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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 13, 2017 4:30am-4:57am EDT

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88 degrees this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour to show you how quickly your neighborhood warms up when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks. we're starting off in center city this morning. here's the vine street expressway. and our cameras just around broad street. we're dealing with this construction again this morning. yesterday, we were clear on the vine at this time. for now, you can see they're diverting all traffic off of the off ramp. that's the broad street exit. in between broad and the schuylkill expressway, we're closed east and westbound for the next half hour until about 5:00 or so. whenever they start clearing that up, of course, we'll be watching for you. also watching an accident. this is in norristown, marshall at high street. checking in with 95 through delaware, everything looks good so far. 13 minutes on the southbound side from woodhaven moving to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 60s. >> thank you. 4:30. and the jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial did not reach a decision. the jury deliberated for about
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four hours yesterday. this came after the defense made its case in just six minutes and called just one person to the stand. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. the jurors had one question for the judge as they began to deliberate last night. tell us more about that. >> reporter: that's right. the jury asked to hear part of decade-old testimony in which he referred to pills as his friends. they wanted to get more context about the comment. cosby left the courthouse last night after the jury deliberations. he seemed upbeat. the jury of seven men and five women discussedindecent sexual assault. the to lay mean. the jury met behind closed doors until a little behind 10:00 last night. one legal expert says the l mors could work in cosby's >> the jury members, to make sure they're comfortable with
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their decision. if it drags on for two or three or four or five days, that could show this is going to be a hung jury or a not guilty. >> reporter: bill cosby did not take the stand in his own defense. the jury is due back here at the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. for now, live in norristown, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> count on nbc10 to bring you the jury's decision the moment it happens. we'll update you on air and on line. you can also get instant alerts by downloading the nbc10 app. a court hearing for fraternity brothers related to the death of a pledge continues. video and footage from the frat house appears to show timothy piazza doubled over on the ground. it shows him lying unconscious on a couch with two people looking on. piazza died in february after falling several times during a night of heavy drinking. no one called for help until 12 hours after those calls. 18 fraternity members are facing
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charges. eight including the local fraternity president are charged with mansughter. the preliminary hearing will decide if there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. new from overnight, police in norristown looki shooting on powell street where gunfire erupted around midnight. one man was shot. nbc10 people were outside watching the nba finals on a big-screen tv when the shooting started. now to new details in the searor in atlantic county. just in the last few hours, search crews pulled the body from the selma avenue pit in hamilton township. crews responded following reports of a swimmer whoroun 8: night. new details on a philadelphia woman charged with attacking a state police horse during a political protest. lisa simon is accused of striking the animal in the neck with a spiked flag pole. police say it happened while they were handling demonstrators in harrisburg on saturday. she's charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and
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other offenses. raising the $8.25 an hour earn. opponents b will hurt bussarea, $'s class of 2017 tonight at citizens b philadelphia police looking for a person who sho ald n. >> coming up, we'll show you th. > becse of fears that it could live view from cape may at the marina. just a few thin clouds visible if you look closely. 75 degrees at 4:35. the shore is the place to be. 80s this afternoon. it's going to be a steamy one the 90s. stan
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♪ moving troad street to the schuylkill 5:00 this morning. minutes. o off ramp. the garden statekwhe cape may transit. whether everything on me to schedule for amtrak, septa, new jersey, and the patco line. it's 4:38. a steamy one. live view looking across the delaware. the temperatures starting in the 70s in philadelphia. warming into the 90s. and the air quality is going
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down. it is code orange for today which means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. limited outdoor activity. on a day like this, i limit indoor activity. and it is going to be -- am i alone on this? i didn't think so. >> you're not. >> 75 degrees now in philadelphia. we blast through the 70s, into the 90s by noon. and then middle 90s this afternoon. we hit 95. that will tie the record for this date from 1956. suburbs, 73 now. 89 degrees. just dropped to 68. a quick turnaround, up by more than 20 degrees by noontime. into the 90s this afternoon. math is not so quick at this hour. 85 at 10:00. look at that sunshine. winds out of the west at ten miles per hour, that's going to be warm and muggy breeze. the humidity will be higher in the lehigh valley than it was yesterday. 95 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and new jersey, 74 degrees right now, one of the warmer spots.
