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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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you don't join us. we join you. y26vfy y5yy honesty versus loyalty, the former fbi director reveals new details about his conversations with president trump. >> a circle of prayer. neighbors, police, and leaders stand together after a 6-year-old boy is shot. doubling down, why
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pennsylvania could make it easier to gamble outside the casinos. right now at 11:00, comey comes to capitol hill. the fired fbi director is the talk of the town tonight. >> less than ten hours before he testifies before congress we get a sneak peek at what he plans to say. >> michael flynn, loyalty and hookers are also included in comey's remarks. >> keith jones has more. >> reporter: this is comey's opening statement. seven pages in which he describes uncomfortable and concerning one-on-one conversations with president trump. president trump smiling outside the white house but tight lipped about surprising new testimony detailing nine conversations, fired fbi director james comey described a dinner at the white
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house during which he said the president said, quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. comey says an awkward silence followed and he said you will always get honesty from me and said that the fbi was not investigating him personally. comey said the president urged him to back off the investigation of former national security adviser michael flynn saying i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go, he is a good guy and comey asked what they could do to, quote, lift the cloud of the russian investigation adding i have been very loyal to you, very loyal. we had that thing, you know. comey didn't ask what he meant by that thing. the fired fbi director describes taking steps to avoid being alone with the put but never said he thought it amounted to
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obstruction with justice. >> look for questions about three conversations tomorrow. mr. trump's lawyer is pleased that comey confirmed that the president was not under investigation and the president feels vindicated. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> we will be live in washington, d.c. to cover comey's testimony and the reaction across the nation's capital. instead of watching the testimony from your office or couch, some businesses are pushing people to the bar. see how they're turning comey's trip to the capital into a spectator sport. president trump named comey's replacement. crist wray. he was chris christie's personal lawyer during the bridgegate scandal and was the head of the criminal transition under george
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w. bush for two years. to a sh a 6-year-old boy. neighbors took a stand against the violence that is communitie. nbc 10's brandon hudson is outside the the 6-year-old is still fighting for hisarents are by his side here at tis relativ we tonight. >> we have to meet here this unfortunate circumstance. >> reporter: at an intersection marked by violence, a community rallied around a shooting victim and other young victims of gun violence. at one point, the emotions overwhelmed several children. in the crowd members of the victims' extended family. >> he's still fighting. and things are getting a little
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better. not as much as we would like. >> reporter: he told us bullet fragments are still in his cousin's body and doctors can't remove it right now. he is urging people to talk to police. >> it's not snitching. this is getting out of hand right now. >> reporter: mother and son were in an suv that pulled up to this stop sign when a gunman started spraying bullets, hit the 6-year-old in the head. broken glass grazed the mother in the arm. >> we have leads on two did the shooting and was involved in this and we're going to bring them to justice as quick as possible. >> we are out here to pray for the community. >> reporter: the police chief and mayor were in attendance. beforehand we spoke to a city council woman who is organizing a blood bank. >> ultimately, have people donate blood who wouldn't ordinarily donate blood. there has to be money to keep
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our babies off the street. >> reporter: and michelle harley said that wilmington had 90 shootings this year. she wants to spearhead a wilmington peacekeeping effort. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. an 11-year-old lost her leg after being hit by a freight train in philadelphia. she was trying to touch the slow moving train as it passed but she slipped and fell under and one of her legs was severed. she is in the hospital in stable condition. a drug bust at a chain restaurant. a month-long investigation led police to a chipotle in wayne. three were arrested after an undercover narcotics officer bought drugs from the employee.
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>> it was really insane. we just came here to eat. we were so confused. >> a police canine found drug paraphernalia in the men's bathroom. police impounded a car as part of the investigation. federal and local officials break up a major drug ring that ran right through delaware. authorities say this house was home to a massive marijuana lab complete with a fake fireplace that led to an underground bunker. he received shipments hidden in sealed oxygen tanks. the pennsylvania house passes sprawling gambling legislation. it extents gambling. the pennsylvania lottery would be able to bring its games online. the measure needs approval in the senate which passed a different bill last month.
