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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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shot in the arm. that 6-year-old was shot in the head. they offered medical tide both of them. took them both to the hospital. that's where they are now. at last check the 6-year-old is in critical condition. we can come back live now and see, again, part of the road is open. but police are continuing their investigation. we want to make note this is just right next to a park over to my right and we did see police take an suv out of here with what appeared to be bullet holes. we'll continue to get more from police on this story and update you throughout the newscast. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. more breaking news. the bill cosby sexual assault trial all eyes on andrea constand. bill cosby's accuse sor testified today. >> the star witness is still on the stand right now. harry hairston is live outside the courthouse.
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andrea constand had a lot to say today. >> she's saying still on the stand. she's testifying for ts defense. this comes more than two hours after she testified tr the prosecution. making her first public appearan appearance, she walked into court. the prosecution's star website testified more than 90 minutes. prosecutors questioned about the beginning of her relationship with bill cosby. the man she claimed sexual assaultly assaulted her in 2004. early encounters as professional with cosby showing interest in her work as director of basketball operations at temple. she testified they developed a friendship, but as time grew, cosby became more aggressive in. developing a relationship by inviting her to his home for dinner on several occasions. constand said cosby started making unwanted advances and eventually drugged and sexually
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assaulted her at his home in 2004. right now the testimony is continue iing. we don't know how long the judge may go on. deanna durante is in the courtroom. she's been there all day and will be coming out as soon as things wrap up with more details. that report for you as 6:00. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the trial. ahead we're going to talk to our legal expert about constand's testimony and what it could mean for the jury. look for updates on air and online. you can get alerts sent directly to your phone. just download the nbc 10 app. more breaking news. a new jersey transit station is a crime scene after a deadly shooting. lauren mayk is join iing us wit the breaking developments. you have new information about >> new information coming in
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just since we saw you last at 4:00. authorities are now describing a murder-suicide with a bus driver killed here and then his alleged shooter taking her own life about 20 minutes from here in a business near the township. along busy route 42 police stationed at the entrance. behind here is the garage where new jersey transit buss stay overnight and the lot where a driver was shot and killed. the prosecutors office has now identified the driver as 45-year-old ryan reynolds, the woman believed to have shot him took her own life about nine miles away. it all happened at a busy lot where neighboring business owner says he hasn't seen problems before. it's always there. it's the bus depot. there's always something going on and people walking around as far as this and out. >> today police now conducting a
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murder investigation. >> we didn't hear anything. we just saw a bunch of police and helicopters and didn't know anything until ten minutes ago when somebody said there was a shooting next door. >> reporter: now both the victim and suspect are tr this area. the bus driver from sick lerville. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. turning to the weather. chilly and rainy as we take a live look at cape may. lock at the skies. they are not the prettiest day to be at the beach. >> stay iing dry for now. we caught some people walking around. a jacket was all you needed. maybe a hat. we were tracking showers in the area. >> meteorologist glenn schwartz joins us now with the latest. we see some showers on the radar. >> we do have showers. we have had showers around for several hours.
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nothing as heavy as 5:00 a.m. there's more in northwestern pennsylvania. some showers through new jerseyen continue to move southward. just move through bridgeton and then another batch coming through allentown and more on the way. and allentown and reading, the areas most likely to get showers in the next few hours. but that threat is still there as we go through the evening hours. we'll watch what happens as we head towards daybreak tomorrow. everything falls apart except for the clouds. we're going to keep the clouds in, but get the showers out of the way. the temperature contrast is pretty amazing from 59 in mount holly and tren 58 degrees in atlantic city. so these temperatures are really tricky closer to the ocean. the cooler it is. more showers coming through. and a cooler morning leading to
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a cool afternoon. i'll tell you when it warms up big time in a few minutes. it's primary day in new jersey. we'll be keeping our eyes on several important races across the state. the biggest race is for the next governor of the garden state. there are fife republicans trying to replace chris christie. he went to the polls this morning saying he voted for his lieutenant governor. governor christie said she's the best person to represent the republican party in november. the republican winner will face one of the six democratic candidates on today's ballot. another important race on the ballot is in camden. voters are picking the city's next mayor. three candidates are running on the democratic side and there's no it republican challenger. other big races on the primary ballot, atlantic city mayor and state assembly races. the polls close tonight at 8:00. you can find results on the nbc 10 app and on a man accused of sexually
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assaulting six sisters gifted to him by their parents is found guilty. this afternoon jurors convicted leec caplin on all 1 counts he faced inclulding child rape. prosecutors say caplin gave financial help to a struggling ammish family. he fathered two children with the oldest girl. the victims ages 9 to 19 testified against him. the escaped inmate who sent authorities on a manhunt is back in custody tonight. police tell us someone called 911 this morning after spotting daniel sleeping in a pickup truck on county line road in bucks county. officers used canine to track down him a few hours later. the ordeal forced the central school district to put serve schools on lockdown. they are happy this ended peacefully. >> no shackles.
