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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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cosby mrs. tweeted hashtag, came to court to hear the truth. >> let's begin with lauren mayk. she's live outside the courthouse in norristown this afternoon. quite a inspectcle for day one. >> reporter: this courthouse is open for other businesses, you can see that they have set up guard rails along the building and leading to the entrance. if you were here earlier today you would've seen some celebrity sightings on the other side of there, not just bill cosby himself but a woman we watched grow up on tv as part of the cosby family. walking toward the courthouse in norristown, family faces from a famous family. bill cosby heading to trial with his tv daughter by his side. you know her at rudy. >> the littliest cosby child who had his father's heart in the cosby show. >> i said it's beautiful, okay.
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>> i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: now grown up, explaining why she has his back now as cosby goes on trial. >> i just said that i would -- i'm going to handle this the way i would want to be treated. i want to be the person that i would like to have if i was -- if the table's were turned. >> reporter: outside the courthouse a famous face on the other side attorney represents multiple women who have accused cosby but whose allegations have not led to charges. >> i think it's important because this is the first time that mr. cosby is charged in a criminal case. >> reporter: the man who was america's tv dad now in the spotlight again with a part of his beloved tv show family by his side and an uncertain ending. >> i don't take these charges
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lightly. i don't condone sexual assault any way, shape or form, but at the end of the day our court system is set up and the subject said plenty times in the beginning of this whole thing that you're innocent until you're proven guilty. >> reporter: she arrived today with bill cosby. we did not see bill cosby's real life spouse ca meal nor his tv wife. it is not clear when or if they might appear here at the courthouse. live in norristown, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> during opening statements today, neither side held back. prosecutors using the actors own words against him while cosby's defense team started by attacking his accuser. our team coverage continues with erin coleman in the breaking news center. >> some of his accusers also in that courtroom.
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>> one of the accusers testified against him today, others were in court but they were not -- will not be allowed to take the stand. prosecutes gave their opening statement. they warned the jury not to confuse cosby with the character he played on tv. they said the case is about trust, betrayal and the inability to consent but his defense painted a different picture and pointed out inconsistencies in his accusers statements to police. he said the only thing worse than sexual abuse is a false accusation. the first witness called today once worked for cosby's agent. she told the court cosby gave her a pill before sexually assaulting her. we are not identifying her. cosby's accused of drugging and molesting adrian constand back in 2004. he's facing up to ten years in prison. the actor has pleaded not guilty. right now cosby's lawyers are cross-examination that first witness. for now i'm erin coleman, live in the breaking news, nbc10
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news. you can count on nbc10 on air and online for every angle of this major story. deanna durante is inside the courtroom for today's testimony. her live report all new at 5:00. then at 5:15 our legal analyst will join us to discuss cosby's defense strategy during opening statements. >> skyforce10 right now over this breaking news in montgomery county. take a look at these pictures. what you're looking at is a water main break in abbinton. you can see that it's happening right next to a house there. the location of this is edge hill road at the tyson avenue. we don't know exactly when this break happened, how long it's continued, but so much water pouring out causing problems. you can see it going there in the road. both roads are closed and when you look further over you can see how wide that break is with water coming down from two homes. we'll keep an eye on this. this is a water main break in
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abington, p.a. >> jeremy, you've been showing us a couple locations here and as you pull out wider, show us where all this water's flowing, if you would? >> reporter: sure. if we zoom out really wide, the break itself starts about the top of the picture, you can see there's the road up here with these white trucks. that's the water department trucks and the break is behind these trees and then it slows down behind these -- through these yards and it's flooding all the backyards and it ends up in a giant water fall from this house here. >> just amazing. amazing pictures we're seeing here. as you pull out and show us further down the road where all this water is traveling, is there flooding below as well? >> reporter: yeah. as we pull out, you can see you're starting to have ponding on the roadway. some people walking through the water just trying to get around.
