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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. i'm vai sikahema. >> we'll get to meteorologist bill henley. the temperatures are getting ready to climb. we're six minutes away from sunrise this morning. meantime, in cape may, we saw a brief shower move through. the clouds starting to break little bit. the hotmarquis de lafayette hot seeing clouds clear. rain brief at cape may. pushing past sea isle city, atlantic city the last few raindrops there. these are the showers from overnight. already moving out of the area. that's it for showers today.
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you won't need the umbrellas. take the light clothing and sunglasses, seeing sunshine and a quick warmup. 62 degrees now in new jersey. the lehigh valley at 58. some areas of light fog in delaware. 60 degrees. the clouds are breaking over crawly stadium, wilmington. 66. any fog will disappear like that as temperatures climb. 77 degrees at 11:00 this morning. warming into the 80s this afternoon. 82 in the suburbs. 84 in philadelphia. look at the 80s. one exception to the 80s, that's the shore. it will warm. there it is, up to 74 this afternoon. i'll go through it hour by hour and show you how quickly the temperatures take off when i come back in ten minutes. first, to the traffic. on a friday, jessica boyington is standing by. jess? i like that better. this is my morning. good morning, everybody. 422 is where we're watching around trooper road. eight minutes now in the eastbound side from 29 to the schuylkill. not seeing any big slowdowns. we typically do.
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we're going to see them on 422 on the eastbound side with traffic moving toward the schuylkill. right now, you're doing okay. at least for there. also watching springfield, still this crash here on fairway road. around tee road. in clayton, watching route 47 closed around academy street in both directions. diverting traffic around the scene. the poles down is blocking the road. clean that up and out of the way. we'll end in cherry hill, route 70 around kings highway. no big problems or delays. both directions look good. >> all right. thanks. 6:02. the eagles and fans in philadelphia enjoying a home field advantage for the nfl draft. >> the city showed off its best while the birds beefed up their defense. >> the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive end, tennessee. >> the eagles fans are hoping edge rusher derek barnett is the next reggie white. wow. that would be something. barnett broke his record for
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quarterback sacks at the university of tennessee. we expect to hear from him this afternoon. we want to know what you think of the birds' pick. join the conversation on our facebook page. look at this. temple's haason reddick, we love this kid. went to the cardinals with the 13th pick. just one pick before the eagles. the camden native was a walk-on and made all conference last season. round one went late into the night. round two and three tonight. >> fans will be out hours before that starts. pamela osborne live along the parkway with more on what's inner toin er to -- what's in store for today. pam? >> reporter: there's plenty for people to do before the second and third rounds. the experience opens to fans at noon today. it's likely that you'll find something to do. for those of you who are in for a little adventure, how about actually trying out the fan version of fly, eagles, fly. you can try that out on a zip line. there's also a play 60 zone if
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you're bringing your little ones along for the fun. there's a clinic that will teach kids the fundamentals of football. there will evening cheerleaders, locker rooms, and a full collection of super bowl rings and even more. >> we have something in a museum. for fans who want to see the history of the nfl, we have a draft tavern. if you wanted to drink a bud light and watch the draft, the weather's going to be beautiful. >> reporter: it most certainly it. that's one way to spend your afternoon. plenty of stuff happening down here today, tracy. i heard that vai is going to be participating at an event, as well. vai? >> yeah, i am. it's going to be a polynesian luau for all the polynesian players coming into philadelphia. have a little place for them to come eat some food. >> you'll be wearing your grass skirt? >> i may have a grass skirt on, yeah. that could happen. there will be hula dancing. a good time. yeah. >> reporter: sounds like fun. maybe i'll swing by and visit with you guys. >> come by. we'd love to see you there, pam.
