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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the party is still going on. we're waiting on the browns to make another first round pick but some of these eagles fans have left. we'll move closer into the crowd. you can see some people sitting around, dancing. kind of taking this whole experience in. we're going over to my left where you can see the stage. some people sitting down. but again after roger goodell made that pick for the eagles, that announcement came in and a lot of these eagles left but we caught up with them to get their reaction to this first round pick. a mix of cheers, boos and silence for philadelphia's newest eagle, defensive tackle, barnette. reaction was mixed. >> i love it. our defense needs rebuilding. i i think he's going to do great things for philadelphia. >> still on the board. >> that's who you wanted?
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>> we want weapons r, right? >> i came down from the mountain. >> we met with fans who took time to soak in the nfl draft experience which took over the parkway. >> i came down from new york city just for this. >> and it's cool, really cool. >> the first a&m draft pick will be hosted in the city that we live in. >> reporter: other people made sure to show their true colors, including michael vanderslice. >> every team's embracing every team. a 49ers fan whose girlfriend loves the eagles. >> still love him, eerven though he's a niners fan. >> i'm going to proceed with caution. >> you can hear him the announcing the latest pick for cleveland. however, for most of the fans coming from opposing teams this was a great experience unless you're a cowboys fan for obvious
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reasons. the nfl draft experience, a big hit with people here. some people telling us they're going to come back tomorrow and another day this weekend. >> what crowds? they just want more. we have much more coverage from the draft including a closer look at derek barnette. but the bloom for businesses on the parkway. and reddick sees his nfl dreams come true. all of that coming up on nbc 10 news at 11:00. new video taken just steps away from the house where police took down a suspected killer. they're combing through this site as we learn more about the fallen trooper. >> live at balered's troupe in gas go. >> reporter: you can see his patrol car and how many people
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have come down to bring balloons and flowers. tonight, the people who once worked with balered are trying to figure out who would kill someone who has committed to public service for so many years. >> tonight a closer look at the home where burgen steely spent his final 20 hours battling police in a tense stand off. >> there were booms all night. >> reporter: fbi teams took measurements and gathered evidence. that home now ripped apart, explosives blasted down doors and you can see how they tore out siding and installation. the stand off only ended when he came back armed with weapons. police shot him dead. >> i never thought he would be in a situation that he was. >> reporter: where this started, a growing memorial. they haven't revealed why he was
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there just that sealy shot the trooper many times. >> he leaves behind his lovely wife, louise, a daughter, and a loving family. >> balered served delaware for eight years but he began in a civil air patrol. >> big lovable teddy bear, everyone enjoyed being around him. >> reporter: a local boy with law assprations tell us it's troopers like balered that show the best. >> it's up to me to -- >> reporter: the state police established a fund in ballard's name today. they say he will not be forgotten. troupe 2, nbc 10 news. and as we learn more about trooper ballard, download the nbc 10 app and sign up to have alerts sent right to your home.
