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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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road around t road. 95 looks good. cameras around girard avenue showing that. the 13-minute drive time in total from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. here average speeds are into the 60s. moving toward center city, no problems especially moving toward the vine street expressway. the 42 freeway looks good, as well. five minutes northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. no major problems moving toward philadelphia at least from that part of new jersey. i'll have more updates for the rest of the morning and when i come back in about ten minutes. >> see you then. today more tributes are planned for the delaware state trooper who was shot and killed. we're getting an up-close look at the scene of a barricade where the suspect was holed up. nbc10's katy zachry is live in middletown. what can you tell us? >> reporter: for the better part of the last two days, this town in middletown, delaware, has been the scene of a massive
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police presence. things have quieted, but investigators are still in the neighborhood, still focused on the home where the suspect lived and barricaded himself with weapons. [ inaudible ] armed with weapons according to police, he was shot dead. in the light, you can get a good idea of how intense the standoff was. the tactical team used explosive devices on all sides of the home trying to get sealy to surrender. early on they learned from his family that he shot and killed state police corporal steven ballard at a wawa parking lot wednesday. the reason why is still being investigated. corporal steven ballard spent more than eight years with dwash state police. he was married -- delaware state police. he was married and leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old stepdaughter. colleagues said he loved his job, but he adored his family. >> steve first and foremost is fame guy. he was very close to louise and abigail. steve was the kind of guy that
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texted louise every day when she got to work, to make sure she got to work every morning. first and foremost was always his family. >> reporter: at a news conference yesterday, we were touched at how many colleagues and state troopers were emotional just giving the details of corporal steven ballard, the case, and just the kind of person he was. we've learned that the community is emotional, as well. coming up, how he touched the lives of elementary school students and what they're doing special today. for now, reporting live in middletown, delaware, nbc10 news. >> thank you. the story touched a lot of people. people were thinking about corporal ballard's death during a memorial 5k in wimbledon. it was in honor of another lieutenant killed in the line of duty, joseph zerbea. he was stabbed to death by a suspect in 2011. money raised during the event goes to a scholarship fund in
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his honor. good evening, and welcome to the nfl draft. [ cheers ] come on, philly, come on! [ wild cheers ] there you go. >> you want some of that? >> nfl commissioner roger goodell got what you might call a philadelphia welcome when he opened the draft in front of the art museum last night. you heard the boos. he heard the boos. like, come on -- all right. i'm in philly. come on, bring it. >> that's great. here's a live look at the parkway where it's a little bit more calm this hour than it was yesterday -- last night at 8:00. the nfl draft experience resumes today at noon. the draft picks up at 7:00 with rounds two and three. the eagles have one pick in each of the rounds. >> with the 14th pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett,
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defensive end, tennessee. >> that's awesome. the eagles took an edge rusher in the reggie white tradition as their first-round pick. eagles fans along the parkway went wild when the commissioner announced derek barnett of the university of tennessee. >> here's his first reaction in becoming an eagle in front of his new hometown fans. >> i heard the fans are very passionate. and i know i'm going to an organization with a lot of great players. like i said, i can't wait. i'm ready to get to work. >> both points true. he broke reggie white's sack record at tennessee. he went on to become a legend and hall of famer. and temple's haason reddick went to the cardinals with the 13th pick. one pick before the eagles. reddick's from camden, he was a walk-on who made all conference last season. he will join the former temple coach now head coach in arizona. >> man, this -- the place with a
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fellow temple guy. that's special. that's special. how many people, you know, coming from this job are going to say that they're going to play for a fellow alum? it's going to be really special. >> nice. >> is that a gucci jacket? what you do you think? >> i don't know. they were all well dressed. >> expensive, i know that. count on nbc10 to bring complete coverage of day two of the nfl draft in philadelphia. we'll have updates all morning on what's happening later today. nbc10's pam osborne is on the parkway now. we'll check in with her at 5:00. here's some of the stories we're following in the day ahead -- >> we begin with the seth williams corruption case. philadelphia's district attorney is facing a deadline of today from a federal judge. this is the last day that williams can ask for a delay of his trial which is right now set to begin on may 31st. prosecutors asked for more time to prepare, but they didn't get it. a grand jury indicted williams on bribery and fraud charges. williams pleaded not guilty. yesterday he put his home in overbrook up for sale for $450,000.
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williams recently said he's having financial troubles. the house includes a new $45,000 roof that prosecutors say is just one of the gifts williams illegally accepted in exchange for favors. happening today in trenton, new jersey lawmakers will hold a hearing on the commuter crisis facing amtrak and new jersey transit. the heads of the organizations will testify on recent breakdowns and how to move commuters during repairs at penn station this summer. today is day two of the penn relays at franklin field. throa athletes are competing in the 123rd annual meet. it includes two-time champion english gardner from voorheis. relays run through tomorrow. convicted cop killer eric frein is official oh death row. >> we'll tell you what happened in court and hear a message from the state trooper who survived frein's ambush. bike ride blame. what police charged in connection with this scene on the vine street expressway.
