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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 24, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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pomona is the cross road. >> white horse pike, pomona road. >> the team is here, ted greensburg is hosting, jessica boyington, and bill henley is here. we've seen showers, what's to come? you don't need the umbrella now. a dry spot. i don't think it's going to last. there are still more showers on the way. may notice puddles on the ground at this brand-sparchging-new wawa. the clouds are overhead. yes, indeed. we will see breaks of sunshine later. we have wet weather including the shore. cape may, a damp view of beach avenue. the rain has been coming down. there will be more showers this morning. but doesn't look like it's going to be an all-day rainfall for cape may. we're seeing the shower activity just move in to corbin city. and heading toward galloway township right now. a few sprinkles in the atlantic city area. you can see where the steadiest
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rainfall is and moderate showers moving through the suburbs. the showers are starting to taper off. just moving into the westchester area now and heading toward the lehigh valley. chilly this morning. 50s this morning. 57 in philadelphia. new jersey is 55. definitely cooler in the lehigh valley than yesterday at this time. 56 degrees. 57 at delaware. rain ends this morning. we'll get some breaks of sunshine. clouds just don't want to leave. heading for the 70s this afternoon. jessica boyington is already taking advantage of the fine food here at wawa -- let's find out, see where the heck she is. she's here somewhere. there she is. she has a coffee cup in hand right there. she's out doing traffic. those duties fall on francesca ruscio. both directions, headlight traffic. this is 95 northbound. taillight traffic, this is
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southbound. here's the exit ramp for 611, patterson avenue. both directions, seeing little to no traffic now. again, folks, it's early to head out to 95. we got a notification from mass transit for the thorndale line. train 1502 operating 12 minutes late. patco, naew jersey transit, looking good. the 42 freeway from the new jersey camera looks good. northbound for the philadelphia area. again, either direction, little to no traffic. overall, when we get closer to the heart of rush hour, this picture will be changing. we'll look at the rest of the majors, especially when i come back in ten minutes. back to you. >> thanks for that. new overnight, president trump meets with pope francis and receives a big welcome at the vatican. the quick stop is part of his first overseas trip in office. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live from the digital operations center. matt, pope francis was critical of mr. trump, especially during the campaign in 2016.
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>> right. and one of those big issues where there's been disagreement is on the environment. pope francis has made environmental protection a key part of his papacy. it was a brief, private meeting. only about 30 minutes in length between the pope and president. the two exchanged gifts. pope francis gave the president copies of his three main teaching documents, and the president said he was delivering books from martin luther king. the pope also greeted the first lady along with president trump's oldest daughter, ivanka, and other members of the u.s. delegation over at the vatican earlier this morning. the president said he would read the documents given to him, also telling the peep, "i won't -- the people, "i won't forget what you said." matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. president trump is expected to retain a private attorney on matters related to the russia investigation. that's what sources are telling nbc news. the lawyer has represented the president in the past. mr. trump has denied any collusion with russia in the
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country's interference with last year's election. last week the president said he was the target of a "witch hunt." meantime, the senate intelligence committee is increasing the pressure on former national security adviser michael flynn to cooperate with their russia probe. the committee is serving two of flynn's businesses with subpoenas to produce documents related to any contact with russian officials during the campaign. flynn refused to provide those documents invoking a fifth amendment protection against self-incrimination. to the terror in manchester. britons are finding armed troops in certain locations after the prime minister raised the country's threat level to critical. the move comes after the suicide attack at the ariana grande concert that killed at least 22 people including children. we are learning more about the man suspected of being behind the deadly bombing in manchester. salman abedi was 22 years old, born in manchester and had ties to al qaeda.
