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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the trial for comedian and philadelphia native bill cosby is now under way. also, prisoner on the loose. authorities look for this man in buck's county. his escape kept thousands of students home from school today. he's back at it again. the new tweet from president trump this morning this time targeting the justice department. >> that breaking news is "the cosby show" and a far cry from the 1980s sitcom you grew up watching, becoming america's favorite tv dad we have seen bill cosby's rise in the entertainment world and fall from glory. this morning with his tv daughter by his side the comedian arrived to the
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montgomery county courthouse surrounded by worldwide media attention for the first day for his sex assault trial. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. the next chapter of the cosby drama is unfolding. pamela osborne is there also. >> reporter: it is interesting, tracy. we are used to seeing bill cosby escorted in by his team of attorney, but today there was another familiar face. as you mentioned, quichia knight-pulliam. the actress who played rudy huxtable walked in side by side to her tv father. he was asked to comment on president trump and the russians. opening argument in sexual assault trial began. he is charged with sexually assaulting andrea constand. his attorneys will have to argue
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around cosby's own 2006 deposition where he admitted to giving constand pills and then engaging in sexual activity with her. the jury in this case, you may remember came from pittsburgh. we have eyes and ears in there. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. you can have alerts sent directly to your phone by downloading the free nbc 10 app and look for coverage on air and online. >> bucks county where police continue to search for an escaped prisoner. the man hunt forced one of the largest school districts in the state to cancel classes today. matt delucia has been on the story since the very beginning. he is at the police staging area in doils town with new information. bring us up to speed. >> this guy has been on the run
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now for more than 12 hours. we are in an elementary school parking lot where you can see the police staging area and this is where police have gathered to share information and details on this search. police tell me they do not believe this prisoner is a danger to the public, but nevertheless, they want him back in custody. this is 27-year-old daniel selby, the man police have been being looking for with flashlights, dogs and helicopters. for much of the morning, the search centered around this area in doylestown. >> the creek is a natural path for him to take to get out of the area and that's what we're searching. >> reporter: here's how it started. selby was picked up last night and he made a request. >> he told the officers that the sheriffs that he was sick and was going to throw up and they pulled over and allowed him out of the car to do that, he pushed
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the officer and he ran away. >> that was around 9:30, residents in town were asked to shelter in place. police followed up on sightings of selby at homes and even a 7-eleven wearing a shirt to cover the handcuffs that he was still wearing. schools were closed for the day. >> we are worried for his well-being and the citizens' well-being. >> he has an extensive drug criminal history, but no violence, and we feel that it's safe. he's just trying to escape. >> reporter: and on that note, police don't know why because now selby is facing an automatic felony charge for escaping. the chief says the deputy was pushed out of the way was not injured. i asked what should you do if you live in this area and you spot this man, he says simply, call 911. live in doylestown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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now to more breaking news, this time out of orlando. multiple people have been killed. actually, we are learning now that five people have been killed in a shooting in an industrial area. this is orlando. we are just getting new information because police are holding a news conference right now, but here's what we know. around 8:00 this morning the shooting started in a business that makes awnings for rvs in an industrial park. the situation is contained and no one is in any further danger, but they are having a news conference right now. so as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along to you on air and on our nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we are tracking showers through parts of our area this morning. a live look now at cape may where some communities at the shore could see heavier rain this afternoon. a live look at the radar shows more showers and storms heading in our direction and the wet weather pattern that is kicking off the workweek. let's get more details on all of it with nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist krystal klie. >> another gray, dreary day with some of the rain moving through. mostly it's been light rain showers and that's still what we have moving through chester county and clipping new castle county and into delco and philadelphia and also from camden county and pemberton, just a real light rain falling. so this is sprinkles to a little drizzle and that's about it moving through this area. we drop farther south and steadier rain to a pocket of heavier rain that will be moving right along cape may county. we had an isolated thunderstorm earlier and we had lightning coming down and that hasn't moved out to sea. what we'll be watching is the continuation of the rain and we've got a lot of moisture directly to our west and a lot of moisture down to the southwest and it's all kind of converging right over us and we've got the potential for more rain as we go into the afternoon hours and we may see spot thunderstorms as we continue to warm up especially in the