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>> thanks. >> nbc10's live coverage of the nfl draft continues over the weekend. more on the eagles picks sunday after the news at 11:00. happening today, philadelphia district attorney seth williams faces a deadline in his corruption case from a federal judge. this is the last day williams can ask for a delay of the trial that's set to begin may 31st. prosecutors asked for more time to prepare but didn't get it. the grand jury indicted williams on bribery and fraud charges. williams pleaded not guilty. yesterday, williams put his home in overbrook up for sale for $450,000. here it is. williams said he's having financial troubles. the house includes a $45,000 roof that prosecutors say is just one of the gift that williams illegally accepted in exchange for favors. 6:05. 64 degrees. in camden, the jury in the d.j. creato murder trial got a look at the site where the body of his 3-year-old sop was
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discovered. prosecutors say creato killed his son in 2015 to please his teenage girlfriend who they say didn't like kids. yesterday the jury toured the creek in the park where brendan creato was found dead. the defense claims the child may have wandered from his father's apartment in the middle of the night. the trial resumes on tuesday. new details on the unusual sight in philadelphia that we showed earlier this week. the large group of bicyclists on the vine street expressway last weekend. cell phone video went viral. police say the teen who organized that is facing charges. we don't know if anyone else will be charged. bikes are not permitted on freeways in pennsylvania without penndot's permission. happening today, president trump will show his support for firearms. the president will visit the nra convention in atlanta. he is scheduled to host a discussion on gun rights and the second amendment. there's a new warning for president trump -- >> about north korea. and the possibility that nation will soon conduct another
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underground nuclear test. >> it is -- there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. >> that was from an interview the president did with the reuters news agency yesterday. congress will not be voting on a revised health care bill this week. house majority leader kevin mccarthy's office said leaders are still talking with members about the measure. putting the bill on hold would deny president trump a volcaict on health care during his first 100 days in office which ends tomorrow. president trump will mark the milestone in pennsylvania. there will be a rally at the pennsylvania farm show complex in harrisburg. count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the rally both on the air and on the nbc10 app. 6:07. already warm. 64 degrees outside. we take a live look outside. take a look at cape may. that looks pretty. let's find out what's to come. first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate
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forecast for your neighborhood. the sun is up. still seeing lingering clouds after showers this morning. you see the clouds are already starting to break at the nbc10 studios. abington, mostly cloudy right now. no showers this morning. we did have some showers in abington and much of the area overnight. the showers have already cleared out. delaware, rehoboth beach, a few breaks in the clouds there. a mostly cloudy start. it's going to be a mostly sunny day. right now dry, cape may, cape may courthouse, lewis is dry to the south. the showers are exiting atlantic city and heading through ocean county. this is the last of the showers for today. with clearing skies, sunshine, and the temperatures that are warm to start with this morning are going to be at summer-like levels this afternoon. 58 degrees now in the lehigh valley. the suburbs at 55. a little bit of light fog in delaware, 60 degrees. 64 in philadelphia. in south jersey, most of the neighborhoods in the 60s. clayton, voorheis, adco, lumberton, 62. 61 in robinsville.
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it's hopewell township that is brought down to the 50s. drying out this morning after a few showers overnight. it's going to be a quick dryout, too. look at that -- 8:00 this morning, partly sunny skies in philly. 67. near 80 at noon. into the 80s this afternoon. sunshine for the suburbs, you'll see bright sunshine at lunchtime. 80 degrees at 4:00 today. with southwesterly winds, a big warmup, too, for the lehigh valley. 61 to start with. through the 70s and into the low 80s this afternoon. for delaware, the fog will disappear quickly. the sun will appear just as quickly. 68 degrees at 8:00. then sunny skies through the morning and through the afternoon. new jersey, you'll warm up into the 80s inland. it's the shore that will stay a bit cooler. but those clouds that we saw in the live picture from cape may, they'll clear. sunny skies, into the low 70s, peaking at lunchtime, then a little bit of a sea breeze developing later this afternoon. a beautiful day today. and a warmer and muggier day for tomorrow for the first part of
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the weekend. it's not going to last all weekend. taking you through the weekend and looking beyond it with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten. >> thank you. 6:10. we have a problem, trying to find out where it is, spring garden? >> let's find out details. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching it for you. jess? >> a problem that we knew would be here. this is one of the ramps that's blocking the schuylkill expressway to spring garden because of the ben franklin parkway. the draft closure. watch for a few different spots moving in and out of the city, of course, for the draft again. that's going to continue on into today, as well. also watch out in south philadelphia. a crash on 26th street headed northbound. that's between pennrose and the schuylkill expressway. that's the traffic coming off the platform might see problems or delays. all the traffic diverted around the scene could affect all directions. at least give yourself a little bit of extra time if you're trying to get on, around, or near the bridge moving through
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south philly for now. also watching the p.a. turnpike, we look good. according to drive times, not seeing any increase. 22 minutes westbound from route 1 to valley forge. speeds into the 60s. we'll end with the crash in springfield. fairway around tee road. >> thank you. killed by her own pet. still ahead, the tragedy that unfolded in the lehigh valley. plus, a father's mission. a man who lost his 3-year-old son in an accidental shooting has a message for other gun owners. and later, it may not be smooth sailing for commuters on amtrak this summer. the timeline for repairs that could mean more delays. ♪
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the sky's the limit for a teacher wanting to make a point at the nfl draft experience yesterday.
