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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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prosecution was brought because of media attention and it's an extortion plot from a jilted ex-lover and this is with a secret affair that bill cosby didn't want his wife knowing about and then you have the prosecution that says there is no way this was a consensual relationship. they say bill cosby drugged andrea constand and sexuallily assaulted her. bill cosby shows little to know emotion as the district attorney tells the jury the comedian known worldwide took advantage of a young woman, plotting her drugging and sexual assault and abandoned her on a living room sofa while she was in a state of undress, not even a blanket to cover her up. they say he simply went to bed. the night constand was conessentialual. at one point his lawyers say they were lovers and the two had an affair his wife was to know nothing. camille cosby made a single appearance. she entered the court after cosby was already seated.
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took a front row seat and listened to cosby's lawyer explain away the sexual assault charges. the difference between camille cosby and constand, constand returned to the afternoon session and sat front row after the d.a. said she endured more than a decade of this case, then watched as the case she tried to bring was not prosecuted, then ten years later agreed to tell her story of assault, an assault she say they knew was happening but too drugged to stop it. now again andrea constand, her mother, other supporters in the front row of that courtroom as both sides told its version of events here. now, the prosecution has weighed heavily here using bill cosby's own words. he sat for a deposition and he spoke to police in 2005. one of those questions, have you ever known andrea constand to tell a lie, bill cosby said, he's always known her to be
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truthful. reporting live outside the courthouse, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> so there was that moment today when we waited to see would bill cosby take the stand. walk us through how that proceeded. >> reporter: a typical court proceeding here that when the jury is out of the room the judge will have the defendant stand up. ask them, have you talked to your lawyers, are you okay with the way this defense is going? do you want to take the stands? and the questions are short. yes, your honor, no, your honor. mr. cosby i can't see you but i can here you and at one point cosby said can you see me now, judge? >> in that moment confirming that he did not wish to take the stand. deanna durante, thank you for that. there have been rumblings as we mentioned the past several days that bill cosby may testify for the defense in his own
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defense. his spokesperson even said last friday it was still on the table. so the question why did he decide not to. his spokesperson spoke that out earlier today. >> you weigh out every option. why should he testify? he did it. he did it. he's testified every day. his deposition was out there. he was truthful. >> since cosby did not testify as we now know the defense rested, the judge giving the jury their instructions as we await them to begin deliberations. we have a team of reporters and photographers and producers here at the courtroom to bring you information just as soon as we get it. our team coverage doesn't stop here. coming up at 5:15 here's what we have on tap for you. we'll talk to a retired superior court judge for this case. why didn't cosby have his costars as characteristic witnesses? was that a good move or not?
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i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> check back in with you. to this now sweltering heat wave. this heat has everybody looking for ways to stay cool. here's a way to cool off. go to the beach. a live look, cape may right now. you can see the boathouse there in the water and a lot of folks on the beach. >> that was the place to be. the waves crashing here against the sand. people enjoyed it out there. krystal klei is live outside at bala kin wood. she has your first alert forecast. >> standing in the shade it doesn't feel too bad. if you've got to be out doors the rest of today and tomorrow that's what you got to do is hide out into the shady areas. you get out into the sunlight you're feeling those 90s. say lot of us were right near record temperatures today. check out philadelphia. we made it up to 94 degrees. the official report has not yet
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come out so there's still a possibility that for a brief moment we made it to 95. right now looks like just one degree short of a record. allentown, and atlantic city both tying records for warmth and very near that area is like reading trenton, wilmington up to 93. here's where we are right now. some of us starting to drop just a tad. 80 at the atlantic city marina. 93 still there and 88 for the temperature in wilmington. overnight temperatures will not drop much. this will be a warm evening. now, the warmth does not go anywhere. it'll be a little hotter. for all our neighborhoods except for the jersey shore. when we're looking tomorrow particularly noon to 7:00. those temperatures feeling like due to humidity 95 to 100 degrees. even under air quality alert. coming up will get into more detail about your tuesday.