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a lot of water flowing down here. >> this is at edge hill road and tyson avenue and we assume some of these roads are closed. we'll keep an eye on this from skyforce10. we appreciate that vantage point. >> turning to our weather now. tracking showers moving through parts of our area this afternoon. misty and cloudy skies. and the umbrellas were out in kent county as well. nbc10 here in downtown dover. others didn't seem to mind it so much. today's rain kicks off a really wet start to the weekend. tammie souzza tracking the showers in our most accurate whether forecast. >> we'll need to hang on to those braelz and rain boots even though it's going to be ugly here and ugly shoe days for the next couple of days. north of philadelphia where they had the water main break. that's where there's very light showers. we have a line of heavier
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showers stretching from dover all the way up to atlantic city and you can see them all moving off to the north and east if i put it into motion. again, for dover, for morris river, vineland, estelle manner and toward atlantic city, we are looking again. if we pull the whole thing out, you can see this is the whole batch of rain that's moving through. we get a little bit of a break and things will drift southward. off here to the west, there's a line you can see those individual storms that are approaching the area so overnight tonight we still could see a shower or thunderstorm across the area. i will want to prepare you for that and we could see some periods of much heavier rain. we do have the winds out of the west. it's taking us into the low and mid-70s today. we'll be lucky to make it into the mid-60s across the area. we'll get a break tonight and
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see more showers coming through the area tomorrow morning, through about mid-morning. we'll see some periods of heavy rain moving through. we'll talk about all of that when i come back in just a couple of minutes. and guys, i have 90s in my ten day. >> that's coming back too, all right. our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with the search called off for bucks county inmate. >> daniel sellby is wanted on drug charges. he pulled a fast one on police while they were transporting him and right now he is still on the run. he escaped from his shackles near bristol road and lower state road. the central bucks school actually closed today while police combed that entire area. cydney long is live in doylestown. >> this is not a case where the guy on the run is armed or dangerous but the story is how this could have happened. >> reporter: he's not considered violent but there has been some back and forth argument as to
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where his feet cuffed, was he wearing those shackles. it's now been almost 19 hours since he's been on the run. police do tell me they are confident that he has help, that he's very well out of the area perhaps fleeing by car. wanted for failing to appear in court on drug charges, 27-year-old daniel sellby will soon be in more hot water with police. after being picked up last night by sheriff's officer, he pulled a fast one on cops in the area of lower state road and bristol road. >> i told the officers that the sheriff's that he was sick and was going to throw up and they pulled over and allowed him out of the car to do that. he pushed an officer and ran away. >> reporter: after faking out police, residents of three towns were asked to shelter in place. police quickly established perimeters. flashlights and a police helicopter and dogs were used.
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central bucks school districts cancelled all classes and afterschool activities. it was inside this 7-eleven that sellby showed up this morning at 5:15. five minutes later knocking on a door where he used to live. it brought investigators to the nearby creek. >> the creek say natural path for him to take. >> reporter: police don't consider him violent or a danger. >> he has a pair of red handcuffs on his waist around his waist unless he gets in someplace and has them cut off. we're worried about his well-being and the citizens well-being. >> i didn't find out about anything until this morning. >> reporter: the manhunt was the talk of the town this morning. some families upset to shuffle schedules due to school being cancelled. >> i guess just about the safety and stuff because normally this type of stuff doesn't happen out here so i guess it's just the main concern really. >> reporter: now the drug charge now escalates to felony charges for escaping police. also remind anyone hiding or
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helping sellby they will also face consequences. as for the students i did reach out to the superintendent. i am told that school will resume as normal tomorrow and no additional days. those makeup days will be tacked on at the end of the sool year. live in doylestown township, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> breaking news right now. philadelphia police arrested two people connected to a shooting that sent ten people to the hospital last month. the police department is getting ready to hold a news conference with more information on this but you'll remember a man fired more than 25 shots into a crowd at 23rd and west cumberland street. this was back on may 20th. denise nakano is there. she will have a live report coming up at 5:00. philadelphia police are looking for the person who broke into a man's home and shot and killed him as he watched tv in his living room. it happened early this morning
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on. investigators found the back door had been forced opened. >> police say the gunman responsible for killing five people in an office in florida today was a disgruntled exemployee. the gunman walked into a business that makes awnings in orlando this morning and opened fire. five people were killed before he took his own life. he had been fired in april and once been accused of assaulting a coworker. there's no indication that the shooting was terror related. >> sentencing day for two 17-year-old girls convicted of a murdering a classmate. that's her punishment for attacking amy francis joyner in a bathroom. the other girl was sentenced to 18 months probation for helping plan the attack. an autopsy found francis joyner died from a rare heart condition aggravated by that attack at the school. now to the terror in london. we're learning more today about the men responsible for this weekend's deadly attack.
