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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to show a pattern of what they saw a prior bad acts. surrounded by staff and a former costar, bill cosby quietly enters court. defense claims cosby has been wrongly accused but prosecutors are hoping this woman will show a pattern to the jury, one that cosby used drugs to inca pass tate women for his own sexual gratification. the william morris agency, she says she was invited to cosby's home in 1996 to learn about camera blocking and to run lines with him. sometime later the woman was asked to meet him for lunch at the bell air hotel. she told the court that cosby instructed her to tell no one about the meetings. the woman told the court she knew she was violating company policy but she did it any way. in that hotel room cosby forced her to take a pill, even checked under her tongue to make sure she swallowed it. she went into the bathroom to compose herself and she saw a
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counter full of prescription bottles. she frantically searched the bottles trying to figure out what she had taken and eventually returned to the hotel room now sobbing on the stand, the woman recalls her dress top being pulled down and her skirt hiked up. she returned to work never telling anyone what happened in that hotel room until one day she says she overheerd a phone call. she told the court, cosby urged her to be fired. >> reporter: and the woman told the jury that eventually she was terminated by the william morris agency. the defense did seize upon the opportunity to ask why she didn't come forward in the year since, why did she come forward in news conferences and with an attorney? the woman told the court that she had a secret about the biggest celebrity in the world and that he was powerful and it was just her at the time and she was scared and humiliated. that is a very latest reporting live in norristown, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> a member of cosby's tv family
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walked with the comedian in the courthouse today. keisha knight pulliam played youngest daughter rudy on the cosby show. she is standing by him saying it's easy to support someone when things are great but true friendship is to do it when things aren't great. >> i would -- i'm going to handle this the way i would want to be treated. i want to be the person that i would like to have if i was -- if the table's were turned. >> it's up to the jury to decide guilt or innocence and she will accept whatever decision is handed down. to some breaking news we've been following this afternoon in montgomery county where the cleanup is now underway after this gushing water main break. skyforce10 was over the scene this afternoon in abington. brandon hudson is live for us on the ground. let's talk about this cleanup that's underway. >> reporter: crews are cleaning up here on tyson avenue just
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behind me in the last half hour we met meredith, she's a homeowner impacted by this water main break. she came home around 4:00 and found water rushing down her driveway here and then we'll take you around the corner where you can see all the mud, the water ended up here right outside of her z-ba raj. she had an inch of water out here and five to ten gallons in that basement. she shared this cell phone video. you can see the water flowing down her driveway. the crazy thing about this is, she just moved here three weeks ago now she has to worry about cleaning up. skyforce10 was over the scene here in abington earlier this afternoon around 3:00. we found out about this water main break. we found that happened on edge hill road. we found out edge hill road remains closed, about 85 residents will be without water for the next 24 hours. they are bringing are in a tank of water for those people to help them out throughout the
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night. let's get back to meredith. we talked to her. sheers what she had to say what about what happened. >> it is probably only an inch, inch or two but it came in through the walls, but we get water that just rushes down here and right into the backyard. >> reporter: again, this is not the way you want to be welcomed to the neighborhood. she moved here three weeks ago. we talked to one of the commissioners. he said homeowners who have claims that they can make those claims with the township. live here in abington, brandon hudson, nbc10 news. >> to our first alert weather now if you're heading out this evening, you might want to keep an umbrella handy. keep a life look at university city. more rain lurking in the forecast. here's a live look at camden as well. gray skies out there. some drops of water on our lens there. meteorologist tammie souzza is here with what we can expect moving into the evening hours. more rain to come?
