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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 8, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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that in mind. the next couple days we're going to get a lot warmer and a lot muggier. current temperatures across the lehigh value e lee, lots of upper 40s. burningsville at 48 degrees. allentown, 47. nazareth at the 49. easton at 47 degrees. so right now i'm tracking this area of high pressure that's building. this is going to be our weather maker for the next couple days. this is going to keep the air mass very dry. this is why it looks like we'll have a dry stretch. with the exception of one or two passing showers possibly an isolated thunderstorm. what i would like to add is this is going to be the trend for the next couple days and this is why we're going to see lots of sunshine and really warm conditions. especially by sunday. and we are on track to a heat wave. here's jessica boyington with traffic. gr we're watching a vehicle fire on upper dublin around church street. that intersection is closed. they will be diverting traffic
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for a little bit. also watching the clearing of this. now they have already lifted some of that closure. by the time you get out the door here, by the time you'll get there, you'll be just fine. the closure is partially cleared right now. also watching route 1 here at the boulevard around fox streelt. and roads are dry. this is 95 moving through delaware. ten minutes on the northbound side. at the most, a ten-minute trip from 295 to 495. speeds in the 60s. all eyes on washington, d.c. today as former fbi director james comey is scheduled to testify in just a few hours. he will break his silence about his encounters with president trump before he was fired. his opening statement has already been released and it's shining a new light on what
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comey said were ak ward and inappropriate conversations. katy zachry joins us live from the digital center. comey said the president stressed loyalty. >> he did on more than one occasion and it's detailed in his opening remarks released before the hearing. that hearing starts at 10:00 this morning. comey will be questioned by members of the senate intelligence committee. his remarks go into great detail about three one-on-one conversations with the president and two phone calls. including a a dinner at the white house in late january. during when e he says the president said i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. comey says an awkward silence followed but he later answered you'll always get honesty from me and said the fbi was not investigating him personally. after several of these encounters, comey says he implored attorney general jeff sessions to prevent any future direct communication between him and the president. and comey tried his fwoes avoid being one-on-one with trump.
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regarding the first bit of testimony from the former fbi director, some republicans are celebrating. from the head of the national committee, president trump was right, she says, director comey's testimony reconfirmed what the president has been saying all along. he was never under investigation. in the meantime, the president's lawyer says he's pleased that comey publicly confirmed that president trump was not under investigation adding the president feels completely and totally vindicated. coming up at 5:30, more on comey's eye-raising moments with president trump. back to you all. >> you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the comey hearing. we'll bring it to you live at 10:00 this morning. also jim rosenfield and lauren mayk will have reaction from the nation's capital all day long. comey was deeply concerned about president trump privately demanding his loyalty. but chris christie says it's important to remember how the president is used to operating. >> they elected an outsider president. they elected someone who had
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never been inside government and spent a lot of time at the local level. and so the idea of the way that tradition of these agencies is not something he's been steeped in. what you're seeing is a president who is now very publicly learning about the way people react to what he considers to be normal new york city conversation. >> governor christie looks forward to hearing the testimony this morning. he's also praising the pick to replace james comey at the fbi. christopher ray was christy's personal lawyer during the bridgegate scandal. and happening right now, voting is underway in the uk. voters are deciding on new government members. 650 lawmakers will be picked today for the house of commons. theresa may hopes to strengthen the party's control there. the labor party leader also
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wants to win majority. both leaders have rival plans for brexit and for combat in it terrorism. now a lock at some of the top stories we'll be following today. >> prosecutors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial are expected to raise questions about evidence following seven hours of testimony from his accuser. andrea constand withstood interrogation. she denied they had a romantic relationship. matt delucia will have more details about constand's testimony in the next half hour. neighbors in wilmington are taking a stand against violence following a shooting that critically injured a 6-year-old boy. they held a prayer meet wrg a gunman shot the bay boyer and his mother when they sat in a car. the doctors can't remove the
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bullet fragments right now. >> he's still fighting. and things are getting a little better. not as much as we would like. >> wilmington's police chief says the department is close to making ab arrest in that shooting. we'll keep you updated. imagine slot machines at philly international airport or even your local bar. the house passed the biggest gambling engs ex-pangs in more than a decade. it would allow games on websites and at airports, bars and off track betting parlors. the pennsylvania lottery would bring games online. lawmakers say taxes and license fees will bring revenues to the state. the measure needs approval in the senate and by the governor. the attorney general charged 13 people in connection with a prescription drug ring. he says the group used a prescription pad stolen from a doctor to get $54,000 worth of oxycodone and sold it on the streets of allentown. four of the suspects are teens.
