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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 13, 2017 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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all eyes are on capitol hill as the attorney general prepares for a grilling over his allegations involving russia. and record heat. schools sending students home early and canceling activities to keep kids safe. 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. many schools are releasing early before the afternoon heat sets in. the philadelphia school district will release students at noon in camden county, schools closing at 1:00. trenton public schools will close at 12:30, elementary schools, 12:45 for elementary schools, and 1:00 for high school. released during the thick of the heat? >> yes, 90s. officially a heat wave. district attorney through -- day three with temperatures in the 90s. the first alert issued for all neighborhoods except many neighbors along the coastline on
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the shore. the beaches will be a little bit warmer today, too. in the upper 80s this afternoon. from noon to 7:00, that's when temperatures will be in the 90s in philadelphia. and not only are we looking at record heat but higher humidity will combine to make it feel like 95 to 98 degrees. hopefully they're letting those children out of school, and then they'll be taking it easy during the afternoon. that's going to be the challenge during the day is to stay cool. 90s for this afternoon. starting off in the 60s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. look at that sunshine in easton. the 60s won't last long. 70s in philadelphia. we'll quickly warm through the 80s and then into the 90s. by noontime, 91 degrees with the warm breeze out of the west at nine miles per hour. we hit 95 this afternoon. that will tie the record for philadelphia. looking for record temperatures in the lehigh valley. new jersey, up to 95 degrees. we'll tie records in new jersey,
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too. at the shore, the place to be today. 88 this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you what it will feel like in the heat of the day when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington with first alert traffic. oving towardchuylkill center city,sn't really budging. 12 minutes eastb normally a 12 to here in millvi. i don't even think a car dirtio for now. back to you. >> thankin in the bill cosby triaal >> the panel deliberated for d to return around 9:00 here to the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. cosby left the courthouse seemingly upbeat. ♪ the jury of seven men and five women discussed the charges of
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aggravated indecent assault brought by former temple university employee andrea constand. earlier yesterday, the defense laid out its case in six minutes calling one witness to the stand. prosecutors took a week to present its case. cosby's wife camille was at the courthouse for the first time in this trial. she sat in the front row, across the aisle from her husband's accuser, andrea constand. comeel cosby showed -- camille cosby showed no emotion during the closing argument. she left the courtroom as the prosecution gave its closing argument. nbc10 is your front row seat in the courtroom. you can count on us for updates as soon as they happen on air and on our nbc10 app. if the jury reaches a verdict, we'll provide live team coverage so you don't miss a moment. vai? today on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions will go before the senate intelligence committee. sessions is expected to face questions about the investigation into russia's
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election hacking and his alleged contacts with russian officials. sessions will face the same senators who heard from former fbi director james comey. the white house declined to see whether president trump agrees with sessions' decision to testify. >> he believes the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with that there's been no collusion. he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and get on and continue with the business of the american people. >> sessions recused himself from overseeing the russia-related allegations after admitting to having two meetings with the russian ambassador during the campaign. count on nbc10 for complete coverage of today's testimony. lauren is in washington, d.c., with perspective. no one else has. look for her report starting this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00. new from overnight, police investigating a shooting that happened during an nba finals viewing party. gunfire erupted around midday on
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powell street. one man was shot, we're working to find his condition. and neighbors said people were outside watching a championship game on a big-screen tv when the shooting started. today in delaware the state senate will vote is on raising the state minimum wage $2 from $8.25 an hour to $10.25 over the next four years. supporters say the proposed increase will help low-wage earners. opponents believe it will hurt businesses and make goods more expensive for consumers. now over in new jersey, they've got the highest minimum wage in our area at $8.3 4 4. pennsylvania the lowest at $7.50. a tally shows marty small lost to councilman frank gilliam by 400 votes. the clerk's office could certify the results by tomorrow. as of now, gilliam will face don guardian and joseph perillo in november. new details on a school closure plan in bucks county.