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it is time to check your tickets. we got the winning numbers for the power ball jack ppot. here are the winning numbers, 5, 21, 57, 66, 69 and the power ball is 13. again, 5, 21, 57, 66, 69 and the power ball is 13. watch the morning team to see if any winning tickets were sold in our area. new at 11:00, banned on the board walk. smoking has been banned from the board walk taking effect immediately but smokers won't get fined until january. the city needs time to put up signs and let everyone know about the rule. a major cleanup for one of the jersey shores most popular waterways. thousands picked up trash and debris. the day long clean up spread out across the 660 square mile
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watershed. a milestone for philadelphia's biggest charter school. the philadelphia performing arts high school held its first graduation ceremony. it opened in 2013. tonight the eighth grade class graduated with $10 million worth of clps. -- scholarships. a full house at one of philadelphia's animal control shelters. too full, in fact. they are at capacity. so they are offering free adoptions to help find loving homes for all dogs and cats. it runs through sunday. if you are interested in adding a pet to the family, stop by. bill cosby's accuser gets grilled in court and her mother
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claims that cosby confessed over the phone. why it may be causing more trauma for survivors of sexual assault. from customers to crime fighter. one man shows us how he stopped a gunman from hurting people. science and suds. beer lovers get a lesson in what makes the perfect pint. we are heating up and a lot of beer being guzzled this weekend. 85 for saturday but i'll show you the 90s behind it. that's comfortable long time.
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i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect. a wawa customer is being hailed as a hero tonight. he jumped in from stopping an armed robber. that led to a brawl caught right there on video. darryl didn't want to give us his last name but he spotted the suspect this morning with a gun in his hand and reacted on instinct. the fight spilled through the
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front doors with security cameras capturing their every move. >> were you scared for your life? worried you may end up -- >> that didn't even come into my mind. my mind takes advantage of the situation to get him down and hold him until the authorities came. >> and darryl was able to do just that. but he did pick up some battle wounds in the process. the suspect alexander ray now faces robbery charges. for the second straight day, bill cosby's main accuser took the stand in his sexual assault trial. cosby's defense team grilled her in cross-examination focusing on what they believe are inconsistencies in her story. the defense pointed out that her statements to police changed, specifically the date of the alleged assault. her mother followed her on the stand saying she was distraught to learn what cosby allegedly
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did to her daughter. she also told the jury that cosby apologized to her on the phone and said, quote, i am a sick man. the trial continues tomorrow. and this high profile case could have an impact far outside the courtroom especially for survivors of sexual assault. nbc 10's andrea klein thomas has more. >> reporter: for seven hours, details of the alleged sexual assault were described over and over again. and it could trigger painful memories for others. she walked into court confidently prepared for another day of testimony. >> she is over there on this witness stand looking out to a sea of strangers talking about intimate details about of life. >> reporter: in her first day on the stabbed she said cosby gave her three blue pills.
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she said i was flying to get my hands or legs to move but i was frozen. she said i wanted it to stop. >> people can be retriggered just from hearing detailed descriptions. >> reporter: -- it can be anxiety, nervousness, fear, anger, guilt, shame. >> reporter: it could be intensified by comments on social media. it's up to a jury to decide guilt or incidence but for those watching, the doctor hopes it starts an important conversation. >> when someone does decide to come forward with something like this happening to them i think it's important that it is treated with that seriousness. >> and if the details of this case are a trigger for you, get professional help. we put resources on our website and on the nbc 10 app.
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reporting live, nbc 10 news. bars across the country are looking to cash in tomorrow when james comey testifies before congress. instead of sports, bars and restaurants will have their tvs tuned in to live testimony from capitol hill and will be offering covefe cocktails. >> any time president donald trump tweets about the hearing we will give a free round of drinks to everyone in here. >> a beer garden in houston will open early and sell impeachment and bad hombre cocktails. in philadelphia it's all about the science behind brewing the perfect beer. some of the city's best brewers showed beer lovers how to choose the best ingredients to create the perfect pint and there was a
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lot of taste testing too. philly beer week runs through sunday. film fans of all ages tonight for the second installment of outdoor movie night. tonight's feature "the jungle book" check it out the first wednesday of every month through september. it doesn't feel like summer out there for a movie lately but it will soon. >> tammy souza is here with your neighborhood forecast. things are going to heat up. >> certainly. can you see spectacular? take a look. we have the clouds out there. the sun setting beaming back up on them and that's when we get the pinkish colored sunsets. gorgeous, gorgeous evening out there. here's how we shaped up in philadelphia. 67 degrees, the highest wind gust, 22 miles an hour and the sunset was at 8:27 this evening. right now we are looking at 46 in mt. pocono.