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the teacher hired the plane to fly the message, "city love loves sports but hates our teachers teachers." the same teacher put up this billboard last month. it was designed to call attention to the teachers union fight for a new contract. the school district told us they're working to get a fair deal for teachers. students at a north high school in jersey are protesting a decision to lay off 250 teachers to close a budget gap. hundreds of students walked out of bayonne high school yesterday morning. although the school district promised to rehire two-thirds of the teachers, it wasn't enough to stop the students from walking out. the mayor says state auditors will examine the district's finances to see if another solution is possible. a bucks county father charged in the accidental shooting death of his son is using his personal tragedy to push for change. >> nicholas wiley is helping launch a campaign to give all county gun owners a free gun lock.
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the initiative is called ben's campaign: lock it up. it's named in honor of his son, 2-year-old benjamin smith. in september the toddler found a loaded gun inside the home. the 2-year-old shot and killed himself while playing with it. the father pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death. he's become an activist for gun safety. >> if i had taken the extra step to put it in a lock box or safe or one of these $1.50 locks on my pistol, my son would still be here. >> wiley is serving between one to two years behind bars. you can pick up gun locks at the bucks county sheriff's department and local police departments. 196:16. 64 degrees. we'll check 95 for the ride to work. everything's usually light on a friday. we'll find out. >> jess? really light. normally we're starting to see significant delays on 95 at least moving toward center city on the southbound side. not yet.
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15 minutes now. as you see for the total drive time, these are the cameras around gerard avenue. the southbound side, having more volume. traffic heading that direction. it's still moving. nothing reported there either. in south philly, watch for a crash tying things up at the base of the plat bridge. 26th on the northbound side. involving an overturned vehicle between penn rose avenue and the schuylkill expressway. we can definitely see some slowdowns approaching the scene. if you have to take the plat either direction right now, we are seeing delays because it's tying things up at the intersection. in clayton, watch for poles blocking the road. both directions, 47 closed around academy street. you'll be diverted around the scene there in new jersey. other than that, new jersey roads look okay. i'll check in with cameras around the area when i come back. >> got it. thanks for that. now we'll look outside. a warm morning. ing to going to get even warmer. a beautiful morning. that's a live look at penn's landing. and meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast.
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bill? the sun is up, clouds are moving out, and the wind is just starting. the important thing here is the direction of the wind. it's become southwesterly. and that warms our area up. a southwesterly wind is going to boost temperatures today higher than yesterday. it doesn't take a strong wind. nine mile-per-hour wind at wilmington. seven miles an hour, six-mile-an-hour winds in new jersey. a southwesterly direction. in fact, we're already getting a warm start this morning. 50s and 60s. a little bit of light fog being reported in delaware. no thick fog. south jersey at 62. in philadelphia, 64 at philadelphia international. everybody's pretty uniform as the temperatures are being warmed partly because of the southwesterly winds but staying warm from yesterday and the clouds overnight. look at the sunshine, into the 80s. by 1:00 this afternoon, in the 80s.