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the council rock school board is split over shutting down rolling hills elementary school in a cost-cutting measure.k"courier " three of eight board members said they favored the move. the ninth member was absent. members will tackle the vote at their regular meeting on thursday. now to the record heat you'll face today. a live look outside over wilmington this morning. one of the many places under a heat advisory this afternoon. >> nbc10's pamela osborne is live on the steps of the art museum in philadelphia with more on the heat's impact across our area. good morning, pam. >> reporter: good morning. this is the kind of heat that you need to be prepared for before you walk out your door. i took a look at an app on my phone. it says it's about 77 degrees. it feels like 83 degrees right now. a little bit after 6:00 a.m. this morning. and this is day three of the heat wave, it's going to push
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temperatures up past the 90s or 90 degrees. it will feel even hotter today than it was yesterday. because of that, the philadelphia school district is making an adjustment to the school day. all schools will dismiss early at noon. trenton schools are also shortening their schoolday. they'll be dismissing students between 12:00 and 1:00. keep in mind, this is the first real heat of the season. experts say it makes it tougher to deal with since we're not quite acclimated to the weather yet. if you work outdoors, you fall into the high risk category. take breaks often. stay hydrated, and if you can, put off the more strenuous work for another day. people across our area are being advised to limit their outdoor activities in bucks county. five senior centers will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. they'll be offering people a place to keep cool. today would be a good day to check in on elderly neighbors and friends, make sure they're doing okay in the heat. and also don't forget about the pets because this hot weather is
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just as difficult on them as it is on us. reporting live now in philadelphia, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> good advice. thank you. now let's find out about the heat, what's to come with meteorologist bill henley. he's got the steamy forecast. bill? yeah, a hot one today. hotter than yesterday. starting off in the 70s. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. scattered clouds, no showers. we won't get those during the day. sun is up in wilmington. temperatures about to come up. the clouds will move out. it's going to be bright through the day. 60s in some of the suburbs. it is mainly in the 70s in delaware. 68, 69 for greenville. 72 in harmony hills. claymont is 72. to the south, 73 in lincoln. for rehoboth beach, 75. close to 90 degrees this afternoon. and it will feel like it is going to be in the upper 90s this afternoon. by noontime today, the high
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humidity and temperatures will make it feel like 93 in philadelphia. 93 in wilmington, and 94 for egg harbor township and vineland. go into the late afternoon, and early evening hours. the temperatures will feel even a little bit hotter for our area. 95 in voorheis, and 94 in trenton. a steamy one today. and there are going to be a few scattered clouds at times to start with. as far as showers, i'm concerned there's nothing just yet. that chance will come in tonight with a cold front. that cold front is well to the north now. you see it's producing some showers and some thunderstorm activity in northern michigan. it's got a long way to go. we won't see that during the day. that cold front comes through tonight. we could see a shower, possibly even an isolated thunderstorm this evening. during the day, we'll just be watching the temperatures soar. 91 degrees in philadelphia at noon. 94 at 4:00. from the 70s to near 90 at lunchtime in the suburbs. into the 90s this afternoon for the suburbs and for the lehigh
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valley. delaware, 78 at 8:00. near 90 at noontime. and 90s this afternoon. look at the 90s for new jersey. the exception will be the shore where it will be a little bit cooler for many locations. 84 at lunchtime. dropping to 80 by 4:00 this afternoon. you may have noticed cooler temperatures at the end of the week. the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. the ten day on 10 to go into next week when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:10. we also notice that the traffic is light today. >> yeah. i think everybody stayed at the shore. maybe they're coming back later this morning. jessica? yeah. hopefully we'll see this continue throughout the rest of the morning commute. right now, still light. this is part of the blue route around ridge pike through conshohocken. everything looks good. now, you see the northbound and southbound side in both directions. there are cars moving out the door. we will see delays especially on the schuylkill expressway and 95. we can always count on that. also watching the crash on abington at old york road around the fairway. here's the 42 freeway over in