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and corporal ballard's death was a painful reminder at 5k. lieutenant joseph zurba was stabbed to death. he was an 18 year veteran of the new castle county department. new money raised goes to a scholarship fund raised in his honor. house muyort leader tells nbc news leaders are still talking to members about the measure. not voting will deny president trump a major victory in his first 100 days in office that ends saturday. the story of erick frein ends today. the judge delivered that message to a packed courtroom. convicted cop killer was sentenced to death. trooper alex douglas had a message today for people who
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target police. >> these cowards that there out there can't get away with murdering or causing severe injury to any law enforcement officer and this goes as an example tool show them they're not going to get away with it. >> his death sentence will be automatically appealed to the state supreme court. there's a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. a camden county jury visited a site where a body was found. his body was discovered there in october of 2018. they say his father killed his son to please a teen age girlfriend who didn't like children. the defense claims the boy may have wandered from his father's apartment in the middle of the night. a peeping tom who spied on women in a restaurant bathroom. they say this man followed a woman into restroom in princeton
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and peeped add her through a crack in the stall. a teenager's facing charges after this large group of bikes took over the vine expressway over the weekend. the teen organized the bike ride and video went viral. no word if anyone else will be charged. a mont gomery county bridge is being closed. they're looking for a short term fix. the bridge was built in 1883. it's said to be updated but that project does not begin until 2020. >> seth williams, the cash strapped williams put his over booked home on the market $460,000. itcludes the new $45,000 roof. williams is awaiting trial on bribery charges. one of those gifts included that
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new roof. his trial is set for next months. the man at the center of a video reached a settlement with united airlines today. dr. david dou settled. he was dragged off a plane after refusing to give up his seat on an over booked flight. now united airlines is focusing on 10 policy changes following that incident. they're vowing to reduce but not eliminate over selling. they will offer up to $10,000 to passengers who give up their seats on an over booked flight and employees will go through increased training. a turning atlantic casino into a water park failed again. the owner says it has six potential bidders for the casino and is competent a new deal can be struck soon. it's been closed since 2014. the atlantic club not the only
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casino having trouble finding life. the trump plaza has been closed since 2014 and the owner's still trying to sell that property. the new own of the rebel casino keeps running into red tape with the city and the state. the showboat reopened last july as a hotel. the nfl draft isn't the only big sporting event in philadelphia this week. athletes from all over the world are competing that 123rd annual penn relays at franklin field. it's the oldest track and field competition in the united states. two time olympic gold medalist english varheys is competing. 10s of thousands are in philadelphia for this event. >> reporter: no question about it. take a look at this.
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we're along logan circle, the parkway where all these people are going. we're talking hotels and we're talking bebusinesses. and all those people are smart to get out of there now because there is rain heading towards fill defl i a. we'll talk about this and a huge warm up straight ahead with your forecast. i lost my son because of curiosity and my neglect. >> how one dad is a using a personal tragedy to spark a safety change
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. tuns and tuns of people, jim and jacky. they were in all different jerseys. the fill dephiladelphiaens have up. 10s of thousands are making their way down from the draft that art museum steps. now walking along the parkway to the bars and hotels and some places are seeing double their normal business. local charities are also reaping the benefits. the sidewalks packed, the bars mobbed. >> it's controlled chaos. >> city manager told methey've been at max capacity since 2:00. >> it's been busy all day. >> reporter: out of towners reped their teams. >> we were doing good and once
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it got really going, it was dallas sucks. >> reporter: melissa gonzales is brave who travelled from texas. >> we were told but got to support, we're here. we're bringing texas with us. >> earlier the tgi friday's roof top was crowded. note lk guest c.j. spun records to benefit the big brothers and sisters of pa. people from all over the country came out in support. >> i've met people from houston, california, i even met some folks from holland. >> there was a fan here from absolutely every team in the nfl. and as the first round is concluding, even more people are expected. max capacity all around here along the parkway and more people means more local business in philadelphia.
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reporting liecve, nbc 10 news. >> all right, keith. call it a sky high cry for attention. a philadelphia teacher hired a plane to fly this banner over the nfl draft festivities. it reads city hall loves sports but hates our teachers and the same teacher put up this billboard last month to bring attention to the union fight to get a new contract. they're working to get a farrakhan tract for teachers. and a bucks county father charged in the accidental shooting death of his son is using his personal tragedy to spark a safety change. the initiative is called ben's campaign, lock it up. it's in honor of his son, 2-year-old benjamin smith. the 2-year-old shot and killed himself while playing a loaded
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gun. the father pleaded guilty to involuntary man slot and has become an activist for gun safety. >> if i had taken the extra step to put it in a lock box or a safe or one of these $1.50 gun locks, my son would still be here. >> you can pick up a gun lock at local police departments. president trump is creating an office. he signed an executive order creating that office. it will identify poorly performing employees and protect anyone who reports negligent care and wait time information will be on hospital websites. we've got sunny skies tomorrow. then we could see rain over the weekend. >> but tonight was so good. oh, it was so, so good, 81
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was our high today. amazing. we should be in the upper 60s. outside a beautiful night. so everybody's getting to see philadelphia in all of its glory. 68 degrees right now. we don't have a heat index but earlier today we had one. and the winds are calm. so where are we going to be heading for the remainder of the evening? only 66 degrees. the winds will turn to the southwest. we'll have a few clouds tomorrow morning and then we're going to clear out and get bright sunshine. there's nothing in philadelphia. but if you head past the poconos, you can see a little bit of activity moving across the state. what we have is a storm system. this was very vigorous across the midwest and it is lifting more north than eastward. and you can see it's falling apart. we could get clipped with an isolated shower tonight. it is not going to be a washout. you notice most of them staying
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north of the area but we have a few clouds tomorrow morning. the winds are turning more westerly, taking us to 82 and bright sunshine. the models have been all over the place. they put storms to the south,ing to the north. some could be gusty. we're under the risk of severe storms in the area early on saturday. then it kind of clears out. we get up into the upper 80s for our saturday. sunday we dump off not too terribly much though. the forecast models want to keep us still in the 70s. it looked like it was going to be much cooler. 80 for all of you in ready. we're going to be looking at 80 in westchester. take a look at by burry at 84 and 83 in trenton, let's go to galloway where it will be 83. atlantic city, 70 degrees.