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nbc10's erin coleman is following the latest developments from our breaking news center. >> police named two of the three people who carried out this weekend's attack. here's a look at the two suspects. the man there on the left was a british citizen born in pakistan and claimed to be moroccan and libyan. the two and another man drove a van into people on the london bridge saturday and stabbed several others. seven people were killed and dozens injured. please killed the three suspects. meanwhile, british authorities searched two homes and detained several people today. they are suspected of having some connection to the three men who carried out saturday's attack. isis has claimed responsibility. now security remains high on the bridge today, the nearby london bridge underground station has reopened. london is remembering the victims of this weekend's attack. hundreds gathered at the london bridge. the crowd held a moment of silence to honor those killed or injured this weekend. members of london's muslim
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community gathered near the bridge as well to pay their respects to the victims. they laid flowers at an intersection that leads to the market where several people were killed. of those injured, 21 remain in critical condition. we're live in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc10 news. >> president trump is stepping up calls for implementing his travel ban following the attack in london. in a series of tweets today he says the justice department should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down travel ban before the supreme court and seek much tougher version. a second tweet says, in any event we are extreme vetting people coming into the u.s. in order to help keep our country safe. the courts are slow and political. kellyanne conway echoed those sentiments on the "today" show today. >> it has to be followed by do something and this president through his travel ban is trying to do something to protect the
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people of this country. >> both the president trump's travel bans have been blocked by the lower courts. the city of philadelphia is marking a sol lum anniversary today. >> it was four years ago today that a building fell. seven people died in the collapse at 22nd and market. decision 2017 tomorrow. we will be one step closer to finding out who will succeed chris christie as new jersey's next governor. democrats and republicans will voelt for their nominee. six candidates are vying, phil murphy is considered the front-runner for the democrats and five candidates are going for the gop nomination including lieutenant governor kim guidano. camden mayor and atlantic city mayor as well as state assembly races are happening tomorrow. polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. jurors began deliberating
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the fate of a man accused of sexually assaulting six girls who were gifted to him by the girls parents. lee kaplan fathered two children with one of the girls. he's facing several charges including rape of a child. he was married to the oldest daughter and the other children loved him. the start of another trial today. it is the case all caught on camera. a delaware county day-care worker accused of shoving a child down the flight of steps. sara gable is charged with assault, harassment and child endangerment. the camera showed her shoving the child down the steps back in march. in bucks county the council rock school district is hosting a meeting tonight about the possibility of closing schools there. the school board's considering closing rolling hills and wrighting wriegtstown elementary school. parents can meet to hear the latest proposals. that meeting begins at 7:00 at wriegtstown elementary.
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schools throughout pennsylvania will have full day kindergarten. fitzgerald has announced or introduced a bill that would require school districts across p.a. to offer full day's for kindergartne kindergartners. a similar bill was introduced last year. it would take effect for starting 2018/2019 school year. >> all eyes on silicon valley for apple's latest conference, the big reveal the very first apple speakers. this is apple home pod. the speakers are voice activated and connected to the internet. they're work with siri and listen to your voice commands. the home pod will run you $349. it'll be available in december. apple also announced a new ipod, macbooks and new operating systems. over this breaking news in montgomery county. huge water main break there in abington, edge hill road at tyson's avenue is the location. both of those roads closed there
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and jeremy haas is up in skyforce10. any sign of this water slowing down? >> reporter: actually, the pilot and i were just commenting on that. it does appear that this water is slowing down. the stairs have turned into a water fall and just -- within the past five minutes the amount of water started to slow down and then if you pan to the back of this house, you can see water is spilling over top of this retaining wall and piling up next to the house which probably means it's going into the basement too. so it's a giant mess that needs to be cleaned up here and if you widen out, all these backyards is basically like a big river starting all the way up to this point up here where the water main break occurred. >> all right. thanks for the update and as for weather we got some water as well. >> we do coming from the sky. we'll be dealing with that all