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>> yeah. i call it the ugly hair and bad shoe weather and maybe the rain booties. keep the umbrella handy. take a look. we are seeing the heaviest of the rain to the south of philadelphia but still some light showers making their way through philadelphia at this point. putting it into motion, you can see there's more off to the west coming out of baltimore but none of that is really heavy rain. the steadiest rain right now is milford, through dover, sea isle and up to atlantic city even including wildwood just to the north of cape may. we'll continue to see these steadier showers. we'll be watching this line of showers and thunderstorms that are off to the west of us. this is what could come through tonight so you may hear a rumble of thunder out there and then tomorrow we'll see more shower activity headed our way. 70 right now in doylestown with calm wind. let's go ahead to wilmington where it's 72 and winds are out of the south and southeast and final stop in philadelphia, 72 with winds out of the east and southeast. the afternoon highs we hit 74
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today but look we'll be headed downward in a wrong direction to 65. we should be at 80 this time of year. that's where we'll get by frill and we'll hit the 90s after that. >> police arrested two people in connection with a shooting that injured ten in north philadelphia. police announced charges agai. t they fired more than 25 bullets into a crowd of people back on may 20th. police are searching for an escaped inmate who tricked authorities in order to get away. cydney long is joining us live. how did he manage to allude authorities? >> reporter: i can tell you it wasn't any elaborate scheme. it's probably one that police have heard before. he faked feeling ill, asking deputies to pull over in the cruiser and once they did he managed to shove one of them and take off running. drug suspect turned overnight
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felony. he remains at large after faking police out last night. he managed to get out of shackles on his feet but remained handcuffs. >> i saw the picture. i didn't even know he was arrested for anything. i didn't think he was that kind of guy. >> reporter: lucas is a assistant friend of a friend describing him as a quiet unassuming guy. he was shocked to learn an overnight shelter in place and manhattan hunt forced the closure of this school district. >> if it was a murder charge, then close all the schools. i'd be pretty evident that you should do that. it's just like some drug charges. >> reporter: central bucks erred on the side of caution. turned to a helicopter search for sellby by day light. >> we sheltered in place, that caused the reaction from the school district, which is a good reaction. the safety of the children are paramount. >> reporter: despite sightings in this 7-eleven. >> they believe his in a vehicle
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and they're still looking for him. >> reporter: police called off the search effort confident sellby has help. >> just knocked on the door and fled. last scene wearing an orange shirt and a white blanket. >> reporter: they come in contact with this escapee what should they do. >> call 911 immediately. >> reporter: and police as we speak are working to interview family members. they are urging sellby to turn himself in. we did ask that manager over at the 7-eleven for that surveillance video in the store. he wouldn't give it to us but police are working with it. in the meantime students at the bucks central district will return to school tomorrow and they don't need to makeup the day at the end of the year. we're live in doylestown, i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. a former montgomery county english teacher will spend up to one year in prison for the
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sexual relationship she had with a student. she was a teacher at upper dublin high school. she was arrested back in may of 2016. it's believed she had a sexual relationship with a male student for several months. today jurors began deliberating the fate of a man accused of sexually assaulting six girls who authorities say were gifted to him by the girls parents. prosecutors say he fathered two children with one of the girls. he's facing several charges including rape of a child. the defense argues cabland was married to the oldest daughter and the other children loved him. right now in harrisburg an overall to the pennsylvania two pension systems is on a fast track. today the senate voted to slash the traditional pension benefit for most government and public schools employee hired after 2019. it would introduce a 401(k) benefit instead. the bill would not reduce benefits for current public employees or retirees. a house vote is expected this
