's named in honor of a 2-year-old benjamin smith. the ed toddler found his dad's loaded gun inside their home. then shot and killed himself while playing with it. ben's father pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter. wiley has become an activist for gun safety. a majority of current gun owners are thinking two things. one, this kind of thing will never happen to me. and trust me, i was one of those people. there was not a single morning i woke up and i thought that that this was going to be how my day went. >> you can pick up the gun locks at the sheriffs department and at local police departments. now here's a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county across the region today. a chester county school district is going to let students sleep
5:41 pm
later. this week the unionville school board approved a measure that push iings start times back. it will start in september. high school and middle school will start 25 minutes later and classes will start a 15 minutes later for elementary school students. in camden county, business must be booming. people packed into the pavilion applying for jobs at the camden county job fair. more than 100 companies have openings. the job fair wrapped up at 2:00. in mercer county, students got a slithering surprise at school. this snake made i its way into a classroom in princeton ob tuesday. it was in bad health and given to a rescue center for rehab. if nobody claims it, it will be put up jury sees first happened the site where a terrible discovery was made a year and a half ago. the story in a live report, straight ahead.
5:42 pm
and it's on ward and upward. take a look at the temperature trend for tomorrow. it will get even warmer for your saturday. we could be breaking records. we'll talk about that, when i come back. and coming up at 6:00, a retail hiring hundreds at the jersey shore. why some say the store can't open soon enough.
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new video where a jury saw firsthand the site where toddler's body was found. the boy's father is accused of killing him and dumping his body in these woods. nbc 10's rosemary connors was there when jurors surveyed that site. >> the prosecution says it's a big key to this case.
5:45 pm
>> jurors walked down this trail behind me and into the woods. they passed by this e memorial bench in honor of him. it was the scent from one of slippers left at his father's apartment that led investigators to find his body here in 2015. >> do you recognize that item? >> yes. >> where have you seen it before? >> this is the slipper that the officer gave e me. >> the 3-year-old was not wearing his slippers but did have on his socks when police sdovrd his lifeless body here in the creek of cooper river park. >> what about his socks? >> they were clean. >> the detective who took pictures at the toddler at the scene testified about an experiment conducted by investigators in which a 3-year-old girl wore similar socks and walked the same trail brendon would have take on to get down to the creek. >> what was the condition of the socks of the child when she arrived at the creek? >> they were dir tiff and wet.
5:46 pm
>> the 23-year-old killed his son in order to keep a teenage girlfriend who did not like children. while medical examiners have yet testify, the district attorney's office said in opening arguments that evidence would show signs of asphyxiation. >> did you observe any injuries? >> there what appeared to be a bruise on his back and a scrape on his left elbow. >> in the meantime on cross with the lead investigator, the defense asked about his cooperation with authorities in the hours after he reported his son mis. >> he gave you dna when he asked. >> yes, sir. >> he gave you his cell phone. >> yes, sir. >> the trial will assume next week on tuesday. we expect the defense present its case very soon. that could include testimony from d., who may very well take the stand himself. reporting live, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news.
5:47 pm
>> to the weather now. there's quite a difference out there tonight. >> this feels more like summer and spring. >> we have some high, thin clouds that have pushed into the area. but nonetheless a beautiful day. >> 80 in the lehigh valley. 66 in delaware. so the heat is going to be on the next couple days. we could see some records fall. this is going to go on saturday. the old record is 90 pl 89 is the forecast. we could see that happen if we get the showers out of here that are projected to be there in the morning. 86 is the old record in allentown. 85 is the forecast. you go right on down the line. it's really close in any case. we're looking for the potential of brand new record highs on
5:48 pm
saturday. everything quiet as the doppler radar sweeps the sky. you can see the clouds being kicked in from the line of storms off to the west. this brought heavy rain across the midwest. and as it approaches our area, the forecast models want to trend it down. watch the time line. winds out of the southeast. and look at it. it's sort of falling apart overnight. there's one model that has us getting ham turn to the west and southwest. we're in the 60s. look what happens in the afternoon. we go right into the 80s with sunshine out there. then early on saturday morning, here comes a line of what could be very strong storms through the area. we'll have to keep an eye on that. upper 80s on saturday. and on sunday, we really cool down. we're only making it into the 60s. maybe 70 degrees. the winds are turning o ut of the east and that's the culprit. here's your forecast for tonight. we'll see the rain move into the
5:49 pm
area. a lot of this is off to the west at set. temperatures that are generally in the upper 50s and low 60s around the area. 63 the forecast low for philadelphia tomorrow morning. tomorrow we're going to see sunshine with clouds drifting through. 82 in philadelphia. the jersey shore cooler at 73. and then take a look at your ten-day on ten. things really increase by saturday. they dump off quickly. we're going to be looking at 82 for tomorrow. 89 on saturday with a shower or storm. could be gusty in the morning. 70 on sunday. that's a shock to the system. more showers and storms on monday possible. and then tuesday a decent day at 75. we kind of round out the back end of next week rather wet and chilly. up next, a responds record. >> the nbc 10 investigators help get someone more than $100,000 back. >> hi, everybody.
