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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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were blown out as officers tried to get inside. e we learned his parents live here. sealy confessed on the phone to a family member who then called 911. but he stayed barricaded for 20 hours shooting at police. he walked out of the home with weapons at 9:15 this morning and was then shot by police. he was pronounced dead at 9:30. >> this home is about 15 mile was from where corporal ballard was killed. police say he was responding to a suspicious car at a wawa store before a struggle with sealy who allegedly shot him. a memorial is growing tonight outside that wawa store, which is now closed. corporal ballard leaves behind a wife and stepdaughter. he was an eight-year veteran of the force. >> tim furlong joins us live from the state police barracks with more on who the trooper was. you have been talking with people who knew him.
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>> it's another tough night. a number of troopers have text meso say what a good guy he was. take a look at this. you can see the state police vehicle in front of troop 2. the flag is at half staff. i'm told when the trooper saw something unusual, he always checked it out and that's how he was killed. >> absolutely. one of our guys. it's a devastating loss. >> reporter: corporal ballard was a good stap state trooper and you know what his colleagues did to honor him? they kept working. >> the good news for citizens is that steve had over 700 brothers and sisters to do exactly what he did yesterday. so the citizens of this state are in hands. >> reporter: he was raised in maryland and even in @ civil air patrol there. a year and a half ago he was transferred up state to troop two. he was a dui enforcement specialist and about to take on a couple big projects. but family was job one. he lived with his wife and
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stepdaughter. >> he was very close to his family. he was the kind of guy that text her every day to make sure she got to work every morning. >> troopers will say his wife gets all the support she needs is and look out for each other as they work through this tough time together. >> people like steveball lord don't expect accolades or awards. they want to do a job and take care of people in crisis and go home to their families every day. unfortunately we lost a hero yesterday. >> a few minutes ago a couple showed up to donate a lot of food and cater dinners. i saw people stopping to say prayers. i have seen a lot of law enforcement agency officials come here to offer their support we're waiting to hear for funeral plans. i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the nbc 10 investigators are uncovering new information into who the suspect was. we have learned sealy was previously charged in florida in
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2013. he was found smoking marijuana with a handgun in his waistband. part of his sentence included 12 months of probation, which was transferred to delaware because sealy lived there with his family. nbc 10 spoke to someone who has known his family for two deca s decades. she she's shocked by what happened. >> how did this happen. a christian family. they raised him up in a loving home. >> sealy ended his probation early after completing about half of it. the 20-hour standoff forced residents to evacuate or stay locked down inside their home. >> you can see just how badly the house was damaged during the standoff. neighbors say they were frightened as the hours passed with no end to the ordeal.
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>> investigators are still at the house, however, residents are back in their homes. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates. we'll post new information the minute we get it on the app and on now to another major story we're following. the nfl draft is bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the ben franklin parkway starting tonight. sky force 10 flying live right now over the crowd. people have been here for hours. even though the draft is still two hours away. >> preparations have been happening for months. the culmination is an hour and 56 minutes away. >> the eagles and teams start to
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choose their future stars at 8:00 tonight. >> it's an exciting time. crews will be working until the very last second to make sure everything inside the draft arena is up and running before the entire country sees it on tv. let's take a look at that draft stage again from sky force 10. it has three walls instead of four so fans who don't have tickets what a treat for them. they will get a good view from the parkway even though they are not inside. and the nfl really wanted to incorporate the museum of art and the rocky steps as an integral part of that draft. >> definitely has that majestic feel. round one of the draft. >> lauren mayk is with some of the most eager fans who arrived here just as soon as the doors
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opened today. >> this is the place to be. the parkway e completely transformed. this is now a sports fan's dream day. at the end of the parkway at the theater at the center of the draft, last-minute preparations before the spotlight hits philadelphia. this is the time for final walk-throughs and adjustments. >> how are you feeling today that the draft is behind you? >> it's wonderful. >> it's taken weeks to transform the front of the art museum and block in the heart of the city into the center of the football universe. fans making their way toward the action with hopes of seeing their favorites. >> i want to see brian dawkins.
