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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 9, 2017 6:00am-6:51am EDT

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they end up losing the game 3-1. tough going. >> yeah. tough going for a while for the phills. >> it's been hard. now to more of the stories we're following -- >> deadly police shooting. exclusive video that appears to show a man running from an officer seconds before he's shot. he won't be taking the stand, but today jurors will hear more from bill cosby from a 2005 deposition related to a civi it lies, plain and simple. just part of his plenty good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'os it's going to start t w most accurate weather forecast. 90s. that's going to happey on a nice note, mostly sunny ie cl
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the mid 80s. slightly above average. the average temperatures in philadelphia is 81. look at the bottom of the screen for the local, most accurate seven-day forecast. a great day across the entire delaware valley. mt. holly seeing up 40s. philadelphia, 54. dover and wilmington, 54. coatesville, one degree warmer at 55. tomorrow morning, temperatures want to compare. at this time tomorrow, temperatures starting off in the 60s. climbing to the mid to upper 80s. tomorrow morning, waking up to 60 for mt. holly. philadelphia, 64. vinelands, 62. atlantic city, 63. here's jessica with traffic. coming up, the ten day on a?10 thanks. we're starting off in pottstown. there's a crash wilson street ar n that was just in a few minutes ago. checking in with 95 and the drive times here. everything still looks good. a southbound side from woodhaven. moving toward the vine street
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expressway, average speeds in th but everything's still moving -- especially coming into the 6:00 hour. lighter volume than we normally see around this time. watching the lehigh valley, 78 around lehigh street. look good. a police shooting leaves a man dead in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. >> exclusive video ang frsm an officer before he was shot in the back. nbc10's katy zachry has been following the investigation. theily out outraged. tell us more. >> reporter: they were outraged at the scene last night. you'll hear est a minute. they were distraught there. first the surveillance video you just saw, that is a key piece o potentially, police say they sh of this deadly police shooting and saw it unfold. witnessesthe scene by chance.
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they were being transported to special victims unit for another case when police say the officer who was driving them pulled over a man on a dirt bike who was driving erratically near the wh hunting park avenues. the officer got out of his car, and when the man on the bike starteto officer then grabbed his waist and felt a gun on his belt. here's what the police officer did next. >> immediately draws his service weapon and tells that male not to pull it. he orders it not to pull it several times. according to the witness in the back seat, that male pulled away from the officer and pulled that gun. at some point, that officer does discharge at least one time. >> reporter: was your grandson there? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: what's going through your mind right now, mom? >> everything. >> reporter: here again is a
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look at the surveillance video that nbc10 obtained yesterday from the restaurant next to where this deadly police shooting took place. the police commissioner told us at the scene he watched the surveillance video. he is concerned by what he saw in it. i'll have more about that coming up at 6:30. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thank you. we're following a developing story out of washington. one officer i condition and another officer a avenue in northli the other man m shoe from the drugging and molesting a former temple university employee at his home in 2004. here's a live look now at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. today's hearing will wrap up the first week of the trial. yesterday prosecutors began presenting cosby's testimony from a 2005 deposition. the was related to a civil lawsuit brought by kobdscosby's accuser, one.
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he admitted giving -- accuser, andrea constand. he admitted giving constand pills and engaging in a sexual enof encounter. his lawyers contends it was consensual. 6:05. this morning the country continues to process and weigh in on the unprecedented testimony from former fbi director james comey. at the senate hearing yesterday, comey said he believes president trump defamed him and the fbi because of the federal investigation into election meddling by russia and the possible ties to the trump campaign. >> by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. it's my judgment that i was fired because of the russia investigation. comey said he believes the president directed him in so many words to drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> i took it as a direction. i mean, this is the president of
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the united states with me alone saying i hope this -- i took it as this is what he wants me to do. that's the way i took it. >> you may have taken it as a direction, but that's not what he said. he said, "i hope." >> those were his exact words, correct. >> when asked why he did not object to the president during a one-on-one meeting with the president in the white house in january, he said he was too stunned by the request. 6:07 now. president trump's personal lawyer says james comey's testimony vindicates the president proving he did not try to hinder investigators. >> the president never inform in -- never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone, including the president never suggested that mr. comey "let flynn go." >> mark kasowitz disputed that the president asked comey for his loyalty.