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he came to a peaceful close. i'm just happy it's overwith. it could have been a lot easier. >> he's also now charged with assault on a law enforcement officer after escaping from sheriffs custody sunday night. a deadly shooting is under investigation in philadelphia's neighborhood where officers found a man lying on the street just before midnight. police say he was shot multiple times in the head. he died in the hospital. no arrests have been made. . police say a dangerous big-time heroin dealer is now off the streets in atlantic city. he was busted on friday by the atlantic city task force and can federal agents. they found guns and $100,000 worth of heroin in a shed at his pleasantville home. authorities say he's exactly the kind of gun-toting dealer that the ac task force was formed to target. sickened by the school pool. . one swim sends several kids to the hospital.
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and an old trick targeting new victims. the rental sdcam you need to knw about before you book the trip to the jersey shore. and death defying heights without any safety gear. a daredevil's record breaking climb you need to see to believe. plus star witness testimony at the center of the bill cosby trial takes the stand. our defense expert heard it all in court. he joins us next to break did all down.
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tonight british police are identifying the third suspect in the deadly london bridge attack. british detectives believe the suspect is a 22-year-old italian national. he was shot dead by police along with two oh suspects over the weekend. the three men drove a van into a crowd of people before attacking others with knives at a nearby market. >> i'm terrified. there's police right outside the building. we're not allowed to leave. the lights are off. >> like something out of a movie, an american couple on their honeymoon were a block away with someone ran this and told everyone there has been an attack. that's when the mores locked the doors and turned off the lights. a show of solidarity around the uk. a minute of silence was observed
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in memory of the people killed in it england. all government flags were flying at half staff today as well. british police investigating the attack arrested a man in london today suspected of having some connection to the three attackers isis has claimed responsibility. star website testimony on day two of bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the accuser in the case took the stand. legal analyst is live outside the courthouse. the witness testified on just the second day of the trial. why would the restaurants have her ob the stand so early on? >> it was a well thought out strategic decision in this case. i was surprised how quickly she got on the stand. but if you think about it, the first accuser, which was a bad testimony testified yesterday. now today it was almost like a mini trial within a trial
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because you had two witnesses that were backing up ms. johnson's testimony from yesterday. they put ms. constand on today, which testified to the time of those witnesses. what the prosecution wanted to do was show a consistent story amongst the corroborating websites, ms. johnson from yesterday and ms. constand, and you have her testify showing the jury that everyone consistently is having the same story about what they are accusing mr. cosby of. >> yesterday the defense really did make it clear they would question the credibility of these witnesses. so how do jurors respond to that? especially questioning a woman that was sexuallied. >> this trial was coming up for a long time. so there's nothing that hasn't been thought out carefully. from the prosecution and the defense, the defense made it very clear yesterday they were going to go after her and come at her hard. they were yelling yesterday. so i think when you make that
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decision that you were going to go after ms. constand that you're going to attack credibility and don't believe anything she's talked about and made up all of this, then that is your theory. that's what you're going to do. the jury is going to understand that. the jury is going to see that. i don't believe they are going to punish mr. cosby or the defense team for picking that strategy. it's going to work with some people and some people it might not. >> we'll see what happens. thank you for your insight as we continue to cover every angle of this trial. >> just a gray shot. we saw rain, gray skies a lot of clouds. not a great day for a walk there along kelly drive. >> and not a great day either at the art museum. this is a live look right now. you can see folks going around the circle there. kind of gray there. you can see showers moving across the region on the radar.
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when will it dry out? glenn schwartz has that answer in your most accurate forecast. >> the rain is going to move out first. it's going to take a lot longer for the to move out and for the wind to change direction ask allow the warmer air to come in. this is cape may and it's been a miserable day there. and it will be pretty miserable tomorrow too. but then things improve. it's 63 in philadelphia. you can see how cloudy it is. but you can actually see some peeks of blue up in the lehigh valley and a little bit of sunshine in parts of delaware. the western portions of the state closest to maryland. in philadelphia itself on 63 at the airport. 62 in society hill. these areas are hotter. but they are not and coolest is up northeast. only 60 degrees.