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classroom surprise. we'll show where this creature popped up and startled a group of third graders. whoa. a few rain showers this morning. they've already passed boathouse row. a nice view, all lit up. 66 degrees at 4:37. that's going to be a warm one, but there's even warmer weather ahead. the neighborhood forecast coming up.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you with a quick check on the roads. in clayton, new jersey, we're watching for a road closure. route 47, there are poles down from a crash around academy street. both directions are closed. they are detouring traffic for now around the scene. you should be fine to follow any of those detours for now, especially considering it's so early. we're not seeing tons of traffic now. here's route 73. also in new jersey.
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this is around 295. cameras look good. both directions, no jams. no problems. no accidents either. in pottstown, there's one on wilson street right around north adams street. if you're taking 95 and moving through delaware, you'll be good for the most part. checking in with drive times here. 11 minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495 with speeds into the high 50s there. 20 minutes before 5:00. another warm start. and dry in philadelphia. see something showers in south jersey and delaware, but they've already exited philadelphia. it will stay dry for rest. 66 now. 67 at 8:00. look at the warmup. from the 60s through the 70s, by lunchtime, we'll be near 80 degrees. then into the 80s this afternoon. some perfect weather for the penn relays. plenty of sunshine today. look at those temperatures. when it hits close -- when it hits 80 degrees, just after noon, we stay into the 80s right on into the evening hours.
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the suburbs, a few scattered clouds. you'll see sunshine. clouds left over from the showers overnight. 73 degrees at 10:00. look at the sunshine. right on through this afternoon. 80 degrees by 4:00. the lehigh valley, a little bit of light fog to start with. there will be some foggy spots this morning as there's plenty of moisture around. temperatures are starting to warm up already. 77 at noon. any fog disappears quickly. 80s this afternoon for the lehigh valley. new jersey seeing showers, they won't last. they'll be exiting the area. like the rest of the area, into the upper 70s at noon. at the shore, 66. 60s to start with. a beautiful day at the shore, 70s, winds out of the southwest. at 2:00 this afternoon to ten miles per hour. a few raindrops now. but they'll be done first thing this morning. by 10:00, nice and sunny. look at those afternoon temperatures. can't beat it.
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it gets even warmer tomorrow. got your weekend forecast when i come back with the ten day on 10 in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. a philadelphia teacher is using the nfl draft to get a message across. >> we'll show how the high-flying swipe at city hall went off. commuter excuse. the new service for new jersey transit that could help get you out of trouble if you are late for work.
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our county-by-county coverage begins in pike county. the story of eric frein has ended. >> the judge formally sentenced him to death for the murder of a trooper in 2014. a trooper who was injured had a message for people who target police. >> these cowards that are out there can't get away with murdering or causing severe injury to any law enforcement officer. this goes as an example to show that they're not going to get
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away with it. >> it could be many years before frein could be put to death. his attorney says the sentence will be automatically appealed to the state supreme court. there's currently a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. to camden. the jury in the d.j. creato murder trial visited the creek yesterday where the body of 3-year-old brendan creato was found. prosecutors say the father killed his son to please plays teenage girlfriend who -- to please his teenage girlfriend who didn't like kids. the defense claims the child may have wandered from his father's apartment in the middle of the night. the trial resumes tuesday. police in princeton searching for a peeping tom that -- this is a sketch. he followed a woman into a restroom at triumph bureau sunday night -- brewery sunday night and peeked through a crack in the stall. if you recognize him, call princeton police. the fate of this iconic skin in burlington county will be decided next month. olga's will soon be torn down. site's developers have offered to salvage the sign after requests from people in the community who say it has
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nostalgic value. township leaders say the next step to check the condition to see if the sign can be moved to another spot. in atlantic county, spirit airlines is back serving atlantic city national airport. they resumed seasonal flights from boston and atlanta. spirit also added an additional roundtrip between atlantic city and orlando. the service runs through the summer. flights to and from atlanta will continue into the fall. and today, governor tom wolf and penndot officials will celebrate the start of major construction on route 322 in delaware county. crews will widen a nearly seven-mile stretch of the highway from route 1 to just east of route 452. route 322 will go from two lanes to four in that area. a grass median will be added. a montgomery county bridge is now shut down due to safety concerns. the fedders mill road bridge spans lower moreland and bryn athyn. it was originally built in 1883. penndot officials are looking
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for a short-term fix. until they come up with something, traffic will be diverted around the bridge. if you ever wished you could get an excuse note for running late to work, new jersey transit is now on track with it. >> this is crazy. the railroad says it will now offer riders excuse letters if a late train delayed their arrival to work or another obligation. n.j. transit came up with the policy after a sears of derailments -- series of derailments, breakdowns, and delays. you can ask for a note on the website or pick one up at one of its customer service offices. here's a better idea -- be on time. >> i want a stack of notes. i don't take the train. want a stack of notes to have them handy in case. >> i don't take the train k. they give me a few? >> exactly. >> i help them out all the time. >> not just for work. anything you ever go that you're late. sorry. >> exactly. new jersey transit was late yesterday afternoon on the train. 78, we'll start there. nobody's late here yet. if they do, it's your fault.