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we'll talk about when we'll start to cool down and when the rain returns to our forecast. >> on the one year anniversary of the deadly shooting spree, the names of the 49 people killed read aloud in orlando. orange county's mayor says love will try ump over hate. >> we always need to remember that the last chapter wasn't written at 3:00 in the morning and the last chapter was not written by a person who came to our community with hate. >> thousands are expected to attend another vigil in downtown orlando. that horrible day lives on in the minds of many survivors. one survivor from our area is still recovering. she says she's doing well but it's been a long emotional
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journey. lauren mayk talked to the college student today. >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> reporter: for patience carter this year has been a journey and some of the steps painful. >> i remember just getting so frustrated with the reality of understanding why this pain is here and having to get to class every day, i would feel that pain every day. it would remind me of everything that i went through, every single day. >> reporter: what she lived through was a mass shooting at the pulse nightclub. it took the life of her friend. patience was shot in both legs, but strong enough to tell her story from a hospital bed. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. >> reporter: she recalls what it took to speak that day. >> my body just went into survival mode. >> reporter: today the 21-year-old has scars from the bullets but she's she can power walk to class again. her recovery has been physical
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and emotional. >> spiritually i just feel more uplifted now. i feel like i'm not in that dark place any more. >> reporter: she even stayed away from church. >> i honestly felt fearful of the fact that god basically showed up so much that i was scared. >> reporter: she's ready transitioning back as she takes on the next steps of her journey. >> i feel like it was time. so much to be thankful for. >> reporter: in philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> attorney general jeff sessions is set to testify in public before the senate intelligence committee. it's part of that investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. this comes after fired fbi director james comey testified last week. this will be the first time that sessions has testified in congress since he recused himself from the investigation. he admitted to having meetings, two of them, with russian ambassador during the trump
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presidential campaign. tonight the attorney general in washington, d.c. and maryland are planning to file a lawsuit against president trump. they say he's violating the constitution's anticorruption clauses. he's been accepting payments from foreign governments through his businesses which is a conflict of interest. the white house is denying a report that president trump will delay his visit to the uk over fears of potential protests there. the report said the president won't be part of the state visit that was planned at some point this year but both the american and british governments are denying the report. there is no place like home. first lady melania trump and son barron are now calling the white house home. they arrived with president trump last night. mrs. trump and barron had been living at trump tower in new york until barron finished the school year. their official move to 1600 pennsylvania avenue comes four and a half months after the president took office. the first lady posted this picture overlooking the
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washington monument saying she's quote looking forward to the memories will make in our new home, #moving day. new details in the investigation into a crash that killed a philadelphia woman who was trying to protect her children. tonight we are getting our first look at a driver charged in saturday's crash. police say ryan mcaccuse suv jumped the curb hitting and killing linda rojas. she shielded her son and pushed her daughter out of the way. mccue faces dui and manslaughter charges. four new jersey police officers have been suspended in the wake of this jaud on june 4th. and fiery crash in new jersey. police were chasing a different man wanted for a shooting several days earlier. the victim underwent surgery for burns and is still in the hospital. >> several streets around a building in clayton, delaware,
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that is in danger collapsing remained closed tonight. firefighters and emergency crews were called to main street in clayton avenue. the walls of a building were bowed and you can see it in this picture here. people living inside needed to help getting out. the shifting of the walls there jammed their doors shut. tell you about the northbound lanes of the northeast extension. they remain shut down past the lansdale exit. a truck and tractor-trailer collided in green lane around 12:30 this afternoon. one driver was trapped. you can see him there in the cab in a red shirt. he wasn't seriously hurt but the northbound lanes still closed. not clear when they may reopen. >> don't miss your chance to get a clean slate if you owe back taxes. you have until june 19, that is the deadline for the pennsylvania department of revenues tax amnesty program. eligible people and businesses can pay past due state taxes without penalty and with interest cut in half.
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you can find more information on the nbc10 app. a major secret service statement, the agency reveals whether it has recordings of meetings between the president and the former fbi director. rescue from the heat. troopers rush in when a child and a dog are locked in a hot car in this scorching day. and our live team coverage from the bill cosby trial continues next. i'll speak with a retired judge, what should we look for over the next few hours that could give us a clue in how jurors are leaning?