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the average temperature time of day, this time of year is 80. so we're 20 degrees below normal at this point. we did reach 69 before the temperatures have fallen. then we start to climb. here are the showers. you can see the fast moving showers coming through this the lehigh valley and more to come. and the showers coming through south jersey and flood threats as they keep moving. now it's just about on top of cedarville. more showers as we head through the evening. so that's what we've got.
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the clouds hang in there. as all of the rain moves out, we're left with the cloudy skies, east wind, cool temperatures, so tomorrow may actually be cooler than today overall. but without the showers. look at this. just the cloudy symbols and temperatures fairly uniform änázorrow. reading at 62 degrees. you really don't see sunshine until we get toward the end of the week. and watch these temperatures go up. by saturday we're up to 86 degrees. sunday up to 90. dover up to 82. we finally have sunshine. that's a totally sunny day on saturd saturday. and then in allentown, same story. 65 tomorrow. we're headed to 78 on friday. 84 on saturday. wildwood at 75 degrees.
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that would be nice. and over the weekend itself, it will definitely be warmer on sunday than saturday. it looks dry both days. and so a lot of people going to like this weekend after all the cool weather that we have had. close to 90 degrees in of new jersey. low 90s in delaware and in. only 70s at the jersey shore because temperatures of the ocean are in the low 60s. we'll get a sea breeze both days. online scammers use social media to snag $50,000 from banks. there's a new addition for the philadelphia zoo. meet the newest resident. plus a long overdue book makes its way back to the library decades later.
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the clooney twins have arrived. george clooney's publicist says they welcomed ella and alexander clooney into their lives today. the clooneys had been living in london waiting the arrival of their babies. empowering people from all walks of life.
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that was the focus today for michelle obama during an appearance at apple's worldwide. developers conference. she talked about life after the white house and how to deal with fear and told the crowd women are in charge of everything. what do you want this your workplace? forbes just ananounced its best employers in america list. they analyzed 100 companies coming in. penn medicine based in philadelphia has been recognized many times tr its commitment to the with free health clinics and screenings. more than 35,000 employees work for the health care leader. google took the second spot. their competitive leave policies and diversity initiatives. it's a safe workplace. costco topped the list. they are known for providing benefits for part-time workers. the company also tends to promote heavily from within. it's never too late to
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return an overdue library book, even 52 years later. the copy of the book. who has seen the wind was borrowed in 1965 from a library in connecticut. somebody returned it monday morning along with a handwritten apology for the late return. they post ed a photo and a than you. >> the handwritten note is nice. this has to be a first. when a peacock runs wild in a liquor store it can do some damage. check this video out. the bird knocked over 500 dollars worth of liquor bottles. animal control rounded up the e peacock. it was taken to an animal refuge unharmed. >> he was trying to get him in safely. taking a stand. bill cosby's accuser testified. >> nbc 10 has your breakdown from the courtroom.
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and we're hearing from witnesses to take the stand today. plus capture. where an alert neighbor spotted a criminal on the run. helping police put an end to a manhu manhunt. a slithering surprise. the unwelcome guest found inside a gas pump. and repairing for a crisis. how this giant balloon could save lives if a natural disaster strikes. . that's new at 6:00. but first a live picture of boat house row. folks on the water this afternoon. a little cloudy and dreary. glen has a look at the forecast, coming up.
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captured, this is video of an inmate in handcuffs arrested after three days on the run. police found daniel today thanks to the quick thinking of somebody who spotted him. >> there were several spottings that kept police on his trail. here's a look at part of his route. he escaped in doylestown, was seen in areas like the reservoir and end up in hiding in the bushes of a warrenton neighborhood. cydney long joins us live from that neighborhood. >> you just spoke with one of the residentings who called 911. >> reporter: that's correct. we're actually at police headquarters. i just spoke with one of two residents who dialled police.
