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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 29, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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on this memorial day president trump unleashes a twitter storm on multiple fronts. tragedy for one of the navy's elite leap frogs as a parachute malfunctions over new york harbor. unbelievable airborne crash at the indy 500 and drivers involved are all okay. caroline kennedy reflects on her father. on this memorial day between the barbecuing and long weekend we say thank you to all who have served. "early today" starts right now. good morning. >> we appreciate you being with
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us on this memorial day. president trump wakes up to a white house in chaos mood. the russian investigation looks typical peril his young presidency. and he's unleashing a barrage of tweets berating the quote safe news media overnight as new reports hit close to home with revelations centering around jared kushner. after reuters claimed kushner had three undisclosed conversations with russia's ambassador to the united states. that after "the washington post" reported kushner tried to establish back channel communication with russian operatives during the transition. and john kelly is defending. >> any time you can open lines of communication with anyone, whether they are good friends or not so good friends is a smart thing to do. >> our own team says west wing staffers are speechless at the kushner's news while kushner's attorney defended her client with this statement.
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mr. kushner participated in thousands of calls in this time period. he has no recould alexandria of the calls ascribed. however james clapper is also making headlines after he admitted to seeing what he says were warning signs of possible trump-russia ties. >> i will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on and i think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community, very concerned about the nature of these approaches to the russians. >> this morning we get reports a war room is being set up at the white house while a massive staff shake up is contemplated as the president cancels a planned rally this week in iowa and looks to be pivoting towards his legislative agenda tweeting about health care and massive tax cuts reform package he says is moving along very well promising big benefits to all. he's expected to hold rallies in
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the coming weeks. battle to retake mosul could soon be over. an operation to capture the last part of the city that's still held by isis. the terrorist group took over mosul in 2014. now the u.s. backed defensive to reclaim it has now entered its eight month. it's taken longer than planned because isis militants are dug in among civilians. the pentagon acknowledged 100 u.s. special forces were working with iraqi units in mosul. here at home, a s.e.a.l. died in a tragic parachuting incident during new york city's fleet week. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a highlight of new york's fleet week a demonstration by the s.e.a.l. parachute team descending in formation near the statue of liberty. instead something went very
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wrong. one of the s.e.a.l.s was killed when his chute malfunctiomalfun. >> he was retrieved immediately by u.s. coast guard personnel and jersey city fire department marine unit. >> reporter: the s.e.a.l. was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. a piece of the chute cut loose during the fall. a celebration of service turning to tragedy on a weekend when the nation honors its military. richard liu, nbc news. >> in mississippi police are investigating why a man gunned down eight people. that man is in custody. he spoke out moments after his arrest sunday morning. >> suicide by cops was my intention. >> he told a reporter he got
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into an argument with his estranged wife before the shooting spree started. he targeted three homes starting 11:30 saturday night. three women were killed in the first home along with a sheriff who was responding to a domestic call. in the second home two underage boys were killed. in the third home two miles away another man and woman were found dead. police have not wirmd whether he knew the victims but family members say some are related. he's being held on one count of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder. mostly cloudy launched a short range ballistic missile according to u.s. military officials. this is their second launch in two days. what's the latest on north korea and also reaction from the united states? >> reporter: good morning to you. u.s. officials say the short range ballistic missile flew for six minutes before crashing in to the sea of japan. japanese officials don't believe
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it hit anything but it is a continued escalation as north korea tries to flex its muscle and definitely an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the u.s. kim jong-un watched testing of a new anti-aircraft system. it's and about busy weekend in that region. north korea and its nuclear ambition seen as one of the biggest national security challenges facing the new trump administration. in light of this latest test japan and south korea are promising action. u.s. officials say they are still working to gather information about this latest test but are committed to standing behind japan and south korea, both of course allies. back to you. there was a scary moment at the indy 500 on the 55 lap. jay howard crashed into another driver scott dixon sending him flying through the air on top of the safer barrier. both drivers survived the
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incident. they were kmieexamined and clea. they didn't finish the race. the first japanese driver won the indy 500. here he is celebrating with the traditional bottle of milk. unbelievable the headline out of the french open. angeliquekerbe was ousted. here's bonnie schneider. >> here's what we're looking at. we got a little bit of storm coverage popping up across parts of louisiana and into texas and also some lightning in mississippi as well. looking ahead to possible
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airport delays going through the afternoon and morning hours we're watching out for storms from san antonio to nashville and evening hours we could see delays pop up in the midwest and parts of the midwest as well. temperatures across the country depending where you are will be a cool memorial day or warm one. unseasonably hot across parts of the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds and still some rain in the area. this is a cloudy view from here at the nbc10 studios. light rain from philadelphia, northeast into trenton. showers into new jersey, as well. a line of showers getting ready to move toward delaware this morning. but it's not going to be rainfall all day. i'll have your memorial day forecast ahead at 4:30. >> all right. thank you. here's a look at what we're working on for "nbc10 news today" -- >> remembering the fallen. from the somber ceremonies to celebrations.