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house speaker paul ryan also offered his view. >> the president's new at this. he's new to government. and he probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between doj, fbi, and white houses. he's just new to this. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi said comey's testimony revealed what she called the frightening reality from president trump's contempt for justice. nbc news reports that jared kushner, the president's top adviser and son-in-law, could meet with senate intelligence committee staffers later this month. sources say the committee expects kushner to provide documents and take questions from senators. kushner is under fbi scrutiny in the russia investigation. investigators believe that he has information they consider to be important. the comey hearing is raising more questions about attorney general jeff sessions' role in the russia investigation. a source tells nbc news comey told senators in closed session
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about a possible third contact sessions had with russian officials last year. sessions recused himself from the russia investigation but was involved with the process of firing comey last month. 6:09. the sun's been out for a half hour now. we get a live look at the delaware river. gorgeous. first alert meteorologist erika martin has more details on how the day will play out. hi, vai, rosemary. it will play out wonderfully because we have mostly sunny skies in the works. current temperatures now, a little chilly, going to warm up nicely. 46 degrees for parkside, manayunk, 49. for you, the neighborhood forecast, port richmond, 57 degrees. penn's port, 55. fox chase currently at 52 degrees. let's head up to the lehigh valley. upper 40s for many. blandon at 48. fleetwood seeing a pair of fives. it looks like walnut port at 43. white hall currently two degrees warmer at 45 degrees. for the p.a. suburbs, seeing a
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nice, mostly sunny start to the day. unionville, 47. kenneth square at 46. chats ford at 46. elroy, upper 40s. percocy, 46. all around a pleasant start to the day. hour-by-hour forecast, something interesting and cool. look at this wind, you can see mainly a westerly wind at 6:00 a.m. we'll pause this for you by tomorrow. 9:30 a.m., we're seeing some showers just flirting with our viewing area. so we may see one or two showers make it into the area. i think this will stay north and out of the area. that's good news there. the winds are starting to shift southerly, west/southwesterlies. later on saturday, you can see a direct southerly and southwesterly influence. what does that tell me? it tells me that we have a major warmup in the works. and temperatures are going to climb. in fact, talking about that major warmup, i am tracking a heat wave by next sunday, monday, and tuesday.
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possibly record-breaking temperatures by next monday and tuesday. back to you. >> thanks. ten minutes past 6:00 now on this friday. love fridays in the summer. >> yes, we do. >> school's out. a lot of people take three-day weekends. traffic moves. >> i love it. no complaints from me. >> all those things in bullet points. great. that's definitely true. we always see a little -- especially through the summer. we see a lighter commute on friday morning. camden, admiral wilson boulevard, no problems at all. i feel like a broken record on fridays. say no problems all day long. in is the ben franklin bridge -- this is the bridge toll plaza, looking good. the rest of the bridges, we looked at the ben franklin, coming over the betsy ross, tax attacks and burlington bristol, clea clear,no scheduled openings at least for now. i'll keep watching for you.
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poi pottstown, a crash. sun glare at the cameras at 9th street. all traffic is moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you. a terrible tumble caught on video. >> that's right. emts rush to the rescue after a woman in north jersey fell through open doors on a sidewalk. ahead at 6:45, find out what she was doing when she took the fall. plus, crime spike. why police down the shore in one community are stepping up patrols and making more arrests.