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90 at lunchtime, into the 90s this afternoon with that higher humidity making it feel like mid to upper 90s today. at the shore, warmer than yesterday. it will be in the upper 80s this afternoon. yesterday was in the lower to mid 80s. 89 degrees the high temperature with southwesterly winds at ten miles per hour. bringing in the extra heat at the shore. and for delaware, 74 degrees right now. 88 degrees at 10:00. and then into the 90s this afternoon. relief is on the way. the trend is for cooler weather starting tomorrow. we could see a cold front come through tonight. may even spark a shower and thunderstorm. it drags in cooler air we'll really enjoy for thursday and friday. a look at the chance of showers and thunderstorms when i come back with the ten day on ten in ten minutes. >> thank you. 4:40. tracy and i are lockstep with you in shutting down events outdoors for indoors. didn't stop these runners at the art museum. one told us staying hydrated is
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the key. the heat did cause a philadelphia animal shelter to make some adjustments. it was only allowing dogs outside for 15 minutes at a time. >> it seems really hot -- if we're hot outside, that probably means the dogs are, too. but we use the philadelphia code red alerts as a pretty good benchmark of when we really need to start being strict. >> the shelter's also making good use of its new indoor cooling system. the first alert weather team is keeping an eye on the heat wave and when it is expected to cool off. download the free nbc10 app for customized forecasts for your neighborhood. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> in the hot seat. attorney general jeff sessions will answer questions today about the russia investigation. what senators want to know. and at 4:41, up in flames. a taxi turns into a fireball on the streets of manhattan causing chaos. now we're learning what sparked that blaze. ring reunion. the unexpected twist that got a
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jersey shore couple their wedding bands back a decade after being stolen.
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4:43. we begin if delaware. >> the u.s. military honoring three of their own who died overseas. dover air force base is caring for the bodies of those killed in afghanistan over the weekend. vice president mike pence and his wife were there for the dignified transfer. the soldiers were based at ft. campbell, kentucky. they're from maryland, north carolina, and california. in new castle county, several streets around a building in clayton that's in danger of collapsing are still closed. on sunday, firefighters and emergency crews responded to the scene at main and clayton avenue. they found the walls of a building were shifting near the roofline. tenants inside needed help getting out because the caving walls jammed their door shut. in bucks county, the council rock school board is split over
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closing rolling hills elementary times,". the ninth member wassideng scho closures because of cost on thursday. and in t gettinggovernment. governor wolf's p touting warm in camden county, gloucteth themeahe vehicle. the vehicle travel the area allowing officers to bet coatesville getting national recognition for this picture. it shows a police officer
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playing with children on a splash pad. the justice department named it winner of its community policing in action photo. the contest for june. the picture was actually taken the day the splash padre opened after being damage -- p pad reopened after being damaged in a winter storm. ♪ willie nelson headlining the return to pennsylvania. joining are john mellancamp, neil young, dave matthews, jack johnson, and sheryl crow. the annual event is scheduled at an amphitheater in the pittsburgh suburbs in mid-september. this is just the third time farmaid will be in pennsylvania since it began in .4:46. 75 steamy degrees outside. one more number -- let's check 202. >> yeah.essica boyington how it's looking now. jess? hey, we're watching 202 now. our cameras around route 29. everything looks good so far. a seven-minute trip if you're moving from this point around
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expressway. average speeds there into the mid 60s. you see both directions are clear. they are dry, they are empty. the vine street expressway is still closed. westbound and eastbound, in between this point at broad street and the schuylkill expressway. it will be closed for the next 15 minutes or so. we'll watch crews in the area within the next couple of minutes starting to lift some of the closure out of the way. abingt abington, watching a crash at york and the fairway. we're ending with drive times, eight minutes on the eastbound side from 29 to the schuylkill expressway with speeds into the 60s. vai and tracy. >> thanks for that. let's continue to talk about the steamy heat with some schools dismissing early because of the heat. >> yeah. the 4:00 hour, and already 75 degrees. let's check in with bill henley for the first alert forecast. a quick warmup want once the sun is up just after 5:30, we'll see the heating begin. a few scattered clouds around. there are no showers in the area
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this morning. it is cool, into the 60s in the lehigh valley. low 70s in the suburbs and middle 70s for delaware, philadelphia, and south jersey. there are some 60s in the suburbs. a lot of 70s, too. west callen township, west bradford, malvern, all in the 70s right now. down to 66 in ft. washington. warring ton is 72. a warm start. normally we'd be in the low 60s even in philadelphia to start with in the morning. highs in the low 80s. as you see, we're going well past that today for the third day in a row. a heat wave for philadelphia. schu chestnut hill, summerton, middle 90s. the suburbs, doylestown 93. 95 for allentown and easton. also in the middle 90s. the shore as you would expect will be cooler. even ocean city i'm expecting to hit 90 this afternoon. 91 for cape may. up to 94 in imwork. trent -- in wilmington.