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southern zones where the warmest temperatures currently are. we're 71 degrees in philadelphia and we're to 76 in dover and atlantic city further inland at 75 degrees. you see in allentown, 69, not a bad temperature either. when we get into the afternoon hours we should see upper 70s to 80 degrees for the forecast high temperatures today and that comes with the rainy conditions, as well. the rain does not end after today. we have more chances of showers and we go tuesday and wednesday and we'll talk more about that coming up. >> crystal, thank you. closing arguments are under way in doylestown for lee kaplan. he's accused of sexually abusing six sisters and the man fathered two children with one of the girls. the defense offered no testimony. two 17-year-old girls have been sentenced this morning in wilmington after they were convicted in the death of another student in a fight. one student attacked amy joyner-francis while another filmed the bathroom fight at
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howard high school technology last year. francis died from a rare heart condition. the 17-year-old girls who attacked joyner-francis have been sentenced to six months in a juvenile facility. police are searching for the gunman who committed an execution-style double murder in philadelphia. a neighbor discovered the bodies of a man and a woman in this car on sydney street yesterday. police said it appears someone in the backseat shot the victims who were sitting up front and then got out and ran away. they said the car may have been parked there for days. nbc 10's drew smith spoke with a neighbor who is traumatized by what she saw. >> what's your initial feeling when you saw that? >> oh, my god. these young people are dead. it was obvious. there was blood splatter all over the place and they were clearly dead. >> police have not released the
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names of the two victims. we do know they are both from the philadelphia area. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly home invasion in east mt. eerie. a 29-year-old man was shot in his home on north 16th street just after 1:00 this morning. investigators found the back door had been forced open. they think the victim was watching tv in the living room when he was confronted by the shooter or shooters. police are looking for surveillance video from neighborhood cameras. >> this suspect is formally charged with trying to murder philadelphia councilman david oh. sean arbra was arraigned yesterday. he stabbed the councilman while trying to rob him outside his home last week. oh is back to work on friday. the suspect who was caught on camera in chester county sucker punching a disabled man is back in jail this morning. he disappeared after he paid bail in the case. he's accused of punching the man with cerebral palsy outside a 7-eleven last month.
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baker was arrested by the county's fugitive and k-9 unit. he is now in chester county prison. baker has an extensive criminal history with theft and forgery. >> the waiting game continues in bucks county as a bear remains stuck in a tree. the bear did get down from the tree and took a stroll and then climbed right back up a tree next to tennis courts on hilltop road. authorities tranquilized the animal several times yesterday. animal control are back and they want to take the bear to a more suitable place. time now for a check of the roads with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> delays right now and we had a pretty easy morning commute and we're watching the schuylkill where we're seeing delays. on this eastbound side, and this is why we're seeing these delays. right now we have a maintenance crew over into some of the right-hand lanes on the
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eastbound side and we also earlier had a crash on the vine street expressway, right where the offramp is on the schuylkill to the vine that was causing backup and delays. the accident has cleared and the construction and maintenance crew are still there and you can see we're still seeing pretty big slowdowns there on the  eastbound schuylkill. 32 minutes, and average speed in the 20s and right around byberry road. earlier this morning we saw an accident on route 38 and maple shade on the eastbound side along lenola road. now there's emergency construction under way because of that accident scene. there was a down pole. on this eastbound side we only have one lane getting by and if this lasts throughout the afternoon there might be some delays into the evening commute, as well. >> jessica, thank you. we are following new developments into saturday's terror attack in london. police make more arrests in what they're calling a fast-moving
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investigation in the deadly attack. and taking aim at the justice department. president trump's criticisms over the travel ban revealed in a series of tweets this morning. and take a look at our first-alert radar. we are tracking rain out there and the possibility of thunderstorm as we go into the afternoon and even overnight. it doesn't end there. we'll take a look at your ten-day on 10 coming up.