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no problems or delays so far. everything's moving along. moving through the lehigh valley. a crash in springfield. fairway road around t road. it's been there since earlier. and pottstown, another crash. slippery in spots causing probably some of the problems. on wilson street around north adams and the p.a. turnpike looks good so far. you can see the roads are green. 23 minutes on that westbound side. route 1 to valley forge with average speeds into the 60s. i'll check in with more of the problem spots in the area and new jersey roads when i come back. >> thank you. about 12 minutes before 5:00 a.m. another ho-hum warm day. >> really? i think -- yeah. way warmer than it's supposed to be, right, bill? >> a ho-humidity d day. that sounds boring to me. >> if you like warm temperatures for the weekend -- >> humming a tune.
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there are clouds and a breeze out of the southwest. that's really going to fuel our warmup today. right now, the winds are light. out of the southwest this afternoon to eight miles per hour in philadelphia. nine in wimbledon. -- nine in wilmington. starting off warmer this morning. 60 in the lehigh valley. the suburbs, 57. a few showers in delaware and south jersey, into the 60s. in philadelphia, 66 at philadelphia international. just summerton is cooler at 59 right now. the bus stop, a warm one. and it will be dry. the clouds will be thinning out in atlantic city, 59 degrees. lots of sunshine for reading, exton, quakertown, allentown, clouds. philadelphia, 8:00, 68 degrees. trenton also at 68 at 8:00. right now, if you're leaving the house, this is what you'll see in delaware and south jersey. showers. light showers. no storms here. there were thunderstorms off to the north. they're done for us for today.
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vineland, just line rain. it's going to get -- just light rain. it's going to get steadier but won't last. moving through gloucester, camden, and burlington counties. dry for the rest of the day. see how nice and clear it is? that's our day today. and clear this evening, too. but this wet weather that is to the west, that's going to be moving in overnight tonight. and may be with us first thing tomorrow. this is noontime today. look at that. clear for filled. you see scattered clouds to the west. those are the clouds that will be building this evening to the west. we're still nice and clear at 9:00 this evening. beautiful day. and then the clouds finally start to increase early tomorrow morning. and to start the day, we'll get rain tomorrow morning. that's 4:30 in the morning. you see showers that are moving through, and a possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow morning. it doesn't last. we'll be clearing out and seeing lots of sunshine during the day. it's going to be a warm weekend. these showers and thunderstorms, that's in the morning first thing. then it will clear in the
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afternoon. the temperatures soar close to the record high in philadelphia of 90 degrees. 80s for the rest of the area. then cooler as a cold front comes through. that will drop temperatures on sunday. there's a chance of a shower on sunday, but it doesn't look like a big threat. next week after the warmup for today and tomorrow, a warmup after the cooldown on sunday. monday, showers and thunderstorms. back to sunshine and 70s for tuesday and wednesday. more wet weather for thursday, friday, and into next saturday. looks like it's going to be a sunny sunday. next sunday we'll be near 70 degrees. >> all right. here's a warning, bill -- he's calling your forecast ho-hum, but i said something during the commercial, and he tweeted everything i said. >> that's what i do. new details on an unusual sight in philadelphia. >> remember this -- we showed the video earlier this week. a large group of bicyclists taking to the vine street expressway. this was last weekend. cell phone video went viral. police say the teen who organized the ride is facing charges. we don't know if anyone else will be charged. bikes are not permitted on
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freeways in pennsylvania without penndot's permission. at the jersey shore, a deal to convert the old atlantic club casino in atlantic city into a family water park is once again off the table. the property owner said developers failed to meet a deadline to secure financing. it's the second time in two years that a deal to sell the old casino has fallen through. the owners said there are six possible bidders to the property. and he's confident a new deal can be finalized soon. the atlanta club closed in 2014. it's not the only casino having trouble finding new life. the trump plaza says the owner is trying to sell it. the new owner of the revel casino announced opening dates but keeps running into red tape with the city and state. other casinos had better luck. the showboat reopened last summer as a hotel. the hard rock announced it's buying the trump taj mahal. president trump will visit central pennsylvania tomorrow to mark his 100th day in office with a rally at the pennsylvania farm show kblcomplex in harrisb.