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congress on its way to undoing banking reforms that came after the crisis. the house voted along party lines to do away with the dodd-frank act. they say the law hampers complicate growth. democrats believe getting rid of dodd-frank would lead to risky
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lending practices that contributed to the recession. across the pond, prime minister theresa may's re-election appears to have backfired. she hoped to increase her majority's party in parliament. based on the results her conservative party could lose its majority. she plans to meet with queen elizabeth this morning to get permission to form a new government. 6:16. pennsylvania lawmakers are taking new steps to protect people with mental and physical disabilities. last night lawmakers proposed a new bill that would strengthen the state's hate crime law to include attacks against people with disabilities. it comes in response to incidents like this. a boy caught on camera sucker punching a 38-year-old disabled man in germantown. four boys between the ages of 12 and 15 were arrested in connection with the attack. north wildwood police are arresting more people than usual this year. >> the summer season hasn't even really started yet.
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many of the arrests are alcohol related. over memorial day weekend, police say they responded to nearly 220 disturbances, they made 69 arrests. now more officers are assigned to the beach to help control the problem. the department will be fully staffed -- won't be fully staffed until later this month. local business owners hope a nearby holiday beach brawl does not keep people away. the vine street expressway kept you away -- >> detours. there's all the construction around logan square, and i found myself circling is around logan turkey is get back to -- logan circle to get back to the vine. a miracle you were here to start the morning. if you were dealing with this week, and last week the vine street expressway closure, that typically clears around the 5:00 mark. if you're not awake or heading out before then, it doesn't matter to you. moving through center city, we've seen the closing at broad and the schuylkill. now it's open. it's been open for about an hour
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and 20 minutes or so. right around the vine and 8th is where we're watching here. here is the westbound side. that moves toward the schuylkill, here eastbound toward 95. we're not seeing any problems or delays right now. minor delays for septa. war minister train 404 running about ten minutes late. minor there. new jersey, amtrak, and patco on time. in pottstown a crash at wilson at north adams. we'll end on the schuylkill expressway. always like to watch the schuylkill on a friday because we look good for a long time. 14 minutes now. no slowdowns at all on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine and speeds are still moving pretty nicely in the 50s. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 6:18 now on this friday. we'll take a live look outside. boat house row, i'm sure a lot of people are up and adam this morning. maybe taking a jog along kelly drive. the weather is cooperating. meteorologist erika martin with the details. that's right. a gorgeous day to start.
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across the delaware valley, nobody exempt. across the jersey shore, everything will mix out. i'll show you why we have clouds sticking around, but they're moving quickly. so satellite and radar image picking up on some moisture. notice here the direction. it's kind of going counterclockwise toward the northeast. as it continues to push northeastward, an area of high pressure is starting to build just to the west/southwest of us. everything will clear. high and dry conditions, mostly sunny skies. neighborhoods for the jersey shore important. i have the rip current forecast. dennis township, 47 along with upper township. cape may courthouse, 49 for you. 48 for summer's point. and may's landing currently 45 degrees. as we look at delaware, also seeing some 40s, but also a couple of 50s. we like that. reedy point, 55. glasgow, 49 for you. farther south, bridgeville at 51. greenwood currently at 48 degrees. harrington, a few degrees warmer at 51. here is the rip current threat for today. it is moderate. you always want to be sure that you keep in touch with us.
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follow us on social media. download the nbc10. i can't. here's the thing -- we will keep you -- download the nbc10 app. here's the thing, we'll keep you updated as temperatures climb and many of us head to the beaches. the rip current threat for today is moderate. that does mean check with beach officials to make sure you can get into the water. and please do not swim alone. that's a very important forecast. weekend forecast as far as temperatures go, seeing mid to upper 80s for everybody tomorrow. then we climb into the 90s on sunday. the jersey shore, i lied, 75 for tomorrow. a little chillier for you. no worries. you'll climb nicely to the 80s by sunday. monday, temperatures climbing even more. mid to upper 90s for philadelphia and for delaware. a heat wave officially kicking off on sunday, and that will last through tuesday. some models showing low 90s on wednesday, but i'm sticking to the 80s. if you follow us on social media at nbc philadelphia, you'll get
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more updates on that. we'll talk about what to expect as far as the heat wave goes and how to stay safe during a heat wave. rosemary, back to you. >> see you again shortly, thanks. 6:20 on this friday. the chicken runs at midnight. that's the name of a charity run happening this evening. ahead at 6:45 this morning. how you can participate in this event to help two girls from our area who are battling serious illnesses. looking for a chance. we'll show you the creative way this guy is trying to land a tryout with the philadelphia eagles.