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>> it's really bad in the house during football season. >> here you do have to get used to seeing more than eagles gear. for three days philadelphia is sharing its home turf. >> did it make you nervous? >> ab sloutly not. >> in a shirt she made herself ib colluding the draft make it home here. >> it's about time. we're going to kick butt this season. >> sports fans coming here with all kinds of jerseys, expectations for tonight and for the season. but ultimately coming here to e see history. >> it is just a perfect night for it. it is warming up here along the parkway already. it's really going to feel like summer tomorrow.
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>> already seeing a lot of people in t-shirts and shorts. let's bring in glenn schwartz. just how hot is it going to get? >> you're going to be able to use the t-shirts and shorts saturday as well. and saturday is going to be the hottest day and the most humid day. some folks might be complaining about the heat by then. the wind turbines not going very far at lincoln financial field. a lot 06 wind, but just enough to keep a sea breeze at the shore. allentown still 80 degrees. 77 in philadelphia. we got up to 81 for the high today. we have some clouds moving through. but there's no precipitation with those clouds. we have to wait for this stuff in western pennsylvania. there's showers and thunderstorms out there. so we'll be tracking them through the night. ask then talk about how hot it's going to get over the weekend. >> we'll see you soon. in the meantime, the eagles seem to make a good decision this time last year. >> carson wentsz is out on the
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parkway tonight. we have video of the crowd just swarming him. he tweeted earlier today one year ago i got that call. crazy how fast it's gone by. best of luck to those boys waiting to hear their names this weekend. we'll bring you an interview with carson wentz talking about his draft memories on our draft day special at 7:00 tonight. then we'll wrap up all the eagles draft decisions sunday at 11:35. >> and we'll be back later in this newscast with a look at the fan experience. first, back to the studios with keith jones and erin coleman. >> a lot of fun out there. fans having fun. thank you so much. let's get to some of the other headlines we're following tonight. >> cop killer eric frein was given his death sentence today. the judge telling the courtroom the story of eric frein ends today. after the sentencing injured alex douglas had a message for people who target police.
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>> cowards can't get away with murdering or causing injury to any law enforcement officer. this is an example to show them that they are not going get away with it. >> frein's death sentence will be appealed to the state supreme court. there's also a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania imposed by the governor who would need to sign the death e warrant. looking for work? where hundreds of new jobs are now popping up and a part of our area desperately needs them. sky high cry for attention. who is using this to call out the city of philadelphia tonight. that's comfortable long time.
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another live look at the ben franklin parkway where the fans are filing in for the 201 nfl draft. 200,000 people will be here to experience it all over the next two days. crews will be working up to the very second the draft starts to get the theater at the art museums all finished. >> the nfl fan experience is already up and running. there's so much to do from pint size football fields for pint size players to the zip lines and people from around our area and across the country. they have been enjoying this fun.
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they got a look at the vince lombardi trophy. >> it's a great time. we downloaded the app. we're trying to get the badges and the kids it on their phones. it's good experience for ravens fans. >> we have the rules for getting in all on our free app. that's all from our draft headquarters.
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>> the teacher did an online fundraise tore pay for the ban tore call attention to the teachers union to get a new contract. the school district told us they are working to get a a fair contract for teachers. walmart is bringing hundreds of new to its new store under construction. >> as nbc 10 bureau reporter says the store is going up in an area that desperately needs new job opportunities. >> as construction crews put their skills to work to build a massive new walmart in egg harbor township, stephanie walker came to this hiring center nearby hoping to become one of the stores 300 employees. >> it's kind of hard to find a job. a region reeling from sures since 2014. >> according to the latest available figures, atlanta
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county's unemployment rate at just over 8% is the second highest in new jersey neighboring cape may county at the top of the list. >> i have been waiting 27 yaerz for the walmart to come. i have been hearing about it for years. i'm very excited it's coming. >> since the hiring center opened on monday, well over 200 people have come into apply. more managers say then they expected. >> it means a lot to me. the pike is set to open in mid-july. some applicants getting hired on the spot, including stephanie walker. >> i'm on top of the world. >> building hope as she now prepares to join a retail giant. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. turning to our first alert weather.