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week. let's go to tammie souzza for that. >> at least we're not seeing that heavy rain in abington. you can see the heavy rain just south of dover. let's see what's going on up here to the north of philadelphia. you can see spotty showers stretching from reading all the way through norristown and montgomery county including abington so they're not having to deal with any heavy rain at this point on top of that water main break. putting into motion you can see again the heaviest showers are south of the metro area moving through parts of delaware and south jersey and right on out to the jersey shore. from dover back toward morris river, vineland, estelle manor, back up here to ship bottom in galloway, still looking at steady rain in those areas. all of this is beginning to drift southward. we're watching another line of thunderstorms. all these individual storms are headed our way so we could see the chance of a thunderstorm overnight tonight. i think that will be very widely
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scattered. all this is associated with this huge area of low pressure. just park to the north of us and kicking off little pieces of energy and showers are just rounding it in a counter clock-wise manner and headed our way. we'll be stuck with this tomorrow and wednesday and then we break into the good stuff. here's your hour by hour. we have winds that look like they're all over the place, switching at this point, but we are watching them make a switch more to the east. temperatures are certainly not in the mid-70s right now. low to mid-70s. by early tomorrow morning we'll be in the 60s and you can see the winds turning to the north. we'll have spotty showers across the area. could see the rumble of thunder or a gusty thunderstorm especially in the lehigh valley and berks county. that's going to be through tomorrow morning and then we get a break and then on wednesday it looks like we'll start to dry out. could see a spotty shower with cloud cover the same for thursday. cloud cover but i'm not putting any showers in for thursday. temperatures considerably
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cooler. the 50s are low for philadelphia on wednesday, but certainly not the low 60s. it's 71 right now in reading, looking at winds out of the south. 72 in balance la kinwood and let's take a look at what's going on in philly. 72 degrees. we have temperatures that are pretty comparable to that. let's go to blanden. white house at 73 degrees. we scoot down into the suburbs and we have calm university at 70 degrees, we go to west bradford at 68 and north wales at 69 degrees. finally let's wind up in philadelphia county, airport is 72, graduate hospital at 74 and fox chase at 72 degrees. let's make a comparison for you. if you're going to be in philadelphia tomorrow 71, 63 on the shore with a chance of rain, maybe an isolated thunderstorm overnight. we're looking at 72 by thursday. 62 on the shore but here's where it starts to get good.
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84 saturday in philadelphia, 75 on the shore, beyond that we'll talk about 90s when i come back in just a little bit. >> see you soon. a woman taking matters into her own hands to try and keep drivers from speeding through her neighborhood. >> when you got cars and bikes going -- all up and down the road, it had to stop. >> you cannot go away until you see this. her hair raising method of stopping drivers in their tracks. >> also, look at this. up close and personal. how a delaware man managed to scale a 21 foot tall fence at dover international speedway and he got himself in trouble with police, too. plus this -- the fallout from this beach brawl that's changing the way police patrol their beets in a jersey shore town. that's next. first here's a look at the
4:23 pm
closing bell on wall street today. red arrows down all around. we'll be right back. >> sponsored locally by crashproof retirement. shielding your future with troof.
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this fight right here over memorial day weekend one of the reasons police in one town are beefing up security this summer. margate police are adding a wawa detail for the rest of the summer because of large crowds of teens hanging out in parking lots. this fight happened at a nearby beach. the extra wawa detail will run from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. mtv filming again at the jersey shore. we're not talking about snooky and the situation. summertime classics the network is bringing back. a guy climd this big fence sound. we've got the video you're going to want to see.
4:27 pm
the guy is now under arrest. he's lucky to be alive. we have the story coming up. plus the new push to make sure your child's water at school is safe to drink.