5:29 pm
he said his heart was racing when he recognized his face from seeing him on tv. with that 911 call and flagging down on officer, he would once again be in handcuffs. barefoot and back in custody, daniel celby didn't answer us after spending 40 hours at large before being caught thanks in part to alert residents who recognized his face and dialled 911. one of them at 9:00 this morning. >> he was actually found sleeping in an old pickup truck on the property. when confronted, he took off running into the woods. >> reporter: three hours goes by. miles away a canine officer cornered him hiding in bushes. the other critical call said he appeared dirty and saw him crossing the county line. >> a police officer turns on to county line road from kansas and
5:30 pm
i roll my window down and skrooeming a at him that e he just crossed the road. >> he was on foot running and went into a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: we know more about how he did it. in a police affidavit, he was still in handcuffs when he called his dad from this 7-eleven. his father picked him up at a store nearby and drove him to broad and allegheny in philadelphia giving him $70. police were on the phone with the father and could hear him in the background crying. >> he has outstanding warrants. so it could have been one of the reasons why he continued to flee. >> after schools being cancelled during today's man hunt. residents of several towns are relieved. >> kids are nervous when those things happen. and it's great that he's caught and everyone is safe. >> so clearly several people and several communities breathing a sieg of relief here. he was initially captured on the
5:31 pm
bench warrant for drug faces aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, which if convicted could mean jail time. cydney long, nbc 10 news. continuing coverage tonight. the woman who accused bill cosby of sexual assault shows up at court to testify against him. andrea constand took the stand saying she felt paralyzed and helpful the night the comedian sexually assaulted her. she's still testifying right now. >> constand says the assault happened in cosby's home in 2004. and today we heard from the officer who took her initial statement. deanna durante has more on that testimony. >> reporter: a lawyer for a talent agency that represented bill cosby said he recalled a former employee reporting cosby assaulted her in 1990. the woman told the jury yesterday the assault was in 1996. the defense has said the woman made up claims of assault to get even for louzing her job. the woman was paid $10,000 by
5:32 pm
the firm. we jumped ahead ten years today when prosecutors introduced their first witness who spoke with andrea constand. a police officer was sent to take her report. the officer told the jury constand showed pictures of herself together to prove the two knew each other and told the officer the assault happened in january 2004 after she and cosby went to dinner with others and then returned alone to his home after that dinner. she says she was offered purple pills and soon her legs felt like jelly. the officer said when asked she waited so long to report the case, she expressed concern about her ties to temple university and her desire some day to enter a career in broadcasting. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now to your forecast. it's the return of the rain. take a look at your screen. you can see some showers there that are moving through our area. right now on radar.
5:33 pm
and taking a live look at philadelphia skyline. you can see the fog and the mist out there. turbines are not turning, but it's an unseasonably cool day. >> people breaking out the long sleeves, jackets, this is a look at 19th and cherry street. we haven't hit 70 degrees today. it is june 6th. >> yeah. >> we have a bone to pick with meteorologist glenn schwartz. >> come on, it's cool and rainy. is it going to stick around? >> i don't make it. we have been predicting this for a week. we have another day of clouds like this and temperatures at least as cool as today. it might be even cooler today. we have a lot of showers. some showers in south jersey that are weakening. and that's a good thing. they were heavier an hour ago and now they are weakening
5:34 pm
toward delaware bay. a couple others head toward egg harbor township and the jersey shore. these showers coming into potsville. as you can see, they just keep moving toward the city, toward the shore. and you have to bring the rain gear with you during the evening. by tomorrow morning, we're just left with the clouds and not the showers. so at least that's a change. but it's still unseasonably chilly. 59 degrees in mount holly. 64 degrees in coatesville. close to 70 in delaware. i'll tell you when it's going to get to the 90s, coming up. >> now you're talking my language. tonight a family is suing the city of philadelphia and three of its officers alleging they shot and killed a a man for no reason. the lawsuit says police stripped richard feretti of his right
5:35 pm
when is they shot and killed him last year. his family's lawyers say he was look i looking tr a parking spot when officers pulled up in it front of him. but officers ended up shooting him three times while driving away. we reached out to the mayor's office and he said, quote, both commissioner ross and i are very concerned by the officers' action and we're incredibly sorry for the family's loss. three philadelphia men are facing charges after using instagram to steal tens of thousands of dollars. prosecutors say they used the app to recruit others and take part in a bank fraud scheme. they would promise them a cut of whatever money they stole in exchange for bank account information. they would deposit fake checks into bank accounts and withdraw money that wasn't theirs. the men were able to get away with $50,000. at least 20 people have been fired at uber in response to a sexual harassment investigation. a law firm looked into 215
5:36 pm
claims. 100 resulted in no action. 57 are under review. the cases are not looking into harassment, but also bullying and generally inappropriate workplace behavior. new today, a warning for first responders who rushed to crime scenes where drugs were involved. they could be at risk for an overdose just by doing their job. all it take its is a few sprinkles to overdose. the drug is 40 to 50 times more powerful than heroin. but more and more often, police officers are overdosing on the drug because they are accidentally breathing it in at those crime scenes. the dea e released a a video warning first responders telling them to never test the drugs in the field. your electricity bills will start falling in atlantic city. starting this month customers will get a monthly bill credit. that money is the result of a
5:37 pm
$22 million merger. here's a lock at the stories making headlines county by county across our region today. in bucks county, five students got treated a at the hospital after a possible chemical leak at the high school. the pool house of evacuated this afternoon just as swimming class was ending for 21 students. five of them were having breathing issues. the cause of the issue is unclear right now. the fire marshal says the building will be safe to use tomorrow. in burlington, the memory of a state. trooper kill ed in the line of duty is living on tonight. a tree was dedicated to trooper collin. he was hit and killed while helping a at a car fire along 25 last year. in thu castle county, wilmington is being transformed into a greek village for the next five days thanks to the 42nd annual greek festival.
