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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 7, 2017 5:00am-5:26am EDT

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today." i'm tracy davidson. 7th.gog to warm up. krystal kle the first t . this is outside the of sunlight the bottom of the yeah, the cloudy issues to deal. shinerougn the second half it won't be a bad end to your wednesday asidem temperatures -- everybody was talking t, degrees 52 in allentown and 57 coatesville at look at the difference air anded to yesterday at t allentown ndno atlantic city,
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few days of out mbe you left a 90s. looom at that. right now, we'll take ae watchin right now.cameras just around w. this is coming from the southbound side of 95. we have that off ramp partially blocked right here. it actually looks like it's all blocked now. what was being reported earlier was we were seeing lane restrictions. doesn't look like cars can get through there. 95 is still open. that's at least the important spot. 95 southbound to woodhaven road here. we're going to watch some of the construction for a little bit. also watching the vine street expressway. we're still seeing construction crews in the area. we're not completely closed right now. they are allowing some cars to move through the area from broad street to the schuylkill expressway. the closure typically lifts about now. by the time you head out, it should be fine. watch for construction crews, though, in the area.
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also watching 422. eastbound, traffic moving toward the schuylkill from 29 toward that point, an eighteight-minut trip. average speeds in the mid 60s. back to you. g to>>y, the again. andrea constand became emotion m go after constand's story. tell us more. lawyers tried to after the storyo ke holes in the story. look for that the testimony er constand made her first public courtroom testifying as the sheweng questions and describing her started
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asfriendship. mes constand saidentually drug basketball team and cosby gave . she w and left. retaliation. testimony brave. >> i think tha has to do. and she is willing to do it, and i think she's job. >> reporter: again we expect co. outside the veral more accusers, several wearing pins. >> you can count on nbc10 for complete coverage of bill cosby's trial.
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look for updates on air and on line. you can even get alerts sent directly to your phone. all you do is download the free nbc10 app. now to the other top stories we're following today -- >> the engineer who faces charges in the deadly amtrak derailment will have a preliminary hearing in center city. brandon bostian is charged with involuntary manslaughter, endangerment, and risking catastrophe. the ntsb says bostian was distracted by radio traffic and sped up to twice the speed limit before entering a curve in port richmond in 2015. the crash killed eight people and injure good 200 others. -- injured about 200 others. the philadelphia district attorney said there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute bostian. that's when the attorney general's office stepped in. philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who shot a pregnant woman. according to authorities, the victim was an innocent bystander she was shot in the leg as she was walking out of her home in the woman -- nicetown last gheaking news out of iran. twin attacks injured at least 12
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stormed the parliament building. and there are sti r iran's state tv reported that an assault. now at the s targeted a co our consider n attacked a police of outside theamparis. police say the algerian student he went after the officer him. at least 600 people pice secured the area. orist attack at a tourist site in on london bridge saturday night people. seven people were killed and nely
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it's 5:06. words d wn trump fired f reen says th obstructed justice. onceived multiple death threats. the president can only be the house which is controlled by the republicans. crisis erupting in the middle east. five nations saudi arabia cuts accusing that country of supporting terror. qatar is a key u.s. ally fight against isis. that country strongly denies supporting terror. president trump appeared to side with his accusers tweeting that this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism. travelers are paying the price for the crisis. flights in and out of qatar are cut off, leaving passengers
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stranded. business travelers fly between qatar and dubai frequently. doja in qatar is also a major hub for flights between vaesh a -- between asia and europe. and three police officers saying they shot and killed a man, and a lawsuit says they did it for no reason. they shot richard lt year. lawyers said he waski pulled up in front of him. but him three times while he was the mayor said, "both commissioner ross and iofficers action, and we're incredibl in delaware's prison branch plans aclu vaughn cct a killed a gua prison project will the nationa picture. -- changes are
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serious staffing, training, and madeeramg them were increased p. we're going to have to creat you see the cloudy conditions h sunrise. d anhe tell, but also we've got breezes kicking up te. here are the current wind ds millville, eight miles per hour, as bree a door this morning. the breeze cg us cool today. here's a look at our radar and satellite view. the wide view showing the rain our east. we are looking at cloudy conditions, maybe some sprinkles this morning. that's about it. the temperature is the big focus of today. in philadelphia, we go from the mid 50s now at 5:09 this morning
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to 62 around your lunch hour. and only the mid to upper 60s into the afternoon. winds will stay in the 5 to 15 mile-per-hour range and will stay from the east, which means we stay on the cool side. by lunchtime, 64. we will stay in the mid 60s, as well, around 66 degrees by 4:00 p.m. in delaware. there will be cooler conditions along the jersey shore. right now, 57. slow warmup, 59 at 10:00 a.m. there are the low 60s, 63 at 2:00. coming up, we'll talk more about the cool temperatures of today versus the big warmup as we start to go into your weekend forecast. if you can believe, it we are talking 90s for several days in a row. that also comes with sunshine. details are coming up. >> we like believing it. we're good. 5:10 a.m. let's look at traffic and check out 95. >> jessica boyington's got you covered. jessie? right, watching 95 now around woodhaven road. the on ramp dealing with construction.