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52 in vineland and 60 in philadelphia. and here comes the heat. we've been talking about it for days. we're going to have the 90s returning, three to four days of 90s starting on sunday. break out the extra deodorant, the hats, the shorts, all of it. rain will be nearby. i'm not sure it is going to move over the area and if it does it will not be a washout. it will be a decent weekend as well. sunny and hot. if we get sprinkles it's not going to be a washout for you. nothing here, we take a wider view, not a lot going on. a few sprinkles in west virginia. but to the south we have a storm system that has been dumping heavy rain across the gulf coast and florida and this is going to march up the east coast. it is going to be a nor'easter that goes past us. watch what happens on thursday.
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we're going to be in the mid-70s tomorrow and it's going to be out in the atlantic. some models want to bring it on shore. at this point we leave it out of the picture. and we roll on through into friday in the 80s. maybe a stinklprinkle. and on saturday, mid-80s and again, maybe an isolated shower making it into the area. for the weekend, 86 on saturday, 92 on sunday in philadelphia. lehigh valley, 83 on saturday, 90 on sunday. but a lot of sunshine. the forecast tonight we are looking at 54 in philadelphia and 51 on the jersey shore. we'll see that mix of clouds and almost full moon out there. tomorrow, 75 in philadelphia. 69 in south jersey and 67 in delaware. come back at the end of the
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no matter how old you get the childhood dream never die. the doylestown fire company's old-timers night. 97-year-old bill was treated to a ride on the 1923 model fire engine. we featured him in april when he fulfilled his dream of being a firefighter for the day. he said what happened tonight left his speechless. >> how do you explain something as thrilling as that? you know? i mean, to have these guys go
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through the trouble for just me. holy cat. >> just you. the fire company holds old-timers night every year. so happy for him that he got to experience that. >> love that smile on his face too. john clark, people are going to want to be carson wentz just for the day. >> i loved how he said holy cats too. how big of a jump can carson wentz make in year two? the phillies have bad luck, errors and a position player pitching and a pitcher let go after the game. it's all next.
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i'm john clark from csn. the phillies were blown out 14-1. that means that eickhoff is winless in his first 12 starts of the season. here's the good news, herrera call him double herrera. he has nine doubles in the last five games and leads the majors in doubles but that's all that went right. trouble, error. this is a grass kicking. gets to the wall. tyler flowers gets to third base and it's jerad eickhoff to swanson. swan song for eickhoff. that is a 3-run shot. take a look at this saunders smoking a line drive and caught by the pitcher. doubles off the runner at second. in the eighth inning, blanco comes in to pitch facing matt
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adams and this happens. 74-mile-an-hour fastball and that is gone. phillies lose 14-1. rodriguez designated for assignment after the game. eagles, carson wentz says leading the team happened organically and many quarterbacks make a big jump in year two. >> i think he's ready, you know, last year a lot of people didn't know what to expect from him as far as when you hear the talks but we all knew because we see it in practice every day. and with the weapons he's got now, i mean, man, watch out. >> watch out. the flyers hired a new assistant coach from erie. they have the second pick in the nhl draft. this could be who they take, nolan patrick. he's a captain and center from canada. one of the top two prospects in
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the draft. >> having a chance to tryout for an nhl team is exciting. my goal is to play in the nhl this year. that's the most exciting thing for me trying to reach that goal. take a look, joel embiid checking out the sixers workouts in camden and including a local kid. a notre dame kid could be there in the second round for the sixers. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. temperatures are creeping up.
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>> they are creeping and are going to go very fast. on friday into the 90s. take a look at this. we are going to be looking at four days in the 90s. sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday before it slides back to the 80s. i have my pedicure done and so do you, jim? >> i knew you were going to ask me that. >> for the flip-flops. >> i'll go for it anyway. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> thank you for being here. "the tonight show" is coming up next. you are so bad. good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- norm macdonald, chelsea clinton, robert irwin. musical guest, rae sremmurd.


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