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and 82 for all of you in wilmington. at the ownend of the show we'll have your 10 day on 10. also tonight, denim dis. see how one company is using a little sweat to mock nordstrom's high priced mud jeans.
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averages designer dish from reebok. it's mocking nordstrom and their mud caked jeans by advertising a reebok authentic sweat shirt. the shirt was never actually for sale. they were just poking fun at nordstrom for its $425 jeans in what they call caked on muddy coating. >> if i came home with those, my wife would say, honey, wash your
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pants. john clark live at the nfl draft. defensive end they went with. >> reporter: i called it on our pregame show. >> yes, you did, sir. >> reporter: thank you. erick barnette, he is their first round pick. the eagles got the guy they wanted. we'll tell you what he has in common with eagles great, reggie white.
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to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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hey, i'm john clark live on the parkway. the eagles say they got their guy at number 14, derek barnette, the defensive end from tennessee. he has something in common with the late great reggie white.
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he broke the sack record at tennessee. take a look at derek barnette being selected by the birds. interestingly he said the eagles were his last visit. defensive coordinator jimt schwartz told him you fit our scheme and you remind us of terrell scruggs. listen to him. >> i heard the fans are very passionate and i know i'm going to an organization with a lot of great players. like i said i just can't wait. i'm ready to get to work. everybody's telling me to enjoy this moment but i love football and i'm ready to get back to what i love to do. he thinks i fit the defense very well. they compared me to a young key sizzle and i took that as a great complicate because he's going to be a hall of famer. >> he's going to get after the quarterback and all the way from
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camden to a walk on at temple and now he is a first round draft pick in the nfl. he went bethoo arizona cardinals and guess who coaches the ca cardinals? former temple coach, brucearian. here is haason. >> this is a place with a fellow temple guy. that's special. how many people coming from this draft can say they're going to play for a fellow alum. it's going to be really special. >> reporter: owls in arizona. he says the first thing he's going to do is buy his mom a house. live on the parkway, we're right back. whoa!
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welcome back. sky 410 continuing to bring us these beautiful views of day one of the nfl draft. all the way back along the ben franklin parkway. couldn't have asked for better weather for the beginning of the draft. eagles made their pick earlier tonight and it's not over yet. >> and when you see the crowds that were out there, unbelievable. we knew the numbers would be about 200,000 estimated and it looks like there could have been indeed that many. >> and you have two more days to go. it's going to be warm all of the days and 81 for a high today. could not have asked for something better. we may get some showers. they're going to be widely scattered. and 84 fr tomorrow. then tomorrow night we could see strong storms come in.
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they'd be overnight into saturday morning. this could be between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. then it clears to 89 degreeseds. we drop back to 70 but the forecast models have been saying we could keep that warmth around so we may just be a little bit warmer than that. that's a significant drop from 89 to 70 degrees in one day. >> and down to 58. >> we won't even talk about that. let's just focus on this. flip-flops and fun, right? >> we'll focus on that. >> have a great night. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma whatson, w. kamau bell, jersey pizza boys, st


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