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a better view now, i can see exactly what's going on. they are still letting a lane through. for a second i thought the whole thing was blocked off. you see it's over into part of the right-hand shoulder and part of the next lane over. and every once in a while, past the cones, you see a car pretty much squeeze through. this is to access 95 southbound from woodhaven road. mass transit dealing with small delays, minor, 15-minute delays from war minister train 405 because of equipment problems. new jersey trains, amtrak and patco on time. the vine street expressway is back open. you'll be okay when you head out through center city from broad street to the schuylkill expressway. everything back open there. we expect it to close again tomorrow. in abington, a water main break. nowmong construction repairs -- new emergency construction repairs from edgehill at north tyson and easton road. back to you. 5:11. a mother and child shot near a wilmington park. this morning, there's a manhunt for the gunman. why officials believe he was not aiming at them. and inflating and saving lives.
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how a delaware company is using a balloon to help protect thousands of people. and jumping in a car. a man attacks a driver and what he does next has her speeding away in fear.
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a delaware company believes this balloon can save properties around the world. >> the company makes space suits for the department of defense. they say inflatable tunnel plugs with k save lives in -- plugs can save lives in subway systems. it is made of super high-strength fabric. the company says they only take 12 minutes or so to completely seal a tunnel and can hold back enormous amounts of water. the department of homeland security commissioned the project after superstorm sandy flooded out some interconnected new york subway stations. new york city will soon get the tunnel plugs. and tunnel plugs wouldn't
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have helped here. passengers on a new york subway train last night were desperate to escape after being stuck for an hour with no power and no air conditioning. they tried to force open the subway car's doors and windows. a witness said the train's windows were fogged over, and everyone was just dripping with sweat and begging to get out. >> at some point people were were saying, we're going to die, how with we going to get out of here. we started to discuss who is going to lead people out. we'll break windows if we have to. >> amazing. the doors eventually did open. the metro spokesperson says a mechanical issue is to blame. nine pennsylvania airports will see safety upgrades thanks to a $10 million state investment. lehigh valley national airport is seeing the biggest piece of the pie with more than $6 million allocated. that money will go toward developing general aviation hangars. and you will still be able to use your current pennsylvania i.d. to get into federal
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facilities through july 10th. the department of homeland security has extended the grace period that was set to expire today. last month, governor wolf signed a real i.d. bill which will allow pennsylvania residents to get a compliant driver's license or state i.d. card to use at federal facilities and perhaps, more importantly, at airports at tsa. the enforcement period for air travel doesn't begin until january of next year. that's how long you have to get that new i.d. if you want to get through security. 5:17 on this wednesday. for those of you commuting south jersey, let's look at route 73. >> jessica boyington has you covered. yeah. watching through voorheis, route 73 at cooper road. actually looks like a good drive. you see both directions are okay. the area will be fine. north and south on 73 looks good for now. doesn't look the same. we're watching construction in cherry hill on route 70. both directions dealing with lane restrictions from cuthbert
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to crop well road. that will be there until 6:00. at least another 45 minutes or so before that. and also watching 95, again, around woodhaven. you see the construction crews set up on the woodhaven on ramp to 95 southbound. 95 not affected now. definitely that ramp is. they still are allowing cars to move through. you see a car go through one at a time every few minutes or so. war minister train 1405 running late because of equipment problems. nothing else major reported. back to you. >> we don't have the rain we had yesterday. that's the good part of it. >> last couple of days. i heard we may have a breakthrough of the sun later. details now from krystal klei, the most accurate weather forecast. yeah. sunshine and more of it to come in the days to come. mears here's a live -- here's a live view at camel back mountain in the poconos. you see the sunlight along the
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horizon. it's cloudy out there to start our day. the first half of the day on the mostly cloudy side of things. later into the afternoon, we may see breaks of sunshine across the area. new jersey, 50 in washington township. we're at 51 in cinnaminson and swedesboro, you're at 53 degrees. most of us are in the low 50s across the board for robinsville to lumberton, hopewell around 50. not a bad start but cooler than you might expect in june. heads up on at least a light jacket. on the first alert radar view, cloudy conditions. not a lot of rain to track. you might get a few sprinkles on the windshield. i had that when i was coming in in the morning a few hours ago. you see not much has been showing up in terms of rain. a few sprinkles possible. that's it for today. we will see the clouds and cool conditions, we won't really see the rain. the rain a thing of the past. the next several days, 66 today in philadelphia. that's our high.