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new jersey. right in the deptford area. near route 41. here is the northbound side. that's the traffic that's moving up toward philadelphia. or if you have to get to 295 and head toward trenton, you'll be fine there. you can definitely see more volume moving that direction than southbound perhaps going down the shore or heading more toward sicklerville. you can get there fine nature now. 95 looks okay. we're watching that southbound side for an increase in drive times. also watching 95 through delaware. northbound and southbound from 295 to 495, no problems at all. ten minutes now. average speeds there into the 60s. >> thank you. we have a recall that will impact dog owners. >> next, the chew toys that may pose a hidden danger to your pup. plus, yearbook censored. new developments on who doctored pictures slogans. and a jersey shore police officer goes out of his way to return a woman's stolen wedding band decades after it was taken. ♪
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6:15. if you own a dog, look at this
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-- all the brands listed are recalling raw hide chew products. the places they were made overseas used a cleaning compound on their food processing equipment that's not approved here in the u.s. the package expiration dates range from june, 2019, to may of 2020. new details on a philadelphia woman charged with attacking a state police horse during a political protest. lisa simon is accused of spiked father. ceyeay harris and another in ke month. a re hit while sitting on the o open a
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irst time back to the cmu said he's shower the president is happy that he's -- he's sure the president is happy that he's trying to accomplish something we both need. now a followup to something we told you about over the weekend. a north jersey teacher is suspended after allegedly altering yearbook pictures that supported president trump. two students wore pro-trump shirts for picture day. the t-shirts were photoshopped to look blank. the wall township school district in monmouth county says the teacher is on leave while the investigation is ongoing. 6:14. the vine street expressway closed overnight. it has been opened for a little over an hour. it's flowing. >> let's see how traffic is moving across the area. jessica? yeah. watching moving through center city on the vine, it was closed until about 5:00 this morning. we're well into that being open for over an hour now. around 24th street is where our camera is here. here is westbound. that's what's moving toward the schuylkill.
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here is eastbound toward 95. you see right now, no problems or delays at all. abington, there's a crash on old york road around the fairway. they're watching for lane restrictions and police activity there. 422, for the most part looks good. we're at a nine-minute trip now on the eastbound side from 29 to the schuylkill. going to be a two-minute increase in your trip there. and ending with mass transit. everything's pretty much running on or close to schedule. for septa's l1 train 328, minor delays. new jersey transit, amtrak, and potco doing all right. back to you. >> thanks. 6:18. already 73 degrees outside. it's already warm and humid. oh, let's take the shore -- take the show to the shore, show to the shore, what do you think, bill? i think that's an excellent plan. by the time we get it together, it will be in the 70s later this week. perfect day for the shore. inland areas, a steamy one. even hotter than yesterday. look at the sunshine in easton.
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the sun is up. the temperatures have started to climb. delaware and new jersey, we're having camera issues. scattered clouds. no sign of any showers around. you see those clouds extending to the shore. ocean city, new jersey, starting off with some clouds. those clouds clear out. temperatures warm into the 80s even at the shore. inland, 60s and 70s. we'll see the temperatures warm into the 90s this afternoon. 73 right now in philadelphia. dropped to 6 in andora. --andora. bustleton, northeast philadelphia airport, 75. port richmond holding at 80 degrees this morning. a very warm start. and a hot and humid afternoon. 96 in summerton. doylestown up to 93. 95, looks like it's going to tie the record in allentown. also up to 95 in easton. you'll feel the heat through new jersey, inland areas, 95 in voorheis and trenton. trenton ties the record this afternoon. and even some points at the