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a key place for the win in trump's election. an update on the rare copy of the declaration of independence found in the uk last week. >> experts are trying to find out how it got there among other things. the handwritten document was stored in a county record office in southern england for more than 60 years. harvard researchers say the manuscript dates back to the 1780s and was likely written in philadelphia or new york. british scientists will be doing tests on the ink and parchment and trying to figure out who owns it. an archivist says the find is still a mystery. >> when was it made? where was it made? why was it made? and who was it made for? and then how did it get here? >> officials valued and insured the parchment for an undisclosed sum. it remains locked up in the county's record office. pretty amazing find. next on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00, a growing food recall that could impact you. we'll tell you the dangerous
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item popping up in hash browns. turning tragedy into change. a local father on a mission to help save lives following his son's death. and at 4:54, online mudslinging. wait until you see the story. we'll show how reebok is making fun of nordstrom's high-priced mud-covered jeans. >> they're selling those in nordstrom's? >> they are. >> wow.
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day two of the nfl draft. philadelphia is shaping up to be a warm one, as we heard from bill. here's a live look at the parkway. today we're expecting summer-like temperatures again. first alert meteorologist bill henley is back in a few minutes with your neighborhood forecast. the sky's the limit for a teacher wanting to make a point about education funding in philadelphia. >> check out the banner plane flying over the nfl draft experience in center city yesterday. the teacher hired the plane to fly the message "city hall loves sports but hates our teachers." the same teacher put up this
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billboard in northern liberty last month. the message was designed to call attention to the teachers union fight for a new contract. the school district told us they're working to get a fair deal for the teachers. a chester county school district will let students sleep later. the chadds ford school board approved a measure that pushes start times back. the change goes into effect for the new school year starting in september. high school and middle school will be pushed back 25 minutes. the elementary school day will start 15 minutes later. in mercer county, an unwanted visitor slithered into a school. third graders discovered a boa constrictor in the elementary school in princeton. the four-foot-long snake was in bad health. the school sent it to an animal rescue senior for rehab. if -- rescue center for rehab. if no one claims her in seven days, the snake will be put up for adoption. >> maybe the class will adopt it. this weekend in philadelphia, you can get out with your kids and run for those who can't even crawl yet.
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>> go! >> these kids have been practicing for something new at the march for babies this year. the superhero sprint. the annual event usually at the art museum. it raises funding for education for premature birth. >> it's too many. more needs to be done. getting more people involved through activities like runs and walks is important. it's a huge fauundraiser that fuels research and development that the march of dimes needs to move things forward. >> one in ten babies is born preterm. the goal is to ensure that every newborn gets a healthy start at life. the walk/run and superhero sprint is sunday at the navy yard. i'll be there to emcee the event. earlier we told you about nordstrom's new mud-caked jeans. remember that? now reebok is mocking the luxury retailer. >> reebok posted a sweatshirt on its website. here it is -- complete with actual sweat stains.
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the shirt was never for sale. reebok of poking fun at nordstrom's for the $425 jeans that you saw. there it is. feerchs wh features what the retailer calls a caked on, muddy coating. >> nordstrom deserved that. come on. >> if you're buying jeans for $425, you deserve to be made fun of. >> no. that's not the issue. the issue is they're covered in mud. jeans -- joneans are expensive. i get that. >> if the mud comes off in the wash, do you get your money back? >> you probably have to because you're paying $425 for them -- >> you pay more for ripped jeans. doesn't make sense. >> i don't know what jeans cost. $100, $50? >> you can get jeans that are very expensive or inexpensive. the point is, why would you buy jeans with mud on them? i want that sweatshirt now. >> if you want mud on your jeans, i'm working in my back yard tomorrow afternoon. there's a lot to do. shovels -- >> free. >> they can volunteer. >> i love when companies troll each other. good job, reebok.
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now for more of the stories we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> day two of the nfl draft continues in philadelphia as fans learn who will be joining the eagles. plus, a special look at what's available for women at the nfl draft experience. searching for answers. investigators are combing through the debris of a home following a standoff of a man who killed a delaware state trooper. and escalating tensions. president trump says there is a chance the u.s. could have a major conflict with north korea. 5:00 a.m. on the nose. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. did i get in trouble with bill by calling it ho-huh? >> yes. it's going to be a beautiful day. >> i apologize. >> i remember winter, so this is not ho-hum. a few showers this morning, they've moved through pennsylvania. they're starting to exit delaware. a few rain drops in kent county


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