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still into the 80s in the evening hours. we had a few showers overnight. not much left. you see some raindrops in barn cut, new jersey. when we went on the air, showers were moving through delaware and south jersey. quickly drying out. we'll be dry for the day. look how clear it is to the west. the next system which will come through overnight tonight and into tomorrow is moving into st. louis. that will give us the chance of showers, possibly thunderstorms. first thing tomorrow. not an all-day rainfall. during the afternoon, it warms up. temperatures will be flirting with a record high of 90. that's saturday. a cold front comes through. a chance of a shower on sunday. a cooler day on sunday. into the 70s. enjoy the summer preview while it lasts for today and tomorrow. we'll get clouds on sundays with a cooler day. it bumps back up to 80 on monday with another cold front that will drop temperatures and clear us out this time for a couple of
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days for tuesday and wednesday. beautiful weather, into the 70s. more rain, this time rain showers, may showers with us for thursday, friday, and saturday, drying out next supposed. -- next sunday. trace? >> thanks. no problems in the forecast, butnent s helping you prepare -- but nbc10 is helping you prepare when there is severe weather. "ahead of the storm," a first alert special. we'll help you get ready for the upcoming storm season. catch the special tuesday at 7:00 here on nbc10. 6:20. students in one school district will get to hit the snooze button a few extra times. ahead, where the bell will be ringing later come fall. plus, the deal is off. the latest problem in trying to revive a shuttered casino. and a magical moment at the happiest place on earth.
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that so cool! >> they think that's nuts. not an animatronic character. that's the real johnny depp playing captain jack sparrow. he surprised visitors at disney. he it did it -- he did it to promote the next movie coming up next month. and the deal to convert a casino to a water park is off the table. developers failed to meet a deadline to secure financing. it's the second time in a few years that the deal fell through. the owner said there are six possible bidders for the property, and he's confident the new deal can be finalized soon. the atlantic club closed in 2014. and it's not the only casino having trouble finding new life. the trump plaza closed the same year. the overnight is trying to sell it. the new owner of of the casino
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announced opening dates but keeps running into red tape with the city and the state. other casinos had better luck. the showboat reopened last summer as a hotel. the hard rock announced it's buying the trump taj mahal. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now watching the roads. good morning to ft. washington, cameras around the p.a. turnpike this friday morning. an easy early morning drive. at least so far. we'll have updates for the rest of the morning. the next one at 6:30. for now, we'll check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. 4 degrees at 6:2 -- 64 degrees at 6:25. sun subpoena, clouis up, the ne forecast coming up. also ahead, standoff aftermath. getting an up-close look at the damage done as police try to arrest a man who killed a delaware state trooper.
6:26 am
plus, saving an iconic image. a sign many south jersey drivers see on a regular basis. what's ahead for the shuttered landmark. we just moved into this house
6:27 am
and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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blown apart. nbc10 getting a first look at the home where a man led troopers on an hours' long standoff. the man dragged off a united airlines plane comes to a mutual agreement. and changes ahead on the rails. it could be a rough summer for amtrak commuters. just about 6:30 on this friday. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert forecast. it's a warm morning, bill. >> it is. and still mostly cloudy.
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now we're seeing sunshine break through the clouds in cape may. it was dry at the marquis de lafayette hotel. the radar view showed showers moving across delaware, the delaware bay and south jersey. they've quickly moved out. as expected they're offshore of barnicut, new jersey. sunshine breaking through across the board. a few spots of light fog in delaware. 58 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. and you see sun coming up there. look at the suburbs. 55 degrees. i think can of prussia, scattered clouds. but they're being lit by the sun coming up. the sunshine clears things out and warms us up. 76 degrees at noontime. 64 right now in philadelphia. that is heading for the 80s this afternoon. 84. feels like june for the last days of april. 82 in the suburbs. the exception is the shore, 74 this afternoon. i'll break is down hour by hour to show how quickly things warm up in your neighborhood in ten
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minutes. first, jessica boyington from the first alert traffic center. we had a good run, but then the schuylkill expressway has to give us a run for our money. at belmont avenue, lanes blocked as they try to get an accident out of the way. this is eastbound off the ramp toward center city. all lanes weren't blocked all morning. this just happened where they moved this to the side. they're starting to let cars back through. one lane getting by on the schuylkill expressway toward center city which is going to create big delays. watch for a crash on hamilton township, the ramp to the right lane is blocked. sheltonham, a crash around poe avenue. windows blown. in siding blasted off. an unclose look at the aftermath of a gun who killed a delaware state trooper. this as tributes continue today for corporal steven ballard. nbc10's katy zachry is outside
6:32 am
the house where the police took down the trooper's killer. >> reporter: the suspect's home where he barricaded himself and was killed is behind me, through the trees. you see the police tape right up there along the fence. we fly sky force 10 around the home once the violence ended. you see how violent the back and forth with police was. this is where burgon sealy jr. lived with his family. it's where he went right after shooting and killing corporal steven ballard in a wawa parking lot. investigators say sealy and another man were approached by trooper ballard wednesday as they sat in a car outside the convenience store. the trooper thought the two looked suspicious. when he asked sealy to get out of the car, investigators say there was a struggle, and sealy began firing at trooper ballard. when trooper ballard fell to the ground, he kept shooting at his chest. after a nearly 20-hour standoff at the suspect's home, he was
6:33 am
killed. >> we worked together for a year and a half. we had a great time working. very easy to work with. he loved his job and loved serving everyone. >> we were all really affected by the story. we wanted to be able to do something and say thank you for the service of the officer and show that we're all together in our community. >> trooper ballard leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old stepdaughter. we're toefld that his wife actually told his colleagues that he wanted to be governor someday. the co-workers tell us he could have done it. he had the personality and drive to get there. >> thank you. new this morning, police say a dog killed its owner during an attack in the lehigh valley. neighbors called police after hearing screaming and the dog barking. when officers arrived at the home, the dog was still attacking the woman on an outside deck. they pulled it off and started treating the woman.