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shore, ocean city and cape may, could reach into the low 90s. 88 degrees for atlantic city on the beach. and wilmington up to 94 degrees. short of the record high of 96 for reading. doppler radar is clear for our area. i'm not expecting to see showers during the day. there is a cold front which is great news because it will come by overnight. the cool air from canada will swing in, and it could bring us a few of these during the evening hours. let me show how it will affect us. 6:00, hot and humid. 95 in philadelphia. watch those temperatures stay in the 90s at 7:00. some showers start to pop up ahead of the cold front. we could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms at 10:00 this evening. and around midnight, some of the suburbs could see a thunderstorm or a shower. quickly moving through the area. still a possibility first thing tomorrow morning. scattered or isolated showers in delaware and south jersey. that's at 5:00 in the morning. and then we will clear out, and
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the temperatures tomorrow, not in the 90s. we'll warm into the 80s in the afternoon. relief is on the way. you just won't feel it today. 95 this afternoon. that's three days in a row, that's why we've issued a first alert for today. the hottest time of day between noon and 7:00 this evening. 80s tomorrow. then 70s back for thursday and into friday. we need rainfall. we'll get some rainfall on friday. and a chance of some late-day showers and thunderstorms on saturday, sunday, and into monday morning. and then tuesday, a break from the rain. a break from those hot temperatures, too. 82 the high. up to 84 with a chance of a shower on wednesday. then sunshine back thursday. >> thank you. 6:21. philadelphia has a new way to help the homeless population. how you can text your support, next. and a wedding ring reunion. how a police officer's hunch helped a jersey shore couple get their symbol of love back years after it was stolen. ♪
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golden state second championshi tonight,xe a a video from last year'ssill receive their a bank park. and you don't expect to get stolen property back ten years after it's taken, right? that's what happened for a jersey shore couple. the wedding ring was returned to a couple after being taken by a burglar ten years ago. it was taken during a check of unclaimed items in the ventner >> he said, i have it. and i was like screaming on the phone. >> we got married, that was the last present given to me from my
6:25 am
mom. she passed away after our wedding. >> the ring was inscribed with gina report made no mention of it. one of the officers had a hunch that it belongs to a couple that owned a restaurant in to and he was right. 73 degrees. we've got sunshine. a few scattered clouds, too. the clouds are moving out, we can use shade at we today. issued a first alert for temperatures that will feel like they're in the upper 90s at times today. i'll have the first alert neighborhood forecast. meantime, jessica boyington, she's in the first alert traffic center. how's it look on the roads, jessie? >> reporter: i'll take that, bill. for now, we're talking about the cosby case. it's now in the hands of the jury. after the break, we'll talk about the question that the jury had for the court and also how bill cosby left the courthouse. .
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too hot for schools. students will head home early as excessive heat bakes the region. when relief the finally come. verdict watch. bill cosby's freedom rests in the hands of a jury. we're live in norristown with the question jurors have for the judge. inmate freed. a wrongly convicted man is released from prison after police find his doppelganger 17 years later. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. we'll start with the heat and its effects. school districts across the area are cutting the day short because of the heat. philadelphia school district. release students at noon. students in camden county will be dismissed at 1:00. trenton public schools will leave early. 12:30 for elementary schools. 12:45 for middle schools. 1:00 for high schools. right when it's really starting
6:30 am
to heat up, let's get details on that with first alert meteorologist bill henley tracking conditions and talking about relief on the way. not for today. >> no. a heat wave as of today. today will be day three with temperatures in the 90s. you'll feel those 90s at noontime today. a first alert for all the neighborhoods except on the shore where it's going to be on the beach. inland areas starting at noon will 7:00, expect temperatures in the 90s. the record heat that we'll experience today as well as higher humidity will make it feel like 95 to 98 degrees this afternoon. 60s and 70s, close to yesterday at this time. the lehigh valley number has started to climb. 72 in new jersey and 64 in the suburbs. 73 at philadelphia. hits 95 this afternoon. that ties the record for this date. 90s for delaware, the lehigh valley, new jersey, and the suburbs. the shore, 88 this afternoon. relief is on the way.