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lawmakers want to increase the amount of money given to the families of first responders killed in the line of duty. members of the firefighter and police yunions talked about an amendment to raise the hero award during a hearing yesterday. the amount would jump from $25,000 to $50,000. you still have another shot at becoming a multimillionaire. no one hit all the numbers in the powerball drawing, so the jackpot jumps to $435 million. you may have won a smaller amount. here are the winning numbers from last night. 5 2rks 1, 57, 56, 59. the powerball is 13. expect more excitement from the philadelphia half marathon. in a more visual route. >> this is the view from last
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year. runners will now pass some of the most historic sights instead of along the parkway. the route change will take athletes by the liberty bell, city hall, the zoo, constitution center and boat house row. the 2017 philadelphia half marathon is november 18th. i'm meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate forecast ask most lovely sunrise. 55 degrees, sunrise is at 5:32. the winds are calm at 3 miles per hour. so a nice, calm day with clear skies across the deval lee. current neighborhood temperatures, 51 degrees. summerton a little cooler at 47. but parkwood is warmer at 51 degrees. . plenty of sunshine for today. the suburbs seeing a a nice start to the day.
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warr warrenington at 51. enjoy the day. start with a jacket. then you won't need it. we'll be seasonal for today. satellite and radar image picking up on a a few clouds. otherwise, for the most part, we are high and dry. this is why. you saw the calm winds. you need to know what we're expecting and high. we have this area of high pressure starting to. develop. a cold front to the northwest of us. we have high and dry conditions for the next several days. lots of sunshine developing. so clearing skies. now we have a chance of a shower or isolated thunderstorm late tomorrow. i'll time that out for you. the trend is to be lovely. it's going to be very hot by sunday and i'm tracking a heat wave. hour by hour forecast, we're going to see just a few clouds across the area. that's just about it. now right here, we're going to pause with a few clouds. developing. notice we clear us as far as any
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type of shower goes, but we're going to be mainly dry on friday. want to add that caveat there. the ten day on ten. tomorrow low 80s. mid- to upper 80s on saturday. sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. we climb into the 90s by sunday. that's the area of high pressure keeping everything high and dry and certainly warm. what it also does is keeps the air staying nant. i do expect an air quality issue and record breaking temperatures monday and tuesday. back to you. >> thank you, erika. i think jessica was wondering if cars were going in and out of the expressway. no wondering now. >> so this is a little bit before the e closure. right around eighth street is where the camera is here. the closure for the vine every morning. typically is in between broad and the expressway. either way, it's back open and i wanted to show you it moving along nicely. this is the eastbound side.
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you go towards the ben franklin bridge area or this way. anywhere into center city will look good. . the expressway is back open. you'll be okay out the door there. and upper dublin there's still a vehicle fire. . if it you detoured there, it's been there for a little bit this morning. and a disabled vehicle right around red line road. to be able to e get by, something to watch for police activity on the scene. we'll end here. eastbound from 29 to the expressway. that's an eight-minute trip with average speeds in the 60s. caught in the middle. a fiery end to a police chase in north jersey loaves a man hurt. what police are saying now about what happened. and saying sorry. a congressman has a message for the report er he allegedly body slammed. what he says about his behavior and how he's trying to make up for. they will always win.
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new this morning, congressman-elect is apologizing for body lam slamming a reporter last month. >> in a letter he admits his conduct was unprofessional, unacceptable and unlawful. in addition to the apology, lawmakers says he will make a $50,000 donation to the committee to protect journalists. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. you did the same thing. >> the incident was caught on audio tape last month. he became frused by jacobs repeated questions and pushed him to the ground. he's accepted his apology. now to the lehigh valley, traffic is congested with the big race and it's expected to double within the next 20 years.
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>> truckers are going back to school. they are working with drivers from al lentown to educate them about the dangers and challenges of the area's packed rods. the enhanced drivers ed class is to designed to give a sense of what trucks can and can't see. >> we clog up the roadways and we're in the way. we're slow, we're big, we know that. >> penndot estimates truck traffic in the lehigh valley will spike because of the growth in ship iping centers. new jersey state police were involved in a pursuit over the weekend, but wait until you see what they were chase iing. >> look at this video. troopers were chasing down a duck. i'm serious. who waddled on to interstate 80 on sunday. trying to get away from police. i want to go for a ride.
