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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 5, 2017 5:30am-5:59am EDT

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5:31. breaking now, escaped prisoner search. schools are closed in the central bucks school district. police are warning people in doylestown, warrington, and shalfon to shelter in place. bill cosby on trial. starting today, the star's legal team will defend him against allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman at his montgomery county home. and remembering a tragic day. today marks five years since the center city building collapse killed seven people. a lot to get to. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborne. we're going to start with meteorologist krystal klei with the most create nbc10 first alert forecast. and crystal, we're talking rain today. that's right, the next
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several days, in and out rain in the area. this is the first alert radar now. not a lot of rain on the board. that's good news as you get out the door this morning. cloudy conditions. you'll notice it's more humid outside. you see the cell moving through chester county, a direct west-to-east movement here. it's going to bring some of the light rain showers this morning across the area. mostly cloudy throughout. in the wider perspective, you see more rain directly to the west. more rain down to the southwest. that moisture is heading our direction, too. in the afternoon, we may see a spot thunderstorm pick up, particularly in the north and southernmost parts of the area. temperatures, now at 65 in philadelphia. further south, 73 at atlantic city. 72 in wildwood. dover at 71 degrees. cooler to the north. today, temperatures still fairly warm. and the possibility of thunderstorms. then a drop in temperatures. we'll look at that coming up in a few minutes.
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now we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> thank you. we're starting off on route 309, here's the cameras at the p.a. turnpike. a good drive so far. and for now, roads are dry. we're having an easy commute, at least for the most part now. we're only at about 5:30, a little after that point. we don't start to see big problems until 6:30 almost to 7:00. we're watching a disabled vehicle in jenkinton at worker and washington lanes. the schuylkill, drive times, everything looks good. moving into the center city, light on the westbound side, 12 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. pamela and tracy? now to breaking news from bucks county, schools are closed and a shelter-in-place order in effect because police are searching for an escaped prisoner. the search covers doylestown township, warrington, and parts of shalfont. >> we'll get to matt delucia with the new developments. tell us.
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>> reporter: well, two big things right now. the escaped prisoner as far as we know is still on the loose. and because of that, central bucks school district has canceled classes today on account of that shelter in place recommendation. here along 611 at edison road, police have just left the scene. just within the past couple of seconds, you might have been able to hear the sirens in the background. we saw two police cars leave down 611 in a hurry. we'll head out in a moment. this is the last spot the person was seen. 25-year-old daniel selby is the person police are looking for. we're working on getting a photo of him. we'll show you what the area looked like earlier. k-9 units and helicopters have been helping with the search. police tell me that the prisoner was being transported to bucks counties prison last night. he asked -- bucks county prison last night. he asked to stop the van because he felt sick. he got out of foot shackles,
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pushed a deputy, and ran away. the description from police -- daniel selby was last seen wearing an orange shirt, jeans, and work boots. he's 25 years old and is still handcuffed in the front. police tell me there's no reason to believe that he's armed or dangerous. he was in custody for a failure to appear in court charge, but you're still asking not to approach him if you see him. this was the area around and inside the house where where the escaped prisoner was last seen. police have wrapped up their search in this area. and of course, we are going to make our way around and, of course, as we hear anymore information, we'll be sure to pass that along. live in doylestown, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks. meantime, opening statements in the bill cosby sex assault trial beginsed to n norristown -- guns today begins today in n.