6:31 am
we'll look at that and when to expect cooler temperatures when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. right, here's our camera at 95 and allegheny avenue. we're seeing a big increase in drive times from woodhaven moving through the vine street expressway. that's a 31-minute trip. average speeds into the 20s. so starting to crawl out there. also watching the schuylkill expressway. slow right now, typical delays. it's still light. 19 minutes at the most on that eastbound side from the blue route to the vine. speeds into the 40s. traffic is till moving. this is supposed to be 55 at deptford center. we're starting to see delays on the northbound side with traffic that's moving toward the philadelphia area, or if you have to go to 295, that northbound a little merge on route 55 seeing those delays. watching in abington, a crash on old york around the fairway. back to you. >> thanks. 6:33. bill cosby's fate, freedom, and
6:32 am
reputation are in the hands of a jury. >> jurors will return to the deliberation room after the comedian's defense team made its case and rested in six minutes yesterday. cosby did not take the stand. >> matt delucia is live outside the norristown courthouse with more on how jurors will begin a first full day of deliberations. walk us through. >> reporter: the jury is due back here in a couple of hours. last night. they had a question for the court about cosby's decade-old testimony in which he talked about pills and about pills being his friend. they wanted to know the context of that. and last my bill cosby left the courthouse humming a tune. ♪ >> reporter: the jury of seven men and five women discussed the case for go -- for about four hours. they left a little before 10:00. they discussed the charges of aggravated indecent sexual assault. it started with the defense
6:33 am
making its case in six minutes, calling only one witness to the stand. on the other hand, prosecutors took a week to lay out their case against the comedian. the jury met behind closed doors. and one legal expert says the longer the deliberations go, the more this could work in favor. >> make sure the jury members are comfortable with their decision. if it drags on for two, three, four, or five days, that could show it's going to be a hung jury or not oria allred spoke, . she represented some ofhere's h utprosec criminal acts. aggred is about. his own you see the they have another line is forming of media members
6:34 am
and also members of the public waiting to get into that courtroom to see what happens here and to see the first full day of deliberations unfold as we wait for the jury to return. for now, live in norristown, matt delucia, nbc10 news. and nbc10 is the front seat in the courtroom. you can count on us for updates as soon as they happen on air and on our nbc10 app. if the jury reaches a verdict, we'll provide live coverage so you don't mitt a moment. today capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions will go before the senate intelligence committee. he's expected to face questions about the investigation into russia's election hacking and his alleged contacts with russian officials. sessions will face the same senators who heard from former fbi director james comey. the white house will not say whether the president agrees with sessions' decision to testify. and word that special
6:35 am
council robert mueller -- special counsel robert mueller is looking into collusion between russia and the trump campaign. security video shows the final hours of a penn state pledge who died following a party. we want to warn you even the court sketches of the video are considered graphic. so much so that the victim's parents left the courtroom before the video was played. the footage was shown during a preliminary hearing yesterday. shows timothy piazza doubled over on the ground. it also shows him lying unconscious on a couch with two people looking on. a state police detective, state college detective testified that piazza looked dead. piazza died after a night of heavy drinking and falling several times. no one called for help until 1 hours after -- 12 hours after the falls. 18 fraternity pledges are facesing charges. eight include -- 18 fraternity
6:36 am
pledges are facing charges. eight including the fraternity president face charges of involuntary manslaughter. now we'll take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories from across our area. >> now details on details on the search for a missing man. search crews pulled a body from the thelma avenue pit in hamilton township. the crews responded following reports of a swimmer who went under the water around 8:00 last night. dover air force base is caring for the bodies of three soldiers killed in afghanistan over the weekend. vice president mike pence and his wife were there for the dignified transfer last night. the soldiers were based at ft. campbell, kentucky. they're from maryland, north carolina, and california. in new castle county, several streets around a building at clayton are in danger of collapsing are closed. the fire department responded to the building at main and clayton
6:37 am
and found the walls were shifting near the roofline. so much so that tenants needed help getting out because the caving walls jammed their door shut. 6:38. looks like bill henley has put his jacket back on. that only means that the air conditioning is kicked on in here. it'soutside. >> if you don't have air conditioning, today will be a rough day. >> do your best to stay cool. it will warmmper upures back in this afternoon. hazy view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. not only is there haze but the ozone hasincreasing, the air quality has come down. code orange which means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. limit outdoor activity. that's good advice for anyon da. it's going to be a fast warmup. from the 70s now, low 70s in n. factor in the higher humidity, it will feel like noontime
6:38 am
and 97 at 4:00 this afternoon. that's a bit hotter than yesterday. the suburbs, 73 to start with. 84 at 10:00. it will feel closer to 90. 95 the feels-like temperatures for 2:00 and 4:00 in the suburbs. in the lehigh valley, sunshine, 69. it won't take long for the temperature to quickly climb through the 70s, 80s, and 90 by noontime today. it will feel like 98 degrees in the lehigh valley at 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. new jersey, sunshine, 72 now. scattered clouds won't last. mostly sunny, 90 at lunchtime. 94 is what it will feel like at 2:00. a degree warmer, what it will feel like at 4:00 this afternoon. the shore, 70s to start. warming into the 80s. even here, feeling like the low 90s at 2:00 this afternoon for the jersey shore. delaware, sunshine at frawley stadium. 72 now.