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it might be a good weekend to hit the beach. it reached 80 degrees. a nice night in center city. it will e get even warmer tomorrow and humid too. we're okay with that. >> it's going to be a little warmer tomorrow. and a lot warmer on saturday. that's the day a lot of you are going to be saying i think it's a little too hot and humid so early in the season. 77 degrees in philadelphia. we have the sun coming back after a couple hours of clouds. the 70s with sunshine. just about everywhere else across the area. some of the warmest weather we have seen today is in the lehigh value e lee. 78 in reading. 79 in white hall. 76 in bethlehem. a little warmer tomorrow. and then a lot warmer on saturday. those clouds moving through, no
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showers with them. we have showers and even some thunderstorms in western pennsylvania. we're going to have to watch through the night tonight. here's the futurecast. you can see some of them generally after midnight. but this latest computer model just in showing everything really weak k overnight. by tomorrow morning, it is warm. and then tomorrow afternoon into the low 80s. maybe even a little lower humidity than what we saw today. we still have the cooler weather at the shore. not quite as cool as today. it was in the 50s at the beaches today. that's why nobody is on the beach in cape may. saturday morning we could see a round of showers or thunderstorms. then we get a break. and then the temperatures shoot up. so we have this southwest wind warming us up on saturday. it's going to start coming from
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the northeast. that's going to be bringing the cooler air in. so e we start at 66 sunday morning. what happened to the temperature? it's down. 58 in mount holly. 57 in doylestown. that's sunday afternoon. 24 hours earlier it was close to 90 and record warmth. quite a difference. tomorrow pretty nice day. 84 degrees. a little e lower humidity. 81 in allentown. a little bit warmer at the shore. 70 degrees in long port before a sea breeze kicks in. tz it's warmer on saturday. 81 degrees i have for saturday. and then 60 for the high on sunday. 89 in philadelphia. the record is 90. down to 70 for the high on sunday. a lot of the day probably in the
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60s. and then we could see the thunderstorms first thing saturday morning. >> back here live, a big night for the eagles. just a a few more hours. they will be on the clock to make their first draft pick. >> that's next in it sports.
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i'm john clark live on the parkway for the nfl draft. the eagles have the 14th pick
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and there are thousands of eagles fans here already. ca carson wentz came here and it was like the pope was on the parkway again. they had had the part the sea of eagle ls fans to get carson to a stage where he was going to take pictures with fans and watch what happens when a cowboys fan comes up to him and wants to take a picture. this is great stuff. >> we're really excited. we expect big things. we end ed a little earlier than we would have liked, but we're headed in the right direction. >> one last thing. to all the fans out here in philadelphia, what do you want to say to the fans? >> they are crazy and i love it.
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>> he said they are crazy and i love them. i got to go one-on-one with head coach doug peterson. he said there are seven or eight scenarios of players they like. i asked about conley and others reporting that a lot of teams have investigated and believe he's innocent of the charges. i asked doug pointedly has owner jeff laurie given you permission to draft conley. >> as you know, our policy here is it's a case by case situation. e we want to make sure we're doing our due diligence. . at the same time, we have to make sure we are doing it right and if these people are available and players are available, that everything is sort of taking care of before we decide to make a selection. >> the phillies beat the marlins. they swept them. i'm john clark. we're become after this.
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another live look at the draft from sky force 10. the crowd is growing and growing. >> just about 90 minutes from now, the official nfl draft begins. >> our draft coverage is just starting now from our nbc 10 draft headquarters. we're bringing you a one-hour special at 7:00 tonight and on subd we'll wrap up every pick with blueprint at 11:35 on sunday night. >> for now, back to the studio for a last check on the weather. >> they were lucky. they hit the jackpot today. anybody out there tomorrow is going to hit the jackpot too. it's going to be a similar day. maybe even a little lower humidity. it heats up on saturday. a of thunderstorms. then much cooler on sunday before we warm up again. >> thank you for that. thank you for watching.
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i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. up next "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. come back for the draft special. tonight, paying the price. late word of a settlement me between united airlines and that passenger violently dragged off a plane as we sit down exclusively with united's ceo. what he says is to blame and what changes are on the way. cop-killer stand off. a state trooper gunned down and a 20-hour drama. the swat team blows the door open as he comes out shooting. american special ops soldiers killed. two dead, another wounded. what happened? tv controversy, a new series about a fictional teenage girl and the 13 reasons why she took her own life. some schools sounding the alarm accusing the series of glamorizing suicide. what's the story? an inspiring young


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