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cosby pleaded not guilty and says the encounter with andrea constand was consensual. the jury was selected near pittsburgh and will be sequestered at a nearby hotel. nbc10 will be following the trial every step of the way. you can have alerts sent to your phone by downloading the nbc10 appment look for full coverage on line and on air. we're following another high-profile trial. this one in bucks county. closing arguments are scheduled indoylestown for lee kaplan. he's accused of sexually abusing six sisters. prosecutors say the feasterville man fathered two children with one of the girls. investigators say the girl's parents gifted them to kaplan. and today marks the four-year anniversary since the deadly market industry building collapse in center city, philadelphia. on this day in 2013, a building being demolished into a salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. seven people died. a dozen others were injured or maimed. last month a woman who lost her
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legs in the collapse was awarded more than $95 million as part of a larger settlement. the construction tractor and excavation operator are serving time for manslaughter convictions in the case. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is backing a senate bill to overhaul suspension for future -- pensions for future state employees. it passed a committee vote last night. a full vote is expected later today. the bill would shrink the traditional benefit for future hires while adding a 401-k-style benefit. also today, unionized employees from philadelphia and across the state will rally support in harrisburg for governor wolf's budget proposal that includes more money for public education and restores a billion dollars in school cuts made during the corbett administratio administration. we'll begin with first alert radar. again this morning, cloudy conditions across the area, the grayish color overlaid all over the map. you see the spot of green that's barely to the west. this area about to see some of
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these showers move through. this will be near parts of berks county and into chester county. right now what we're going to be dealing with is light rain for the most part across the area. for the morning hours, spotty in center. not a lot moving through. later in the day we could see thunderstorm development. let's watch the hour-by-hour forecast. in the a.m. hours until 11:30 in the morning. this model doesn't show a lot going on for most of us. i wouldn't be surprised if there's still a spot shower moving through. when it's that light green, it indicates a light rain. we're not talking anything that will cause issues if you're out driving. 11:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, same deal. the model's shy to give us much action. if you see a few spot cells, could be scattered through philadelphia, wilmington, or trenton, as well. this will be sporadic in center. we go from 3:30 in the afternoon through 7:00 p.m. and see areas farther south, a little more steady rain. this line of steadier rain, again, i think may be a little
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farther to the north. and then it's all about focus farther to north for thunderstorms overnight. the deeper oranges, yellows overmay lead to a strong -- overnight may lead to a stronger shower or thunderstorm. the rain isn't just going to let up. in fact, we've got chances of rain for our monday, tuesday, and even lingering showers light in nature for wednesday. then things drop off thursday and friday. and on top of that, we're tracking temperatures that take quite a dip before they take another rise, as well. we were up to 80 yesterday. we'll be around the same today. look at the drop-off on tuesday and wednesday as we continue with the potential for rain. only 60s for a couple of days. definitely indoor days. then 90s on the ten day on 10. we'll get to that in a few minutes. >> thank you. 5:39 on your monday. and if you're just getting up with us, we want to help you get to work today. >> when we say we we mean
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jessica boyington. she's got you covered especially traveling roosevelt boulevard. cameras at 17th street, everything is good now actually. the roads are quiet over delaware and p.a. and new jersey, as well. you see the boulevard looks good. there's a disabled vehicle, very minor, in jenkintown at york and washington lane still into the system. route 202 looks okay for the most part. everything's green. 11 minutes at the most. southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. we end over in new jersey. route 73 around the expressway, maybe you have to head down the shore, you'll be fine. all roads are nice and clear. still a little dry. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, new london -- new video from the london attacks. what we believe about the men that caused chaos over the weekend killing seven people. what's in a name? resolution. wawa reaches an agreement with a
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small jersey convenience store called dawa. also -- ♪ every night i rest in my bed ♪ it's a sad heart that won't love like i know it should ♪ >> do you have the voice? next, the hollywood spotlight was looking for stars right here in our area.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. a quarter to 6:00. following breaking news -- schools are closed in the central bucks school district today as police search for an escaped prisoner. a shelter-in-place order remains in effect for residents in doylestown, shalfon, and warring ton. the man is identified as 25-year-old daniel selby. police say he got away from a sheriff's deputy while being transported last night. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for breaking updates we get on the story.