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we'll take you across our area for a look at all the ways people are marking memorial day. and shore shark sightings. we're tracking two great whites off the coast of delaware and new jersey. and you have less than 24 hours to get a final meal at a center city staple. we'll tell you why little pete's is closing up shop and getting ready to shut its doors after nearly 40 years. 100th birthday. >> more arrests in last week's manchester bombing. standing tall in the face of terror. all the sunscreen. i wonder who. we're going to need some reinforcements... (on walkie-talkie) ...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner, so you can get in, out, and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. today only, all military and veterans enjoy 20% off in store.
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that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. frontline gold. available at your vet. >> i thought about him and miss him every day of my life. growing up without him was made easier thanks to all the people who kept him in his hearts who told me he inspired them to work and fight and believe in a better world. >> former ambassador caroline kennedy remembering her father john f. kennedy on what would have been his 100th birthday.
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the man accused of killing two people after an anti-muslim rant isn't linked to any known hate groups. christian stabbed three people on a portland train killing two of them when the victims tried to protect two women from his hate-filled outburst. a vigil was held sunday for the two men killed. one witness who helped the victims says the seerity of the attack must be made clear. >> it is labeled what it is and that's at that terrorist attack. i want that to be clear. >> christian has been charged with aggravated murder and attempted murder. turning now to the investigation in last week's deadly bombing in manchester, england. 14 people are now in custody as the country remains on high alert. armed guards were on hand for
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the great manchester run. runners paused for a moment of silence. and u.s. homeland security john kelly severely condemned intelligence leaks that briefly held information flow between the united states and britain. >> if it came from the united states it's totally unacceptable. and i don't know why people do these kinds of things but it's borderline if not over the line of treason. >> here's more from manchester. the country's terror threat level has been moved from critical to severe. how is that impacting the investigation. >> reporter: the threat level reduced from critical to severe but that still means one is still highly likely. that investigation continues. a live ongoing fast paced investigation. we saw more arrests and raids in the early morning hours. one property being searched, and
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an arrest of a 23-year-old man bringing the total number of people in custody to 14. authorities do believe they've now been able to piece together his final moments, identified the apartment where salman abedia compiled his bomb but they are pleading with the public for help. more questions being raised whether they could have done more to prevent this attack. people reported that salman abedia in previous years but he was not investigated more closely by british authorities. this has not stopped manchester from coming together for the great manchester run, 40,000 people hitting the streets yesterday defying the face of terror. switching gears now we need a little respite. what better way to welcome the unofficial start of summer than with weiner dog races. dachshunds took part in the event in connecticut. the race raised money for connecticut dachshund rescue and
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pet services. it may look like something out of a comic book, the portuguese soccer cup final ball was delivered by a ref riding adopt a drone. the drone rider managed a perfect landing. see the possibilities for drones are just beginning. i'm petrified where this is going. but pretty cool. >> impressive. if you can manage that air surfing. wait until you hear what europe is now saying now that donald trump is gone. plus international flights may seem longer and less productive very soon. details next. in the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to...