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>> reporter: after one week bill cosby's sexual assault trial comes to a close. the jury is deliberating to determine the comedian's fate. welcome back, everyone. retired judge is joining me now. we watched cosby bring costars to court with him in the last week or so. why not have any of those people act as character witness on the stand do you think? >> probably the same reason that mr. cosby didn't testify. those people when they would give an opinion about mr. cosby's good character would then be cross skpned with some of the statements mr. cosby made in his deposition and then being asked would that change your
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opinion and that might be heard one time, two times, three times. the defense decided they didn't want to keep hearing that so for the same reason that he didn't testify, they decided that less is more in this kind of a situation. >> didn't want to open that pandora's box. it took almost four hours for both sides to complete their closing arguments today. what do you think the jury will take away from those final thoughts from attorneys on both sides as they begin to deliberate? >> brian mcdone angel honed in on reasonable doubt. this was a consensual relationship and ms. constand's credibility is suspect. he did that over vigorous argument for almost two hours. the prosecutor, the d.a. of course says you cannot have a consensual relationship when somebody's under the influence of some kind of a drug. and then they would hone in on where he admitted that he gave these kind of things to women at
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different times. this case, jim, very well may come down to the alleged other victim who testified about the same type of characteristics, intent, motively and plan and if the jury having trouble deciding here that may be here the that's why that ruling to allow that person to testify was so vitally important to the prosecution. >> reporter: awesome responsibility resting now on the jury's shoulders. thanks for joining us this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> thank you. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> now to the weather, the heat is on. a new record heat wave really taking over the region. check out the gorgeous scene in cape may. a perfect day to be at the beach. the sun bouncing off the ocean there. relax on the beach. cool off in the water. >> a lot of fun in the sun. >> this is ocean city which
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you're about to look at. opposite angle, all those people out there. this is a live picture. you got to make sure that you have a bottle of water. sunscreen. this blistering heat is sticking around. that's why the philadelphia school district is dismissing classes at noon tomorrow because of this weather. krystal klei joins us live. she's inside this time. she has your first alert forecast. >> i'm running around back and forth. it's a good idea for the schools to be closed. starting around noon through the afternoon hours, that's when it's going to feel hottest outside. the issue with tomorrow that while it will be just as hot as today, it'll see higher humidity. here's a look outside philadelphia right now. clear blue skies, little haze in the air. overall, a nice day if you can hide out in the shade especially as these temperatures start to slip into this evening. not a lot of sleeping quite wet. take a look at all of these 90s.
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graduate hospital, 98 degrees. i checked this a second ago it was at 99 degrees. 93 officially at the airport now and manayunk. parkside you're at 94 and 93 right now in fox chase. a lot of 90s out there. stay hydrated. stay indoors if you can a few more hours and dinner on the patio, deck, better outside. radar and satellite view, clear as can be out there. no clouds or rain for us to track for the rest of today. tomorrow, maybe a few clouds rolling in. an isolated shower possible late in the day tomorrow. it's all about the record temperatures, though. here are the records that are currently set. here are the forecast temperatures for us tomorrow. we're talking philadelphia, trenton and wilmington all breaking records. look at philly up to 97 degrees. feels like conditions right around the mid-90s to up to 100 degrees as a result of some of that higher humidity. here's a tuesday check. stay hydrated. no kids or pets in the car or yourself for that matter.