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look at this sign. a plea from a local football player looking for a job with the eagles, of course. ra shawn wants to be a pro flair -- rashaun sly wants to be a pro player. he currently attends temple
6:24 am
university. he told us he had a tough childhood, grew up in poverty, and was even homeless at one point. he says he just wants a shot. he's been standing across the street from the eagles' nova care complex, holding up the sign. >> i don't have an agent. i don't have anyone to go to bat with me from team to team. and to be honest, to me it's go big or go home. when we go through the process, i've been sending nonstop film via e-mail and linkedin. staying informed on social media. i said, you know, i'm going right to the front door. they're going to see who's been reaching out to them. trying to get creative. the dream never dies in a way. sometimes you got to figure out a way. in my heart, i know this is where i belong out here with this sign and giving it one more shot. >> you got to hip your hat to him -- tip your hat to him, trying to get noticed. yesterday the eagles head coach doug peterson said he's pretty happy with the team's recovers.
6:25 am
the maim r make-a-wish foundation is celebrating a milestone. in malvern, the organization granted its 6,000th wish. our own harry hairston emceed the ceremony. make-a-wish helps make dreams come frtrue for children with life-threatening medical conditions. a gorgeous day on tap. temperatures will climb into the 80s. here's a live look. you see a few clouds, but no worries, they won't stick around for too long. i am tracking a heat wave. coming up the lifestyle forecast including a pollen count and rip current forecast. a philadelphia police officer is off the street this morning after shooting and killing a man. we have exclusive video of a deadly shooting seconds before it happened. plus, hear from outraged family members ahead in a live report. president trump engaged in shocking, uncalled for, inappropriate, unethical behavior. >> plus, lawmakers from our area react to james comey's bombshell revelations on capitol hill. we'll have that up next. you don't let anything
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of our midsommar sales event offer. [ bleep ]. a family demands answers after a deadly police shooting. exclusive video appears to show the second before the man was shot. his story. jurors in bill cosby's sex assault trial hear what happened in his words from a deposition he gave 12 years ago. arson arrest. we expect to learn more from investigators about there blaze sparked by fireworks that tore through a house in bucks county. beautiful friday morning. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. and we are getting ready for a nice, warm stretch ahead of us. very warm it sounds like. meteorologist erika martin has details in the most accurate forecast in the region. that's right. i'm tracking a heat wave by next week.
6:30 am
temperatures today nice and warm. not that warm, however. and currently we're seeing lots of 40s. mostly sunny pocono at 41. lancaster, warmer at 53. philadelphia, 54. dover along with wilmington, 54 degrees. the winds now are mainly out of the west. pollen levels the next couple of days will increase and be uncomfortable by tomorrow, sunday, and monday. very high to extreme on sunday and monday. we have very dry conditions. area of high pressure, of course, keeps everything high and dry. that means the pollen count tends to go up. saturday, 80s, mix of sun and clouds, at least to start the day, then more sunshine. sundays highs topping out in the 90s. here's jessica. thanks. we're watching 95 now. just seeing a moderate delay, typical for a friday leading into the weekend. southbound toward center city, 20 minutes from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. average speeds into the 30s.