5:50 pm
take a look at this house. the loaner ear says he could have lost it until we got involved. the details coming up on nbc 10 responds. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, calling out the city from high above the parkway. who is trying to use the banner plane to get attention at the nfl draft.
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5:53 pm
. another major sporting have been. the penn relays started this morning. the penn relay is the oldest and largest track and field competition in the united states. sky force 10 flew over the race this is morning. athletes from all over the world are competing with even a hometown hero running. the events continue tomorrow. lester holt has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up for us, as the doctor dragged off a plane reaches a legal settlement, i speak to united's ceo. also why parents are being warned about a documentary on suicide and what a closer lock at the president's tax plan reveals when we see you at "nbc
5:54 pm
nightly news." >> thank you. we'll e see you at u6:30. our biggest recovery yet. a man refinanced his house after the payments became too much. >> when problems persisted, he knew just who to call. the nbc 10 responds team. >> we got together with him and things worked out. this man said not only were they under water on payments, the cost of repairs was mounting after the home was hit by a storm. >> jim castle is showing off the damage to his home after a recent storm. he's working hard to get it back in good shape. >> this house we worked our butts off to get. we worked our butt off to keep. >> keeping the house was getting harder each month with the mortgage weighing him down. he worked with loans to get a modification in december. >> we were paying it and it was great. >> reporter: but then problems
5:55 pm
started when they were supposed to sign the new paperwork for the permanent loan. >> february came. i called them and they told us basically we're still working on it. we're still working on it. >> reporter: it turns out he says they lost his paperwork locking him out of his account online to make payments. he tells us they finally found the paperwork and promised to reopen his account. months went by and no updates. >> they have given me every exexcuse in the book. after calling more than 30 times, he tried something else. we reached out to the company who tells us there was a processing delay and a permanent modification will be in place shortly. days later, they got this letter to show his monthly payment from $1400 to $1284. enabling him and his wife to stay in the house. >> let me give you a big hug for helping with us. >> my pleasure.
5:56 pm
>> by the way, his problems just last week the federal government sued them for failing borrowers at every stage of the process. the company says it disputes the allegations and says the findings are unfounded. he's lucky he found us. we were able to help him out. he was able to keep his home. >> there's no group here in this newsroom that enjoys getting money back as much as you guys. >> i love getting money back for people. >> how much? >> big milestone. with this $156,000 recovery, our count counter is now at $588,967. i love the confetti. >> doing it for viewers at home who need it most. >> if you have a complaint, give us a a call or fill out the form on we will respond to you. up next at 6:00, mourning in
5:57 pm
delaware after a state trooper was murdered. woor learning more about who we was from his co-workers and more about the killer's past. jobs to the jersey shore where people are getting hired on the spot in an area that's short on jobs. plus we're back here live in our draft headquarters. we'll tell you who we caught practicing on the big stage ahead of tonight's draft. plus fashion on the parkway. the rainbow of jerseys, next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, delaware in mourning. >> i stand before you with an aching heart. >> state trooper steven ballard murdered outside a wawa store. >> the cop went down. he shot him. >> the accused killer now. after a nearly day-long standoff inside this home. >> it's just so sad. >> good evening, i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. the killer's name is burgen sealy. he shot the trooper multiple times. >> some 20 hours later, police shot and killed sealy this morning after he had shot at police from a middletown, delaware, home. >> that house's windows, doors
6:00 pm
were blown out as officers tried to get inside. e we learned his parents live here. sealy confessed on the phone to a family member who then called 911. but he stayed barricaded for 20 hours shooting at police. he walked out of the home with weapons at 9:15 this morning and was then shot by police. he was pronounced dead at 9:30. >> this home is about 15 mile was from where corporal ballard was killed. police say he was responding to a suspicious car at a wawa store before a struggle with sealy who allegedly shot him. a memorial is growing tonight outside that wawa store, which is now closed. corporal ballard leaves behind a wife and stepdaughter. he was an eight-year veteran of the force. >> tim furlong joins us live from the state police barracks with more on who the trooper was. you have been talking with people


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