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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and slippery spots with the on and off-ramps. schuylkill expressway route to the blue route closed with a crash. drive times okay from blue route to vine. you won't be able to get off that ramp. right now just a 14 minute trip and average speed in the 50s. i'll have updates when i come back. a water main break has shut down a part of 3rd street in old city. that's between walnut and chestnut. rushing water damaged the street late last night. crews are out working to repair the problem. a standoff at a cvs store in delaware county came to an end late last night. it started out as a robbery and soon after the s.w.a.t. team was on the scene. officers had their guns drawn while the suspect was inside the store. sky force 10 is hovering over the cvs as the situation unfolded. there were some tens moments.
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nbc 10's katy zachary is live at the scene. >> reporter: that police chief like so many people here, he's relieved that things came to a peaceful end. there were some very tense moments inside and outside of this cvs beginning with the second the gunman held up this store. that was around 9:45 last night. media police say he walked into this cvs store on east baltimore pike and told the two employees inside he was robbing. no customers were inside. someone managed to call 911 and police got here quickly as the suspect was trying to leave the store through the front door. investigators said he ran back up stairs to evade police and hid out in a storage room upstairs. the s.w.a.t. team spent a couple of hours negotiating with him. they sent in a robot at one point and soon after the suspect
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surrendered. >> no injuries. fortunately he's in custody at the present time. nobody hurt. >> reporter: natural police chief of media went on to say this is the best outcome they could have hoped for. we're trying to find out more information as to who they have in custody, who the person is who tried to rob this store and held it up for hours last night. i'll have another update for you coming up at 5:00. we're following new details in the death of a pregnant whoms body was found after a fire in north philadelphia. >> nbc 10 has spoken to the husband of the victim. kenneth love says his wife was in philadelphia testifying in the case against her ex-boyfriend. tavonia love once dated this man, anthony you eubanks. firefighters respond on sunday.
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>> everyone still in shock and disbelief about this. most of her friends that knew her recently knew that this could happen. they said stay away from him he'll kill you one day. >> detectives found eubanks by an apparent suicide. he was not charged before they found his body. jury is set for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. of the 12 jurors chosen two are african-american. cosby's lawyers had accused the prosecution of trying to keep black people off the jury which is picked from a pool of people in allegheny county. the presiding judge disagreed. cosby talked about the jury picking process. >> i just want to be very specific about the wonderful people in allegheny county and i want to also thank the sheriff's department because they made everything very, very smooth here. cosby has repeatedly
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proclaimed his innocence. he said he does not expect to testify at his trial next month. jurors in the trial of a man accused of killing his 3-year-old son will get a chance today to listen to a conversation secretly recorded by the boy's mother. >> yesterday during a second day of deliberations in camden the jury looked at video of creato's interview with detectives. he's charged with killing his son and dumping the body at a report. a federal court will hard a hearing against a north philadelphia woman supporting isis. she plotted to leave her children and go to syria to join the islamic group. today is red nose day. a fundraiser aimed at changing lives of children living in poverty in the u.s. and around the world. nbc and nbc 10 are proud to participate. you can buy your red nose at walgreen's and make a donation to the red nose campaign. the bill and melinda gates
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foundation will match donations up to a million. red nose day has raised more than $60 million since its launch. nbc has a full line of programming start at 8:00 starting with celebrity ninja warrior, followed with running wild with bear gryllis. >> chester county the horse show and county fair begins. there's a yappy hour. the horse show is the largest outdoor event of its kind in the u.s. drawing top competitors. police say a bar tender was serving up more than drinks at a delaware county bar. how under cover officers busted him. restoring his name. after a high school football hazing allegation turned out to be a false a former coach who is fired is now fighting back. boardwalk ban.
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how wildwood is making a move towards a smoke free setting. a rainy start this morning and chance of thunderstorms are on the way. your neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions.
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and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. watching 295 to start. cameras just around route 130. everything looks good. battling wet roads. 23 minutes on that southbound side from the 42 free moving over to delaware. heading over to delaware memorial bridge you're good. average speeds are in the 60s even with roads wet p.m. old city water main break 3rd streeting blocked between walnut and chestnut. definitely check in with that. earlier we had an accidents seen off the schuylkill expressway.
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eastbound ramp to the blue route there was a crash there closing down that ramp. that's cleared. we're good to go. drive time still normal 13 minutes from blue route to vine with speeds into the 50s. i'll have updates for you on new jersey roads and more wet spots when i come back. 4:39. look at the rain coming down in cape may. live view. that's a steady rain. going to be with us through the morning and some heavy downpours too. i'm tracking though. now pushing into cumberlandland county across delaware bay and moving past delaware. lots of light rain for allentown and reading and trenton and philadelphia. expect downpours as this rain moves up from the south, those heavier showers are now just crossing into cumberland county. about to get heavier rainfall in morris river getting it right now. those heavier showers not coming with any lightning this morning. that's a possibility later
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today. 8:00 this morning, still some pretty good rain moving through into pottstown, chester county. mainly light rain in wilmington at the 8:00 hour. by later this morning at 10:00 a large area of light rain but there will be breaks in the precipitation. but that's not going to be the end of the rainfall even though it largely tapers off by 1:00 this afternoon. as we go into the evening hours temperatures will peak in the 60s. rain coming up from the south when we could see heavy downpours, possibly strong thunderstorms starting at 7:0024 evening into south jersey and those push into the pifl area and some of the suburbs as well as central new jersey by 9:00 this evening. and then by later this evening, we'll start to see it taper off and that will lead us into a dry period heading in to the holiday weekend. look at the weekend forecast. we're back in ten minutes. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. you did the same thing.