6:34 am
she later died. the dog was taken to the lehigh valley humane society to be euthanized. a judge in pike county says the story of eric frein has ended. yesterday afternoon the judge formally sentenced frein to death for the ambush killing of corporal brian dixon outside his barracks in 2014. trooper alex douglass who survived the shooting had a message for people who target police. >> these cowards that are out there can't get away with murdering or causing severe injury to any law enforcement officer. this goes as an example to show that they're not going to get away with it. >> it could be many years before frein would be put to death. his attorneys say his sentence will be automatically appealed to the state supreme court, and there's a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. the man who was dragged off a flight in month has reached a settlement with united airlines. dr. david dao was seen in this video that sparked nationwide outrage. he was dragds off the plane in -- dragged off the plane in chicago after refusing to give up his seat on an overbooked
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flight to louisville. he settled with the airline for an undisclosed amount of money. in the wake of the incident, southwest airlines plans to end its practice of overbooking flights. the ceo said the airline has been preparing to change the practice for several years. southwest hopes to implement the plan in the next two weeks. and let's take you state by state and county by county for stories from across the area. >> we start in montgomery county. a bridge is shut down because of safety concerns. the fedders mill road bridge spans penny pack creek between lower moreland. it was built in 1883. officials are looking for a fix, but until they come up with something, traffic will be diverted around the bridge. meantime, today governor wolf and penndot officials will interest rate the start of major -- will celebrate the start of major construction in delaware county. crews will widen the highway from route 1 to east of 452. to atlantic county. spirit airlines is back serving atlantic city national airport. yesterday the airline resumed
6:36 am
seasonal flights from boston and atlanta. spirit also added an additional roundtrip between atlantic city and orlando. service runs through the summer. flights to and from atlanta will continue into the fall. this year, the union bill, chadds ford school board, approved a measure to push school start times back. the change goes into effect starting in september. the high school and middle schools will be pushed back about 25 minutes. the elementary school, their day will start 15 minutes later. the fate of the iconic sign in burlington county will be decided next month. olga's diner along route 73, will soon be torn down. the site's developers have offered to salvage the sign after requests from people in the community who say that it has nostalgic value for them. township leaders say the next step is to check the condition of the sign to see if it can be removed to another -- moved to another location. >> been there for a long, long time. lot of memories to that diner. 6:36.
6:37 am
let's talk about the weather. >> you see it right there. looks great. >> i know. >> bill will elaborate. how's it looking? >> clearing quickly. look at the beautiful, sunny view from easton. the sun is up. temperatures never got cold overnight. a quick warmup during the day. that's easton. philadelphia seeing sunshine. 65 degrees. the clouds clear out, 79 degrees at lunchtime. into the 80s this afternoon. perfect day for the penn relays. 70 at 9:00. by lunchtime, 79. and into the low 80s for 3:00 and 6:00. the humidity stays low today. not so for tomorrow. 64 now in the suburbs. a beautiful day ahead. the rain is long gone from the suburbs. 70s this morning. near 80 at 4:00 this afternoon. there's the sunny view from the lehigh valley. 57 degrees. this is one of the cooler spots this morning. it's going to be warmer this afternoon. 2:00, 81. still in the 80s at 4:00. even into the early evening hours in the lehigh valley. clouds are clearing out of new
6:38 am
jersey after a few showers overnight. 62 degrees. 73 at 10:00. warmed through the 70s and into the 80s. a southwesterly wind is helping to boost our temperatures today. just at seven miles per hour at 2:00 in the afternoon. at the shore, the temperatures climb into the 70s with bright sunny skies. a beautiful day on the beach. just go inland a few miles or even farther inland to wilmington and you'll see 60 degrees, warm to 75 at 10:00. light fog, you see the view from frawley stadium. that will not last long. bright sunshine for delaware, 80s today. another great day for the draft in philadelphia. southwesterly winds at ten miles per hour. it turns warmer tomorrow. but not the entire weekend. i'll take you through the weekend with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:38. let's look at traffic. looks like a problem on the schuylkill. >> whoa. let's find out where. remind us, jess.