6:39 am
91 by midday. and 97 it will feel like at 2:00 this afternoon. the good news, this is going to be the end of the heat wave. the trend tomorrow, down. 83 the high. that's normal for this time of year. even cooler thursday and friday. the cooler weather that's going to be around into the weekend will come with some showers and a chance of thunderstorms, too. it a look at the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:40. we'll check the roads for the commute. jessica? >> we're watching the blue route now around the germantown pike. actually moving along nicely. we're not seeing any major problems. definitely more volume. you see where we're seeing the cars merge on to the highway there, slow. there's an accident, a new one. this is in norristown at east wood street around dekalb street. mass transit for septa at least, doylestown, 6506 running about 22 minutes late. new jersey transit, amtrak, and
6:40 am
patco still doing great. so far for the morning, ending with a little bit of sun glare. at least what we were watching earlier. looks better now. right now on route 70 at kings highway and cherry hill, a good drive moving through. traffic is light. back to you. >> thanks. a wrongly convicted man is free this morning after spending 17 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> next, the discovery that was made that put the right man behind bars. and repair risk. a woman paid to get her car windshield fixed, but she says the tech only made the problem worse. and the company tried to charge her more. up next, the fine print that almost cost her big bucks.
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record heat. philadelphia schools will be released at noon to keep children safe from the stifling temperatures. bill henley will be back with how hot it will be in your neighborhood. [ explosions ] video out of new york city. a taxi on fire after overheating. this happened in the middle of a busy neighborhood. police directed people out of harm's way as small explosions came from a vehicle. no one was hurt. a kansas man walked out of prison a free man after spending 17 years behind bars for a crime he always insisted he did not commit. >> attorneys discovered that he had a lookalike who even has a similar name. richard jones on the right here, you take a look and tell us what you think. he was convicted for robbery in 1999. amos is on the left. he was freed after witnesses said they couldn't tell the difference between the two and no longer thought jones of guilty. midwest innocence projected looked into the case, and jones was set free.
6:45 am
>> you never know it can happen, you wake up in a prison cell every day. drivers of midsized suvs may be at risk because of their headlights. the insurance institute for highway safety tested 37 midsize suvs for the amount of light used by low and high beams. more than half rated marginal or poor. they're not doing a good job lighting up the road while limiting glare. the only models with good rated headlights were the 2017 hyundai santa fe and volvo 6v 60. and to "nbc responds." >> a woman hired a company to get a pebble out of her wi windshield. she thought the tech made it worse. when she found out she was on the hook to pay for the damage, she called harry hairston and "nbc responds." >> reporter: kimberly kelly
6:46 am
bought this nissan last month. weeks later a pebble hit her windshield while driving on i-95. >> my co-worker said call safelite. they'll fix it before it cracks. >> reporter: a tech came to her work that morning to fix the windshield. instead of fixing the problem, she says the windshield cracked during the repair. safelite wanted to charge kelly hundreds more to fix it. >> i was flich ipping. i was crying, angry, all over the place. >> reporter: she told the tech to leave and called two supervisors. she tells us one of the managers told her she should have read the policy on the company website. kelly says that was the first she had heard of any policy. she was never told of any risk before agreeing to the repair. >> if i had to reads the website when i called you, you should have told me to read the website. >> reporter: kelly called "nbc responds." we reached out, and safelite says part of the process is to tell customers about repair standards "before a repair is
6:47 am
made." the company says it's possible it missed this step with kelly. that same day safelite told kelly the same thing. >> he said that i should have been told when the technician came, and i should have signed a paper. she evenever asked me to sign a windshield. >> reporter: after we got involved, safelite repaired the windshield 24 hours later for free. >> i want to give you a hug. >> reporter: that's good. >> we found the warranty section on safelite's website after a few minutes of searching. it says in some cases the attempted repair can result in a chip or crack becoming larger, and the company is not responsible for such damage. if you have a consumer problem, let us know. the best way is to reach us by the contacts on the screen. we will respond to you. philadelphia has a new plan to help the homeless and to fight a growing opioid epidemic. city leaders say giving pasch to panhandlers may only -- cash to