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>> candidate outburst overnight investigators take action after montana congressional candidate allegedly body slammed a reporter. at 4:41 making a change. philadelphia police are planning to take over an iconic building on broad street. movies and shows are being stolen by thieves and you could be breaking the law just by watching. the warning by local experts. chris christie: addiction is a disease. it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict,
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county by county coverage begins in delaware county where a bar tender faces charges for selling drugs at work. >> police arrested edson arechaga yesterday after they say he sold cocaine to undercover officers four separate times. officers found marijuana in his car. the restaurant was frequently shut down. legal overdoses from heroin and fentanyl killed two drug
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counselors. the facility is unregulated by the state. the county d.a. say the drugs were so potent that police had to use special precautions before even touching them. now to bucks county where community members are uniting against hateful message. neighbors met in bristol last night to talk about racist flyers found around town and posted online. the flyers appear as a white nationalism showing a white family and the words, you will not replace us. it's happening all over. hate crimes are up 35%, 45% across the nation. and this -- it's not surprising that it landed here in bristol as well. >> organizers hope last night's meeting will encourage the community to embrace unity. in montgomery county church leaders will hold a candlelight vigil to post flyers.
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the flyers containing hate speech and supporting the kkk were left in driveways of homes last week. more legal trouble for one of two brothers convicted in the high-profile murder of a south jersey girl. dante robinson is charged in a home break in in sicklerville. he and his brother were contagious were arrested in 02012 in the death of autumn pasquale. we now know that a coding error is what caused a south new jersey nuclear power to send out an alert to half million people. it appeared on tv screens but was only intend as a test for people participating in a training exercise. state police say the coding problem has been fixed. at the jersey shore wildwood officials pass an ordinance that ban smoke on the boardwalk. the new law goes into effect in january of 2018. meantime north wildwood officials are scheduled to vote
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on a similar proposal next month. lehigh valley, no deal. gaming giant mgm resorts international is not buying the sands casino bethlehem. the $1.3 deal fell through. the sale would have been one of the largest property sales in the lehigh valley. still not clear why the deal collapsed. septa is changing how commuters pay for their rides. beginning june 1st septa will no longer sell transpasses and one day convenience passes. customers will be given septa key cards. they can be reloaded online, over the phone or at fare kiosks. they will sell tokens and passes. let's get you to work on this rainy thursday morning. jessica is looking at route 70. >> we're watching route 70 in new jersey. this intersection a little wet. we're seeing rain coming down in some areas.
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and we're not seeing a ton of problems so far. still a little bit early for that. watching for slippery spots on and off the ramps. also are seeing some small and minor delays for septa so far for the morning. airport train running a little late. bedford township watch for a crash on route 55 on that northbound side around exit 56 a overturned vehicle there. emergency crew there trying to get that flipped back over and remove that from the scene. for now no reports of how severe or if any injuries are in place there. but that's the northbound side. so again traffic moving up towards the heavily congested area. we'll keep our eyes on that in case it becomes something sticky later on. it clears we'll have an update for you. route 202 looks good. 11 minutes on the northbound side from 30 to the schuylkill.
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4:47. we saw in jessica's traffic cam in cherry hill raining there. pretty much rain anywhere. >> it could get heavier. let's find out where and when. >> downpours and a chance of thunderstorms later today. this is a live view of penn's landing. i'll step back so you can get the full view. getting ready for disco night tonight. a good view of the steady rain that's moving into the area. this is light rain falling in penn's landing. that light rain is keeping temperatures in the 50s for everyone. lehigh valley, the suburbs, philadelphia, south jersey is at 55 degrees and 56 degrees in delaware. the suburbs will warm into the 60s. we're not going to see a lot of dry weather today. hours where we're not seeing rain this afternoon, but we'll still see showers into this evening. not a big warm up for elroy, bedminster, from the 50s into the 60s later today. what we'll see is umbrellas going up as the temperature
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climbs in to the low 60s at 1:00. we'll see a warm up. with that warm up come strong potential for storms. heaviest rain right now coming down at two thirds of an inch an hour. moderate shower moving into new jersey. they are coming up from the south. you see some breaks in the precipitation now in portions of delaware. keeping our eye to the south. the storms for later today will be developing to the south. by 12:30 this afternoon may see a break in rain in our area but this is the wet weather. we'll be tracking for later today and into tonight and with that comes the chance of some strong thunderstorms in south jersey and into the philadelphia area and suburbs and lehigh valley by later this evening. that's 9:15 this evening. those showers will push out of here. we'll see drying conditions as we go into tomorrow which will lead news to drier weather for tomorrow but not today.