6:31 am
moving through some points, you'll see slowdowns. watching the blue route, no delay at all, 15 minutes on the southbound side t most. the schuylkill to 95, speeds still into the 60s there. the blue route looks good. we're also watching a little bit of sun glare. this is route 38 in new jersey. you can see that just peeking out from behind our graphic here, around cuthbert boulevard. both directions, no, on 38 and cuthbert look great. new jersey roads, for the most part, looking similar to this. not seeing tons of volume, but that can always change. i'll be back with an update on ten. >> thank you. this morning a family is outrage, and a philadelphia police officer off the street following a deadly shooting. the victim was shot in the back. katy zachry, you have video exclusively obtained by nbc10 that appears to show the second before the shooting. >> reporter: we do. you'll see it in a moment. the police commissioner was candid at the scene saying he has questions and concerns about the deadly police shooting. he watched the surveillance
6:32 am
video. take a look for yourself. here's the surveillance video obtained exclusively by nbc10. it shows the moment this 29-year-old man was shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer near hunting park avenue yesterday. we froze the video at the moment the man goes down. this was at the scene soon after. the family in utter despair. we learned a philadelphia police officer stopped a man who was riding a dirt bike, he felt erratically. the officer told the man to stop. police say the man then started to walk away from the officer. the officer put his hand on the man's waist. he felt a gun on his belt and told him not to bull the gun out. witness -- not to pull the gun out. witnesses say the man did pull the gun, and then the officer shot him as he was running away. >> i did watch the video.
6:33 am
clearly one of the shots was taken as the man ran away. being candid, there's footage that shows things that gives us pause. right now we've got a lot of teamwork do. >> reporter: you heard the police commissioner saying the police officer fired at the man as he was running away. we learned that department policy is that when you have a fleeing felon, and it must be someone from an aggravated or serious violent crime, even in that situation, police officers do not always shoot as the person is running away. we're expecting to learn much more about this case as the day goes on. for now, reporting live in front of police headquarters, nbc10 news. president trump's personal lawyer is blasting james comey's testimony to senators. yesterday the former fbi director said he believes the president directed him to "let go of the investigation" into former national security adviser
6:34 am
michael flynn. comey said this about writing memos on the conversation with the president -- >> asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> that did happen several days later. the president's personal lawyer called comey a leaker. the memos comey gave his friend, though, were not classified. a few minutes ago, the president tweeted about the testimony saying, "despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication. and wow, comey is a leaker." representatives in congress are also reacting to the hearing. we asked democratic senator chris coons of delaware if he heard anything that strikes him as obstruction of justice. that's the big question here. coons told us he's not jumping to that conclusion but did offer this -- >> what i did hear was that president trump engaged in shocking, uncalled for, inappropriate, unethical behavior in repeatedly meeting with the fbi director and
6:35 am
pushing him to abandon an investigation against general flynn. >> meanwhile, republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania is pointing the finger at the former fbi director saying, "mr. comey once again raised questions about his own behavior. for example, he gave an implausible explanation for leaking his memo to the media rather than sharing those memos with the bipartisan senate intelligence committee. 6:36. here at home, here's a live look at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. that's where the first week of the bill cosby sex assault trial will wrap up today. the jury will hear more from the comedian, although he won't take the stand. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple universities employee at his home in 2004. yesterday prosecutors began presenting cosby's testimony from a 2005 deposition. the testimony was related to a civil lawsuit brought by cosby's accuser, andrea constand. in the deposition, cosby admitted giving con stands pills and enganging in a sexual en--
6:36 am
engaging in a sexual encounters. his lawyer con attends it was consensual. an arson investigators say was sparked by fireworks. police arrested abraham kata in connection with the fire. flames ripped through his house on stevens road in morrisville last saturday. police say they have a confession in this case. 6:37. we'll go state by state and county by county for a look at stories across the area. >> let's stay in bucks counties. police are looking for three men caught on camera installing skimming devices. the pictures are from the firstrust bank on 2nd street pike in south hamptan last thursday. the skimming devices can read your card and steal your information. police believe the suspects also targeted other firstrust banks in the area. take a look at this map. investigators also discovered the devices on atms at firstrust banks in doylestown, north hampton, springfield, and in
6:37 am
philadelphia. in south jersey, the reward has double floods an arson -- doublede fraternity is on hamilton road smoother walk or rid checin with erika martin dforecast. current temperature in philadelphia, 54 degrees. seeing a few clouds, eventually clearing toward the northeast. get ready for more sunshine today and for tomorrow. jersey now seeing lots of really nice temperatures. a little chilly to start. i say nice because at least it's not muggy. we know the temperatures are climbing into the 80s today. atco, 45. turnersville, 50. cinnaminson, 49. we have florence at 51. hopewell township, upper 40s for you. neighborhoods now, for delaware, it looks really -- at least warmer, nice as far as sky conditions go. at least the clouds are really to the northeast of you. so you're seeing a clearing as an area of high pressure sits just to the west/southwest. marshallton, 50. reedy point, a pair of fives. redsen, 47.