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trenton, voorheis, hamilton, in the middle 90s. and the humidity will be higher. the feels-like temperatures, by lunchtime -- there's noon -- it's going to feel like 93 in philadelphia. 94 in swedesboro as we go into the afternoon hours. this is when it feels hotter. 95 in philadelphia. swedesboro will feel like 99 this afternoon. it will feel like middle 90s for most of the area. doylestown, 94. 95 the feels-like temperature. at 6:00 p.m. this evening in trenton. then things will cool down as we go into the evening hours. there is relief on the way. you won't see it during the day. right now, in the clear. the radar and satellite shows nothing in our area just yet. i'm watching these storms to the north. there's a cold front to the north. it's going to pass by overnight tonight. we could see some showers and thunderstorms develop during the evening hours. at 7:45 this evening, it's looking quiet. most of the storms are going to fall apart before they move into our area. and then we'll get a dry start tomorrow morning. there is that chance of an
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evening shower or thunderstorm. no chance of escaping the heat today. 95 degrees this afternoon. that ties the record for philadelphia. the cold front comes through tonight, look at tomorrow -- 83. that's right on normal for this time of year. 70s for thursday. beautiful, breezy. 79, a morning low pleasant from the get-go. showers and possibly thunderstorms into the weekend. 77 on friday. then scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially later in the day saturday and sunday. and into monday, the temperatures in the low 80s monday afternoon. and then in the 80s next week, too, with more chances of showers and thunderstorms after a dry day on tuesday. we'll see a few showers on wednesday. a chance of some thunderstorms next thursday. by then, the temperatures are going to be much more bearable. it's today that's going to be especially challenging -- especially because temperatures will be a degree or two higher than yesterday. the humidity will also be higher. >> right. >> the map that we saw looked like mars.
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the orange hue all the way across the area. >> a graphic to suggest heat. it worked. >> yeah. it totally worked. remember, your pets, your -- your neighbors, your elderly neighbors, check on them. >> limit time outside. it's common sense stuff. but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. >> absolutely. speaking of the heat, look at this. in atlantic county, a toddler and his puppy are safe after police rescued them from a hot car. new jersey state troopers jacob sherry and steven hodge freed the 2-year-old boy and the dog. there's the dog. the child's grandmother accidentally locked them in the car in hammondton yesterday. the woman immediately called 911. the officers arrived quickly and broke one of the car's windows to get them out. philadelphia wants you to open panhandlers by giving by texting share to yo80can make a $5 to the office of homeland services. the city says when you give cash to panhandleerts, you're helping
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to feel -- panhandlers, you're helping to fuel givedr campaign to establish homeless service programs. people across the country and around the world are honoring the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. >> up next, we'll show you how a local communit youngest victim of the attacks who went to school in philadelphia. and at 5:09, nobody beats the wiz. the phillies' aaa making a one-day change and tipping their cap to the city of philadelphia.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you watching the roads. right now watching in lehigh valley, 78 at lehigh veto. both directions look good. vine street expressway construction, as well. i'll have updates for you when i come back at 5:00. philadelphia police asking for help to track down a man they say shot a toddler and his father. yesterday police identified
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revor harris as a suspect. investigators say harris and another man fired shots at a home on malta street in kensingtoning ton last month. the 2-year-old and his dad were hit on the front porch of the house. both are recovering. the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting are proving one year later that hope wins out over hate. hundreds gathered for a vigil last night in orlando to remember the 49 people killed. friends and family members of the victim shared showers and performed musical acts. at home, local victims -- a local victim was honored. the akyra murray memorial basketball game was held. she was the youngest at age 18 to die in the attack. the game featured some of the top female players in the region. murray's family was presented with the game ball and a sixers jersey bearing her name. murray's friend, patience carter, was shot in both legs. she spoke with nbc10 yesterday and shared with us what this year has been like recovering
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both physically and emotionally. >> when i was just getting home, it was bad. i would wake up screaming, hear gunshots in my head. now i feel like i could walk into a bathroom that resembles the one i literally almost died in, and i'm okay. >> carter is a student at nyu. she says she's write being a book about her experience -- writing a book about her experience. a north philadelphia teacher suspended after altering yearbook pictures that supported president trump. two students wore pro-trump shirts for picture day. the t-shirts were photoshopped to look burbank. the school district in monmouth county says the teacher is on leave while an investigation is ongoing. 4:56. the runner-up in the democratic primary for atlantic city mayor wants a recount. the tally shows marty small lost to fellow councilman frank gilliam by 400 votes. they said small came up short because of a wave of absentee ballots for gilliam. the office could certify the results by tomorrow.