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shaded areas best to hide out in if you're going to be outside. sunscreen a necessity. i was coated in that this weekend. light colored clothing if you'll be working outside on your tuesday afternoon. the temperatures will be trending down. today we saw 94 degrees. tomorrow that 97 degrees temperature just way above the 82 average. wednesday back to near average and thursday friday actually fall below average. if you're not a 90s person, we got 70s and 80s on tap in the days to come. if you're looking for the father's day forecast this sunday. we're talking temperatures that will be warming back up. 85 in philadelphia. low 80s through the suburbs and lehigh valley and shores slipping into the 70s. some scattered thunderstorms by the time we get to your sunday's father's day forecast. let's look at the full ten day on ten. we're tracking those 90s. tomorrow we continue with the
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90s and 97 degrees and an isolated shower possible late in the day. thursday we drop down to 79. 77 friday. there's that weekend forecast. chance of some showers and thunderstorms saturday, sunday even into your monday. we'll see that possibility as well. >> children's clothing retailer gymboree has filed for bankruptcy. it plans to stay in business but it'll close up to 450 stores. it has nearly 1,300 stores. the company's there's no decision yet on which stores will close. as one company announces closures, another is expanding. aldid i plans to add more stores in the u.s. the low cost chain has 1,600 stores including several in the philadelphia area. it plans to have 2,500 locations by the ends of 2022. travel season is here. delaware you might want to check
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out the rehoboth beach boardwalk. six flags is the top spot. hershey park in pennsylvania. those who attended oak valley elementary when they were little kids were invited back for a senior walk. it was the opportunity to take one last walk through the halls of their old elementary school. current students made signs, posters and gave high-fives to the seniors, pretty cool. ticketed for good deeds. mid-flight fear. a gaping hole turns a plan around in the air. and tea time. unique golf championship putting players through countless obstacles.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. today montana's newest congressman was sentenced to community service and anger management for assaulting a reporter last month. >> there's not going to be time. >> speak with shane please. sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here! >> congressman avoid swral time
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but pleading guilty. since the incident, gianforte apologized to the jacob and promised to donate money to the committee to protect journalists. >> take a look at this. an engine problem forced this small plane to make an emergency landing on a golf course. the faa says the plane went down around 6:15 this morning. clipped a tree on its way down. the pilot was the only person on board. and no one was hurt. a 23-year-old woman defied the elements and a lot of male competition to take the world crazy golf title in britain. >> big win for me. >> miniature golf is a huge attraction, so much so that this tournament is in its 15th year. the winner finished the 18 hole course in 31 shots which meant
5:27 pm
that she beat her male competitors with at least five holes in ones if my math is correct. impressive. >> windmill and everything. >> it's the worse. >> windshield woes. >> a woman is charged for damage caused by a company. how "nbc10 responds" gets her off the hook for that bill? >> reporter: and we've just learned the jury has begun deliberations in the bill cosby trial. we'll talk about that. also an unexpected appearance, cosby's wife is in the courtroom for the first time. the significance of her presence during this trial. >> and heat wave underway. how our area's cooling off and just how high those temperatures are going to get? >> and bonding with the community. how police officers are bringing some fun to local neighborhoods with this mobile unit that is packed with games. the story all new at 6:00
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(chuckles) hole in one! and that's a par five, mind you. see how much you could save on car insurance. go to today. . >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. can you feel it? near record heat is scorching our area today. our team of meteorologists has issue aid first alert for tomorrow if temperatures continue to rise. people have been seeking relief from the heat today. the beach was crowded there in ocean city with a similar scene at the shoreline in cape may and center city kids took advantage at the fountain and in wilmington the pool was the perfect place to cool off. nbc10 is bringing you live team
5:31 pm
coverage of this heat wave speepg pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we'll start with delaware reporter tim furlong at a pretty live scene there in wilmington. >> anthony's italian festival just kicked off. tim. >> reporter: i'm glistening because i'm sweating standing here. it's hot out here but the rides are coming on in a short while. this whole neighborhood is going to smell like the best italian restaurant. see these flags up here, there's a breeze but make no mistake about it, it is a hot night in wilmingt wilmington. >> whose ready to swim today? >> reporter: on day one of the ymca camp in wilmington, the kids were dancing when they could spend most of this hot day swimming. most of us worker bees, we were stuck on the jobs sweating it out. some of us more than others. i found some positive thinking house flippers.
5:32 pm
>> it's warm but it could be worse, i guess. >> reporter: at the rock manner golf club the diehards teed it up. it did push their normal monday numbers down. >> i give him a little walk and every tree he finds a shade and stops. >> reporter: it's going to be toasty tonight at the italian festival. as long as there's no rain you'll have fun here. on hot days like this, the army of volunteers vie for the inside jobs. >> if you can't find me i'm in the huge walk-in freezer. >> reporter: that freezer felt pretty good, the beer tents are looking okay to me right now. throw in a nice breeze and great food, it'll be a nice night. for all these folks out here, as the week goes on it looks like it'll get cooler and more comfortable out here and not a whole lot of rain.