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now to the terror in london. we've just learned that british police say they know the identities of the men who carried out the deadly attack on saturday night. also, isis is claiming that it was behind the deadly van attack on london bridge and knifings at a nearby market. the terror group offered no proof. this is cell phone video obtained by british newschannel. it shows the three attackers. it shows them wearing what appears to be explosives around their waists. authorities say the canisters were fake. police killed all three men. they also arrested more than a dozen people in connection with the attack that killed seven people and injured more than three dozen others. washington is gearing up for potentially explosive testimony this week from former fbi director james comey. last month president trump fired comey with the russia investigation in mind. comey is scheduled to go before an open session of the senate intelligence committee on thursday. he's asked to be asked whether
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the president wanted to influence or obstruct the investigation into the president's relationship with russia. president trump could try to block comey's testimony by using his executive privilege powers. analysts say it's unlikely, and both democrats and republicans are urging against that. meantime, russian president vladimir putin is dismissing the idea that his government has damaging information on president trump. >> in an interview with megyn kelly, putin called that a load of nonsense. >> translator: there was a time he used to come to moscow, but i never met with him. we have a lot of americans who visit us. right now i think we have representatives from 100 american companies that have come to russia. do you think we're gathering compromised information on all of them now? have you all lost your senses over there? >> also putin again denied any russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and any knowledge of russian contacts with the trump campaign. 5:46. the former president and ceo of
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the pennsylvania convention center regarded as a trailblazer in the community is now laid to rest. loved ones and leaders attended ahmeenah young's funeral yesterday. she died friday after a battle with cancer. she was 69. she spent more than 20 years at the convention center serving as its first african-american and first female president and ceo. city council president darrell clark said philadelphia has lost a shining star. a south jersey congressman who helped revive the gop overhaul will get a boost from president trump this weekend. the president will join republican tom mcanother thur saturday at -- mcarthur at his golf club. those who oppose the republicans' health care bill rallied outside of the office of pat toomey yesterday. the american health care act passed the house last month. toomey is among 13 republicans writing the senate version of the bill. >> if it's not the same for
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everybody and it's not cheaper and doesn't insure more people, the answer is -- no! >> no! >> many house republicans admitted they did not read the health care bill before voting to approve it. thousands of people hope their dreams will come true after auditioning for nbc's "the voice" in philadelphia this weekend. ♪ every night i rest in my bed ♪ it's a sad heart that won't love like i know it should ♪ >> contestants drove in from boston, connecticut, and virginia, for the chance to audition. they lined up for hours yesterday at the convention center to try to win a chance at turning the judges' chair next season. >> long car ride. >> reporter: how long have you been singing? >> forever. my whole life literally. literally my whole life. >> i'm confident. i came to do my thing. i wouldn't come here if i wasn't confident.
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>> the next auditions are in st. louis. >> i'm impressed by people who could sing. >> i wish i could sing that way, but i can't. >> i could sing into a karaoke machine. the point is singing well. >> right. >> everyone can sing, right? >> all right. first alert meteorologist krystal klei hasein, and cooler temperatures, as well? yeah, it's a roller coaster with the chances of rain and with our staing off with live cameras to go through. not of visibility. fog is over the eacounty, the poconos. visibility dropped a tad. not major drop inibily. it's obvious, you can see the buildings. you will run into fog early this morning. in wilmington, frawley stadium. cloudy but not an issue with fog in wilmington. a lot of our area is looking clear. just a heads up on the
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northernmost zones, you may run into the fog. first alert radar view. clouds over the entire area. a little area of rain that's barely to the to move into chester county. the light showers we started with early on have dissolved and moved to the east. what we're left with a cloudy conditions now and the possibility of some more isolated morning showers. better chance for rain in the afternoon, north and southernmost parts of the viewing area. here's the new jersey temperatures -- 66 in piles grove, 66. swedesboro, 65 degrees. to the north, 62. lumberton, the same. and we'll see temperatures pretty nice in the rn at upper 80s for hard-working hi 80 in center city. summerton, 81. 79 for lansdale and allentown at 80. i think the possibility of great for all of us.
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there will be an isolated chance. we're putting this in to give you the heads up if yt hou may deal particularly in the lehigh valley, the best shot at that. 78 in voorheis, 74 for ocean city. and you seehe wilmington, as well. cooler along the shore because winds coming from the southwest today. that's pumping in warmer air. for t breeze keeping temperatures constant from this morning through this afternoon. the winds will change re y see the orange arrows. look at the shifts, though, blue arrows, cooler air coming in from the east. i noted difference in forecast highs. today, 80 in philadelphia, tomorrow, 68. lingering rain and an isolated thunderstorm for your tuesday. wednesday,showers, as well. only 64 degrees. picking up temperatures on thursday with cloudy conditions. better as we get into your weekend, 80s to 90s by next week.