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a u.s. intelligence official said abedi received training by a terrorist group and traveled to libya in the past 12 months. back in our area, there was a vigil in philadelphia yesterday for the manchester victims. some of the participants are from the city of manchester. one of the people at the gathering told us that she has a friend who is still missing following the blast. new york city kept the empire state building dark to honor the victims of the deadly terror attack. monday's blast was the deadliest terror attack in britain since 2005 when suicide bombers killed 52 london commuters on three subway trains and a double-decker bus. 5:05 on this wednesday. we're following several big local stories this morning. first, new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a murder in cobbs creek. they say what's unusual is there were no 911 calls after the man was shot in the head on residential street. a person walking on south 58th eventually found the victim around 1:00 this morning and then called for help. in south jersey, jurors will
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resume deliberations in the d.j. creato murder trial. may must decide if -- they must decide if the father is guilty of murdering his 3-year-old son brendan in 2015. the defense took aim at the prosecution for what it calls a lack of physical evidence, while the prosecutor called creato pathetic. let's head to north jersey where newark liberty international airport is back open this morning. it was temporarily shut down last night after the engine of the united airlines plane caught fire. the crew had to pop open the chutes and evacuate the passengers. people five suffered minor injuries but are expected to be okay. neighbors in malvern, chester county, want to keep the search for a missing mother alive. last night they passed out flyers related to anna machieska. she vanished april 10th. her husband told officers she left their home in a panic late for work. weeks later, investigators found her car but no sign of the missing mom. from our jersey shore
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bureau, a judge has temporarily blocked the state from laying off members of the police department. they had planned to cut 2 0 officers, bringing the number of officers on the force to 250. this is the second time the judge has ruled against state which took over atlantic city's finances in november. pennsylvania lawmakers want to make universal background checks a requirement for buying all guns in the keystone state. the bipartisan group of representatives introduced that bill yesterday. its sponsors say that the bill closes a dangerous gap in the state's gun laws. the legislation will now be considered by the judiciary committee. we'll begin with a look at the first alert radar -- why? we've got rain again on the board. we've been warning it's going to be round of rain after round of rain. that's what we're looking at now, another one of those rounds. most rain, steadiest rain we're seeing, is the north and west
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parts of the viewing areas. in the suburbs, parts of the lehigh valley, burks county. sprinkles farther south. look along areas from atlantic city to cape may. the light green that's spotty in nature indicating just some light rain. it's popping up throughout parts of cape may county and on into atlantic county. same thing into parts of kent county and new castle, as well. spotty rain, mostly light to steadier, the deeper green you see passing into dover. as this moves over the bay, it will move into south jersey. we go into the steadier rain. even in is starting to weaken some, no surprise because this will fall apart through the morning hours. right now, westchester to lymerick, up to parts of ahendown and read -- allentown and reading, the deeper greens indicate the steadier rain. we go from 5:00 a.m. here to 6:00 a.m. lingering rain although it's weakening along the shore points. to 8:00 a.m., we've got a few sprinkles left over parts of basically philadelphia up to allentown. then those sprinkles really dying down as we continue
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through the morning hours. still clouds the rest of the day. tonight, we start to see spotty showers developing off to the west of us. that's going to turn steadier overnight and into thursday. today for your temperatures, 57 in philadelphia. we'll go to 60s. 65 at noon. 69 at 4:00 p.m. i think the high that we'll have will be in those low 70s with just some breezy conditions in the forecast. even peeks of sun later today, as well. in delaware, we're at 57 now. we're going to continue with mostly cloudy conditions. southernmost portions of our area, more clouds, more sunshine in the north and west. 65 in delaware around your lunchtime and to the upper 60s around 4:00 p.m. 69 in delaware, again with light to breezy conditions and winds coming from the east which means we won't be seeing a terribly warm spell moving through. what's going to be coming up? we look at the jersey shore. you see also the 60s, but not as
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warm. 63 at noon. that stays through 2:00 to 4:00. we could see mid to upper 60s for the official highs, just a little bit inland. we'll have more on what's to come and look at thursday in a bit. 5:10. let's check in with francesca ruscio, she's keeping an eye on the roads and starts us off on the majors. we'll look at the wide map of the majors. if you have to head to any of these roads, this is what you need to know -- the blue route, very green. schuylkill expressway eastbound for the philadelphia area as well as 95. we'll zoom in to 95. if you're coming from feasterville, you have to take 95 southbound. travel speeds in the 60s. northbound, no problem. doing just fine. let's take a look at the boulevard and the schuylkill expressway. conditions on the boulevard look pretty good so far. we have very light traffic. especially schuylkill eastbound, doing pretty good, as well. when i come back, we'll look at 95 and the vine street expressway and rest of the majors. >> we'll be looking for it.