5:33 pm
we're live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc10 news. that's a great thing. if you have to be in this heat, there's no better place than the beach. look at that image behind me. the beaches in ventnor were packed with chairs and colorful umbrellas. some people on the boardwalk got in exercise. for those who had to work in the heat, they were smart. >> super hot. concrete's definitely rough in the sun but brutal out here today. atlantic county leaders, residents need to cool off they can stop at local libraries or malls to get a break from the sun. >> taking a live look at the river rink in penns landing. it's a good day to take a stroll along the water. have your water handy. there's so much concern about the heat that all philadelphia schools will dismiss at noon tomorrow. >> krystal klei's live in bala kin wood. this heat is sticking around.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: we decided to issue a first alert for the heat. our body's are still acclimating to these 90s. tomorrow you throw in extra humidity. feels sticky outside. not the best to be outdoors for. let's talk our conditions that we've got right now outside. if you want to get in a workout it is still hot out there. maybe wait a little later if you can. 93 degrees where we are right now in philadelphia. we're at 91 in wilmington and 92 dover. just now dropping to the upper 80s in vineland and 91 degrees in allentown. of course some of us were right near or at record temperatures today. tomorrow, the chance again. a heat advisory has been put out. it looks like all of us are going to be dealing with those hot conditions. in fact, look at tomorrow afternoon's feels like temperature. feeling like 98 in philadelphia, 97 in wilmington and possibly above 100 in dover and allentown
5:35 pm
in those mid-90s. no one escaping the heat tomorrow. feels like right around mid-90s to triple digits. we got the possibility of an isolated storm. we'll track that out. we'll talk about when the temperatures cool off. if you hate these 90s, they're not here for too much longer, details coming up. thanks for that. these two new jersey state troopers freed a little boy and dog locked inside a hot car. they were called to hammonton township after a woman accidently locked her grandson and this 2-year-old pup inside her car. it was getting hot and the officers had no choice but to break a window to get them out. the child and the dog are fine. jury deliberations are happening right now in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the defense rested their case this rarch. here's what happened in the courtroom today.
5:36 pm
he told the judge he would not take the stand. his defense team called just one witness, a detective who reminded jurors that cosby's accuser visited cosby out of state. one of the big headlines also an appearance by cosby's wife camille walked her husband into the courtroom this morning. it's the first time we've seen her since the trial began. jim rosenfield joins us live from outside the courthouse. we heard from a cosby spokesperson today about camille's appearance. >> reporter: this as you mentioned was the first time we saw her here at the courthouse standing by her man since the start of this trial. they've been married 53 years and she arrived with bill cosby today outside court, also walked into the courtroom with me and sat near him and it was more than just appearances by all accounts. we spoke to our legal analyst today. camille cosby's arrival at court and her decision to stand by her man is a clear defense strategy that hopes to send a certain
5:37 pm
message to the jury. >> it's definitely planned. she was there. not only was she there but the defense during their closing pointed her out and said she deserved better. their whole point was to show the court, she's here and standing by her man. and even though she's standing by her man, that he's innocent and didn't do these things. and if she can stand by him, then there's must be something there that she's still in his corner. >> the defense's strategy not to bring cosby to the stand is a sign that they really feel the prosecution didn't do enough to lay out a case to bring a guilty verdict. we have much more ahead. the jury is now deliberating. we got word from the courtroom that began at 5:24 so within the past ten minutes or so. we will be here live to bring you any other developments just as soon as they happen. for now i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> that could go as late as 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. secret service has said
5:38 pm
there are no audio recordings or transcripts from president trump donald trump time at the white house. it's the agency's response to a freedom of information request by the "the wall street journal." this doesn't rule out that there were recordings made by someone else. president trump has raised the possibility that there are recordings of his private meetings with former fbi director james comey. >> the search is on tonight for this man. philadelphia police say he shot a toddler and his father. officers say they believe lavar harris and another man fired 16 shots in a home last month. the 2-year-old boy and his father were sitting on the front porch of the home. both of them were hit and injured. officials have confirmed the identity of the officer and the victim in last week's deadly shooting in feltonville. this is surveillance video of that incident. police say david jones tried to pull a loaded weapon on officer ryan pono. that's when he fired hitting jones in the back. he layered died at temple
5:39 pm
hospital. jones was driving a dirt bike recklessly. >> here's a look making headlines county by county. bucks county a school board could decide whether to close one or more elementary schools tonight. the council rock school board is weighing options. closing both schools and keeping a new one or keeping all the schools open. that meeting is at 7:30. >> operation chill is under way in atlantic city. officers will hand out tickets to kids performing good kids like wearing a helmet, picking up the trash or following traffic rules. the tickets will be good for small, free 7-eleven slurpy. >> in chester county the photo -- community policing in action. coatesville officer was caught on film enjoying a splash pad with some local kids there. here's the back story.