5:38 pm
parishioners at the holy trinity greek orthodox church bring the old country to delaware with folk dance. it's free and runs until saturday. and in bucks county, an arts showdown is pitting 50 artists against each other in the great outdoors. they will create paintings. they are capturing outdoor sites from all corners of bucks county and competing for prizes. heroes homecoming, one school is celebrate iing anothe championship. and too good to be true, the rental scam stealing money from peopling to vacation the jersey shore. but first, no safety gear, no problem. the stunt up the side of a mountain, you have to see this.
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a hero's homecoming. the westchester golden rams are the division ii baseball champs. westchester raised the trophy after winning four consecutive games in texas. the team came back to celebrations and a cheering crowd of trends and family here at the university. school officials and players
5:42 pm
gathered here at the field house to talk about their championship run. along with thanking the fans tr their support. they took the title on sunday. grats. a daring climb documented every step of the way. this is a look at first person to scale yosemite without any ropes or safety gear. alex scaled the 3,000-foot mountain in less than four hours with only climbing shoes and chalk for his hands. it's part of a documentary film by national geographic. he says that one wrong move on his journey could have meant death. >> there are a few key moments where i don't e know if nervous was the right word, but i was overtense. i wasn't trusting hi feet or holding on too tightly. >> he says the key to his climb was preparation. he's been doing this for years.
5:43 pm
incredible is not the word i would use to describe this. it's probably the last thing you want to see when you reach for the pump at the gas station. take a look. sunshine this georgia went to fill their tank and came face to face with a four-foot snake hiding inside the pump. while customers cringed and i'm cringing, one man pulled the stnake out and relowsed it swoo the wild. the man b says it was to big deal. >> just no big deal. if that were me, i'd say forget a about it. to this now, controversial comments from a phillies great. >> new at 5:00, the statement about a tee know player that has him under fire. unseasonably cool temperatures, the wind off the chilly ocean. plus showers tonight. a warm-up is ahead.
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your first alert is next. and coming up at 6:00, left in the dark. how an electrical problem at one local hospital left patients unable to reach the facility. ♪ pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? what? summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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new right now, controversial comment trs one of the greatst phillies of all time. mike smith says one player can't lead the team because of a language barriebarrier. >> a lot of people are upset about the comments. he has apologized. he called him to say he was sorry and he has accepted his apology. what caused all this? he caused a big stir with his comments about him on 94 sports
5:47 pm
radio. mike was asked about oduble. he was asked if he's a player you can build a team around. here is mike's answer. >> my honest answer to that would be no. because of a couple things. it's a language barrier. because of that, i think he can't be a a guy that would sort of sit in a circle with players ask talk about the game. >> and late this afternoon, mike has released a statement. e he says it's been made known to e me my answer on a radio interview this morning to a question can the phillies build a team was disrespectful to herrera. i'm very sorry that this misrepresentation of my answer occur red and may have offended
5:48 pm
someone. i ashire everyone i had no intention of that. he's become more comfortable with the language. so his leadership skills will improve. no doubt he will be a center piece in the phil lies future. i'm john clark. we'll see you then. >> now to your first alert forecast. take a look at the screen. see all that green? it's the return of rain and showers making their way on through. taking a live look at boat house row. there's some mist out there right now. unseasonably cool as well. it's so damp and unpleasant all around. >> hopefully not going to continue tomorrow. let's talk to glenn schwartz. before we get to that, june 6th. it's one of most important days in weather forecast iing histor. >> yeah, it was the most important weather forecast ever for 9é
5:49 pm
and it was a touchy forecast here. it was the allied meteorologists versus the german meteorologists and our guys had the better forecast. i have a big blog on it that on our website. roigt now at the beach, we have clouds. it's not raining, but it's been like this all day. we have had some showers around. it's only 63 in tld. cloudy skies. we have had clouds across the entire area getting cloudy again in the lehigh valley and delaware. it's just been a nasty day. and in the lehigh valley, it's mostly in the 60s. 65 in the springs. 62 in white home and 59 in nazare nazareth. that's one of the cool spots we have seen on the map.