6:38 am
longneck, 54 degrees. here is your out-the-door forecast. get outside and enjoy. plan all your activities outdoors. as many as possible, legally possible. 79 at 1:00 p.m. lots of sunshine there. mostly sunny skies. by 5:00 p.m., 81. p.a. suburbs, 64 at 9:00 p.m. 76 at 1:00 p.m. we'll try nice and warm for today. more comfortable conditions today. coming up in a bit, your ten day on 10, and we'll talk about the heat wave in the works. temperatures are going to climb into the 90s on sunday, monday, and tuesday, possibly wednesday. so of course we're going to give you some safety tips for a heat wave. back to you. >> thank you. 6:40. let's find out how the schuylkill looks this morning. >> that's right. jessica boyington keeping an eye on the cameras for us. >> reporter: yeah at 202, ape second ago on the eastbound side, there was a disabled vehicle. i can't tell if it's gone or that's it here. they zoomed the camera or took it back out from being zoomed in on the scene.
6:39 am
either way it's not blocking any of the roads. we're seeing typical slowdowns on the schuylkill especially eastbound moving towards center city. may be something to watch to the shoulder. 95 moving through delaware looks good. check in with the drive times. ten minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495. and speaking of 495, southbound construction on 495 around 12th street. they have lane restrictionings that will be lifted at noon or so. hopefully it will be lifted and out of the way for the weekend. the 42 freeway, seeing slowdowns on the northbound side. the northbound side, traffic moving toward philadelphia or toward 295, trenton. now moving through deptford, a little bit slow. other than that, the southbound side looks good. we'll end here with bridges. the walt whitman bridge dealing with eastbound construction where the right lane is closed. that will be closed there, as well, until about 2:30 this afternoon. clear over the that tacony palmyra and burlington bristol bridge. back to you. >> looking good. thanks. okay, coming up next, talk about a frightening fall. >> yeah, check out what happens. this woman looking at her phone
6:40 am
and not paying attention to her surroundings, whoa. and bumbled bat. see what happened when one of the phillies lost control when they took a swing at the plate. yikes.
6:41 am
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6:43 am
for the first time ever, the federal government is calling on a drugmaker to stop selling a painkiller because of the potential for abuse. e endo pharmaceuticals has its headquarters in malvern, chefrts county. it says it will -- chester county. it says it will review the request to stop selling an extended release pain medicine. in pennsylvania there's a deadlier opioid than heroin. fentanyl his surpassed heroin on the drug enforcement administration's list. last year in the state, 4,600 people died from overdoses of the painkiller. that's a 37% increase from 2015.