6:39 am
>> we're watching the schuylkill, eastbound side. traffic that's moving toward center city dealing with the accident scene at belmont. at the bottom of the ramp. a few vehicles involved. at least the rescue crews on the scene or police activity i should say, the left lane is getting by around the accident scene. earlier, we had all lanes shut down as they got everything to the shoulder. that's going to create eastbound delays. not that we need help getting traffic together moving toward center city now. 41 minutes for the total drive time on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine. speeds are dropping into the teens because of the crash. there's a crash in sheltonham on lime kiln pike. in new jersey, watch for the crash with the right lane blocked on 129 southbound. the ramp to 29. again, the right lane is blocked there. >> thanks. stop whatever you're doing and come to the tv so you can see this picture. something you don't see every day. normally vai in a suit and tie. here he is in a polynesian
6:40 am
skirt. >> okay. >> explain why we're talking about this today. a big event coming up. >> later today, 1:00, we're expecting a lot of polynesian players will get drafted the next couple of days. the cultural center which preserves our history, dances, or culture will be hosting a luau at the courtyard marriott in center city by the city hall. >> can anyone stop by? >> anybody and everybody. there will be food, dancers, a great time. >> you'll be wearing your skirt. >> i'll be wearing my skirt. there will be others wearing skirts, too. >> i would come by but fertilized my grass skirt. i'm not supposed to disturb it. >> it's not real green. >> right. >> you can stay home then. ahead, a man's plan to save money on his mortgage leads him on a path filled with problems. he called nbc responds. what our team found out about the company he used to refinance. also, covered in cocaine. where this guy was trying to go with an illegal layer under his
6:41 am
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6:44. look at this picture and let me explain. suspiciously snug pants prompted tsa agents to search two men at jfk. they found cocaine taped around their legs. the tsa released pictures of the bust. there was about 12 pounds on each guy with a street value before $200,000 each. both men are facing charges. today in trenton, new jersey lawmakers will hold a hearing on the commuter crisis facing amtrak and n.j. transit. the heads of the agencies will testify before a joint panel. >> they will focus on recent railroad breakdowns and how to move commuters during repairs at penn station. the repairs at penn station, the nation's busiest rail station, will begin next month.
6:45 am
derailments and electrical issues caused major delays the last few months. 600,000 people pass through penn station every day. and a sharp rise in delays. new jersey transit is helping riders explain their tardiness to their boss. the agency is offering excuse letters if a train makes them late. very good. in nbc10 responds, a man refinances his house after the payments become too much. >> when paperwork problems persist for months, he called harry hairston and nbc10 responds. the whole ceiling was destroyed. >> reporter: jim is showing us the damage to his home after a recent storm. he's working hard to get it in good shape. >> in house we worked our butts -- this house we worked our butts off to get and keep. >> reporter: keeping it was harder each month with his mortgage weighing him down. >> we were pinching pennies make the payment. >> reporter: he worked to get a trial modification in september. >> we were paying it, and it was great. >> reporter: problems started when they were supposed to sign the new paperwork for the permit
6:46 am
loan. >> february came. i called them. they told us, yeah, basically, we were still working on it. we're still working on it. >> reporter: turns out, castlei said they lost his paperwork, locking him out of his account on line to make payments. he tells us the company found the paperwork and promised to reopen his account. but months went by, and no updates. >> they have given every excuse in the book. >> reporter: after calling ocwen more than 30 times, he tried something else. >> i called -- reached out to your team. >> reporter: the company tells us there was a processing delay, and a permanent modification will be in place shortly. days later, he got the letter to showing his monthly payment went from $1,444 to $1,284. enabling him and his wife to stay in the house. >> let me give you a big hug for helping with this. >> reporter: my pleasure. my pleasure. harry hairston, nbc10 responds.