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night's terror attack. a number of people have been detained in connection with the car and knife rampage. seven people were killed by the three attackers. 21 remain in critical condition. nbc's bill neely reports from london. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: dramatic new video of police confronting three killers. one man trying to survive as officers fire volleys of gun fire at the men who left dozens dead and injured. >> i'm trying to keep myself safe. >> reporter: dozens more running for their lives. >> i just saw the two guys getting shot. >> reporter: officers killing the attackers within minutes. >> we do believe we know who they are. we've made a number of arrests. >> reporter: police are searching more homes this morning and investigating a claim by isis that it was responsible. the carnage began just before 10:00 saturday night, terrorists
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driving their van on to london bridge. at 10:08 police got the first call that the van had mounted the sidewalk, ramming into pedestrians. when it stopped on the south side of the bridge, three men jumped out. they ran into crowded borough market, stabbing people and some multiple times, targeting drinkers and diners at the black and blue restaurant. police fired 50 shots killing all three attackers outside the wheatchief pub. after the slaughter, the monday morning commute at london bridge. the security heavy, the anxiety real. britain's prime minister theresa may has not confirmed that all three attackers have been identified. she's under pressure so, too, the police. remember, this is the third deadly attack in britain in the last three months, but fear of more copycat killings. back to you.
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>> meantime, manchester, england, one of the sites of another terror attack is feeling renewed hope and strength after the one love manchester concert. yesterday ariana grande and a star-studded lineup returned to the city devastated two weeks ago by a deadly terror bombing. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 50,000 people watched singers like justin bieber, pharrell, katy perry and miley cyrus. the benefit was broadcast across the globe and the police searched every bag. 15-year-old olivia campbell was one of the victims killed in the bombing may 22nd. >> i had the pleasure of meeting olivia's mommy. she told me olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. $2.6 million was raised to go to the city of manchester and the british red cross. president donald trump is
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tweeting about his travel ban. he's calling for a return to the original more sweeping version of that executive order. he tweeted, quote, the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban and not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to s.c., meaning supreme court. the justice department should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down travel ban and seek much tougher versions. here's the next tweet. in any event, we are extreme vetting people coming into the u.s. in order to keep our country safe. the courts are slow and political. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. we'll begin with a look live throughout our neighborhood and there are all these gray pictures again and it is another damp and dreary day. temperatures, though, are on the warmer side of things and they're on the warmer side at 71 degrees in philadelphia and we're at 66 in the suburbs and 70 in new jersey and 69 in the lehigh valley and mid-70s in
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delaware at the 7 -degree mark and notice the winds that are calm and coming in from the southwest. it's driving in the warmer air especially over southern delaware and pressing into areas like philadelphia. we've got this area of rain cutting right through and along the i-95 corridor and an area of steadier rain is passing from suffolk into cape may county, as well. that's the wide perspective and you can take a closer look being and see where the rain is moving through in philadelphia and it's a light shower by chester county, and philadelphia county and also clipping into some of our new jersey neighborhood through burlington, it starts to weaken, but we'll be dealing with the light showers turning possibly stronger as we get later into the day and as temperatures continue to pick up. here is the hour-by-hour forecast and this is just one computer model and it is not doing a perfect job at starting off because we do have rain
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right now cutting through wilmington through philadelphia and keep that in mind here. it's another perfect example and it does well with timing and we go from 11:00 a.m. through 2:30 in the afternoon and still the steadier rain heading south and i think the line could press farther to the north and into parts of camden and gloucester county and the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm developing, although i think better potential farther south and this is at 2:30 in the afternoon. we go to 5:30, breaking apart and still scattered activity in the area and the rain chances are farther south. as we go overnight, same deal and you can spotlighter showers north and it's in the overnight that we'll have to watch the northern edge where we could see stronger thunderstorm develop. this is around midnight, 1:00 a.m. or so in the parts of the lehigh valley and we've got this potential into the evening that's spaced across the entire region depending on what timeitf
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is. the system is stuck over us and that will continue the chances of rain as we last into your tuesday. let's just take a quick look at the temperatures here right around 80 for philadelphia and upper 70s for the rest of the region. >> it's the interview everyone is still talking about this morning. nbc's megyn kelly gets an exclusive face to face with vladimir putin. his heated response when she asked about russian meddling in the u.s. election.