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rain at times will be heavy especially late this afternoon and this evening and that's when we could see strong thunderstorms. during the afternoon there will be a few hours where we look at cloudy skies. 6 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow clouds are thinning out. dry day. maybe an early morning shower but then it takes a break. 76 the afternoon high. bit warmer on saturday 78 with partly sunny skies. saturday will be a beauty. later sunday into monday memorial day a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. we'll see a warm up in the low 70s on sunday and low 80s monday afternoon and then we dry out for tuesday and wednesday, low 80s we'll come down a little bit on thursday. still dry thursday and more wet weather ahead for friday next weekend we'll stay dry. a giant work of art is going up along the schuylkill river. this is called big blink.
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the 40-foot tall structure is made of wood and chain link fence material. so it has been such a pleasure over the last few weeks meeting so many people as we've taken our morning show on the road. >> tons of fun. we shined a spotlight on communities across pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey. this is our visit to galloway township. >> all these guys -- >> have you spent time watching "nbc 10 news today". >> we're getting presents. >> freebies. >> i have my umbrella with me. we have a surprise. >> wayne, here's your breakfast order. >> those guys are making deliveries outside. not bad. so many wonderful people we got to meet. follow us on social media for more pictures and on the road and also of course
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behind-the-scenes. a local school district is changing the way it handles homework. up next what it means for students. >> plus falling out of the top five. a city onto rise is taking over philadelphia to become the fifth largest in the u.s. plus this. the deer whisperer. this police officer is earning that nickname by wrapping up rescues just like this one.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. we're watching the roads. this is fort washington route 309 at the pa turnpike area. actually no major problems reported. all the roads look for the most part okay. they are wet. that can always change as soon as the morning commute gets under way. we'll have details for you for the rest of the morning. now an nbc 10 follow up.
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an autopsy could not pinpoint a death for a pediatrician facing child pornography charges. dr. kennedy died in december. he owned a pediatric practice. police say an employee found what appeared to be pornographic images on his cell phone. a hazing scandal that rocked a chester county high school has toledo a lawsuit. >> the former football coach who lost his job is suing to restore his name. the school fired thomas batgos last year after three could nest georgia football players were charged with sexually abusing a younger player. those charges were false. batgos is seeking damages. >> you can put a price tag on a personal injury. put a price tag on a home. what's a man's reputation worth.
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>> nbc 10 reached out to the school district and district attorney's office. they have no comment. 4:55. the westchester school board has approved a plan to ease the homework load of students with changes including no homework on weekends or during school breaks and holidays and no busy work for students. teachers would receive training to make sure homework adds value. policies vary for elementary, middle and high schools. in delaware it's harder to dropout of school. yesterday the governor signed a bill forcing students 16 and older who want to dropout to get a parent or guardian's consent. students would have to meet with school officials and learn about the risks of leaving school before graduating. the state house passed a real i.d. bill, the governor plans to sign. it gives people the option of getting an updated drivers license that will meet federal i.d. laws. under new federal guidelines the
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traditional pennsylvania drivers louie sense won't be enough to get you on a plane as of next year. pennsylvania lawmakers are following the money trail from last summer's democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> state house members have asked former governor ed rendell to testify. using left over money from the convention on bonuses. state glaefrs 10 million grant to the dnc for the convention in philly. >> dnc helped make 2016 a record setting year for tourism. new report shows 42 million people visited the city last year. 2.4% increase from the year before. but the city is slipping when it comes to the number of people who live there. a new census bureau estimate shows philadelphia has fallen from fifth to sixth. phoenix, arizona claims the number five spot.
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new york city, los angeles, chicago and houston also rank above philadelphia. the brave officers that go above the kaufl duty to protect the city of philadelphia are earning special honors. the fraternal order of police held a dinner last night. guest of honor included philadelphia police sergeant silvia young and university of pennsylvania police officer edie miller. both were shot last september during an ambush attack in west philadelphia. love this story. new jersey officer has earned the nickname the deer kp whisperer. >> he's rescued three deer in the past year and latest rescue was caught on camera. watch. >> i know. officer timothy of the woodbridge police department climbed into a storm drain after a fawn got trapped.
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deer was released back into the woods. he should be called officer magic. deer whisperer. >> store standoff. a robber surrenders after a s.w.a.t. team comes out in force to a cvs in delaware county. we learn new details overnight. candidate cited. a reporter captures the moments he says a congressional candidates body slammed him and now police are weighing in. >> on edge. overnight another arrest is made in connection to the deadly concert bombing in manchester. investigators are worried that the attacks were coordinated by a terror network. 5:00 a.m. 65 degrees outdoor. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to bill henley.
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>> everybody is getting some rain. you'll run into heavy downpours this morning and strong thunderstorms later today. light rain in philadelphia. burlington county showing that rain that reaches into bensalem, and mount laurel is getting some rain and now moving to gloucester and berlin. more moderate showers that it's tracking to start with. the rain will be with us for most of the morning. we'll get some breaks in the rain. that's when the temperatures warm from the 50s this morning into the 60s later today. 60s not happening right now. penns ford closer at 56 degrees. i'll show when you to expect heavy downpours and the potential for strong storms with the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting off on


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