6:47 am
>> and he isn't alone with his problems with ocwen. last week the federal government sued for failing borrowers at every stage of the mortgage servicing process. the company says it strongly disputes the allegations and says the findings are unfounded. if you have a consumer problem for nbc10 responds or telemundo 62 responde, reach us, and we'll respond to you. 6:47. facebook is stepping up efforts to combat fake news. will it work? >> nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us live with the story that he's working on for the "today" show. gabe? >> reporter: good morning. facebook is acknowledging what the intelligence community has been saying for months -- that fake news is all too real. in a new 13-page company report, the company is saying that this is becoming more prevalent. it's not -- bogus accounts are not being run by automated bots or computer programs, but rather people. and if governments can use the
6:48 am
fake accounts to try and manipulate political opinion, the stakes are very high. it's on a global scale. facebook announcing that it has suspended 30,000 facebook accounts ahead of the first round of france's presidential elections just a few days ago. they're continuing to monitor this major problem. the company ran across criticism several months ago from ceo mark zuckerberg -- rather, after ceo mark zuckerberg initially dismissed the impact of fake news. the company now says that the impact on the presidential election was marginal, but it is taking action to ensure authentic debate. back to you. >> we'll look forward to your story on the "today" show. meanwhile, right now -- nothing fake about this. this is real. sunrise over center city. look at that sun -- like ahh! >> how is it? >> ahh!
6:49 am
>> let's talk to bill henley about what's to come. bill, good morning. we have two days to sleep in coming our way. what a beautiful morning. a great start. sunshine, a nice, bright view. the sun is glowing on the buildings in center city. a live view from center city from the adventure aquarium. showers out of here. at the shore. cape may, we've seen breaks of sunshine. there were a few sprinkles first thing this morning. they've already moved off shore. dry for the rest of the day. 50s and 60s. 60s in south jersey. philadelphia, 65 degrees. some of the suburbs are a little bit cooler. much of the suburban temperatures are coming in, many of them coming into the 60s now. 63 degrees in west bradford township. exton at 62. 61 in phoenixville. there are the 50s. milford township, bedminster, new hope, warrington, upper 50s to start. with sunshine will warm us to june-like levels. it's going to be a quick warmup.
6:50 am
hour-by-hour forecast has us into the 80s this afternoon. staying dry. there go the last few showers. thunderstorms are off shore, and not in store for us today. this clear area you see to the west, that's our weather today, and this evening, it will be pleasant. the next round of showers will be here tomorrow morning. you see them moving in to the st. louis area. those clouds will stay out of the picture for us during the day. even late this evening, this is 11:00 tonight. look how clear it is in philadelphia. just a few clouds starting to move in to reading. dry this evening. overnight tonight, this was 3:30 in the morning. here comes the wet weather moving through maryland, into delaware. southbound jersey, and possibly into philadelphia. that's at 5:45 in the morning. they'll be moving through, and sunshine returns for an even warmer day tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow we'll be flirting with record temperatures in the afternoon. the record for philadelphia is 89 degrees. the shower and thunderstorm threat, that's in the morning. the afternoon will be drying out. cooling down on sunday-- on sun.