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back up to skyforce10 where we continue to follow breaking news out of montgomery county. over this water main break in abington. see the crews on the road. the water has stopped rushing as of right now. let's take a live look at those efforts to clean all this up. here's what it looked like just a few minutes ago, water that looked like a water fall rushing over the stairs and into the backyard of that house. brandon hudson is on the way to the scene. the good news here is it looks like they're getting that under
4:31 pm
control. and right now at 4:00, lucky to be alive. >> a delaware man managed to scale a 21 foot fence at dover international speedway this weekend for an up close and personal view of that race but he managed to get himself in big trouble with police. tim furlong spoke with witnesses who watch that entire incident unfold. >> look at them. >> reporter: they saw a train wreck up in the stands near turn four. dover police say near the ends of the race, john decided to choose the huge safety fences that hang out over the track. >> it could've gotten really ugly really quickly. >> reporter: he watched with thousands of other fans as he climbed up and over. nobody sure what he was going to do. >> he went all the way to the end of the fence and started dangling his leg off. he was off balance at that point and that's when people got
4:32 pm
scared. >> we're unsure of the reasons why he decided to climb the fence. >> reporter: dover police still aren't sure why he did what he did but when they got him down they kicked an officer and resisted an arrest. it landed him in police custody. it could have been far worse for him. if this guy had fallen from up there, the impact alone might have been killed him. if it didn't kill him the 40 plus cars going 150 miles an hour around this curb they would've finished the job. he could've seriously injured or killed a driver too. thousands of fans watched a gate race. they also got a sunday side show. >> they definitely gave extra amount of excitement at the end that's for sure. >> reporter: in dover, tim furlong, nbc10 news. right now at 4:00, bill cosby sexual assault trial began today with both sides on the attack. cosby walked into court today with his tv daughter about his side. she played rudy on the cosby
4:33 pm
show. she was there in a show of support and inside the courtroom the prosecution painted cosby as a man who used his fan to sexual assault a former temple university employee. defense pointed to inconsistencies in his acusers story. >> sellby shoved his way out of a police cruiser last night. he told police he felt sick and asked them to pull over and when they did he took off. police do not believe he is violent but they are concerned for his own well-being. >> delaware judge today sentenced two 17-year-old girls convicted in the death of a classmate in wilmington. one received six months in a juv nil facility for attacking amy joyner francis at howard high school last year, the other was sentenced to 18 months probation for helping plan the attack. a dreary day down the shore but the crowds are still out on the boardwalk. nbc10 here in atlantic city
4:34 pm
where people were still walking and biking by all those shops. take a look at the low clouds hovering over the delaware river from one of our cameras on top of the comcast center. it does look and feel like a monday outside. >> tammie souzza's here to bring a smile to our faces even if you got all that rain on the radar behind you. >> i'm not going to let it get me down because we have got the end of the week to look forward to and it's going to be spectacular. let's get the krud out of the way now so we can roll for the weekend. we are looking at showers across the area. philadelphia a few sprinkles, the heavier rain or heavier showers i should say are from dover off toward atlantic city. i'll go ahead and put this in motion and you can see it's beginning to diminish and move well off to the east. we're going to continue to see some showers at jersey shore, delaware, parts of perhaps chester and delaware counties and then take a look at this, there is a line behind this of
4:35 pm
showers and storms. it is not really falling apart too quickly and some of this may make it through the area tonight. you may hear the rumble of thunder overnight tonight. we have gray skies in philadelphia. we showed you that picture a few minutes ago. this is a live shot as we look at the city. 72 degrees and winds out of the northwest to 3 miles an hour. here's where we're going to be going over the next six hours. we'll see the winds out of the south so that's why we'll be relatively mild. 72 degrees right now. 70 at 7:00 this evening, may even get a few breaks in the cloud cover but not a whole lot. i wouldn't expect to see the moon out too much tonight. 68 degrees as the winds turn to the northeast and that's at 10:00 tonight. we'll talk about those magical 90s when i come back with your ten day on ten in just a couple minutes. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. in chester county, a man accused of soccer punching a man with cerebral palsy, back in custody. they captured barry baker this
4:36 pm
morning. baker disappeared after he paid bail in the case last month. authorities say it's baker seen in this video mocking the man before he punched him without warning. comcast is hosting a military hiring fair in voorhees to help find jobs for national guard and reserve employees. this is all part of comcast commitment to hire 10,000 veterans, reservists and military spouses. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. in montgomery county taking politics to the public. holding a town hall to hear about important issues in their community. the meeting will be at 7:00 tonight if he education center in pensburg. >> in south jersey, what was once a prison is now a park. >> camden officials this morning cut that ribbon to open coopers point waterfront park. it sits on five acres that was once home to the river front state prison. along with the play gound it features the half mile