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week. the candidates running to become new jersey's next governor are in the final hours of campaigning before tomorrow's primary election. polls will open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the issues of addressing new jersey's high property taxes and funding public schools topped many of the candidates agenda. >> some of pennsylvania's longest students could of a longer school day. isabella fitzgerald introduce aid bill to get a full day kindergarten. >> next at 6:00. determined criminal. the lengths this man went to to get the goods from a local coffee shop. >> a guy climbed this big fence during the nascar race on sunday. we've got the video you're going to want to see. he's now under arrest. he's lucky to be alive. we have the story coming up.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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>> all new at 6:00. check out this surveillance video of a determined burglar who broke into a dunkin' donuts restaurant. he kicked a hole and got away with a stash of cash. so far he has not been caught. so this is likely the last
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thing any one expected to see during yesterday's last car race at dover international speedway. a man climbing this huge fence that hovers right over the track. >> tim furlong spoke with some race fans that had a front row view of that daredevil climb. >> jimmy johnson burns down the house. he won on the track in dover sunday, this guy here lost up above it. police say 43-year-old john enphon tai made a very dangerous decision to climb the safety fences that head out over the track. >> no doubt it wasn't a good move to make. >> reporter: robert was sitting right there watching this happen. he thought the guy might jump but he came down. dover police say he kicked an officer when they were trying to arrest him. you remember the kid that got that'sered when he ran on to the field a few years back? that's small potatoes. >> running on to the field will get you arrested or maybe even
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tackled by a player. falling off this fence during a nascar race you'd be lucky to make it out of here alive. >> you have cars circling the track well over 150 miles an hour. obviously you know what the ramifications are. >> i guess that's what happened when you spend four hours in the sun drinking beer. >> reporter: lots of fans just assumed he was drunk. police are now investigating drunk or not he's going to face some pretty serious charges. he's really lucky to be alive. >> it could have gotten really ugly really quickly. >> reporter: in dover, nbc10 news. >> signing up for the tsa pre-check program about to get easier for lehigh valley residents. the lehigh valley north hampton airport says enroll mont for the program will return weekdays from july 10th to july 21st. the screen costs $85 and is valid for five years. you can fill out an application at today marks day five of the
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philly beer week celebration. the ten day long festival is field with events all around philadelphia promoting local businesses. there are multiple events planned for every day through next saturday. before you tap the kegs make sure you tap the app for a full list of participants. null at 6:00. actor al pacino will star in a new movie about sandusky. paterno was fired back in 2011. paterno died in 2012. >> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> right now at over the traffic, traffic not too bad right there, not horrible for a monday. actually it does look pretty bad had i actually look at that one lane. it is pretty bad. one direction is fine, the other not so much. that second look will always get you. >> let's just look at city hall
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because it's so beautiful. live look at city hall and broad street. >> it clearly wasn't cape may. that was far from the beach all that traffic. >> we can dream about the beach. >> we can. we should. >> depending on where you live you may see some sunshine or you may see some rain. tammie souzza is here to break it all down for us. >> you know what? it doesn't matter where you are, you've seen some rain, you've seen some clouds. it has been ugly at times. i'm sure the roads are not very happy -- not a happy place to be this evening especially if you're in south jersey or the jersey shore or in the southern half of delaware. even philadelphia picking up a few more showers moving through the area right now with the doppler radar. you can see all this moving out to the east. heavy rain across the atlantic. let's go ahead and take a look from atlantic city to sea isle to cape may to morris river back to dover and up to vineland and ship bottom, that's where we see the steady rains at this point.
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we have this line of storms coming in from the west. don't be surprised by a boom of thunder out there. now, our high today only 74. where should we be? 80 degrees. rainfall .02 of an inch. that was as of 5:30 this evening. the highest wind gusts 15 miles an hour. i don't think you'll see it but the sunset is at 8:26 tonight. from cool and soggy to steamy and hot that's what we'll be doing. umbrella alert for tonight and tomorrow. yes, you're going to need to grab a jacket. cooler than average the next couple of days. maybe only 60s around the area on wednesday. that is through thursday. thursday we're still in the 70s. then things really come uncorked. heat returns. it'll be hot and sunny this weekend including several days in the 90s. we could stream three of those together very easily and into early next week.