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thousands of people are celebrating african-american culture this week in philadelphia, but a done day is much more than a festival. community events are happening all week long and nbc 10 is thrilled to be part of the fun. keara winters is the owner of senkaya yoga school and wellness center. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tell me what you're offering as part of this week. >> this week, i will be there on saturday, and i'll be teaching a yoga class. so what we have going on is
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something really exciting and engaging for the community. it's to give people an offering of what yoga is all about in a way of a snapshot. so since folks can't always make it to a studio or make it to a class before work or after work, then we're providing it there at the festival. >> some folks have never experienced and this will give them a taste. >> just a little hit of what we offer. >> why do you feel it is so important to be really involved with the day? >> i was drawn to the festival. the daughter of the founder of the festival, and i know her through a dear friend of mine, so to be a part of something that historically in philadelphia is so amazing and to have both of my studio looks here in the city, as well, it just was a perfect fit. a really natural fit. >> for people who have never participated or attended, what is it like? >> it's a surprise. it's a lot of fun. a lot of ohming and deep
11:26 am
breathing and a lot of stretching and feeling good and just being in your body and being present in the moment. >> excellent. i love that. i know we're going to talk about your free yoga class and all of the information about 365 this saturday june 10th from 10:00 to 11:00th a and you do have to register ahead of time and you can check it out on nbc, and the app. >> good luck with everything. >> thanks. it is the case certain to define legacy of the man once known as america's favorite tv dad and with one of his tv daughters by his side, he is in the sexual assault case that is getting worldwide attention. meet an inspiring woman who is proving you are never too old to follow your dreams.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news, bill cosby on trial. the man who went from america's favorite tv dad to defending himself in the sex assault case is now in a montgomery county courtroom as the world watches. this morning bill cosby arrived with one of his tv daughters by his side. pamela osborne is there, as well. what was the atmosphere this morning? >> reporter: cosby seemed to be in pretty good spirits when he arrived this morning. he was met by a crowd of reporters and spectators. he walked into court surrounded by his legal team and another familiar face. keisha knight-pulliam, the actress who played rudy huxtable side by side by her former tv father. when he enters into the courtroom he faced want just a judge and a jury, but some of the other accusers. some of those women will not be permitted to testify, but they
11:31 am
will be watching as his sex assault trial begins. he is accused of drugging and assaulting andrea constand in 2004. they won a trial started with a jury bussed in from pittsburgh. my colleague deanna durante is inside of the courtroom right now and we'll keep you updated on what's going on in there online and on tv throughout the day. reporting live in northtown at the montgomery county courthouse, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 will be watching the trial every step of the way and you can receive updates by downloading the. look for full coverage on air and online. now to breaking news out of orlando. five people have been killed in a shooting in an industrial area there. the shooting was reporteded this morning in a business that makes awnings for rvs. police say a former employee, a disgruntled employee opened fire
11:32 am
killing five people and then turning the gun on himself. seven people in the business survived. as we get new information we'll pass it along to you on air and on our nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first-alert weather. >> it is a wet and warm start to the workweek, raining in parts of our area right now. if you take a live look at center city, philadelphia and we're tracking showers and storms and here is a live look at the radar and let's find out about the timing of all of this with krystal klie, she has a lot more to come. >> we have the showers passing by and this is in chester courty through delaware county. it's kind of weakening a bit. you also see the lingering showers from gloucester county to camden county and pemberton is getting action, as well. philly can see pockets of heavy rain hitting lancaster. when we go farther south, same deal. pockets of heavy rain, the same, and steady rain over the
11:33 am
southern portions of delaware and cape may county. so we're just starting to see the rain move through and it will continue into the afternoon with scattered showers. possibly, some isolating, and do expect it in the afternoon hours and drive home in the evening like we're going to run into some rain. as for the temperature, we're at 72 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington, you're at 74 and cooler farther north, 68 pottstown and redding at 69. we're talking right around the 80s as we get into the afternoon. most of us will cap just near 80 and we'll be similar to what we saw yesterday which is average for this time of year, but once this warm front and its moisture moves through, the system sticks over us and provides us with more rain and cooler conditions. check it out. only 68 tuesday and 64 wednesday and we'll talk about when the temperatures pick back up with the ten-day on ten. thank you.