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much lower than average. in fact, we'll be climbing to average. 72 on thursday, and then finally 80 on friday. average for this time of year. a mix of sun and sun and clouds by friday. in the suburbs, up to 79. today we're at 65. 65, 70 and 78 in the lehigh valley through friday. 66 in new jersey today. little peeks of sun in the afternoon, also for the shore peeks of sun into the late afternoon. we go 62 through to thursday, then 71 by friday at the shore. it's new jersey and delaware where we're near 80 degrees by friday. should be nice conditions. if you prefer 90s, we've got some of those, as well. here's the shore-cast. avalon, 75 saturday. 78 for sunday. the same for atlantic city. nearly the same rehoboth beach. we get to the low 80s it looks like by sunday. now let's talk ten day on 10. we go 66 wednesday. low 70s thursday.
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low 80s friday. and then here you go -- saturday into sunday, we get to 92 degrees on your sunday in philadelphia. we stay in the 90s, at 94 monday, 95 tuesday, and 92 next wednesday. >> going to be nice. thank you. coming under fire, a phillies legend apologizing for comments about the team's leadership. >> it's a language barrier. >> why that statement has sparked a large controversy. also, ban on the boardwalk. one jersey shore town already plans to halt smoking. and now another one could join in. closing the doors. the retail giants that are shutting down stores in our area.
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two local stores are among the 72 that sears and kmart announce read closing. the company released the list of the new closures, that's in addition to the more than 180 announced earlier this year.
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the sears in vineland and in manchua will close. most of the stores are slated to shut down in september. uber under fire. the ride-sharing service fires employees after harassment allegations. landon dowdy with details in the cnbc business news. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. uber has fired 20 employees including some senior staff following an investigation into workplace culture and sexual harassment claims. the probe was sparked by a blog post this year by a former engineer who says uber ignored complaints by her and other female workers about harassment and gender discrimination. the firings come ahead of the expected release of a report on uber's internal culture by a former u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> also today it might be easier to get your iphone fixed soon. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes. we all know about the cracked iphone screens. apple will soon be making fixes
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to your cracked iphone screens much easier. reuters saying the company will allow third-party retailers including best buy to use its machines to repair iphone screens. apple has long restricted the use of the technology to its retail stores and mail-in repair centers. back to you. >> thanks. stocks stopped for a second day after retailers for banks dropped 20. the nasdaq, 21,136. 5:26. a local mom and her 6-year-old are recovering after being shot. the ongoing hunt for the gunman and where investigators believe they weren't the targets. and the stage is set. we know who will face off in the battle for new jersey governor. new overnight, we're hearing their reactions. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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caught in the crossfire. a woman and her son shot in a park, now the manhunt is on for the gunman. we know the democrat and republican that will face off for new jersey governor. their plans for the future of the state. up in smoke. the plans for a jersey shore boardwalk. a lot of stories to get to. it's 5:30. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's drying out. krystal klei has the degrees. that's right, finally drying out but staying cool, as well. here's a live view outside in easton, pennsylvania. cloudy conditions just across the entire picture. we will stick with the cloudy conditions especially through the first half of the day. possibly late day we may see breaks of sunshine, more likely as you go farther south. let's look at the radar and satellite view. we've got the cloudy conditions across the map. you see little spots of green across the board, as well.
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sprinkles are possible this morning. really that's about it. none of the heavy rain that we saw yesterday. temperatures on the cool side. 55 in philadelphia. wilmington, 55. lancaster at 57. and 53 in atlantic city. our temperatures are cooler than they should be for this time of morning. they'll be cooler than they


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