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from the 70s we go with the rain across the area tonight we'll drop into the 60s. could see some steadier showers, maybe even some isolated thunderstorms, by about 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this morning. lehigh valley, berks county, all the wail down toward doylestown and pottstown. then we see things break apart tomorrow morning but we will see more showers making their way through the area so not a nice day tomorrow. ugly shoes, bad hair. by wednesday, not a warm day unless we get some sunshine then we could get into the upper 60s and low 70s. could see a spotty shower around the area but for the most part that's the last of the truly ugly days this week. for tonight, we'll see some showers, maybe a storm out there, 61 in philadelphia, 54 in the lehigh valley. we'll go to delaware where you'll see 57 and the best chance of a thunderstorm is going to sag through delaware and south jersey. philadelphia tomorrow 71, the suburbs 67, lehigh valley 64, south jersey 68. the jersey shore only at 63 as the winds start to turn east and
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70s for all of you in delaware. here's your ten daily on ten. if you like the heat you'll be happy with this one. 71 tomorrow, 65 wednesday, the coolest day of the week. we go to 72 on thursday, 80 on friday. that's where we should be so we'll be perfectly average at that point. 90 on sunday, 92 monday, 91 next tuesday and then 80s with a shower or storm toward the middle of next week. not too bad as far as warmups. >> breaking news right now. a live picture from norristown, pennsylvania. we hear that bill cosby's getting ready to leave the courtroom. he was in court today. you can see him right there. that live picture of him today. he was in court with one of his costars by his side. we heard from adrian z-oond today the first witness to take the stand. she says she was assaulted by the star in the middle 90s. keisha knight pulliam is who we earlier saw walking alongside -- who we now see exiting the
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courtroom. we'll have more as it continues to develop and we'll be right back. z2e3sz z5yz
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>> announcer: this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. x 1 will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark. the eagles back on the practice field today. now remember darren sprawls said he would retire but he may be reconsidering. he told csn, quote, we'll see, right after we make the playoffs, then come back and ask me. end quote. sounding positive. take a look at wentz today with his new weapons on offense. he has new receivers and new running backs. he also has a new backup quarterback.
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you saw nick fools right there back in the birds. he has a lot of experience with the ups and downs and he can help carson. >> he's a great dude and we're very like-minded off the field so the relationships we've had has been great. it's just been about a couple months now but i'm looking forward to working with him for the season for sure. >> he understands the game from a physical aspect the way he moves and throws is awesome and just as a person, he's a great individual, great individual to be around and i really enjoyed it. >> great dude out of both of them. sixers they say joel embiid and ben simmons will not play in the summer league next month. we'll have to wait to see them play together in october. sixers started their predraft workouts in camden. he would like to schedule a workout with alonzo ball and the lakers may not take alonzo now. the sixers after the third pick
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in the draft and we've heard fromsome interesting tradeoff from teams. >> if we should or there's a transaction that comes up that gives us a chance to perhaps increase what impact number three can have in terms of its return we will look at it. this is that time of year where you find out exactly what you have and you explore options. >> philly starting a series in atlanta tonight. can they win three straight in lam five and a half weeks. we'll show you at 11:00. be right back after this.
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nick fo breaking news from bucks county. police have now arrested the father of an escaped prisoner. daniel sellby senior helped his son get away from officers who were searching for him. they believe the father dropped him off in philadelphia near broad and allegheny this afternoon. the son is still on the loose. >> we'll have an update on that at 11:00. that's our news for 6:00.
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up next "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. see you back here tonight at 11:00. thanks for watching. have a good evening. tonight, workplace horror. a gunman goes on a deadly rampage in orlando. police say a disgruntled ex-employee hunting down and targeting former co-workers in a senseless act of violence. were the warning signs missed? the terrorists in london revealed as troubling new details emerge. were they hiding in plain sight? bill cosby on trial. dramatic testimony on opening day as cosby himself gets a show of support from a former co-star. admissions revoked. a stunning turn of events at harvard. what officials say was so offensive students were given the boot right after being accepted. and losing weight. a new alternative, no surgery tarks le, takes less than an hour, and you're home the same day. doctors say the results can be


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