4:37 pm
multi-trail with some great views across the delaware river. so the learning just does not stop for the summer for dozens of west philadelphia students. >> whose giving them the gift of reading to take home while school is out? plus why new parents may want to think twice about sleeping in the same room with their newborn. ending lunch shaming, inside your child's school. workers what they have to stop doing with the cafeteria tra can suit.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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i want to think twice about sharing a room with your baby. doctors recommend sleeping in the same room during an infant's first year. that's aimed at cutting the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. babies who share a room tend to go to baby later, they got less sleep than babies who slept in their own rooms. new researches find americans are consuming less sodium than they did 15 years ago but there's a lot of room
4:41 pm
for improvement. first the good news. families were taken in about 400 milligrams less sodium of packaged foods. the bad news, fewer than 2% of those families were buying food with acceptable levels of sodium. we don't always want to live for the weekend especially when touchdown just monday but this week we may want to consider the better weather we'll get to. >> don't wish your life away, jim. >> first alert forecast is tracking rain. >> umbrella alert for now because we do have more showers and storms on the way later tonight but when i come back i'm talking about sunshine and 90s, i promise. >> and if we can't be safe in our own streets, how the hell are we going to be safe in the world? >> there's the question, plus how this woman is pulling out all the stops to put a stop to speeding in her neighborhood.
4:42 pm
donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses.
4:43 pm
my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values. [hissing] uh- i-
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[sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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. >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> mtv is returning to the jersey shore with a summer throwback. the episodes will then air this summer. mtv beach house started in 1993 and was bulled as the ultimate summer party. mtv has a history along the coast of the jersey shore, the show, jersey shore was taped in seaside heights. snookie made their debut in 2009. >> the parents, the cost of summer camp could pay off. working parents can save around a thousand dollars per year or per child depending on the family's income. there are some conditions. overnight camps they don't qualify and the savings is only
4:46 pm
allowed for up to two children all younger than 13. if there is a stay at home spouse, the credit would not kick in. british grandmothers found a unique way to full speeding drivers into slowing down. >> maybe she's on to something. she uses her hair dryer. meet 64-year-old jane brooks. she stands in front of her garden every day using a hair dryer as a fake speed gun. she points it at drivers zooming on by and it seems to be working. >> quite simply why picking up one of those and going like that i have never seen so many people's brake lights go on and all it is is a hair dryer. >> neighbors say they've noticed a remarkable difference since jean started holding her hair dryer over her fence. a bbc video of her in action has hit facebook and has gained 25 million views.
4:47 pm
maybe they're going so fast they're not noticing that she's hardly in uniform, not an officer, but they see that and they think she's under cover. >> there you go or she's an honorary police officer. >> next time i got pulled over i'm going to say officer, i thought that was a blow dryer not a radar gun. >> good luck with that. >> you know what? we wish we had a blow dryer of warmth headed our way. we're not going to have that. we'll have cool temperatures. as we take a look out at the beach. there's a couple of hardy souls out there. it will be get better by the ends of the week. next weekend you'll want to go to the beach. we have some rain showers making their way through the area. they've been doing so late afternoon and evening. we'll continue to watch all of this from philadelphia northward not too much activity. let me go ahead and put this into motion and you can see a lot of it is now making it's way
4:48 pm
out of the area. we still have the heavier showers down here to the south anywhere from dover still has a few steady sprinkles but morris river has some heavier showers and galloway. you were under some very steady showers earlier. we put the whole thing into motion. there's yet another line of showers and storms that is coming our way and overnight we could hear the clap of thunder. this will be widely scattered. you can see the main body of this storm system up to the north swirling around just kicking more activity off as far west as michigan and that swirls around and makes it way through ohio and into pennsylvania. the risk of severe weather, you can see the darker green. that's what we call a marginal risk. the light green is a garden variety thunderstorm. the yellow is where there's a slight risk. you have to get down to raleigh to see that. the marginal risk we're facing is basically not even in the city of philadelphia, it's not out on the jersey shore. it is here in the upper reaches of where you see the lehigh valley and berks county and