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the latest installment of the "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales" sailed to the top of the box office this weekend with a three day total just over $62 million. "guardians of the galaxy" added 42 million while "baywatch" opened to a disappointing 18.1 million. over the weekend former vice president joe biden officiate at a wedding at his former dnc staffer. and homer simpson has been inducted into the baseball hall of fame. he received a plaque that will hang in a new simpson exhibit.
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homer made his first appeal for the hall of fame ballot in the 1992 simpson's episode. taken a while but finally it's done. u.s. stock markets are closed for memorial day holiday but a relationship with europe and even travel there could take a big turn. here's the details. good morning. >> reporter: german chancellor angela merkel said over the weekend that europe can no longer count on its allies at the same extent it used to. this after last week's nato and g7 summit in which president trump refused to back the 2015 paris climate deal that obama signed up to. merkel is keen to show she's a tough negotiator willing to stand up to the u.s. and uk. european markets are trading slightly lower with london closed. u.s. homeland security secretary john kelly has said the ban on laptops in airplane cabins might
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be extended to some parts of europe. definitely worth noting if we'll travel. coming up why belgian royalty is angry about a newburger king ad. and timberlake bromance takes on biking next. introducing listerine® zero alcohol™. it delivers a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste. so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this... with the lighter feel...
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biking through the hamptons. so beautiful. >> bro biker! >> that's how they spent their memorial day weekend, justin timberlake and jimmy fallon. tamden biking is their favorite. when i saw their video i thought they would bust out in something. we'll take it. that's fun enough. such a good team. burger king is challenging belgian royalty in a new campaign, ad campaign. the fast food chain launched a mock online vote titled who is the king. putting their fictional mascot against king philip. if king philip is selected the site asks are you sure. the royal family expressed out to burger king to express their
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disapproval of the ad. the online election will accept votes until june 19th. until then depending on the outcome the royal family will be more of a mcdonald's fan. >> shark week is coming soon and discovery channel is reminding us it's still a bad week to be a seal. amazing. it features seal with his hit. what a good sport. really funny. when it comes to shark week they seem to have a clever way to go about it. >> good programming. take a turn when we come back, four military honors for a u.s. military pilot killed in action.
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seeking justice. a philadelphia family wants answers after a brother and sister are shot and killed. tribute to the fallen on this memorial day. people across the country are pausing to remember the men and women who died fighting for the flag. and if you've extend outside, you already know it's a rainy start to your memorial day. things are expected to improve. we're breaking it down for you neighborhood by neighborhood in the first alert forecast. and good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who is tracking rain on this memorial day. it is a rainy start. cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. not a lot of rain, but it is
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damp on beach avenue. not impeding traffic. showers are steadier northeast of philadelphia. there's a line of showers moving in from the west. we're not done with the rain yet. we will see decreasing rain during the day. lower bucks into burlington county, parts of gloucester and camden county seeing steadier rain. these showers taper off. the sunshine will be on hold to start with. we will get some sunshine later today. temperatures have dropped into the 50s. this is normal for this time of year. 59 in philadelphia with a northeasterly wind keeping clouds in place for now. 55 in the suburbs. 50s for new jersey and the lehigh valley. delaware at 60 right now. we'll see the temperatures warm up. showers linger this morning. we'll -- they'll taper this afternoon. late day showers and sunshine in delaware this afternoon, 71 degrees. good chance you'll see late-day breaks of sunshine for the area. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm during the day. i'll break it down hour by hour with the futurecast when i come back in ten minutes.
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first, francesca ruscio has your first alert traffic. thank you. good morning, everyone. we're going to start off on the vine street expressway over in center city. 24th street, either direction, little to no traffic. obviously it's very early. headed westbound for the schuylkill expressway, eastbound for 95, we're not going to be seeing any delays. maybe some wet and shiny roads out there overall for the most part. when i come back, we'll look at the rest of the minimum wagers, 95, the schuylkill expressway, and 422. back to you. people across our area -- ♪ people across the country are pausing to mark memorial day. yesterday friends and descendants of the local world war i unit held their 99th annual memorial service in valley forge. it is the only group that's met continuously since the end of the great war. if you plan on taking to the road for memorial day, expect to see a lot of traffic during your e.


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