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as of now, gilliam faces republic republicans guardian and perillo in november. this is the first time players required to report to the nova care complex for their workouts. the team wrapped up several weeks of vary -- voluntary practices. the mini camp runs for three days. it is the last time the team will be together before training camp begins in late july. former eagles quarterback michael vick is officially retired. he hung it up as a member his original team, the atlanta falcons. they drafted vick in 2001. he signed with the eagles eight years later after serving time in prison for his role in a dogfighting ring. the fillies are pinning some of their future hopes on -- the phillies are pinning some of their future hopes on an outfielder, adam hazily was the top pick in the amateur draft. it's the first time they've not taken a pitcher in the first round since tapping chase utley
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in 2000. long ago the phillies were known as the whiz kids. >> in the early '50s. now the nickname making a comeback with the farm team. the lehigh valley iron pigs wil kids for the game on june 29th. part the salute to philadelphia promotion. the whiz kids made the world series in 1950. cheese whiz is a staple in philly cheese steaks. you don't have to be a whiz to ge> atd the new "wonder woman" is wowing audiences at movie theaters now. >> delaware county has their own wonder woman. look at her. ♪ this is retired wonder woman. she's going to be on "america's got talent" tonight. the clifton heights woman has her own wonder wheels, as you see. she hopes her comedy act carries her through with the judges. you can see her tonight at 8:00. "america's got talent" followed
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by "world of dance" and "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. >> lynda carter. >> i was a big fan. coming up on "nbc10 news today" -- >> awaiting his fate. bill cosby's future in the hands of a jury as they enter day two of deliberations. the questions from jurors as they work to reach a verdict. attorney general jeff sessions is set to face tough questions on capitol hill about the russia investigation. the answers lawmakers are looking for. record heat. tracking rising temperatures. what you need to know before heading out the door and how it's impacting schools in our area. we have a lot to get to this morning. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. today we have issued a first alert because of the heat. and today temperatures expected to reach into the mid 90s. it's part of the record heat that we've been feeling these
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days. part of the heat -- because of the heat, students across our area will be going home early. the philadelphia school district will release students at noon today. in camden county, schools close at 1:00. trenton public schools close at 112:30 for elementary schools, 12:45 for middle schools, high . let's get to meteorologist bill henley for the latest. letting kids out during the hottest part of the day. a hot ano we've seen on sunday and yesterday. today will be hotter. the humidity hire. we've issued a first alert -- higher. we've issued a first alert for all areas except the shore. the shore will be in the 80s this afternoon. the rest of us will experience the hottest temperatures between noon and 7:00. the record heat will be hotter when you factor in the higher humidity. feeling like 95 to 98 this afternoon. 66, though, now in the suburbs. not too bad. a few scattered clouds in king of prussia. 77 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, 89 degrees. a look at the lehigh valley --
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68 degrees right now with clear skies and sunshine. 76 at 8:00. then up to 88 degrees at 11:00. in philadelphia, we're in the middle 70s. didn't cool off much overnight.i o the middle 90s this afternoon. 95 this date. 90s across the


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