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thanks. 5:51. we'll get you to work. we'll start on route 202? >> yeah. jessica boyington, first ale situations. looks pretty clear? yeah, a pretty easy morning so far. 202, cross fingers to stay this way. at route 29 looks good. bothec the seven-minute drive time. this point from 29 toward the schuylkill expressway, average speeds into the 60s noer seeing 202. there's a disabled vehicle on jenkintown at york and washington lane. new jersey roads look good. ch at kings highway. you see the intersection is dry. not seeing backups ae no backups here yet. southbound from woodhaven moving to the vine street expressway, still a 13-minute trip. we're not seeing a ving toward center city0s there. we have a followup on a legal case involving wawa and a convenience store in north sim.
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the store in patterson is called he owner for it would change trademark infringement claiminge wawa brand. dawa is a casual way of saying come ikorean. when the store comes up with a new name, we'll let in philadelphia, the fire department tweeted video offering a sneak peek at oneeng. a company now north jersey is putting -- a company in noratil delivered to the department. new in aca atm mystery. next, why the remains of -- where theem fnd and why police have a lot of questions. ne nature. look at your screen. a man refuses to leave his l unmowed even with a tornado on the horizon. what his wife says about the now-viral photo coming up all new at 6:00. ♪
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pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? what? summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington now with you watching the roads. we're having a quiet drive so
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far. meanwhile, it's early for any big backups or delays. we're watching the roosevelt boulevard around roberts avenue. both directions look good. roads are dry at least for now. we'll have updates for you for the rest of the morning. and when i come back at 6:00. and a heads up for drivers. watch out for lane closures on city avenue this morning. expect slowdowns between bala avenue and winwood road from today through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. as crews install traffic signals. penndot is updating 17 intersections along city avenue with a new ware wireless communication -- a new wireless communication system that should improve traffic flow. there will be new pedestrian push buttons, pavement markings, and street signs. it's being paid for with almost $3 million in federal funds. our county-by-county coverage begins in lancaster county. volunteers made an unusual
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discovery. >> they did. right. they were cleaning up conestoga river when they found parts of an atm. police are trying to figure out how it got there. no word whether there any was many in it. -- any money in it. comcast will hold a job fair for local military veterans from 5:00 to 8:00 at the comcast voorheis office at 401 white horse roads. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. in chester county, another devon horse show is in the books. the 2017 edition ended yesterday. the 12-day annual show featured world-class horse and rider teams competing in different challenges. this was the 121st horse show. from a prison to a playground. the land that once held the riverfront state prison in camden today becomes the cooper's point waterfront park. the four-acre park is at the base of the ben franklin bridge. it will include a playground with access for the disabled and a half-mile multipurpose trail,
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as well. now for more of the stories we're following for you on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 -- >> breaking now, prisoner escape. the search for a missing inmate has bucks counties neighborhoods locking their -- bucks county neighbors locking and bill cosby on trial. america's dad faces a jury for the first time today with his freedom and life's legacy on the line. and tweeting -- president trump's response about the ad getting backlash this morning. 6:00 a.m. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborne. we'll start with meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what you're looking for on your monday so far, cloudy conditions. just isolated, light, passing showers. i say isolated because it's not much to track at this point. you see one cell that is out farther to the west of us,
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moving through lancaster, heading toward parts of chester county. i think it will make its way through. you can tell it's wasteful spendinging from the deeper green to a -- weakening from a deeper green to a lighter green. don't be surprised to see that this morning. also don't be surprised by fog in the northern neighborhoods this morning. that's about it. not a beautiful start, but not a terrible start to the day. through the day, temperatures really warm up nicely to around 80 degrees by the afternoon hours. when we get the warm air and moisture moving in, that's a chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon and the night, as well. the possibility. then we start with rainy conditions. we're going to talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. right now, we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting off in new jersey this morning, the admiral wilson boulevard looking like a good drive behind our graphic here. that's the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. traffic moving over the ben with no problems now. you see moving through camden on 676 also looks good there. watching out in maple shade, in new jersey. this just into the syst


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