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on the nbc ten headline, following braking news out of bucks county where police are searching for daniel selby. he got away while being transport that night. >> the jury in the lee kaplan trial is hearing closing arguments this morning. he's accusing of sexually abusing six sisters. the man fathered two children with one of those girls. the defense offered no testimony. two 17-year-old girls have now been sentenced in wilmington after they were convicted in the death of another student in a school fight. one girl attacked amy joyner-francis while another filmed the bathroom fight at howard high school of technology last year. after the fight, francis died from a rare condition. the 17-year-old girl who attacked joyner francis has been sentenced defendants to six months in a juvenile facility and the 17-year-old co-defendant was given 18 months' probation. it appears president trump
11:35 am
will not block comey from testifying next thursday. the president fired comey with the russia investigation in mind. comey is scheduled to go before an open session in the senate intelligence committee. lawmakers are expected to ask comey whether the president wanted to stop the investigation into his campaign's relationship with russia. administration sources say president trump will not use his executive privilege powers to stop him from testifying. kellyanne conway spoke on the "today" show. >> most detested this man man until the good-bye which was the right of the president to do. >> conway said the last time comey testified under oath the fbi had to correct his testimony. russian president vladimir putin is dismissing the idea that his government has damaging information on president trump. in an exclusive interview with nbc's megyn kelly, putin called the idea a lot of nonsense.
11:36 am
>> translator: there was a time when he used to come to moscow, but you know, i never met with him. we have a lot of americans who visit us. right now i think we have representatives from a hundred american companies that come to russia. do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them? have you all lost your senses over there? >> putin denied good russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and had any knowledge of the russian contact with the trump campaign. the pentagon chief are together for the first time abroad. secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis met their australian counterpart in sydney to offer reassurances that donald trump's rejection of the paris climate agreement is not the end of climate discussions. tillerson took a swipe at china saying it failed to persuade china to end the nuclear program. the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear a case over
11:37 am
police need a warrant to receive cell phone tower records. investigators can track the location of criminal suspects. the question is they have to demonstrate to a judge that a person was involveded in a crime before getting those records. >> they collect in center citia' on to a salvation army thrift store. seven people died. last month a woman who lost her legs in the collapse was awarded more than $95 million as part of a larger settlement. construction contractor and the excavator are serving prison time for manslaughter convictions in the case. the waiting game continues in bucks county. look at this video as a bear remains stuck in the tree. the bear did get down this morning, took a stroll and climbed back up a tree near
11:38 am
tennis courts. authorities tranquilized animal several times yesterday. animal control is watching the situation and they want to take the bear to a more suitable place. look at this video, rescuers in california helped save a horse that fell off a cliff. the animal took a tumble in l.a. and airlift the horse, they didn't upon howly it was koirt. >> the measure passed a committee vote last night and a full senate vote is expected later today. the bill would shrink the conventional benefit for future hires while adding a 401(k)-style benefit. >> unionized school employees from philadelphia and across pennsylvania will rally support in harrisburg for governor wolf's budget proposal that includes more money for public education. it also restores a billion
11:39 am
dollars in school cuts made during the corbett administration. advocates for affordable housing will testify later today before philadelphia city council. they're supporting a bill that would create a tax closure program. that program would help homeowners facing financial hardships avoid losing homes. homeowners at risk of foreclosure over past-due property taxes could be given free housing counseling and have their debt deferred under the program. a 94-year-old woman proves you are never too old to go after her dreams. harriet thompson is the first program to ever finish the mare sthop yesterday, and two-time tanser survivor runs to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. she says she may not move as fast as she was 16, but she
11:40 am
loves to run and a balanced diet helps her stay young. a break this summer could give you a tax break, as well. parents find out how summer camp can help save you some money come tax time. and take a look at our first alert radar. a lot of green on the board and it's heading our way and we'll track when wind and rain will make it to your neighborhood and when we'll dry out on the extended ten-day forecast.