5:50 pm
now they have also stayed in the 50s all day. we have one batch of showers moving through south jersey and weakening. these other showers are not weakening. they are approaching allentown right now and getting close to burkes county can. one shower about to hit reading again. those areas are going to see the most rain as we go through the next few hours. and this area that's really shrinking in south jersey. showers left. as we go through the night tonight, they are going to be gone by tomorrow morning. we're just left with for the day. so we have the threat of showers during the night. watch what happens toward daybreak. just clouds. chilly and then in the afternoon, chilly. that's going to change.
5:51 pm
we have better weather coming. 72 on thursday. 80 on friday. and close to that in other parts of the area. and dry. so how about that? that's some improvement. we'll get into the weekending up later. a new gorilla is getting used to life at the zoo. look at those eyes. this little guy was born friday. the zoo had had to bring in a team of expert when is the mom started looking distressed. she ended up delivering a healthy little boy. you can check them out the at the zoo's primate reserve where another baby gorilla also lives. they share the same dad. look at that. >> they are going to be such a hit there. how cute. you looking to rent a place at the jersey shore? >> there's a scam you need to know about. >> want to rent a place at the shore this summer? make sure you don't get burned. >> that breaks my heart. >> i'm ted greenberg with a warning that could keep you from
5:52 pm
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. what you're looking at is a live picture of the courthouse. andrea constand testified most of the day. deanna durante and harry hairston have been inside that courtroom. we'll check in with them at 6:00. new at 5:00, it's like the old saying goes.
5:55 pm
if it's too good to be true, it probably is. an old scam is targeting new vib tims at the jersey shore. ted greenberg join us live. this all started and ended with a craigslist post. >> this scam has been around for several years, but people are still becoming victims, including one woman who found out she had been ripped off. >> it's our pictures and write up. >> reporter: but holly and ferguson real estate did not put this post on craigslist to rent a condo in avalon for just $200 a night. >> this home is advertised for about $5,000 a week. >> it's the new work of an ub known criminal using a scam that's been around for years. the culprits copy ads and post them to try to steal money from the unsuspecting victims think they are getting a great deal,
5:56 pm
but often end up wiring money to a crook. >> reporter: still using the incident to issue a warning urging vacationers to beware of listings on sites like craigslist. police telling me they too have gotten recent reports of rental scams targeting that community. >> it makes me frustrated for the consumer. >> reporter: a woman told police she fell for one of these scams after pay iing she got here on saturday only to find out it had been legitimately rented to someone else. >> that breaks my heart. >> reporter: authorities say the safest course of action is to use a local real estate agent to make sure you get what you pay for. >> use your due diligence. dot your i's and cross your t's
5:57 pm
to make sure everything is legit. >> police suggest doing your homework on the property owner and even ask for references all to avoid becoming the victim of a real summer steal. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> we continue to follow breaking news where a 6-year-old boy and his mother were struck this a double shooting near a park. the latest from the scene. strengthening safety, how this balloon could keep you safe if disaster strikes on our public transportation system. taking the stand, former temple university employee andrea constand's description of her encounter with bill cosby in 2004. what she said during her testimony today.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
humiliated and con tuesdayed. we're hearing from bill cosby's accuser. >> shots near a park. we're live on the scene of breaking news for a 6-year-old boy and his mother were wounded. police say they have identified three people who were recorded assaulting a man with disabilities. today the star witness took the stand in the bill cosby trial. just minutes ago, andrea
6:00 pm
constand wrapped up hours of testimony at the courthouse. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. nbc 10's deanna durante was in the courtroom all day listening to the testimony. she's joining us live with the latest on dree ya's testimony. >> this is the first time we have seen her publicly. she walked into the courtroom with her signature curly hair. at times she smiled at the jury when she talked about her past and her life now. she reached for her glasses when she had to look at documents. bill cosby did not look directly in it her direction. he looked down at the table, his hands folded, including when she accused him of sexual assaulting him. she described the friendship that the two had over a 16-month period. at times going to his home for dinner prepared by his personal chef, talking about her future. it was cosby who introduced the idea of herer


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