6:44 am
in north jersey, a 67-year-old woman recovering after she fell six feet down an open sidewalk grate. the woman looking at her cell phone, not payingips er, tumble open space. ne.kers had the grate open to it's been there kchl franco ladder, and yeah. o,triangle. tomorrow, the xfinity 250, sunday, the main event, nascar cup 400 miler. happening today, a charity run will take place to help two girls from our area. >> that's right. they're battling severe illnesses. the event is called the chicken runs at midnight. it will begin in haddonfield wrapping up with a 3k downtown. money raised will help 13-year-old brook mullford battling stage four near blas -
6:45 am
blasto-blastoma. and a girl with severe cerebral palsy. >> we shut it down, and we -- we night lighting the way. and it's just a lot of fun. it's -- it's a 3k, but it's3k light. >> you can show up andnthis eve. that happens at 5:00, and then the run starts atnice. 12 or 13 minutes from the top of the hour we a theck in f what's ahead. good morning, guys. good morning. >> hi, good to see you both. coming u a friday, the koecomey fallout. where does the russia investigation go from here after the former fbi how damaging were the words to the white house? we'll break it down with a former trump campate,ig cory lewandowski, joining us live. and is better the-f way? tom costello checks new technology. he will be live from a plane. >> we've got those stories and
6:46 am
gathered on our plaza for a ou hour. a lot to get to. we'll ge couple of minutes. back to you guys. >> yeah technology. we're going to see costelloe in. they'r e probphones. >> >> please turn off eyes all devices. >> the>>-he thing is this won'te >> all right. t' outside now up.ard the delaware river, sun >> gorgeous. for more details. mainly high and dry. we have this a area tow tte radar composite loop. we have clouds moving across the you clouds, ch low-level clouds. follow
6:47 am
take the forecast seriou cape may course for you. muggy by sunday and those wind increase. reday. sunday, say mondayeeheg major delays. s way. no worries -- for. a good drive aroundsoutound tow i love this concepts. >> love creative teacher ♪ an otherwiseme. it's not receivedt now history.. >> a great me bill cosby comcast busi♪ ♪ is dien
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now the stories we're following today -- >> one of those stories includes a family's outrage following a deadly shooting triggered by a philadelphia police officer. you're looking at exclusive surveillance video obtained by nbc10. it shows a man getting shot by an officer. it appears to show the man running around the corner of a building away from the officer. we did stop the tape at the moment he's killed. police tell us it started last night when an officer told the man on a dirt bike to stop riding erratically. he shot the man whom the officer and witnesses say was pulling a gun out from his wealthiest -- his waist. the family is calling for justice. the first day of testimony in the bill cosby assault trial what happens up with more deposition. the bill cosby deposition. it was part of a lawsuit brought by andrea constand.
6:50 am
she took the stand saying cosby drugged and molested her at his home in 2004. her mother testified that he confessed in a phone call. cosby denies the charges. and we're expecting to learn more details today about an arson fire investigators say was sparked by fireworks. yesterday police arrested abraham cada in relation to the fire. flames ripped through the house last wednesday. no one was hurt. police have a confession in the case. tennis will be one of the sports featured ed at the summe games in delaware this morning. about 700 athletes will participate. the official opening ceremony is set for this afternoon at the university of delaware's bob carpenter center. good morning, everyone, i have a last update on the roads. we're doing okay out there. 95 around the betsy ross bridge,
6:51 am
one of our biggest slow spots here headed southbound toward the center city area from woodhaven to the vine. the total trip, 25 minutes. light but typical for right now, especially on a friday. we're watching in egg harbor township for a crash on the garden state parkway's northbound side. just around route 322. that's exit 36. the right lane is blocked there. you still can get by the scene. hi, a quick look at the temperatures for the next couple of days. i've got to move fast. 15 seconds to get there. temperatures are going to climb to the 90s by sunday, monday, and tuesday. looks like record-breaking temperatures on monday. topping out at 96 on tuesday. stay hydrated and stay in the a.c. and care for anybody who needs special attention. >> really going to feel like summer. >> absolutely. >> the recordbreaker was you getting here in heels. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can always get realtime news, weather, and traffic on the nbc10 app. >> flanks for being with us. -- thanks for being with us. the "today" show starts right now.
6:52 am
good morning. the fallout. washington reeling from james comey's explosive testimony on capitol hill. accusing president trump of firing him because of the russia investigation. and smearing his name. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> declaring there is no doubt that moscow interfered with our election. and on the possible recordings of his meetings with the commander in chief -- >> i hope there's tapes. >> president trump fighting back this morning, breaking his silence on twitter, to declare total and complete vindication. where does the investigation go from here? election shocker. turmoil in britain as a snap election gamble
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