5:40 pm
it was forced to shut down. this picture was taken the day that it opened. >> that's wonderful. >> oh, yeah. >> from dog chews to fish. >> the major recalls underway right now that you need to know about. scare in the air. the mysterious reason a plane full of terrified passengers made an emergency landing. a science that will get you to eat more greens. the labelling trick that has more people buying veggies. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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quite a scare in the sky. a moment on a plane in sidney, australia. had to turn around and make an emergency landing after an engine failure mid-flight. officials from chinese eastern airlines say the flight was heading to shanghai. it was forced to turn around and hour after takeoff after crews felt the abnormal situation of the left engine. >> took off like normal and all of a sudden, like, some of our friends that were with us smelled burning and we were like didn't think anything of it really but all of a sudden it got really loud and it was -- imagine that. in australia transportation bureau is looking into what caused that hole. no one was hurt. >> the psychology behind buying veggies.
5:44 pm
researchers say creative labelling entices people to buy and eat more vegetables. they track veggie purchases. people were 25% more likely to buy and eat vegetables with labels like, twisted citrus glazed carrots or sweet sizzling green beans than the same items with basic descriptions. >> interesting. >> they sound better. >> check your fridge and your pantry. >> two major recalls to tell you about that could impact your family and your pets. in agony. surveillance video showing a penn state student the hours of a series of falls is played in court. how the teen's parents reacted when they came face-to-face with their sons frat brothers? and take a look at our future temperatures. this is tomorrow only at 11:00 a.m. 90s already on the board and it gets hotter in the afternoon. we'll track out the temperatures for your tuesday and talk about when things cool down coming up. >> announcer: close captioning
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on nbc10 is brought to you by --
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. tonight, 18 penn state fraternity brothers are facing charges after a pledge died during a hazing ritual. a detective took the stand to talk about surveillance video inside that frat house that showed what happened. >> the fraternity brothers accused in the death of timothy piazza arrived in court for the hearing. the hearing will decide if there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. police detective who saw that video says timothy quote looked dead. he looked like a corpse, end quote. the detective also talked about the surveillance video on the night of the pledge event at the baita authenticata pie house. there's where he fell several times and fell unconscious at one point. the video also showed the frat brothers carrying him up stairs the morning after.
5:48 pm
the detective said piazza looked clearly hurt after his first serious fall which happened around 11:00 that night by 3:00 a.m., piazza was left alone on the couch but he tried to get up and walk again before falling several more times. piazza later died at the hospital from brain and stomach injuries. switching gears now. giant food stores are recalling some cod products. the voluntary recall after learning those products may contain milk. the recall involves giant's panko cod sandwich and cod fillet. if you're a dog owner. all of the brands listed here are recalling raw hide chew products. the reason, the places where they were made overseas used a cleaning compound on their food processing equipment that is not approved in the u.s. the package expiration days are from june 2019 to may 2020. the heat is on.
5:49 pm
this is a live look at busy broad street. a scorching hot day in the city. it is only going to get hotter out there. krystal klei joins us now. >> there's the potential to break record high temperatures tomorrow. >> today a few locations, allentown and atlantic city tied records. tomorrow looking to do the same or break them across our neighborhoods. here's the live view right now in wilmington, delaware. clear blue skies. it looks like it would be really nice to be outside. too hot to do so. until the sun sets, then things should probably be nicer. if you have evening plans those will be all right. here are the temperatures across the board. 93 in philadelphia right now. we made it to 94 degrees, one degree short of tying the record for warmth. 91 in delaware now. 89 in the suburbs and still in 93 in atlantic city. we're now in the 80s at the shore. harmony hills, 92 degrees right now. still at 95 in marshalton and
5:50 pm
middleton sitting at 92 as well. farther south, ellendale 93 and beach locations can you tell the difference between the onshore breeze and the warmer spots. rehoboth is the place to be, 81 sounding really nice for this evening. our feature temperatures, as we start to progress, we see that we don't drop down tomorrow overnight. 82 in philly and 81 in voorhees. tuesday just gets hot as can be in the afternoon as well. 95 philadelphia, wilmington 92. you see those low 90s right in egg harbor township. as we drop down overnight, we still are very warm. this is 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. still at 90 degrees and remember because humidity's increasing it will feel hotter. but things do change, there's wednesday morning, winds now coming in from the east and we will start to see cooler temperatures in the forecast. there's a heads up here that we're under an air quality alert. this is under the orange level. that's for unhealthy sensitive