6:51 am
a cold front will bring a chance of a shower and definitely will bring cooler temperatures for sunday. today and tomorrow, into the summer-like territory for today. nfl draft, temperatures into the 80s both days. cooler on sundays, bumps right back up to 80 degrees on monday. another chance of showers and thunderstorms with another cold front that swings through. this it clears for tuesday and wednesday. the rain will return for thursday, friday, and into saturday. next sunday will be nice and sunny and up to 67. 7:09. i tweeted out this accident. we want to reach as many people as possible before you head out the door. accident on the schuylkill. >> let's check in with jessica boyington for an update. wait until you see the drive times. first i'll show exactly what's happening. the schuylkill on the eastbound side around belmont avenue. just after the off ramp -- on ramp to the schuylkill expressway headed eastbound. this is traffic moving toward center city. in the last few seconds, they have it with two lanes getting
6:52 am
by. slowly. earlier, all lanes were blocked because the accident was kinds of in the center, and they had to move it to the shoulder. they're back to two with this to the shoulder. either way, massive delays on the schuylkill's eastbound side. the drive times typically with no traffic or problems are about 13 minutes. we're at 103 minutes now on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine. speeds down into the single digits. moving into center city, not that it's going to be difficult enough because we have the draft closures in the area, now 103 minutes moving in that direction into center city. watching for the bridges. the tacony palmyra in the middle of a scheduled opening, scheduled for 6:40. you can take the betsy ross as an alternate. that's nice and clear. back to you. >> thank you. we'll look at some of the events happening across our area this weekend. >> tomorrow is national prescription drug take-back day. hundreds of locations in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware will accept expired or
6:53 am
unused medications and safely dispose of them. you can go to or our. i can't to find a location -- or our app to find a location nearest to you. [ cheers ] and these kids have been practicing for something new at the march for babies in philadelphia. the superhero sprint. the march of dimes event raises money for education and research to help prevent premature births. the walk, run, and superhero sprint is sunday morning at the navy yard. i'll be there to emcee the event. and the kaleidoscope will be one of the new attractions when dorney park and wild water kingdom near allentown opens up for the season tomorrow. the kaleidoscope ride spins counterclockwise to give people a feeling of weightlessness. why i'm not sure. >> why would you want to do that? if you want to jazz up your weekend, head to the sixth annual center city jazz festival in philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. nearly two dozen bands will perform at five different places within walking distance of each other. >> that's something i want to do.
6:54 am
defending arena bowl champs, philadelphia all is, will play their 2017 home opener at the wells fargo center. the soul won the first two games on the road this year. next, the top headlines that we're following this morning. >> that includes a family fun plan as day two gets underway in philadelphia's draft. hey, phil!
6:55 am
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two minutes before 7:00. we'll look at the stories we'll be covering today. >> we'll be monitoring the investigation in middletown, delaware, where a house was torn apart during that 20-hour standoff between police and the man suspected of killing a state trooper. the standoff ended when officers shot and killed burgon sealy jr. investigators are still trying to figure out why sealy shot
6:58 am
corporal steven ballard several times at a convenience store parking lot. also, this is day two of the nfl draft experience along the ben franklin parkway. >> it all gets underway at 12:00 noon. you'll find football clnks for the kids, a play zone for the little ones, and a zip line for the little bit more adventurous. there will also be cheerleaders and a full collection of super bowl rings there. rounds two and three of the draft begins tonight at 7:00. the eagles pick defensive -- tennessee defensive end derek barnett in the first round last night. today is day two of the penn relays at franklin field. athletes from all over the world competing in the 123rd annual meet. they include two-time olympic champion english garner from voorheis. jessica boyington with you with one last check on the roads. watching the schuylkill expressway, huge delays right here because of this accident scene. at least it's doing a little better because it's to the
6:59 am
right-hand shoulder now. both lanes getting by on the eastbound side of the schuylkill around belmont avenue. massive delays remain with this drive time. eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, we're seeing speeds down into the single digits and 83 minutes for that drive time. so huge delays there. we're also watching sun glare on the southbound side of 295 near 168. an accident scene in the center lane. headed southbound there before the 42 freeway or headed toward philadelphia, you'll see big delays. we'll see a lot of sun glare this morning. the sun is coming up. not happening at the shore. these clouds are left over after some showers overnight. those showers are now moving offshore. looks like a beautiful day for the penn relays. look at that sunshine. and into the 80s this afternoon. right now, most of the area in the 60s. the exception, 50s for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. this afternoon, 80s today and even warmer tomorrow. near the record high of 90 in philadelphia tomorrow. >> what did you call it, a
7:00 am
jessica morning? >> i didn't call it that. >> i thought you did. did i call it that? i like it. good morning. trump's view. the president, sounding off on one of the world's most volatile hot spots. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> also, the war with isis. >> i will say, there is an end. and it has to be humiliation. >> and being president. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> this morning, we'll talk to the president's attorney general, jeff sessions. potent storms. severe weather set to slam the midwest and south today and into the weekend. dangerous flooding expected. tornadoes likely. al's tracking it all.


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