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thanks. coming up, family in fear. a mother speaks out after her toddler is shot four times. >> the baby is so tiny, how can he be shot four times and still be okay? >> >> the new surveillance video investigators want you to see. and the false alarm giving residents a nuclear scare. i'm vai sikahema along with tracy davidson and the morning team on the road again. another wawa wednesday in galloway township. >> we're shining a spotlight on the community. we're also talking about what it takes. they've come out with so many products. what does it take to get it from an idea to something that we would see on the show? jessica boyington with the story coming up.
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good morning. i'm tracy davidson with vai sikahema. we're on the road at the wawa on the white horse pike and pomona road. come see us. we'll be here until 9:00. we're shining a spotlight on
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this community. >> and jessica boyington, our clear, is here helping shine a light on the community. we're talking about product development. >> i am. i got to hang out yesterday with lynn hotter. director of new product development. fun fact here -- it can take between nine months and three years to get a new product on the shelf at a what store before it's in the -- at a wawa store before it's in the customer's hands. crazy. >> amazing. something like this -- >> the cold storage case. i learned a lot about that and other things and exactly the process that it takes for a product to get on the shelves and in the customer's hands. take a look. >> an idea can come from anywhere. we're always looking for new ideas. we talk about the ideas and hone in on what we're looking for. in on what we're looking for. we scout for the best press piece. sometimes we look -- recipes. sometimes we look for ourselves and elsewhere. in the a store, we testing. we look for customer and associate feedback. in terms of trends, we're always
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looking for things that help, indulgent, and things that have an interesting spin on them. product development team sits in the test kitchen. there's a group of people who have skill sets in culinary food science, coffee, and nutrition. we work collaboratively with the company to make products come to life in our stores. >> how awesome is that? part of a wawa test kitchen. >> you want to work there. >> i do. that would be our next wednesday. >> have you already we-- alread had something? >> of course, a breakfast egg white shorty. i highlighted that. coming up at 6:15, i'll have some of the new products that we'll have the shelves starting this summer. >> can't wait. you're here. that means francesca ruscio is back in the studio doing traffic. thanks. my favorite product is the burrito bowl with extra cheese sauce. remember that, jess. we'll start things on route 73 now from the route 38 camera. we have actually plenty of cars right now on route 73.
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traveling through the philadelphia area, route 90 for the betsy ross bridge, you're not going to run into problems or delays to head to 95 southbound. that's route 73. everything looks well. 295, the new jersey turnpike and 42 freeway. the rest of the majors, good to go in the green. when i come back, we'll look at the vine street expressway and your center city commute. 5:17 on this wednesday, 57 degrees. meteorologist krystal klei is in for bill henley. we've got another wet morning ahead of us. people getting sick of this. we have rain in the forecast, too. green splattered across the board. light rain along the jersey shore. steadier rain trying to move in in small pockets into south jersey. then the best rain we see, more steady rain we see, is over the suburbs and through the lehigh valley and burks county. let's take a closer look into there. you see some of the heavy rain, that's pockets of yellow that we've got passing through
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westchester into montgomery county and through the lehigh valley. not as impressive as an hour okay. this is weakening and will continue moving out. we're talking around 8:00 a.m. or so, pretty much everything should be out of here aside prosecute sprinkles. in the -- from sprink. in the burks county and lehigh valley, 55. 54 in fleetton. whitehall in the mid 50s. walnut port, low 50s. allyntown at 55 now. the temperatures will make their way into the 70s a little later on. here are the forecast highs today -- low 70s for much of the area. philadelphia, 73. a little warmer in the suburbs and lehigh valley. why? because notice the icons, a little more sunshine is likely. low 60s possible.