5:51 pm
groups. we're tracking children, elderly or people with respiratory illness. just a heads up that this is unhathy air quality for you guys. overall we are looking at those hot conditions starting to dissolve as we get into your wednesday and thursday. the wide view showing the clouds to the north of us. as a result we may see some spotty showers roll through. we are clear until the afternoon, then we could see just an isolated shower tomorrow. otherwise it's all about the heat. >> weeks after buying an suv our viewer runs into a problem on the road. >> what started as a small problem turned into big bucks for a repair. so this unhappy viewer contacted harry harrison and the nbc10 response team. >> how long could it take your body to adjust to the blazing hot weather and the people most
5:52 pm
at risk from getting sick from the heat. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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turning to "nbc10 responds." >> a woman hired a company to get a pebble out of her windshield but she thought the tech made the problem worse when she found out she was on the hook to pay for the new damage, she called harry hairston and "nbc10 responds." >> this came as a big surprise to her. let me just tell you, this is
5:55 pm
the case where education and paper work made all the difference. kimberly kelly bought this 2010 nissan last month. weeks later, a pebble hit her windshield while driving on i-95. >> my coworker said called safe light. they'll fix it before it cracks the. >> the safe light tech came out that morning but instead of fixing the problem, the windshield cracked during the repair and safe lite wanted to charge kelly hundreds more to fix it. >> i was flipping. i was angry. crying. i was all over the place. >> she told the tech to leave and called two supervisors. one of the managers called her back and told her she should've read the policy on the company's website but kelly says that was the first she had heard of any policy. and she was never told of any risk before agreeing to the repair. >> if i had to read the website when i called you, you should've told me to read the website.
5:56 pm
so kelly called "nbc10 responds" we reached out to safe lite. quote, before a repair is made. the company says it's possible it missed this step with kelly. that same day, safe lite also called kelly and told her the same thing. >> he said that i should've been told when the technician came and i should've signed a paper. she never asked me to sign a paper. >> reporter: after we got involved, safe lite repaired kelly's windshield just 24 hours later for free. >> i wanted to give you a hug. >> reporter: okay. that's good that's good. >> so happy we're able to help her out there. we found the warranty section on safe lite's website after a few minutes of searching. it does say in some cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in a crack or chip becoming larger and the company is not responsible for such damage. >> fine print.
5:57 pm
>> let's talk about the fine dollars that we got back for her and everyone else. our total is now over $701,000. >> that's awesome. if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc10 responds," give us a call or fill out the form on we will respond to you. "nbc10 news at 6:00" is next. >> here's jim rosenfield. we're live outside the courthouse in norristown where jurors are now deliberating. from camille cosby's first appearance at court today to the decision not to put cosby on the stand. we have you covered live here in norristown. >> plus stolen a decade ago, the local couple thought they'd see their wedding ring again. now it's back in heir hand thanks to one police officer. get ready to sweat. these temperatures in the 90s are nothing compared to what we'll see tomorrow. i'll have your first alert neighborhood forecast coming up
5:58 pm
in just minutes.
5:59 pm
acronyms are fun. lol laugh out loud, btw by the way, and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do. ♪ carmax music sting long night ahead. jurors from the bill cosby trial are expected to deliberate well into the evening. we are live from the courthouse. overcoming addiction. one local hospital's new effort to help those addicted to opioids find a lasting path to sobriety. and unexpected return. how one local police officer's hunch help reunite a couple with
6:00 pm
their wedding ring ten years after it was stolen. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. at this very moment, the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial is deliberating his fate. a verdict could come down as early as tonight. good evening i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm jim rosenfield, live in norristown. major developments today in inside the courtroom leading up to the jury deliberating tonight. cosby's defense team called one witness to the stand today. a detective who reminded jurors that constand had visited with bill cosby out of state after the defense described a consensual encounter. cosby told the judge he would not testify in his own defense. deanna durante was in the courtroom for closing arguments. she's joining us live with the latest on today's fast moving developments. >> reporter: yes, that meeting


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