4:49 pm
that's where you could see perhaps tonight a gusty thunderstorm just an outside chance of that. let's take you through hour by hour. we are going to be looking at temperatures from the 70s and into the 60s. we'll watch our winds turn more out of the north overnight. we'll see some showers coming through, heavier showers will make their way through the area tomorrow. could pick up in some places a half inch to an inch of rain and it starts to quiet down on wednesday. wednesday's the coolest day. we'll be lucky to make it into the 60s. i know this forecast models wants to put a few 70s around. that only happens if we get sunshine. we're keeping the clouds in the forecast but after that it gets really good as we end the week. rainfall-wise, maybe 1.1 inch in mt. pocono, not quite an inch in philadelphia. 71 tomorrow in fair monlt. if you're in schwenksville, allentown 64 degrees. let's go to hoar veez where
4:50 pm
you'll see 68 and dover one of the warmer spots at 71. i want to share with you the ten day on ten. it's so exciting. 71 tomorrow in philadelphia but cooler in other spots. 65 the coolest day of the week perhaps an early morning shower on wednesday, maybe a few peeks of sunshine that could pump that temperature up a little. we see 72 on thursday with clouds and a few peaks of sunshine. we get to 80 on friday, 84 on saturday. all that sweating, you're going to get it because on sunday, monday and tuesday, the low 90s return. we could have our next heat wave here in philadelphia. >> next at 4:00. given the gift of reading. the program helping dozens of students continue their love of learning over the summer. >> and coming up at 5:00. this car crash isn't making headlines. a new stand accident that's next at 5:00. to make a good school day.
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miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing.
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and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
4:54 pm
tens of thousands of local elementary students are going home with a huge gift, the gift of reading. >> it's all part of a program to make sure kids don't lose their reading skills during the summer months. erin coleman joining us live. you went to one school where those free books were a big hit. >> reporter: some kids wouldn't be reading as much or at all without them over the summer. these first graders love their books. so when they found out they were each getting to take them home for the summer. >> i got books. >> reporter: excitement was an understatement. >> i think that i'll have to start reading them.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: why? these are just some of the 37,000 students that will go home with ten brand new books for every single kindergartner and second grader in the school district. >> i like reading because it is good to read. >> this has created the platform and gateway for them to have it right in their own homes. if they didn't have this, it's a possibility that they would not read over the summer. >> reporter: making reading accessible to all kids is crucial says the principal, the partnership is helping to bridge the gap. >> summer learning is loss is something we try to avoid so they can read them over the summer and make sure they come back ready and prepared for the next grade. >> reporter: for these 6 and 7 year olds, and they say they're
4:56 pm
going to be ready. the last dave school for philly students, june 20th. district leaders say by then all k through second graders will have their books in hand. how clean is your child's drinking water at school? the fight for tighter guidelines to keep your child safe and nbc10 is there on the first day of bill cosby's sexual assault trial. continuing coverage and in-depth analysis on the strategies to prove his innocence or guilt. >> and it's a soggy start to the workweek but don't worry. things will improve. i've got your whole timeline of what's going to happen in your neighborhood when you come back.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
bill cosby goes face-to-face with his accuser in court. we break down what happened on day one. also soggy start. we're tracking showers across the region. how long will you need your umbrella? news stand crash. a car comes plowing through sending newspaper and debris flying everywhere. we begin at 5:00 with this breaking news. a water main break in abington. take a look at this. this is what it looked like less than an hour ago, water just gushing down the steps and into that backyard. the water main is now been shutoff. that happened around 4:30 this afternoon and so right now crews are working to fix the break and in the fast few minutes we
5:00 pm
learned that water main was more than a century old. right now, here's a heads up. the road is only opened to passenger cars, no buses or large trucks are getting through. brandon hudson just arrived on the scene. he'll have a live report coming up in about 15 minutes. now to a show of support. legendary bill cosby entered the courthouse today with his tv daughter actress, keisha night pulliam by his side. he tweeted thank you to cliff and claire's 4-year-old daughter rudy. deanna durante was in that courtroom today. she's joining us live from norristown. you were there, what was cosby's reaction as prosecutors were laying out their case to the jury? >> reporter: well, as the prosecutor told the jury that cosby used his power and fame to sexual assault adrian constand, he used drugs so that she


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