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you may want to think twice about sharing a room with your
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newborn. some pediatricians recommend room sharing to reduce infant death syndrome. room sharing impacts a baby's sleep. the study of more than 200 mother-infant pairs found room-sharing babies tended to go to bed later and got less sleep. these babies were also more likely to end up in their parents' bed or to sleep with an unapproved object. you may be eating less sodium in your diet, but it's still not good enough. researchers tracked food purchases of more than 170,000 households between 2000 and 2014. the majority of sodium in our diet comes from packaged food and beverages. the sodium in the foods have dropped by 12%, but less than 2% of households bought food with acceptable levels of sodium. >> a new study is showing just how easy it is to become distractioned while driving. you're talking on a cell phone. researchers used computerized
11:44 am
expe experiments to track the eye movement of people. they took twice as long to focus when a new object appeared on screen than those not required to respond. although the delay was only 40 milliseconds, it got longer with added distractions. >> thousands of developers will be in california as apple begins the developers conference. developers will learn about the latest software for the latest iphones, ipads, watches and macs. >> working parents can save around $1,000 per child up to two children depending on their am in. courtesy of the child independent care credit. these are some conditions, exemptions, overnight camps, for example, do not qualify and children have to be younger than 13 and if one spouse is the stay
11:45 am
at home parent, the credit won't kick in. an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people have a big weekend going on. they will host several, vents and car enthusiasts will enjoy all of these activities. dr. larry kaplan is the founder and ceo of the oral project. thank you for being here. >> our pleasure. >> for people that don't know, tell us about cf chair is. >> cf charities was helping children through s.t.e.m. program and primarily going into the health care-related fielding and we work with the school districts to establish programs if the public schools for students to be trained as dental assistants and medical technologists and we help fund college and professional school and they'll have a commitment in the tail end of that to do public health to give back to the community. >> all of these events will help to fund that, right? >> absolutely. >> tell us about this event.
11:46 am
>> it's a busy week. we moved it into the city of philadelphia this year. the city has been great. it's all about fueling bright futures and healthy futures and in order to do that what we've done is we pulled together the car community and gotten a lot of really fantastic support across it. we have a drive that's going to be sunday morning that will leave at 9:00 in the morning from the wells fargo center, and we will have some of the most rare and exotic and fastest super cars on the planet there. so it's going -- that will be the busy part of the start. we'll finish off with a car show at the wells fargo center and xfinity live will be participating and there will be bands and food going on at the same time. >> sounds terrific. tell us about the success stories and we see the events and we raise money, but there are real students involved that are able to take this money and become hugely successful. >> it matters, right? we've taken a bunch of children that may not have ever expected
11:47 am
to go to college and the vast majority, virtually all of them are going to college. we're. ing support that and our first-year graduates are coming in and we started with freshmen and high school and we're graduating our first year of college students and some will just continue from there. so it's been miraculous. you receive so much from these kids and it's so -- it's such an important part of creating opportunities for the city. it's really part of the health of the city. >> thank you for being here and thanks for telling us more. dr. larry kaplan, and we'll tell our viewers about all that's going on over fueling bright futures, weekend. >> it is saturday and sunday at the hilton pens landing and 9:00 a.m. through center city and the wells fargo subt with a super car show from 10:00 amp m. to
11:48 am
2:00 and you can der see the details on or check out the nbc 10 app. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we begin with the camera view in center city. it looks like a hazy view and it's the rain obstructing the view. we have light showers passing through parts of philadelphia and they are weakening a tad as we speak. we are starting wide because while we've got a little rain in the i-95 corridor and the southern portions of the area, we still have a lot of rain left to the southwest. we're not done with this rain today. let's take a look at the showers that are moving through right now and we'll zoom on into parts of philly. it's weakening over philadelphia and still in delco and chester county and not a lot of rain so far. these are light showers and we have the pockets of heavy rain from west to east. so they'll start moving through the southern part of chester county where so far we haven't
11:49 am
seen a ton of rain. just a head's up, you might need the windshield wipers if you start to drive through that area. >> the hour by hour forecast, this is one computer model and it's not showing off the rain quite as well. it still does a nice time with timing and the strength of some of this rain. we go through 11:30 in the morning through to 2:30 in the arch. that's wherewell see the steadier rain and we'll see light rain through parts of south jersey and we could see an isolated thunderstorm starting to pop up and an area of heavier rain is what i'm expecting into the afternoon hours and that will linger through 5:30 and still possibly scattered thunderstorms. again, i think the line of rain won't end there and it could be farther through the north until 5:30. still some linkering showers in the forecast, but it turns to the northern edge where we have to focus in on a line of thunderstorms that will pass and clip the lehigh valley.