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winds from the east keeping things cooler outside. we'll look at the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow. that's when the next round of main moves to in. i'm tired of saying that. cloudy conditions tonight. we go to 3:00 a.m. into your thursday, there's the line of steadier to heavy rain starting to pass through parts of delaware and south jersey. that does continue to progress through philadelphia into the morning hours. pockets of heavier rain, pockets of lighter rain for the commute. that's going to last. at 9:00 a.m., there we are. it continues more scattered in nature through the rest of the day into the evening. 7:30 at night could see popup thunderstorms, as well. this will move out overnight. lingering, light rain possible friday morning. then the rest of friday actually does look better. so here's a look at our memorial day weekend forecast. a 50/50. friday temperatures in the low to mid 70s. we get to your saturday, the pick of the weekend.
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around 80 degrees philadelphia and the suburbs. you see a little bit cooler along the shore. sunday, the showers return. another round of rain here, lower 70s for our forecast highs. about 73 in philly. and 71 in south jersey. we'll get to the ten day on ten coming up. >> thanks. jury accusations. the bill cosby trial is already getting heated. why defense attorneys are concerned about the make-up of the jurors selected so far. puppy panic. we'll tell you about the team effort to free a dog stuck in a tire. we're at galloway township, pomona road and white horse pike. stop by the brand-new wawa. the first visit -- >> yes. yes. >> first time watching "nbc10 news today"? >> no, no. every morning. >> great. have an extra -- take two, they're small. did you get a clip? chip clip. yes. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> free gas on your way out.
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♪ memories welcome back. we're in galloway township. jessica boyington joins me. look at this -- just got free air to go with the free car washes mother nature is providing -- >> i know. didn't know this stuff was free. i'll tell you what, i don't know how to pump the air. >> really? >> i don't know how to pump the gas either but it doesn't matter -- >> no, no. you learned how to pump gas when we were in delaware. i taught you how to do it. >> i also learned how to power walk. i realized that you have an umbrella, and it's raining on me -- >> this is like the third that we've seen this morning -- >> how are you doing? pumping gas? >> yeah. >> how much gas does it take? >> on average, probably about 30
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-- >> not too bad. last you all day? >> once a week. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. with the new buses that we have yeah. the old buses -- >> when is your first pickup? >> about 6:00. 6:00. >> all right. good to see you. thanks for stopping by. >> nice ambush there. wayne is pumping gas, doing jessica's job. great to be back in her home state. how are you? >> i'm great. tired. >> how's it going -- we're all tired this hour. >> going great. >> what's your shift like? >> usually 11:00 to 7:00. >> okay. have you had food yet? >> not yet. >> what can we get you? think about it. turkey bacon -- >> turkey bacon. >> on our way right now. >> okay. right up in no time. rosemary? >> all right. hey, bring us some turkey bacon back here. see you later. now to this one -- i'm
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guessing this pit bull going to think twice before playing around in tires again. here's the story -- over the weekend, the puppy got her head stuck in the tire. emergency responders couldn't pull the dog free. jade's owners called an emergency vet hospital in philadelphia. the vet hospital is vsec. they sedated the puppy and it slipped off. less than an hour later, jade was wagging her tail again, doing just fine. always remember the truth. i can't remember the lie. that's what set me free today. >> clearing his name. the philadelphia man free after decades behind bars. he talks to nbc10 about his fight for freedom and what it means to be back home. plus there -- >> the idea of the foundation is to transform lives. >> paying it forward. only nbc10 talks to a local family who's using their powerball jackpot to give back. how they're helping the community.
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finally free. a philadelphia man released from prison after 24 years. he talks to nbc10 about how he cleared his name and what it means to be home. jury concerns. bill cosby's lawyers are making accusations against prosecutors as jury selection is set to continue today. false alert. a message about a nuclear generating station gives south jersey residents quite the scare. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news toda today". i'm rosemary corns. this morning, we're taking the show on the road. tracy davidson and vai sikahema join us live from one of many wawas in galloway township. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. yeah, the party's getting started. everyone's getting their car. a guy walked by and said, "welcome to south jersey." then he said,


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