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he was rangeled. >> let's find out what's going on on the roads. >> including 95. jessica boyington has that. >> cameraings right around cottman avenue. we're almost empty. i like to see it this way. speeds into the 60s still. 95 looks good for the most part. there's a vehicle fire in upper dublin. ambler road you'll have a detour around the election intersection for right now. the turnpike looks good. you can see we're all green for the drive times westbound and eastbound from route 1 headed to valley forge. . that's a 21-minute trip. there's a disabled vehicle in the phil mont avenue. we'll check in with new jersey as well. this is route 38 in morristown
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just around nixon drive. both directions look good and dry. >> 5:18. you just mentioned this. if you're just waking up, you probably saw the full moon overnight. >> i don't know it if it was full, but it was really bright. let's check in with e meteorologist erika martin. >> good morning. definitely a great night all around. a great start to the day. sunrise at 5:32 a.m. a live look outside at cape may. it's gorgeous. to say the least, area of high pressure keeping everything high and dry. lock at the bottom of the screen for your most accurate forecast. what a way to kick off our thursday. jersey temperatures, upper 40s for summers point. cape may at 48. and upper township at 49 degrees. jersey also seeing lotting of 40s and 50s. a chillier start to your
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thursday. keep the jackets handy. temperatures will be seasonal. lots of 70s across the board. the average high in philadelphia is 80. we'll be right around that. coyle field, one degree cooler. robinsville at 51 degrees. our out the door forecast, now earlier there was an 80 here. that was a misprint. we're seeing temperatures climb into the 70s for today. 73 degrees. notice we are e seeing a mix of sun and clouds. that's the story for today. i'm going with mostly sunny skies for everybody. a nice climb here. 70s by noon for the lehigh valley. 71 degrees. so a little warmer for the northwest quarter of the viewing area. keep that in mind. a a nice day for you guys. jersey shore at 8:00 a.m. 64 at 4:00 p.m. 63 degrees. i'm working on this heat wave
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tracker for you. because it's going to get very hot by sunday. notice this climb. we're going 82 tomorrow. 86 on saturday. now on sunday, low 90. this is the beginning of the heat wave. three days in the 90s. monday, 97 degrees and tuesday, 96. really important. the record high on monday and tuesday are 95 degrees. and i do think we'll actually e beat that on both monday and tuesday. so we have a heat wave alert. if you follow us on social media, we have more updates on that because i also think we will have an air quality alert that's it issued. so i'll see you in just a bit. >> keep our eye on that. fighting back, a customer jumps into action to stop a robber. e he speaks to nbc 10 about why he didn't want to let him get away. caught at chipotle. police raid a local restaurant because of what a worker was doing. how the. shopping giant could finance your business.
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amazon is hoping more small businesses will turn to them for lones. >> good morning, amazon is expanding its lending program to small businesses and a direct challenge to banks. since launching the program six years ago, they have loaned $3 billion to 20,000 businesses who sell products on its site. the sellers pay amazon to store, package and ship merchandise to customers. >> yahoo! is trying to close the deal on a pretty big merger. tell us more about that. >> that's exactly right. it's a long time coming. that's for sure. yahoo! shareholders will vote on the company selling to verizon, which plans to merge with aol. after the deal closes, they will cut up to 1,000 jobs from the
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combined companies or 20% of the workforce. this isn't entirely unexpected. there's some overlap between yahoo! and aol. we'll see what happens today. >> landon, thanks. stock futures are high this morning after breaking a two-day losing streak. the dow added 37 points yesterday. nasdaq and s&p were also up. good thursday morning, a great start to the day. mostly clear skies. a live look outside. you can actually see fair weather clouds a lot of this will be clearing for the next couple days. i'm tracking a heat wave. here's jessica with traffic. this is watching the blue route at just around baltimore pike. everything looks good for right now in both directions. no problems or delays. we know that can change. more when we come back. preparing to testify, james comey speaks out in just hours.
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what he says the president asked him to do in connection with to the russia investigation. and hours of questions, the accuser at the center of the bill cosby case faces a defense team looking to poke holes in her story. the apology her mom says she got from cosby.
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comey testifies today the new details we're learning about the conversation with president trump that made him uncomfortable. grilled on the stand, one of bill cosby's accuse sor stands by her story after hours of testimony as her mom makes a nez revelation. what a local girl was doing that led her to being run over by a train. talk about a lot going on today. 5:30 right now, good morning,
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welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. 55 degrees in philadelphia. let's get e to meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate weather forecast. >> let me dpet out of your way. it's stunning. it's just such a great way to start your thursday. this is going to be the trend for the next couple days. sunrise is just two minutes away. official sunrise, but it looks gorgeous already. the los of oranges and reds. what a wonderful day. thanks, mother nature. current temperature right now across the deval e lee, lots of 50s and 40s. al lentown at 49. notice a shift in the winds right now. they are kind of all over the place. there's an area of high pressure that's starting to build. current dew points in the 40s and 50s. it's dry. very comfortable day for everybody. no mugginess, not for today. but i'm tracking a heat wave by sunday, monday and tuesday. ti


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