11:50 am
they could be strong in nature, meaning stronger winds and periods of heavy rain and lightning possible in the overnight hours though they start to move out. the rain does not leave. it will continue spinning that moisture overhead and we get continued showers. you see this is noon on tuesday. right now the winds are coming in from the southwest and that pumps in warmer air so temperatures are pretty nice. low to mid 70s already and higher later on. these winds will be changing direction. notice the winds coming from the east and notice it looks like lining up right here, there is a cold front that's going to edge in from the west. cooler air from the east and a cold front from the west. it's just a recipe for us to have cooler temperatures by our tuesday and even into our wednesday and thursday, as well. so here is the three-day outlook. today looking at a high of 80 degrees in philadelphia. lingering showers today and a morning shower possible on wednesday. upper 60s to mid-60s, cooler in
11:51 am
the days to come. southern states, 79 degrees and same deal in the lehigh valley, only 64 for your wednesday. in new jersey today 78 degrees and 68 for tomorrow and 68 tomorrow at the shore after just those low mid-70s sxd and in delaware, 78 today dropping upper than mid-60s for forecast high, and you are going to walk you on the door tomorrow comparing to what we do right now. that's when the rain will start drying out and not as good of a chance of showers and we jump to the ten-day on ten and things do get better and there are those 60s i was talking about with lingering rain and the sun trying to make a return on the wednesday, and slight warm-up to 66 degrees and we jump up as the winds yet again shift direction and 78 degrees for your friday and 80s for your weekend and an isolated thunderstorm on
11:52 am
saturday. 90s forecasting for your next workweek, monday, tuesday and your wednesday. you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets. it's shocking actually. they're made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. like white meat chicken... and that's it. keep it real. keep it tyson.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, actor josh duhamel stops by the "ellen" show to talk about the new transformers hit and family life with his wife fergie. at 4:00, up close and personal,
11:55 am
how a delaware man managed to scale a 21-foot tall fence at dover international speedway and get in trouble with police in the process. that's today at 4:00. now an update on our top story that we're following for you, opening arguments under way now in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. he walked into court surrounded by his legal team and another familiar face, keisha knight-pulliam, the actress who played rudy huxtable. cosby did not take questions about the case. he's accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. he has pleaded not guilty. we are following breaking news out of bucks county where police are looking for an escap escaped prisoner daniel selby. a shelter in place recommendation for the doylestown area has been lifted, though. five people are dead in a workplace shooting. investigators say a disgruntled former employee went into an awning business and opened fire.
11:56 am
he killed four men and a woman and then killed himself. seven people in the business survived. now let's get you up eightdatede first alert forecast. it's been a rainy couple of days. >> are we getting used to this now? >> no! >> we've got rain already that's been light and patchy in areas. that's going to continue as we go into the afternoon hours and especially as we go into the later arch hours we could see scattered thunderstorms roll through. southern zones overnight, northern neighborhoods may see it and 80 degrees and the forecast high for us today. as we get into the next couple of days, bill could bedown, 64 tuesday and 66 thursday. the sun does return and the weekend is back in the 80s and this is a series roller coaster. >> that's when the sun starts to come out. >> 80s are nice. >> thanks, krystal. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00, for krystal klie, stay
11:57 am
up-to-date on the nbc 10 app.
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