6:48 am
panhandlers may only fuel the problem of buying drugs instead of food. instead they've created a text system that puts the money into a fund to help the homeless and find housing and jobs. to make a donation, text the word "share" to 80077. it will be hot to be on the streets today. >> yeah. >> 6:49. already in the 70s. here's a beautiful place to cool down. many of us can't just leave and go to the beach. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast whether you're at the beach or inland, bill. > the beach is a great choice. inland areas headed for the 90s. and we've started to climb. this is a live view. there are clouds around. i don't expect to see showers during the day. that's a possibility tonight. the clouds clear out. the sunshine takes over, back into the 90s this afternoon. spring city, pennsylvania,
6:49 am
plenty of sunshine to start with. and that ocean city camera, the live view, temperatures climbing from the 70s into the 80s. it will be warmer at the shore today than it was today. it's going to feel hotter thanks to higher humidity. not a lot, but enough to make it feel like 93 at noontime in philadelphia. and then as we go into the afternoon, those 5:00 temperatures will feel like 97 in vineland. 95 in wilmington. 93 in winchester. record temperatures, we tie the record in philadelphia, allentown, and trenton. the rest of the area gets close to record temperatures but falls a few degrees short. short of any rainfall, we are during the day -- there's a chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms. look to the north. moving through michigan and canada. there's cooler air in canada. that will sweep into the area tomorrow. as the cooler air moves our way, we could see it produce showers and thunderstorms.
6:50 am
5:30 this afternoon. not in the area, but activity in the pocono mountains and central pennsylvania. that line will be moving toward our area. we'll see it move toward the area during the evening hours. by late this evening, that shower activity will be pretty spotty. we could see some showers during the 11:00 hour this evening. a possibility of showers overnight tonight but not widespread rainfall. during the day, the widespread heat and humidity for everyone. three in a row for the heat wave, why we've issued a first alert today. tomorrow, cooler, that cold front comes through tomorrow night. cooler on thursday. a beautiful day thursday. then much-needed rainfall. the first chance friday. a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day saturday, sunday, and into monday. finally drying out on tuesday. another round of showers possible on wednesday, back into the low 70s with sunshine next thursday.
6:51 am
thank you. 6:52. hopefully the a.c. in your car works, you can cool down a bit. >> a referendum on the heat. people choosing to stay home -- at least not on the roads. jessie, how's it looking? pretty light for the most part. seeing delays in the typical spots on 95 and the schuylkill. route 202 is where we're looking first. around the pike, you see both directions look good. moving through westchester, there are no problems. at dekalb, route 55 at deptford center. here is the northbound side. earlier we were seeing stop-and-go traffic. can see more cars heading that direction. that's before you get to the 42 freeway or if you have to head to 295 or philadelphia. we'll see a little more delays there during that merge. watching the 42 freeway. the northbound side. maybe adding a minute or two to the morning drive. typical delays moving on the northbound side from 55 to the walt. average speeds there dropping into the 50s, as well. back to you. >> hearing a lot about the "wonder woman" movie. you going to see it?
6:52 am
i want to try to. >> when i was growing up, "wonder woman" was it. >> a big hit in the theaters now. ♪ >> this is a different kind of wonder woman. she's from delaware county. she's retired wonder woman. she'll object "america's got talent" tonight. ♪ the clifton heights woman has her own wonder wheels. she hopes her comedy -- >> backs up, rolls forward -- >> oh, my gosh. she hopes the judges will like her comedy. see it tonight at 8:00, "america's got talent," followed by "world of dance" at 9:00 and nbc10 news at 11:00. next top headlines -- >> jurors gibb deliberating in the bill cosby trial -- begin deliberating in the bill cosby trial.
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